ENGLISH Dante Gebel #869 | One

Many churches, unknowingly, focus on the inner circle forgetting the people who need Jesus the most. At River, we know that our specific assignment is the broken people; our hearts are focused outward. If we want to simplify our lives and care about only ONE thing, we must focus, like River, on what God calls us to do. The challenge of life is to find out as soon as possible what that one thing is for which we were assigned and destined.


Let’s go people El Salvador Colombia

udas Dominican Republic look at all the

flags from El Salvador today Costa Rica

you have to put the name on there

Argentina Venezuela Panama Mexico

Honduras Italy

Switzerland welcome to River that

Applause is because the king is in the

house this is happening hug here at


Arena how are you God bless you people

and that flag of the world champions can

never be

missing God bless you thank you we

connect with the rest of the world we’ve

sing we’ve

worshiped we’ve praised the Lord and

we’re firm like bear Claus ready to

transmit what I believe God told me to

tell you and in just a bit God is going

to speak to us to all those that connect

from other parts of the world welcome

thank you for being there Europe Asia

Africa Australia America the five

continents are connecting and they’re

waiting because they

receive the message they say that

they’re fed here they say this is their

congregation and there are people that

have been with us since the pandemic

they’ve made River their congregation

some follow their local church and they

also watch us others say no I don’t even

go to a local church this is my church

they send their tithes their seeds it’s

a phenomenon

I can’t say no that can’t be I can’t

decide that no if they decide to take us

as their church then we’re happy to

expand the family we just had a group

returned from Mexico our beloved Mexico

we spend send a special

greeting this was our

first our first event was on Monday in

mon this beautiful city it looks like a

futuristic city but it’s monter look at


we were in that theater the one you see

down below show Center we were there for

the conference this presid tour it was a


location and it was filled from a very

early hour I didn’t expect there to be

so many people not because I

underestimated them Mexico has great

crowds I’ve been at the national

Auditorium in Mexico City and that was

extraordinary but the truth is that this

is a crowd that went beyond all our

expectations because it filled up from

very early on something that doesn’t

tend to happen in other countries it was

announced at

8:30 and by 8:30 it was completely full

everyone arrived and we enjoyed a

conference that ended at about

11: 10:45 it was marvelous what we lived

on Tuesday in monter and so I send a

special enormous greeting to them on

Thursday we went to wadahara

wadahara was marvelous as well because

wahar is a

place that received us here at the Diana

Theater theater that I visited on other

occasions with other tours but the

people also surprised this because they

arrived so

early they lined the streets to be there

in guadara and it was completely full

look at the balconies up there look at

the stairs there was not room for


Soul we were sold out just like we in

mon it had sold out a month in advance

in fact so everyone was asking for

tickets they were asking for a second

night but we weren’t able to do it

because of logistic reasons but this was

Thursday it was marvelous what we lived

in wadahara and now

tomorrow we’re headed out to Lima Peru

so we send a very special greeting to

all the

peruvians on Tuesday we’re going to be

in the one arena there in front of the

beach a beautiful dome in Lima Peru and

the following day we’ll

leave to be at the movie star arena in

Chile on Thursday so a special greeting

to all the Chileans may God bless you

all this week Lima and Chile and since

an image is worth more than a thousand

words here are a few opinions of what

the event was like in monter and guara







into memor







Pres for

to all the Mexicans an enormous

greeting we’ve been to 40 cities almost


countries and we still have Peru Chile

before the end of the month Bolivia

Paraguay and then

the 10 cities in

Spain three events in Madrid two in

Barcelona in coruna I don’t know where

else but there are many many

cities where each night we have a

presentation and then we’re headed back

to Panama to finish the

tour then we’ll see how we can record it


streaming that way a platform can keep

it and so everyone can watch it at home

whether it be Netflix or prime but we’ll

we’ll be on one of those so we’re

praying so that God can open doors and

so that his favor does not

stop today we have the privilege that

God is going to speak to us yes or no

are we

ready a few years ago back in the year

91 I watched lost in the in the

west it’s a comedy

film well even though it’s a comedy film

it’s sprinkled with a lot of wisdom one

memorable scene shows a veteran Cowboy

that’s interpreted by Jack Palance he

has a deep conversation with another

character interpreted by the great

comedian Ellie Crystal and the older

Cowboy begins a conversation by saying

you know what the secret of life is and

the newcomer answers no what is it the

secret of life is this one thing young

man just one thing if you cling on to

this one thing all the rest won’t

matter and Crystal’s character answers

well what is that one

thing that’s something you’ll have to

find out on your own

cowboy and from fiction we find the

secret of what a life with purpose means

I have no idea if the script writers

understood this principle when they

wrote the script or if they wrote it by

chance but of course it’s an absolute

truth life consists of figuring it out

as soon as possible whatever that one

thing is that one thing we were born for

the thing we were assigned to do the

thing we were destined to do and this

takes us to the central point of the

message for of today’s date

if the whole world lives the same hours

of the day we all have 24 hours our time

module is made up of 24 hours daily then

why are there people that seem to do

much more than the

rest how is it possible that some people

don’t have enough time to breathe like

my mother used to say I don’t have time

not even to go to the bathroom she used

to say however there are people that

seem to accomplish more they produce

more they earn

more they’re more

effective and why do others always ask

for extensions ask for for more time

they’re always under constant stress

they lose

sleep they don’t feed themselves well

some people say I can’t feed myself

properly because I eat whatever I can

wherever I find myself when I’m

hungry whatever taco truck Pusa truck

I’m at I eat any Fred thing at

McDonald’s whatever I I can squeeze I

don’t have time to eat healthy others

say I can’t even exercise 15 minutes a

day I can’t walk for 15 minutes a day

and that’s what any doctor recommends if

you don’t do exercise then walk at least

15 to 20 minutes a

day it doesn’t count if you just walk

through the mall or through the grocery

store no you literally have to walk at

an accelerated Rhythm without

necessarily running that way your heart

rate goes up and your arteries open up

we have to do that but there are people

that say no I don’t have 15 minutes to

go out and walk really others say on top

of all that I’m emotionally absent at

home with my children because I get home

dragging myself

almost almost squirming home because I’m

tired of my long day I don’t have any

quality time with my family and I insist

why does it seem like others have their

lives resolved and they accomplish

everything that they propose If Only

Money were the

difference well these people can do more

because they have more money they’re

richer no well

sometimes those that have more Fortune

have less time than others and so the

answer is always the same these last few

people that seem like they always have

more time to do more it seems like they

don’t have 24 hours in a day it seems

like they have maybe 40 or 72 hours a

day they’re focused on the nucleus of

one single thing in other words they’ve

simplified their lives what does it mean

to simplify well it’s to ignore all that

we could possibly do and dedicate our

ourselves to do the one thing we’re

destined to

do that’s the principle of wisdom in any

life always minimizing what we’re doing

more and more and focusing more on what

we we’re assigned to do so in more

simple words it consists of recognizing

that not all that we do not everything

that occupies our day or time matters

and that we have to focus on what does

matter on what does produce fruits it’s

the way of linking

tightly what we do with what God always

wanted us to do it seems foolish but man

is it difficult to accomplish now the

majority of people we believe that it’s

the exact opposite we think that if we

want to accomplish success we have to

dedicate ourselves to do many many

things do a little bit of everything we

say if I do a little bit of everything

then maybe all be able to accomplish a

successful life so there are people that

overburden their

agenda and they’re always lacking time

in everything and what’s worse they’re

almost never effective in anything they

do a little bit of everything but

they’re not good at

anything and they forget that the great

secret isn’t being mediocre in many

things but doing one thing very well or

doing a couple of things until there’s

only one left the secret of life is in

doing a little bit of everything I don’t

know if you were brought up with parents

like I had

but we never need a handyman at home my

dad would do a little bit of everything

he did everything a little bit poorly

but he did everything if the car made a

strange sound he would undo the engine

and he would always have Parts left over

when he put it back together my mom

would ask what about all that he would

say nah that’s leftovers I don’t know

why but each day the car got worse and

worse part of the battery was missing

part of the exhaust was

missing he couldn’t remember where he

had to put it back he would say no it’s

leftovers and my mother would say how

can an engine come with pieces that are

extras my dad would say what do I know

we have appendixes and they’re useless

that’s the reasoning that my dad

had and then everything that had to be

fixed at home my mom would insist please

let’s call a plumber my dad would say

what do you mean don’t you know how much

they charge I’ll fix it and obviously we

would eventually have to call a plumber

but to fix the dis that my dad created

he would always come and say hey who

created This Disaster and my dad would


around aimlessly my dad would do a

little bit of everything but he was bad

at everything and there are people in

life that are like


there apprentices of everything and

masters of none they end up

abandoning what they were assigned by

God to do and they opt for the little

things a life without purpose when you

do a little bit of everything life has

no purpose and in this life we have a

time and an energy that is

limited and when we forget it that old

adage is fulfilled the one that

says the one who encompasses too much

squeezes very little the one who

encompasses too much squeezes very

little they want to do everything and

they end up doing nothing and this is a

principle that businesses are aware

of the most successful businesses in any

industry are aware of this any company

that achieves long lasting

success they always have one product

that they dedicate all their efforts to

one service that is offered that they

dedicate their time to their

energy their resources their

excellence and they know they discovered


Ironically in a world that has become

more and more complex people are thirsty

for Simplicity for simplification I

suffer a lot at home

there are four or five controls with 800

buttons each I don’t know how to turn

the TV on anymore so I ask for help and

the dog comes along and she knows more


me so I’m looking for something simple a

remote control that has on off and

volume that’s it don’t complicate my

life I don’t

need to launch a rocket to to Pluto with

my remote all I need is something simple

people cry out for Simplicity in the

midst of so much complex people seek the

simple more and more what’s practical


useful they desire it they need it and

they even pay for What’s simple so

technological gurus were able to smell

this they were able to perceive it this

is something that Apple discovered apple

is the biggest technological business in

the world based on Market

sh the manufacturing plant with the

greatest andly recognize that they’re

the pioneers of the simple and they’re

part of a revolution that goes against

complexity it’s what we should all try

to avoid so they know how to make one

single product a flagship product and

that will move the rest of the company

it’s not more than two or three products

they’ve understood that the world of

business doesn’t consist of trying to do

it all but of just being good in one

thing dominating the market and with

that domination

you mark the Rhythm for the competition

in fact Apple’s design of any Apple

product is discreet it’s simple an apple

with one color a bitten

apple one

color that replaced a multicolor Apple I

don’t know if you guys remember that

multicolor Apple if you do remember it

then you should probably have your


colonoscopy but all of Apple’s branding

the packaging The Branding it’s all very

simple it’s

discreet the graphic designers had to

understand that they had to simplify

minimize the designs what’s more I don’t

know if you guys remember if you have if

you’ve been Believers for some time but

do you remember the logos of a church

back in the day nowadays a Church’s logo

or back then it was a dove flying over a

Earth on

fire with a eagle flying down

with Moses tablets on the ground and the

lion of judah’s main or president M man

I don’t know which one it was with a

crown that had a phrase below

saying Ministry online radio TV with the

healthy doctrine of the Lord’s

day they almost had an interplanetary

Ministry now any modern logo is just an

icon like Nike it’s a symbol which

represents the whole Corporation you see

that symbol and you know what the

manual or the constitution of that

company is you know how the

company works that’s what they try to

achieve with their logo they don’t have


preach through a logo

logo another company which re reached

Simplicity is Google we all use it it’s

the most important search engine in the

world because it was able to accomplish

that sophisticated technology of search

engines they made it the easiest thing

to use for any user on Google you can

find anything whether you’re a nerd or

if you’re a mom the mom that says hey

son open me a Facebook account open me a

Facebook account because I want to talk

to my

friends these are the people that tend


criticize somebody spoke to them about

Facebook but they’re a monkey with

a with a with a

blade everyone goes to Google why

because it’s a clean page it just says

Google and search here that’s it when

you go to other search engines like

Yahoo or AOL

they’re filled with advertisements and

Banners however Google discovered that

the user doesn’t need to be assaulted

with all that cumbersome

information if I’m going to search for

something I don’t want to be advertised

an anti-em cream I just want to find

what I’m looking

for now what is this whole introduction

for because this revolution of

Simplicity of what’s

unique and single

it’s not a discovery from marketing no

it’s it’s a a a theme from God Jesus was

the first revolutionary he was the first

re revolutionary of the simple that’s

why they took him to the Cross because

he introduced in a religious scene a

complicated religious scene that was

complex everything was difficult it’s

like those congregations that in order

to be baptized you have to go through a

sixth-month course and to go into the

into the water of the pool you have to

go through another six month course to

to not drown and not be drowned by the

by the pastor well back in Jesus days it


worse there were seduces Pharisees


Athenians the religious leaders had

developed a

system with 613

laws you want to be a part of our

religion well there’s 63 laws and you

might ask where did they get them from

you won’t believe it they arit rarily

chose so they felt like it almost

hormonally that that should be the that

that was the amount of letters or

characters in The Ten Commandments since

the Ten Commandments weren’t enough they

began to count the letters of all Ten

Commandments and they counted 613 and so

they made 613 laws then they divided the


Commandments in affirmative or negative

Commandments do this or don’t do this

there were 248 Commandments that were

affirmative and 365 mandates that were

negative one for each day of the

year there were 365 things that they

could not do and so Jesus comes along

and he simplifies it all until one

day a specialist of law comes

along and tries to humil humiliate Jesus

in front of the

crowds he asks what is the most

important law which one is the most

important out of the 613 that we have

and Jesus even before Apple

existed reduced it all to one single

product one Flagship model and he gave

him a stellar commandment he said well

love the Lord with all your heart all

your soul all your strength this is the

most important the first commandment the

second looks like

this love your neighbor as yourself the

entire law and all the demands of the

prophets are based on these two

Commandments and the guy started having

a panic attack he couldn’t believe it

now Jesus didn’t lower the level of the

law he didn’t abolish

it he captured the totality of the

spirit of the law all of its Essence and

he summarized it in one single phrase he

summarized six 113 Commandments in just

two he didn’t offer a long series of

Doctrine or rules or Norms no he offered

Grace he offered them a simple

relationship with God it was like Google

it said Jesus and then down below says

search here you’ll find the father and I

think that the majority of us forget the

essence of these simple words Even in

our churches congregations that love

simplicity if you find a congregation

that loves Simplicity you’re going to

find that they’re Pioneers they don’t

stop growing there are always new people

and the congregations that are crowded

with activity and

complexity they’re usually full of

conflict like my mother used to say

small people big hell dozens of

Divisions they’re always fighting to


afloat of course when you say this to

one of the pastors they’ll say no no no

it’s just it’s not all about numbers

it’s preferable to be few and holy than

many and mundane to have that amount of

mundane people that are at River I’d

prefer to just keep the ones I have now

just know that you’re also criticized

not just myself receive it receive that

beating as well put up with it oh those


people that don’t even take a Bible to

church and some of them watch their

phones during the

service they’re say well we don’t grow

here because we don’t preach what the

people want to hear the other day


said I don’t sweeten people’s ears like

Dante well I never knew that I had the

ministry of a

sweetener but the majority even if they

don’t recognize they’re too busy worried

about playing at church that they forget

to be a

church and what happens with the people

well they don’t find bread in the House

of Bread it’s just cold ovens

shelves or crumbs of the bread that was

once there now I want to

clarify in no way am I

suggesting that the church’s

design is is easy there’s an enormous

difference between easy and simple I’ve

never said life is going to be easy or

that ministry will be easy one thing is

simple the other is easy simple is

something basic without complications

essential easy is something that doesn’t

require effort or work

and the ministry never was nor will it

be easy it’s complicated it’s difficult

because we as people are difficult and

complicated so sometimes when people

write to me ironically or with sarcasm

they say huh it’s so easy to be a pastor

I should open up a church so I tend to

answer well you think it’s easy well

don’t even don’t doubt it open up a

church and tell me in a year how you’re

doing the idea of a church always

implies an extreme difficulty opening a

church is never easy but a Church’s

strategy doesn’t have to be complicated

the message doesn’t have to be

complicated so that way you guys are

saying well what the heck did the pastor

want to say I don’t know but it sounded

nice I could preach to you about the

fourth trumped in Revelation and the

sheen of the Orthodox kabod and you’ll

say oh he knows so much about theology

but that’s not applicable come Monday

you say well I still have to pay my rent

my mother-in-law is still breathing

so is Ministry easy no it’s not easy

should we make it simple yes in Matthew

23 or 22 Jesus accused the religious

leaders of complexity he said that they


like like a a clean Cup on the outside

but in the inside they were unpleasant

putrid filthy he also told them that

they were like white and whitewashed


or Crypts luxurious Crypts on the

outside they’re brilliant presentable

but below the surface there’s death

below the surface there’s

death many times the amount of activity

in our lives or in our congregations it

gives the impression that we’re alive we

give the impression that we are a living

church but many times a lot of activity

doesn’t create change in lives it gives

the impression that things happen

that there’s a church life but I always

say that

activism is a great disguise to hide

death complexity is a great way to to

cover it all

up why were there so many divorces

during the pandemic because the

complexity of life ran out it was all

about you know what go home and rest and

you have to look at your woman’s face 24

hours a day for a whole year the

complexity in

life before the two would go out and

work or one would stay at home the other

would go out and work work that could

have lasted another 30 or 40 years

because a lot of activity doesn’t allow

you to reflect the pandemic came along

and there was an alarming increase in

divorce because people had to live

together they had to look each other in

the face they had to

stand face to face speak those that

didn’t speak

before they had to find a way to relate

to each other and it ended

up they ended up with the conclusion

that they weren’t made for one another

the same thing happens at a church when

people have a lot of activity they don’t

think and then the pandemic comes and

one and now that the pandemic’s over

there are hundreds of empty churches

because they were just playing at church

they were never an actual Church they

never had a relationship with God they

went because they served there or

because they found their partner there

or because their parents went there the

pandemic ended and they never came

back so they went because they had to

go but they were never there

because of their own decision so

churches of course they can be elegant

tombs or or coffins smell good look good

but be dead on the inside the Apostle

Paul said in Philippians

3:13 but I focus on this one thing

forgetting the past and looking forward

to what lies ahead I press on to reach

the end of the race and receive the

Heavenly prize for which God through

Christ Jesus is calling us just one

thing that is my motiv

so Paul had it very clear what his call

was what that one thing was I do one

thing one thing not two not three not oh

I’m in this ministry and I do this and I

accept invitations to go and preach and

I’m also a missionary no he said I do

one single thing that was his

resume Paul had a focus greater than the


person theologians will kill me for this

but I think looking at Paul I think this

guy had aspar syndrome I recognize

another person with aspar when I see it

he had to have some sort of autism I

have that that syndrome and I can see it

in others and the way people write or

speak I say they’re Focus focused he

focused on one single thing it was laser

Precision Focus those of us that have

aspear Syndrome have many anomalies many

things that we have to learn if not we

don’t have them naturally but we have

something in our favor the the

compensatory ability to be very

focused beyond the average and when Paul

reached that

goal it’s because he had selectivity or

exclusivity as to what he was going to

focus on he wanted to become like Christ

and it’s not less important to know what

we’re not called to do if only my father

had once said I am not a

mechanic or a plumber but he never Rec

recognized it and that’s the principle

of wisdom what was he not good at so

when you discover what you weren’t

called to do in this life you focus on

what you were assigned to do someone

said if you try and Chase two rabbits at

once both will escape

you rabbits don’t run together so if you

follow two rabbits they’re both going to

escape and the most successful and wise

people that I’ve gotten to know are

those that learn to say no to almost

everything I’ve told you many times that

when I turned 40 I gave myself something

that you can’t buy at a

store something no one else can give me

I gave myself the no so delicious it’s

great no are you coming to my birthday


no you know what I love you a lot I’ll

send you a gift but

no can you come help me Saturday morning

to do this nope Saturdays are mine I

don’t do anything else other than what I

have to do hey but aren’t we friends

yeah but because I’m your friend I’m

saying no it’s marvelous you might say

well that’s grotesque that’s rude no no

with a lot of respect

no those that can’t say no suffer

because they’re always living thinking

about what others will say they always

have that that thought of I don’t want

to offend anyone so they can never reach


effectivity of of their call

your time you lose time at dinners you

don’t want to go to lunches you don’t

want to go to places you don’t want to

go to but if I don’t go they’ll be

offended and what will they say no you

have to get to a certain age where you

say no I’ll be where I want to be I’m an

adult that’s

enough I can’t do anything out of guilt

guilt has never been a good adviser I

never call anyone because of guilt I

never visit anyone because of guilt no

you have to do it out of love if it’s

guilt it’s

toxic this is what is called Planned

abandonment I’m going to abandon this

because it doesn’t help me it doesn’t

add to my life well it doesn’t add

subtracts it takes Life Time energy so

to be great in few things you have to

learn to say no to many things and this

isn’t a lack of spirituality on the

contrary there are people that come and

ask us for money and in order for me to

be a great sewer for verver to be that

channel of blessing that it is to the

rest of the world we had to learn to say

no no no no we don’t build churches we

don’t build temples we don’t pay for

bricks oh no we have a temple that we

want to build and we want to call it

this no we feed people we we we help

orphanages we help schools we don’t

build temples now you ask me is it wrong

to build a temple no it’s just that we

don’t do it but people get offended yeah

but we don’t build temples yeah I need

instruments for my church we don’t buy

instruments for church but don’t you

have money yeah we do well why not

because we don’t want

to it’s the only way to be

effective so every Sunday we can say we

sent to Cuba we sent to Africa we sent

to India but because of all the nose

that we had to say along the way I’ve

had many friends say to me hey could you

come to this place no oh then you’re not

humble but I’ve learned I don’t have to

show anyone my humility the only person

that measures my humility is God you’re

not humble because you didn’t come to my

church well no I’m not going to abandon

this church on a Sunday to be at

yours I’m not going to do it oh so

you’re not humble no I am but I’m just

not going to your church like Steve Jobs

said people think that focusing means

saying yes to something but that’s not

what it

means Focus means saying no to another

hundred good ideas no innovation is to

say no to thousands of things and the

majority of us believe that if we do

more we will accomplish more but no you

accomplish more by doing less we have to

learn to say no without any fear without


guilty not all that we can do we should

do much less when they want to test us

hey can you do this for me because I’m

expecting it no no so then you’re not a

man of


God doesn’t matter because you’re not

going going to be the one judging

whether I’m a man of God on Judgment

day maybe I cared about it more when I

was younger but now I don’t care what

people say all I care about is what God

says so there are people that say Well

it happens at many congregations well

can we create a Ministry for singles and

counselors and Sport and missions and a

group for divorce and and a group for

for knitting and a group for for

son-in-laws that are that are abused by

their imaginary mother-in-laws but we

can’t do it all we have to say what are

we going to be good at let’s Center

ourselves in what God has called us to

do and that goes for all essential

things in life wanting to do everything

ends up suffocating and strangling our

time we can’t do it all my mom used to

say don’t play like me the Messiah

because you’ll end up crucified we can’t

be better than God

we’re tired we have no time for anything

we’re not


because we’re fulfilling everyone else’s

desires and needs and that’s not a lack

of love if we don’t do it we have to

know whose needs we have to fulfill

because there’s the needy and then

there’s the lazy person and that’ll

always be the case in this world there

are the poor and then there’s the one

that doesn’t want to be

helped there are those that don’t want

to receive a fish today

to then learn next time no they want to

be giv a fish every month we have to

learn to say no look I tend to share

this magnificent story when I speak

about Focus I’m sorry if you’ve heard it

before but it’s the one that summarizes

what I’m trying to say the

best someone that that that tended to a

um a lighthouse had to visit it every

six months to make sure that the flame

in the lighthouse was still on but his

neighbor from next door came over to

asked for oil and the man thought it was

a noble request so he gave her some oil

then a father came along to ask for

oil gas for for his car someone else

asked for gas or oil to lubricate a

wheel a month

later the the flame at the Lighthouse

went out and dozens of ships ended up in

the cliffs and so the owner of the

lighthouse said hey you’re fired and so

the man that took care of the lighthouse

said yeah but I gave it to this person

and this person and this person but the

owner said no you were given one task

keep this flame on Fire doesn’t

matter how many people ask you were

given one

task and we have to be aware of why we

were given our oil or our or our

anointing because you end up wasting it

or burning it away we can’t fulfill

everyone’s needs you

can’t I’m always offending people

because they invite me and I say no

because they tell me hey we want to give

you a certain prize and I say no no I’m

I don’t need that award if you want to

send it to me then send it through mail

oh you’re so cocky no no I don’t have

time to accept these Awards getting on a

plane to go and preach is hard enough

for me imagine having to go and and and

receive a prize

no or if you say hey will you come to my

house no I’ll stay at

home oh but I have an extra room at home

no I’ll stay in the hotel with a smile

but I’ve learned to take care of my time

because those same people that ask us

these things come to our hospital bed

and say oh Pastor take care of your

health no you fool I’m here because you

drained all my blood you sucked out all


blood so learning to say no is marvelous

we can’t please the whole

world and when we try to we run out of

oil and we end up

burnt feeling like abandoning everything

the amount of pastors that call me I’ll

never expose them with with by giving

their names but they say I can’t anymore

I need a oneyear vacation the people are

tiring me and I ask what are you doing

and he says well I go visit them I go

visit the other person I stand at the

door there are always people offended

this person divided my church and I said

you’re never going to please them you

have to know what you were called to

do what did God send you to do transmit

a message message delegate and other

pastors let others do counseling let

others deal with the people people will

always demand too much of us if you do

well financially then your own family is

going to want you to take care of them

and I’m not talking about your children

I’m talking about your relatives your

in-laws oh now that you’re in Yankee

land can you send something yeah of

course I go to the bathroom and money

comes out but that’s not the case you

have to say no no

but but aren’t you going to share with

us no it’s too tough to live over here

you can’t just steal cable and internet

or not pay for your light and water for

three months and expect it to continue

no you can’t live that way

here you don’t you’re one day late on

your bills and SWAT comes along to

arrest you right you can’t please the

whole world in Luke 10 there is a woman


Martha and she’s overwhelmed by her resp

responsibilities because she’s receiving

Jesus at her home and while she does

everything poor woman she cleans she

cooks her sister Mary sits at jesus’

feet she’s thinking I don’t think I’ll

ever have Jesus at my home ever again

I’m going to enjoy it ever enjoy every

minute of it and Martha complains to

Jesus and says tell Mary to help me and

Jesus says oh Martha Martha when Jesus

says your name

twice Martha

Martha he’s calming himself

down remember what I told you about the

grandpa that was with his grandson at

the supermarket and and the grandson

knocked everything over and he was like

Judah Judas and the grandfather would

say ma Matias Matias be patient Matias

relax Matias be Serene and a mother

walking by says what a grandfather I’m

impressed by how you speak to your

grandson and the the man said no I’m

Matias well Mara

Mara you’re Restless daughter you’re

stressed out by many things only one

thing is necessary Jesus said to her and

Mary chose that one thing and no one can

take it from her but someone needs the

cook let’s order a pizza what do I

know what did you think that I came here

to your home for your us

Martha there are people that believe

that Jesus is in their home because of

the pusas

no what fascinates me is that any one of

us might have thought that Martha had

reason well wasn’t she acting like a

servant wasn’t she doing something and

the other sister is sitting on the floor

isn’t that the reason why many people

are jumping from congregation to

congregation they’ve told me many times

I’m going to another church because

there they let me

serve According To Jesus he’s not

looking for more people to serve him

he’s looking for people that want to

spend time with him however we live our

lives saying oh I want to go over there

because they let me serve over there our

religious culture indoctrinates us that

as soon as we give our hearts to Jesus

we have to do a lot of things for God to

validate that we’re his

children and there are people that

become frustrated I don’t serve I don’t

do anything man the one that tithes


the one that that SS Faithfully the one

those that give with their heart sustain

two three four five children that eat

three times a day in Africa that’s more

service than you just being seen doing

something here but we’re not told

that so what’s worse than a church

without Vision well a church with many

Visions without clear focus without a

manual Starbucks has a manual you can’t

buy a Starbucks franchise and change the

green color or you can’t say I’m not

going to sell coffee I’m going to sell

pusas let me give that example no you

can’t do that there’s an instruction

manual any franchise M McDonald’s has

has a style we don’t have satellite

churches because it doesn’t interest us

to have spiritual paternity or coverage

or all that all those fallacies that


invented we would have to have a manual

it would all all the churches would have

to smell the same the same music the

same level of message the same level of

Excellence but since we don’t have that

security or that guarantee all we have

is the name and the shirt and the colors

we say

no because somebody will go to River in

their country thinking that it’s the

River from here but it won’t start at

the right time they won’t be punctual

there won’t be

excellence and we want people if they

want if they want to go to River that

there’s a guarantee that there’s a

certain style it’s not the best way but



way so no activity can compensate that

manual that Focus 1 Corinthians 14:8

says and if the bugler doesn’t sound a

clear call how will the soldiers know

they are being called to

battle trumpets indicated that it was

time for battle but if the person

playing the trumpet

goes nobody knows if he’s crying out for

the for the restroom door to be opened

or if it’s time for battle and the

Apostle Paul writes to the church in

Philippians 2:2 then make me truly happy

by agreeing wholeheartedly with each

other loving one another and working

together with one mind and

purpose it’s so difficult at any

congregation for everyone to feel one

thing that there aren’t different

agendas I remember 17 years ago I

arrived at the Crystal

Cathedral as a pastor to the the

Hispanic congregation Juan Carlos Ortiz

was no longer there there was another

beloved pastor and when this pastor

passed the torch to me he

said proudly that he was leaving me a

congregation with more than 60

functioning Ministries

60 there were about 200 church members

but there were 60 different

Ministries almost one Ministry per


when he said this I didn’t know if he

was boasting or if he was regretting it

himself it sounded like spiritual

schizophrenia Oh Heaven I feel voices in

my head telling me to open a new

ministry I don’t know how that went so I

asked I asked him well which of these

Ministries do you think are efficient he

said I have no idea but it keeps the


busy and when people tell me oh I want

to do something well I send him to a

Ministry and that’s one less person and

that bothers

me so the congregation got smaller and

smaller and

smaller as there were more and more

Ministries they were they were all

chiefs chief of this ministry chief of

this ministry president of this other

Ministry you know why it’s impossible to

have 60 effective Ministries at a church

because it’s already a challenge to have

three that are that work it’s

complex and I comprehend the majority of

pastors that are watching me now if any

of you are still

watching that don’t dare to prune out

any activity or any Ministry that’s not

effective because they’re going to


someone because in one way or another

there are people that take ownership of

those Ministries so the pastor reasons

yeah I agree that that Ministry causes

me more problems than Effectiveness and

never earned another

soul but if I take it away some families

are going to want to leave the

congregation if I take away the weekly

meeting then that person’s going to

leave the church because it’s the only

time that they can sing and preach so

then you have a weekly meeting so that

this person can practice poor

people that are listening to the person

that has to

practice so they end up being bribed or

blackmailed by someone that says give me

the microphone or I leave it’s happened

here when we’ve taken out Ministries the

person that served there didn’t want to

congregate anymore they didn’t love the


they didn’t love the vision that River

had as a whole nor did they love their

Pastor they just loved what they were

doing that job was taking away let me

not go

anymore I know taking a Ministry from a

church can sometimes be

traumatic but just like any other

amputation if you don’t do it on time

then the Gang Green will end up killing

the patient and that goes for everything

in life you have to cut out activities

you have to cut hundreds of thousands of

contacts that accumulate in our cell


you’re looking at me as if to say oh

well it doesn’t happen here well then

maybe if for the second service some of

you ask well why do I keep these

relationships it’s not a lack of love

it’s focusing on one thing I do one

thing Paul said at River we understood

during the pandemic that the world had

changed as we had known it before

2020 it

changed it was a 911 the same way 911

changed our our way of flying the

pandemic changed our way of living and

so we understood that as we came back we

would prune out certain

activities that strangled our time our

budget and they didn’t contribute to the

vision what’s more is they competed with

the vision so we were directing tons of

resources to areas that weren’t

productive or

effective and we were able to understand

our specific assignment we understood it

when we went out to give food during the

first month of the pandemic and that’s

what God wanted for us to look outward

it’s a shame that we had to learn it

with three boogers in the

air when an Asian ate a bat and before

he digested it he made us all tremble in

fear so we understood the concept of

specialization and I’m not trying to

argue that at River we have a silver

bullet no we don’t say that oh we’re the

only model to follow no it’s not a

criticism hidden crit criticism to other

congregations each congregation adds

something to the body of Christ each

church has its own specific culture

maybe it’s not written but

instinctively it’s taught in everything

that is it’s it’s

preached well we can’t be an integral

church that does a little bit of

everything depending on what the client

asks for Ergo we can’t be the best at

everything but we can be the best in

what God has called us to do are we in

agreement yes or

no so we realize that many churches

especially here in the US compete to

give the greatest Comfort to the client

instead of competing to give competing

to give the the most solid food in

spiritual terms so like I said we always

make the menu bigger for 20 cents more

come to our church because we assure

that we have a great campus with a lot

of parking you won’t have to walk too

much free coffee on the way in but you

won’t have to pay for it we entertain

your adolescent child with a cool

service for them we’ll take care of your

smaller children so you have peace for

two hours we’ll lock up your

mother-in-law for for 2 hours during the

service and so we ask

ourselves how do we make it so that we

don’t fall into that vicious circle of

offering more so that more people can

come and that’s when we decided to say

no to many things it’s very difficult we

learned what we want to harvest and we

take specific actions to be able to

cultivate the type of growth that we

want to see happen I want said this

during a DNA meeting with our volunteers

and leaders if we let a plot of

land and let anything grow in there then

then bushes will just become Tangled but

if we want apples we need to plant what

apple trees after we plant apple trees

we have to remove everything that’s not

an apple tree it’s not enough to say or

desire oh I would love an apple tree

please in an apple tree I decree an

apple tree no you have to plant an apple

tree you have to

cultivated and keep this clear what we

want to

harvest what we want to harvest has to

be clear and what we don’t want to

harvest has to be clear that demolition

in life those NOS are very hard I know

very few people that give themselves no

so we continually have to ask ourselves

what attracts people here to River what

aspect of river looks like Tangled

bushes what aspect of a of our church

people away this goes for any company

any business who do we want to to

attract what type of

client in our case as a church who do we

want to attract the person that already

congregates who do we want to make Happy

the person that congregates already so

that they don’t get offended and they

don’t stop tithing or those that are

lost Are we more interested

on more interested in those on the

outside so you have to identify your


and discard whatever isn’t a fruit and

I’m not talking about discarding

something that’s wrong in and of itself

but things that we don’t harvest in our

specific Garden in this church for

example if anyone had a

doubt we realized that the Sunday

School had become here I’m not saying at

other congregations but here it had

become a

daycare so that the parents wouldn’t be

bothered during the service there were

many many cases of parents that would

come leave their children here and

didn’t congregate here they would leave

their kids here and they would go to the

mall when do I have to come back and

pick them

up we would put a number on the screen

so that the parent knew that they had to

come and pick up their parent and the

parent wasn’t there that’s how we began

to discover

them or some would leave their kids here

they would congregate at a different

church so we began to think the Sunday

school was like it used to be in our

times those that are 30 and above I’m

older than 30 really I’m not

lying our Sunday school was actually not

on Sunday they would take me to Sunday

school Saturday

mornings for me to learn the Bible and I

would say if Sunday school was any other

day then Sunday would we still have the

same amount of children because there

are many interested parents that that

want their children to learn about the

Bible teaching your children about Jesus

shouldn’t be the church’s responsibility

it should be the parents

responsibility thank you for the two

that said amen thank

you and something else the majority of

the adults that are serving the lord

that were born on a church

pew were we children touched and filled

by the Holy Spirit at 7 10 or

12 it was during normal service and back

then it was so

boring nobody had to entertain us during

the service I was given an iPad I wasn’t

given a cell phone I wasn’t


headphones I learned all the books of

the Bible by

memory and I would if I would get too

bored they would give me the hym

book The Book of

hymn we didn’t have lyrics on the screen

like we do

today no we had the hym of of Zion and

Triumph and Glory I learned them all

sometimes we would listen to the pastor

and not understand a single thing until

one day we were suddenly filled by the

Holy Spirit and we would start

trembling I think the Lord said even if

this child doesn’t understand anything

I’m going to reward him for remaining

here and they he filled us with the Holy

Spirit we would say hallelujah

hallelujah we had no idea how but we

were filled by the Holy Spirit children

can perceive the atmosphere and here at

River we have a nursery we have a Family

Theater with a big screen so that if

your small child becomes restless the

parents can watch the service from there

but we no longer offer to take care of

other people’s children who goes to a

Luis Miguel or Taylor Swift

concert and calls and says hey um is Lis

Miguel’s agent there yeah hey can you

take care of my kids I don’t want anyone

to bother me while I while I listen to

Mickey it doesn’t

happen they won’t even take care of your

kids not even at pakita delario

concert that’s why we’ve understood at

River who we are not we’re not a church

of small groups or internal activity

we’re not a church that generates new

music we have good music but we’re not

elevation or Hill song or

bethl we’re not trying to invent new

songs to become viral online we’re not a

church that brings guests or a church

with many conferences or that follows

people and takes their details hey what

happened I didn’t see you on Wednesday

no all that is very good but we’re not

that because we’ve understood our

assignment Starbucks will never sell

pusas even if salvadorians ask for it

time and time again they won’t sell

pusas not even if B passes a law

Starbucks won’t sell pusas so

they write to me so much and they ask

since there’s so many people that River

why don’t you have more activity and I

answer well one of the reasons there are

so many people at River one of the

reasons there are lines from 6:00 a.m.

is because there aren’t more

activities we’re of the philosophy that

if it’s not broken don’t fix

it if it’s not broken don’t fix it you

don’t mess with success if it works

don’t touch it don’t add and they ask us

all biblical study Wednesday nights yeah

it’ be nice but we don’t have

it and uh VBS Vacation Bible School we

don’t have it uh Ministry for singles

for men for women we don’t have it we

don’t have it we don’t have

it prophetic conferences for Apostles we

don’t have

it Christmas plays counseling 24 hours

we don’t have it we don’t have it we

don’t have it professional psychologists

we don’t have

it cruises for marriages or retreats to

Holy land we don’t have

it we don’t have cruise ships or trips

to Argentina

neither Christian concerts or nights of

worship we don’t have

it but what about the necessari and

classic youth group we don’t have

it now we run the risk of being looked

at as weird but just because we don’t

just because something’s good doesn’t

mean we have to do it there are dozens

of congregations that do all this

it’s not it’s not irony I’m not saying

these things are wrong here in Southern

California I tell the people all over

the world Southern California has many

beautiful churches Final Call with Otto

auro Calvary Chapel with Danny De Leon

then there are other American churches

like Saddleback with Rick Warren Grace

Church with John MacArthur friends

Mariners Vineyard if you look for a

church with a lot of activity with

important activities I can recommend

them honestly and if somebody goes to

one of those churches because there

there’s activity then we all win you

have the church that you dreamt of and

you open up a seat

here I’m not throwing you

out but we are a hospital for your soul

where broken people come brokenhearted

people that need to heal their souls

their hearts we don’t lift up an

offering those that want to offer you go

out to the lobby on your way out and you

give your your your offering your seed

there’s no Sunday school for kids


no Pulpit here this is this is just an

Atrium we don’t do packs there’s no

reserved seating for pastors or

Apostles seats are reserved for people

that come from far

away no matter what their title is no

matter what they believe in our case we

were able to understand what God called

us to do why God has prepared us

but as good as they are we’re not going

to put pusas on on the

menu when nemiah was rebuilding the

temple the Fallen walls of Jerusalem

they invite him to a meeting with the

intention of distracting him and

memorize nehemiah’s answer he says I am

engaged in a great work so I can’t come

why should I stop working to come and

meet with

you that’s how nemiah

answered why should I stop working to

come and meet with you

when you’re busy in a great assignment

you don’t get distracted by doing other

things when our Focus increases our

options decrease all good and Noble

things aren’t necessarily things that

God is asking us to do we’re not all

called to do everything and our

assignment here at River are the lost

people our hearts are focused on the

outside if our gospel doesn’t touch the

people on the outside it’s because it

still has touched

us our financial resources are destined

to bless unbelievers Furnishing homes of

people that maybe they’ll never come to

the church it doesn’t matter but God

sent us to bless

them we just want to furnish their homes

if they want to come to the church

welcome if not then they’ll remember

that the church loved

them adopting the children in Uganda and

India maybe we’ll never get to know them

personally and maybe our only contact

will be sending money

honoring the elderly in Cuba Mexico

Venezuela helping our brothers in our

regions when they have natural

disasters here we help

widows we help single

mothers have you ever visited a

congregation once and they’ve ignored

you because of the way you dressed a

tattoo or a piercing on your nose or a

skirt that’s too short churches are

filled with loving people but only for

those that are inside already those that

look and sound like us and we forget

that Jesus came for those on the outside

he came for those that are broken

suffering those that are abandoned

alone poor

forgotten Jesus came for those that were

rejected by religion and our churches

without knowing it they focus on the

center circle and we forget about the

people that need

Jesus sometimes churches end up being

like hospitals that don’t accept

patients that are too

contagious there’s a sign outside of our

our pantry that says make sure you you

eat first before you come in we don’t

like people that are dying of hunger I

was recently in bositis and I took a

picture on

purpose during my my lunches or my

dinners I don’t really post these but I

took a picture of this on purpose

because he’s a reporter in Argentina you

you know who I’m talking about he’s very

controversial he was on the brink of

death and I became one of his great

friends when he was in bot about to die

in a hospital he gave thanks to his

Colombian nurse that saved his

life and the nurse

said what a shame that you argentinians

don’t believe in God and the guy said no

I do I do believe in God I have a friend

named Dante Gil and the Colombian nurse

said you know Dante Gil and half of the

half of the hospital came to take a

picture with the guy that almost died

because they listened to my sermons and

so he calls me and says everyone knows

you here we’ve spoken about God a lot

about purpose about death having a

dinner with him until the late night

makes me feel more effective like an

evangelist I feel the joy of the Lord

when I’m with him because he asks me and

we debate I wouldn’t trade a dinner with

him for a dinner with a thousand pastors

but as I post the picture many Evangel

not I didn’t say Christians evangelicals

they began to insult me and him they

said Dante you went too far this guy

deserves to burn in hell tell me who

you’re with and I’ll tell you who you

are this guy should pay for the harm

he’s done don’t be seen with

this this this mundane

rat these were Evangelical saying and my

friend said I feel so much shame I’ve

I’ve never seen SE so much hate in an


group or a religious group and I said

don’t worry it’s just a religious group

that’s what religion does it tends to

love those on the inside and hate those

on the outside don’t worry they’re not

Christians they’re just evangelicals

nothing to do with the Jesus we spoke

about last night so who do we love if we

love God we have to love people if we

don’t love all types of people then we

don’t love God the Lord said if we don’t

love those that we can see how can we

love a God that we can’t

see so when was that we began to believe

that the church exists for us we’re a

church because we exist for the world we

exist for those on the

outside are we close to the people that

are far from God because if we’re not

close to the people that are far from

God then we’re not as close to God than

as we think we are because God’s heart

is always with the people that are far

from him I heard a true story of a

preacher that was invited to a church to

preach this is a real story a true story

I even have spoken with witnesses that

were there and he began by saying it was

filled with pastors and leaders he said

the problem is that while we’re here

worshiping and singing there are

thousands of souls that are out there

being lost and you don’t give a damn

when he said this last

word the crowds were left like you

today the women looked at each other the

elderly looked at each other and

preacher continued he said let me tell

you the problem now I’ll tell you the


part you’re all more bothered because I

used that word at a

church you’re more worried about that

than the people that are being lost and

going to

hell we’re straining the the mosquito

and we’re swallowing the camel oh Jesus

wouldn’t speak that way well what would

Jesus do he would be loving the people

on the outside if we want to care about

one thing if we want to simplify Our

Lives you have to

Point your heart your energy your

resources your time towards people that

don’t have Christ when was the last time

that you had a lost soul in your house

house the plumber that came to fix the

bathroom doesn’t

count how many significant conversations

that you have this week with people that


Christian who are the unbelievers that

you’ve prayed for today if we can’t

answer these questions like

this then it doesn’t make sense for us

to continue Cong

ating because it’s the people on the

outside that we’re interested in it

surprises me that on social media I take

a picture with someone from the outside

and they say d you fell for my pedestal

I’m not going to take pictures with

Apostles just to look good with the

religious people on the inside I’m not

going to go back to unlessa to be

loved so I’ve spent years in the church

and as I always say I didn’t get in this

business to

baptize the sons of or children of

Believers or to officiate a few weddings

and some funerals

many have left River or divided not many

but some with the excuse of I want to

save Souls when they were already doing

it here but they didn’t want to save

Souls maybe they wanted to play

Church play at church but I’m here

because of the Great Commission I don’t

have time to play I have more past than

future and this vision of going out to

the to the outside will remain until God

keeps me here that is the fundamental

value of the church the lost the souls

the Catholics the Muslims Jehovah’s

Witness that makes up the essence of our

being everything we do is connected to a

soul we see everything as a medium to

reach people with Christ we’re a Search

Group we’re going out for the Lost

evangelism is a part of our manual

instruction manual it’s our organic

assignment and the great secret is and

asking ourselves if we have or don’t


anointing but what that anointing was

assigned to in this case it’s to keep

the flame in the lighthouse Ablaze and

like I said at the beginning life is all

about figuring out as soon as possible

what that one thing is the thing that we

were assigned to do the thing we were

destined to do only one not two not

three or not a couple dozen just one if

you don’t know what yours is

let me tell you the same thing that the

character in the store in the in the

movie said that’s something you’ll have

to figure out

Cowboy figure out what that thing is

love it embrace it follow

it until it becomes flesh in your being

we’re going to give an Applause to the

Lord of lords and the King of Kings no

no no someone needs to celebrate more

than that River search Party come on


go come on give a grand appla if you

believe that God has spoken blessed are


hallelujah we’re going after the loss

that’s what we’re

after when we get there and we we are

face to face with the Lord and we look

over our shoulder the life that we had

what we’ve gone through and the

opportunities that God gave us he’ll

never ask us how much we

served he’s not going to ask us how many

times we congregated how many songs we

knew what Doctrine we followed if we

were baptized in what way where in a

river in a pool he won’t ask us how many

times we took the Holy Communion he

asked he would he’s going to ask us how

many did you speak to about me how many

did you reach for me how many of these

unbelievers did you meet with I

understand there’s

a I don’t know what the word is but

there’s a a tendency

to to gather within ourselves more and

more because people say the light

doesn’t doesn’t um spend time with the

darkness but sometimes we forget that in

business terms they’re the client and we

begin to sell the product amongst

ourselves and really if someone says I

just want to come here to receive to

feel better well they didn’t understand

the gospel we come here to receive and

then go out and look for someone else

invite someone

River isn’t a

church where if you invite someone that

you’ll be put to shame we had to invite

unbelievers to a congregation

where we were almost always put to shame

with our guests because the pastor that

day would lift up three offerings the

the sermon would end and he would say

let’s seal this this message with a pack

of $1,000 and you didn’t find a way to

explain to your friend oh no it’s just

the pastor loves packs you didn’t know

what to say

would go to the service and that day the

pastor wouldn’t preach maybe his son or

a friend that came along practicing it

was a

disaster and you would say oh no it’s

just today the pastor didn’t preach or

or the musicians would be Out Of Tune

because it was the second string not the


band or a sister would come up and say

don’t listen to my voice listen to the

message the Lord and we would say Lord

take her with you but of course

you were trying to get someone into a

club saying come and find Jesus but

river is prepared for anyone people will

say there’s

Excellence we’re

punctual I know it’s going to sound

frightening for the rest of the churches

but here we’re never going to say oh the

anointing fell and we couldn’t stop we

know when it starts but we never know

when it ends because we give freedom to

the spirit it sounds spiritual but

that’s just a lack of

the the Holy Spirit isn’t an improviser

see you can’t you’re not going to bring

someone and say oh well the service

starts at 9 and we might leave at 3 no

so planning makes Excellence not just an

option we never have to make ignorance

or an improv improvisation of

virtue so we have very nice things here

river that you can invite others to come


see people wait to watch our messages

during the week all over the world we

don’t just sing songs here to make time

no let’s take advantage let’s feel the

urgency to say God placed me somewhere

with beds that are available and If I

have to stay on my feet so that someone

can sit down in my seat and they they

don’t know the Lord then I’ve fulfilled

my assignment one thing save Souls one

thing save people one thing go out for

the lost someone needs to celebrate more

than that yes or

no lift up your hands to Heaven father

lift up your hands father I’ve

transmitted to your people what I

believe you you’ve told me to tell them

I’m praying now for those that are

receiving you in their hearts for the


time I speak to the agnostics the

Orthodox Jews the atheists Jehovah’s

Witnesses Mormons

Muslims I’m speaking to all religions

Catholics I’m speaking to those that

belong to ope or

any religion saying I need a new life

receive Christ in your heart there where

ever you are say Lord come into my life

change my life change my heart forgive

all the mistakes I’ve made in my life

transform me and now Lord we all join

I’m going to pray for this congregation

everyone present everyone that’s

watching at home so that we can Unite

with this church party so that we can be

this squad against the invading lines

and that rescue team for all the wounded

soldiers those that are broken

those that were discriminated by

religion were going after them we open

up the the doors of our congregation to

those that look and dress differently

those that have a different sexual

orientation and just because of that

they kicked you

out we open up the doors at River for


women that charge for sex we’re not

saying it’s right we’re just saying here

we have a healing message and a change

of life that you’ve been waiting for we

open up our doors for drunks drug

addicts for those that think differently

for those that are on one side of a

political divide to the corrupt the

politicians artists we open doors and we

say we’re going after them we’re the

search party we’re part of this

generation that will go after the

souls and the Lord has said when the

door of the hearts of those that

congregate opens I will blow from the

north south east and west those that

should be

saved we won’t have to invest in

anything else not publicity not

marketing not in activities he will

bring them just the way it’s happening

here at River from 5 or 6:00 a.m. people

that line up because there’s bread in

the House of Bread and if there’s bread

in the house of bread and oil making the

flame in the

lighthouse River why were we giving our

oil people why were you brought your

leaders why do you

serve the Lord is speaking to us this

morning father thank you for this time

thank you for this crib of Champions

Lord what holy Pride I feel being

surrounded by these people that give

that seow these generous people thank

you Lord because each day I

feel that this is probably the most

marvelous congregation that exists but

not because they’re perfect but because

they have a heart like David’s

a heart conformed to yours because here

people suffer for those that suffer on

the outside we understand those that

were misunderstood elsewhere Lord thank

you for this morning thank you for this

evening afternoon night wherever you’re

watching from I’ve transmitted what I

believe you told me to say I haven’t

omitted I haven’t added and I know that

this word remains sealed in their hearts

by the Holy Spirit I give you thanks we

bless you we exalt you and now lift up

your hand I bless your and and your exit

when you go to bed and when you wake up

I commission you

Church to go after the lost for your


ones for those that are now planning to

take their lives you have a mission

rescue them bring them back with life

bring them home wounded almost dead but

bring them home and God’s glory will do

the rest we won’t follow them we won’t

have a discipleship the Lord will lift

them up he will disciple them make them

disciples we just have to go out for

them Father I believe it I commission

them I send them and we begin a new time

as we finalize the month of April here

at River Arena here and around the world

I bless them in the body in the soul and

in the spirit amen amen and amen glory

to Jesus blessed be the Lord that

Applause is for the King of Kings people

one thing bye until next Sunday

have a great Sunday





















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