ENGLISH Dante Gebel #870 | Anchoring

When we face a season in the hospital, a lean year, or a parenthesis in our ministry, we usually want someone to pull us out of the storm. But it is in those moments that, instead of asking to be evacuated and ejected, we must learn to trust in the Lord. No matter how much the wind blows, don’t give up, do not surrender, do not lower your arms… Anchor your boat at the bottom of the ocean and resist, because beneath the surface we have an anchor. Jesus is the firm anchor of our souls!


with that Applause we receive on duras

Dominican Republic El Salvador

Colombia the US look at all the flags

from all the different

countries this seems like a World Cup a

World Cup

final how beautiful this looks like a

final with the flags from each country

each Nation each one represented around

the world they say yes there’s my flag

so don’t stop that Applause here we are

connecting live

direct via live stream or as they used

to say via satellite thank you thank

you to those marvelous countries thank

you may God bless you may he protect you

we’re here at River Arena on Broadway

Street the Revival on Broadway Street

this place where marvelous things are

always happening and I’m going to

transmit what I believe God told me to

tell you in just a few minutes but

before I have something to share with

you we’ve already sang Here live we’ve

worshiped a few things have happened

here but that has to do with the

experience of those that are here

present in the flesh now we connect with

all the people around the world that are

watching us from their homes thank you

for being there welcome to

you I just came back yesterday from



I this tour that we’ve taken to 40

different countries already we still

have to go to Bolivia in a couple weeks

Paraguay Panama

Spain but this past week we went to Peru

with our beloved people from Lima and we

have images from Peru it was

marvelous this is a dome as you might

see it’s a tent or a

dome literally on the beach of Lima it

was marvelous to be there it was

completely sold out it was full

and it was marvelous to get to know this

Peruvian crowd well I had already met

the peruvians years

ago I’ve been in many different cities

in Peru but this time I went back to

Lima with this marvelous conference and

I promised to all the people from Lima

that I would show these images and send

greetings to them this was Tuesday night

Tuesday night at about 900 p.m. that’s

when the conference began and it was Mar

everything that we lived in

Peru and if there are any peruvians here

let me

say your your food your Gastronomy is is

amazing you eat so well in

Peru I do intermittent fasting and I

only eat during eight hours of the day

for 16 hours I’m fasting so I eat from

noon until 8:00 p.m. but since there’s

such good food in Peru I had to adjust

that time window a little bit and it was

marvelous and since an image is worth

more than a thousand words this is what

happened in Lima Peru








EX for

all the

peruvians to all the peruvians an

enormous greetings that was Tuesday that

was Tuesday night the following day

first thing in the morning we

transported to Chile because Thursday we

were at the movie star arena in

Chile Chile is a marvelous country

they’re in the in the

South a mountain range separates Chile

from the holyland Argentina they’re

almost holy this is the mov star arena

in Chile a marvelous place this was this

went on on Thursday where we had an

absolute sellout as well sold out more

than 10,000

people they all bought their tickets

almost a week in advance we couldn’t fit

another soul and I I encountered many

friends this is the third movie story we

know we’ve gone to the first one was in

bot the second was in Argentina and

Bueno situs and this third one is in

Chile it’s always marvelous to be in

these Arenas where so many marvelous

people congregate we had such a great

time and I don’t know if there’s any

Chileans here are there any

Chileans Chile is so beautiful I didn’t

talk about soccer and she I want to I

didn’t want to say anything to not hurt


feelings I was a visitor I behaved I

didn’t say anything

generally I tend to ask did CH go to the

World Cup and I say these jokes but this

time I didn’t say anything I was a

minority I want to go back someday this

is what happened in Chile










for for



I vot for she’s a Chilean that would

vote for

me greetings to all of

Chile and also see you in Bolivia Panama

Paraguay we have two dates in Barcelona

Madrid seevilla corun alante and then we

come back to Panama it’s always a

pleasure and I’ll always share with you

how it went how God’s favor is with us

how he backs us I know I can count on

your prayers especially for our health

for the plane rids for the food because

I always have to be back here on Sunday

with a fresh message on behalf of the

Lord so may the lord always renew my

strength I count on your

prayers and and don’t ever let that

backing stop from from our family from

my family here all right I’m about to

transmit the message but I want to tell

you that yesterday Saturday we had plans

to go and pick no not pick we weren’t

going to pick anything we were going to

go bless those that picked the

strawberries and the strawberry fields

we were going to bless them with food

and and many things but

finally the the people in charge of

these field

decided that they wouldn’t Harvest on

Saturday so we were left with all the

food all the resources and immediately

our pastoral team had the idea of saying

why don’t we go here to to Los Angeles

where there are so many people living on


streets the area of skid

row has many people living on the

streets about 20,000 people living on

the streets 20,000 people that are

permanently living without a

roof and the city of Los Angeles is the


with the most homeless people in all of

the US I share this with people in other

countries that say no everyone in the US

is Rich no one has problems with money

no there’s a huge situation in Los

Angeles with people that don’t have

anything to eat so yesterday we went out

here we have the first images of what

yesterday’s event was a very cloudy day

very cold of

course but our team took the tents they

went out to

bless obviously they received the joy

and the surprise many already know us

they were waiting for us and they said

oh you’re the people from River so we

took warm food many wor meals it was

marvelous to see that whole blue SE

yesterday when I received the images I

was just getting back from my trip to

Chile and I I saw images immediately

what was

happening and I felt my chest inflate

because I said this is so marvelous I

know how tough it

is to have Volunteers in any

congregation go out to the streets but

here they do it with so much love so

much affection look at this blue sea

this Applause goes to all you people

look at this look at this

team this team of

volunteers now it’s

surprising what’s more

is we didn’t have enough shirts there

were more volunteers than food than

there was food this is our team I think

this is church undoubtedly more than

just a slogan or a cliche this is

church CU going out to the streets this

was the preparation before we headed

out we all said we’re going to be a

Channel of blessing I don’t know if you

can accomplish that anywhere in the

world and God knows that I’m not

boasting we’re not

boasting but that doesn’t mean that we

can’t be grateful because we have all

ages represented here youth so many

youths children that put on their shirts

and they have this contact with those

that have less so when they have contact

with those that have

less they become more grateful with what

they do have I think many of those that

went came back no longer complaining

about foolishness knowing how marvelous

it is to serve and be a Channel of

blessing so to all the volunteers we

have images and videos be prepared for

next week but I just wanted to present

these fresh images photographs of what

happened yesterday with our volunteers

thank you thank you church for your

generosity for those that gave money for

the food and for those that

went to give a bit of their labor and

now I always show you Africa India today

this evening our team has headed out to

Cuba because we’re going to be giving

away our homes in the neighborhood that

we just finished River home we’re going

to give these homes away this week to

the elderly couples that could never

even dream of it when we see the images

we’re all going to cry together here

this week we’re giving the houses away

remember we had some problems we didn’t

know if we were going to be able to

finish the project but we did in the end

and now River has built a whole

neighborhood with the newest generation

of houses in Cuba with everything with

running water with

electricity and we chose six elderly

couples that live in inhumane conditions

at the moment and we’re going to give

them these homes that’ll be done this

week today the pastors a group of

pastors from here as well as volunteers

will leave to have Cuba and we’re going

to be praying for

them meanwhile we went to Colombia more

than 150 volunteers I think there are

more Colombians

here poor Chileans there aren’t many of

them here there are a few Chileans and

argentinians but there are many many

Colombians 150

volunteers from the church

Marat with the Beloved priest that

helped us out carried this out we made

it to New Jerusalem a sector in Colombia

and this was the biggest Invasion that

has ever happened in this Zone people

living in poverty many of them migrants

displaced because of

violence but we were able to give 20

tons of

food we were able to help the entire

Community with medical

attention Dental attention haircuts all

that after this I’ll I’ll share the

message but this is what happened in

Colombia thanks to your seed












foree fore




car for


medas guos e






balones for



spee Gra rer




that is your

seed that is our seed it’s marvelous an

enormous greeting to all of

Colombia and we never stopped doing this

and it’s very very marvelous very

magnificent because it doesn’t have to

do with opening up a new church or

building a temple but helping those that

need it the most and that’s our way of

expanding as a river and that’s what we

promised the Lord during the pandemic

that we would never stop being the barn

house of the world so we do it we never

stop even when you’re not seeing these

images always always in this very moment

we’re doing something in Mexico in

Colombia in Honduras and we show it

little by little when we have time to do

so but we never stop so thank you for

your seed for what you’ve planted and

those that se from different part to the

world are we ready for God to speak to

us yes or

no I’d like to begin with a very direct

question very honest

question when was the last time that

someone looked us deeply in the eyes and

asked us how are you are you good and I

include myself right when was the last

time that somebody asked us how are you

are you fine I’m not talking about

someone you know casually that just

asked us out of courtesy and didn’t even

wait for an answer sometimes it’s a

cliche hey how you doing and you don’t

even wait for the answer I’m referring


someone that’s truly interested in

knowing how the health of our soul is

doing someone that can perceive our

battles our our fights that we don’t

necessarily Express and that are

interested enough to not just be left

with the superficial

and under no point of view are they


to to conform to our classic answer of

I’m good I’m good thank God I can’t

complain it’s not very frequent let’s

agree that someone truly wants to know

how we are and they ask us how are you

how do you feel no but really how do you

feel and despite the fact that this

question is very healing when somebody

truly asks it intentionally and

consciously it’s very

healing as soon as we perceive that

somebody’s trying to probe a little

deeper we tend to close

ourselves we establish our layers and we

avoid opening our souls because

vulnerability is always intimidating and

you might think H if I open myself up

maybe this will be used against me maybe

I’ll tell them what’s going on with me

and then they’re going to spread that

gossip and so you tend to close yourself

and not share

however you

give you give a short answer instead of

giving a spiritual answer you say I’m

good I’m good I’m good I’m blessed I


complain you you’re asking how I am yeah

I’m good I’m good thank God I have a job

I’m healthy I serve God and my family

well you know every family has problems

nothing out of the

ordinary generally speaking I’m fine I

can’t complain it’s a very vain

response and we always have the

tendency to

enumerate external indicators to prove

that we’re

fine but none of these things not even

our employment not our health not even

serving God or our

family means necessarily speaking that

were healthy that were happy

inside that’s why the question is are

you are you fine it’s terrifying because

it has to do with our true self not with

our activities or what we’re doing but

with the health of our soul are you good

how how are you

feeling the majority of Christians it’s

it’s tough for us to speak about that

internal health our emotional stability

because it’s as if it exposes us I

insist basically it shows us to be very

vulnerable very Earthly very human and

so us Christians say in Victory thank

God I’m not going to give the devil the

time of day and we never truly open up

our hearts sometimes we’re not okay the

health of our soul isn’t fine and

today’s message is the

result of the fact that I’ve battled

with these questions that we as that we

all ask ourselves how are we really

doing as the years go by and as the

seasons change you have moments in which

you’re good and then you have moments in

which your soul isn’t so good I’m not

pretending under any point of view that

I’m an expert in internal Wellness I

don’t have even the

slightest motivation to tell you how to

fix a broken

soul in fact when it has to do with a

human soul I don’t think any of

us could affirm having everything

resolved not

preachers not even the most spiritual

person because the soul is complex the

human heart is

complex more than 2 200 years ago the


Jeremiah gives the ancient people of of

of Israel this word in Jeremiah 179 the

human heart is the most deceitful

deceitful of all

things and desperately wicked who really

knows how bad it is talking about our

heart our heart deceives us this isn’t a

very encouraging message of course but

Jeremiah wasn’t being cynical or ironic

he was being honest he was declaring The

Human Condition our heart is

deceitful sometimes it scams us however

the message from God in Jeremiah doesn’t

stop there because the following verse

says but I the Lord search all hearts

and examine secret motives so in other

words God does know the depths of our

mind the depths of our hearts our

soul in fact he know knows us better

than what we know

ourselves but the majority of us can’t

even explain what God is referring to

when he says the soul the

heart what’s more is sometimes we

interpret it as poetic license like

poets tend to say I love you with all my

heart my soul is undone by you and we

think that maybe God is using that same

poetic license I was reading a

study where they found that the majority

of Christians huh in other words us when

we think about the

soul We Believe or subscribe to the

theory of the Looney

Tunes in our subconscious we assume that

when we die we’re going to go through

what the duck went

through that when Dynamite exploded on

him there was a translucent

figure that came from their body because

Bugs Bunny blew him up

so you believe that that’s what’s going

to happen to you that something is going

to float out of you like a ghost a

shadow something is going to fly up to

heaven what’s true is that you can’t put

a soul under a microscope you can’t

study it with x-rays there are no

x-rays that can see a

soul I once told you that about a

hundred years ago a

doctor began to measure

the slight weight loss from six

tuberculosis patients as they passed and

he concluded that when they passed when

they died they lost a weight of 21 Grams

and so he concluded that the soul weighs


gram then it was disproven by science

but it went so viral that dozens of

books were written about the weight of a

soul even a film became very

famous called 21 G where it was believed

that a soul weighs 21 G but that’s not

what matters don’t start weighing

yourself now don’t say oh I’m not fat

it’s just I have a heavy Soul no it’s


that but when we speak about the

soul even unbelievers mention it with

respect you might have seen in films we

we might have seen

that when the worst criminal is about to

be executed they are told may God have

pity on your soul like a soul is a

jurisdiction that doesn’t belong to any

judge here on Earth

they can be condemned to the electric

chair or the maximum sentence or lethal

injection but then the matters of the

Soul well may God have pity on you don’t

we don’t necessarily want them to go to

hell but we say to the worst criminals

may God have pity on your

soul in fact the universal sign of


SOS means save our

souls save our

souls us churches should know a lot

about souls we’re always talking about

souls and saving Souls

but what does it

mean for a soul to be saved the word

soul in the an in the Old Testament as

well as the New Testament is always

synonymous with the

person in fact even our own vocabulary

reflects this when you count the people

on a on a ship or a plane they ask how

many Souls aboard when there’s an an air

tragedy they asked how many people were

on board it is believed that origin of


question or of relating people directly

with their souls it comes from Biblical

language that’s where it was born maybe

it finds its origin in Acts 27:37 where

Luke informs about a shipwreck where the

Apostle Paul was

involved and he says all 276 of us who

were on

board 276 Souls

maybe that’s where the phraseology or

the atmology of the word Surs that when

you speak about a group of people you

speak about a group of souls let me tell

you other interesting

details the word psychology which is so

famous comes from the Greek word psyche

which in reality means

Soul psychology is the study of the Soul

Sigman Freud wrote that the treatment of

the psyche is nothing more than the

treatment of the

Soul but as the years have gone by

psychology changed the term soul for the

internal you and they’re not equivalent

they’re almost on the antipodes they

have different

connotations the American Medical

Association affirms that despite the


growth of the health mental health

industry because years ago there weren’t

so many professionals dedicated to

mental health but despite the huge

increase of professionals that study

mental health there are more and more

people that are depressed suffering

depression look contemplating suicide


with with

affection and we can’t explain why there

are more and more people that are

unhappy bitter depressed hurt in

actuality we have technology that our

grandparents never dreamt of

having we can travel by a plane in a

matter of hours when before they had to

spend months on a ship just to get

across the ocean however now people are

more depressed more sad a brilliant

psychologist named Martin cigman who has

no religious interest he never

pronounced himself as a Christian he

exposed the theory that people replaced

god with that small thing that new

psychology calls the inner you and that

inner me can’t sustain the weight of

life without God you

can’t but all that about discovering

your yourself that empowerment it’s a

fat that began a few years ago in

fact it started to coming to our

churches behind that phrase of Empower

yourself no God doesn’t give you power

you Empower yourself if you’re lost then

find yourself there are seminars that

say how to find yourself and lost people

go saying I want to find myself and they

pay to find

themselves if you’re stressed out then

you have to take care of yourself if you

have a job interview you have to believe

in yourself before you present yourself

at the

interview in fact if you’re going to get

a tattoo make sure that that tattoo

expresses who you

are a mother-in-law a snake I don’t know

any everyone will know that’s just an

example poor snake I always pick on the


right if you want God to use you then

Empower yourself there are conferences

like this Empower yourself but what if

our internal being is a

disaster when you know yourself you say

well I’m a disaster deep down inside

well when that happens what do we do we

try to fake it we try to mask it we

cover up what we truly are we don’t

allow ourselves to be known and we show

an edited version of our

exterior and that’s why many people take

identity in what they do and we say I’m

a doctor what are you I am a pastor and

that’s not enough for some some say I’m

an apostle others say I’m an engineer

the first question that reporters tend

to ask me always they say wait so you’re


pastor because after I give my

answer it’s not simply a punctual

question that comes from their curiosity

the question are you a pastor are you a

pastor they

ask after my answer my profession my

calling my job that supposedly gives me

IDE identity to

them in the best of cases it validates

me in the worst cases it discredits me

oh a pastor like those that say oh stop

suffering or others say oh a pastor I

know a pastor who’s a great friend of

mine people tend to put us in a box to

try and Define us and I tend to answer

no no no I’m not a pastor I’m Dante

Miguel what I do doesn’t Define me I

also act I I’m a TV host I draw write I

I speak publicly these are all temporary

assignments some last year some

don’t but when I decide to do what I’m

doing I’m still going to be

myself and when I leave here and you

find me on the street and you ask well

what what are you now I’m

nothing no I’m just no longer

acting as a pastor at that point but

that’s what it’s that’s what we do it’s

not Who We Are in

fact this is so misunderstood we ask

children what are you going to be what

are you going to be when you’re

older as if their

job Define their soul their inner being

we should ask what they’re going to do

what are you going to do when you’re

older instead of asking what are you

what are you going to be we’re asking

what’s going to be your identity and

poor kid if they can’t be a doctor

they’ll become frustrated

because they were told that being a

doctor having a diploma on the wall

would assign them identity so when you

take identity in what you

do and then it suddenly collapses that’s

when we begin to drown when we begin to

sink there’s nothing worse than a person

saying I am undocumented no you’re not

that maybe for this time maybe for this

season in Life or for your whole life

maybe you’re not going to have your

legal documents but that doesn’t make

you an illegal

you’re not a divorce no you’re somebody

that went through divorce you don’t take

identity in a marriage that

failed you don’t say oh I’m an orphan no

no no you’re not an orphan you’re

somebody that

suffered because you lost your parents

but that’s not your identity that’s why

I insist with the idea how can we assume

to empower ourselves or our internal

being the internal me when that is

what’s drowning or

Sinking we can’t get our legal papers in

order we get fired from our

jobs we can’t find a job and what we

know how to do or in in our profession

our our family or our marriage fails

when your identity is based on these

external things and and that collapses

then what are we going to take identity

in let me tell you a story that made my


cold at the end of 2013 in

Florida an entire family suddenly lost


lives when out of nowhere without an

earthquake the foundations of their home

collapsed and a huge hole appeared and

it swallowed the whole home with the

family inside they were asleep and

experts later explained that in certain

areas of Florida limestone is beneath

this this the the dirt the surface and

it’s being dissolved Slowly by acid rain

greetings to all those that live in

Florida don’t be afraid it happened in

2013 it’s believed to be an isolated

case but when that rock is dissolved and

eaten away the weight of the home

produces a collapse that the foundations

can no longer sustain and psychologists

speak about something very similar that

happens in human life and they call it

the syndrome of

drowning and this phenomenon tends to

come by being fired from your job or a


divorce or the death of a loved one or

even a simple move from one home to

another or one country to

another when we’re under a very deep

stress sometimes we feel as if the Earth

beneath us is

sinking because we had taken identity in

that the place we grew up the home we

were able to buy the partner we we were

able to find but when our foundations

are the empowerment of that internal

being your profession your home your

family your partner money your kids even

serving God and if suddenly that

collapses as it did during the pandemic

many took identity in what they did for

God oh I go to church because I serve

suddenly three boogers in the air made

the government say from here on out

nobody goes out and churches are closed

some continued worshiping at home or

reading their Bibles at home because

they didn’t take God away from them

what they took away from us from some

time was the ability to congregate they

didn’t take God from

us so those that had their identity and

what they did and not who they were for

God or to God they became depressed

because literally the ground beneath


sunk when the ground beneath us

collapses and we’re left in a hole of

depression that happens all the time

James 1 18 uses a magnificent phrase to

Define this condition he says

a double-minded

man is the B between God and the world

and they are unstable in everything they

do a soul with no

anchoring James says that a a soul with

no Foundation is like a wave in the

ocean pushed by the

wind taken One Direction and another

depends on someone else’s approval if

they’re disapproved of then they become

depressed if things go well financially

then they’re exorbitant and happy if

things go wrong they want to kill

themselves James says it’s like the

waves in an ocean it comes and it goes


Foundation if you have a good memory you

might remember that I once

shared while we were at while we were at

the Cathedral when I was younger I went

with a group of friends we were all

adolescence we went to an old amusement

park in buo cidus that no longer exists

it was called EO Park and one of the

attractions was a mechanical

bull the ones you have to get on and try

and hold on for dear life to not be

thrown off of it I don’t know what I was

thinking when I assumed that I could try

and tame the bll right when you’re an

adolescent you’re always trying to

impress your

friends and especially at that age us

men become more idiots especially if

there are girls in the group and when

there are girls in the group you become


foolish and I should say that I never

took any Rodeo classes I was NE I never

went to a farm I was never close to a

bow but that day I wanted to be the hero

so I offered myself as a volunteer to

try and tame the mechanical bull and

when I went up to the

machine amongst the cheering and the and

the Clapping from my from my friends the

person that controlled the bull warned

me and said there are 12 levels of

difficulty on this ball we’ll see what

level you can reach

I think he saw me so scrawny and fragile

that while he helped me get on he almost

explained it paternally I’ll never

forget it again he said hey

man hey man the secret is always to stay

in the middle and the only way of doing

it is for you to sit Loosely I know it

sounds crazy people always try to cling

on strongly don’t do that try and be

flexible so that it doesn’t throw you

off and for you not to be thrown off you

have to follow the Bulls movements the

looser you are the longer you’ll remain

you have to move your center of gravity

this the way the bull does obviously

like any adolescent I didn’t listen to a

single word he said to

me I I was saying dumb jokes with my

with my classmates so that they could

laugh and as soon as the bull began to

move my instinct was to do what we all

do cling on with all my strength hug the

animals neck and squeeze my legs but

then I had a

revelation I remember

remembered I remembered something that

the instructor had said and immediately

I said you know what no let me relax let

me relax all the girls were looking I

said you know what I have to

relax and I followed the Bull’s

movements that never stopped bucking and

Incredibly to my surprise and to your

surprise you

unbelievers I was able to withstand the

two minutes of the Bull’s rage it didn’t

throw me off and when it stopped I got

off I was very proud my chest was puffed

out I looked at the man and I said hey

what do you say I must be one of the

great that was able to tame the bull and

the instructor smiled and

said this is the level for children

under the age of seven that was level

one and I said hey don’t say it so loud

say it a little quieter but he said it

loud it was level

one and all my friends erupted in

laughter obviously

since my pride was so hurt I

said that I wouldn’t get off the bull

until Level 12 because I had already

figured it out apparently right I found


trick so he said all right let’s go to

level two I said no don’t up until 12 2

seconds into level

two the bull threw me so far that there

are still people looking for me

according to the legend

to say it in a poetic way I was my butt

was in the air against

the the fence of the attraction

sometimes in life we experience level

one level one is when life doesn’t have

big complications you go through life

with a minor amount of

problems level one is the week after the

honeymoon when our biggest worry

is trying to find where to put away the

three blenders that we got for the

wedding or what frame we want over the


table or we have to decide where we’re

going on vacation this next summer there

are moments in life where life goes

through this low tide but generally

speaking life doesn’t remain in level

one things tend to get

complicated maybe one day we discover

that we have an anxiety disorder being

so young we don’t even know why we can’t

sleep well and we wake up more tired

than when we went to

bed an addiction that had hibernated

within us for 20 years suddenly wakes up

and puts our job at risk our profession

our family at

risk suddenly our faith is filled with

doubt our friends betray us our health


uncertain our economy becomes fragile

and we no longer have enough to pay the

basics and if our soul doesn’t have a

good foundation as soon as life begins

to bug the bull will throw us off

it doesn’t matter how hard we try to


on how much we try and follow the Bull’s

movement no the bull is going to throw

us off and we’re going to be left with

our butt in the

air crashing into the fence if there’s

no Foundation if there’s no anchoring

we’re going to be thrown off Hebrews 6


says God also bound himself with an

oath the writer of the Hebrew says so

that those who received the promise

could be perfectly sure that he would

never change his

mind when a

ship does an anchoring maneuver it means

that it’s immobilizing the ship a

boat this anchoring is done by throwing


anchor to the to the ocean floor so that

the ship doesn’t

move if the ship or the boat is docked

it can put up with any inclement weather

or any ferocious storm it’s


and the anchoring is also the great


Enigma because this was written for two

types of people of anchoring your

soul the first crowd was composed by

people that were 10 centimeters away

from surrendering the way many people

might be feeling today here and at home

and in this case because of religious

persecution many of these Hebrews had

lost family members

friends business’s jobs just because

they followed

Jesus they were in pain anguished broken

they were suffering economic

Financial emotional and

spiritual and they were thinking what we

sometimes think I can’t do this anymore

it’s all over this is too hard this is

too painful I can’t deal with this


I’ve lost friends I’ve lost loved ones

so the writer of the Hebrews says don’t

give up on Jesus he is your anchor the

second group were those that wanted to

add Jesus to their conglomerate of

spiritual doctrines they wanted to

believe in Jesus but they also loved the

law they had almost like a hybrid

spirituality where they tried to combine

their faith in Jesus and his and their

healthy Doctrine but the writer says no

no no the only Anchor You Need Is Christ

Christ is sufficient you need anything

else and that’s why the writer

utilizes this Maritime Ingenuity the

author used the image of a boat and an

anchor or a ship and an

anchor to remind these followers of

Jesus that when they felt overwhelmed

they needed to Anchor themselves to

Jesus because Jesus was sufficient they

needed to Anchor their souls to Jesus

didn’t matter what

happened the confusion the Uproar the

racket the movement of the bull and the

writer painted a beautiful picture of of

stability and

certainty he didn’t say this might work

it might not work no he said it’s a

certain it’s certain and

firm hope wasn’t a religious system or a

Commandments no it was Christ

Jesus was the Eternal anchor for their

soul he said anchor your souls to Jesus

and as the centuries go by we had to be

reminded of the same thing in 2024 years

later we haven’t changed

much we’re still needing an

anchor to not have to suffer that

syndrome of sinking when we don’t

understand why we’re

sad if only depression could be


easily those that have never suffered

depression or or deep sadness tend to

criticize those that suffer it and you

say how can it be you have marvelous

children look at the home you have

really what are you complaining about

what are you depressed about sometimes

depression doesn’t resist

analysis I don’t want to necessarily say

that it’s a demon no sometimes they’re


chemicals that mix in the brain to say

it in a simple

way and these these chemicals create

changes in our in our mood we don’t

understand why we’re sad sometimes in

the worst cases people can’t even get

out of bed they can’t get out from under

their covers and in the best of cases

there are people that get up they try

and drink a bit of coffee go to work but

they’re captivated by such sadness that

they feel they can’t breathe and that

doesn’t have to do with a demon

necessarily speaking obviously that

doesn’t come from God

but that doesn’t mean that they’re

arranged sometimes you feel like you’re

Soul just feels anxiety that you’re not

holding on to something firm so the

question is what is our anchor

or in more simple terms what or who are

we anchored to in the moments when we


sad or do we feel sad because we’re not

anchored to anything what do we run to

when we need an escape this isn’t

something that we should answer to

answer out loud to not get into problems

but when you say I need an escape

where maybe those that have resources

say let me go to a cabin hidden in the

mountains of who knows where those that

can’t have that luxury because of a lack

of time or money they say ah what do I

know let me just have a Netflix binge

right now others

say I’ll eat everything in this

neighborhood and

City I’m going to eat a whole tub of ice

cream other say sex pornography

pornography helps me escape for a moment

it helps me go to a virtual reality and

it makes me feel good it’s an Escape

others say sex no not pornography but

literal sex others say alcohol

tequila when I need an escape I need to

smoke something and drink something and

forget about the world that’s what the

anchor is that’s how serious it is

others say well my anchor I don’t need

that escape my anchor my Tranquility

depends on me being free from debts

thank God my home is paid off and I have

a retirement plan and I have money in

the bank and I’m ready to grow

old so that Soul’s anchor is preparation

and employment intelligence money

resources I’m in favor of strategic

planning for retirement and and

Financial Freedom but let’s be sincere

the plan whatever the plan is will

always have holes in it if only life

were predictable life is never clean or

controlled or

organized life is not level one on the

bll for children under seven no life

becomes complicated life isn’t

predictable this is who I’ll be and at

this age I’ll graduate and then I’ll get

married at this age and then I want my

husband to be like this I don’t want him

to be bald or have a big belly no it’s

not going to happen what do I

know life life changes the script on us

continually as much as we save up maybe

we’re surprised by an illness or a

disease that our health insurance won’t

or can’t cover and we’re left with

nothing how many people have been


that four or five

years of being in out out of the


dilapidate all the money you had saved

up for your children’s University if

we’re anchored to money then we’re going

to be tied to the whims and

and to the whims and Cravings of of of

the economy and polititions or or even

inflation so things that have no soul

can’t help us

people and we do have souls

your cell phone can’t be your Escape

when you’re

sad you say ah I’m sad but I have my

phone it’ll be an escape but it’s not an

anchor your cell phone can’t hold up

your soul even if it has an ultra high

resolution screen and a t photo lens

no the cell phone can’t help us because

it doesn’t have a soul our home doesn’t

have a soul our job doesn’t have a

soul our social position has no soul

serving God our Serv to God doesn’t have

a soul it’s just service to

God but by definition these things don’t

have the intrinsic capacity to assist us

emotionally or spiritually that’s why we

become we become depressed others might

say well I can’t anchor myself to things

I’m not so foolish but my anchor is my

husband he’s the one that contains me

he’s the man that I run to his shoulder

I lay on his chest when I’m

depressed and the guy might say well no

no no my anchor is my my my my woman I

lay on her chest as

well it’s more fun when she lays on his

chest right but no no no I’m I’m

completely in love and we can conquer

the world together and our love goes


all all

borders others say no my anchor is my

family how many women say my anchor are

my grand is my grandchildren

if I know my family is fine I will never

sink and these people literally depend

on their children and their

grandchildren and when they can’t gather


family when those grandchildren

eventually have their own lives and

their own interests they fall in love

they find their Partners they’re not

going to go visit Grandma as often as

they did when they were

eight they go from time to time and if

that poor woman was anchored to her

children or grandchildren she’ll begin

to feel alone and she’ll fall into

depression others anchor themselves to

their friends while I have him or or

while I have her I’m never going to feel

alone because we have such good times

together as friends but every friend

also has their

times now those that anchor themselves

to people let’s

agree different to those that anchor

themselves to things people that anchor

themselves to other people are

definitely one level above those that

anchor themselves to property or or car

or a cell phone but anchoring yourself

to a person also has holes because that

person that we’re counting on also has a

soul just as fragile as ours or as

fragmented as ours we can’t say they’re

going to be my anchor because they also

have an anchor and sometimes they’ll

feel like sinking as well I once heard a

story of a marriage that didn’t get

along to well because he always came

from from the street in a bad mood and

she always had a bad mood so they

decided to implement a sister some of

self-help and she said look when you’re

having a bad

day I want you to put your hat

backwards and when I see you come in

with your hat backwards I’m going to

prepare your slippers I’m going to

prepare your favorite food I won’t speak

to you I won’t complain about the house

I won’t talk about my

mom that day I’m going to treat you like

a prince because your backwards hat is

telling me I’ve had a terrible day and

when I have a bad day I’m going to put

on my April

backwards so when you come in and you

see me with my apron backwards don’t go

against me don’t throw things please

hang the

towels make sure the bathroom’s clean

help me wash the dishes and that’s how

they lived for many years he would come

in with the backwards hat and she was

sweet he would open the door and she had

a backwards apron and he was a

gentleman until one day he came in with

this backwards hat and she had her apron


that’s what it is to Anchor yourself to

a soul to pretend that the person’s

always going to be fine because they’re

my anchor no none of us can function as


anchor how many people go into marriage

assuming that their partner that their

spouse is going to be the Fountain of

stability no I want to live my parents’

home and so that we can have our own

experience and our own world and our own

home and they think that their spouse is

going to give them what they don’t have

now that they’re single and as I said a

few days ago they end up wounded

frustrated hurt because they each

disappoint each

other your partner becomes a a duel from

the wild west where nobody wants to put

their gun down first oh you don’t give

me what I need yeah but you don’t give

me what I need either and as I once said

it’s not a lack of love it’s just a

question of expectations that are

impossible to

fulfill it’s the belief that our soul is

going to find happiness satisfa

Action Security by anchoring itself to

another human soul no it won’t happen we

Tire ourselves to someone else and we

both end up drowning because of the

storms in life the problem is we can’t

save one

another how many churches end up

frustrated because the pastor

failed and I always ask why the heck did

they anchor themselves to the pastor the

pastor is someone that guides just a

tour guide a museum guide that says this

is the exposition position and he shows

us the mon the vano the rembrand we’re


guides but when you try to be the

Messiah learn from my example learn from

my family learn from my character and

then you fail people get frustrated

because they say oh I trusted so much in

this pasture well let me tell you now

don’t trust in me I’m going to drown

just like you guys let’s trust in God

our anchor Our

Lives that’s how it is

I don’t want someone to say tomorrow oh

he failed me because I was expecting no

no no your expectations are your own

problem I can’t be in charge of other

people’s expectations of me when people

say learn from me I never do that

because I understand that if you anchor

yourself to me we’re going to drown

because I a human being so what’s the

solution let’s agree that we need to

Anchor ourselves to someone with the

soul let’s discard things right we need

that soul to look like ours the soul

that knows our pain that knows what it

means to be depressed sad to the point

of death but at the same time we need it

to be a soul that’s profoundly different

a soul with no defects a soul that will


sink and that’s the only soul that can

fix us because it doesn’t have to fix

itself that’s where Jesus comes

in someone that understands what we’re

going through someone that lived on this

planet for 33 years and Jesus is the

firm anchor of our soul that will not

discriminate us when we say we’re sad or

I don’t even feel like sending my kids

to school

today I’m sad and I don’t feel like


today let’s not listen to the preachers

that tell us rebuke that Spirit Proclaim

Victory sometimes you don’t feel like

showering I hope there’s no one here

today that went through that this

morning out of respect for your

neighbor the only that understands this

is Jesus sometimes you don’t even feel


praying it’s a

sigh and you wait for the Holy Spirit to

be there when you have no words you hope

that the

spirit can intercede for you and say

father he can’t even speak today the

lord loves us when we’re strong and when

we’re weak he loves us when we have

energy and when we

don’t now

to be

honest I wish the writer of the Hebrews

I wish he would have used a different

word not

anchor I wish you could have said Jesus

is the helicopter of the Soul because if

I were in a storm I would prefer to have

a helicopter before having an anchor

because the anchor implies that I’m

going to be exactly I’m going to stay

exactly where I Am The Anchor is I have

to Anchor myself and and put up with it

resist anchoring is let me throw my

anchor an overboard and stay here in

life it implies staying in the storm

sometimes I’ll have to close my eyes get

soaked and wait for it to

pass the only guarantee of the anchor is

that I’m not going to sink but the storm

I’m still going to have to go through

it so the example is surgical he said

anchor not helicopter if I’m anchored

I’m going to have to remain there until


passes I’m not going to be able to move

until the storm comes to pass

but we all like to escape the storm not

go through it with an

anchor I would love a helicopter with a

few soldiers from the Marines well

trained that can lift me up they

have they have their winch and they can

fly me out of that

reality I wish there was a Celestial

helicopter with the man that looks like

the rock or Denzel Washington or Tom

Cruz saying young man hold on

tight I swear to you by the heavens that

I’ll get you out of this one I would pay


that hold on yes I’m here all right

let’s go we’re going to fly my friend

yes Tom I would love

it because that’s how we pray get me out

of here father Elevate me

God transport

me teleport me God how many times have

we asked the Lord oh God the Rapture

would be such a great thing right

now on the first of this

month we’ve all prayed Lord get me out


this I don’t know what I was thinking

when I got into it can you get me out of

it can you help

me can you send a ladder so that I can

escape this I don’t want to be in this

Hospital anymore I don’t want this

insulin anymore I don’t want any more

vaccines I don’t want any more

dialysis I don’t want this family

anymore I don’t want fights I don’t want

any more debates or arguments can you

teleport me and Jesus answers I don’t

plan on ejecting you or evacuating

you have you asked have you heard spy

saying I need to be ejected now and then

somebody comes and rescues them no Jesus

says my only promise is that I’ll be

your anchor throughout the storm I will

be your anchor I will hold you up

there’s no evacuation there’s no eject


but we want somebody to remove us from

the storm but God says no the Lord says

no I’m not going to remove you I’m going

to be your stability in the storm that’s

what we’re made of

people of

remaining Serene calm in the midst of

the storm having resilience being able

to put up with the difficult moments

that’s what men and women are made

of our children should become men and

women by putting up with the storm with

what they live learned from life and

that’s how their character is forged but

how many parents are helicopter

parents that the 35y old boy says Dad I

can’t pay my rent oh let me send you

some money son and they get them out of

it and they’re flying hanging on to the

ladder ladder coming out of the


Mom I’m not getting along with my wife

can I go sleep at your house oh yes son

come on I’m going to make you your

favorite soup that woman never loved you

and that’s

it helicopter

moms the Lord doesn’t do that he says no

we’re going to go through the storm

together I’m not going to evacuate you

or eject you because you’re never going

to learn anything I can’t just evacuate

you from any problem I can’t eject you

from all your hard situations in life

life isn’t level one life has many

levels where the bull is always going to

Buck and you have to hold on you have to

put up with it

tolerate when someone isn’t anchored to

Jesus even as a minister I always

say oh I need to take four sabatical and

four vacations even even even ministers

say this why because they’re anchors in

Hawaii or in

Cancun their anchor is in oh I need to

rest but if their anchor is in Christ

then you have your normal vacations we

can’t be super ultra hyper extra

stressed out saying I want to die I

can’t breathe well then you don’t have

an anchor the gospels register a few

incidents that had to do with Jesus his

disciples and boats trapped in storms

one of those stories is found in


3:14 where he tells them the disciples

to cross the sea and he’ll meet them on

the other side but something starts to

go wrong the bull starts to bug the

night wasn’t level one it Advanced to

almost level 10 night falls the winds

blow strongly they can’t make it

anywhere the

waves are

monstrous even these expert fishermen

begin to panic and at that point what do

these people want those that are on the

boat what do they want they want a


obviously what else would they want help

us to go through the storm no they want


helicopter well maybe they didn’t think

exactly in a helicopter because many

Millennium would pass before Humanity

could discover how to fly but they

wanted to be evacuated they wanted to be

teleported they wanted to be on the

other side of that sea now they wanted

that nightmare to finish now so Jesus

appears walking towards them on the

water this is the same Jesus that could

calm the Sea and the winds now but he


he walks on the on the

waves instead of calming the storm he

almost kills them out of fear because

they think that he’s a

ghost and Jesus says hey everyone calm

down it’s

me it’s like 3 in the morning and these

guys are cold wet they haven’t slept and

Jesus appears calmly walking on the

waves don’t you think Jesus has a good

sense of humor Peter says if it’s you

then command me to walk towards you I

don’t know what the heck Peter’s talking

about or thinking when he enlists

himself as a volunteer like Dante on

that mechanical

bull and if it wasn’t

Jesus and if he got off the boat and it

wasn’t Jesus what if it was a ghost it

would all end terribly so Jesus says

come come come big

mouth and everyone says that Peter

walked upon the Water but that’s not

completely precise Peter walked on the


waves that’s another

level and I say Jesus why did you make

him walk on the

waves it’s already impressive enough to

to to have him walk on the water calmly

like Jim Carrey and Evan

Almighty why do you have to make it more

difficult by making it during a storm He

Walked on waves you have to give credit

to Peter because Peter took a few

steps and then the the winds begin to

blow more strongly and he begins to sink

this makes me remember some episodes of

the coyote the the cartoon

coyote the coyote not not The Smuggler

that you’re still paying off no I’m

talking about the coyote and the

cartoons that would always chase after

the Road Runner

remember and the episode was always like

this the Road Runner would break stop

and the coyote would continue running

and running and running he would run in

the air and he wouldn’t fall until what

until he looked down and

realized and then he and then he would


remember remember he would run off a

cliff he would look down he would look

at the camera and he would

fall so I can imagine Peter exactly like

the coyote he’s walking on the water and

suddenly he looks at the wind he sees

everything he looks at the camera and he

says later and

Falls and Jesus extends his hand and and

saves him and he asks Peter why did you

doubt why such little faith if I were

Peter I would say I’m

sorry are you speaking to me seriously

right now

really because as far as I know I’m the

only guy that got off that boat you want

to see little little faith those guys on

the boat have little faith

you know what

Lord I would have loved it if you could

just turn off the machine of the wind

sometimes we read these stories and we

make them mystical and

Renaissance I’m sure that Peter didn’t

feel like like those figures that we see

in the Basilica is walking on the water

you know in the Basilica Peter’s walking

on the water like a gazelle and Jesus is

extending his hand and Peter’s like this

it’s a beautiful diaphanous figure like

a painting from the Renaissance no he

was terrified scared soaked

human and Jesus asks why did you doubt

you dummy why if we’re being honest if

we’re being honest we’ve all had moments

like this we read scripture that

encourages us to believe in God and they

sound great on paper when we repeat them

even but when you look around you you’re

overwhelmed we say Lord what do you mean

why am I doubting

have you seen the

winds Lord have you seen the waves what

do you mean why am I

doubting you were there when the doctor

gave me the

diagnosis you saw the news you watch the

same channel I

do have you realized who our president

is you’ve seen our president give

speeches right and you’re asking me why


doubt in other countries they say you

you see how my what hairstyle my

president has and you’re asking why I

doubt Lord you’re asking why I doubt

have you ever met my

mother-in-law yes Lord I’m drowning I’m

sinking now Jesus is saying something

with the question of course he’s always

saying something when he’s asking a

question Jesus’s questions

are absolutely rhetorical don’t doubt it

they’re affirmations disguised us

questions to help us

reflect the way the teachers in our in

our infancy used to ask they would ask

us questions to make us

think like the person

that’s like the person that’s eating a

soup and ask the waiter hey Mr waiter

can you please try my soup and the

waiter says no no no if it’s not good we

can change it please just try it sir

well if it’s cold we can swap it out and

the and the and the waiter

says no no no we can swap it out if you

don’t like

it and so the the diner asks again can

you try my soup and the waiter says sure

and he tries to do so and he says well

there’s no spoon oh there you go those

are Jesus’s

questions when we answer him we realize

the obvious

Jesus wants to

know what Peter’s reasons are to doubt

he wants to remind him that he’s there

with him I’m your anchor I’m your rock

I’m taking care of you I’m your God in

the midst of the storm that’s

marvelous so in the midst of our waves

God asks us the same questions why did


doubt he’s not asking us to condemn us

or to to make fun of us but it’s a way

to say you have no reason to doubt Jesus

is with you now let’s

agree something in our

favor the physical tangible visible

Jesus was right in front of

Peter but even then he had difficulties

to keep his eyes fixed on Jesus because

the waves were big but we don’t have the

luxury of seeing Jesus

physically when you got a divorce Jesus

didn’t appear with his tunic and his

sandals saying hey don’t worry don’t

worry let me let me let me ride in your

car and I’ll tell you what your new

normal will look like I’ll explain it

all or when they gave you a medical

diagnosis Jesus didn’t stand there next

to you for you to see him saying no

don’t worry it’s just a

diagnosis no we’re asked to believe in

Jesus that we can’t see right isn’t that

right we have to trust in a Jesus that

we haven’t seen with these eyes that’s

the matter of the of the of the anchors

this is the point of the message this is

what I wanted to get

to an anchor does its best job when you

can’t see

it if you look over this the boat if you

look over the rail and you see the

anchor floating then you’re done for the

anchor is submerged through the depths

of the ocean and becomes fixed on the


floor and on the surface you may

be going back and forth because of the

storm can you see Jesus on the boat no

you see winds you see the storm you see

water you see the Bull

Bucking but beneath the surface there’s


anchor so the Lord asks us if you’re

anchored to me even if you don’t see me

why are you

doubting if you anchored the the

boat you already threw the anchor over

the job is done then I’m going to take

care of your life here and in eternity

be be calm you’re

anchored observe that Jesus asks Peter

this question while Peter is still

trying to walk on the water or or

splashing he’s still not on the boat

Jesus isn’t being cruel with

Peter Peter needed to believe that Jesus

was so trustworthy in the storm like in

the calm so let’s see

it’s easy to have faith when we’re safe

on the boat when the winds are gone when

the star is come out and the bull is

back to level one but can we trust in

Jesus in the middle of the storm because

that’s where we needed the most not

before anyone can trust in God when

things are going well so to conclude the

story let me point to something

else the Apostle John registers the same

story but he mentions

an interesting detail that isn’t in the

other gospel John 621 says that when

Jesus got to the boat they immediately

immediately arrived at their destination

that’s Jesus’s

personality in one moment we’re in the

middle of a storm terrified confused

soaked alone

suddenly someway we get to where we were

supposed to get to and we almost don’t

even realize how we got

there try to

remember was there a time not too long

ago when we thought we wouldn’t


it you’ve all gone gone through that

situation saying I’m not going to make

it or when you assumed that the storm

and the

waves would cover you but we remained I

don’t know how but God helped

us get past it and then people come up

to us and they say oh you have such

favor oh oh you’re so lucky oh I want

God to bless me the way he blesses you

they always told me Dante you do so well


everything but I feel like saying you

don’t have a damn idea of all the storms

I’ve had to go

through people have no clue when they

say I want the same thing you have they

have no

clue the point isn’t just crossing the

lake the point is understanding

understanding that we won’t be evacuated

that we won’t go down the easy Road of

being evacuated we have to learn to

trust that we’re Anchored In Jesus we’ve

had a gospel of evacuation for years I

was born in the go in the gospel of

evacuation the only preachings on Sunday

were Christ is coming soon we’re almost

leaving we’re almost out of here the

world’s going to get worse but Christ is

coming and he’s going to lift us into

the clouds we’ll be transformed so some

will be left here others will be taken

those were the only

preachings and one day I referred to

these messages and I said on TV this

produced a castrated generation with no

dignity and people began to say Dante

doesn’t believe in the Rapture no what I

don’t believe

in is in preaching a sermon of

evacuation making a the church a city

like a bun a bunker like moles hiding

underground no we have to resist I share

the same government as my compatriots

wherever I live it’s just that my

compatriots are anguished by inflation

but I I am trusting that even though I I

share the same government my anchor

isn’t the government my anchor is Jesus

my anchor is the Lord that’s the

difference we live the same pandemic

that the rest of the world

did it was craziness to believe that

Christians wouldn’t get sick and die but

they did they

died but while some that didn’t have

Christ were afraid of where they would

go when they would die we were not

afraid because our anchor was never the

vaccine but

Jesus what’s the worst thing that could

happen to us well we die because of Co

yeah but then we go to be with the Lord

that’s our anchor maybe we have to spend

a season in the hospital or we have a a

season of skinny cows in our finances

you have to go through that

sometimes it’s not that we’ve done

something wrong or that we stopped

tithing or that we’re paying because we

never sowed no sometimes you have to go

through a time where God says this


will teach you how to be like a crane

you stand on one leg on a stone until

the waters go down that it’s a good

thing for our children because if they

get a panic attack because there’s no

Wi-Fi or because we can’t pay for

Netflix well then you’re going to have a

great problem as an adult my son or

daughter there aren’t any helicopters

that are going to come and pay for your

things when you can’t pay for them

tomorrow at one

point you’re going to have to find out

how to pay for those

diapers we’ll have to go through that

and that doesn’t make you less spiritual

that doesn’t make you less of a child of

God sometimes a parenthesis comes in our

ministry where you feel that you’re not

doing anything useful for

God but I have gifts but God isn’t using

me like a friend said why doesn’t God

take advantage of

me and God says no now there’s a

parenthesis because I want you to be not


I want to see how you relate to me when

you don’t do things just when you

are why does all that happen in life

well to know who we’re anchored

to we want someone that can remove us

from the storm but Jesus wants to be our

stability in the

storm and there are moments where you’ll

have to dance with the uglier one there

are moments where you have to dance the

vaults with today’s music and let it

pass each day has enough trouble of its

own there are days that aren’t nice but

you have to go through

them and you don’t have to be so

mystical and think why is this happening

to me if I can I try and travel I say

this with no problems I try and travel

in business because I like it because


older I’d like to have more room for my

legs it’s more tiring to to

travel in economy sometimes they say

there’s no seats in

business and the Lord says all right


see is your mood determined by how much

space you have on the plane or am I

still your anchor so I smile I get my

little my little plastic cup my little

knife that wouldn’t kill a bunny and I

give thanks because that’s what I have

today if I can go to a nice hotel I go

to a nice hotel and when there are no

nice hotels but there’s just a bed and a

hot shower I give thanks to

God I’m not going to be humble and say I

prefer the more poor hotels no I like

the nice ones but when I can’t because

they don’t exist or Logistics or

whatever it is the Lord says is your joy

regulated by where you sleep or by the

anchor of your soul I’m continually

tested in these things sometimes I don’t

feel like speaking to anyone and I say

Lord all I want to do now is

sleep and an unbeliever sits next to me

or somebody comes and says oh can I get

a video please please for my aunt I want

and and let me tell you about my

testimony and I don’t want to hear a

testimony I say Lord take them with you

please take them now reward them fur

their testimony with the crown and the

Lord says is your joy regulated by the

loneliness you asked me for or are you

still willing to be anchored to me so I

can’t promise you that the winds will

cease immediately in your life that the

waves will calm immediately because I

would just be scamming you come to the

Altar and reclaim your

peace I can’t promise you that you’ll

get out of it now but I can’t give give

you my word of Honor because I base

myself on him that you’re going to

remain alive

and you’re going to get out of this

storm alive much stronger with a better

character that’s all you need to know

that’s all you need to

know you don’t need more information

than that

Marine doesn’t matter how strong the

winds blow don’t give it don’t give up

don’t give in don’t surrender don’t

letay your arms down even if you have to

cling onto the

Mast hold on to it until the storm pass

pass anchor your your boat to the bottom

of the ocean resist and remember the

order is you will not be evacuated you

will not be rescued you won’t be ejected

in fact the Lord has seen your anchor

and he has is saying that you need

nothing more you’re anchored you’re

going to survive and you’re going to get

to the other side that’s a word of Honor

from our

Lord a grand Applause to the King of

Kings give a grand Applause to the King

of Kings our

anchor our support system in the storm

Hallelujah give a grand Applause and say

Lord You’ve spoken with me

today how the lord loves

you how the lord loves you princess

prince how the lord loves you

I would love for you to place your hand

on your heart here in that home if you

can if you’re in your living room your

kitchen we’re doing it here first

receive Christ in your heart say Lord

come into my life forgive my

sins and secondly say Lord I want you to

reveal to me now that my anchor is at

the bottom of the ocean I want to Anchor

my boat from here on out this day of May

so that when I get to the end of the


or before that or the end of the month

whatever it is may I know that no one

nothing can sink

me no storm will be so strong that it’ll

capsize my boat anchor your boat says


Lord that’s the nautical Enigma of Life

how will you do it just believe that he

is your anchor even if my mother and

father will could leave me the Lord will

take me

even though there is no product on the

olive Vines even then I will rejoice

that makes you immortal

Invincible until you can say like the

Apostle oh death where is thy Victory oh

death where is thy

sting have you seen the superheroes from

Marvel or DC they always have a small

weakness they have a certain Kryptonite

that makes them weak but we don’t have

any when our anchor is Jesus and we say

what’s the worst that can happen to me

death then I would go be with him

illness well then I would take advantage

of that

time to

meditate lose my house well then I’ll

just start

again have to rent or ask for a

loan if I can go to bed trusting in him

and wake up trusting in Him it doesn’t

matter if my roof is my own or if I’m

renting it that makes you indestructible

because there’s nothing there’s no one

that can regulate your emot emotional

state you’re Anchored In

Jesus and things might good things might

come bad things might come spring summer

winter fall nothing can separate you

from the love of Christ not the depths

not what’s high what’s low not the

present or what’s to come nothing

created not here beneath the Earth

beneath the heaven nothing can separate

you from the Lord’s

love if only that were our Axiom our

proverb our Motif put your hand on your

heart firmly and say Lord I anchor my

heart I anchor the boat of my soul of my

being in the depths of the

ocean the depths of the Divine ocean and

I know that I will not be moved even if

the the winds come and the storms come I

will remain I will remain on the

foundation of my rock my anchor is Jesus

I can be alone for a season I can be

loved for a season I can have a season

with no parents a time in a life where I

can live with just the right amount of

money but nothing will separate separate

me from you Lord because I’ve have

learned to love in richness and in

scarcity and with everything I will

rejoice in prison Paul said

during torture during shipwrecks I will

continue trusting that Christ Christ is

the rock of my soul Christ is my anchor

and we have an anchor for our soul and

his name is Jesus father thank you for

this time if you can lift your hand to

heaven and say Lord look at these hands

that raise

now from these fishermen these people

that are aboard life and they trust in

you I bless I bless your boat your ship

Commander I bless those that are going

out to the Sea and those that will go to

the open ocean and fight with

life I bless those that will have to go

through storms in their health finances

or spirituality even

those that will have to navigate with

no desire to do so commander continue

aboard don’t lay your arms down don’t

surrender anchor your boat in Jesus

Christ and you will make it to the other

side of the lake firmly I bless you in

the body soul and spirit amen and

amen God bless you may he protect you

and may he make his face shine upon you

bye people firm like a bear claw bye

until next








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