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#RIverEnUganda #DanteGebel #MisionesUganda CREDITS/ACKNOWLEDEMENTS RIVER SCHOOL, NYEIHANGA, UGANDA WISHES TO THANK OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS AND ALL THE SUPPORTERS OF RIVER ARENA THAT MADE THIS TRANSFORMATION OF THE SCHOOL AND VIDEO POSSIBLE. ¡WE LOVE YOU RIVER ARENA! The students, faculty, staff and families at River School, Nyeihanga, Uganda also want to thank the following who have made this dream become a reality: ORIGINAL LAND AND BUILDING DONORS: Enock Kahamba Mpabwa and Penlope Chandali SCHOOL FOUNDERS: Rob and Beth Owen Pastor Andrew Jackson Blake Shubert John Baptist Stephen Bagambe EARLY SCHOOL SUPPORTERS: Mosbacher Family Ellington Family Leachman Family Pastor Bernard and Annah Gumisiriza James Olupot Julius Aba Raymond Opio Godwill Smith PAST FACULTY AND STAFF OF THE DWIGHT AND KATHRYN OWEN EDUCATION CENTRE NGOs: River Church Rio Lighthouse Global Foundation Light of the Lord Global Mission Saw Island Foundation Kingdom Renewal Worship Center Higher Hope Learning Academy Rwandan Refugee members of River School’s Lion of Judah Children’s Choir SPECIAL THANKS TO RIVER’S MISSIONARY IN RESIDENCE AND NOW RIVER SCHOOL HEAD: PASTOR KEVIN MASON BUSINESSES: MS Construction Team and General Contractor John Musoba Induda Mountain Cinema, Daniel Wanyina and Brian Musinguzi Diamond Trust Bank Golden Tulip Canaan Hotel, Kampala Lakeview Resort Hotel, Mbarara Nyore Hillside Retreat, Nyakaguruka Because International Godtenos Textile LOCAL SUPPORTERS: Tuwangye Charles, Mayor of Nyeihanga Mubwine Charles and All Saints Church of Nyeihanga National Fellowship of Born Again Churches and Nyeihanga Pastors Fellowship River Parents Teachers Association River School Management Committee AND A SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND LAW ENFORCEMENT Asiimwe Jane, Regional District Officer Muhanguzi Newton, Deputy Resident District Officer Stephen Kamara, District Police Commander Katurebe Eneico, Government Internal Security Organization Bwongyererwa William, District Internal Security Organization

all right



I’m the owner of this land

and we donated

this place where the school is

the school started in 2011.

this community has many orphans

and many needed people

so at least

my late husband

was to get someone who can assist the

needy and the orphans

hi River it’s brother of your God Will

Smith I’ve been here for

up to seven years now we have grown to

260 children now and with a faculty of


my name is

you work as nasale head and I teach top

class as a class teacher

in my classroom right now I need a very

big chalkboard because the one I have

there it is so small and for last one we

are teaching them we use big letters

visible ones according to their age

if you give me computer it will be very

good because they will learn from down

how to use computer and they will do

everything by themselves

foreign I teach English and science

the development that you’re seeing there

really the improvements are there both

physically and academically we are

improving from the lower level to the

higher level every subject actually

generally they like them

I’m Bob I’m a teacher of English our

kids have grown into real spiritual life

that’s why we make sure that our kids

develop spiritually not only


my name is Jennifer Moscow call me

sister Jenny

I work as a school nurse management


for the whole school I do manage classes

I do go there see the teachers I do go

to the kitchen see what they have

prepared for the kids

the kitchen there I make sure everything

is prepared where the food the kids eat

the way they serve it


when the rain could rain it could

hear the hole in the Iron Sheet it could

rain on your bed

so there is that ceiling maybe to stop

there and it won’t come



when we wake up we go to the bathrooms

if they come back in the dormitory you

wear your clothes run to class before

the time gets you yes I’ve got four kids


people who are living in this area

they live in a difficult way

so they need education

we have 80 kids living here

most of the kids here they have single

parents but even those with both parents

their parents they cannot manage

everything for them

yeah their orphans because even during

the whole days we do have kids who stay

here because they find going home it is

a big problem instead they have to stay

here and manage it that way


and we live in years

how do you feel in the school

in the morning we take porridge as a


and after lunch we take posho

and the beans as our lunch

and in the evening we take posho also

and beans

they they teach us about good they teach

us about how to preach how to read the

scripture the Bible reading the school

is good


they teach were

they have good teachers

children ago our behaved

in the last days there was no music me I

love music too so much when I started

dancing singing my especially by for God

I feel great





I want to be a doctor when I grow up

I want to be in Nema I want to protect

the environment

I’m gonna be a storage

protect our country


fight against the rebels who

will attack our country

a lot of Buzz around here and and most

most of them they are drunkards

as we rank this place it is the first

press that leads in HIV along here that

Western Uganda

I’m 14 years old

I have only a mom

I started sleeping here in P5

to get safe like like when I’m going

back home

yes some strangers in in the way

they use it there isn’t any stranger

catching us when we are sleeping

there is fresh air no problem the Press

is very secure

I have one brother and one sister

the reason why I don’t live with her is


I decided on my own to come in at school

to study

my favorite song

I love to praise him

I love to praise him I love to praise

him I love to praise him and lift up His

holy name and leave the peace Holy Name


Hallelujah singing

Hallelujah we exalt him on high we exalt

him on high


nothing like this has ever happened

before this is so great and the

community is already aware of what is

going on prior to your arrival here in


thank you


their eyes like this is not a story you

know Santa Claus is Coming to Town

cartoon reality just happened the people

we’d hoped that we would see one day

actually showed up

thank you

thank you



thank you


you look around you see the work is

going on people are very busy and the

people in the community are getting a

job and some money

North America

I wake up every day and goes this going

on is this really happening and then

wake up and see us in the morning and I

say river is truly here

I love them

they love me and didn’t even know me

right they just it was hope

and when that happens

I hope just It Made Me Love You could

have nothing but love

oh my goodness what is River going to be

number one what is River gonna be




the people are very kind

and very nice

and beautiful

I most likely to have a company the way

they work how busy they can make

themselves and how they engaged in work

these things are very good we are

excellent and they will help too much in

the education and learning capacity of

our pupils


what we’re doing when a child comes in

the first thing we want to do is to

reboot the computer system of the brain

then we want to stimulate that part of

their brain with these glasses that

blink at different levels and then we

have them read a book this way this way

that way and upside down the kids can

actually read better because we’re

stimulating that part of their brain

they are so thankful that our church is

coming out here to do all this work and

to help them not only have a better life

but have a better academic level this

has been perfect

since you’ve been here



I’m grade three teacher

I’m a teacher Ada I’m grade three


the most thing which I would like

from River Church I liked the way how

they are praying with us the way how

they are happy with us


even in the Spanish songs that they told

that you told us they were very

interesting yes

they teach us how to dance even they

teach us the songs of Spanish

so we love River Church




hello hello

River Owen here listen the kids have

such a surprise today they’re going to

egongo Cultural Center

many of them have never been in a car

much less a bus

thank you

it’s going to be an exciting day they’re

going to learn about the culture of

Western Uganda they’re going to be able

to see part of their history it’s an

exciting time for the kids for the

faculty and it’s for our people

thank you

hello world here in Uganda and this is

Pao she has a dream of becoming a


and she’s gonna ask me a few questions

thank you pal hello welcome as he has

said that I want to be a journalist when

I grow up

okay I want to ask him some little few


so amanya


is your family and how is your life

my life is very good

my family

they are all good and they’re living

very well in nihanga

oh you stay in nihanga

how many parents do you have I have both

of my parents Botha two my dad and my

mom okay that’s good to hear

thank you

these are the best because they grow as

you’re wearing them

so they grow using these things

the bullets You Pull It in frog it’s

behind as they become large or small

yeah it’s gonna last for many years



of course they have started talking

because they are saying what is

happening there

around they say this is too wonderful

they say there is something which is

going to take place down there

the community generally it is talking

about the school

very well

better but best

the changes I’m so much surprised there

is a lot that has been done we are so

happy and grateful



can’t wait to see it all I can’t express

it right now because at times I feel

like crying

because I ask myself who are we in this

place to have this that is happening to

us right now

all the changes are very good

the school is getting more very good and

looking nice



I will be having big handkerchief

I know the children will cry

how we wish they stayed with us this

this side

even now I’m about to cry

guess what it’s raining but in Africa

rain can be a wonderful sign a wonderful

sign of blessings because we’ve had rain

we’ve had Sun we’ve had rain and I know

God’s going to show up with the sunshine

River Church we want to present a gift

to all the teachers from River School

what about you

even with the rain are we still happy

we have

a special set of gifts that we have

brought all the way from California

for the students and the teachers

it is


will learn to use computers


what can I say unto the Lord unto you

and to River thank you Lord

and we are saying thank you on behalf of

all the children

all the teachers our parents and the

people of nihanda and Uganda thank you

thank you thank you

this is not the last time that we’ll be


you will be forever in our hearts




thank you



thank you

we are now able to access the Solar

System since we have been in darkness


they are happy about the light that is

being provided we had the solar system

that was up there but outside but now so

far the light that is being provided it

is not dim like the other one it can

lead as well as even here where we are

the light can reach there so we are very

pleased about the solar system

the kitchen when you reach there is a

place is well

so everything is impressed now it is


I want to thank River School for

building for us beautiful bathroom thank

you thank you Universe too

thank you

as the head teacher of the school I

really want to thank River the toys has

now been improved to the best within the

nihanga as the community


my God

the smile is on our faces it’s just

because of you and we are here for you

and you are there for us thank you very




School in the region and Broadway in


my name is

I’m the educational officer in charge of

special needs education River School is

performing very well the infrastructures

are good the environment is also good in

fact we know that in future River School

will be among the modern schools we have

in our district


for sure our school will be number one

as we wish yes I know that one day one

time these kids will be professionals

and will also appreciate what we are

given to them of facilities are

fantastic we are La experience here and

really thank you from MS Construction

myself John and the team we want to give

you a very good upload and thanks for

being so much partnered with us

thank you very much thank you very much

River Church may God bless you

abundantly I really appreciate it

third very nice may God bless you River

Church and I want to thank them for our

school you will be blessed we shall be

blessed here in Uganda and we shall

change Uganda we shall change Africa the

whole world will be changed because of

your representation we were chosen to be

part of River Church in America in

California we are so much happy

the river church so much thank you for

your support for Your Love Without Love

I know your support can’t be there but

because of that gift of love you are

meaningful to us thank you River Church

thank you