ENGLISH Dante Gebel #871 | Karma or harvest

Throughout the Bible we are told that even seemingly small actions will sooner or later yield a harvest. When we see a person who never stops harvesting; it’s for the simple reason that this person constantly sows, unlike those who do so occasionally, or those who never sow. Selfish people who don’t sow prefer to blame bad luck, the government in power, or karma for their misfortunes. However, those who become great at something do so because they dedicate at least ten thousand hours of flight to their passion. It’s not luck, it’s not karma; it’s perseverance, discipline… and sowing. A good harvest is the result of countless small sowings, done with consistency.



there we see the flags from Colombia

Honduras Dominican Republic Guatemala El


Argentina Puerto Rico Cuba look at the

flag from Cuba look at that we just

returned from Cuba

Argentina with this warm Applause we’re

receiving people from all over the world

don’t stop that Applause Elsa Salvador

Venezuela Dominican Republic

Peru thank you for being present

Mexico God bless you may he protect you

how beautiful what a great

reception now you’re bringing Flags

every weekend I hope all these flags are

real right I hope nobody makes up a new

flag may God bless you may he protect

you thank you for being present we just

praised we worshiped we we exalted him

and we were telling the local church

that we’re going to be connecting with

all of you those of you that are on the

other side spread through the five

continents waiting for this transmission

thank you for your faithfulness thank

you for being there and thank you for

awaiting this word I’m about to transmit

what I believe God told me to tell you


before I want to tell you that

yesterday our advancement group some of

our pastors our director they some of

our our our our crew went to

Cuba to give the homes at our River

neighborhood we gave them away it was

marvelous this is River in Cuba there is

the Cuban flag look how

beautiful these are just some images we

can’t show too

much because it’s all a part of this

surprise that we want to share with the


but this was the last day of our barn

Mission we gave away food

groceries hygiene

products this is what we do in every

country it might seem like just just an

extra detail but no it’s not something

minor for Cuba the island where soon

we’ll see in images how the people cry

because they receive toilet

paper this is the team that I was

telling you about that traveled to go

and give the homes

they went out to film everything that

happened everything that

occurred we gave our our six homes fully

furnished fully

equipped what I can tell you in advance

is that those grandparents the elderly

couples we surprise them they didn’t

know it would happen and part of the

surprise is how we did it they had no

idea that they would inherit a

completely paid-off home for those that

don’t know we bought land in

Cuba we built six homes and then we

furnished them fully with running water

electricity cold water hot water

everything everything that a home needs

that you generally don’t find especially

in Kam where we were at they didn’t even

know how to use many of the the

utilities or the appliances we had to

teach them how to use their

homes the Cubans are very very great

people despite what they live they

always have a smile and and they’re

joyous they’re always saying hey how’s

how’s it going brother I love

it they have such joy and such happiness

that’s contagious so thank you first to

those that seow here and those that seow

from their homes thank you for allowing

us to be a church in Cuba and to all the

Cubans thank you for receiving us as

well a special greeting we’ll have


soon that being said remember last

Saturday last Saturday we went to Los

Angeles for those that don’t know Los

Angeles is a place where there are more

homeless people sleeping on the streets

more than any other state in the

US it’s

incredible the reasons are diverse very

eclectic we wouldn’t be able to

enumerate them here but what’s true is

that there are many people that are

living on the

streets it would be a total fallacy to

say they live there because they want to

no there are people that suffer moms

dads elderly people there are


Hispanics white people as well that are

living on the streets it’s incredible

and we went last Saturday we just saw

the photos this is a little more than a

minute of a small summary because this

has to do with your seed with what you s

and what we do which is bless these

little ones and as I always say if after

this the blessings reach you and they

they they’ve reached your heels don’t

say oh it’s luck no it’s not luck it’s

because God doesn’t know anyone anything

and since you did it for for my little

ones you did it for me Los Angeles








and once again to all the volunteers to

that marvelous group that went out to

the streets we give you

thanks because even those of us that so

many times we can’t physically be there

and I always say there are many ways to

serve one way is through our

finances and the other way is by going

or doing

not everyone can do both so thanks to

all those that represent us in that

group are we ready to receive what God

is going to give us yes or no very

well during the first World

War the government the Polish

government asked a famous pianist a

Polish pist ignasi

padusi to offer concerts to benefit the

soldiers that were on the front

lines musician

accepted but before he told the Prime

Minister I have one

condition I’m going to play the concerts

but you have to let me practice my

scales at least three hours a day I have

to practice three hours a day that’s

what I’m asking for I can’t have

concerts every day without practicing

and they accepted this condition which

wasn’t of course anything out of the

ordinary but they asked him why it was

so important for him to practice if he

was already a a consecrated professional

and The Pianist answered with this

sentence with this magnificent phrase he

said if I stop practicing for one day

it’s something that only I’ll notice if

I stop practicing for two days then

other musicians will notice but if I

stop practicing for 3 days then the

entire world will

notice so in other words this polish

pianist knew the secret of any

professional it’s a daily regime of

repeated disciplines like my beloved

friend the Colombian Japanese man jokoy

Kenji he says sooner or later

discipline and being constant end up

defeating talent and intelligence always

always discipline defeats intelligence

being consistent ends up defeating

Talent it doesn’t matter if in this case

it’s about Mozart chopan Bach Vivaldi

chaikovsky they were all obligated to

practicing it doesn’t matter if on the

soccer field it’s Messi Ronaldo mbappe

or Hugo

Sanchez you see how I threw in Hugo

Sanchez everyone has to practice like


rest and sometimes

you see interviews where they interview

soccer players and you see that even the

players in the big leagues do exercise

like the rest of us like or even like

the Bench Warmers or maybe like the

players that are worth less no one can

say I reached a certain level where I no

longer need

discipline a few Sundays ago God spoke

to us about focus in a message called

one and it was about following that one

essential thing

above all else but there’s another

objective another

quality that sometimes

seem like it’s only for the privileged

and when I say the privileged I’m being

ironic of course

because sometimes we tend to believe

that there are certain people that are

born with a star and others are born

scrambled some have the luck of having

been born in the adequate family oh but

look at the family they were born into

they’re rich they never knew poverty

other of

us think that some are lucky to be born

in a certain country saying oh he was

born in Switzerland but I was born in

billinghurst San Martin greetings to all

those in

billinghurst there might not be anyone

left because almost all of us

left or we think God gave more abilities

to this

person or a higher IQ to another person

or they had the Providence of marrying

the ideal person oh how beautiful they

married the their their soulmate or

having the enormous Fortune of not

having a mother-in-law we say see that’s

why they do so

well but what’s

true is that the world isn’t divided

between those that are born with luck


those that are born being peed on by an

elephant oh we say oh a dinosaur is

peeing on me

from that false belief we get karma

there are people that observe their own

lives and conclude

well I always I’m always going through

bad things because I must have karma

that’s following me something that

someone did in a past life or something

that I did in a past life when I was a

lizard and now it’s following me it’s

catching up to

me karma is the Hindu or Buddhist

belief that whether it be through a

deity or through through the laws of

nature that good acts bring blessings

and harmful

acts bring about curses according to

Karma it’s believed that no good

fortune is selfish and no tragedy is

undeserved that’s why that phrase has

become viral that Karma comes without a

menu they’ll serve you whatever you

deserve you can’t choose you’re going to

eat what you deserve obviously the Bible

doesn’t speak about reincarnation we

don’t we don’t reincarnate if somebody

had the hope to reincarnate as a

dog or a mother-in-law says I want to be

a a serpent you can’t be the same thing

twice no no a very special G it’s just a

joke don’t get

mad the Bible doesn’t say that we don’t

believe in reincarnation but the Bible

does mention something similar to Karma

not in the same sense that the Eastern

mysticism mentions it the Bible speaks

to us about a spiritual law that also

comes without a menu you can’t choose in

one way it says you’ll eat what you sow

and that law created by God has to do

with something that our polish pianist

knew the Lord said in Luke 6:37 do not

judge others and you will not be

judged do not condemn others

or it will all come back against you we

forget about this right do not condemn

others or it will all come back against

you oh well I don’t I don’t condemn I

just shared the the the gossip so we can

all pray don’t judge and you will not be

judged forgive others and you will be

forgiven give and you will

receive your gift will return to you in

full press down shaken together

when it says shaken together to make

room for more that means it goes to

receive there won’t be any residuals in

what you

receive it will be Pure Nutrients Pure

Food the best Harvest of the highest

quality the amount you give will

determine the amount you get

back that is the law of

reciprocity so throughout the entire

Bible we’re told that even the actions

that appear to be small sooner or l

later they will bring a harvest like I

just said even if it’s small we went to

go feed someone or we would we weren’t

able to but we placed a seed we gave an

offering so that someone could receive a

plate of food some of us say no that

doesn’t bring Salvation well we’re not

debating that I’m not going to speak


salvation when we see a person that

never stops harvesting and it seems like

they’re always doing well it’s due to

the simple fact that that person

constantly SE

what others SE occasionally or what’s

worth what some never

SE so the musici that practices his

scales every single day like this polish

musician this pianist that I mentioned

at the beginning they’re going to

harvest being a

professional of a high of the highest

level the highest caliber those that

play from time to time it’s not wrong

it’s not bad but they’ll be condemned to

being an afficionado just an

amateur there won’t be anything more

because they don’t practice their scales

and this is in all orders of life there

are people that have the habit of saving

every day even if it’s just a few coins

in the piggy bank just a few just some

some pocket chains they save it up some

save if they ever have anything left

over but since they never have anything

left over they never

save and then the day comes where the

second person that never saves up looks

at the

first and they ask how did you save up

so much money they say this person so

lucky they were able to save up so much

see I have the karma of not being able

to save no you’re grandma that person

didn’t have L nor nor do you have

Karma it’s the result of consistency of


small see some are awarded they have to

eat healthy every day especially in this

day and age where there’s so much

information when we were brought up in

my generation my mom would say eat this

because it has a lot of iron that’s all

she cared about iron I don’t know where

they got that information I thought she

was trying to raise RoboCop because all

she wanted me to eat was iron we were

like Home Depot inside but now there’s

so much

information about health and

nutrition we know that our our quality

of life depends on that our

longevity others make each of their

meals the Last Supper as if tomorrow

they’ll be injected with by lethal

injection and then the day comes where

the second group observes the first

group and they say oh but they’re so

lucky to be so thin oh they’re so lucky

it’s their genes it’s genetics I get

fatter just by looking at a picture of a

burger no the first person wasn’t lucky

nor did you get fatter by

looking the Bible narrates to us about

the Prophet Daniel that God gave him

favor that was incredible it was

astonishing and he and he used it in an

extraordinary way an entire nation

changed because of Daniel’s attitude was

it luck no scripture tells us the secret

amongst other things Daniel prayed to

God three day three times a day we read

this and we think oh well I also pray no

not always well you know what maybe not

three times a day well now that I think

about it maybe not every

day well maybe not every month well

maybe I don’t pray the question is what

can God do with our lives if we prayed

three times a

day so if some of us pray from time to

time Daniel Prayed

constantly he planted he he’s practiced

his scales every day so effective people

or successful people if you may if you

will they do things consistently what

others might do occasionally or what’s

worse what others may never do and as we

once said

those that become great at something

dedicate at least

10,000 hours to it there’s no other way

it’s not luck it’s consistency it’s

discipline it’s planting the seed in

biblical times people

lived in a Agricultural Society every

time that the Bible speaks about

planting and harvesting it’s because it

was an Agricultural Society they

understood these metaphors in a simple


way there weren’t any fast food

food had to be cultivated one ingredient

at a time in

fact all the food in

Israel was based on agriculture that’s

why Paul wrote in Galatians 6:7 do not

be misled you cannot mock the justice of

God so harsh you cannot mock the justice


God do not be

misled you will always Harvest what you


because those who live only to satisfy

their own sinful nature will harvest

Decay and death from that sinful nature

but those who live to please the spirit

will harvest everlasting life and then

he adds so let’s not get tired of doing

what is good at just the right time we

will reap a harvest of blessing if we

don’t give up if we don’t become

frustrated we will harvest and Paul

says do not be misled you cannot mock

the justice of God that’s how the letter


so we can mislead people but we’ll never

be able to scam God we’ll Harvest

whatever we

plant whatever we accomplish in life

people is going to be based on our own

contribution whatever we we contribute

whatever we don’t contribute we can’t

Harvest our Harvest will be based on the

decisions that we make the habits that

we begin and the habits that we

abandon what we do what we say yes to

what we say no to today

will be tomorrow’s Harvest it’s a

natural law a spiritual law that works

for atheists for Catholics for Mormons

for Jehovah’s Witnesses for the

Pentecostal Evangelical for all

evangelicals for everyone it’s like the

law of gravity the law of gravity is a

law of nature it doesn’t matter if you

agree with the law of gravity or

not we don’t have to like the law of

gravity we don’t have to believe in the

law of gravity we can pray and confess

and decree that if we jump off off this

building we won’t fall we’re going to

open up our

head we’re going to fall on our face why

because the law of gravity Works nobody

floats unless you’re in

space but within the Earthly atmosphere

the law of gravity works for everyone

and there’s another natural

law that God doesn’t have to be involved

in God doesn’t have to reach his hand in

for the law of gravity to work it

already works but there’s another law

that God doesn’t have to put his hand in

again he already decreet and that’s

planting and harvesting sewing and

harvesting and this is the first secret

of sewing that even though it seems

childish and basic many people ignore it

if we sew apple seeds if we plant apple

seeds what will we we obtain well apple

trees apples of

course if we plant orange seeds let’s

not be foolish let’s not expect apples

it won’t won’t

happen let’s not plant corn and expect

figs or we plant figs then we expect

corn because if you plant figs and

expect corn that’s an


foolishness we Harvest whatever it is we

planted and you might say yeah I knew

that but we ignore it and we forget

it you harvest what you plant it’s a

mathematical certainty in agriculture

and spiritual life and physical life

it’s like this in everything it was a

law that was established during the

creation of the world Genesis 1:1 and

God saw that it was good then God said

let’s let let let the land Sprout with

vegetation every sort of seed bearing

plant and trees that grow seed bearing

fruit these seeds will then produce the

kind of plants and trees from which they

came things are multiplied by their own

Gene that’s where the phrase comes from

from such a from such think such a

splinter it seems childish but all the

time I encounter people that believe

they can sell one thing and then Harvest


distinct a guy plants seeds of lust his


life he’s obsessed with pornography he’s

obsessed with feminine bodies he’s

obsessed with whatever bodies attract

him who knows because nowadays however

he Auto perceives self- perceives

himself this morning he might be

obsessed with elephant bodies who who


however he expects to harvest a healthy

relationship with a partner why can’t he

have a for formal relationship why

doesn’t it last does he have a karma is

there a curse that follows him it’s

easier to say that oh I was I was hit by

witchcraft I was cursed no it’s what he

swed a woman SWS seeds of criticism

gossip defamation

negativity but she expects to harvest

friends friends for a

lifetime and her friends stop being her

friends people begin to avoid her and

she thinks oh they’re all betraying

me no my

tenderness it’s what you planted my love

that’s what you

sowed that’s how it

is another guy comes to the office every

morning at 9:00 a.m. that’s the hour his

shift starts but he never stays extra

minute after 5:00 p.m. that’s the time

that he was scheduled to and it’s fine

technically he does exactly what he was

hired to do but he never offers an extra

mile 501 the guy’s

gone a minute before 9 he’s not there

yet he’s waiting right outside the door

and when it’s 9:00 he steps in if he

works an extra day he’s asking for

another day off because he worked an

extra day is it wrong no it’s not wrong

but then he real realizes that someone

else gets a raise the person that puts

in more effort the one that stays later

and he reasons oh it’s not fair they’re


lucky I have the karma that they never

give me a raise no it’s what you sold my

friend there’s the person that never

exercises and they drink six beers with

Doritos on Fridays just to celebrate

that it’s

Friday but then they drink another six

to celebrate that it’s now Saturday and

then another six beers on Sunday to

celebrate the Lord’s

day with Corona or With Victory they’re


biblical of course how do they end up

with the belly of Homer simpsom at the

age of

40 and therosis at the age of 50 is is

God punishing him for something that

they did when they were a child oh

Pastor give me internal healing because

I have a curse for my child said no my

friend that’s your Harvest you gave it

to yourself not God not even the poor

devil had anything to do with

this but we have the Habit to say oh the

devil the devil the devil brought me


this this malignant disease no it was

all the Coronas all the Coronas you

Dr so if you don’t like what you’re

harvesting what you’re

picking then change what you’re planting

if you don’t like the Harvest then

change the seed we forget about this us

Christians today’s habits are

prophesying our

future they’re prophesying I can see

people and tell them you’re going to die

in 15 years did God tell you no no

you’re you’re diet is telling

me your life your life is shouting at us

when you’re going to die you have a

tombstone on here

already we don’t even have to be

prophets to see that the life that we’re

living today is giving shape and form to

the life we’re going to live tomorrow so

we have good intentions but intentions

never Harvest anything we’ve spoken

about this nobody harvests anything with

intentions like that husband that tells

his wife my love I feel like taking you

on a vacation to Italy like last year

and she says yeah but yeah last year you

take me to

Italy yeah but I also felt like taking

you last

year desire is never Harvest

so if we continue planting the same seed

we’re going to continue harvesting the

same fruit you can’t expect the same

thing I’m sorry I’m sorry you can’t

expect different results doing the same

thing planting the same seed expecting

to harvest something different it’s not

going to happen

and God has nothing to do with it God

doesn’t get involved in what you harvest


plant the devil doesn’t get involved I

know this

produces rage and and many evangelicals

but the devil has nothing to do in what

you plant the devil doesn’t have to work

as a devil he says Ah this guy kills

himself let’s just leave him

alone hey boss do you want me to do

anything to him nah

the devil says the little demon says

really really boss you don’t want me to

tempt him or anything no this guy will

finish himself

off let’s not waste a demon on

this and planting sewing has to do with

two fundamental

principles small and consistent small



Zechariah 41 says do not despise these

Small Beginnings for the Lord rejoices

to see the work

begin the problem with small things is

that they’re easy to do but they’re also

easy to not do because they’re

small it’s like tours at home we say ah

whatever I’ll do it later and the small

things are the last things on the list

that never get done dad had that T he

would say this is a temporary fix but we

knew that it was for life temporary

meant for

life so there was a door repaired with

wire it was temporary I’ll change it

later but small things are easy to do

and they’re also easy to not do they

never seem to be

significant but our life is being

sculpted and

chiseled according to the small things

not the big

things it’s the small bro the small

pests that ruin a Vineyard not not

locusts or a big plague so the first

thing is small the second thing is

consistency constant doing Small Things

once is insignificant but doing the

Small Things once and again and again

and again and

again it has a magnitude that can’t be

measured or Quantified it’s the sum of

practicing your scales for us to

understand the importance of these two

principles of being small and consistent

let’s imagine we’re about to take off on

a commercial flight so the commander

announces through the speakers ladies

and gentlemen we’ve just been told that

a small piece from the motor fell off

but we don’t want to delay the

takeoff we consider that it’s just a

minor detail we don’t think it’s

important in fact we always have

constant maintenance but since we didn’t

have enough time today we’re trusting

that everything will be fine during the

flight enjoy your flight thank you for

flying with Viva

aerobus that’s what defines what is

small and constant a small piece in the

motor we would have to constantly check

the quality but today we couldn’t do it

it can result in a tragedy and life is

the same accomplishing a good harvest is

the result of inum innumerable small

sewings done in a constant way life is

built one brick at a time one brick at a

time how do you rebuild a family well

one brick at a time how do

you how do you get out of mourning when

some when one of your loved ones passes

away well one brick at a time we’ve

heard about denial then negotiation then

acceptance all the whole process all

that is part of doing it one brick at a

time consistency long term 10 hours of

practice there’s no other way and here’s

a detail that’s not minor in my case I

had to learn it the hard way we have to

learn to


progress above

Perfection it’s not going to be perfect

whatever we do but we’re

progressing when someone builds maybe

you look and you say h it’s ruins we

still don’t see at home but it’s another

brick I’m going to say it again valuing

progress above Perfection sooner or

later discipline and

consistency ends up bending talent’s

arm remember the famous Fable of the

tortoise and the hair that we were told

when we were

little the haris said how can I not

accept the tortoise’s challenge of

running this race and the taurise

continued and continued and continued

because he knew he was a tortoise but

the hair went to go to sleep took a nap

he said I’m going to catch up on a hair

but the hair took a long nap and the

Tortoise continued and continued and

continued who had the talent of running

the hair but what did the tortoise have

it had consistency that’s a famous Fable

that speaks about the tortoise defeating

Talent why because consistency Brick by

Brick sooner or later ends up harvesting

something are we going to stumble of

course are we going to fall H our

journey through life will not be perfect

but our goal isn’t perfection but

progressing more and more each day

sometimes someone tells me or asks me

can you give me some tips on how to

preach they ask me all the time hey can

you give me some tips on how to preach

and so if they have time I begin to tell

them my own method I say

well I think you should start preaching

when you’re

19 when you know nothing about public

speaking or even the Bible at first your

crowd is a church where you know they’re

all not good in the head they’re not

right in the head

and this person you might think was

listening to you ends up being a deaf

woman that says Amen to everything

because you couldn’t hear anything she

would say amen

amen and then a an unaware host that had

nothing to lose invites you to be a

preacher at a

camp where obviously nobody pays

attention to you and so you continue

that way for a few years or maybe the

first decade if they don’t give you an

offering because you preach so bad that

you should be paying for the opportunity

that they’re giving

you your theology isn’t very clear so

more than once you let yourself be led

by your nerves and you put Moses on the

ark you put a burning bush in front of

job you confirm once and again that a

whale swallowed Abraham along with

Pinocchio you ensure that Jonah was one

of jesus’ disciples and you come down

and you say oh no what did I say I was

nervous but the good thing in all this

is that in my case there was no YouTube

there were no cell phones no one can

record anything there are there isn’t a

registry of all those heresies there is

no archive but you continue on for

another 10 years

until at a

famous conference one of the main

speakers isn’t able to show up so they

ask you to come as a replacement so you

preach uh semi biblical sermon because

you’ve been in this for 15

years and even though they continue to

invite you you’re still not on the main

poster well you’re there because you’re

on the part that says and many

more but even then you continue adding

more and more hours of flight

discipline small sewings you’re trying

to get to 10,000 hours 10 more years of

going around the world and you begin to

write your own sermons word by word even

if that takes takes you hours and by the

love of God you read and read and read

and read and read and when you think

you’re done reading you begin to read

again and again and you read all the

authors that exist on the face of this

Earth you improve your vocabulary you

practice your vocal inflections you

practice rhetoric your verbal nuances

your facial expressions and in 30 years

you feel that you’re preaching a little

bit better it’s not that you’re the

greatest preacher but you do a a decent

job and so then maybe God will allow you

to to preach the people and then they

tell me oh that’s

cool that’s my


discipline sewing small 30 years to turn

to be successful from night to day 30 or

40 years to have success overnight the

thing is you see Messi play and you say

oh what talent but you don’t know

everything he went

through or whatever player you like

Ronaldo or Chicharito

the second secret of planting is that we

Harvest after and only after we plant it

all seems childish I

know but notice notice

everything that we spoke about that you

can’t plant apple seeds and expect

oranges and you say yeah I know

that but there are people that try and

plant something bad to harvest something

good and the same way we ignore that we

ignor the second principle so you

harvest after fundamentally after you

plant not

before agriculturalists know this

farmers know this that you don’t pick up

your Harvest until after you’ve planted

you harvest after you

plant and the farmer also knows that if

they sew during a

season then they’ll Harvest during

another season not the same one and

sometimes we tend to forget about this

in life and that’s why we become

discouraged that’s why we conclude that

small decisions don’t end up mattering

so that we stop doing

them that’s why so many times we feel

the temptation of just giving up we we

want our children to be

educated but there’s a season where

you’ll spend months and months repeating

the same thing over and over again and

it seems like it just doesn’t go into

their head how many times did I tell you

to clean your room how many times did I

tell you to change your underwear and

when I say change it I don’t mean just

change it inside out or flip it inside

out I mean put on a new one what do we

say h it’s not worth it I I got a

defected kid he came out like the dad

what are you going to

do others say I decided to lose weight I

went to the gym for two weeks straight

two weeks straight and I didn’t lose

weight I give

up my thing is being overweight you know

what I drink a lot of water so I’m not

fat I’m just flooded

others say I said that I would read the

Bible every day starting January I’ve

been reading for 4 days and I don’t

understand anything I wasn’t born to

read I’m not good at reading no don’t

give up continue educating your children

continue going to the gym continue

reading the Bible the Harvest will come

in a different season not in this

season that goes for studies that goes

for work right

Galatians 6:9 says so let’s not get

tired of doing what is good at just the

right time we will reap a harvest of

blessing if we don’t give

up if not we won’t

Harvest I know it’s easy to get tired of

doing good it’s tiring because you so

and so and so and ask when am I going to

harvest but we’re in a season of hard of

sewing and if we give up one day we’re

going to wake up in a new season of

harvest sometimes people tell me God

spoke to me and told me I have to plant

to church I see it all over on social

media in person and they say and God

says we’re going to be multitudes and

multitudes and I ask are you going are

you aware that you’re going to have many

seasons of not seeing anything with no

people at least 10 years you’re going to

be there like a storm pilot only

seeing plant that or dirt that has been

displaced this is known as the valley of

of disappointment people want to harvest

now oh I want that they see a singer and

they say oh I want to be like Lu Miguel

I want to be like Lu

Miguel but they don’t know that he has

been singing since he was eight he

didn’t have a life and that is that

would say hey Mickey come on sing Mickey

come on Mickey come on Mickey Sing Sing

Mickey come on Mickey come on Mickey


sing and so when you see him you fall in

love with the finished model oh I want a

church like that with big crowds but

what about everything we had to go

through so when you stop sewing what’s

left just to wait and then a day comes

when we wake up and our children begin

to bring us satisfaction and they begin

to fill us with pride but it wasn’t in

the same season where Mom you seed and

sewed and sewed without seeing anything

one day we realized we open up the

closet and those pants of hope that

you retained in your closet they fit

again isn’t it

marvelous that’s

why it was a pair of pants that would

shout out please donate me take me to

Salvation Army but no you left it there

and then one day before you can fit your

arm in one of the legs but now you it

all fits one day it seems like life just

makes sense it takes new

life you read the word and the holy

spirit gives you new eyes to see what

didn’t make sense at the beginning of

the year now becomes a part of the

dynamic of your life and then people

come along and say oh you’re so lucky oh

no no of course God must have favor

favorites but all I have is karma

no don’t blame Karma don’t blame the

rain don’t don’t blame the Moonlight

don’t blame the Stars

Blame It on the

Boogie don’t blame

anything being consistent and planting

did it all one brick at a time there is

no other way one brick at a

time but people don’t see us waking up

early or

praying reading with

discipline they didn’t watch us no say

no and everyone else said

yes oh that person’s a doctor or they’re

they’re a dentist and all they do is

take out four teeth a day and they make

in one day what I earn in two months

yeah but you have any idea how many

times they had to say no when they were

studying no to parties no to

celebrations no to going out they burnt

their lashes studying and they had to

say no while others say yes to

everything so then they harvest the

fruit of their efforts and their labor

and the other person what first they

spent before celebrating obviously

they’re going to

pay a fragile scrawny Harvest so it all

has to do with training sweating

containing your tongue not

speaking practicing your scales not

defending yourself this isn’t a time to

defend myself it’s a time to be quiet at

a certain point I’ll

Harvest so you can only Harvest after

planting it sounds foolish but but you

won’t imagine the amount of

people that think oh when I have more

money I’ve already told you that I’ll be

a a generous Giver it’ll never happen

they’ll never have more money

never I’m prophesying it now my son

never when I have more I’ll be more

giving no we’re never going to harvest

before planting it goes against all laws

it’s like saying when I jump off a

building and Float I’m going to trust in

God no it won’t happen because this la

of the order of planting and harvest was

established at the beginning of the

world Jesus confirmed it in Mark 4:26

the kingdom of God is like a farmer who

scatters seed on the ground night and

day while he is asleep or awake the seed

sprouts and grows but he does not

understand how it

happens the Earth produces the crops on

its own first a leaf blade pushes

through then the head of the wheat are

formed and finally the grain rip

and as soon as the grain is ready the

farmer comes and harvests it with the

sickle for the Harvest Time Has

Come so whether you’re asleep whether

you’re napping nothing is going to

accelerate the process of the fruit

nothing will make it grow make it grow

quicker or grow less it’ll come in its

time imagine a farmer saying I’m still

not planting anything because I don’t

have anything but as soon as I have a

nice Harvest then there I’ll promise to

be a serious farmer no it’s absurd

however many people say if God helps

me to open this business well then I’ll

I promise I’ll give to the church it

won’t happen because it’s wanting a

harvest without planting it doesn’t even

happen with the most atheist person

those that don’t work won’t eat and the

Third Secret of

harvesting is that not only do we

Harvest proportionately to what we seed

but we always Harvest more or another

thing that seems childish this is due to

the fact that when you plant a seed and

you harvest much more because we have

the obligation of continuing to sew

that’s how farming

works if we plant a


crop it’ll it’ll give

off many many more

seeds so one grain of corn can produce

100 grains of corn 100 kernels it’s it’s

multip it’s all

multiplication in Psalm 1265 we see

those who planting tears will harvest

with shouts of

Joy all I had was four or five seeds to

plant but now I’ve harvested

thousands they weep as they go to plant

their seed but they sing as they return

with the

Harvest it means sometimes you’re going

to plant the little that you have and

it’ll be such a great

harvest at first the increment of the

Harvest will be so

powerful that even if you were weeping

when you spread your small bag of

seeds the tears will become Joy when you

begin to collect the Harvest because God

isn’t a deor to anyone and he multiplies

everything do you agree yes or

no but the seed will always look small

for example

has anyone ever

seen what you could eat by just

ingesting a 100

calories what could you eat by just

ingesting 100 calories well I did my own

investigation what can you eat with just

100 calories well 100 calories is for

example 43 gram of mozzarella

cheese that little mozzarella she didn’t

even have a chance to become a man 30 37

G of dehydrated apples that’s 100

calories 37 gram of whole wheat bread


gram of brown rice those are 100

calories 15 grams of almonds if you eat

this is four almonds all you can use

four almonds or 400 gram of asparagus or

one cooked egg that’s already 100

calories so you might say well eating

100 calories is like eating nothing

however if every day we eat just 100

calories less just one egg less or three

asparagus Less in one year we’re going

to lose 10 pounds almost 5 kilos in one

year and the opposite if every day we

eat only more an extra 100 calories each

year we’re going to be 10 PBS

heavier but all I ate was an egg yeah

but it’s an extra egg each

day 100 calories is a seed that you

don’t see but that seed daily over the

course of a year is extra 10 lb or 10 lb

less because what do we add to the seed

repetition and time repetition and time

repetition and time for good or for bad


habits make our time an ally those that

say I have the habit of walking 15


daily that day you won’t feel that

you’re thinner or that your heart is

better no it’s nothing it’s less than

100 calories you didn’t even burn a

calorie but repetition and consistency

time is your ally but bad habits make

time our enemy because a bad habit

repeated each and every day ends up in a


attack it ends up in an episode of

myocardia something that’s going to

complicate our lives or change our life

our quality of life these same

principles are applied spiritually when

you admire a person filled by God

generally if you can speak with that

person you’re going to realize that that


practices many spiritual disciplines

daily they either pray once a day or

once a week or every day or they read

the Bible or they educate themselves now

to make it clear I’m not saying that

we’re going to be saved by our acts by

our works nobody is saved by what they

do we’re saved by grace we’ve said it

many times we’re saved by Mercy and

Grace I’m not talking about salvation do


agree our children are always going to

be our children and it’s not up for

debate whether or not they lose our last

name but if one of them helps in their

household chores if they wake up earlier

than the others if they bring home good

grades will they get the reward yes or

no well that’s harvesting it has nothing

to do with salvation I’m not saying that

you stop being a

child because you don’t SE we’re

children of God that’s not up for debate

what Christ did on the cross that’s not

up for debate period there’s no

discrimination here but then God

says I’m not talking about salvation I’m

talking about rewards one day God is

going to reward us for our good works in

heaven the Bible says that there there

will be Tears in Heaven I always I’ve

always asked myself why there would be

tears in a place of such Joy but the

tears will be for things we didn’t do or

or the life we could have had that Lord

will show us the opportunities that we

lost God says that he’s going to wipe

those tears from our face

and for God to have to do that that

means there’s going to be a moment of

Tears however there will be rewards the

Bible is filled with verses where it

says that many will be rewarded it

doesn’t speak about salvation that some

will be more saved than others but that

some will have their reward according to


works but it’s true that there’s also a

reward while we’re on this side of the

Sun and that we call Harvest Jesus left

it clear when he said and I assure you

that everyone who has given up house or

brothers or sisters or mother or father

or children or property for my sake and

for the good news will receive now in

return a hundred times as many houses

brothers sisters mothers children and

property along with

persecution and in the world to come

that person will have eternal

life but he says the rewards are now and

then so God like any father like any

parent always rewards our good

management whether it be how we manage

our time our

relationships how we quantify our

talents how we multiply

them how we manage our

money Luke 19:17 says well done the king

exclaimed you are a good servant you

have been faithful with a with a little

I entrusted you so I will be governor of

10 cities so you will be governor of ten

cities as your

reward that’s a part of our lives based

on our management it’s independent of

our Salvation if a person can’t manage

$100 a week why would God give them a

thousand a

week if they can’t manage a hundred

they’re not going to be given a thousand

think like parents think like a mother

you give your son $50 and it lasts him a

sneeze are you really going to give him

500 so God is interested in building his

kingdom that’s why he entrusts money

with people that show themselves to be

good managers we’re never going to see

God blessing never

ever a manager

that mismanages his money in the parable

of the talents why did the why did the

manager the talent of those that that

the one that didn’t know how to manage

and he gave it to the one that already

had 10 he

said Remember the there were two

servants one that buried the talents and

and the other one that invested it why

would Jesus do that because Jesus loves

to reward good management it’s a simple

concept the person the church the

company that knows how to manage and

knows how to give each day they’ll have

more that’s how it

is whether you like it or not God

doesn’t have a communist mentality he

doesn’t say I’m going to take from those

that have the

most to give to those that didn’t work

or didn’t manage well because they

deserve it because poor people they’re

chased by

Karma God isn’t Maduro or Orga or Fidel

Castro God is a God that gives to those

that manage

well those that are deserving of his

trust faithfulness in the

little makes them trust more in US it

sounds strange but that’s how it is be

faithful with the little things and I’ll

place you on greater things so through

the years I’ve

learned that everything that a person

receives without having worked to obtain

it without having Managed IT by

consequence it’s because someone else

worked for

it and the person that receives

something without working it doesn’t


it when we have our conferences and

people pay everyone is there before I go

out on stage everyone’s there everyone

the whole world because they paid a


and everyone pays attention nobody goes

to the bathroom nobody gets up nobody

yawns if there’s someone yawning it’s

because somebody bought their

ticket and they all came here with

energy but those that didn’t pay for

their ticket they don’t even they take

it for granted there’s nothing free the

even the government can’t give something

for free unless they take it from

someone else through taxes or whatever

and when half the people reach the


that they don’t have to work because the

other half is obligated to being in

charge of them there are many countries

that say well let me have the other half

of the country maintain me and when the

half that

works become convinced that it’s not

worth it to work because they’re just

going to have their things taken away

then that’s the end of the Republic what

doesn’t work for a nation what will work

much less for spiritual life or fin or

for financial life so just how there are

Christians that exist that say Here I Am

Lord send

him there are others that say if I were

rich I would be generous and I would

give to all the rest I once told you

that someone said to me help me pray for

an inheritance that I’m about to

collect they said Dante it’s $5 million

and if I collect them I promise you a

million goes to the

church what makes him think that he’s

going to give God 20% of a money that

they still don’t have if they’re not

even giving 10 of% of what they have

now it’s because they think even if I

give one I still have four left I’m

going to have

Surplus but the heart of a good manager

says what I have now I’m going to Ed to

honor God I’m not going to wait for the

Great Harvest I’m going to use what I

have now with what I have now I’m going

to honor God that’s what I have and

that’s how I’ll honor God right it’s a

principle I can’t excuse myself for

teaching this

it doesn’t say those that believe will

follow the signs no the signs will

follow those that

believe and these signs will follow

those that

believe Give Me A Sign if I have to give

no there won’t be any signs because

there is no Harvest without sewing and

we always Harvest more than what we s so

that we can give not for us to

accumulate not too long ago

I met with a beloved friend he’s also an

important businessman well we had a

conversation and he said to me can I

confess something to you when I earned

very little it was easy for me to give

to the to the Lord to offer to tithe

because for example I earned 100 and I

gave 10 to to God but then I started to

earn more so out of 500 I had to give 50


God and he said but now I’m earning so

much money it’s difficult for me to give

10% because it’s a huge sum of money and

I said that has a solution let’s pray

for God to reduce your income back to

100 so that you can honor him with your

seed and so that you don’t lose the joy

of giving no no no no no no no come on

let’s pray no come on let’s pray my

friend so that God can reduce your

income so that you can give those 10

with joy again and so the Lord said in

Luke 1611 and if you are trustworthy

about worldly wealth who will trust you

with the true Riches of

heaven and if you are not

faithful with about worldly wealth with

the money that you were able to touch

and feel and earn with your job and your

money by offering the extra mile by

arriving earlier than what you’re asked


do even if your boss is exploiting you

you can’t be a good or bad person

according to to who’s around you give

what you have if not it’s always someone

else’s fault it’s karma but remember

don’t blame the moon don’t blame the

Stars Blame It on the Boogie that’s how


is so when you give and plant you

harvest no matter the land this shows

that God uses money to test our hearts

money tests our management skills our

trustworthiness the test is how do we

manage the money and the result of that

test determines if God can entrust us

with the true riches or

not how many pastors that I know they’re

my friends but since I don’t mention

names my mom would say you mentioned the

sin but not the

sinner they were failures at their jobs


employees they didn’t get along with

anyone they always got to work late and

then one day they said I felt the

calling of being a pastor since they

were useless in

everything let me just put a

church and you begin to excavate in

their past what did you do before did


work oh did did your managers miss you

when when you said that you had to

become a pastor because that’s what

happened with nemiah nemiah tells the

king I want to go build up the walls of

my nation and the King asked how long

would you take and nemiah was the cup

Bearer to the king the one that would

serve the wine the one that would taste

the food that was nehemiah’s job

he did it so well that the king said how

long will it take you he didn’t say

finally this guy’s leaving this parasite

glory to God that he called them out of

hero or maybe it was his indigestion

that made him think that

no any time that God calls someone they

have to leave Nets filled with fish God

never calls people that are aren’t doing

anything and when someone that wasn’t


anything begins to serve God how can

they harvest anything that they didn’t

plant how can they teach people to work

if they never worked so when you see

people that were useless that couldn’t

find a job they were fired from every


place it’s a a future that we can

predict I’m not criticizing but that’s

how it works if you weren’t good in the

little God calls David he was the only

son of Isaiah that was

working God never called anyone that was

that had nothing to do do this follow me

all right I had nothing better to do no

God doesn’t work that way they all had

to leave

something so God knows where our heart

is because he sees where our treasure is

and if we say no my heart is in the

kingdom of God well our checkbook will

prove that or discard that idea 2

Corinthians 9:6 says remember this a

farmer who plants only a few seeds will

get a small car crop but the one who

plants generously will get a generous

Crum this makes it clear that we can

never again say oh they’re a favorite oh

God uses them oh I have Karma or that

person’s blessed and I’m being getting

peed on by a dinosaur no a farmer who

plants only a few seeds will get a small

crop there’s no mystery it’s simple it’s


mathematical in 2 Corinthians 9:10 Paul

confirms and says for God is the one who

provides seed for the farmer and then

bread to eat in the same way he will

provide and increase your

resources and a great harvest of

generosity in

you he says God gives seeds to who to


farmer he never says that he gives seeds

to those that

store to those that spread and

plant sometimes they write to me oh for

you people from River it’s easy to give

because you have a lot and my answer is

it’s easy is it easy because we have a

lot or do we have a lot because we’ve

given because none of

us was born and then the the doctor said

oh you give birth to a son who gives a

lot who was born here giving we were all

babies we were all

dependent and one day we began to give

oh for you it’s easy well why is it

easy is it easy because we’re in a

different country how many people that

live in live in misery in this

country as if wealth and poverty had Bor

so sometimes we’re misunderstanding

things if someone has a lot of money

it’s because they’re giving God is

giving them seeds because they’re

Farmers God doesn’t give seeds to those

that put them away or conserve them God

gives seeds to Farmers God gives seeds

to those that s do we agree yes or

no how can we understand that God gives

seeds to Farmers what is a seed well it

contains a lot of grain he gives it to

those that plant and he also

adds for God is the one who provides

seed for the farmer and then bread to

eat so God allows us to take one of the

seeds that we’ve been given and then eat

and eat it but he also wants us to plant


rest so good management and the law of

sewing and harvesting is interweaved

throughout the entire

Bible the principle of good management

even appears in song of

songs6 there the woman said

don’t stare at me because I am dark the

sun has darkened my skin they forced me

to care for their Vineyards so I

couldn’t care for

myself sometimes people try and be

Cosmic police telling others how to live


lives and some sometimes we get so busy

doing that that we don’t we not aware of

our own lives we mismanage what God has

given us and if we’re not good managers

this is going to limit our ability to

help other

people sometimes we’re displeased by God

because we believe that God’s not

helping us financially but we have to

recognize that God isn’t responsible for

the debts that he didn’t

initiate I’ve heard many

testimonies that while I was asleep God

went and set the IRS building on fire

and the inspectors inside died glory to

God that’s a very foolish thought to not

say imbecile

thought or I’m praying for the manager

at the bank to press the wrong key and

my mortgage disappears it won’t

happen we’re we’re we’re responsible for


finances we’re the managers of our own

life money time

energy our way of

eating yes or


so the majority of our worries and

anguish and anxiety in our lives are

caused by not managing things well let’s

try and remember the majority of Anguish

and anxiety is because you mismanaged

something so God wants to bless us so

that we can be a fountain of blessing do

we want to be a fountain of blessing yes

or no that’s what he told Abraham in

Genesis 122 I will make you into a great

nation I will bless you and make you

famous and you will be b a blessing to

others God doesn’t have a problem with

Fame what he doesn’t share is

Glory but he doesn’t want us to put him

on the big signs because he’s already

been on this Earth and he says you are

the written are the red letters and

you’ll be my Witnesses in Jerusalem

Judea and the corners of the earth

so God is very

interested and that’s being channels and

you don’t have to pray for that you

don’t have to pray for that he wants us

to be channels of blessing sometimes we

think I I let’s pray for us to be

blessed no to prosper you don’t have to

pray there isn’t anything like receive

the spirit of prosperity receive the

spirit of multiplication it doesn’t

exist I can’t find it anywhere in the

Bible it says plant and harvest my

son sometimes I hear certain people

saying we have to pray and cry out to

God so that he sends the souls that will

be saved but sometimes it sounds like we

have to convince God to love

people as if we go to the people more

than he does and that’s why we have to

pray for it to him for him to bring the

souls we’re going to pray for the church

to grow well

don’t you think the most interested

person in Souls being saved is

God so if Coca-Cola hires me as a

Salesman I have to go out and sell the

product or should I spend hours on my

knees in front of the president asking

him to please bring me

clients and then and then I want to be

liked right an enormous greeting to all

of you we’re praying for God to bring

the souls but the president at Coca-Cola

says I hired you to go out and not for

you to be here please Mr President send

some clients bring them to me now go out

and find

them maybe we don’t want to preach it’s

easier to pray and Shout Out foolishness

before you get involved with the lost

and get dirty with the souls of

people the same thing happens with

finances maybe instead of planting the

little that we have to start a big chain


harvesting maybe it’s always better for

you to go to a conference of harvest

harvesting decreeing Harvest and

proclaiming a harvest that we’ve never

sowed it won’t

happen 2 Corinthians 98 confirms and God

will generously provide all you

need then you will always have

everything you need and plenty left over

to share with

others it doesn’t say so that you can be

rich and so you can have Surplus and

then you no when you have the necessary

what’s necessary well toilet

paper it’s a luxury that not everyone in


has let’s not even mention a warm shower

or bath a luxury that many third world

countries don’t

have now we’re talking about rich people

eating three times a

day if we have clothes in our closet if

we have a car let’s just stop there

you’re among the top 3% of the world so


majority of us are amongst those that

have no

needs our

stomach isn’t groaning of

hunger because remember a seed produces

hundreds of

grains the Lord made it

easy the hard part would have been one

seed produces another and then two

produce two no one produces thousand

have you seen an apple the amount of

seeds it has within let those seeds fall

to the ground and you’ll have thousands

of apple trees that’s God’s

generosity so people that don’t like to

plant nothing not time nor dedication to

reading the Bible no dedication to going

to the gym well I don’t have money to go

to the gym well you can walk everyone

can walk if you don’t have any physical

disabilities you can walk for 15 minutes

avoiding carbohydrates and you ask well

what does it have to do with

spirituality well it’s the Temple of the

spirit we should be taking care of it

right we’re Body Soul and

Spirit if you take care of

it or we do what others do we we blame

bad luck or the government in charge or

Karma and when people that blame others

see that someone else is doing well they

say oh well they have money or they tell


oh because you preach the gospel of

prosperity Satan gives you all that

money really is it easier to give glory

to the

enemy before thinking that the other

person’s blessed because they dedicated

their lives to be to blessing others

Luke 11:15 says that

Jesus cast out demons but the Pharisees

said that he did it in the name of

B they assigned him the power of the

devil so those that were always dting

selfish with rodent Minds it’s logical

that when they see a Great Harvest and

someone else they assign it to

Satan they must think deep down inside

that if someone is

stingy they can scam God for 30 40 years

and Satan blesses them for decades if it

were that way let’s become

satanists if Satan blesses for so

long Satan doesn’t bless anyone Satan is

a scammer a liar

and if someone remains in a harvest and

is blessed and they have permanence it

means that they’re

harvesting a harvest from a seed that

God allowed them to

have God blesses but those that never

planted don’t believe that God blesses

and that’s why they’re the ones that

want things for free it’s not Karma it’s

not good or bad luck it’s not just

luck it’s 10,000 hours of practicing the

same musical scales like that polish

musician the Harvest comes without and

you you can’t choose it we’ll eat

whatever we plant and like the king

said the philosopher Frederick the great

to his children he said princesses

princess I add from

River it’s about time for you to

behave at the height of your Royal

Highness and the kingdom that you belong

to and above all that you be worthy of

the king whom you

serve if not your crown will simply be a

sombrero that shelters you from the rain

so I beg you from here on out once and

for all be worthy of the Palace of the

crown and of the king that you represent

discipline planting sewing 10,000

hours planting and harvest give an

Applause to the king of kings and Lord

of lords

Hallelujah can you get on your feet and

give a grand Applause to the King this

is our

King this is our Great Harvest this is

River blessed be the Lord hallelujah

somebody needs to celebrate more than

that this is River

people this is church the river that

does not stop do you believe

it and at

home those that are hearing this message

for the first time and want to receive

Christ in their hearts you’re just one

prayer away from the Lord forgiving your

sins all your mistakes say Lord I want

to begin a new life now say Lord I want

a new life forgive my sins and all those

that have already accepted Christ those

that are here let’s take a time to pray


say how well this word has come in may

not in

December we haven’t lost a great part of

the year I challenge

you I give you my word word it’s not

worth as much as what the Lord has said

in scripture but even

then I give you my word that there isn’t

anyone that plants that doesn’t Harvest

because it’s like saying that there’s

there’s someone that jumps off a

building and doesn’t fall no it works it

works I’ve seen atheists agnostics say

they don’t believe in God yet they’re

sers because they saw the Harvest

because the Sun comes out for the for

the good and for the wicked these laws

work for

everyone they call it karma in other

religions but we call it sewing and

harvesting what have we seed we’re going

to take some time to say Lord I want to

sew a new time in my spiritual life in

my body and my mind and my

intellectuality my intellect

sorry I want a harvest so that I can

give to

those that need a word of

encouragement I encourage you don’t give

in don’t give up don’t

surrender there are people studying in

universities there are

people even going through high school

don’t give up I know right now there are

subjects that you’re asking why do I

have to know this I’m tired of these

tests one day you’re going to harvest

the fruit don’t give up Mom don’t give

up Dad don’t give up child don’t give up

with your partner don’t give up with

your family don’t give up with what God

sent you to do

even if you don’t see

believe you can sleep you might rest but

the fruit has not been buried it’s been

planted the seed has been planted and

when you see the fruit you’ll know that

it’ll be worth it do you truly believe

it place your hand on your heart we’re

going to pray father thank you for this

morning Lord today I’ve transmitted what

I believe you told me to tell your

children what you’ve placed in my heart

we come before your

presence as broken people

people needing you and we want to

learn help us to be sers of time of

money of our energy with our families at

work in our employment in our

ministry so that the Harvest can reach

us even those that are planting with

tears reclaim that

word that they he will harvest with

shouts of

Joy I want to pray for the

mothers I want to pray for all the

mothers present here

today because like I said a few moments

ago they are the

Eternal and


sers of

Education of

consistency of taking care of sick

children of helping with homework

cleaning tending washing cooking

preparing and sometimes even having a

normal job as

well Lord hold up all the mothers

present here today Eternal sers even

those that still haven’t seen fruits


those that still simply see a road with


signs and they don’t see or know where

that road is headed towards

I bless

mothers I bless these women that like

Moses prepare their children for a land

that they may not see or set foot on I

pray for the mothers that have to work

in jobs they never dreamt of to give the

their children the ability to study to

get them out ahead and give them

something that they didn’t have I bless


mothers that are in functional families

and I bless the moms that raise their


alone seated mothers divorced mothers

single mothers I bless the grandmothers

that raised children that adopted

children that are biological mothers and

those that are mothers of the heart heal

them restore them lift them

up because the Lord tells me to tell you

even though you don’t see anything in

this season you will harvest in the next

one and the joy might come as you’re

combing your white hairs but joy

come maybe in your in your last years

but remember

woman no seed will go without Harvest I

pray for the colleagues and pastors that

on the other side for the Servants of

God that are sewing that

era of disappointment they want to let

their arms on and say the church doesn’t

grow the church doesn’t multiply there

aren’t resources the Lord tells me

you’re about to give

in as the Harvest is about to

I have seen your tears says the Lord I


seen you fasting I have seen you

searching in the

morning even when you didn’t know what

to preach and you would say Lord help me

and my anointing came upon you and I

haven’t left you don’t give in I pray

for these servants that I’ve wanted to

give in don’t get out of the ring my

beloved the Bell hasn’t

sounded don’t give

those that have began businesses

believing the

Lord and

still aren’t profitable they haven’t

been able to buy new merchandise new

inventory you ask have I done well yes

continue on sometimes you have to

balance sometimes you have to learn to

trust in God in the midst of scarcity so

that God can entrust us with abundance

Oh Holy Spirit and if you can now Lift

Your Hands to Heaven with me to give

thanks to

God because you don’t lack anything up

until now thank you because the Lord

speaks to us in this way thank you for

the times that will

come thank you Lord Jesus for for

trusting in

us I encourage all the pianists in life

to continue practicing their scales to

continue holding yourself up each and

every day even if you don’t see

results all those that wake up in the

morning drink a cup of coffee and go out

to fight with life

they go out and fight the Lord says

don’t give up don’t give in you will

harvest the Lord will reward you

whoa will reward all

generosity for you to have so that you

can bless I pray for the countries that


watching I pray for my beloved country

Argentina I pray for all of Latin

America from

Mexico down to Argentina so that each

one of those countries can stop asking

to borrow so that they can lend out but

let it not be the government that brings

about change but the Christians the sers


givers that God that goes above all the

governments above Congress and above the

Senate that God that goes above borders

that says I am the god that blesses in

Israel and that blesses in Egypt I am

the god that blesses

in Pagan lands and in holy lands

wherever it is God is God nothing limit


nothing can limit God there is no

jurisdiction that doesn’t belong to God

lift up your hands and Proclaim blessing

upon your life but it’s not a magical

anointing it’s saying God I will change

my attitude I will change my habits I

will prophesy with my seed the Harvest

that will come father I believe it I


I bless your children in the body in the

soul and in the spirit amen and

amen may he bless your entry your exit

when you go to bed and when you wake

up the fruit of your land the fruit of

your hands the fruit of your womb mom

may God bless you and that Applause is

to the King of Kings the Lord of lords

until next Sunday











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