NGLISH Dante Gebel #841 | The day my mentor died

On the final judgment day, all our actions will be examined; our thoughts, intentions, even the idle words we have said will be remembered. Not even a shadow of sin can enter heaven, because that would bring death. So, if we want to enter the Kingdom of God, we cannot live ignoring or justifying our sins, because the time may come when it will be too late to confess them, even if we repent with tears in our eyes. Today is the day to be accountable with our God, for our lives. Let us remember that only the sin confessed is revoked, erased and forgotten.


continents like

this look at all the flags sador

Columbia Dominican Republic Venezuela

there we have Peru Chile

Argentina here we are live transmitting

to Asia Africa America

Australia how beautiful oh ladies and

gentlemen this is happening

live and we’re connecting with the rest

of the world greet them in case you left

debts in your home

country look look look Full House one of

our two Services here from


Anaheim what is known as the

entertainment of a capital of

entertainment now known as the capital

of the Holy Spirit look how beautiful

all the flags are let them

wave welcome how beautiful thank you

Mexico to everyone may God bless you

thank you for being here we just

finished finished singing celebrating

worshiping and now we’re connecting with

all of you that are watching us from

your homes awaiting this word and

I I know God placed it in my

heart I’m going to share with you the

the message The Day My Mentor died I

have a few things to share with you and

then we’ll go directly to the message

but there are things that we wait to

share when we go live so that the people

at home can can see as well they’re a

part of the river family they send their

seeds they say I congregate with you

some started during the pandemic some

much before well as I always say when we

were praying for the Lord to give us

this Arena we told the Lord that if he

gave it to us or if he made it possible

for us to buy it nobody gave it to us we

bought it

we would have it

open for the entire community so anytime

the city has to

have a gathering with with its

Council they gather here here they

presented the new the new mayor the

teachers of the county gather here all

the public schools gather here with no

cost and this past Friday I was actually

here all the police officers an Anaheim

gathered here we it was completely full


here they had a a a festival a fair

there was

music it was a

parade a police parade it was marvelous

this was

Friday they gather maybe once or twice a

year but one of those times they do this

this Anaheim confidential where they

bring a case to

resolve a case that technically has

already been resolved but it’s a game

where everyone participates to see if

they can resolve the

case so all the police officers were

here with their families it’s a shame

that we didn’t know what time because I

I like I always say we could have ran

red lights ran stop signs nobody would

have noticed because all the police

officers were here but it was marvelous

this was Friday and well what else can I

say the sergeant all the officials they

can’t believe it on top of giving thanks

publicly they can’t believe the amount

of generosity and the fact that we don’t

charge them anything we don’t charge

them for the building but we also

provide them our engineer sound

Engineers lighting Engineers everything

they couldn’t believe it they said

nobody gives anything away and we say no

we’re not giving anything away we’re

sewing we’re planting this seed because

we believe it’ll bring a

harvest so it’s

extraordinary this was happening Friday

but in an other order of

things today in just a bit I don’t want

to confuse those that are connecting


us in a different time zone but about at

about three or 4 p.m. here in California

our mission team returns from Africa

from Uganda they’re on their way back

they’ll be here very soon Mission Uganda

these are a few

images obviously we’ll show you the


these are a few of the images from when

we arrived how they received

us a lot happened but it was marvelous

to reencounter our

children to find these marvelous people

that have such

Joy even though they know that they

don’t have what we have at our disposal

at in this part of the world but even

then our whole team our school they were

wearing the uniforms they came out

running to to greet our our missionaries

there was

music and joy of course when we see it

on video it’s going to be much more

impactful because images are always

worth more than more than a thousand

words however I wanted to show you these

photographs of the reception for those

that don’t

know we

sustain a couple hundred children not

only do we sustain them but as you might

see we also went out to bless the

community we prepared bags these

children are orphans they live with us

in the

school we sustain them with breakfast

lunch and dinner and a snack they sleep

in in the

school it’s one of the most excellent

complexes in Africa and we also went out

into the streets we built a new

playground for the children but we also

went out to the streets to bless the

ugandans the same thing we do here we

did in Africa and they couldn’t believe

it because sometimes they live with with

a minimum they live in inhumane

conditions but we were a Channel of

blessing and our mission team went out

they were in the streets of Uganda of

nihonga it was truly marvelous this

beautiful beautiful team we’re going to

receive them next Sunday they’ll arrive

in a

bit I wanted to share this with you

because it’s something

marvelous and

now as I’m about to transmit what God

told me to tell you I have one more

thing I said that before we connect to

the live stream our seed allows certain

things like this we never stop blessing

all the countries Mexico Dominican

Republic Cuba we continue building our

village there our

neighborhood the homes that we’re

building to

honor the elderly couples I’ve been

showing you pictures but we’re we’re

almost done with the construction we’re

also going to have ver toys in 15 or 17

different countries there were going to

give away a million toys for free and

we’ll also have a celebration

here we’ll have a celebration here on


23rd but River Toys will be

worldwide this year not in the entire

world but many many countries Argentina

Cuba Uganda Venezuela Columbia Mexico

Panama USA we’re going to give away a

million toys and there’s going to be an

enormous party here and I’m sure you’ll

love to participate in it bring your

children promote it but amongst other


let’s talk about the Holy Land the

country where I was born

Argentina we went to an island off the

coast of Argentina

with a group led by caros son this

island is is poverty stricken so we went

and took a fair with haircuts toys

gifts so I want you to watch this after

these images of what happened in

Argentina of what your seed is doing

there all the way in my country in the

ends of the Earth I’m going to transmit

what I believe God told me to tell you














for for for

















that is your seed right that’s what

you’ve sown thank you for being so

generous and let me take two more

minutes to clarify I was just saying

when I was speaking about my Argentina

about my the holy land it’s it’s good to

clarify someone said to me or asked me

if I had pronounced something in

respects to what’s happening in the the

Middle East with Israel and I always

say that those of us

that can speak to people and that the

Lord has given us the enormous

responsibility of having a great crowd

before us you have to be careful to not

be dogmatic so I’m very cautious of

saying you know yes Israel is it’s God’s

clock and things happen for a reason but

in an attempt to want to give an

explanation you can confuse people more

but what’s true is that whether it’s

Ukraine Russia Palestine Israel we’ll

always be praying for the innocent

victims in any War any conflict of

course we pray for Israel but we’re not

praying for them

more than any other country that can be

in war or in Conflict tomorrow no matter


happens we’re always going to be praying

not just for the innocent victims but

also for the

soldiers the young boys that are

recruited when there’s a conflict and

when we realize


that the word is being fulfilled you

will hear of wars and rumors of wars of

plagues and

pestilence what we have to do is lift

our eyes and know that the end is near

what’s true is that we’re always praying

we always

pray whether I take a stance or not on

social media our prayer will always be

for all the countries that are in

Conflict for those that are going

through a time of

need you don’t have to be cool just

because you say it on social media we

pray without

without stopping this church is praying

for the Middle East just as we continue

praying for Russia and

Ukraine that’s not old news they’re

still in conflict and we we still pray

for them are we ready for what God is

going to give us yes or no no no no

there’s two or three but are we ready


well this year we celebrated the two the

20- year anniversary of the

tragedy with the shuttle


on the morning of February 1st in

2003 as the shuttle was taken

off the


disintegrated an insulating foam had

come loose during the launch 16 days

before and it perforated one of the one

of the

Wings and the intense Heat

of The Craft coming back into the

atmosphere made gases penetrate one of

the Wings and that was the catastrophe

that killed the Seven astronauts on

board and the rubble

fell over Texas

Louisiana while thousands and thousands

of people observed the sky in horror and

many years

later a moving report was

made about the destruction of the

Colombia it said that while the mission

was still in in progress while the

astronauts were still in Space the NASA

Specialists asked if the damage to the

wing would be fatal because they had

noticed it they realized the

danger they realized it as soon as the

craft launched so they asked themselves

if there would be problems when the

craft reemerged into the atmosphere and

so John harpel

a specialist from NASA concluded the

following he said if the wing is damaged

then there’s nothing we can do now the

astronauts are in space so I suggest

that we say nothing to the crew because

they can’t do anything it’s better that

they have a happy

flight we can’t worry them beforehand by

saying that they could die unexpectedly

when they come back into the atmosphere

because we also don’t know ex if that if

this would be tragic or fatal so let’s

not share it with them and so the crew

from Colombia never knew that they were

a lost cause before their spacecraft


disintegrate above Texas these people


realized that they had a death

sentence and so when I when I found out

about this report many years ago this

experience presented a moral dilemma

just as they were presented with I asked

what would we do if we

knew that the crew was condemned to

death and we were a part of

NASA would we have told them even if

that would have caused an Indescribable

mental anguish would we have told them

just to give them time to say

goodbye to reflect or to speak with

their loved ones or try to communicate

because they were communicating with

their loved

ones would we give them time to try try

and make peace with God if necessary or

would we just remain

quiet just as this gentleman confessed

this gentleman from NASA because he

wanted to allow the crew’s Final hours


be peaceful times times of Happiness

they thought that they would come back

into the

atmosphere reunite with their family

members they didn’t know that they would

die so this dilemma of the Colombia

looks like what all Christians face

day to day especially those I insist

those of

us that have been let people’s ears we

have the enormous responsibility of

saying what we believe God is telling us

to say and here’s the reason why I want

to speak to you about the imminent death

and what’s going to happen

immediately minutes after we die this is

due to the fact that there are no ex

exceptions to statistics as far as death

are 100% there’s not one person that

won’t die unless the Lord surpris us

surprises us beforehand and and comes

back for us we’ll all go to the Grave

we’ll all have to get off this train I

was reading the story of a man who went

to his routine yearly checkup at the

doctor’s office and as he was leaving

the doctor promised to call him with the

results a few days later he received a

phone call and the doctor says gentlemen

I’m sorry but I have some bad bad news

news so the man went pale and he told

the doctor to continue and he said well

you have 48 hours left of life but

that’s not the worst part the man says

well what can be worse than this news

that I have 48 hours left to live and

the doctor says well I’ve been trying to

call you since

yesterday and beyond that bad joke

doctors do make these type YP of calls


day but not with something like this

this dark joke or this dark humor but

it’s with fatal

news much more serious

matters but the underlying issue is that

we’re always

ignoring evading or

repressing the most irrefutable fact

that we will all die and we have to

disembark from this journey this flight

will end at some point no matter how old


are even if we do the impossible to try

and elude that event we all have to

disembark the pandemic during 2020

showed us well it didn’t show us it


us that the law was equal to everyone it



age immigration status legal status any

person could stop breathing at any given

point when you have to face death

sometimes you have that fear of saying

well what’s going to happen even though

I’m a Christian what awaits me Egyptians

asked the same questions and they

constructed pyramids to place their

cavage there as


honor the Greeks would put a gold coin

under the tongue of the deceased so that

the the deceased could pay the person in

charge of helping them cross the sticks


women would say I’m not going to leave

my old man with no money so they would

place a gold coin under her under their

tongue but the Bible speaks differently

about it it says oh death where is thy

Victory oh death where is thy sting

there there isn’t

victory in

death Paul says it in 1

Corinthians 15:55 and it still remains

true death shouldn’t worri us those of

us that have the Lord in fact the Bible



stay away from mentioning death in

Genesis 49:29 it says I am about to be

gather to my people it’s a nice way to

go I will gather with my ancestors 2

Kings 22:20 says therefore I will gather

you to your ancestors and you will be

buried in

peace and Psalm

116:15 says it’s the verse that I

consider to be the most beautiful out of


scripture it says precious in the sight

of the Lord is the death of his Faithful

Servants but on this side of the sun we

always try and avoid it the conference

that I share around the world presid I

take a moment to speak about death and I

I speak about the phrases or the

euphemisms that we use in times of death

there’s always an ant that says oh they

look so peaceful and I always say the

same thing where have you ever seen a


kadav they’re all

peaceful or the Mother-in-law comes

around and says oh they got ahead of us

and you feel like telling her well why

don’t you go and catch up with them

you’re so worried that they got ahead of

you don’t worry go catch

up and others say oh but what a

shame I was with him just last

week and you say well if they were alive

where’s the miracle worry if you’re with

them next week in

Arizona there’s a company called Alor

extension of

life and it’s the biggest cryogenic firm

in all the world and for thousands of

dollars they can freeze

us when we die so they’ll fill our blood


anti-coagulants they’ll store

us in a liquid nitrogen tank that’ll

freeze us to a temperature tempature of

minus 190°

C until they can reheat us like a

pizza an advanced medicine can cure us

from any disease that killed

us so if you’re thinking if can I freeze

myself yes there’s a business out there

that does

it for those that don’t want to be cold


death there is a company called Immortal

genes that offers to conserve our DNA

for the next 10 10,000 years to then be

cloned when we discover how to clone

humans and they offer a guarantee of

returning your money after 10,000 years

if they can’t clone

you if something goes

wrong but whether we’re Frozen or not no

one can escape the Final Destination I

was reading years ago that

when when doctors about 50 years ago

half a century ago when doctor

perceived with Clarity that one of their

patients lives was in

danger and there wasn’t a reasonable

guarantee of of of being able to cure

them that person would go on to the

danger list and that list was an

indicator that there were matters in

question that were more profound than

than the medical or clinical matters and

so they would immediately call a rabbi a

priest or a pastor according to the

patient belie beliefs so that they could

have a conversation so that they could

resolve the matters in their soul but 50

years ago they took that list out of of

all hospitals by law because they

discovered that the presence of a

clergyman or a religious person could

frighten someone that was about to die

so like in the case of the shuttle they

prefer to not alert them that they’re

close to death and instead of bringing

them someone that could speak to them

about their soul they prefer to tell

them that everything’s okay or in any

case not even speak to not frighten them

that’s why I want to speak

about this for the next five

minutes or the first five minutes after

death if I ask

you what were the most surprising five

minutes the most surprising exciting 300

seconds in your life that you’ve

experimented then there’s a great

possibility that if we could

remember then there might have been the

first 5 minutes after birth the point is

we don’t have a memory for that but I’m

sure that nothing can go beyond those

first five minutes after we were born

because after nine months of swimming

around in a dark placenta all alone all

of a sudden we discovered that there is

a world around us and we discovered

colors all together colors tastes sounds


people I can’t believe that that’s my

father’s face and other

things if we could have spoken we would

have said Mom I don’t I didn’t know this

was out here this is marvelous I didn’t

feel like leaving your

breast because nine months you know

anyone can put up with that but this is

much better I was missing out on all

this and so that’s why I’m

sure that the most exciting most

astonishing five minutes that we’ll

experiment are the five minutes after we

pass away the 5 minutes after we die and

I know you’re looking at me as if to say

I mean no rush and I know

that for

centuries the most Brilliant Minds here

on Earth dedicated all their lives to

trying to know what’s on the other side


death but five minutes after dying we’ll

know we’ll all know we’ll all discover


there the authors of the scriptures say

that for for all human beings these 5

minutes will

indicate either an Indescribable

destination of Joy or an unspeakable

loss and a lot of pain I remember our

choir direct choir director the church

where I grew up he was an old grumpy man

I’m not going to say his name because he

must have children and grandchildren I

doubt he’s still

alive I don’t know where he is I don’t

know if they were able to put up with

him up there but when this grum choir

director felt frustrated

because of the terrible voices of those

of us that thought we were singing but

in reality we were barking I I

understand him and he was a great

musician he had Perfect Pitch sometimes

he would lose in mind and say you better

learn to sing because in heaven it’s the

only thing we’re going to do for

centuries and centuries and at that time

the idea of singing for 10,000 years or

10 million years under this director’s

instruction that wasn’t the idea that I

had of a beautiful Heaven I didn’t like

it others would

say that in

heaven we would spend hours and hours in

a service but not like this type of


no those long services from our

childhood I remember when I was young

our services would turn into 4our

dilemas the pastor would say I feel that

we need to

stay he would we would always be led by

the pastor’s hormone

not by the schedule and I could

literally hear God’s voice telling the

pastor Let My People Go free

them that’s why I was

terrified of that idea of being in a

continuous service I would say it’s

going to be so boring others believe and

consider that heaven will be like

Florida a place for retired people

with beach umbrellas theaters where

people play the harp and tell stories

one time someone asked me I need to know

if there’s going to be soccer in heaven

and I answered to them look in heaven

you can’t lie you can’t say bad words

nor can you play tricks and so there

can’t be

soccer maybe there will be soccer in

hell because they say that there will be

weeping and a nashing of teeth and so

that sounds more like conaf to me so


possible and finally

some have taken it in a literal sense

the words of the authors of of the

scripture and I’ve heard many preachers

speak about heaven and say well there

will be a crystal sea golden

roads the authors were trying to what

they had seen challenged any attempt to

describe it for example if we had lived

a thousand years ago and we had to

describe a

plane and we had never seen one before

but we’re seeing it in a vision because

God made us see into the future we would

say well it’s like a giant metal

Bird that’s what happens when one of the

prophets or disciples in the case of

Paul he went all the way to heaven and

he said all these Biblical images the

harps the crowns the golden streets the

crystal sea some have said wow how

beautiful a crystal sea no you can’t

bathe in a crystal

sea you’ll break your head because it’s

made out of

glass but when the authors use these

metaphors they say it’s so so

crystalline it’s so pure there are

symbolic attempts to express the

inexpressible and if we were to take the

Bible in a literal way we should suppose

that because Christ told us to be like

like doves we should all lay

eggs so you have to know that it’s a

hyperbolic language it’s metaphoric but

what’s true is


immediately the Apostle

Paul or the Apostle John in Revelations

199 says blessed are those who are

invited to the wedding supper of the

Lamb that’s what I imagine will happen

in heaven John says that not only will

we see God but we’ll experiment The Joy

the happiness of a

wedding of a marriage and here I have to

make a

clarification if you’ve had small

children or if you still do surely at

some point they’ve told you that they

want to live with you forever there’s a

moment where the child says I’m never

getting married it’s a classic childhood

promise that all children have made not

knowing how foolish we

sounded mom

dad even though I grow up I’m always

going to stay here until you’re very

very old and I’ll take care of you every

child makes

that childish promise and at that age

there’s no sense in explaining to them

that a day will come in which they’ll

want to leave the day they fall in

love and they’ll want to have their own

home they want to make their own

family when our children are young we

understand that the day will come in

their lives where a more beautiful woman

will appear a woman more beautiful than


mother I’m

sorry in the case of our little girl

he’ll get to know a more intelligent man

taller more

spiritual better than his father not in

my case but surely in

yours but somewhere in some way that day

will come and one day my little girl

will come up to me to say Dad he is my

new destination he is my new Destiny I

was made for him I need to be with him I

can’t imagine life without him and since

I’m a very wise

father and if my daughter’s old enough

and I see that she’s 45 or

older I’ll say it’s the moment it’s

time go into the happiness joy and love

of of your lord well the Kingdom of

Heaven is the story of a groom who


his his bride according to John and

maybe our immature mind is still making

those childish promises saying no no no

I want to stay here for many years but

that in counter will come the thing is

we don’t have any idea of it we’re still

swimming in a dark placenta and we think

that this is all that exists on the side

of the sun we say no no no I want to


here but one day we’ll see him face to

face and we will soon understand in 1

Corinthians 13:12 it says for now we see

only a reflection as in a mirr then we

shall see face to

face now I know in part

then I shall know fully even as I am

fully known and so in that moment as

soon as we see each other we will

realize that he is our destiny that we

were made for

him and that day we’ll

realize how in love we are with him it’s

just that up until now we haven’t seen

him face to face but the point

now is to speak about those first five

minutes before the great

wedding in those minutes

we have to present our wedding outfit


impeccable without any


no no stains no wrinkles a bride isn’t

allowed to walk down the aisle with

stains on the dress and I understand it

she’s awaited this moment her whole life

and she doesn’t want the pictures or the

video to show that

her dress was dirty it needs to be

spotless in those first minutes before

the great

wedding I’m not going to be able to

use time to speak about what happens

after but before the great wedding there

will be some minutes of preparation for

our dress or

our our garments to be

impeccable I’ve told you on many

occasions that my mentor as far as


speaking I sent an enormous greeting to

him Mr Italo frioli Italo has founded 43

churches in

canarias and throughout

Spain it’s been 25 years a little more

than 25 years since he founded a great

church in Chile I’ve been there a few

times first

when when he had his church at the

Holiday Crown PL

Plaza he in fact he created the first

Christian soccer team

hosana I found his messages recorded on

cassettes back in the year 1991 if

somebody knows who a cassette is then

it’s time for you to

go and set an appointment for your

prostate exam you’re at that age those

that don’t know what a cassette is you

can still

wait and I begin to copy his

sermons dancing with the uglier one

offense of thorns Mr Cohen even though


reality he had titled it Mr Goldstein

but these are some of the messages that


copied there was no

YouTube there were any copyright

lawsuits so I heard them and I fell in

love with this

lexicon with his vocal

inflections with his

impeccable and implausible speaking I

had never heard a speaker like this his

Spanish accent mixed with an Italian

accent mixed with an Argentinian accent

made of marvelous cocktail I had never

heard anyone speak like this without the

vices that some of us preachers have of

having people repeat things say Amen

applaud get up on your feet no he’s just

an Exquisite preacher and I said I want

to learn from him and like any Mentor

that you admire I’ve honored him

publicly every time I’ve had the chance

to and always comes back up in in some

of my messages but this is the first

time that I’m going to speak about him


explicitly and of those first five

minutes that he spent in heaven

obviously he didn’t stay there otherwise

he’d be dead but Italo was here a few

weeks back here in

river and he gave me this magnificent

book that as soon as I wrote it I asked

him for permission to tell a part of his

testimony and share his case the fre

case obviously I’m just going to share a

small fragment I couldn’t share the

entire book

today and I’ve never ever ever done

something like

this with any other book not even my own

no other

author but the story moved me so much

that I knew on behalf of the Lord that I

should share it with you the book is

called the

interview and it’s available in our

bookstore today for those that are

watching around the world you can also

find it on Amazon and I want to

recommend it and challenge you to read

it I want you to I want to challenge you

to read it without crying in each

chapter this isn’t about business this

isn’t something that Italo asked of me

he never told me hey promote my book no

he simply gifted me one many people send

their books from all over the world they

have many friends that are authors that

give me their books but I’ve never ever

ever used this place to recommend a book

because I don’t want someone to think

well he just wants to sell something

he’ll make something off of this first

of all I don’t earn anything from

this if only I participated in this but


didn’t and I suppose that he’ll collect

some royalties because of this but that

wasn’t the point I said Italo I need to

share what you wrote there in the book

and he said yeah I’m excited I I I’m

moved I want the people that hear you to

have an idea of what happened to me

Italo was

hospitalized urgently due to

coid and something Supernatural and


happened on June 26 2021 he said that he

was having trouble breathing his lungs

were about to

collapse and so he felt that his

strengths were gone and his body grew

weaker and weaker and he had the same

sensation of being of of

floating foli felt that he was being

taken to a dark room where there was an

orange light that allowed him to see a

door in front of him just as we saw on

the book cover and he also felt the

presence of another person to his right

behind his right shoulder even though he

was never able to see them he said I

didn’t know if it was an angel I don’t

know if it was the Lord himself and he

said I didn’t see any light he didn’t

see any light other than the orange

light he didn’t see a light at the end

of a tunnel he didn’t see angels He

didn’t hear Celestial music but what did

happen what did occur is that his whole

life flashed before his eyes and so in

the darkness of that

room images began to

appear almost on a movie screen a

theater screen and what he saw were

images of his childhood he saw himself

at the age of of nine he remember how he

was dressed where he was going to the

store to buy eggs and

bread because his mother had sent him he

noticed that on his way back home an egg

fell from his hands it broke so he

decided to go back to the

store and when the cashier turned their

back he stole an

egg Italo didn’t remember this episode

in his life and that was the beginning

of the interview which gives a title to

this book the person behind his shoulder

asked him what is that and he began to

say well it’s that’s from from when I

was a kid I don’t even remember that it


foolish it was whatever and so the voice

behind the shoulder said okay so then

you’re a thief Italo insisted he said no

no no I’m not a thief I just replaced a

broken egg and so more images began to

appear of other moments in his life

where he had kept things that didn’t

belong to him when he was young he found

a a lost wallet in a restaurant and

instead of giving the wallet back he

kept the money that was

inside and other occasions on which he

had done small things that he didn’t

really remember anymore it wasn’t armed

robbery he never stole from a bank he

never put his pocket in his hand in

someone else’s Pockets but these these

small ins insignificant things that we

sometimes do and that voice said to him

again and so then you’re

a again and again until he had to admit

that he was a thief and then more images

from his life appeared because all sin

that is left unconfessed any sin that

isn’t confessed as insignificant or

childish as it may appear it will appear

on that

screen all sin that he never said that

he never put under the blood of Christ

began to appear on that

screen and ealo began to feel an

enormous shame

he didn’t want the Lord or that angel to

see these images and he said scenes from

my youth appeared

lies a few jokes with double meanings

jokes that you say amongst

men he didn’t Place much importance on

them but they were there on the screen

with a luxury of details and once and

again the voice asked him asked him what

is that and my beloved

Mentor had to begin to answer

with the explicit name that God gives to

each sin what do you call that that is a

lie what about

that that’s false testimony that’s

anger that’s a bad

word well sometimes us Hispanics speaks

speak this way no no no no what do you

call that blasphemy that’s

lust that’s thy what is that that’s hate

that’s anger this is resentment

this is greed Envy this is a lack of

forgiveness a thousand

images and he asked he was asked to give

the name of all these sins Italo said

that at this point his Spirit began to

have such pain that couldn’t be

described with words he said no physical

pain looks like the pain that I felt in

my spirit and he begged for That

interview to end once and for all but he

began to see the moments of violence


anger he could hear himself cursing and

insulting for example he saw himself in

a soccer match I told you that he was a

creator of a great soccer team in Chile

named Hosanna he’s a great follower of

the sport and he saw how

thousands thousands and thousands of

people yelled out obscenities against a


referee they yelled at the referee to

die and they remembered his family and

he remembered how he joined these shouts

in the middle of all the

Euphoria but in a certain

way the volume of the entire stadium was

turned down so that he would only hear

his voice and his insult to the

referee the entire stadium was muted and

only his voice came

through and then moments in which he

wished death upon someone came to the

screen moments where he cursed other

drivers on the road


remembered when he encountered a woman

that thought she was driving on the

road she decided to make an imprudent

maneuver and he insulted her with

gestures and

words when Italo said this I said no me

and my Asians no this is going to be

impossible for me and the Lord asked him

what is

that and he wanted to say that these are

words that just go with the wind they

don’t mean anything

he’s from a from Italian descent and it

appears that Italians are always yelling

out or moving their hands violently it’s

also an Argentinian

habit but he couldn’t excuse

himself reminded him of Matthew

1236 that says but I tell you that

everyone will have to give

account on the day of judgment for every

empty word they have spoken so how many

of us have wished for something bad to

happen to knows we’ve thought about it

ah well something bad’s going to happen

to them because of how they’re living

I’m going to see how they

fall sit at your door and you you’ll see

your enemy cadaver go by I doubt they’ll

recover from that illness they’re paying

for what they did and these words these

thoughts began to reflect on the

screen what immediately came to his mind


Matthew 5:22 when Christ said but I tell

you that anyone who is angry with a

brother or sister will be subject to

judgment again anyone who says to his

brother or sister raaka or feels

contempt is answerable to the court and

anyone who says you

fool will be in danger of the fire of

hell this isn’t a mosaic

law this is the word of the

Lord the Lord placed


on the same level of assassination

because that all originates in the heart

and we take it as something light we say

well you you say a lot of things but the

Lord knows that from the abundance of

the heart the mouth

speaks and also during that interview

ealo heard with his own voice making

promises that he never

fulfilled how many of us have made

promises that we’ve broken maybe we

forget about them but not God there are

people that say if God gives me this job

I promise to tithe Faithfully then God

blesses them they tithe a few times and

and then they forget it’s done other say

no no no no if God blesses me or if he

heals me or if he brings this healing to

my family I’m going to be faithful I’ll

serve him and then we forget Etho also

remembered an old habit that us leaders

have us pastors and it’s to say I’m

going to be praying for your situation

sometimes to just get out of a

conversation yeah yeah yeah I’ll be

praying pray for me yeah yeah yeah I’ll

pray for you and when we get home we

turn on the on the TV or we go to the

computer and we forget about that

promise we told someone we’re going to

pray for you and we we don’t Matthew

5:37 says all you need to say is simply

yes or no anything beyond this comes

from the evil

one and so Italo saw himself saying and

doing things saying words and he thought

how could I be so stupid

how could I go to this place how could I

say those

words how could I think

that anytime he had committed a sin and

didn’t confess it before God it was

projected before his eyes and he unclean

thoughts anytime he looked at someone in

a way he shouldn’t

have anything again that he said against

a person

everything was on that screen and and he

told he called himself filthy

dirty he was laying on the floor and his

Spirit was begging for mercy have mercy


mercy and then he began to

think how could I preach all these years

how would I even

dare why did God allow me to continue

living how did God God called me to this

ministry how did he put up with me and

he saw himself so vile so

filthy that everything that all he could

do was ask God to forgive him to have

mercy there were no more excuses the

Bible teaches us that there will be two

judgments one for Christians and one for

those that discarded God and the

Judgment for

Christians as where we’ll give an

account for our words for our actions

for our motivations and our actions and

motivations will be examined it will be

a careful examination our

thoughts our intentions even the words

all the words that we’ve said will be

remembered the Bible

says any hateful word word of Gossip

that men

speak they will have to give account on

that day of judg judgement you might say

what do you mean every word what do you

mean every thought every action what do

you mean when you say everything and we

tend to think that it’s hyperbole like

when we tell our children I’ve told you

a thousand times to close the door

obviously we haven’t told them a

thousand times we exaggerate so that the

message is clear I’ve told you a

thousand times to do your homework and

sometimes we think that when the Lord

says everything that he’s using

hyperbole he’s exaggerating he says no

no no no I’m not exaggerating each

hateful word

and we all use a plethora of hateful

words we’re Hispanic I don’t know if

we’ve realized but hispan but Americans

only have one insult for everything but

we have such

creativity I don’t know if Mexicans and

argentinians competed I don’t know who

would win but we have such

creativity that even the way we say it

can either be praise or an insult I’ve

asked about Mexican words and people

said it can be an insult or it can be

praise and I say what do you mean they


yeah you can say that’s right man or you

could say

man or there are other

words where we can say can I open up my

heart to you can I be sincere which

means that in other occasions we’re not

being sincere we’re

lying when someone asks me can I be

sincere then they’re asking for

permission to be sincere for the first

time in their lives don’t tell me that

you want to be sincere you should be

sincere or we say in my humble

opinion our

opinion has to be assertive and

direct with no fake

humility an opinion can’t be humble you

have to be humble either I’m humble and

I give you an opinion but an opinion is

an opinion or the famous can I tell you

something but don’t get get mad at

me in fact they’re going to get

mad because there’s nothing worse than

trying to control someone else’s

emotions I’m going to tell you

something and I’m expecting you to not

get upset with me who am I to manage


emotions if I have to say can I tell you

something but don’t get mad it’s because

I know that that’s going to hurt you or

at the very least it’s going to make you

angry yeah yeah don’t get mad at me but

you’re fatter what do you think they’re

going to say how do you think they’ll

feel these are hateful

words like on like they say on social

media with all

respect stop preaching foolishness or

you’ll go to hell with all respect if we

have to add in with all respect it’s

because we have no respect you don’t

announce respect you either have respect

or you don’t and if I have to say with


respect you don’t announce respect you

either have it or you don’t don’t or the

popular they say what do you mean they

who’s they who’s saying

that they say that what’s happening in

Israel they say that the pandemic who’s

saying what news or where on the

internet do we

have reliable sources or are we just

spreading gossip cheap rumors the Lord

says we will give account for every word

habac says that God can’t even look at

sin Ezekiel was even more direct and

says the soul that sins will

die and a shadow of sin can enter Heaven

a shadow of sin can’t enter the wedding

of the of the lamb and Heaven there

aren’t any cemeteries and since there

aren’t any

cemeteries a shadow of sin can’t enter

Heaven but what do we do in our

Christian lives we make it relative we

say well he knows my heart

we judge others for their actions but we

judge ourselves based on our motivations

we say how could they do that you did

the same no I don’t know but I didn’t


to or we say I don’t live under the law

I live under

grace but these end up becoming banal

excuses because sometimes we’re more

scared of being discovered by the pastor

and by God and we believe that God is

our father but we don’t believe that

he’s our judge

and so we try to go through life

negotiating with our

sins and this is due to the fact that we

think that because we once said the


prayer any sin that we commit from here

on out doesn’t matter anymore it’s true

that the Lord died for the sins that

we’ve committed what we’re committing

now and what we will commit but that

doesn’t exempt us from confessing them

and asking for forgiveness I am made a

new creature when I come to him and from

that day on every day I have to present

myself before the Lord and cover myself

with Grace of course this is a message

of Grace but Grace doesn’t come on its

own if I don’t know that I’m infringing

on the law Paul

says how can we value Grace if we don’t

know the


law just as it happens with our children

who were born in this country if the

majority doesn’t know what poverty is

and they don’t know what it means to

live in scarcity how can they become a

grateful child for what they have

they’ll probably take everything for

granted and believe that the world owes

them something and there are many who

don’t know what their the transgressions

are committing they don’t know what

they’ve done and so by consequence

they’re stepping all over Grace because

to them Grace means nothing if you don’t

know that you have cancer you’re not

going to Value the treatment against

cancer it’s the same if you didn’t know

that you had

metastasis Paul says if

we don’t know what law we’re breaking

and Grace doesn’t make sense but we come

to church and at some point we say this

the sinners prayer or the repent the

prayer of repentance all of us that

follow Christ at some point we’ve said

these words we’ve said Lord forgive me I

receive you as my

savior but that prayer gives us the

privilege of being children but then God

expects us that if we commit mistakes he

expects us to confess our sins in a

specific way 1 John 1:9 says if we

confess our sins he is faithful and just

and will for will forgive us our sins

and purify us from all unrighteousness

you don’t have to live with guilt what’s

the key

confession and Psalm 325 says then I

acknowledged my sin to you and did not

cover up my

iniquity Proverbs 28:13 adds whoever

conceals their sins does not prosper

but the one who confesses and renounces

them finds

mercy and so for sin to be forgiven it

needs to be confessed and

abandoned that’s where Grace blesses me

and forgives me every day we’re all

broken people everyone here is

imperfect and we battle against

weaknesses against sin the point is that


give into their minds and they say I

don’t care God knows my heart and others

every day we go and we ask God forgive

me Italo shares that the interview

became more

rough he began to see the moments in

which he began to do business that even

though it was honest they had all failed

in his case he wasn’t called to do

business like others might be called to

do he was called to be a

pastor and so that voice said to him

that in reality his motivations weren’t

to provide for his family his

motivations were that he couldn’t trust

in God to fulfill his needs and so those

extra businesses in in his

case were plan B’s in case God ever

stopped blessing him what if one day God

stops blessing me well then I’ll at

least have this house or I’ll have this

he had offended the Lord with his lack

of faith in him and Ito said there was a

long silence those intense silences that

only happen when we hurt a loved

one then he showed him the times that he

had become distracted and had lost the

focus of his

calling he showed him the people that he

had allow that he had allowed into his

circle into his life and they weren’t a

blessing they were a

distraction now God started to speak to

him not about Sin but burden Paul says

that we should

let go of all sin and all burden sin is

what we can recognize but the burden are

the things that distract us they’re not

sins Ed emically speaking but they

distract us they take away our focus and

Italo was only asking for forgiveness he

didn’t know how long that interview

lasted but once it was over he says I

felt more clean than

ever I felt an Indescribable joy that I

had never

felt it was an unusual euphoria and all

that pain in his Spirit became a great

joy he felt enormous peace he said I

felt like jumping like running like

shouting with joy I was euphoric I was

exuberant and when foli tells me this

story I asked

him well where does Grace

fit what about everything had been

forgiven by the the blood of Christ and

he said carefully he said no no no Dante

everything that I’ve once confessed and

that I’ve covered with the blood

that didn’t appear on the

screen he said I had many more sins but

that didn’t appear that wasn’t there

that had been

erased the Lord only wanted me to

confess with my own Ma mouth what I had

never confessed before what I had hidden

even what I had

forgotten or what what I treated with

relativity oh well who hasn’t had a bad

day all the that I had asked the Lord

for forgiveness didn’t appear on that

screen it didn’t

exist but not until he named all that

sin by name or the name that God uses


it not the semantic licenses that we use

so that sin doesn’t sound so bad no he

doesn’t call it weakness he doesn’t call

it an

error he doesn’t call it it happens to

everyone not until he confessed

his sins with the names that these sins

are known by in heaven that sin didn’t

disappear and sins don’t

function like civil

cases that are sheld for years there are

people that have

been released they were convicted as

murderers but years later they’re found

to be innocent but that’s not how it is

with sin sin that isn’t confessed sin

that isn’t covered by the blood of

Christ is sin that will follow you for

eternity as small as it as it appears to

us a sin that we don’t say is is

foolishness I’m not putting this on a

high pedestal that no one can reach I’m

saying the only

foolishness the only thing the Lord

wants us to do is confess it what do you

call this ah well it’s just it’s this

little thing no no no no no we don’t

understand what is it called what is it

called it’s called the

the you’re the thief

and what do you call this bad word uh uh

well it’s just that us Hispanics speaks

this speak this way you know in Mexico

and and in buenus that’s how we speak no

no no what do you call


well an outburst no no no that’s not how

it appears in my law what is it

called oh it’s a moment where I couldn’t

manage my

emotions it was a psychiatric alteration

no no no what do you call it what is it

called Blast blast Blas Blas blasphemy

blasphemy and not until you confess

it that will be there ruining your dress

your garments for the

wedding the author in This Magnificent

book uses a metaphor no less

magnificent he says God doesn’t allow

any sin to enter Heaven because there in

Heaven There was already a pandemic

caused by sin

patient zero wasn’t denan it was

Lucifer and a third of the angels in

heaven came out

positive and so they had to be placed in

an eternal

quarantine and to be able to go into

heaven you have to be vaccinated with

the blood of Christ that’s

obligatory it’s the only way of doing

away with sin the only

way but

now now we have a PCR

test a


sin that’s revoked that’s our PCR

test that’s why we have to confess our

sins before God confessed sin is revoked

it’s erased forgotten and God forgets

that he forgot it’s not in a drawer just

in case but those that don’t confess

their sin can’t go into heaven because

they will contaminate everything they


my pastor used to

say when someone likes to

gossip they’re fascinated with speaking

they can’t avoid

it and if they’re on a phone call and

they know something they have to share

it even if it’s

imprudent and they’re Indiscreet because

they can’t avoid it my

pastor once gave me this metaphor it was

a little vulgar but I never forgot it he

said it’s like a person that has

diarrhea but they can’t control

it they’re seated and wherever they get

up from there’s a stain below them and

they touch themselves they clean their

clothes they wipe their nose and they

stain themselves and they scratch

themselves and then they say God bless

you and they stain you they they they

dirty you if you see gossip as

diarrhea like fecal

matter then you realize how serious it

is to speak gossip to other ears I

always pray so that gossip is eradicated

from this congregation in its totality

not just so that we’re at a higher level

of of Holiness no but there’s it’s just

that there’s nothing dirty nothing more

putrid or filthy than

gossip I heard this person told me

whether it’s true or not it doesn’t

correspond to us to be judges or to

speak about

anyone that we shouldn’t be judging

and so when you don’t confess you’re

placed in an eternal quarantine and God

can’t allow

sin as small as it is to get into heaven

and some might say

well I know that having this sexual

preference this inclination is a sin but

I was born this

way and so Christ knew that we might say

this he covered that Bas and he said

there’s no problem I have the Cure it’s

necessary for you to be born again

it’s necessary for you to be born

again but we tend to make selective

confessions and so when we go to pray we

say things like all right well Lord you

know all my

weaknesses that isn’t

confession if you’ve ever been before a

judge here on Earth you know that that’s

not confession tell me exactly how it

happened well what do I know yeah it was

a lot happened

no you have to

confess let’s going to the core of the

event but we go before God and we pick

the the sins that please us and we

justify them instead of confessing

them there are sins that we confess but

then there are others that we don’t

because they’re our favorites there are

sins that are attractive to us there are

some that are filthy but there are

others that look attractive to us so we

continue living in immorality we

continue gossiping we continue lying we

continue ingesting pornography there’s a

recent survey a very important survey

from the Warner group and it showed that

77% of Christians men and women alike

watch pornography at least once a

month 36% watch pornography

daily the survey reveals that

57% of pastors ad

that they’ve battled with pornography at

one point or another 90% of

leaders have the opinion that

pornography is a greater problem now

than it was before and the majority of

Evangelical leaders recognize that they

consumption of pornography negatively

affects their Ministry their family


children 68% of pastors that practice it

recognize that they feel a lot of Shame

and more than half f with the constant

fear of being discovered Matthew 5:28

says but I tell you that anyone who

looks at a woman lustfully has already

committed adultery with her in his heart

so when God asks ealo about his sins

that he hasn’t

confessed he used the names in the Bible

and not the names the

innocuous harmless names that sometimes

we use so that they don’t sound so bad

there are sins that we

confess and there are those that we put

a blanket over because we want to

continue to practice

them I insist for it to be clear the

sins that ones

confessed the ones that were from the

cross and and before that from when he


young before he dropped that egg and

went back to steal another all the sins

that he had confessed before that didn’t

appear on the screen even the sins that

he committed as an adult but then

confessed those didn’t appear but for

some reason

the ones that he didn’t confess appeared

hundreds and hundreds one after the

other and finally Italo said that after


interview he went to the mysterious

store to try and open it but in that

moment different things

appeared things that he hadn’t finished

here on Earth there in the book and he

had the option of not opening the door

until when he decided to not open the

door that voice gave him a series of

instructions on what to

do people that had to speak with others

that he had to ask forgiveness

of he should call and give others a

warning call and among other

things the Lord asked him to not lose

time in in his case on social media I’ll

never make a Dogma out of this or a

Doctrine but the Lord asked me Tick Tock

Italo told me that as soon as he woke up

in the hospital he asked for his cell

phone he didn’t ask to speak to his wife

or anyone he said no my phone quickly

and he deleted the app because that’s

the only thing that he could do in his

hospital bed all the rest would be done

when he got better he said I will’t make

a Doctrine out of it I won’t preach

saying that Tik Tok is satanic

necessarily but in my case it caused a

great distraction in my life and I

didn’t doubt

it I’m not making a Doctrine but he said

the request was specific

distractions all of us at one point or

another have done something stupid all

of us foli confessed that during this

interview he realized the amount of

stupid things that he had done

throughout his

life being a Christian he said how could

I do these things how could I make this


decision how we sometimes don’t realize

that by not confessing our sin we’re

obligated to living with the

consequences of these decisions by not

confessing because this

message isn’t with the idea of making

you leave with an atrocious guilt if you

leave with that then you didn’t

understand the core of the message we

have to confess and say Lord this is my

sin I’m an adulterer I’m a

fornicator I gossip I

lie I’ve hop for someone to die I’m


a I’m a murderer I didn’t really want it

to happen no we have to confess I’m a

murderer I’m a

thief the cashier gave me more change

than than what I what was required and I

kept it so I’m a thief the Bible

mentions that when Esa gave up his his

firstborn birth right his birth right

when he traded that for a plate of food

he regretted it he

cried he felt anguish but he didn’t find

forgiveness Hebrews 12:17 says afterward

as you know when he wanted to inherit

his this blessing he was rejected even

though he sought the blessing with

tears he could not change what he had

done so I think a point comes in life

and I add to what foli says sometimes

it’s too late that even though we look

for the opportunity to repent through

tears it’s too late but not too late

because Grace is done it’s not over with

on this side of the sun it’s late for


that know how to do right yet don’t do

it and they continue in

immorality and

sometimes just because they come on

Sunday lift their hands and sing that’s

not a that’s not a change of mind

because tears aren’t always the

indicator of a change within sometimes

they can be tears of remorse not

repentance tears of remorse are feeling

guilty tears of repentance are feeling

shame before the Lord saying give me


opportunity and how many times have we

seen people with tears saying I won’t do

it ever again and 3 days later L they do

the same

thing because they’ve lost the fear of

God because they think that God is a

puppet that they can go and look for

whenever because they don’t repent they

don’t say never again we can cry and we

can lie at the same time don’t doubt

that but not until we repent and confess

we’re always going to go back to the

same thing and if we don’t renew our

minds we’re never going to change our

lives nothing is as powerful as a

renewed mind so don’t allow yourself to

go back to the same things let’s not

allow ourselves to go back to the same

things Proverbs 2611 says as the dog

returns to its vomit so fools repeat


Folly Ito had the opportunity to go to

regain his life but that doesn’t

guarantee us that we’ll have the same

opportunity I think God allowed that

experience in him to alert

us had the opportunity to confess and


and repent for hundreds of sins that he

hadn’t confessed but that also doesn’t

guarantee us that we’ll have that same

opportunity what’s true is that in this

moment we’re all the crew aboard the

Colombia and at any point at any moment

we’ll have to re-enter enter the


atmosphere and I have to tell you that

our wing is damaged and yes things can


wrong a routine medical

checkup can change our lives

forever and in an attempt to not try and

worry you I don’t want to hide this

situation from you this emergency


that that our craft our shuttle can

disintegrate at any point and in this


moment we have to get our accounts right

with the Lord this isn’t a message for

you to go and cry all all week this is a

message for you to say I’m going to

cross this door leave this door with Joy

with happiness the same way Italo felt

when he confessed his sin so we’re going

to take a moment to say wherever you are

I’m not trying I’m not telling you to

tell anyone just God say Lord this is my

sin don’t look for a different name

don’t ask for an excuse he’s not asking

you why the Lord is saying just tell me

the names and my blood will cover it but

if the name of your sin isn’t clear my

blood can’t cover it my blood doesn’t

cover moments of weakness or moments of

you know my blood covers sin and if you

want to be cleansed of all sin then then

we’re one prayer away from receiving

forgiveness here and at home as Italo

shared this with me instead of listening

to music in the car I took a moment to

remember sins Lord I remember this we

never spoke about this this comes to

mind like d said holy spirit remind me

of the sins that I had forgotten and not

to feel guilty or not to feel like a

worm immediately the Holy Spirit brought

things up things that I’ve done things

that I do daily and I said Lord I I

didn’t know that it was wrong but you

don’t want justification all right I

gossip I’ve been jealous I’ve been

envious I’ve hoped wrong on others

because they hurt me and so I want them

to fail deep down inside I want them to

fail and when someone tells me that


doing not so great then that makes me

happy deep down in my

heart it doesn’t please your

heart I’ve desired for people to fail

and lose their lives the Lord has has

told my heart confess this repent you

know it’s not a surgery that takes hours

I’m not telling

you to walk towards a sphinx or say so

many tell Mary or no it’s just Lord have

mercy God have mercy on me a sinner

those of you that are here and those

that are listening at home say Lord have

mercy on me a sinner wherever you are

get on your

feet at home as well if you can stand if

you’re in your living room or if you’re

in your kitchen if you can bend your

knees at home that’s better but here

we’re going to

stand and we’re going to use the last

moments the last minutes not for this to

be a repetitive prayer where we say well

I’m a sinner no we all need a a new

prayer of

repentance we can pray generically you

can pray and I can

pray for the sins that we know forgive

me Lord look at my mind my mind

wanders my eyes are unclean and pure C

cleanse them Lord is it tough yes

because you feel very bad

if right now the holy spirit is making

you feel terrible and filthy then we’re

reliving Italo’s experience it means

that the the end will be good you’ll

leave here with joy and happiness

because whatever sin you confess is

immediately revoked tell the Lord Lord

this is my sin pray to the Lord for a

few minutes I’ll give you some moments

here and at

home for you to pray however the Holy

Spirit shows you if you don’t remember

say Lord whatever I don’t remember

please forgive me but whatever comes to

mind immediately say Lord forgive

me no one sees what I watch on the

computer but you do Lord forgive me what

is this called what is it called lust

lust say Lord

forgive all the times I’ve been lustful

and you’ll see when you ask for

forgiveness and you confess it’ll be the

fly effect because there testimony has

impacted me and I had never

spoken about another person’s testimony

during an entire sermon but in respects

to this man I I respect him I know he

didn’t exaggerate I don’t he add a

single thing to what his Revelation was

and now today I transmit to you and

those that are

watching say Lord clean my life forgive


sins it doesn’t matter if you’re

Catholic Muslim atheist Protestant say

Lord forgive my

sins if we have to go to the wedding of

the Lamb we have to go with spotless

garments I want to be at the wedding and

I don’t know if my door will be orange


blue or what color but I want to go

through that door knowing that there’s

no shadow of sin that can

enter there’s no pandemic that can

expand in heaven there’s no death why

that’s why there are no cemeteries Lord


me and I know that by my own means with

Doctrine I will never be

clean because we are of the nature to

sin those that have young children or

I’ve had them before know that a child

can lie at the age of three or

four it was my sister teacher my dog ate


homework my mom was sick and so that’s

why I couldn’t do my homework three or

four years

old they’re selfish they fight with

their siblings who taught them the Lord

says your nature is to

sin that’s what we do we

sin and the Lord on the sermon of the

mountain says you can’t be righteous as

your father is in heaven if it’s not

through the son say Lord clean my life

today your grace reaches

me oh lift up your hands and drink drink

from thisg Grace from this for

forgiveness father I’ve preached this

morning what I believe you placed in my

heart I’ve transmitted what I believe

you tell you told me and Lord I ask now

that your Holy Spirit finish and seal


job may it

transform Lives May it affect seal these

words I’ve spoken what you told me to

say but I know your holy spirit is now

doing another job touching youth elderly

children adults those that are crying on

the other side of the screen at

home you Lord are doing it you clean us

and you purify

us come on come on come on I feel that

with this confession the joy of the Lord

is coming because Italo felt it I’ve


it it’s Euphoria as if you’re born again

and you say wow I could live with this

and the Lord says you can live with it

just go to my presence every every

day before you go to sleep don’t let

Netflix be the last thing you do but

bend your knees and say Lord clean me

forgive me even from the things that I


realize and each morning before you have

coffee say Lord help me to live in the

way you want me to live I know I’m going

to mess up but give me the sensibility

to decide to make the right decisions


me and then you’ll see what Holiness by

Grace is not by Doctrine by

grace and it’s a superhuman strength and

the Lord says I sanctifying you I am

sanctifying you and he removes gossip


lust he removes anything that bothers

the Holy Spirit Come on lift up your

hands and drink drink here and at home

father thank you for this morning thank

you for your your blessing your glory

for the Youth for the children for so

much glory in this

place we align we calibrate with you

thank you Lord for this word thank you

for allowing me to transmit

it through my brother

Italo thank you for this message for

these rudiments for this ABCs of going

back to the

foundations these fundamentals that

you’re making us remember I give you

thanks Lord bless River bless bless this

congregation bless those that are

listening from all over the world thank

you because the joy and the happiness of

your salvation has returned to many

thank you because the joy has been

recovered and the happiness does not go

away Lord bless touch I declare that

October October November and December

will be months of blessing we will see

your glory we will see your blessing we

will be free healed prosperous blessed

in the body in the soul and in the the

spirit amen amen and amen glory to Jesus

if you believe that God has

spoken celebrate to the king how the

lord loves you the lord loves you yes or

no give an Applause to the Lord How He

Loves You princess How He Loves You

Prince if not he wouldn’t speak to you

this way the lord loves you people with

joy with happiness clean squeaky clean

go home enjoy life bye bye bye
























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