ENGLISH Dante Gebel #864 | The wall

We often have to stay the course in our lives, even when we don’t know where we’re going. We set goals, we do our best and still we hit a wall. But Proverbs states: “The righteous may stumble seven times, but they will rise again.” The challenge is to keep our faith when the fog descends and all we can see in front of us is a heartbreaking hill. Let us remember that the race is not always for the swift, nor the battle for the strong, but for those who persevere until the end.



there you go and the flags are always

ready at this hour Colombia huras

Ecuador Dominican Republic Nicaragua

Panama there we have all the flags

represented all the

countries these emblems are represent

the distinct countries because


here we have a plethora of people from

around the world there are flags that I

haven’t seen in a while I love it there

we have urai Colombia Dominican Republic

Paraguay everyone everyone don’t stop

that Applause my beloved

Venezuela God is in the house and there

are people from all over the world and

we’re greeting people all over the world

as well thank

you how do you sneak those flags in

that’s what I

wonder may God bless may may he protect

you a very good morning now we’re

greeting all those people that are

awaiting us that can’t enjoy the the

praise the worship The Experience they

always ask when are you going to show it

when are you going to show the whole

service well we were thinking about it

and never

because and then I want them to love me

right no you have to live the experience

here and I don’t know it’s like when

somebody goes to a park and you see that

they have their phone recording all the

rides or all the

tractions they’re just recording

everything showing someone else I ask

why didn’t they invite that other person

and if they didn’t come why are they

missing out on the fun just to record it

for someone else so sometimes you miss

out because of being a third person of

saying oh someone else should see and I

know not everyone has the possibility of

coming here to California but what’s

true is that the experience is something

you have to live here and yes the word

part of the service we always transmit

but the worship the praise something

that you can

explain and the screen makes a lot of it

cold a lot of what’s happening it

doesn’t do it justice to what we feel

here and we feel that the Lord is here

yes or no those that have been here from

early yes or no it’s

marvelous you can’t explain it with

words that’s why you have to come live

it here very well I’m about to transmit

what I what I believe God told me to

tell you but

before what I’m about to present is

another episode very short this time but

this is our missionary work in ug

there was a recent trip not too long ago

a little bit before we went to India and

this time there was a cultural exchange

it was marvelous to

see the African people the Ugandan

people receiving walan

culture or Salvadorian

culture to see them learning Mexican

songs no there’s no way right and then

going out to the street to clean the

community that’s something that had

never happened and the phrase I’m going

to spoil it because it’s going to appear

on many occasions in the following


it’s we had never seen white people

cleaning it

shocks because they had never seen a

white person obviously they call us

white people as well even though some of

us are very very

Brown they said we have never seen white

people cleaning for them it was a shock

it was a shock of humility of of

Simplicity all of our volunteers all the

children went out to clean the

community that and the cultural exchange

it’s very short but this is so worth it

and we’re also going to discover a great

reporter remember a few weeks ago I told


that we had lost a 36-year-old woman she

was perfectly

healthy she was the head of the nursing


she took medication that she didn’t know

she was allergic to and she passed away

she she passed away on the way to the

hospital that that’s Pearl’s mother and

this little girl’s dream is to become a

reporter and we’re trying to make that

dream a

reality in this video so River Uganda

and behind after this I will transmit

what I believe God told me to tell

you every

I every day







every we praise the

Lord we praise the Lord














hands well we want to do something

special for River and this is the first

time anyone is seeing us like this the

kids everybody what do we say We Salute

our brothers and sisters come on

everybody We Salute

You We Salute River amen amen We Salute

the teachers amen and this is what we

say from Africa from the heart everybody

from the heart from the heart we do


this thank you



thankk thank you thank you thank you so

much everybody

happy everybody happy oh yes do your dad

oh yes do your dad oh yes everybody have

oh yes raise your hands oh yes raise

your hands oh

yes we have this we call capucho cap and

we play like




this teach teach

the teacher























you can say hi I’m Pearl and today I’ll

be asking


yes I am proud of going have to ask some

questions okay ST stand right here here

more there

perfect there


we reporting from R school once again

I’m here

I’m I’ve came to ask some

questions how old are you I am 12 years

old how many brothers and sisters do you

have I have six

brothers and one

sister what is your favorite subject I

like science because it teaches us about

human organisms and plants what are


things living things are things which

have life like like people like you and

animals and plants and

others what is your favorite girl is he

blue your

favorite puppy is a

puppy uh which color the color I told

you puppy of the

puppies the color which is brown and and

and white white


we are going to clean our community to

make sure that where we are is clean and

we are staying in the clean environment

I’m very excited with my friends for

what we going to



the example you have done with us the

DNA that is between you and us is what

we are here to multiply for this

community of nanga our school PR team is

doing this together to make the

community that it is clean I I really

thank R chur who have came to help us

it’s really hard work to pick up all

this trash but I’m really

happy today some parents are just

they’re losing their breath for saying

muu doing

this it is not a

common it is not common to see a white



with and you have cleaned our place and

it has become clean

she has never seen white people


cling this going around and picking the

filth the dir of town is affecting today

and Eternity the school is doing good

things for the community I think now we

have seen them cleaning the the Town

that’s very good and we are really

impressed back to copper and we shall

also copy from this and do as it has

been done for





since we need our school to be number

one our community should be number one

our parents Anders should be number one





that is your

seed thank you for sewing thank you for

giving that warm Applause goes to all

those that sew those that are a part of

this marvelous church and we send a very

special greeting to all those children

who depend on us and all those teachers

that we saw at the be beginning of the

video they’re also a part of our

Personnel they’re not volunteers a part

of our staff they’re our employees and

we we support them the majority of them

live there so it’s a great

job we can never take our finger off of

off of off of our task it’s our

responsibility River School that’s our

own thing the same way River home will

be in

India and all the other things that we

do thanks to your seed all we’re doing

is historic a Hispanic Church supporting

such a marvelous school and this this

year we’ll be opening up the high

school the secondary school so that we

don’t lose these children in the sense

that they don’t that they don’t have to

go to another school with with a

scholarship so thank you for sewing

we’re River are we ready yes or no very


well on the 4th of July a patriotic date

here in the

US July 4th 1952 a 34-year-old woman

went into the water and began to

swim from Catalina Island to the coast

of California those of us that are from

here we know that location’s geography

just a bit and she was trying to be the

first woman to accomplish this Crossing

from Catalina Island to the coast of

California her name was Florence

Chadwick that morning Florence felt that

the cold was very intense

the fog was very thick and she could

barely see the boats that were traveling

with her to assist her she was being

watched by millions of people on

national TV on various occasions the

Sharks had to be scared away with rifles

by shooting rifles to protect the only

body that was submerged

underwater the hours went on and she


swimming and the fatigue was never the

issue the cold water was because it was

freezing her

bones almost 16 hours later she asked to

be removed from the water her trainer

who was right next to her in a small

boat encouraged her so that she wouldn’t


up but instead of seeing the California

coast all she could see was a thick fog

so just a few minutes later she said I

can’t do this anymore and they took her

out of the water just hours later when

her body began to

defrost she felt the shock of the

failure they took her out of the

water just half a mile away from the

Californian Coast half a mile and she

realized that what had made her fail

wasn’t the fatigue nor was it the

cold but what what had stopped her from

reaching her goal was the fog so she

told the reporter if I had seen and I

know I’m convinced I’m persuaded that I

would have accomplished it but she

didn’t have a way to know how much was

left so the fog clouded her reason her

eyes and her

heart if she had known how close she was

she could have persevered but she lost

perspective literally she lost

perspective and she

drowned so I say there are certain

moments in

life in which the fog arrives in one way

or another and we lose sight of the edge

of our goal of whatever we proposed when

the fog is thick it’s very easy to lose

perspective and sometimes we believe

that things are worse than what they

truly are we give up and then we blame


fog because we feel that we abandoned

our task that we gave up that we let our


down that we gave in and we alleg oh

well I didn’t have the intention of

giving up but life was unfair and it

made things impossible made it

impossible to continue on or well I

didn’t want to give up my family but

after what my spouse did I had no other

option I didn’t have any other choice

others say h well I didn’t want to give

up on my dream of starting this business

but this current government is

Exterminating me I either shut down or I

don’t know how I’ll continue

on or ah well I didn’t want to give up

congregating or coming to church but

my pastor doesn’t even know who I am and

on top of it all they never showed me

the love that I’m looking for at that

church the love that I need so sometimes

we blame the fog when we give

up and in the middle of that difficult

painful circumstance we lose faith and

that’s the only reason as to why the

majority of times we can’t reach the

edge we don’t see

land and that comes because none of us

are friends of uncertainty

we weren’t taught to walk towards

uncertainty they we were told that

whoever walks without a map or without

having a goal it’s just improvisation

and we don’t want to

improvise without a

GPS we always tend to give up so every

time we start a journey in any area of

Our Lives we want to be sure that we

know we’ll get there it happens when we

get in the car we trust that a satellite

that’s in our space is speaking to a

computer that’s in our car and the

indications are coming step by step turn

by turn always with enough

anticipation otherwise we get upset and

it’s so easy that we don’t even even

have to think about it I know there are

people here like myself who put on a GPS

to get home and they’ve been doing this

for 30 years because they don’t want to

think about anything a feminine gentle

sensual woman voice with a Spanish

accent says please

shift over to the right lane and make a

right at the next Fork towards your

final destination which is on your

left others have a guy voice for the GPS

I don’t know but in our lives many times

we have to maintain our course and in

fact we have to do that even when we

don’t know where we’re going if only it

were as easy as driving a

car and let’s think about all those


when we wanted to know more details

about our life to not have to stress to

know where we were headed but we didn’t

have the details real life doesn’t work

this way if only we had a

forecast of

life the way we have a forecast of

weather where we can see from what time

to what time it’ll be raining when the

sun will come out when there will be

winds but real life doesn’t work that

way it doesn’t work that way in that

heartbreaking moment

where a couple month after month sees a

negative sign on the on the pregnancy

test while the chronological clock


advancing it doesn’t work for the

employee that works so hard hour after

hour trying to get a raise year after

year they’re still earning the same

amount they don’t get a raise or a

promotion she’s not seen this doesn’t

work for those

that went through four Decades of life

and our still waiting to find that very

special person that just never

arrives so no satellite can tell us

where we should

turn and the situations that truly

matter in life and without a doubt the

roads in life are sometimes very Stony

and Rocky confusing live long enough and

you’ll realize that

sometimes the roads are longer than when

you were making plans you thought they

would be shorter but we realize they’re

not and what’s worse is that many of

these paths and I’m talking about life

many of these

paths are not well made and in many

cases we’re like this swimmer Florence

we don’t know how much is left and we

continue on

blindly as I Was preparing this message

I was looking for biblical references in

relation to the topic of racing or

marathons and I was surprised to see how

many times

races and marathons are mentioned in

scripture we’re familiar with the the

race that’s mentioned in Hebrews or in

some of Paul’s letters it was something

very typical to mention competition

amongst the Greeks and the writers

realized that

races were the metaphor is the perfect

hyperbole because the principal

objective in life is to always get to a

determined goal a determined Finish Line

and races demand preparation discipline

effort training special

diet and of course there is a reward

that awaits those that run the race

well but I was reading that even in the


Testament much before the Greeks

appeared with their fanatism over racing

David describes in Psalm 195 he says it

bursts forth like a radiant bridegroom

after his wedding it rejoices like a

great athlete eager to run the

race and then Samuel tells us that the

Kings boasted about their power by

putting soldiers to run in front of the

horses they were Runners that were

quicker than the Riders In fact and in

Ecclesiastes Solomon tells us that the

race isn’t always won by the fastest

runner and Solomon said this long before

Jose Alfredo him menz composed The

King and he made it and it was made

famous by Luis Miguel before that song

became famous the race isn’t for the

fastest I was also told by a mu driver

that you don’t have to arrive first but

you have to know how to

arrive not just in Africa do they learn

about Mexican things I also

do so it’s not just about arriving first

you have to know how to get there like

the song says and I’ve told you on many

occasions that while I was going through

High School verer Von Simmons in

Argentina we would compete in many


disciplines we would compete in sports

against other students from other

schools like the Ford School the

automotive school or flandria it was a

Cotton Factory in Argentina and I

remember signing up for something

called the uh really race and I was

always thin amongst the few virtues that

I’ve always had I was always skinny I

can’t remember myself being swollen so

since I was always a featherweight I

assumed that my genetics would exempt me


training so I ignored the trainer when

he said oh prepare for the race build up

your resistance I assumed that I could

run fast and that I knew how so while my

classmates trained all week I was


with the logic of all I have to do is

race all I have to do is run hold the

Baton and pass it to one of my teammates

it can’t be so

difficult I’ve run more than that in all

my childhood trying to escape a slap for


mom so the great day

came and I

was I was the second leg of the relay I

was 300 met away from the Finish

Line it was a 400 meter race

I was ready to receive the Baton for my

teammate while on The Parallel Lane they

were doing the same all of our opponents

our our rival

team we heard a gunshot which meant the

race had started and I saw the runner

next to me regulating his

breathing Galloping I don’t I didn’t

understand why he ran so

slow I had to get the the Baton to the


line to the next to the next Runner so I

ran out like a demonized Road

Runner and now I had to run 300 of my

own meters but I didn’t calculate my

resistance my stamina I didn’t regulate

my breathing I didn’t regulate my

speed and so I immediately began to feel

a strong pain in my groin I didn’t even

know that I had a groin until that day



I began to wobble but it was too late I

thought that I was going to

die by an attack of groin itis right

there on the track so I made a decision

it was selfish it was

Whimsical but it’s what appeared most

wise at that moment I sat down on the

track with the Baton in my hand until

the pain went

away and from the stands the whole

school began to shout at me get up

Contin the race but I couldn’t move I

had a pain that was killing me

so after 100 m I had Run 100 I still

needed 200 I sat down on the track with


baton Legend says that my teammate that

was waiting for me 300 M ahead was still

waiting for me there he’s still waiting

for me there right now he’s waiting for

me to arrive hey go home I don’t think

I’ll make it my friend it’s been more

than 40 years I’m not going to make it

so you have to know how to get there

that’s what it means to run and life is

a marathon where you have to know how to

arrive but when we begin it’s always

with impetus with spirit with vence with

firness ar Spirit Vigor Vitality

Outburst until the pain appears in your

groin and at one point the challenge of

running our race is reduced to the

following if we’re going to give up and

if we’re going to sit on the track or

we’re going to continue on with pain

without pain doesn’t matter like we’re

reminded in

Ecclesiastes faith on its own is not a

guarantee the race isn’t just for the

fast nor is the battle just for the

strongest those that tend to win are not

those that start first but those that

deny themselves of giving up those that

say I’m going to continue however so the

writer of the Hebrews invites us to run


perseverance man does that word Escape

between our fingers like wet sand

perseverance the the race that we had

ahead of us you know I could have said

run it quickly or make sure that you

leave your Rivals way behind you no but

he says

perseverance the Greek word for race is

Aon Aon the way it sounds that’s where

our famous word comes from

Agony so the word indicates that the

race that we had ahead that we have

ahead of us in life is a race that’s a

signed that isn’t fun it’s not fun all


time life isn’t a tourist trip having


isn’t it getting married isn’t it being

boyfriends and girlfriend isn’t it

traveling through the world having

vacations none of that is necessarily

always fun 100% of the

time life isn’t a walk on the beach it’s

running until your side hurts until your

lungs burn until our muscles begin to

cramp up get stiff and but you have to

continue mothers know

this what would you have given when you

were a young mother let’s not talk about

those that have been mothers at an older

age but when you were 20s something

years old and you had to be a new mother

that was very young with all your life

ahead of you what would you have given

to have a two-year

break not just leaving the baby for 20

minutes to go pee in peace but what

about two years hey can you take care of

him for two years hey I’ll come back for

him in two years neighbor I need to have

a little bit of fun no it was all about

continuing on and on and

on the men that had to go

out and provide for their homes to

support their family because you had to

buy diapers and you had to buy groceries

and be a provider you have to continue

on and on and on I was recently reading

a statistic that tells us that

70% of those that are called to call

God give up before they produce the

greatest impact in their

Ministry before they were able to

transmit their wisdom or what they

learned they give up they surrender

these are the people that

forget that it takes no less than 30

years to make success from night to day

success night today takes 30 years to

prepare the thing is people only see the

success they say oh this guy was so

lucky they were touched by a Divine hand

but they don’t know what happened behind

the scenes we

can’t pretend to get to the Jordan River

ignoring 30 years of working as a

carpenter we can’t forget that so it’s


perseverance that will take us to

complete that Vision

so the way in which which we keep

ourselves on track it’s going to deter

be determined by the parameters of

longevity in our ministry in our lives

in our assigned purpose the Bible says

that we can never pick the level of

difficulty or the level of the track

that we’re going to run on or the

obstacles that are going to that we’re

going to face like in video

games in video games you say I’m going

to start on the easy mode and then once

I learn it I’m going to up it to a more

difficult setting life isn’t like this

we don’t know what difficulty we’re

going to be dealt if it were up to us we

would all run on a tropical beach all

downhill it’s great to run downhill


it we would put Oasis of water all over

the track we would put on headphones

with whatever band you want when I lived

in Miami I would ride my bike almost

every day almost every evening for hours

because it was all flat lands as soon as

I got to

California I went out to ride my bike in

the hills and I came back half an hour

later with my bike in one hand and my

lung in the other I hung up my bike and

I swore I would never go out again

either they remove the mountain and the

hills or I won’t go out again so

sometimes we wait for life to be a fun

race that’s Pleasant because we say ah

well in the end we’re running with Jesus

right but let’s not forget that for some

the end of the

race is to avoid the fatigue the

obstacles the sweat but you

can’t those steep heels in life are a

part of the

plan I’d like to ask people wherever I

go what things they would change in

their lives if they could it’s a

question that I tend to ask during the

conference as well what things would

they change in their lives if they could

change one thing or a pair of things and

the answers that I

hear always have the tenor

of of fatigue of of

anxiety of a burden my son is losing a

battle against cancer and we’re very

upset with God we can’t understand why

God allowed

this we’ve been married for less than

five years yet we both feel like

throwing in the towel we don’t know why

we got into

this she’s been sick for

years the

doctors can’t diagnose her and the only

thing we know is that each day she gets

worse we love our son who has a

disability we love him the way he was

born but sometimes we’re so overwhelmed

so discouraged to know that we’re not

going to

enjoy the normal that other families

enjoy others say I feel

invisible they women say I feel

invisible to my husband or to my

children or she sees a future of debts

that never end he can’t leave his


she can’t find a

job he’s sure that nobody will love him

I can continue on but we all have our


stories and many people after years of

their Christian pilgrimage no matter

what their spiritual size is no matter

what they do they get to that point that


point where they don’t find the strength

they don’t find the desire or energy to

continue on and they say I’ve come this

far and they sit down on the track with

a baton in hand this happens to teachers


clerics we all get to a point in our

lives where we want to give up and those

that say oh it never happened to me well

it’s because you haven’t lived yet live

long enough and you you’ll get to a

point where you’ll want to give up in

any area of your life the exact

moment GPS would

say at the exact moment in which we lose

sight of the

coast the moment in which we lose sight

of the

purpose as to why we even enrolled in

this race it happens in marriages it

happens when we decide to be parents it

happens when we say yes to a call from

God at one point we lose sight of the

coast and we

ask does this even make sense what I’m

doing I don’t know if you’ve ever tried

to build a puzzle without the picture on

the on the box because on the box you

can see how the end product will look if

it’s a cat if it’s if it’s a paradise if

it’s a mother-in-law running away but

there’s always a

picture when I was a child at home we

had many many puzzles at home for rainy

days especially except somebody had the

genius idea of throwing away all the

boxes because they took up too much room

so they were in plastic bags all the

puzzles and we didn’t know if these

pieces corresponded to to this puzzle or

to the other one we didn’t know if they

miss Fed so I would say well I’m going

to assemble something and I would

assemble the easier puzzles but I would

get frustrated because I had no model to

compare it to so I would throw

everything back into the plastic bag so

it’s easy to give up when we have a a

couple of pieces but we don’t have the

final complete image to compare

to the final complete image is the

guide to get through the entire process

it shows us where we’re

going if only those that went through

University could have an image of the

diploma they have it in their

imagination but imagine if somebody went

into the future and brought back a

diploma to the present time saying

here’s what you’re going to earn here’s

the the certificate of so much sacrifice

this is the business that you’re going

to start when you finish your school if

you could just see the

results it gives us the certainty that

everything is going to link together and

it’ll all make sense the author of the

Hebrews describes it in the following

way he

says faith is the guarantee I guarantee

you that whatever you’re waiting for

will pass will come that’s what faith is

the guarantee the

picture the

certainty that

security of what cannot be seen yet the

certainty of what you’re not seeing yet

that’s what a cook does they have the C

certainty that by mixing all these

correct ingredients they’ll make a good

plate they can’t cook without faith it’s

the certainty of what they

expect faith is a tool that makes us see

what we still can’t naturally see so by

definition faith is the

trust that we used to continue believing

that all the pieces in our

lives will fit in in one way or another

even if we don’t have the final image to

show us the

model because maybe there are people

here that say I can’t imagine anything

in my future I just see chaos I don’t

know how this will end

well if only I had the Box the puzzle

came in to see well faith is not needing

that box it’s saying I don’t know how

it’s going to fit in but a picture will

come from this it’s believing that God

has a purpose even if the fog

doesn’t allow me to see the coast

today still going to the coast even if

you don’t see it to say I think it’s

over there we don’t see it but we trust

in that Coast I’m going to tell you

something interesting here at

River we have a team of pastors very

good very

effective and they tend to visit our

members that are hospitalized if we find

out that

somebody’s hospitalized somebody from

our pastoral group goes to visit you but

let me tell you something you don’t want

to see me in your hospital room because

for reasons of of of time we’ve decided

to delegate many responsibilities and if

I go visit someone in the hospital it’s

because the situation demands it or it’s

a very

serious scenario so the Pastors in our

team do a great job they know that this

if the situation is too serious they say

hey can you come I think you should come

so this is what I want you to know if

you go in for a minor surgery maybe like

a lipo suction for your

abdominals or if you get a hair

transplant when you wake up from the

anesthesia if I’m next to your

bed don’t be happy it’s not good news I

didn’t go check out how your hair turned

out or how your how your tummy went away

no I’m there because something terrible

happened during your lipo

suction maybe some of the fat in your

body went to your

brain maybe they transplanted hair

somewhere they shouldn’t

have I want you to understand that if

I’m there it’s because we’re about to

say a final

prayer you get it oh when is Pastor

Dante going to come well if I’m

there you’re about to feel extreme

anointing not too long ago I was on

tour and I had to

officiate a funeral via

streaming uh uh a beloved uh woman’s

mother here from this church since I was

traveling I did it through the live

stream sorry not the funeral but this

elderly woman’s Final hours I was in

another country so I went into my hotel

room and I could see the family around

the around the bed and I could feel the

pain I could I could hear all the

questions without answers it always

happens no matter who it is that’s

passing away or how old they are and

many of those family members that were

there around the around the bed they

were not

Christians but they listened to me with


respect and I’ve learned unfortunately

I’ve learned it through age I I I knew

it when I was younger but sometimes the

best we can do in those cases is not gun

them down with Biblical

verses it’s very strange for me to go

and say oh the Bible says or the word

says no just be with them and share

their pain cry with those that are truly

crying and in that instant while I was

sharing a few words with him while I

shared the pain a thought came to my

mind and I

said here in this type of moment is when

we truly realize if we

believe what we say we

believe if we believe what we

preach in those moments they’re in the

hallways of a hospital or around the bed

of of a dying person or standing on the

grass of a cemetery when we have to

trust that the final image the complete

image exists somewhere even if we never

see it on this side of the

Sun and sometimes life leaves us with a

few pieces in our hands that don’t even

make up a puzzle but let’s not just talk


that but let’s talk about

a rejected School application a college


or not getting a call back from that job

interview even if they promised you or

another relationship that doesn’t end in

marriage another medical checkup with a


diagnosis the exact moment in which the

fog takes away our vision from the coast

that’s where you for the first time

redefine the significance of your

faith if we don’t redefine what our

faith is then we’re going to give up

half a mile away from the

edge the faith that gives us the trust

to continue believing and the courage to

not give up is not faith in

circumstances it’s not oh I have faith

that they’ll get out of that bed or I

have faith that they’ll be healed no

sometimes we need faith in God’s

character in God’s sovereignty he knows

what he’s doing there’s a faith that

sets us free that blessed faith and

there’s a faith that binds us but

they’re both

Faith sometimes faith heals of course it

does sometimes Faith pays debts but

other times it gives us something more

precious the

strength to deal with those days where

we don’t find the

healing or when we’re not sure of how

we’re going to pay our debts on Monday

yet the faith is

there sometimes you can see faith in a

hospital waiting room with the wife on

her knees praying for her husband that

went into the operating room to have a

tumor removed the doctor comes out and

says woman or Miss there is no tumor

what do you mean there’s no tumor well

we opened them up and there’s nothing

there we don’t know what happened it’s

not there it’s it doesn’t coincide with

the x-rays we just can’t explain it it’s

a miracle that’s sometimes how we see

Faith we’ve heard it but other times as

well faith is with a wife at a cemetery

seeing how the coffin of her beloved

descends underground and she has to have

faith to learn to live with this new

normal I know I wasn’t going to hear

many amens but it’s the truth I’ve seen


examples and God was present with each

one of those people there are parents

here here that prayed with faith and

their children were set free but I’ve

also seen

parents that I had to help officiate the

funerals for their children yet Faith

supported them faith that sets free and

faith that binds when we can’t see

anything when there’s

nothing that’s

Faith sometimes faith can be seen in a

missionary that decides to leave his

comfort to go and take the message to a

distant Village and something happen

something similar to what we saw in

Uganda a Revival breaks out and

sometimes faith can also be seen in the

life of another missionary that leaves

his comfort he goes to a similar Village

they don’t let him preach and they


him and he spends 20 years there without

converting anyone to Christ so why does

he stay because of Faith sometimes faith

can be seen when someone goes to the

office and they tell their manager you

know what I’m not going to lie to a

customer I’m not going to scam them

forgive me because it goes against my

convictions and they take that risk and

they end up with a promotion they say

gentlemen whoa what a lesson in life

other times that same faith will land

you on the street with no job oh you

don’t want to lie all right get out of

here faith can be seen in a marriage

that rebuilds itself or for some reason

in a divorce in which these two have to

learn to live in this new normal and

process it both need Faith it’s not that

one fell from faith and the other one

now has more faith no our faith is

placed in God and in that final

frame that we may not see in its

entirety on this side of

Eternity our ancestors

died without knowing that a messiah

would come the people from the Old

Testament yet they died with the hopes

that it would happened but they didn’t

see it

so when we measure our faith in the

spiritual field and what’s visible it’s

not Faith it’s either Mary Kay Amway or

Herbal Life but it’s not

Faith now I included another one so

Herbal Life Isn’t So

Alone true

Faith continues

believing even when the puzzle

pieces don’t seem to fit

in but that Faith holds you up I don’t

understand but I’m going to continue on

I don’t know what God is doing with all

this but he doesn’t have to explain his

purposes to me but I believe if not why

do we sing Sovereign God Sovereign God

means god the king this isn’t a republic

it’s a

kingdom he isn’t an elected president

that was voted in by democracy no he’s a

king of kings and Lord of lords he does

what he wants and no one can ask ask him

about what he’s doing

so the point is that

traditionally it is believed that the

condemnation and execution of the

Apostle Paul occurred under the reign of

Emperor Nero a dog name

but or a pizza a pizzeria but this was

the name of a great

emperor that’s when Paul was


and relieved of his functions for the

kingdom it is believed that his remains

are stored in St Paul’s

Basilica there’s no proof there’s no way

to verify that his remains are there

this is outside of Rome but now imagine

Paul spending his last moments here on

Earth writing the last thoughts that


model the era of Christianity just as we

know it

today and there in the final moments of

his life he reveals what’s inside his

heart I

say you Reveal Your Heart when you’re at

the Gate of death when you’re at the

door of death yesterday I had an

interview and I was telling the reporter

nobody dies as an atheist and she said

are you sure they even put it in the in

the caption because it surprised

her he said are you sure I said yeah

nobody says oh I’m atheist don’t come

and pray for me I want to be eaten by

worms even the biggest atheist says hey

can you pray just in case when they’re

going down that final tunnel everyone

everyone asks for a prayer nobody dies

an atheist Under Fire because that’s

where you have no intimidation no fear

to anything or anyone on this side of

Eternity you lose fear of what people

will say when you’re about to die what

can threaten a dying man that knows in

this case Paul where he’s going F can

threaten him oh tomorrow we’re going to

cut your head off

and that’s why the

police takes conf confessions on a

deathbed very serious because they say

that these

words these words of people that are

dying are filled with truth it could be

a matter of guilt for example guilt

makes them tell the

truth we’ve heard stories of last minute

confessions where the gentleman tells

his future Widow that’ll be a widow in

just a few

minutes that he has two other families

to not be surprised when the other two

families come to his

funeral and you ask well why did he say

it why did he have to make it all bitter

well his guilt doesn’t allow him to not

share it’s like in movies when the

delinquent says I won’t betray my

friends I’ll never tell you what port

the drug ship will get to I’ll see you

in hell no that doesn’t

happen that’s a movie that’s

film he lets everything out once he’s


dying and in his prison cell

Paul whose blood would scatter over all

of his letters and Epistles he explains

in that very moment in his final

moment that whatever we’re

suffering whatever is happening in our

present moment is not cannot compare to

what we’re going to experiment in heaven

and Paul had a lot of time to think

about our next life the second book of

Timothy is the last letter that Paul

wrote before he

died he’s in a cold jail cell waiting

for his head to roll on the ground he’s

waiting to be

executed and he writes his best Pros on

the eve of his

execution but the greatest brands of his

wisdom aren’t just hidden in what he

said but in the way that he said them

his message to to Timothy is never

abandon the

game it’s always possible to score in

the last minutes or an extra time it’s

always possible to turn the game around

he’s teaching his son Timothy his


son what any young man would want to

hear from his

father never give

up and he writes to him him in the

second book of Timothy 4:4 but you

should keep a clear mind in every

situation don’t be a afraid of suffering

for the

Lord work at telling others the good

news and fully carry out the ministry

God has given you as for me my life has

already been poured out as an offering

to God the time of my death is

near he said the time of my death is

near I have fought the good fight I have

finished the race

and I have remained

faithful I didn’t lose it I didn’t lose

my faith and now the prize awaits me the

crown of righteousness which the Lord

the righteous judge will give me on the

day of his return and the prize is not

just for me but all for all who eagerly

look forward to his appearing marvelous

words from Paul

right so when the curtain begins to

close on his life Paul Scribbles the

last phrases of wisdom that are going to

shake the

world Paul wants to be sure that he’s

effective and leaving a legacy in the

last hours of his life just the way he

did during the rest of his life I’m

going to share a secret that you can

only learn through

age people are going to forget all the

good that we’ve done because of one bad

thing we do at the end of our

Lives that’s how we

are think about a soccer player from

your team let’s not mention Messi so

you’re not

offended he can score goals and goals

and win trophies but if he loses the

last game then he can’t go back to his

country oh no he should have retired it

what a shame he’s not even trying

anymore he just cares about money he

doesn’t represent the the shirt that’s

how we

are and with the same bar that we

measure the rest measures us it doesn’t

matter what we’ve

done Robert Schuler the founder of the


Cathedral was a man who when he lifted

his when he called on the

phone if his production team called

someone such as Arnold tegger the

governor or Charles H or Frank Sinatra

If he if he called them on the phone

they would all come to the Crystal

Cathedral because he was the most

influential man in the American Union

people would watch him and listen to him

live on TV and in his last

years his family had to ask for money to

buy him a coffin people turned their

backs on him for whatever reason for

little reasons you point is you

shouldn’t measure people that way it’s

not fair but unfortunately it’s the

truth everything that we’ve done in life


matter one


that we mess up on so it’s about knowing

how to get there not just getting there

that’s why Paul teaches Timothy that

beginning isn’t enough but he should


Ecclesiastes 78 tells us finishing is

better than starting finishing is better

than starting so it doesn’t matter how

we begin we all

begin right we’re all like pinky in the

brain well conquer the world pinky all

right well where are the conquerors how

do how do we end up what’s the

difference well

perseverance being perseverant in the

race he didn’t say train more be thinner

focus on buying sports clothes no he


persevere two athletes with the bet with

the same capacity they join the same

team one makes it to the big leagues the

other never plays

again other than their participation in

high school two business people have the

same assets they study the same

one earns Millions the other one goes

bankrupt don’t tell me that it’s

luck that it’s just a random favor no

that God bless one no two

leaders received the same call from God

on the same night or the same morning

one impacts millions and the other one

goes back to driving for Uber they got

tired what makes the difference between


two often you hear sports commentators

say this man has what he needs to

win this player has that missing piece

has that fire and I asked what what’s

that sacred Fire Within them can it can

be what trust confidence Charisma or an

enchanting Spirit competitiveness yeah

maybe it’s all that it varies from

person to person but I suspect that the

most important thing above all that is

perseverance there’s no one here that

doesn’t know the story of the The

Tortoise and the hair the hair said

running a race against a tortoise it’s

easy piece of cake I’m going to take a

nap and then run but the tortois

continued on and on and on and on and on

and on and on and on and on and

on and then when the hair woke up the

tortoise had already won the race

perseverance determination tenacity

discipline like my friend jooy Kenji

says discipline sooner or later

defeats intelligence always disciplines

defeats intelligence he says he’s half

Colombian half Japanese he says Japanese

people aren’t more intelligent than

Hispanics but they are more

disciplined he shares marvelous things

he says when a Japanese person sets a

meeting at this time then it’s at that

time not a little bit later he says that

the first time a Hispanic person set a

meeting with him to talk about about

business at a cafe they had agreed upon

8:00 a.m. and at 8:00 a.m. jooy was

there and he saw the clock it was 815

820 and he called the person and the

Hispanic asked hey are you are you there

already and Joker says yes where are you

and then the Hispanic man said yeah I’m

on my way I’m almost there and that in

our terms could mean I’m still in bed or

just got out of the shower or I’m stuck

in traffic so he arrived an hour and a

half later without saying I’m


and then Jo calls again and says hey you

remember we had a meeting for 8

a.m. and the the Hispanic man said ah

well I’m about to fall on you right now

so he looked up but that’s what that’s

what he uses to explain discipline is

the self-regulation of your behavior

that’s why there are people that are

condemned to be

employees because of they’re not told

what time to come in and what time to

leave then the LI eat them up the fleas

eat them up not told oh this is the time

for lunch this is the time to clock out

it’s because these people don’t have

self-discipline I always tend to say

that no one can

demand more discipline than what I

demand of myself I’m aware of all my

defects and your witnesses that I speak

about them here

openly but I also have to recognize

without modesty because I’ve earned it

without any false modesty that I’m the

most professional and disciplined man

that I know I’ve never met a more

disciplined man than myself never never

it sounds Argentinian well put up with

it but I’ve never met him I’ve never met

someone more professional than myself

and I worked for CNN and I worked in TV

my whole life but I’ve never met

somebody that arrived earlier than

myself for that left later than

myself I never got to a TV studio

without learning my script without

leading without learning the life of the

guest always and I’ve never stood here

without preparing myself

never nobody can say I’m going to demand

something of you that you’re not already

doing no nobody can demand more of

myself than I’m already doing discipline

is doing what I have to do when I have

to do it whether I feel like it or

not and even even if it doesn’t make

sense I’m going to do it I once told my

mother when I was little Mom I don’t

feel like going to church this

Sunday and she was very understanding

very strange with this woman she said

it’s normal for that to happen to you

son I understand

and I said so then that means I don’t

have to go and she said no this Sunday

you go you just won’t want to but you’ll

go I don’t feel like going to school

yeah well the same thing used to happen

to me son so then what well then you’ll

go to school with no desire you’ll work

with no desire you’ll serve god with no

desire there are days where I feel like

serving God with desire but there are

other days where I just don’t feel like

it but that doesn’t change my

perseverance I was assigned a task in

the Kingdom so I can’t

depend on that on on my desire the pilot

has to fly the plane whether he feels

like it or not he doesn’t kill everyone

because today he doesn’t feel like

flying he knows that it’s his

assignment so during years it was

believed that any person’s potential was

their intelligent Coe or their

coefficient of intelligence

I always wondered what what’s my

coefficient of intelligence but I was in


negatives but that’s not the point there

are people that have a very very high

IQ yet their failures and experts have

come to argue that there is

something that goes beyond

success something that can help you be

successful much more than your IQ and

that’s your level of resilience how much

you can resist how much you can put up

with so the person that refuses to give

up has a very high IQ their threshold of

resistance is very high you know our

kids their resist their level of their

threshold of resistance is very low they

want to kill themselves when their Wi-Fi

is slow the the video takes too long to

load oh no no I want to kill myself or

you want to kill

them and you say Lord I brought them

into this world and I can take them out

and those of us that have gone through

things I haven’t gone through cancer in

my own life like others and so I respect

them but their level of adversity their

threshold for adversity is very

high so when the enemy comes to try and

knock them off their horse they say

really Satan that’s all you got really I

was expecting


and there are leaders that have the

heart and the mind to

lead but they don’t have the shoulders

to hold that

weight they have the

knowledge but they can’t stand the

burden they can’t deal with

adversity it surprises me that there are

more and more leaders that I know that


depressed and I say hey you’re not at

the church anymore they say no I’m

taking a sabatical well why are you

taking a break uh I’m under much

pressure but what about the people the

people on the ship on the Titanic

they’re going to look for the

the the captain but he he’s no longer on

the ship the good news is that if we

can’t do much to improve our

IQ we can do a lot to drastically

increase our coefficient against

adversity with God we can strengthen and

develop our ability to play put up with

adversity and to persever someone has to


Amen there’s a marathon in Boston that

was made very famous by a mount a hill

that’s on the track at the 30th

kilometer it’s called Heartbreak

Hill I may I I I put it in English here

but since my English is very British I

don’t want to embarrass you say it with

that terrifying span Spanglish


Hill they say that there at that Hill

the runner’s heart says that’s

enough and this hill is at the worst

point of the track because just as the

runner begins to store away energy to

finish the race they face this

hill and experts say that this is the

wall that many Runners crash against

it’s when the body goes through all of

its reserves of glycogen so the muscles

absorb lactic acid when lactic acid


glycogen it’s a terrible example but for

you to understand it in a simple

way it’s when you have a car with

gasoline and you switch it


to to a different type of gas that that

doesn’t let it continue

on all professional

runners say that they crash against that


wall at about the 29th

kilometer so the hills in life that

were’re we are not able to climb can

also break our hearts

literally we set

goals we give the best version of

ourselves but then we crash against the

wall these are the moments that reveal

the coefficient of our

adversity they leave us exposed so that

we can be see what we’re made of what

kind of wood we’re made of or if we’re

made of

butter sometimes the worst thing isn’t

the hill sometimes the worst thing is

discovering that we don’t have the

resistance to get by it and Paul

describes continually the challenges of


moments the Corinthians are running a

race the journey is filled with hills

Ste deep Long hills and mountains and

Paul explains to them that the only way

to get through that wall is by the power

of God in the second letter of

Corinthians 4:8 he says we are pressed

on every Side by troubles but we are not

crushed we are perplexed but not driven

to despair we are hunted down yes but

never abandoned by God we get knocked

down but we are not


destroyed someone has to celebrate these

words we get knocked down but we are not

destroyed in more simple

terms you’re going to crash your face on

the canvas more than once but in one way

or another you’re going to get back up

and you’re going to continue on so Paul

tells the Christians that’s how we are

that’s what we’re made

of we’re those that get up when we get


down and not until we hear the Bell the

ring in the ring we’re going to continue

fighting that

battle so to run the race with

perseverance we have to have a


unbreakable spirit that robustly denies

to put a period where God is placing a

comma it’s not a final

period Proverbs 24:16 says The Godly May

trip seven times but they will get up

again it’s not saying that that’s the

maximum amount it’s just saying that it

could have said The Godly May trip 50

times but they’ll get up 50

times but one disaster is enough to

overthrow the wicked it

means does this mean that it exempts

Christians from calamities no it’s just

that calamities don’t knock us down and

keep us there what gave Paul the

strength to get back up why would he get

up every time he got knocked down well



explains what motivated him is whole

life he says my love for Christ Christ’s

love controls our

lives and I felt very tired very

overwhelmed many times in life like all

of you it’s impossible for me to

remember a time in these last 36 years

of service in which I didn’t have to


discouragement what obligates me to

continue on well if I’m being honest

sometimes it was guilt that was my my

gas it was a corrosive

combustible of

course because I know what I said what I

thought what I did I know the mistakes

in my past I know the mistakes I

continue committing and so I feel that I

have continue on this journey to

compensate for so much

foolishness so many mistakes so many

errors so I say well out of guilt I’ll

continue on it’s the least I can do for

God for what he did for me but in the

end that same guilt ends up toppling me

guilt never helped me get back up

sometimes I’ve allowed fear to be that

gasoline I do the right things for the


reasons I feel obliged to continuing on

this race because of what others might

say they’ll say that I I I abandoned it

I don’t want them to kill me on social

media they’ll say they’ll say I failed

or fear of hell so that fear follows me

so I begin to run the race but I’m so

focused on what’s chasing behind me that

I lose notion and I lose side of the

edge of where I’m headed and I don’t I

don’t see

the goal and so I sit down on the track

Paul says not fear not guilt God’s love

Christ’s love should be your gasoline

your love for Christ should be so

passionate that it can’t stop you you

can’t stop you won’t

stop even when you have every reason to

do so it’s the certainty of what we

await it’s the conviction of what we

don’t see so the challenge is to

maintain your faith when all we can see

before us is a Heartbreak Hill

I want you to think about specific

moments in your life come on really some

might say oh well I don’t have that

bravery that you mentioned no come

on wasn’t your life a product of

perseverance to get to that Victory how

many times did you feel like giving up

and you didn’t do it so you’re

here and today you’re celebrating it

because you didn’t give up you didn’t

surrender you didn’t give


let’s see you have a certain disability


learning but it’s tough for you to study

yet you passed that test you made it

through you learned it by memory you had

to put in three times the effort than

others maybe but you did it they treated


unfairly we can really speak on what

true bullying was back in the day even

if it

wasn’t mentioned that way we even

received her from our teachers and we

made a path for ourselves into our adult

lives you were about to abandon it all

in your marriage yet now you’re

celebrating another anniversary you

battled against an addiction but now

you’ve been sober for years the process

of chemo theapy and radiation was

devastating but you finally heard the

word remission so it’s possible to have

these moments of Celebration but the

best of all will be when we get to

heaven because Paul says that what

awaits us


compared to our current problems he says

today’s problems no matter what it is

cancer whoever dies in your family these

are just light trivial innocuous

fleeting superficial childish ephemeral

problems they don’t

exist and the person saying this is a

guy whose health is has deteriorated


he’s semiblind confined to a prison

what’s his future that tomorrow the

Executioner will cut off his head yet

he’s celebrating because he knows what


him no human mind can understand this

and I’m going to tell you something that

sounds terrifying but I want you to


this us Christians know how to die like

no one else that’s what we’re made

of we don’t give up in the face of death

because in any case we know that behind

the curtain or behind the Heartbreak

Hill we’ll find our Celestial home and

that conviction gives us the energy when

we have no strength

it makes us get on our feet again yes or

no when the world knocks us

down it makes us rise again and makes us

continue on our race and this is the

message that God sent me to give to you

personally are you ready for this yes or

no look at me look at me look at me and

listen to me with all your attention

because I’ll only say it

once you’re going to run this race

called life you hear me

you’re going to expose yourself again

you’re going to get

up you’re going to put your feet on the

track again it’s a choice that you’re

going to make every day until you

die you’ll say today I’m going to choose

courage today I’m going to choose to

continue this race whether I feel like

it or not and God tells me to tell you

and I’m not

interested and your excuses you’re going

to get out of

bed you’re going to the word depression

behind and you’re going to run again and

God wants me to tell you this you’re

going to fail some are saying okay Lord

I understand you I’m going to run and

I’m going to run the risk of failing and

God says no no no you’re not

understanding me you’re not listening to

me what I’m saying and what you’re

hearing you’re elimin eliminating the

phrase that you’re going to fail I never

said that it would be a possibility that

there would be a risk or that you could

fail no you’re not running the risk of

failing if you go out to run you’re

going to fail more than once God is

aware of that that’s why he asks for

perseverance he doesn’t ask that you

arrive quickly with no

failures and throughout the Journey of

life you’re going to find many walls

many Hills many heartbreak Hills many

many Hills that break your will to

continue but you’re going to continue

you’re going to get

up you’re going to take a second wind

and you’re going to get to that blessed

goal even if you die trying Dead or

Alive you’re going to make it because

that’s where you’re going to realize if

you believe in what you preached and

your discipline and perseverance are

going to defeat intelligence gifts

resources and

talents and God tells you I’m not going

to tolerate any of the runners on my

team sitting on on the track with the

Baton in hand if you don’t have a faith

that liberates you then you’re going to

continue on with the faith that holds

you up that supports you if it’s not

with glycogen it’ll be with lactic acid

but you’re going to continue running the

race isn’t always for the fastest

battles aren’t always for the strongest

but for those that persevere until the

end I know sometimes you don’t feel like

running so here’s the word you’re going

to continue running even if you don’t

feel like

it and though the fog doesn’t allow you

to see the land you can’t see the coast

or you don’t have the final image God

says don’t give in it’s not a suggestion

it’s an

order finish the race you hear me

breathe move your arms move your legs


up get past that hill and run the race

that you were assigned that’s

life says the Lord an Applause to the

king of kings and Lord of lords come on

Champions get up someone has to

celebrate loud for these Runners that

won’t stop for these marathon runners in

life come on celebrate with the greatest

Applause that euphoric

Applause as if your team just won the


Hallelujah let’s run my

friend let’s run come on celebrate the

king that loves us Sovereign

God how


don’t give in don’t

surrender don’t let your arms down

impressive huj how beautiful

Hallelujah that is God I love you

Lord put your hand on your heart if you

can because Before We Say Goodbye I want

us to say a prayer together for that

heart that was broken by the

hill I want to pray for that broken

spirit I know there are no prosthetics

for amputated

spirits but I am aware that the only one

that can repair that heart is the one

that created it the one that gave us

this heart there are no phrases there is

no positivity no coaching there’s


that can heal our hearts the way God

will heal there is no other person and

God wants us to place our hands on our

heart and say Lord I was sitting on the

track I had abandoned the race with a

baton in hand and I made the mistake of

not continuing I thought that this fall

meant that I had failed I thought that

since my groin hurt and since I couldn’t

breathe I thought that I should abandon

the race but he says no continue I knew

you would

fall Paul says we’ve Fallen we’ve been

knocked down but we’re not destroyed we

haven’t been defeated because the

battles the victories and

failures are all blurred out by the

great final victory of the war so you

win you lose the battles but in the end

God wins the

war and that has to give you strength

that sometimes you win sometimes you

lose like in

soccer there are entire Seasons where

you have to lose and lose or draw and

get to the end maybe not even make it

past the first round of playoffs that’s

soccer I would use the same metaphor

this is

life sometimes we make it to the final

sometimes we don’t sometimes we don’t

even make it into the playoffs but we’re

still players we’re still we’re still

Runners that’s what we’re made of that’s

what life’s

about and they’re going to want to break

our hearts they’re going to want to

break our legs they’re going to want to

disqualify us but we’ll continue

fighting we’ll continue moving

forward I’m going to pray so that some

of that persever perseverance that I’m

convinced God gave me should come upon

you now because it’s the only

thing forgive my phrase but I can

inflate my chest I’ve been there I

haven’t given up I haven’t taken a step

back I haven’t moved away I’ve been

there in the saddest moments yet I was

there asking God where have you placed

me or even when he changes my


that doesn’t mean that when God changes

my assignment I won’t obey but not until

God changes my order I will continue on

until the last of my days and if that

order doesn’t change then that’ll be the

last thing that God will find me doing

here what was the final order that God

gave you remember

it you don’t have to ask for more

confirmation you don’t have to say Lord

speak to me again God says I speak

clearly what was the last order stay

stay there remain don’t give in don’t

surrender let death surprise you

alive arrive at death alive living

arrive at death

running because one day you’re going to

look back and you’ll be proud of these

days in which you didn’t give up when

you continued when you went on with

mistakes with virtues you’re made to be

on that

track that’s how we’re going to do this

dragging ourselves hurt but we’re saying

Lord we take on the commitment of that

self-regulation of our

discipline nobody’s going to demand from

us nobody’s going to to chase us so that

we become more faithful so that we

arrive earlier so that we give the extra

mile so that we pray more so that we

read scripture more nobody’s going to

have to demand that of me I self-impose

discipline to be the maker of my own

life to

manage my life as a CEO until I have to

go to Eternity and now place your hand

on your heart and say Lord I’m praying

for my broken

heart for my hurt heart so that God can

heal those wounds so that God can scar

all pain father I’ve transmitted what I

believe God told me you told me to tell

your people your children your army here

and those that are watching from home

the phrase is don’t give in don’t

surrender don’t get out of that ring

continue when you don’t see the edge

just continue swimming swim swim swim


swimming I know you’ve asked yourself

well what if I’m swimming in the wrong

direction no continue swimming continue

swimming because what if you’re not what

if you’re not mistaken you won’t know it

by getting on that boat continue

continue Fight for Your Life fight for

what you love fight for your ministry be

a lion

defend what God has given you what you

believe you have from him and if all you

have is your salvation and blessed are

you keep it take care of it and run the

race because the race isn’t for the

bravest or the fastest but for those

that that know how to arrive for those

that remain I pray for there to be

longevity for all those that are here at

River those that have a Ministry those

that have a purpose a calling

may may we reencounter either here or in

heaven or when we’re

older may we say hey what happened with

your life well I continued serving the

lord well what about your life I

continue praising

him I don’t have a voice anymore the

cancer is destroying me but with the

breath that I have I get up and I praise

God that’s

perseverance if this isn’t from God

it’ll fade in a few days but if it’s

from God it has a seal a

guarantee you cannot stop it you won’t

be able to stop it because God’s love

captivates us we’re going to give him an

Applause the Lord

amen amen and amen glory to

Jesus we went past the time but at home

goodbye goodbye and for those here God

bless you may he protect you don’t give

people until next





















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here is

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