ENGLISH Dante Gebel #866 | Fast and furious… but overwhelmed

Haste kills everything we consider valuable: spirituality, health, relationships, family, the ability to reflect, creativity, generosity and listening to God. Following Jesus is a relationship, and all relationships deserve and require time. If there’s one thing we can read in the four gospels, it is that Jesus was never in a hurry. Following Jesus has to become our way of life. What we need is a slower spirituality for our souls, which were left behind, to reach our bodies once and for all. The Lord invites us to walk shoulder to shoulder with Him, to share the yoke; so that, for us, living becomes lighter.


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Lord from the depths of our heart and

now is the moment in which we’ll connect

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saying that we have a lot of people that

weren’t able to come in they’re out in

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service and many people that won’t come

in because you’re at home you’re

watching us from home but you connect

with us you’re with us and you’re a part

of this marvelous

congregation that has been planting

seeds since the

pandemic you remained faithful and

you’re waiting for today’s word and

before I transmit what I believe God

told me to tell you in this month of

April I want to share another episode

with you very short but marvelous with

what’s happening or what happened in our

most recent trip to Uganda

Africa this is where we have our home in


school not only do our kids study there

but they also sleep there because the

majority of them are orphans I always

make the same clarifications because

there are certain people that are

connecting for the first time and I

don’t want to take anything for granted

God willing this year we’re going to

found our high school so that when our

kids finish Elementary School they don’t

have to go to a different school for now

we’re sponsoring them when they go to

other schools we sponsor them we pay for

their studies so that they can continue

throughout high school but now we want

to have it all here we’re buying more

land to have a big campus we’re going to


kindergarten then we’re going to have an

elementary well we already have it and

then we’re building a high school we

want all that together and that’s thanks

to your seed to what you

sow meanwhile we don’t stop the

construction of our home in India we’ll

show you images

soon and we also haven’t stopped our

project in

Cuba even though it was getting

difficult I’ll be careful with what I

say because we’re Al but though things

became difficult we finished the

construction of our neighborhood in Cuba

our River Village so a very special

greeting to Cuba nothing can stop what

God wants to do and we’re also going to

have those images soon we have our

missions in

Colombia we received images from

Guatemala a lot of material for to watch

and share but since I want to transmit

what I believe God told me to tell

you here we’re ready to watch this

episode the second to last episode of

what happened in Uganda and this has to

do with going out to give food to the

community in the previous episode we

started by cleaning the city remember

they said we’ve never seen white people

cleaning and now we went out to give

food and man did this help them to have

a higher quality of life and they at

least knew that somebody remembered them

and that this is church and there is no

other way here we




oh yeah yeah





all those ones that are there they are

for other communities around who will be

coming here it shows that God has a lot

of love for us and it shows us that God

is bringing more and more and more other

things that we do not



what’s happening with River School it

doesn’t just stay in the

school it’s something that we

want to share with the

community we want the community of Nia

to be the number one Community for love

in Uganda yes sir out hallelujah

hallelujah clap your hands

everybody Y


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I’m called aim jeno the resident


commissioner for R we thank all your

donors who put hand to make sure this is

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he’s so glad for things you have given

him she is so thankful to God for the

love you have shown to us I’m so happy

thank you very much may God bless you

when you are going back God God gives

you no sing

you you have done a great job even my

family is going to eat thank you thank

you I thank God of the smile that has

come back to the mothers and the fathers

in this place I want to thank you

all thank you very much because what she

has been praying for has come true thank

you may God to bless


you thank you may God Cate you thank






oh oh




that that is your

seed that is what you have planted so

that warm Applause goes to all those

that give with their hearts may the Lord


you today we also

have Dr hiasi from India he’s a pastor

that helps us a lot with our home in

India I don’t know if you can show me

where he is I haven’t seen

him there he is may God bless you my

beloved Pastor welcome here’s our

missionary there in India a pleasure may

God bless you may God bless you thank

you for your work and all that you do

may God bless you very

well are we ready Stay With Me I’m

ready I know a marvelous

story of an English traveler that went

to Africa with the

intention of having a safari Through the

Jungle so he hires a few natives so that

they could guide him and so that they

can carry his belongings and after an

exhausting day in which they traveled by

foot making a path through the Jungle

the traveler woke up very early in the

morning to continue on his

Safari and the native guides denied it

categorically they didn’t want to move

and so the man exasperated begins to

persuade them he begins to beg them but

nothing works they don’t want to move

and finally he asks them why they

decided to not continue and one of the

natives answers him we’ll do it but not


we’re waiting for our

souls which stayed far behind to catch

up to our

bodies and this short but magnificent

story tends to remind me of our Western

Lifestyle the modern lifestyle we all

live exhausted tired the only

difference between the natives in the

story and us is that they knew they were

aware what it is they needed to restore

the equilibrium in their lives meanwhile

we tend to ignore what it is we

need we live running daily this isn’t

new this is all over the world and we

don’t realize that we’re leaving our

souls behind that our soul hasn’t caught

up to our body our occupation ends up

doing that to us it steals the breath of


soul and so what do you normally respond

when they ask you hey how are you you

always say I’m good I’m good I’m busy

thank God

we always say we’re busy right well how

you doing well I’m good good thank God

I’m busy because to be

busy it’s as if we’re blessed right if

you’re busy you’re blessed professors

are busy young parents are busy old

parents that have an empty nest are

busy those that live in front of a beach

in the Caribbean are busy managers are

busy CEOs are busy waiters nannies are

busy even if they’re

part-time Americans are busy Mexicans

salvadorians argentinians

watermans Asians Germans Swiss they’re


busy now it’s

true that there is

a a certain healthy way of being busy

when we are occupied by things that

truly matter essential

things the problem is not that we have

too many things to


it’s that sometimes we have many things

to do and the majority of them don’t

matter but they still keep us busy in

reality we could have more time with God

more time to pray more time to read the

word it’s just that it’s terribly

difficult to focus our minds on that

because we’re busy or we’re too

busy maybe some days we’re able to go to

bed early I know some of you

say oh sometimes I I’m able to put the

kids to bed early if if they’re asleep I

turn off the T TV but then the anxiety

doesn’t let you fall asleep until late

into the night we watch a series on TV

while we check our text messages we

check our social media we answer our

emails we watch the news and we take

care of the dog all together right and


realizing we begin to have physical

problems we somatize we gain weight we

get sick many times a year we wake up

more tired than when we went to bed and

if that enough we feed ourselves with

the four riters from Revelations

caffeine sugar alcohol and

gluten so psychologists and Health Care

Professionals say that this is an

epidemic in our modern

world that it’s the disease of being in

a rush we’re always in a rush and they

affirm that that’s a new pathology it’s

almost normal in everyone more than 60%

of humankind this is more than half more

than 60% of

humankind suffers sleep deprivation it’s

it’s an emotional epidemic it’s an

epidemic of anxiety almost like a

pandemic and this

statistic shouldn’t Comfort Us by us

saying oh well at least I’m not the only

one because it’s like saying oh I’m

going to eat manure because a million

flies can be mistaken right so we can’t

say ah well nobody Sleeps No No we have

to solve this so we feel that we’re

always lacking time and we become

frustrated as soon as we bump into the

slightest delay if we’re at the market

try and remember we look for the line

that seems like it’s going the fastest

always right or we check to see who has

the least amount of items in front of

us but just wait until that lady in

front of you pulls out her stack of

coupons or they deny her card

or she has a problem scanning one of her

products that’s our worst nightmare

hearing that the cashier stops

everything and speaks to the microphone

saying I need the the code for the

tomatoes cash register

3 and you feel like saying ah just give

her those tomatoes for free please let

her leave in peace because we’re all in

a rush do we have a meeting at the

Pentagon no we just don’t have time to

lose we’re going down the street zigzag

being always looking for the fastest

lane we’re

frustrated when we have to wait for the

microwave to heat something up for three

minutes we’re they’re waiting oh come on

and we can’t leave we’re going to get

cancer standing there in front of the

microwave seeing the dish

spin we get in a bad mood when they send

us a video on WhatsApp that takes a

minute to load you see the little wheel

spinning we jumped through all the movie


and we say oh good thing we can skip the

intro in the Netflix episode who has

time to watch credits so here’s the

point an accelerated Life Is The New

Normal in our

world but that doesn’t make it less

toxic it’s normal for us but it’s still

toxic our

culture in our culture the adjective

slow is pejorative according to the

official dictionary


says slow you are mentally clumsy stupid

naturally iner or lazy lack of

disposition promptness or will that’s

what it means to be slow that’s why if

someone tells you don’t be slow then

realize everything they’re insulting you

with that’s why when someone has a low

IQ we label them as slow right when

service at a restaurant is poor we say

oh it’s so slow here why is it so slow

they can’t even take a simple

order and I ordered a pizza I didn’t ask


plutonium when a movie is boring we say

ah this movie is

slow we want the first 10 minutes to

contain a few assassinations an

earthquake a tsunami some type of action

where the Hispanic dies the Asian dies

and and the colored person dies like

always we don’t have time to

waste I was reading a study that said

that people don’t want to go to the


anymore because they don’t have a remote

control to fast

forward or in its defect this is

incredible they can’t hit pause to see

how much longer is left in the movie and

that’s a habit that we have with

streaming hm let me see how much longer

there is uh 15 minutes so since they

don’t have the TV control at the theater

they get anxiety and what makes this

pathology more serious is that we

supposedly have more technology now than

what our grandparents ever dreamt

with and even then we’re always

complaining that we lack what we lack


incredible I was reading that the

majority of historians

coincide that the year

1371 I hope nobody was alive in that in


year that was a point of inflection with

our relationship with time because in

that year in Germany they built the

first public Clock Tower there weren’t

public clocks they weren’t even personal

clocks but that was the first public

Clock Tower before that time was just

natural it was all tied to the rotation

of the Earth on its axis going through

the Four

Seasons human beings would go to bed

with a with a moon and they would wake

up with the sun there weren’t clocks

that would keep a rhythm there were no

clocks the days were very long and

active during the summer short and slow

during the

winter after the sun hid there was no TV

to turn on there was no internet there

were no cell phones there was nothing

else to do once the sun came down there

was nothing else to

do and nobody would stay

up reading late into the night next to a

candle because that would strain your

sight you had to strain your eyes to see


letters the Rhythm of Life was dominated

by The Agrarian

rhythms getting up very early to work

the fields to feed your

cattle your sheep whatever it is you had

I was reading that back in those

days the average amount that the the

average person slept per night was 11 or

12 hours and that’s when I

understood because I’ve read biographer

biographies from huge evangelists back

in the 20th Century like John Wesley or

Charles Spurgeon they would wake up at

4:00 a.m. to pray many times I would say

well I guess I’m just a a worldly person

because I can wake up at 7 and crawl to

the bathroom then I’ll drag myself to my

coffee machine and pour myself a a cup

of coffee and I asked myself how did

these guys wake up at 4 in the morning

to seek God but we don’t realize that

they would go to bed at the latest at

700 p.m. during the winter they they

would go to bed at 5:00 p.m. what else

could they

do at 4:00

a.m. if they had already slept for 12

hours of course anyone can be spiritual

in that in that

context but then clocks came and it

changed everything because it created

artificial time a new module to

structure Our Lives the module of time

just as we know it today didn’t exist

before so we sto listening to our bodies

and we wake wake up when our alarm clock

goes off quack quack quack quack quack

quack quack snooze quack quack quack

quack quack

quack it’s not necessarily when our

bodies have rested enough no we wake up

when the alarm clock goes off so it’s

true we’ve become more efficient yes but

we’re also further from what God had in

mind when he created

us so when the sun would establish our

rhythm of work and rest that was under

God’s control but now our clocks are

under the management of our manager

supervisor and that’s much more

demanding because if we arrive late then

we lose our

jobs so back in

1879 Thomas Edison came around and

created a light

bulb and that made it possible to stay

awake even after the sun went down and

that continues today for us it’s normal

to turn the TV off at

midnight or even early in the morning if

we’re watching a whole series we’re

never seeking the Lord that late right

you’re all laughing nervously because


true on top of it all in our

grandparents time if it was Winter they

had to wake up and go into the forest

early in the

morning cut down a tree with an axe cut

that wood into pieces light a fire with

her own hands and now all we have to do

is walk to the thermostat on the

wall press the arrow

and even then there are husbands that

say Hey how do I work this thing or if

we download the app on our phone we can

do it straight from there while we’re

laying in bed the heater automatically

turns on you don’t have to go out and

cut a down cut down a tree you don’t

have to fight against

Bears before we used to make all food

from scratch remember our mothers would

say on Sunday I’m going to

cook and she used to start with the

dough at 9:00 a.m.

and then Remember by 1: a 1 p.m. she

would say so much working like a slave

just for you to eat it all in five

minutes and I would say Mom what do you

want us to eat over the course of 6

hours to value your effort but nowadays

we have delivery now we don’t even have

to go and look for the food they bring

it to our

door before we used to write write

handwritten letters but now we use

emojis text messages and voice messages

and we use our best friend Alexa

nobody thought about the Holy Spirit

right our best friend is

Alexa however despite our cell phones

our coffee machines our dishwashers or

washer dryer toaster everything that we

have that our grandparents didn’t the

majority of us feel that we don’t have

enough time in place of having more time

because you would assume that these

things came about to make our lives

easier like I said you don’t have to go

outside to cut down a tree to heat

yourself up you don’t have to prepare

your food from a very early hour all

these things should be saving us time

and work so why do we live so fast and

furious yet

exhausted I think the solomonic answer

is because we spend our time on a bunch

of foolishness and I tried to say that

in a Biblical


the world changed radically in just a

couple years some of us are a part of a

generation that saw that change that our

children won’t

see those that are a part of my

generation grew up without a cell phone

we didn’t have thousands of options of

entertainment the other day I was

remembering that there was an antenna on

the roof that could get four channels

through the air and if we wanted to get

a fifth Channel we had to move the

antenna and when a storm came and it

spun around the

antenna we would say Dad can you go on

the roof no what do you mean get on the

roof but Dad we don’t have TV and so the

guy would go take a nap and we would

just watch the grainy screen all

day when God touched him and he finally

felt like he would go on the roof and

ask hey is it good now no good now no

it’s working now yeah but I’m holding it

no and my dad’s under the rain on the

roof so that we can watch TV there we

can watch we can watch it and you would

see a gray Pink

Panther so we didn’t have access to

Wi-Fi what do you mean

Wi-Fi and if we traveled It Was Always

by train or bus a public

bus we would take a

magazine or a book and if we calculated

well we would finish it before we

arrived at our destination and then we

would just look out the window there was

nothing else to do there was no phone to

be scrolling through no you would just

look out the window you finish the

magazine you either read it again or you

you look out the

window what about at a waiting in a

waiting room we would read the old

magazines a new actor is born Harrison

Ford we would go out of we would leave

our homes to go work nobody could find

US unless we were the ones that would

call using a public phone and on top of

it you’d have to find a working public

phone and you needed coins Millennials

are looking at me as if to say well in

what world in what country in your

country the one that you’re never going

to live

in now what I’m trying to say is it’s

fine if our children say I’ve gotten

used to it I’m a millennial I was born

here but what about

us we can’t imagining imagine living

without something that didn’t even exist

when we were adolescence these things

didn’t didn’t

exist experts reaffirm that the internet

is lowering our

IQ or at least our capacity to pay

attention and cell phones brought the

internet into our pocket so a recent

study discovered that the average iPhone

user touches his phone 2,300 times a day

you don’t even touch your wives that


and the

majority the majority of

surveys or the amount of people surveyed

don’t realize how much time they’re

losing when they’re checking their email

checking their social media checking the

weather listening to music or just

swiping randomly on Tik Tok or

Instagram the creators of social media

elves confirm that all these

applications are built with one Axiom

with one slogan how can we consume the

greatest part of your time and

attention as much as possible and they

concluded that for that to happen that

for something to call to our attention

they have to give us an injection of

dopamine or something similar to

dopamine so each minute something needs

to bring adrenaline or dopamine into our

minds and that happens when

somebody likes what we posted when they

put a

comment or when they loved their post

that liberates dopamine in our bodies

it’s a

drug that makes us generate more content

that makes us seek more likes more

comments it’s a social validation

feedback cycle to be validated we’re

always posting

content a company can only obtain our

money if first they have our attention

if we don’t pay attention to them then

we don’t

consume and companies know that for each

year that passes for each generation

that is

Born the attention span decreases in

Giant Steps before the year 200000

before the technological

Revolution our attention span was 12

seconds we could watch a trailer or a

teaser for 12 seconds our

children can’t pay attention to content

that lasts more more than 8 seconds and

what surprises me is that

any is that any fish a fish has an

attention span of 9 seconds how do we

know this well because if you tap on the

Fishbowl the fish watches the finger


this for nine seconds one second more

than our

children so in other words our children

are losing to

fish so there are literally thousands of

applications and devices

that are developed intentionally to

steal our attention and time that’s why

we don’t have time and obviously our

money because let me remind

you our cell phone doesn’t work for us

we pay for our cell

phone but we’re not the client we’re the

product everything that appears to be

free it’s because we’re the product any

app that’s free it’s because we’re the

product we’re rats in the lab what is

for sale is our attention and our

personal data along with our mental

peace of course everything that we write

everything we look for everything we

search for or whatever we say out loud

in front of a cell

phone will be turned into data that is

monetized by thousands if you say no no

no I turned off all those settings on my


well every time you have a software

update boom everything is reinitiated

everything turns on again so AI listens

for key words or reoccurring words in

our conversations or it looks at our

reoccurring searches and that has an

enormous value that’s why it’s normal if

you speak to a friend in front of your

cell phone you’re telling them that you

want to go to a pilates class that same

day you’re going to see dozens

of of offers

pictures commercial for

Pilates and the Very gurus from Silicon

Valley the great creators of these

applications pay a fortune to enroll

their children in private schools where

cell phones are

prohibited because they think the same

thing that drug dealers think never buy

what you sell or in simple

words never use your own Supply they

don’t want their children to be addicted

but they do work towards other people’s

addictions and if somebody’s saying

today well I’m not like that I use it

for very essential things well then let

me challenge you to turn off your phone

for 24 consecutive hours one day out of

the week a digital

fast a digital fast let’s see what

happens let’s see if you can put up with

one day without checking your phone

without looking like like the Exorcist

with your head

spinning by having neuro neurobiological

abstinence even here even here in the

church cell phones go off as far as I

know nobody here works for the

Pentagon and nobody’s calling you to say

hey National Security is at risk what

are you doing there leave now the FBI is

calling no nobody gets these calls

however we hear bing bing and people


to 200 people can hear the notification

except for that person who forgot where

they put their phone I feel like saying

Lord just take them to heaven with you

with the phone and

everything if we can’t pay attention to

God for two hours during the week then

we have a serious problem really if we

think that we’re going to miss out on

something on Instagram because of two

hours then we have a serious issue we’re

addicted and Jesus said

that our heart would follow our treasure

and one of these Treasures is time the

time that we

dedicate our attention to that’s a form

of idolatry because whatever we’re

paying attention

to is going to make us into that person

whatever we place into our minds into

our deposit is what’s going to make a

path for our

character whatever we fill our deposit

with rushing and a lack of time isn’t an

unorganized agenda no it’s an

unorganized heart a heart that lost its

priorities it’s not that Modern Life

here in Modern Life you don’t have time

here in California you’re rushing in

Argentina and Mexico

no we should have much more time than


grandparents because we have things that

solve our problems to be able to have

more time for ourselves

we don’t necessarily have to grind our

coffee we don’t have to cut firewood we

don’t have to feed our horses to then

put the Chariot tomorrow to go to a

certain Village no nowadays we have

electric vehicles that we can charge

overnight so that rushing that lack of

attention and what truly matters is an

assassin of joy and fundamentally of

gratitude it makes us ungr ful and

petulant because when we’re in a hurry

there’s something that

happens we can’t enjoy any of God’s

blessings anyone that’s in a rush

doesn’t enjoy anything and what’s worse

we don’t even realize God’s blessings we

might not even see

them that emotional blindness of looking

at your phone all the time waiting for a


message that takes away our environment

what God has given us it surprises me to

see that before I I thought it was just

an Asian

thing when they would walk through

amusement parks with with their famous

Kodak now at theme parks concerts

churches the amount of people that are

recording videos for someone else or for

a memory I don’t know for what but

they’re missing out on being present in

that moment or maybe they’re taking a

selfie or taking pictures it surprises

me to see people that

say oh in my case I wanted to get to


you I wanted to meet you but now they’re

just taking pictures with me we couldn’t

speak they didn’t ask any questions we

couldn’t hug each other because all they

wanted was a picture to post on social

media so there’s a change of values

where the superficial becomes important

and the important turns

superficial and there’s a

hurry that kills everything that should

be valuable spirituality Health your

partner your family your AB ility to

reflect to say I’m going to take a

moment to reflect I’m going to

disconnect from any device

creativity because being connected

online all the time I assure you it

takes away your creativity

generosity because we begin to ignore

those that are around us those in need

listening to God how will the Lord speak

to us fine there are those that say oh I

watch sermons I listen to Christian

music but even then

we telling God this is the way that

you’re going to speak to me not any

other way if you thought you were going

to speak to my heart or in the still of

night no I won’t I won’t

listen so being in a hurry and that lack


time is a sociopathic

Predator it eats away at us it’s like

Pac-Man those video games from the

past it’s a predator that’s on the loose

in our society and Satan doesn’t present

himself with a trident because sometimes

we think that Satan has a a tail a

trident and Rudy gracia’s

voice a greeting to Rudy he’s a great


honestly but we think that Satan says

I’m going to tempt you today no that’s

not Satan that’s

Rudy he’s much more astute than what we

think if the devil can’t make us sin

then he’s going to keep us very


overwhelmed without any time for the

truly important things and they always

told us no well being slow is wrong it’s

good to be fast being slow is bad

however we forget like someone said

being in a hurry isn’t from the devil

being in a hurry and the lack of time is


devil if he can’t stop you if he can’t

stop us he’s going to accelerate us

let’s not even doubt that and with that

being said I’m going to tell you what

Jesus thinks about that lack of time and

how we’re always in a rush the Lord

spoke about carrying a

yoke the Yoke was a common expression in

the first century to refer to the way in

which a rabbi read the Torah it was like

an obligation a discipline but

also it was a

metaphor of the way in

which you balance the weight of Life

marriage divorce children prayer money

sex conflicts government all that

together the balance of life

was represented by a

yoke for those of us that have never

lived in a in an

agrarian society it’s a strange thought

but let’s imagine two oxen joined

together with a yoke to pull a cart or

plow a field we might have seen it in a

in a movie a textbook or a picture two

oxen joined with a piece of wood on


shoulders it fits around their necks

right above their shoulders and together

they pull a cart or they plow a field

the yoke is the way to support and

balance out a

weight what made Jesus unique is not

that he had a yoke because all rabbis

had one but he had a yoke according to

him which was easy to carry and Jesus

made many invitations for people to

follow him but there was one in

particular in Matthew 11:28 I want you

to hear it I want us to hear it in a

slow blow away so that we can digest it

and so that it can enter our spiritual

metabolism he

said come to

me all of you who are

weary and carry heavy

burdens those that can’t sleep those

that live fast and

furious and I will give you

rest take wait wait take my yoke upon

you let me teach you

because I am humble and gentle at heart

I am your

example and you will find rest for your

souls he’s not speaking about physical

rest but when our soul is tired for my

yoke is easy to bear and the burden I

give you is

light this is an invitation for all that

are tired all that are weary those that

are anxious those that are stressed out

those that are stuck in life that are

that are behind drinking another coffee

to last another few hours and not fall

asleep on the freeway is there someone

like that here today or should I

reformulate the question is there

someone here that’s not like

this come to me all of you who are

stressed out tired and I will give you

rest we all have heard this text

before but in that in invitation there’s

the secret of the easy yoke one of the

least preached sermons ever so he says

something simple here but it’s very

profound here’s the secret here’s the

Axiom he says that if we want to

experiment his life Jesus’s life we have

to adopt his lifestyle he says learn

from me he didn’t

say have an easy Yol like someone that

you saw or my Father in Heaven no learn

from me let me teach you what a

lifestyle let me give you a practical

example I’ve always admired those people

doesn’t matter how old they are or where

they are in

life they always wake up at 4:45 in the

morning morning to do their workout

routine they tend to have a hard rib

cage wide

shoulders a toned neck

wide almost like a like a

tortoise fibrous arms they have biceps

triceps they’re perfect they generally

have a beard like Steven fdick or or

Gaston to try and hide any double

chin and make it look like they have a

stronger jaw when you see me with a

beard it’s because I can’t fake it

anymore 0% body fat everything is muscle

fibers they go to the bathroom and they

make shirts out of those fibers

yeah they have so much so many fibers

right I don’t

know so they have what I don’t have what

I’ll never have it’s not false modesty

I’m just a skinny guy that looks good

from far

away I look good from

far oh you look so young oh well because

from far away I look

young and I see these guys at the gym

and I always see them from the

outside and I’m a to see them running on

the treadmill with style they run like

antelopes like

gazel and they’ve been running for 2 and

a half hours they’re like gazel

elegant but when I have to run through

an airport to not miss my connecting

flight I look like the lizard in


Geographic I have no style when I run I

put my hands here in front and I’m like

a T-Rex I’m terrifying to look at but I

must confess that when I see these guys

I say oh I want

that the things I would give to have

that physical aspect I want to wear a

tight t-shirt and skinny jeans but with

skinny jeans you’ll feel pity for me I

know but if I had just one of those arms

I would tattoo I have a past ask me

about it

whoa but you can’t write anything on my

arm nothing nothing

fits but I want that level of health and

energy and vitality but then I think

about the lifestyle behind

that the sacrifice that these people

make to look this way so while I’m

eating a delicious Argentinian steak

with an enormous hot dog and Chim

churi they’re eating salad with celery

arugula and

walnuts I accompany my steak with a good

glass of wine but in instead they’re

drinking water and instead of peeing

they create a flood they’re always go go

go go they say you have to drink 40 lers

of water a

day I I drink two bottles of water today

and I have to I have to leave the sermon

to go to the restroom

in the morning while I drink my fifth

espresso Italian

coffee they have breakfast by

drinking a a mil a milkshake with egg

whites and they throw plums in

there and during the

winter while I hide under my my sheets

they go out in the morning to run

through the Mist so I did an analysis of

pros and

cons and I

decided as good as my arms would look if

they were

toned and if my quads were bigger I

decided it’s not worth

it in my case in my

case for that reason I’m not criticizing

them but from time to time I go to a gym

to look at them from the outside do I

want to look that way yes I would love

to but I’m not willing to adopt that

lifestyle that’s behind it

all that’s how we feel sometimes with

Jesus we read his stories we learn about

his Joy his peace in the middle of a

storm in front of

uncertainties why do you doubt man of

little faith we see his wisdom and you

say I want that life we hear the an

invitation to a life in abundance a life

of peace and we say yes yes Lord sign me

up yeah sign me up just like many of you

have signed up for

gyms and you even lost the the

application we’ve heard about that easy

yoke and rest for your soul we say yes I


that but we’re not willing to adopt his


style just that in Jesus case it is

worth it the pros and cons they’re worth

it of course it’s worth it taking the

Cross so what does it mean to follow

Jesus well it’s not just a group of

ideas what we call theology or a list of

things you have to do and things you can

do what we call Doctrine no it’s a new

lifestyle when I accept Christ in my

heart I adopt his lifestyle this is what

it means to imitate Jesus imitating

Jesus isn’t saying oh Jesus wouldn’t

answer that way no it’s imitating his

way of living there is The Treasure of

the easy Yol so what’s a lifestyle the

way in which we organize our

time there’s a magnificent phrase that

says folly or or

stupidity is doing the same thing always

yet expecting different results and

that’s exactly what we do we have a

vision at the end of every year we have

a vision of the type of life we want to

have in the new year until we come to

church or we read a book or we watch a

video and we say yes yes Lord I want

that life

now so we go from the church to our home

with all of our willpower saying that

we’re going to change but we go back to

our old lifestyle we turn on the TV we

watch another marathon and I’m not

saying it’s a

sin no I’m just talking about organizing

your time we sit on the couch again and

we spend hours on it we don’t change

anything we don’t change our

lifestyle we believe that because we

made a decision at the church and we set

a magical prayer we think our life is

going to change but no the same cycle

repeats on Sunday we make a decision and

by Tuesday we’re filled with stress

tiredness we’re distracted once again

we’re Fast and Furious but overwhelmed

why don’t we change

well you say I have the intention of

changing but we don’t adopt that new LIF

style we like the muscles looking from

the outside but we’re not willing to

make any sacrifices so if there’s

something that we can read in the four

gospels it’s that Jesus was never in a

hurry can you imagine a Jesus going to


home saying hey Martha can you hurry up

with the food please I’m dying of hunger

and you’re taking an hour to make a


Pusa because she wasn’t a great cook

Maria she didn’t make Argentinian dishes

it was just buas

burritos hey my friend I’m I’m waiting

all day I’ve been casting out demons

Healing The Sick all I want is a a warm

meal on the table a bit of

protein if I had known this was this was

this what this is what was on the menu I

would have passed by

Chick-fil-A Chick-fil-A doesn’t open on

Sundays in case they want to sponsor us

I’m not going to say the brand with the


right or somebody comes up to him and

says Jesus what can I do to inherit


life wait give me a few minutes I’ll

send a a a message to the WhatsApp group

with all my disciples and I’ll answer

you in half an

hour Jesus saying I would love to heal

your blindness Bartholomew but you know

what my Ministry has exploded I have so

many invitations I can’t I I can’t I

word has spread that I I turned water to

wine at the

weddings and now they’re calling me to

do that all over you know what why don’t

you make an appointment with my

assistant Judas es

scariot so that I can check your eyes

and heal your blindness during the

week don’t worry he’ll actually you know

what he’ll pray for you it’s as if I’m

praying for you no the Bible narrates

that Lazarus Jesus friend was sick and

when Jesus received this message of life

and death he stayed where he was for two


days his best friend’s life was hanging

by a thread in another story Jesus was

teaching at a synagogue when a man named

gyrus literally fell to his feet begging

him to please save his daughter’s life

his daughter was dying again a matter of

life and death and on the way to Gus’s

home a woman with a chronic health issue

something she had been dealing with for

12 years interrupted the Lord and Jesus

took all the Time in the World to speak

with her without being in a hurry what

do you think gyrus felt I can imagine

him saying really my daughter’s dying

yet you stopped to speak with this

woman don’t you think that if she

suffered for 12 years you don’t think

she can handle another

day so every time I read this story it’s


me how present Jesus was in each moment

it surprises me how he never allowed

anything or anyone not even a medical

emergency or a suffering parent to

pressure him to advance

and Jesus was always interrupted

constantly but he never answered nervous

stressed out or upset Jesus’s agenda was

full but he never reacted in a hurry or

in a rush in a bad mood it’s not that oh

he lived in a world with no cell phones

no internet no social media no it was


lifestyle he’s a man that waited 30

years to preach his first

sermon and after one day as a

messiah he spent another 40 to

go fast in the desert nothing made him

hysterical and he knew that he had three

years of ministry just three sometimes

we say oh no I’m in a rush because what

do I know I have 30 years of life left

20 maybe but he knew he had

three and he would wake up early before


else he would go to a calm place to be

with his father sometimes he would leave

in the night he would leave the

multitudes and the crowds to be with God

God he knew that less is more less is

more more than once we read the story of

Jesus sleeping and the disciples were

trying to wake him up so he was

physically tired to be asleep during a

storm you have to be very very

tired I’d love to follow that Jesus that

when he could he would go to weddings

that would last three or four

days he enjoyed a good meal with his

friends with a good bottle of

wine with deep conversations at the

table that may have prolonged deep into


night I’m sorry for

those that want to look like John the

Baptist that


didn’t speak with anyone didn’t drink

wine he ate locusts and

honey it’s not that he had a a a vote to

Poverty there’s no stories of Jesus

going out to buy a new tunic for his

presentation at the synagogue he never

ordered the newest sandals through

Amazon no the guy traveled light free

free of any

distractions that is generated by having

a lot of things that we don’t

need I’ve spoken to many wealthy

people a person that is newly wealthy

the first thing that they do I know many

young people that became famous they


singers the first thing they do is buy

two three or four luxury Vehicles they

can only drive one at a time but they

have three or four part

and if possible with the with the most

eye-catching colors because my father

used to say those that are resurrected

fleas want to buy these cars so that

everyone knows that they’re rich but

those that have old wealth know that

less is

more those that are that that are new

money by a a

mansion with a dog a cat an elephant a

giraffe all the animals in the

zoo and they live their lives like drug

dealers because they never had it but

I’ve spoken to others that are wealthy

that have had money their whole lives

and they end up living in a small

apartment or a cabin for one or two

people and if possible they don’t have

any pets because they say no i’ like to

leave the door open and just walk

outside they travel with a carry-on

because they realize that they need very

little to be happy in any case that

money is used to have experiences not to


things and these experiences can be

traveling through the world getting to

know different places living a beautiful

life but they don’t need to buy

themselves a home they can rent whatever

they want for two days and then they

give it back somebody cleans it and then

somebody else M maintains it they

realized that maintaining that white

elephant is is foolishness that’s when

the Lord says you stubborn fool who are

you going to leave all the things you


so less is

more less is more with all the worries

that we have all the things that occupy


days nothing would change if we sto

doing them social media will go on the

internet will continue working the world

will continue spinning even when we get

off this Earth everything will continue

going there are a bunch of things that

will outlive us our front lawn will

outlive us we’re going to leave and

someone else is going to cut your grass

really sometimes we spend hours and

hours and hours maintaining

upkeeping cleaning fixing why for what

all that is going to wither away because

of the law of entropy it’s all going to


away it’s all going to decompose but

sometimes we’re so tied to many things I

can’t go out who can I leave my dogs

to well you can’t take three days off no

what about

cookie what about

cookie I have nothing against pets but

sometimes it’s surprises

me how we believe that we have a dog

when in reality the dog has

us I can’t leave who’s going to clean

the pool there are people like this

leave the pool let it clean

itself but there are times when we

believe we need more and the same thing

happens with time well I’m busy I’m busy

busy with what

this is what Jesus wanted to show with

the image of the Yoke in fact it’s a


vocabulary above all if it’s about an

invitation to rest your soul what do you

mean a yoke yoke is for

agriculture as far as I know agriculture

is work not rest a yoke is an instrument


work so when Jesus offers a yoke the

last thing you would need is a tool you

would say well why doesn’t he offer a

hammock or some

vacations not a

yoke but Jesus realizes that the best GI

that he can give someone that’s

tired isn’t a rest or a

sabatical but a new way of ordering

their lives and and assuming their

responsibilities life is all about

responsibility whether we’re going to

elementary school what would our mom say

your only responsibility is to go to

school and then we have the

responsibility of going to high school

and if God is good we can go to

university we have the responsibility of

our partner of our

children life is about carrying a a

personal and spiritual burden and we’re

all looking for a way to escape that

burden of Life on this side of Eden so

Jesus instead of offering us a sabatical

oh take a sabatical take a few weeks off

go meditate in India

or or go to the Pinnacle of the mountain

in whatever country and you put on an

orange robe and say no he doesn’t offer

that he offers those practical tools for

life because if I start to say oh you

need a vacation that lasts several weeks

I know what you’re thinking oh I don’t I

can’t do that I don’t have the financial

backing to take three weeks off who can


that who’s going to raise my children


cookie so what does Jesus do

he offers a new way of carrying the

weight of our Humanity with ease by

walking by his side like two oxen on one

field joined shoulder-to-shoulder with

Jesus doing the heavy lifting I’ll do

the heavy lifting and you’ll go right

next to me carrying the responsibilities

in your life at my rhythm not in a hurry

an easy life is never an option but an

easy yoke

is walking side by side with Jesus

having him carry the weight that we

can’t whatever is impossible he’ll make

possible and then we go through life

that way a time to be a parent a time to

be a child a time to be a husband or a

wife a time to be a

professional following Jesus has to

become a

lifestyle that’s where the phrase what

would Jesus do comes from what would

Jesus do well he would take things

calmly it wasn’t n difficult for him to

serve anyone he didn’t lose his ego or

any Pride by washing the disciples feet

and he would say why he said well

because I know where I came from and I

know where I’m going if you know if we

know where we’re coming from and where

we’re going we’ll be eternally grateful

if we know where we’re going then it

won’t be tough for us to serve even the

smallest person the issue is when we

lose our origin in our destination and

that’s where it becomes tough for us to

have Jesus’s lifestyle

and then we begin to believe that we can

have the American dream

lifestyle but not even Americans are

successful with that lifestyle if not

there wouldn’t be any suicides in

Beverly Hills because it doesn’t matter

how many Oscars emmies or gramms you can

win it doesn’t matter how many awards

are on the chimney they still live empty


alone if life was about having your own

home then all homeowners would be happy

but sometimes they end up taking their

lives or they justest drugs to feel a

little bit of happiness and joy and the

Lord said it Solomon said it everything

beneath the sun is

vain and if we don’t adopt Jesus’s

lifestyle following Jesus will always be

an idea a Doctrine a Theology and never

a reality but here’s the

problem many of us are too busy to have

Jesus’s lifestyle that’s why it’s much

easier to empower yourself it’s like me

going into the

gym and saying hey is there a way to

have that body but I I just can’t

dedicate time to this hey but you’d have

to come to the gym no is there there’s

no way for me to say I receive I receive

I receive I receive or for one of these

buff guys to pray for me and then my

muscles get big no there’s no way but

people buy these

scams people buy these scams that’s why

people say Oh Come To The Altar and

everybody runs to the altar because they

believe that they’ll leave the altar

more muscular

if you continue with your same

lifestyle then you’re going to look the

same or you’re going to have fake

muscles caused by steroids so maybe

there’s someone here thinking all right


fine but even then I don’t know how to

make more time for myself I’m raising my

kids I have grandchildren I have a home

I have three jobs someone else might say

well I just started studying I just

started going to school it demands many

hours from me my children absorb my day

others say I don’t know why but I drag

myself to my bed at the end of the night

because I’m so tired I don’t even want

to talk to my family but these are

excuses they’re very good

excuses but I live in the same world as

you and they’re very good excuses and

they’re all Noble from a certain point

of view point of view but I’m going to

ask you a few uncomfortable questions

that you obviously don’t have to answer

out loud I’m asking myself these

questions how much time do you spend on


media how much time do you watch do you

spend watching movies or series don’t

answer me with an an excuse saying oh

well that that distracts me that makes

me forget the world no a direct question

deserves a direct answer how much time

doesn’t matter for

what and we if we make a serious

registry of how we use our time during

the week we’re going to be surprised to

see the amount of time that we dedicate

to things that are

insignificant it’s not that we have

something against God no of course we

would all love to have more communion

with God if not we wouldn’t be here at

church today but we’re so overwhelmed

that we don’t even realize when God is

speaking to

us God can’t find and it’s not because

it’s not powerful but because we don’t

allow it and he respects our free will

he can’t find a

gap where he can speak to us when we’re

silent it’s because we’re asleep and

it’s not that we’re bad or evil we’re

just busy

it’s not that we’re not spiritual we’re


distracted it’s not that we’re not

interested in Jesus it’s that we’re more

interested in movies social media Sports

shopping and so activities and

distractions and

anxiety they are killing

us almost all of us have more than

enough time to work who says oh I don’t

work because I don’t have

time in fact even if even in the busiest

times of life you find time to work

because you understand we understand if

we’re more or less intelligent we

understand that if we don’t work we

don’t eat and you make time and you find

a discipline and you get up and you work

there may be exceptions to the rule but

the majority of us we

work we just have to redistribute our

time so that

first we prioritize the kingdom of God

instead of the kingdom of entertainment

I’m not talking

about staying busy I’m talking about

about priorities if we want the life of

the person that exercises and we want to

look like the person that exercises you

don’t accomplish that by just watching

them from outside the gym this past

Friday I was being interviewed on the

radio and somebody asked me a common

question they

said it seems like you’re always

traveling you’re always doing something

how can you find time for everything and

I said it’s tough for me to explain that

for me everything I do is is as if I’m


vacation that’s why it’s tough for me to

take time to do nothing because I enjoy

what I do my life is easy and simple

it’s taken me almost 40 years to order

my priorities it’s still tough but once

I can more or less do it life becomes


lighter I share my yoke with Jesus I’ve

learned it through pain but I’ve learned

that the church isn’t mine it’s his if

somebody leaves upset if somebody

doesn’t want to congregate anymore of

course it hurts me as a person but

they’re not leaving my flock they’re

leaving the Lord’s

flock I’ve understood that I didn’t go

up on the cross for anyone but he did

the Sheep aren’t mine they’re

his that he brings people to conferences

and the day that he decides to not for

me it’ll be fine it’s his business I’m


serving he lends me the ears of the

people and he inspires me to transmit

messages I can’t take credit for

anything but the day he decides to no

longer inspire me or not lend me the

ears of the

people I suppose that it’ll be because

he changed my assignment or I finished

my mission and he’ll take me with him I


know the truth is that following Jesus

is something that you do intentionally

in a deliberate way and then it becomes

easy but you might say well taking the

Cross is easy no it’ll cost us

everything but he says I’ll do the most

difficult part I’m going to help you

when you don’t understand what’s coming

when you see fog ahead of you following

Jesus is a relationship and

relationships demand and require

time he invites us to walk shoulder

toosh shoulder with him to share the

Yoke so that for us living becomes

light Christians shouldn’t be anxious we

shouldn’t be rushed or in a hurry and

every delay that happens to us at the

supermarket on the highway we should try

and say Lord there must be a purpose for

for this you want me to get to know

someone do you need me to open up my

eyes and see the woman in front of me

that if her coupons don’t suffice he’s

going to have to leave groceries behind

and it’s no good for me to give an

offering to feed the kids in Africa if I

can’t help the woman in front of me that

you can tell she lives alone and in

order to pay for that

rise she needs to gather coupons from


newspapers am I

just so self-consumed that I don’t

notice what’s going around what’s

happening around me and and the Lord is

constantly testing me what good is it to

go to the temple to speak about the Good

Samaritan if we’re just stepping over

the person laying on the sidewalk so

what we need is a spirituality that’s a

little slower I don’t know if it’s my


but I’d like to March a little slower

and live little by little it’s tough huh

I’m the type of person that eats quickly

walks quickly runs quickly but the Lord

says to me

don’t allow your soul to fall

behind don’t allow your body to get

ahead of your soul don’t let your body

outlive your soul so I I invite you this

morning afternoon night wherever you’re

watching me from whatever Nation you’re

watching from share the Yoke of your

life with Jesus obviously I insist he’ll

do all the heavy lifting the other

option is whatever you’re doing now live

Fast and Furious but

overwhelmed of course it’s worth it to

pay the price and live with him

easy calm light we’re going to give a

grand Applause to the Lord of lords the

King of

Kings once you get on your feet that

Applause has to be heard all the way in

Buenos Iris and Mexico Colombia Honduras


Republic let it be heard in Ecuador


Paraguay let the heavens tremble that

we’ve understood how much the lord loves

us blessed are you

hallelujah holy Hallelujah come on

celebrate the king he has spoken this


whoa father thank

you and now I beg you I would love for

you to pray with me and at home here

wherever you are I would love for you to

say this pray prayer and it has to do

with adopting not signing up for a gy

but adopting the lifestyle of those that

are on the treadmill and the one on the

treadmill is Jesus lord I want your

lifestyle I want the worst

storm to

not move

me that’s what our children see when

there’s no money when we don’t know how

we’re going to pay rent when we don’t

know how we’re going to face our death’s

Mom Dad they don’t lose their calm let’s

trust in God Son Well we don’t have

anything yeah but he’s been faithful

what could be the worst

thing there’s a beautiful Bridge here

where we can sleep under for a few

days it’s not being okay with nothing

it’s just not losing your calm not

losing your calm is what

attracts Marines to a captain a captain

on a ship says you know what I’ve had

worse worse

trips that’s what makes you trust in the

pilot hey don’t don’t worry oh

fly this plane I know how to do this

that’s what makes you trust in a pastor

that says don’t worry everything’s going

to be okay I’m not promising you an easy

life I’m promising you an easy yoke an

easy discipline we’re going to get out

of this one but for that you have to

change your lifestyle you have to change

a few

habits and maybe it’ll be a few basic

changes like going to the gym but in

spiritual terms you get up early and

before your coffee you say I’m going to

dedicate five five five minutes to

prayer without your mind

wandering maybe instead of grabbing your

phone and sitting on the toilet as soon

as I wake

up maybe use that time to say Lord do

you have something for me this day

little things like that this isn’t a

call to make a vow of

ostracism and going to live in a

monastery or a Convent no it’s taking

the Yoke continuing to do what we’re

doing doing now

but what do you listen to those of us

that have cars on your way to work

news what about if one day out of the

week we put on praise and worship music

and we sang on our way to

work what if that was your way to go

back home maybe that would change your

mood before you see your

family these little

disciplines before you turn on turn on

the TV what if I grab the Bible or a

Christian book and I promise to read two

pages a

day because there’s someone that says I

don’t like to read no no no I don’t read

in Spanish well then read in English or

a Mexican what do I

know but a book two pages just two pages

two pages of a Christian book the

majority of answers to the great

problems in life were already written

down by Christian

authors the great problems and

Leadership were already

answered read any book by Maxwell or any

author want they were already written

down there you’ll find all the

resolutions you just have to read and

when you read one or two pages out of a

book any book any

book it changes your Lexicon your way of

speaking it changes your culture your

way of expressing yourself and it’s all

there but of course it’s always easier

to do it on your phone no you don’t read

on your phone you’re just reading titles

you see images you see words I’m talking

about how can I cultivate myself how can

I become a better person how can I fill

my deposit with Biblical passages so

that when I’m in a trial the Holy Spirit

can bring that back to my memory

whatever I deposited into my

mind if all you do is watch series and

that’s what’s going to come come to ma

to mind when you’re in

problems it’s not Doctrine it’s not

legalism it’s just using Jesus’s

lifestyle we want to lose weight while

we have to say oh I have to it’s not

that I have to start eating grass or I

have to start eating celery and lettuce

no you say all right fried foods are not

good for me carbs are killing me flour

all that all those grains that I eat in


morning those big old burgers that

Americans eat when they have to open

their mouths like hippopotamus is what

would happen if we just reduced portions

lifestyle is for everything spiritual

physical soul and then you look in the

mirror and you say wow I look

good and you motivate your self to say

all right I’m going to eat healthy why

should I eat burgers every day why

should I eat junk food every day if we

know that we’re clogging Our arteries

it’s doing us

wrong it makes us tired we make each

meal the Last Supper we go to bed to

digest everything while we’re laying

down we wake up tired and we go on and

on and on and we say Lord bless me but

God says change your

lifestyle everything has to change the

way in which we consume entertainment

the way we the way we feed ourselves the

way we pray the way we seek God you’re

going to realize that your whole body

your soul and your spirit they’re all

related suddenly your bad mood goes away

we raise our voice

less when the line of the supermarket

gets slower we won’t want to kill the

person in front of us when we’re stuck

in traffic we give thanks because God

wants to stop us for something to speak

to us about something or for us to

listen to something maybe I don’t know

for us to meditate or maybe he is

helping us avoid an accident that would

have happened up ahead the spiritual

world is real and if you Le live

self-consumed with that drug that

dopamine on social media of course

they’re they’re blessed tools everything

is allow but not everything helps


anything in moderation not being able to

have a meal without a tequila or a glass

of wine or not being being able to eat

with the TV turned off or you leave a

restaurant because there’s no Wi-fi well

that’s a sign that we’re addicted and

the Lord is jealous I am jealous and if

you place me in the center everything

else is fine but I want you to place me

in the center of your life we’re going

to adopt the Lord’s lifestyle do you

believe it yes or

no come on we’re going to

pray father thank you for this time we

ask for your blessing we ask for your

glory upon us today pour out your

blessing in

abundance bless us

today those of us that have decided to

transform form our

lifestyle and we place at your feet our

body our soul our mind and

spirit take control of the four

dimensions take control today

Lord look at

those that have taken care of their

bodies in their own way those that have

Eating Disorders those that have issues

with sugar with water with with sodas

with whatever it is say Lord I need to

change my

lifestyle for my

health those whose

souls are exhausted say I have to change

my spiritual

lifestyle I have to create a new time to

reflect change my life as I knew it whoa

lift up your hands and pray with me

Father Here here at home those that are

receiving Christ in their hearts let me

add it’s not just about saying forgive

my sins but I adopt your

lifestyle the Lord tells me to remind

you learn from me for I am gentle and

humble carry this yoke with me I will

help you do not fear I will help you I

will carry the weight with

you the Lord says do not fear

for my yoke is easy and the burden is

light blessed are

you father I’ve transmitted what I

believe you told me to tell your people


army I haven’t added or omitted what I

believe to be your Revelation but I know

that your Holy Spirit has reached the

places that I could not reach their

Spirit the lord loves you so much he

loves you so much princess prince how

the lord loves you I bless you

I blow upon you a new air a new oxygen a


atmosphere of beginning a

new it’s the right time we’re beginning

the month of April and we can say Lord

these three months might have been lost

already but this fourth month from now

to December I


commit to adopt your lifestyle to have

time to use 10 15 minutes a day to go

and rest early I will go to bed in peace

and I will sleep that way because only

you make me sleep live

rest trusting in you we believe it we

declare it and in your name we say Amen

bye blessings to





















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