NGLISH Dante Gebel #842 | A past in flames

Getting rid of our sins is simple, it only requires genuine repentance. On the other hand, it takes courage to remove the weight of the shackles that prevent us from escaping the limits of our Egypt. For most of us, it is difficult to erase the bad memories, mental garbage and toxic relationships that we accumulate throughout our lives. Thus, we remain stranded in our past or in our routine, weak in spirit to be truly free of guilt, burdens and regrets. But, if we want a good future, we need a burning past. Every day we can choose to live in the past, or burn our ships to let the Lord do something great with the ashes.



good morning good afternoon good night

people let’s

go there we have a flag from Colombia

Venezuela Honduras Argentina USA Africa



don’t stop that Applause we’re

transmitting to the rest of the world

ladies and

gentlemen how are you don’t stop that

Applause marvelous people look how


beautiful how are you look at the

Argentinian flag there in the back it

was semi-hidden

to everyone thank you for being here

thank you for connecting we’re

transmitting live of course we’ve

already sang we’ve celebrated and the

people on the other side that say well

why why don’t you transmit a little bit

of it well because there are things that

have to do with the experience of being

here of being present there are other

things that we can share however make

plans to try and be here at River Arena

and to feel this marvelous experience

there’s even a good smell here right if

you don’t shower it doesn’t matter

there’s an aroma at River and it’s great

but what’s true is that we’re happy in

just a bit I’m going to transmit what I

believe God placed in my heart but

before I want to show share with you

that our missionaries are back from


Uganda how

beautiful we were scared that some might

stay behind that somebody might fall in

love over

there that they either stay or come back

with company with it hasn’t happened yet

but what’s true is the whole team is

back and we’re very proud we’re very

very proud of the job they’ve done

because the trip itself is it’s

incredible you have to travel 48 hours

they left on a Sunday no no no sorry

they left on a

Saturday and they arrived Monday

night it’s Africa’s 10 hours ahead and

of course they have a stop in Dubai but

they went to be with our little ones our

children that are are part of River

School it’s almost 300


during the following weeks we’re going

to share more with you because we’re

editing the videos right now we built

them a

playground we improved a lot of of of of

installments a lot of things that we

we’ll share with you we’re going to

continue going back we’re going to

continue sending people and so here’s a

very very short video we can’t invest

too much time on this but I want to show

you at

least the

arrival the arrival of our missionaries

and how our children receive











my we singing

Together We Shall singing the




that rhythm is is

great we didn’t want to put music over

it so you can hear the the original

audio but we don’t have that you know

what Caribbeans have and and and Cubans

have we don’t we don’t have that as much

as we try and move like that we just we

don’t have it but that’s just a little

bit of what happened in in in Uganda

those that go to Africa their lives are

changed forever especially because you

stop complaining over foolish

things because you reorder your

priorities and I think that’s what it’s

about in the Western World We Begin to

complain we begin to gossip we begin to

become sad over foolish things because

there’s no good Wi-Fi or because we’re

at a restaurant where we don’t get good

reception and when you go there I say

even though they have the basic the

essentials you realize that these

children’s Joy comes from somewhere else

not because of a tablet or or an

electronic device obviously when you see

that they’re happy and joyous they’re


sad even when they would eat every other

day before we arrived even before we

established the school and they would

eat mud cookies with oil even then they

were always joyous and so you learn

more than what you actually take to

Africa of course we always take our seed

and our offering and now I’m going to

transmit what I believe God told me to

tell you but before that the last

thing my country Argentina I send them a

special greeting today they have

presidential election so anytime there

are elections at a

country it’s always the good exercise of

democracy no matter who wins who loses

but in Argentina today they have to

decide who’s going to be the next

president however whoever comes in we

always pray not just there but El

Salvador Colombia Honduras Mexico

when amlo stops giving so many press

conferences no matter where we always

say the good thing is we need a man who

can at least govern with Integrity no

matter who it is we need to pray for our

Governors if Argentina doesn’t go

through the best of moments and I want

to show you this because it’s

marvelous we had it as a project on the

slow burner it’s the north of the city

of Bueno cidis specifically in a

neighborhood called roas and a

foundation that works with us called

impulse so it’s a it’s a soccer club 200

children who would play soccer but in

terrible conditions and we arrived when

we arrived the miracle happened that

they had been praying for for so long I

want to share this with you because not

only can you help Africa you can also

help Mexico Colombia here countries not

too far and Argentina the country that

saw me come to this

world we wanted to help them out and

here’s a short moving Story


























for laon River






for gra Riv

CH gra River ch




charge that is your

seed for our beloved Argentina I say

that sometimes

politicians make it seem so hard you

know building a field I know these

aren’t the the primary needs of a human

being but

imagine if we’re just a simple

Congregation of Hispanic people the

majority of us aren’t

Millionaires and we can do so much with

just a little bit from each person what

would happen if in each of our countries

we began to give right and if each

candidate stopped I was going to say

steal but no that sounds terrible let’s

just say if they stopped borrowing right

but what’s true is thank you thank you

people thank you for your generosity

thank thank you to

everyone thank you to the foundation

impulse may God bless you very much very

well are we ready people yes or

no I always tend to ask myself when the

tradition began the tradition of asking

our kids what they want to be when they

grow up and that’s a question that aunts

tend to ask what is the little boy going

to do when he grows up I think it’s

impossible for a boy or a girl who’s 8

years old having a realistic idea of

what they want to be they don’t have a

clue just like it’s

impossible of an 18-year-old having an

idea of what they’ll do it’s it’s

tough others figure out at 40 but that’s

a different

story but I say it would

be great for us to have absolute Clarity

of of our life’s Direction in our first

years of childhood it would be marvelous

if we said from the moment I was a child

I knew what I wanted to do but sta

statistics say that many reach adult

life with the

frustration that the life that they have

isn’t the one that they wanted or what

they had imagined and some Feel The

Sensation that life is something that

just happened in place of it being

something that they decided would happen

it’s just something that happened and

how did you end up here oh I don’t know


life it’s as if they were


with secondary

roles of course let’s go and said that

there are talented people that are born

with a talent that demands their

life I mean I don’t think Mozart had a

choice with what he would do with his

life it was clear that Taylor Swift

wasn’t a great mathematician right and

when you’re 10 years old and you’re

messy you’re supposed to play soccer you

know what you want because in those

cases the talent chose you but all the

rest all the rest of us that aren’t born

with the visible Talent from childhood

sometimes we’re left almost like we’re

walking through fog not knowing what to

do I fit into the category of those that

didn’t have an idea of what I would do

when I grew up of course I had an idea

of being an astronaut and all those

things you know just to say you want to

leave home and be far from home but I

remember I would draw for hours and

hours and hours that’s what I like to do

but my dad used to say that’s not going

to give you any job opportunities nobody

lives off of that and so that’s where

parents intervene and say no you need to

be a lawyer or an architect or you have

to study medicine or the famous phrase

in my country it’s very famous they

would say try and find a career that

gives you job

opportunities that when you graduate

from high school not college but High

School someone’s looking for you to give

you a job at a factory according to what

you studied so I

learned in those years of indecision

that if we’re not if we don’t Define

ourselves then we will be defined by

others always always my parents sent me

to study the same thing as my older

brother an electronic technician at a

special school but I say what the heck

does Electronics have to do with me but

they would say no no no it’s a good

school it’s a German school called verer

Von Simmons they give you

materials you would learn in German


Dutch I learned that German isn’t a

language you speak it’s a language you


out and here’s the

drama if we don’t choose a life for

ourselves then we end up with a

life that never should have been our

life in the first place only when you

know what you want when we know what we

want can we say no to what others want

to impose on us but you have to know

clearly what you want and that’s

something that isn’t clear to us for a

great portion of Our Lives that’s why

when we live an inherited life well I’m

following this career or I’m doing this

because that’s what my mom wanted or my

uncle my cousin my godfather at some

point the routine begins to erode us and

the habitual begins to Cloud our vision

our fire begins to go

out that which came with us from the

factory the way God wired us and that’s

where we even lose the joy of being

alive because that makes us so that we

dedicate ourselves to something that we

don’t like and it erodes our happiness

in all orders of Life a couple can be

very in love but if we take romance out

of the equation the relationship becomes

routine a child’s birth is marvelous

it’s miraculous but we begin to change

diapers every morning and the routine

begins many of us are happy the day we

find a job finally but then the routine

begins and we live hoping for the

weekend I know a lot of people that drag

themselves from Monday to Friday or from

Monday to Saturday waiting for Sunday so

one of the greatest

dangers that we face in life is when we

learn how to do it but we forget why

we’re doing it in all orders of life you

can come to church and know how to get

here how to sing but you forgot why you

came in the first place it happens with

your job with your partner with your


so we learn how but we forget the reason


why and so we tend to think and act

according to an inherited belief system

and we’ve spoken about this many times

here we call

it puristic predisposition even though

it sounds like an epidemic it’s an it’s

a psychological idea it’s a cognitive

process that’s completely complex but

the final result is mental dullness when

you things without thinking you live

without thinking you breathe without

thinking you go to work without thinking

you raise children without realizing

that you’re raising them and so your

routine life begins to make our mind D

begins to numb our emotions and our

feelings and we’re going through life as

if we’re dragging our feet I don’t know

if your mother’s told you what my mother

told me stop dragging your feet because

at some point during adolescence you

drag your feet around like like a

mammoth for you to do it as an

adolescent fine you correct it but as an

adult and metaphorically speaking to

live dragging your feet that’s

sad or we go around on a wheel like a

hamster we work and work and sweat to

pay off debts and we never get anywhere

we never accomplish what we once

proposed and you might think all right

Dante but the routine pays for the bills

you’re right you’re right that’s fine do

you to my job isn’t wrong you have to

work to pay your bills you can’t be a

hedonist who does whatever they want and

you get paid for what you like doing no

sometimes you have to

work do what you have to do what I’m

saying is that what ends up making us

fed up is that I have to do it replaces

I want to do it even here inside the

congregation inside the church those

that are volunteers and say oh I have to

go back today you can notice it

when I have to do it replaces I want to

do it and so I know many people that

study they work they wake up every

morning without any direction and this

happens with the president of a company

to a pastor to a doctor to us a lawyer a

teacher or even a mother who cooks every

day and we all identify with that

tendency of beginning to live without

Direction Even in our personal

relationships because the day com comes

or our partner is more marked by

tolerance than by Passion oh well I have

to put up with this fat guy how much

longer is he going to

live it doesn’t happen here but for the

other service there are a lot of those


assassins we said that we would record

memories in our children but all of a

sudden the

routine makes us raise them by having

them on attached to a phone screen so

some people watch their children grow up

while their children are in bed because

when they leave to work the children are

sleeping when they come back home from

work the children are sleeping and so we

find ourselves in a routine of a life we

didn’t want it’s not what we planned so

we become

frustrated become irritable and we’re

tired of being who we are because that’s

not the life that we had planned and

what’s ironic for from all this is that

many of us continue to desire a

different future a new future but for

the meantime we cling on to the present

because that’s all we know we want God

to give us something new we all say we

want something new from God but we never

allow God to take away the old so we

can’t take the new if we don’t leave the

old and if we’re not aware of that then

our future ends up becoming an extension

of our past it’s like a past that just

extends instead of it being different

the way we we dreamed and our past this


worse can become a prison that

perpetuates the beliefs of those that

brought us up we tend to repeat the

things that our parents did that we

didn’t want to repeat so in a certain

way I don’t know if it’s intentional I

think it’s more unconscious we reproduce

the same

culture with those that surround us in

the same way that we were brought up and

you might have ask well is that wrong

well if you do if you repeat the wrong

things then yes but

what’s deceitful is that sometimes we

spend our lives trying to not be our

parents and obviously I’m not going to

ask who doesn’t want to be like their

parents out of good

taste but we end up looking like the

person we never wanted to look like

that’s the worst part during therapy or

during counseling the phrase always

comes up I swore I would never be like

that person

but now I realize that I’m becoming

exactly like them and I know that

internal fight because on many occasions

I proposed to myself to not be like the

worst version of my father he taught me

good things and other things that aren’t

so good that I won’t share but I told

myself I wouldn’t be like him but

sometimes I get scared because I see

myself acting like him I hear my voice

and it’s my father’s voice it’s enough

that my hands look like my father’s

hands that’s enough but sometimes I hear

my voice sounding like my father or I

hear myself saying phrases that he used

to say that I hated well we’ll see what

we do next weekend A lot can happen from

today to tomorrow you know our parents

were politicians back in the day they

always had a way to say things there’s a

story in the Bible that tells that Jacob

was tired of dealing with his

father-in-law who was a cheater and a

scoundrel Jacob just wanted to marry his

daughter and his father-in-law’s name B

always ended up scamming him to make a

long story short she CH he even changed

Jacob’s salary 10 times a scammer he was

a scoundrel and so one day God gives

Jacob a dream and he tells him I’ll give

you a way to negotiate with your

father-in-law I want you to tell him

that you’re going to divide up the herd

the flock and you’re going to keep the

sheep and the and the goats that have

marks and it was crazy because

sheep aren’t zebras they don’t have

marks they don’t have spots or blotches

but God says you know what you’ll keep

the ones with all the spots and he’ll

keep the ones that are that are pure

that was a terrible deal for Jacob but

that’s what God told them because like I

said A Flock has very very few sheep

that are born with different

colors and so the

father-in-law Argentinian and

naughty said yeah I love it I love this

idea and so Genesis

the Book of

Genesis in Chapter 30 37 it says Jacob

however took fresh cup branches from

popler almond and plain trees and made

white stripes on them by peeling the

bark and exposing the white inner wood

of the branches then he placed the

peeled branches in all the watering

troughs so that they would be directly

in front of the flocks when they came to

drink when the flocks were in heat and

came to drink they made it in front of


branches and they bore a young that were

stre or speckled or

spotted I was reading that a few experts

affirmed that

Jacob when he took the bark from the

branches he could have exposed a

nutritive substance from the water and

that might have

changed the colors of the sheep and the

goats no matter what this isn’t an

agriculture lesson this is the way in

which we reproduce our way of thinking

or speaking the watering trough is what

we always see as a refence

almost without

noticing Proverbs 23:7 says for as he

thinks within himself so he is the way

you think is the way you act there’s no

way to be different so sometimes we

waste a bunch of

energy trying to not be someone not be

something but to not be that someone or

something in fact to to avoid it we have

to have our eyes on

it you say I don’t want to be like my

mother and to do that you have to look

at your mother so that you don’t imitate

her so if you see what you don’t want to

be you end up reproducing it just like

these sheep and these goats this

explains why so many

people that grew up through abuse as

adults they abused their children the

same way their parents abused

them and you ask how can they repeat the

pattern they promised themselves that

they would never become like their

parents but they ended up becoming

exactly like them you’re all looking at

me with with the desire to kill

yourselves as if to say it’s happening

to me but let me

advance to begin to heal ourselves we

have to learn what belief system We

inherited without

wanting what’s the system that travels

in our genes in our

environment psychological investigations

reaffirm the that the concept that we

have of Our Lives is


by a small bit of experiences from our

childhood and you might say no because

when we come to God all things are made

new yeah but even then today’s adults

are yesterday’s children so 99% of the

experiences that we go through vanish in

our subconscious it’s a lie when people

say I remember everything from my

childhood no you only remember 1% of

what happened there wouldn’t be a place

there aren’t enough gigabytes in your

brain for you to store your whole

childhood and that 1% is what defines

us and managing these memories is very

important because we’re the sum of what

we’ve been what we’ve done and the

people that we’ve gotten to know that’s

what we are

today and so what are our first memories

that come to

mind what are the good events the bad

events that marked our years in in

elementary school in high school through


because if you suffered bullying back

then it wasn’t called bullying it was

called be a man then it marks you

right for a girl it’s just put up with

it but it marks you so what are the

first memories what’s going to surprise

us is the way in which

those apparently insignificant events

give form to our subconscious operating

system even the way in which we see God

the way we were raised if we don’t heal

it it’s going to DET determine the way

in which we relate with God and these

apparently superficial events determine

our way of seeing life the way we

act when we hear a song or we watch a

movie I once told you that on the

cerebral cortex there’s there are lines

called engrams and if we listen to the

same song again and again and again and

again or we watch the same movie over

and over again then that line

that engram is marked again and again

and and again that’s why teachers back

in the day would teach us the repetition

once and again once and again once and

again I heard the prepositions I have no

idea what they’re for but I learned them

and to four before under if and because

they repeated them so many times so many

times I don’t know what the heck they’re

for now but I they repeated

them and with each repetition that

engram is etched in deeper and deeper

until that song Or that movie is

recorded in our cerebral cortex now not

all memories are created equal and

you’re asking where is this going well

let me get there there are three levels

of memories the first one is sensory

memory and it’s as fleeting as

remembering a cell a phone number when

you ask what was The Gardener’s phone

number you go to your it goes to your

sens sensorial memory unless you’re

having a relationship with the Garder

there’s no reason for you to remember

the number then their shortterm memory

has a longer

life because we can remember what we

were wearing yesterday or what you ate

yesterday for lunch what did you eat on

Friday for lunch and that’s where it

becomes a little more complex what about

Monday what’ you eat no you can’t even

even remember if you ate anything on

Monday and so that short-term memory

begins to fade

away if you could store everything that

you ate everything that you wore in your

memory then your blin would your brain

would explode no it has to fade away and

then a few bit of experiences are the

ones that reach long-term memory and

those are the

memories that give form to our way the

way in which we think what we believe to

make it more simple the duration of a

memory how profound that engram is

etched in depends on the emotion that

was related to what happened if it

marked you for good or for bad if there

was no emotion if you didn’t feel any

emotion with a girlfriend then you

wouldn’t even remember her

name if there was a lot of

emotion then you’re looking for her on

Facebook even though you see that she’s

a grandma

now the stronger the emotion is the

stronger and long lasting the memory

will be so almost all of our long-term

memories are associated to very intense

memories positive or


that famous phrase of you might forget

what they told you but you’ll never

forget how they made you feel huh I came

in like Shakespeare

today because that’s how God structured

us you might say I go to River but it’s

more for how it makes me feel than what

they say or the songs how God makes me

feel that’s what marks us that’s what we

feel so 99% of our experiences from the

past are forgotten quickly because we

don’t feel them

why do we forget about a great part of

our childhood because we weren’t feeling

we were just busy living that’s why it’s


healing to manage our

memories and sometimes you have to be

aware and defragment some

memories instead of keeping a registry

of offenses and abuse no there are

certain memories that don’t do you any

good it’s not good for you to keep them

stored in your memory because you’re

going to take the place of other things

so we have a natural tendency of

remembering what we should forget and

forgetting what we should

remember and we’re going to see that as

we grow old in your case not me CU I’m

not there yet but as you grow

old you no longer remember things you

have memories of

memories you begin to remember things

that never really happen that

way memories aren’t subjective as you

grow old memories become very subjective

and we have the tendency of adding

Romanticism and drama catastrophic drama

to our past I remember one time I was on

the Titanic Grandpa you were on the

Titanic and you can’t even give you a

date or a time nothing my Grandpa would

tell me

stories where I began to think that he

was Rambo he would say when I was in the

war I grabbed my rifle and my grandma

would come out and say shut up old man

you didn’t even enlist in the

Army and he would become upset because

he felt that he wasn’t lying after

telling the story so many times he felt

that he was actually in the war he would

ask what’s this what’s this car what’s


one and then my grandma would say when

they removed your

appendix so we all distort our

memories on the basis of making some

smaller and making other is bigger but

the way we remember and manage our

memories will determine how we see God

and how we see life and there are people

who have a difficult time erasing the

bad memories and eliminating the mental

trash and the mismanagement of memories

can be as

devastating as a mental

disability people that are tied to a

poor memory can’t receive what God has

for them they can’t go to the future I

once told you that the Wizard of Oz was

a movie that came out in

1939 I’m sure my grandpa was a part of

that as well but that movie be continues

to be a Marvel a film Dorothy a little

girl who lived on a farm in canvas in

cansas interpreted by Judy

Garland due to her tornado she ends up

in in an imaginary

world and from there a famous phrase was

coined Dorothy told her dog Toto when

she gets to the world of Oz she says I

don’t think we’re in Kansas

anymore and that phrase was used or is

used when our habitual environment

changes when the faces that we know

change when we cross the border to come

and live in this country those of us

that are

immigrants but it’s also used in

business and

politics in any environment that’s

different to the Kansas in which we grew


in to try and make the phrase

contemporary we can say we’re no longer

in chapas we’re no longer in El Salvador

this isn’t Tijuana anymore for

example I vote for the phrase this isn’t

Tijuana anymore I know you weren’t born

in Tijuana not all of

you but generally we’re attracted by

what we know so for the phrase to not be

so American let’s just say this isn’t

Tijuana anymore The Day You Preach you

can say when Osiris or whatever example

you want to give

now there neighborhoods for Asians for

Hispanics for colored people for poor

people for rich

people a famous preacher back in the 80s

tried to make a neighborhood only for

Christians because what’s certain as I

once said limitations make us feel at

ease it’s a controlled neighborhood

based on what we know and our narrow

mind tells us tells us that there’s

nothing beyond the jurisdiction of

Tijuana nothing Beyond bonois and so we

live in our own fish

with family problems that are exhausting

that never end and we can never see the

future because we’re surrounded by the

routine of our beliefs and I ask isn’t

there a moment in life where God wants

us to renegotiate what worries

us and what from here on out we’re going

to begin to

ignore why are there people that spend

entire day submerged in family matters

that are insignificant I know some yeah

it happens to me no it happens to all of

us I’m aware that there are certain

turbulences in life certain trials that

we can’t ignore terminal

illnesses a disability

Etc but many others are

burdens that we drag from old Tijuana

I’m speaking metaphorically wherever you

were born I know people that’s been

resources money time extinguishing fires

that aren’t worth it and I’m convinced

that there must be be people here that

are addicted to drama you must know

someone that’s addicted to drama they

always have a terrible problem life is

at 67

Central the poor woman from wupa that

goes to River it’s always like

that that life is a soap opera they’re

fatalists their child has flatulence oh

and they share it to you as if their kid

has cancer you have no idea a dinosaur

is peeing on me right now Matas is

coming constipated oh he’s not pooping

God what did I do to have this life and

you say there’s no

way you have to send this person to

Africa in a

container but there are people that

dramatize the foolishness from their

ordinary lives and I know that there are

real moments of Anguish that you can’t

avoid but my question is how do we get

to the point where we

say am I not complicating my life with a

weight on my shoulders that I can’t take

away I inherited it from my parents

because that’s how my mom was that’s how

my grandma was the writer of the Hebrews

in chap 12:1 says therefore since we are

surrounded by such a great cloud of

witnesses let us throw off everything

that hinders and the sin that so easily

entangles and let us run with

perseverance the race marked out for us

last week I said whatever sin we confess

is a sin that disappears but the hard

part is to confess the burdens that

hinder us that distract

us this is the trash that inflames us


us in this

country to be healthy you have to cut

gluten carbs

sugar almost no one becomes fat out of

eating healthy food no what’s unhealthy

is what makes us bloated and in life the

same thing happens there are things that

makes that make us swollen they don’t

give us nutrients

no they drain us they burden us they put

weight on us and these are things that

we inherited from our parents and I

share this with you because this isn’t a

message for just all you poor Mortals no

many times I’ve seen myself being

dramatic like my mother my mother was a


actress Michelle

feifer didn’t exist they were nothing

next to my mother and so sometimes I

tend to be dramatic because it travels

with me

I always remember my grandmother’s home

my grandmother Anna the house was filled

with things that seemed to be artifacts

from World War II I think that’s why my

grandpa thought that he was a part of

the war old clothes with holes all

over picture frames with sepia

photographs a sewing machine a Singer


machine if anyone here knows what a

Singer sewing machine is then you need

to have a colonoscopy once a year you’re

at that

age with the petal for your foot

right or a washer that sounded like a

tractor it would cause interference for

the for the planes flying

overhead and she would always say she

would boast I never throw anything

out well I can see that you never got

rid of Grandpa either but my grandmother

never wanted to accept that despite how

beautiful those things might have been

in the past they’re no longer

useful she couldn’t let things go and

though it seems terrible my grandmother

Anna is not alone in this because the

majority of us we accumulate what’s

familiar from tijuan or in my case

billing Hur

bositis things that were nice but they

are no longer useful what took us out of

Egypt might not help to get us into the

promised land but we’re compulsive



History we keep old

relationships when we’re not even

reciprocated we continue being loyal to

friendships that as I always say are

maintained by one rower the day we stop

rowing the day we don’t call them on the

phone the day we don’t send them a text

message they won’t speak to us ever

again because that relationship was

maintained by one rower I’ve tried not

calling someone for many weeks that I

thought was my friend and I never heard

from them again never again

and so I say well then I was the one

that always wanted to say happy birthday

or hear it but you cling on to what’s

familiar to what you

know there are people that use the same

brand over and over

again but it’s not that they’re looking


plutonium I can’t find the suppository

that I used to use in El



and don’t laugh because I know people

here as well that go all the way to

Tijuana a 4-Hour Drive wait at the

border so you can buy some cough drops

for your throat that Americans don’t

know how to make

really because not that they’re saying

oh the insulin over there is better no I

went to go buy some cough drops that you

can buy at the pharmacy over

there so here the Americans could send a

a rocket to the moon but they couldn’t

make those cough drops

right but us argentinians are the same

oh we make D with the cows from

Argentina because here they don’t know


how life is filled with routine and

rituals so you can’t pick anything new

up if your hands are full you have to

make decisions and let go not too long

ago I interviewed a TV host and he was

telling me that for months he suffered a

muscular contracture very very serious

problem he couldn’t really turn his neck

at all until he went to all the doctors

he knew he took a lot of medication and


helped until he went to go see an old

chiropractor who took a pen and said

look I’m going to prescribe you

something for you to take immediately he

grabbed a pen and

paper he said no no no once you do this

once you take this you’re good he

said you’re going to take decisions make

decisions and he said what kind of

decisions and the chiropractor said I

have no clue my friend only you know

that but it’s not more than two or

three because it’s burdening your health

it’s undermining your health you have to


decisions the stress you have because if

you accumulated problems I’m certain

that they’re not worth

it so there’s a moment where you have to

do the

exercise of setting straight your

expectations and your

priorities that’s what it is to grow old

with dignity having

priorities what changes in life are

priorities not your not

your preferences you have to make room

for certain problems that do deserve our

attention but there are others that are

unnecessary burdens you speak of sin and

immediately the whole

world identifies with it with lust or

Envy or jealousy but then you speak

about burdens and people say h well

what’s a burden well burdens are all

that distract

you planes don’t fly without confirming

the weight of of the

luggage because if there’s too much

weight the more gas is wasted so the

higher you decide to fly the less weight

we can carry and this is the same in

life one of the principles of wisdom is

deciding what battles we’re going to

fight and what is definitely going to

fly outside of our radar I’m not going

to get involved in this there are

problems that we shouldn’t get involved

in there are people that wake up in the

morning and say I don’t have any

problems where can I go find one and

they go and search and I once said to

you what part of of the burden that we

dragg from

Tijuana is what are we going to leave us

Hispanics have that syndrome of of of

emotional debt always being grateful for

those that helped us and it’s Noble yeah

here we always speak about honor but

let’s never forget that the a tool is

just a tool you give thanks for a hammer

but you don’t pay tribute to it so we

have to honor those that helped us but

at a certain point we have to say all

right that’s enough when you stop paying

off a mortgage or a loan the bank has no

reason to call you back it’s done you

paid it

off and some make us even feel the moral

obligation that if we do will we have to

share it with them oh if you’re doing so

well why don’t you leave me something

well because I worked for it I broke my

back God blessed me or I’m I’m generous

who knows and that’s why I insist in

order for God to take us to the future

for us to get there we have to recognize

that certain relationships we’re very

good for our old Tana for our old

bositis for our Old Mexico but not for

the place where we’re

headed you can’t go through life


misunderstandings settling hurt egos or


emotions people are always like oh my

cousin’s mad at me my uncle’s upset my

mother-in-law’s left you’re justifying

and justifying and justifying and as we

grow up we’re obligated to refinancing

certain relationships refinancing like

alone this includes are parents you

continue to love them but you have to

refinance I don’t know in your case but

in the other service there are many many

people with psychopath

mothers you have to refinance your

relationship with your

siblings not stop loving them just

refinance say no this is the limit

because you are the one who manages your

own emotional budget no one else manages

it for you you wouldn’t allow anyone

else to manage your financial budget and

so why would somebody manage your

emotions someone says something to you

or stop saying something to you and and


emotions are no longer balanced really

does someone else have that power over

you and so here’s what resolved my life

and this isn’t anti-christian this isn’t

anti-love but never call never write or

speak with someone motivated by guilt

never oh I didn’t call them for their

birthday oh it’s going to be such a mess


no you know what I better call them for

friends day because then they’ll be

offended if they get offended then

they’re not your friend no that person

won’t visit you in

jail when when they send you to prison

for not paying taxes to the

IRS it’s a metaphor don’t laugh so much

it’s a

metaphor oh I should write to this

person because if not then they’re going

to think that I don’t care about them

let them think whatever a true friend

will always be there if it’s not out of

love and it’s just because of guilt it’s

not good it drains you it drains

you however when you do things with love

it can be perceived see we can never

allow someone else’s feelings to

manipulate our decisions we don’t

negotiate with emotional terrorists we

don’t negotiate with emotional

terrorists as soon as you discover a

terrorist a a mother-in-law it can be

any any uh family

member but we get to a certain age where

it’s vital to have an emotional

inventory and say what am I going to

refinance this is what I gave myself

when I turned 50 years old or sorry when

I I’m going to turn 50 that’s what I’ll

give myself I’m going to

refinance you can’t go through life

always paying the same

interest so the majority of the

relationships that drain

us they end up becoming like a leg with

Gang Green with

gout if you don’t amputate it’ll spread

all the way to the

heart and people don’t have the bravery

the courage to cut out something from

the past they end up losing much more

and you ask well where does this leave

me as a Christian with love no you

continue loving that doesn’t change I’m

talking about the relationships that are

rooted to past experiences but don’t

have a common denominator in the

future I’m sure we all have a pair of

old shoes that are very comfortable all

those shoes where your toes go in

especially after having your toes in a

wheel in a heel all all day and it’s

almost like free Willie all your toes

look for

Freedom you have these old shoes but

they stink and everyone can smell the

stink except for the owner of the shoes

the shoes have

holes they won’t take you far but these

are the types of relationships that

relationships that you have to cut

they’re comfortable but they won’t take

you to the Future in Argentina I built

many friendships that at that time I

thought would last a lifetime like when

you go to elementary school and you have

your friend

and you tell them we’re going to be

friends forever until we’re old but then

you never see them again once you’re

older you choose your friendships not by

coinciding with the same

classroom but by who you choose but I’ve

notice that our lives fluctuate through

seasons and friendships follow that same

pattern so no matter what the reason

is that R defines the the dynamic of

friendship or or even kinship and then

life God begins to distance us and we

shouldn’t be surprised if for one reason


another life remodels the floor plans

from time to time it’s nobody’s fault


change no one is the same person after

20 years right if someone thinks they’re

the same look at yourself in the mirror

no clothes on close the

door we’re not who we once were we’re

others now we’re different I’m not the

same person when I was 30 or 20 I don’t

think the same way we’re not the same

we’re different and like Solomon said in


2:3 everything has a season including

friendships and so for obvious reasons

we can’t force friendships for an entire

lifetime why because they’re

forged in the trenches daily for a

friendship to last a lifetime you have

to cultivate it for a lifetime and so

for our own our own mental health we

have to say Okay we all won’t reach

retirement together we won’t all sit in

this in next to each other in rocking

chairs or put our teeth in the same cup


water I’m going to change my diaper well

can you change mine go get me a new one

while you’re at it no that won’t happen

we might retire with a group completely

different from all the friends that we

have now now many of Us come from the


environment some of us were even raised

in the same home but we’ve ended up in

different places in life is there

someone here that doesn’t look like

their sibling their brother or their

sister oh well sorry it’s all the twins

from Switzerland is there someone that

says I don’t look like my

family oh one courageous woman

finally don’t worry your family is not


you you know sometimes you say I don’t

look like my brother it seems like I was


adopted but then you see you have the

same nose and everything else and you

say no no no I’m not adopted but

sometimes you say why am I so different

to my

family even more when you know God and

your values change your principles

change and You’ say everything’s so

different you’re at the Christmas dinner

or you’re gathered for New Year’s and

you don’t laugh up about the same things

you don’t share the same things some say

oh I don’t change no there that’s not

true we all change but many people

values are present with a perspective

from the past let’s remember that Jesus

couldn’t do miracles in his City because

the people said oh this is just a

carpenter son we know his family what is

he saying now that he’s the Messiah What

stopped his miracles it wasn’t his

geographic location it was a limited

vision of those that focused more on his

past than his present and some of us we

have people that tell us I knew you when

you were no one right

I knew you when you were dying of hunger

they always tell me I knew Dante when he

had a Renault

18 ready to give out and a shiny suit

because of how much he ironed it I’m

sorry I’m sorry for not keeping that

shiny suit in a museum or for trading in

my car I’m sorry but people judge us

based off of what we were and not of

what we are much less what we can become

with God much less and so they judge us

based off what know of

us and those

relationships keep us clinged to Tijuana

and part of the

burden that we don’t want to leave that

we take with us in life are also those

people that see where you are now but

they don’t remember they don’t know

everything you had to do to be where you

are now

right they have no idea of the process

you went through your

battles they see a picture of you with

your house and they say oh look how easy

it is in Yankey land but they have no

clue that you had to have eight jobs to

pay for it people see our Promised Land

but they don’t know nor do nor do they

want to know our desert and no one can

appreciate the magnitude of our success

if they haven’t seen the ferocity that

we had in our battles and man the

majority of us that are here have broken

our backs you’ve worked you’ve been

separated from your loved

ones you’ve had to give up playing with

your children because this is a country

where you can’t get free services or

free water and gas glory to God for

everything that I can get for free no

that doesn’t happen

here other things might happen but that

doesn’t happen here and if you fall

behind on your on your rent or your

mortgage then the next day SWAT is there

to evict you in our countries you can

stay seven eight 10 years without paying

rent because we just don’t answer the

door but here SW comes it says we will

immediately start to shoot you if you

don’t come out with your hands

up but they see you and they say oh it’s

so easy they always tell me oh Dante you

can do so many things because it’s easy

of course you have the

resources and I say well don’t you think

I had the re I have the resources now

because I’ve always done so much isn’t

it because I worked I put in the effort

I believed God because I was also born

in that same Tijuana with no resources

when I was born in San Martin buen oitis

I was born they didn’t tell my mom um

miss you just gave birth to a baby with


no nor was I born in Buckingham Palace

so like a a famous speaker once said

Britney Brown she said if you’re not in


ring if you’re not in the ring receiving

a beating from time to time and you’re

just criticizing while you’re seating in

the sitting in the in the cheap seats of

the theater then I’m not interested in

your comments about my life

period if you didn’t fight with life

fist to fist so there are many people

that don’t know where we came from or

the price that we had to pay and surely

you might have heard this saying you

have to burn the

ships a great conqueror back in the day

was going to send his troops against a

very powerful

enemy the enemy AR Army had greater



Conqueror sailed over with his man and

then he burned this he burned the ships

and he told this man he said you see how

these ships are burning and becoming Ash

that means we can’t leave here unless we

win this battle we either win or we die

this was hernand Cortez and the great

battle was the conquest of

Mexico so he set fire to what could have

been an option of

Escape if slavery continues to be an

option then we’re always going to go

back that’s what happened with

Israel I was speaking not too long ago

to a missionary I said if you’re going

to be a

missionary you have to unpack completely

those that go open up their luggage and

take one thing out at a time an

underwear a pair of socks they put a

dirty underwear in they take out a clean

underwear out it’s because they know

they’re leaving eventually but those

that empty everything out and put it

into the

drawers it’s because they’re

staying the philosophy of if things go

wrong I’ll leave that’s what makes us

not have anything imagine a husband that

says oh I’ll get married but if this

woman turns out crazy in the next three

months I’ll leave or vice

versa so if there’s always an escape

we’re going to be slaves what do we call

it we call it security Comfort Plan B

but I call it

uana can


had 370 years Bound in

slavery great in numbers but weak in the

spirit the hardest thing to get rid of

is our beliefs that doesn’t correspond

to God either we have to do away with

our burdens we can’t say Lord get rid of

my burdens he’ll say no you do it

yourself get me off social media no you

delete them you do


let the Asians that created a Tik Tok

die no you just delete Tik Tok off your

phone these are the cracks that’s that

or the shackles that distract us and

don’t allow us to leave the limits of

Israel of of Egypt I’m

sorry Egypt wanted to subject

Israel generation after generation so

they could serve their

masters like alpacino in the film of a

woman he said in War I had many

men go through amputations one or even

two of their limbs there’s nothing as

cruel as an amputated spirit because

there’s no prosthetic for that there’s

no prosthetic for an amputated

Soul as much as you want to chase after

the American dream as much as you want

to go to America or Europe with an

amputated Spirit you’re going to be a

slave wherever you go unless you cut off

the past definitively and you burn your

ships what’s stopping us from leaving

Egypt Hebrew

says let us throw off everything that

hinders sin you repent and it’s done but

for the burden you need

courage even especially

nowadays when it’s an offense to leave a

WhatsApp group why did you leave the

WhatsApp group for all the mothers well

because I was tired of all the moms that

comment about matias’s flatulence well I

don’t understand what did we do

something did we hurt you and they begin

to call you and bother you because you

left the WhatsApp

group there are people that say can you

pray for me I need to leave my family is

WhatsApp group I don’t know how just

leave and so when Israel was set free

they had Nostalgia for the uh for the

for the flavors of Egypt they left Tiana

but they never took Tana out from within

them they never took Argentina out of

them and numbers 5 11 says we remember

the fish we ate in Egypt at no cost also

the Cucumbers melons leaks onions and

garlic doesn’t matter that they were

slaves they missed what they ate as

slaves and so there are Aromas that

sometimes come back and give us a

Nostalgia of wanting something that can

no longer

be and the Aromas are connected to our

emotional memory right and those that

garlic and that onion was never free it

was like the

internet the web if something’s free

online that’s not it’s a lie you are the

product the food in Egypt was free but

to keep them strong for

slavery and so it’s time to burn your

ships my

friend Jesus

said no one that looks back after

putting their hand on the plow is worthy

of God’s kingdom if we want a good

future we need a past in

flames and that’s what I call an

intentional fire of saying there is

things that are good and others that

aren’t so good the past what we’ve done

where we’ve been who we

are each day we have to choose between

living in that past or creating a

future we have to get used to pills or

cough drops for our throat on this side

of the border the D from these American

cows now it’s not an easy road because

you cling to the familiar

to what you

have and sometimes we make an extension

of the past and at some point in our

lives we have to put everything that we

know on an

altar for a promise of something in the

future that we don’t know but that’s

what it is to get married we can’t say

oh I’m going to get married but if

things go wrong I’m going back with Mom

I know some of you do it but that’s not

getting married you have to burn the old


the your

past with that being said I’m not going

to lie to you there are pains from your

childhood that never go away if a

preacher tells you no no no all pain

goes away no he’s he’s a

scammer gets better but there’s pain

that never goes away completely because

I insist there in that 1% of memories

that God allowed it’s a topic for


sermon but to make us who we are now to

give us certain

resilience a certain threshold the

resistance for the highs the ups and

downs of Life forgetting isn’t acquiring

Amnesia you can remember the pain but

not allow that pain to travel with us

not allow that pain to accomp accompany

us everywhere scars are a special Beauty

I like them I like to see

scars because those that don’t have any

wounds means that they’ve never battled

a good

fight scars in life are a plaque of


they’re like the scar of a C-section of

a mother and that says that that scar on

on her tummy means that she gave birth

she had a

child whatever scars whatever the scars

are they’re always good there’s a

there’s a old joke it’s a bad joke but

it says

that several tough Americans gathered to

speak about their

scars and one said discard my face I

fought two Toth and nail in Kansas City

and that’s how I got the car and another

American said I got this car on my on my

chest when I fought in Dallas City

someone else said I got this car in

Oklahoma City another said I got this in

Connecticut City and a Hispanic that was

there with him lifted up his shirt and

said I got this in appendix

City it was a bad joke but I had to fit

it in

somewhere but scars show that we don’t

give in we

fight this wasn’t the moment I know I

know this wasn’t the moment but what I’m

trying to say is that once

we bring the the wound out to the light

healing is inevitable so we can’t go

through life not trying to look like

someone or not trying to repeat our

parents’ pattern no we have to allow

life to or God to redeem our past and do

something with those ashes more than a

100 years ago a few fishermen were


dinner in Scotland they were sharing

their fishing stories and

one put out his hands to show how big

the fish was that he had caught the


day and as his arm came down it crashed

against the coffee

tray and the coffee pot broke against

the wall of

of of the in of the in wall

and it stained the wall with brown and

the inkeeper said oh now I’m going to

have to repaint the whole thing but the

man who who spilled the coffee said you

know what allow me to work on it and so

the inkeeper couldn’t

refuse the man who caused the the mess

took out his pens his pencils his

markers he applied Shadows borders and a

form of an image began to appear on the

wall he painted a deer with big antlers

and then he left this man was Sir Edwin

Lancer a famous English

painter known for his paintings of

Wildlife and

animals and from a mistake he made a

work of art and God does this with our

childhood he comes and he paints

over the dislocated marks in our life

and he makes a work of art and he says

Dante what is he he has as Asperger

syndrome and he’s shy and look at the

parents he has and look at his siblings

and look at his grandpa he thought he

was a part of the war and he’s more poor

than a rat and he doesn’t have any

possibility of going to University they

sent him to electronic school and with

those blotches God says I won’t let that

I won’t let that identity


him the day in which God made a work of

art out of my blotches and my stains

even though the past is INF Flames the

future is formidable people give a great

Applause to the king no no no no give a

great Applause to the King of Kings the

Lord of lords if you believe that God

has spoken let that Applause be gigantic

for those incredible stains those blurry

blotches and these works of art that God

has made

people no no no someone needs to

celebrate more than that the King has

spoken today yes or

no that is

marvelous before we

go I would love for us to pray together

and those that are watching at home

those that are

here last Sunday I recommended to you

the day my mentor

died I spoke about those mistakes those

sins that all you have to do is confess

so that we can find

forgiveness and today I felt the need on

behalf of God to speak about burdens the

things that distract us the majority of

these things are relationships are

things from the past things that drain

us and so today is the day no matter

where you are at home or here let’s make

the decision of saying I’m going to

travel light we have what two and a half

months left to finish the year give

yourself that gift just travel with a

small carryon those that travel with a

lot of luggage because they’ve never

traveled the more you

travel it’s to the point minimalistic

pragmatic and so that’s what we’re going

to do we’re going to travel in a Min

minimalistic way through life there’s a

famous Argentinian author that

said the wealthy are not those that have

the most but those that need the least

to live and so as we go through life we

realize that we need less and less that

our happiness isn’t predicated upon a

big house with a big dining table we

don’t need a big pool or or two acres no

we need less and less and those that are

wise have more money but buy less things

why because they realize that the closer

they get to the tomb the closer they get

to the Grave they become a little more

naked there’s never a moving truck that

follows a hearse no we leave it all and

you’re wise if you

know that you have to start leaving

everything behind including everything

that drains us everything that takes our

energy that’s enough no more foolishness

no more no more debating over stupid

things let’s debate about important

things if we get to the conclusion that

we’re not in agreement well then the

debate was worth it there are people

that become bitter they don’t sleep over

this or that the majority of the things

that worry you aren’t going to happen

right or didn’t you discover that

everything that worried you as an

adolescent never happened how many of

you here wanted to kill themselves

because you got a pimple on your nose

with puss and you had to go back to high

school the next day you said I want to

die I want to kill

myself in that moment it was the

pimple the UN gathered to to talk about

your pimple that’s what you thought

that’s life everything that seems to

worry us now is going to be childish or

Petty tomorrow so today we’re going to

make the decision of saying God I want

to travel lightly I want to let off all

the burdens you know what you have to

let go of at home this goes for everyone

Catholics evangelicals Muslims Jewish


Jewish whatever religion you’re a part

of I want all of us to repeat this

prayer say with me Lord

Jesus Come into my

heart forgive my

sins and help me to get rid of my

burdens thank you Lord because you’ve

blessed me and you’ve spoken to me today

come into my life forgive my sins take

that burden away again I want to be

yours amen now let’s all pray together

father thank you for this morning this

afternoon this night wherever you’re

watching from I’ve preached what I

believe you told me to share thank you

for this crib of Champions thank you for

these Frontline workers I bless all

those families that are here today that

leave here traveling lighter May the

glory of God reach you may it redeem you

may God’s presence fill you may God be

in every area of your life at all times

in every moment I bless your being I

bless your life I bless your health

thank you because God brought you here

but from here on out we make the

decision the decision that the scars of

life and those

marks will become a work of art for God

and God will use what is not so that it

can be and he’ll turn the ugly into

something beautiful I believe it I want

you to redeem the pain the even the

abuse from your childhood that was so

frightening so that you can use it to

help others to bless those that will go

through it Lord I bless those that are

here I bless this crib of Champions

these Frontline workers that are on the

other side those that are watching from

all over the world how the lord loves

you how can he not love you Prince how

can he not love you princess if if he

has you sculpted in his

hands how the lord loves you he blesses

you he fills you he makes you travel

light he takes you through life and to a

new level I believe it father I declare

it in the name of the father I bless

your entry your exit when you wake up

when you go to bed I bless everything

that you begin you initiate and what you

dream and we declare that the last

months of the year you will travel light

in blessing without any weight or burden

and Redeeming the past for a better

future amen amen and amen glory to

Jesus may God bless you may he protect

you thank you thank you thank you may

God bless everyone this

Applause bye bye bye until next Sunday



























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