ENGLISH Dante Gebel #863 | A jelous God

We are all worshipers of something, or someone. Idolatry is not one of many sins; but the great sin, from which all others stem. If we begin to dig beneath the surface of any struggle we are facing, we will discover that underneath it all, there is always a «false god.» And until that «god» is dethroned and the true God takes that place, we will not achieve victory.



Nicaragua I always forget about it well

it’s not that I forget it’s just I don’t

mention them for some reason but Peru

Dominican Republic El Salvador look at

all the flags from all the countries

present here at River

today present for the Revival here on


Street don’t let up let’s go something’s

happening happening here at River going

out to the rest of the world that

Joy this is happening here in Anaheim

close to Los Angeles thank

you thank you for those

flags in my country they say thank you

for showing me those Rags but that’s

what they call the flags it’s a

it’s a collo way to refer to our flags

very well may God bless you good

afternoon good morning good night may

the Lord bless you may he protect you


happy right now we’re greeting the rest

of the virtual congregation that awaits

us every

weekend as they wait for this word for

this food wherever I travel throughout

the world there are always people that

tell me I am fed by river I gathered

with some pastors that said

our food is to arrive in the evening

after our services in fact and receive

this word feed ourselves and that fills

us with

responsibility of knowing that from here

not only are we just a barn house in an

explicit sense as far as food and the

resources that we send out but

also the spiritual bread the good thing

is that there’s bread in the House of

Bread I was just explaining to the local

people that we have many people waiting

in the lobby that weren’t able to come

in there’re waiting for the second

service and I was talking about how it’s

a blessed problem that’s the Blessed

problem of

revivals of spiritual Awakenings that

the Lord

brings we wouldn’t change it for

anything we wouldn’t change that for

more Comfort or more open seats or more

open parking spots I also wanted to

share this with those on the other side


sometimes sometimes they have poor

connection they suffer because they

can’t connect but that’s blessed problem

there is hunger and thirst for the word

of God and God is going to speak to us

once again and speaking about learning

about God’s

word we defend the Lord’s word those

that affirm quickly that

we are not Christ Centric or biblio

Centric it’s because you’ve never heard

a message transmitted from here maybe

because of logistics or so that nobody

has to do it out of religion I never say

oh look in certain a certain book or

this chapter or this page but man all

the messages have to do with the Bible

with scripture with Biblical passages

and we have to learn to love the Bible

to love

it but we’re those that love the Bible

because we live it not just because we

read it or because we use it as

deodorant here under our armpits every

Sunday some ask well where is the Bible

as if this had an intrinsic power in and

of itself this is just a

book it’s a book but when this written

word when

these Commandments are lived and obeyed

by us that’s when the holy spirit makes

it a Living Word in any other way it’s

just another book in the library are do

we agree it’s just any other

book this book was in my parents’

library next to the novels and

dictionaries and to me it didn’t have

much meaning or anyone in the family for

that matter until the Lord entered our

heart our hearts and that’s when we

discovered that the book was alive but

it’s not a and and of itself between

these covers but living it and obeying

it and learning learning the word to us

is is primary so from here on

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many of the topics are repeats from our

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we did it in a more express way more

pragmatic so that you can say I’m only

interested in the family so I’m going to

go into the series number one others say

no I like personal development or

spiritual strength oh whatever you want


there I suggest that we all take this

class because we have professors that

explain to

us in a more calm calm way it’s not it’s

not a preaching it’s not a Sunday sermon

it’s more of a

class where you can pause and take notes


marvelous and we made this seminar

thinking about

practicality of course it’s not a

theological seminar where we’re going to

learn about the Book of Revelations or

who wrote the letters or the Epistles no

that that’s not because it’s not wrong

not because that’s wrong but just

because we wanted it to be practical and

applicable to everyday life so we made

all these series applicable to daily

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this launches officially today the P web

page is open today you can access it all

over the world with that being said and

before I transmit what I believe God

told me to tell you every time I come

back from a trip I share with you a bit

bit of holy gossip of how it went and on

top of that all the people that were

present at these shows at these

conferences they always expect a

greeting from us

so we went through all of Texas the

border of Texas the whole week Monday

and Tuesday we went to macallen Texas I

didn’t know that there were so many

Hispanics in macallen in fact I’m not

underestimating the

city or undermining it but I was

surprised to see that it sold out in all

three cities in Texas it was sold out I

didn’t even know that they had a theater

like this tell me this isn’t the Dolby

Theater where the Oscars are giving away

we were also there in the heart of

Hollywood it’s beautiful the theater it

looked like an enormous aquarium and

Mallen received us with the completely

soldout show many people that crossed

the border that came from

Mexico and also the local the locals

that were there from very early on we

had a marvelous conference all the

people in macallen are very loving they

received us with

such affection you even hear TexMex

music in in the bathrooms in Te in in

macallen it was a conference that lasted

about two and a half hours we laughed we

cried many people that didn’t know the

Lord unbelievers that were just invited

many Catholics many Jews I saw them many

Orthodox Jews a woman came up to me and

said I’m a Jehovah’s Witness and I said


fine I didn’t see the accident but maybe

I can also be a witness it’s a bad joke

but I wanted to squeeze it in

somewhere and the woman laughed and I

said no it’s fine you’re welcome this is

for all people no matter what you


in whatever Dogma you you believe it was

a marvelous night that was

McAllen then the following day we were

in El Paso in

Texas El Paso a marvelous

place when you

arrive at the airport you think you’re

in the middle of the desert but then you

go to downtown and it’s a very nice

place it’s a very Colonial

Place at certain moments I felt like

Zoro because it had that Colonial theme

that uh almost a Spanish theme that you

don’t encounter often in the

US you’ll

see the hotel had a had a Spanish theme

but the theater had this

European theater

like image El Paso was beautiful as well

we were in Texas all week it took us we

had to take six flights to be able to

connect all the cities Texas is one of

the biggest uh states in the United

States you know

this and finally we ended up in Houston

Houston was marvelous

because it has this great

Coliseum a place that can

host many people and we found it strange

that it was sold out but that’s what

happened people came from all over the

US Houston is a

very important place in the US and

everyone that was present

there they arrived very early there was

a ferocious traffic jam in the

city we heard this from the chauffeur

that was driving us from one place to

another he said that it was probably the

worst traffic jam in all of the US even

worse in Los Angeles look how marvelous

Houston was we were also received very

well it was

glorious the entire team that accompany

accompanies me God gave us strength he

gave us health and that’s very important

so thank you for praying for us we’re

going to finish our US tour in two weeks

during the Easter

week but we still have to go to

Charlotte North Carolina and Atlanta

after that we’ll go to the rest of

America and then Europe but thank you

for praying thank you for holding us

up thank you to all the people in

macallen El Paso and Houston oh and

we’ll see you in Argentina on April 11th

there in the movar arena very well are

we ready stay with me I’m ready yes or

no very

well I was just

reading about a psychiatric case that

was very


a doctor was treating three patients in

an institution a a psychiatric order in

Michigan it’s a true story in

fact it’s not a madeup story or a fable

these three

patients we’re suffering delusions of


megalomania it’s a very frequent

disorder it’s almost like Argentinian

ISM it just so happens that these three

men were suffering from a very

particular syndrome each man each one of

these men thought that they were Jesus

Christ and they were suffering the

famous Messianic complex they all felt

like the Messiah and during many years

this doctor in Michigan made it so that

these three individuals could live

together eat together sleep

together and every

evening they had a a group therapy

session and during one of the sessions

one of the men said I’m the true Messiah

I’m the real Messiah sent by God and

another man replied no that’s a lie I

was sent by God and the third one said

stop fighting because as far as I can

remember I never sent either of you

two so he was even worse off

right and it sounds like a joke but

unfortunately that doctor didn’t find

any success in trying to convince those

men that neither of the three was God

they were

trapped in that inverted reality in

which they thought that they were the

center of the universe the drain at the

bottom of the ocean the last Coca-Cola

in the desert even though they were just

three fakes that were aspiring to get to

the throne and though it seems like just

a psychiatric case we’re very

propense to worshiping false gods or to

being mistaken in our worship I

idolatry isn’t one of the many sins but

the great

sin by which all the others are detached

everything always begins with idolatry

if we’re battling against sex or an

addiction to sex or lies or addiction to

Crime any type of sin that seems

horrendous to us the root if we begin to

excavate below the surface if we look

beneath any battle that we might be

facing we’ll discover that beneath it

all there’s always a false

god and while that God with a lowercase

G isn’t dethroned and the true God

doesn’t occupy the place that

corresponds to him in our hearts then we

will not reach our Victory idolatry

isn’t a question it’s the question

behind it all it’s the main topic

there are a hundred million different

symptoms but the pathology is always

idolatry I’m going to show you this in

the next few minutes because you

immediately say no it’s not my case when

Moses received the Commandments from God

the Ten

Commandments on Mount Si the first of

The Commandments was I am your God who

took you out of the land of

Egypt took you as slaves you will have

no other gods before me it’s in Exodus

22 you must not have any other God but

me so when God promulgated this

commandment the people were very

familiar with many gods the Egyptians

had local gods for each district each

district had a different God and the

Lord was Fed

Up by these Gods these these

imitations these substitute

Gods so he tells the nation of

Israel to tear the P Pantheon into

shreds and he cancels any other God he

made sure that they understood that he

was the only true God and you might be

thinking now well thank you for the

history lesson but this doesn’t have to

do this doesn’t have anything to do with

me today’s sermon won’t touch me after

all and actuality there aren’t many

people that worship many

gods in fact people nowadays don’t

worship anything or anyone however I’m

going to show

you that our list of gods is

longer it’s more

eclectic than their list it’s more ample

than what the Egyptians had than what

the Hebrews

had and by the simple fact that we call

them different names doesn’t mean that

they’re no longer Gods we have

them maybe we don’t have a god of

Commerce or a god of war or a god of

Agriculture a God of Sex the god of the

home but we do have dozens and dozens

and dozens of other gods the great topic

the great question is we don’t identify

them as gods for two very punctual

reasons first of all our Gods nowadays

don’t have the classic religious attire

necessarily speaking and second of

all we could be worshiping something

that intrinsically isn’t bad isn’t wrong

in and of itself it’s not something

bad I’m not saying that we worship Lust


example it can be your

family that might occupy our first

priority or your profession or your job


ministry maybe we’re worshiping it


realizing or maybe we feed the Homeless

and that’s what we worship giving to

those that need more than us these are

all very Noble acts very prais acts but

the matter is the way the Lord has been

speaking to us in these last weeks that

as soon as something takes God’s place

it becomes an idol a substitute God when

something or someone replace is God in

our lives well then that thing or that

person by

definition becomes Our

God so when God gave Moses the

Commandments on Mount Si the people were

waiting down below Moses took a long

time and the people became impatient

Moses was up on the mountain speaking to

God and the people who had some a bit of

Hispanic blood according to theologians

couldn’t bear it so they gathered all

the gold that they had

any trinkets that they had they threw it

into the fire they melted it down and

made a golden calf to worship how ironic

so ironic because in that exact moment

while God was speaking to Moses about

not having other Idols the people were

giving shape form to a new

God up on the mountain Moses was

speaking to God and down below the

people were speaking well of course the

God can’t reply it’s a god with the

lowercase G but the people were

worshiping a pagan

God Psalm

10619 tells us the people made a calf at

Mount Si they bowed before an image made

of gold they traded their glorious God

for a statue of a grass eating

bowl and you might say well these people

are ridiculous aren’t they it wasn’t a

good exchange to trade a glorious God

for a grass-eating bull really they

traded the

Creator for a God made by the Creator

himself and I asked myself are we any

different maybe without realizing at one

point we replace god with the American

dream at first we come to this country

as immigrants and this goes out to all

the Hispanics that are living in the US

those that live in Latin America just

wait a little bit because this is more

for us but at first we arrived like

everyone to do a little bit better to

have a better lifestyle and that’s very

Noble and then we were wrapped up in

credit card debts and Loans

mortgages and without realizing Our God

became having good credit a new car the

dream home and it’s not wrong in and of

itself but

sometimes the the priorities in our life

begin to change due to a profession or a

career that demands our entire day and

we no longer have time to pray or seek

God or reading the Bible is is a luxury

of time there are people that trade God

for a a soccer team

they I like to cheer for Argentina it’s

not wrong especially when they win so

many trophies and

championships but it surprised me to see

people that fall into depression if

they’re teams

lose we always say it’s just soccer it’s

nothing more than

sport or whatever it is that pleases you

we say it’s just sport we didn’t win we

didn’t lose it’s those 22 millionaires

on the field that take home the checks

all we do is watch them run around we’re

the fools that watch 22

multi-millionaires run after a ball and

if we understand the rules of the game

and that it’s entertainment it’s fine

but if we’re going to be depressed if

our mood depends on a soccer result then

we have an

idol others have an addiction to a well

modeled body and they dedicate hours and

hours and hours to the gym and to diets

and aesthetic surgeries is it wrong to

take care of the spirit’s Temple no

notice that nothing that I’m telling you

is intrinsically wrong the problem is

when your obsession when our obsession

is the body and you want to tan it and

stretch it out and where the best Brands

and live in the gym when your obsession

becomes your body it’s because we’re not

taking care of our soul and our

spirit in one way or another we give

form and shape to our golden calves and

God reaffirms once and

again do not

make any Idols any

images you must not bow down to them or

worship them for I the Lord your God am

a jealous

God this is in Exodus

24 it’s not

Moses saying that he thinks that God is

jealous it’s not Abraham saying that he

knew a jealous God no God in first


says one of my

adjectives is that I am

jealous who here would recognize

themselves as being jealous we’re

ashamed to say that we feel jealousy but

he as the King of Kings The

Liberator the one that calls himself


healer Redeemer and the list goes

on among all of God’s names there is one

that seems

strange it almost sounds like a

weakness and on top of

it it’s the most underestimated

attribute by us his children I say the

most underestimated because we don’t use

it in songs we don’t talk about God’s

jealousy in music we say Jehovah Gyra

Jehovah nii Jehova

Shalom but we don’t say that Jehovah is

jealous because we take it as ah well

maybe that day God wasn’t having a good

day and a defect escaped him but no he

says I am a jealous God so

immediately right away he

sounds like an insecure Petty God what

do you mean God is jealous maybe he

didn’t mean to say that we should look

at the translations see what it

originally said well the original

original text says that I’m like a

consuming fire that’s jealous it’s not

that he became Bland because he grew old

no we grow old but God doesn’t when he

says I’m jealous it sounds like that

possessive boyfriend that you once had

right that didn’t let you talk to anyone

and they checked your text messages on

your phone and you said I’m going to get

this parasite out of my life because

they’re they they’re going to make my

life impossible that’s what it sounds

like right I’m not saying that’s what he

is but that’s what it sounds like in


psychologists affirm that jealousy is an

emotion that we sometimes can’t

control but we should control that we

have to learn to manage these emotions

immediately and and and eliminate that

emotion as much as we can because it’s

unhealthy in any relationship between

between parents and children between

couples it’s an unhealthy relationship

even amongst friends and psychologists

signal that jealousy generally

speaking come from two

premises deep rooted fears or

insecurities if you have a jealous

partner then they have Dee rooted fears


insecurities they control you they they

distrust you behind all that there’s

always a very serious emotional

background that’s why I insist it sounds

strange for God to say I’m

jealous in fact you might even say well

what reasons can God have to even be

jealous doesn’t everything belong to him

after all is there something that can

compete against his power against his

greatness well of course not but he is

jealous of our

hearts and not because he’s insecure but

because he loves us so much he loves us

so much that he doesn’t want to share us

if you love you know that your jealousy

is healthy because you don’t want to

share the person that you love so much

God wants a relationship that’s

exclusive just because it’s God and just

because he has no insecurities and he

doesn’t compete with anyone doesn’t mean

that he’s going to say ah well look for

me whenever you want

you know I’m I’m like 911 you may never

use me but I’m I’ll be

there it sounds like that life insurance

or that health insurance oh if you get

sick then I’ll be there but he says no I

want an exclusive relationship with

commitment God has no interest in

keeping an open relationship with us of

practicing paully

love of him saying ah well I I’ll I’ll

go here I’ll go there and then when I

want to I’ll look for God no he doesn’t

want to

share a two seat sofa his throne has

only one seat and when we look for a

substitute a pathetic ridiculous golden

calf it’s similar when we look at our

pet our little dog we take them out for

a walk and they begin to drink water

from a sewer from a

puddle and God sees us as instead of

enjoying that living water that only he

offers we look for substitutes that are

inferior and disgusting and he sees us

drinking water from a ditch and he loves

us so much that he says no no no no I’m


god what are you doing drinking that

filth imagine this so that we can

understand God’s

jealousy you take your daughter to eat

at a very fine

restaurant you don’t care about spending

a fortune you’re going to run up the

card because it’s all for her graduation

and so you set aside your pride to just

graduated so you want to honor her with

a good dinner so you order her an

exclusive fet Minon an Argentinian loin

if she graduates then Argentinian loin

it is receive this

advice from the Lord’s heart and then

they bring it to your table

crackling to

Perfection medium

rare medium not like those that stick

their finger in and then you hear the

cow Mo no medium medium medium

well and no chimy Cherry nothing no

nothing on top just the

meat I’m

hungry Lord

imagine when it when it’s your turn to

eat it your daughter

sticks her hand in her bag and brings

out a Pusa as you’re

eating when it’s your turn to preach you

can give whatever example you want if

I’m preaching I give whatever example


okay she brings an ausa that’s not even

wrapped in paper it has some

mold it has a greenish color yeah she

bought it about a month ago she was

storing it it even has lint from the bag

there’s a an ant crawling on it

yeah she’s sitting in front of a fon

that cost you a fortune but she’s eating

a Pusa that’s rotting how would you

react would you be upset you paid a high

price for that Medallion that steak

Medallion so you love your daughter and

you want her to experiment what you have

for her what you’ve prepared for her so

you become very frustrated you say well

why do you do that and she says well I

like this and he say well you should

have told me I’ll take you to a uh uh a

Pusa restaurant but don’t eat that don’t

eat something that’s

rotting while I’m trying to spoil you so

God knows what he has for us and he’s

Afflicted as he sees the decisions that

we make in our own

ignorance he’s Afflicted when he sees

lines and lines behind a statue or when

people say oh I don’t worship it but it

represents something and they bow before


it’s eating something that’s moldy when

God is saying I prepared you the real

thing that’s what

defines God’s loving relationship a

parent that loves a father that loves

and says I can’t believe it a mother

that cooked all morning or all afternoon

prepared a

feast and her son grabs stale bread and

goes out to the street and the mom says

I can’t believe it she becomes jealous

out of love because she wants her son to

be fed well and


2113 he speaks to a Prophet The Prophet

Jeremiah and he says for my people have

done two evil things they have abandoned

me the Fountain of Living Water and they

have dug for themselves cracked sistems

that can hold no water at all and so God

summarizes their rebellion in two sins

one they rejected him and two they turn

to Idols that hold no value and that

explains why sometimes we’re so

foolish when we substitute God it’s like

we’re digging our own broken sisters

while we have a spring of Fresh Living

Water next to it who would drink from a

putrid sewer when there is a current of

Living Water next to it fresh water


water and so

this mention of the broken sistern

reveals what idolatry is

like we’re looking in others what only

God can do for us so instead of looking

to God as a fountain of comfort we turn

to food if there’s depression we eat if

we’re happy we eat is it wrong to eat no

the problem is the

motivation of why we make each meal the


supper or we turn to porn to

alcohol and now things aren’t sounding

so nice right instead of turning to God

as as a a fountain of significance we

seek significance in our profession I’m

somebody if I hang up a diploma if I

finish that career if I have a postgrad

then I’ll feel better or we turn to our

ministry the church is filled with men

and women that are

insecure insecure scare

children behind fat ties since they’re

scared since they never accomplished

anything in life since they’re insecure

since they didn’t do so well well now

that they have a mic mhone and a bit of

power they begin to challenge the people

and send people to hell they begin to

empower others and they have an

addiction to that because they take

their identity from what they

do they go home and they feel like

nobody they have to throw out the trash

and they feel like the trash

itself that’s having an

idol instead of turning a God as a

fountain of security we turn to money to

our savings to our credit card is it

wrong is money savings and Credit wrong

no it’s not but the problem is when

that’s what makes us feel safe and when

we have debts we feel that we have no

value instead of turning to

God as our Fountain of joy we look for

that in sex or Netflix marathons or in

our own

family instead of looking to God as our

Fountain of hope we look at a president

to see if he can fix our lives is it

wrong to vote

for a for a candidate that we think is

good no it’s not wrong but there is no

candidate that God will place that will

save your life God allows presidents

Governors Kings the good ones and the

dictators the wise ones and the crazy

ones but none of them will resolve our

lives it’s not that if Trump comes back

oh this will change and then my life no

that won’t

happen no matter who sits in the

presidential office

here in in the white house or in Latin

America if that’s our Fountain of

security then we’re

screwed so instead of turning to

God as a fountain of identity I know who

I am in God we spend hours seeking

approval on social

media and people on social media are the

same people that on Palm Sunday said to

the Lord hosana to the one that comes in

the name of the Lord and then a week

later they cross the street over to the

other sidewalk and they said crucify him

for our own mental health we have to

know that the people that congratulate

us on social media are the same people

that will dilapidate us tomorrow when

they see something they don’t like or

vice versa that’s how much people

fluctuate why because we are people

we’re not martians talking about Earthly

beings no we are human beings we’re

putting our hope in something that can’t

even contain the water in cracked

systemns really we’re really wanting to

get rid bit of our our our thirst with


water with this being said I’m going to

tell you a very interesting story

Joshua the one that takes the Reigns

after Moses Moses’s successor as

patriarch offers the best speech in all


his his governing Joshua was a war


that knew what to say at the right

moment but in my criteria this was the

best speech that this great strategist

ever ever

shared it appears in chapter 24 of the

book that bears his name joshu

24:14 he

said so fear the lord and serve him

wholeheartedly put away forever the

idols your ancestors worshiped when they

lived beyond the Euphrates river and in

Egypt serve the Lord

alone but if you refuse to serve the

Lord then choose today whom you will

serve would you prefer the gods your

ancestors served beyond the

Euphrates or will it be the gods of the

amorites in whose land you live

now but as for me and my family we will

serve the

Lord for me and my family we will serve


Lord why is it the best speech in my

opinion well because he doesn’t beat

around the bush it’s

pragmatic he gets to the point and he

doesn’t try to be a dictator he doesn’t

say that he’s going to cut off their

heads of those that worship other gods

that their heads Will Will Roll On The

Ground no he he gives them an open

challenge it’s time for the people to

make a decision an open decision

everyone go out and vote you can either

follow the lord or today you can choose

a different

God and I find it very interesting that

Joshua is giving three more options on

top of the one true Living God he

presents four options four

candidates for the throne in the

people’s heart there’s only one God on

the on the true throne but he says in

the throne in your heart you have four

candidates when I do a call of Salvation

I’ve never presented multiple

Alternatives I’ve never said today pick

between Jesus Buddha Muhammad or Messi

I’ve never said that but

Joshua despite the fact that he is the

commanding Chief

commander-in-chief of the Hebrew

people a general that’s used to giving

orders he knows that it’s necessary for

them to make a democratic Democratic

decision go to the earns and choose of

course because he

knew what we all learn eventually that

you can’t obligate anyone to repeat a

prayer and drag them into God’s kingdom

by force oh repeat after me let me take

information then now you’re part of the

club no it doesn’t work that

way it’s about a heart that truly knows

what it’s

picking a path that each individual has

to select at the expense of discarding

other paths God doesn’t share his throne

with anyone so this is how Joshua

exposes it he tells the people that they

have four

options and he lists them in this way


one follow the gods of your ancestor

on the other side of the

river the place you came from number

two follow the gods that you then found

in Egypt when you were slaves for so

long number three follow the gods from

the lands where you live now or number

four like myself follow the one true God

hearing this you might think ah well

glory to God that we don’t have that

problem we don’t worship Egyptian gods

or local gods or the Gods on the other

side of the river

but let’s realize that each category has

a place and time in life maybe Through

The Years those gods look a little bit

different than how they did back in

Joshua’s time but the categories even

today are the exact

same and we can’t miss a very important

detail no matter what we have to make a

choice because Joshua doesn’t finish by

saying well you can also choose to not

worship anyone you can just not vote no

there is

no neutral vote there is

no abstaining from voting we’re all

worshippers all of us worship connects

directly with who we are that’s how it

is in any culture or any

civilization we are all worshippers of

something or someone I’m going to show

you in just a few instances wherever we

go we’re going to see people that have

already chosen who or what they’re going


worship and we have to choose because

it’s written in our genetic code we can

say I don’t worship anyone in that sense

I’m very equal no there are no open

votes there’s no abstinence from voting

we can go to places where people have

their tribal Idols the old school way


sacrifices or praying to a virgin or a

saint or a statue or an image and you

see those great

processions that is a strange sight even

in the 21st century or we can go to the

most modern cities where we see that

people inclin before altars of power

pleasure finances deep down it’s always

the same thing people choose their gods

and they take they bring their offerings

forgetting that they themselves are the

offering someone said that the opposite

of believing the opposite of Faith it’s

not atheism it’s

idolatry the opposite of believing is

not not believing it’s believing in

something else or in some or in someone

else in other words we’re all going to

worship a God that’s why we have to

choose this morning this afternoon this

night wherever you’re watching from we

were created to be worshippers in the

same way that the birds were created to

fly and the same way that dogs were were

made to bark and the same way that

mother-in-laws were made to be a burden

that’s what we were created for it’s

what we

do the question is who or what will be

the object of our worship who or


life is going to present us an infinite


of options to select

from and I insist there are so many

options except the option not to

choose you can’t say oh I’m not picking

anything today no Joshua offers three

Alternatives besides God but he never

says don’t choose it don’t

vote if we put this into a modern


someone might say all right Joshua

that’s fine but you know this about

worship this succeeds me because I’m not

religious but here’s where we we become

confused because according to our way of

thinking we associate worship with

religion we think that worship has to do

with rituals or A procession or a saint

no the problem is

in not comprehending what worship is

when someone says I’m not religious

they’re not capturing the point if

you’re a member of the human race with a

mind body and emotions then you’re a

worshipper I’m a worshipper and so are

you that’s how we came from the factory

that’s how we’re equipped it’s not

something that we acquired later if we

liked or if we wanted I insist even if

I’m repetitive and

monothematic we only have to pick what

or who we’re going to worship it’s a

it’s a conditioned reflection and it

makes us always put our hope in

something or someone in a political

party a soccer team or the fact that

you’ll get married and sex your kids

when I have kids I’ll be happy when I

have grandchildren I’ll be happier we’re

always putting our hope in someone or

something because that’s what US human

beings do the way we breathe eat and

think we identify what we

want and we make a sacrifice to get to

that goal from the moment we were born

and we were given milk we’re always

after something that we believe is going

to satisfy your appetite and the end

result is that our lives begin to take

shape of what we like best what we

choose to worship molds us it defines


future so just like there are many

little girls that want to be just like

Taylor Swift and they dress like her and

they get tattoos like her there are many

people that want to look like a certain

soccer player or an actor or their

parent their Uncle their partner we

begin to

look like the god that we

worship that’s why when you worship the

true God more and more Christ’s glory is

reflected in us because we begin to look

or we we begin to respond the way he

would or how he would act that’s why

Joshua speaks to all of us when he says

you pick who you’re going to serve it’s

not just worshiping it’s also whoever

you worship you serve so it’s an


decision in another way when you say oh

I abstain because you’re a fool then

you’re going to be

taken and you’re going to be found

you’re going to find yourself worshiping

in a temple I’m speaking metaphorically

you’re going to be worshiping something

that you never chose consciously but

there you are bowing down suffering with

your credit with that bank account with

that home you can’t buy without

realizing you’re going to be worshiping

a God and so Joshua calls his people and

he shows them four options it’s like

four cardinal points either north south

east or west neither is close to the


each one takes on a different direction

than the

others option number one number one oh

my English is Maldonado is trembling


one the gods of our ancestors Joshua

says the gods that your ancestors

worshiped on the other or beyond the

Euphrates River


ancestors worshiped the gods of that

region so in all of Mesopotamia there

was a God for almost any purpose that

you could

imagine they had three Cosmic deities

three others that were

astral a whole plethora of gods that

corresponded to certain demons because

each God has its Nemesis there’s no

Spider-Man without uh H that one there



Abraham had left a society that believed

that all these Gods either blessed them

or they didn’t in fact the Bible tells


specifically that Abraham’s father


Idols a worshiper of of images now

Joshua wants to know are they going to

turn to the gods of their parents and

it’s still a valid

question we either raise our children

with the faith that we have or in its

defect we raise them in a faith that we

don’t have but there is no

neutrality the way you raise your

children there is no neutrality we

either raise them in the faith that we

have or we raise them without the faith

or with the faith that we don’t

have nowadays many parents choose to

raise their children without an assigned

gender listen to that it’s

crazy parents say that they want to get

rid of the stereotypes that Society

demands so they raise their children

with gender neutrality sexual neutrality

this is advancing in Leaps and Bounds

there are thousands and thousands of

parents that consider their children uh

with an open gender no matter their

genitals so that the child can choose

the gender of their preference once

they’re ready to do it so what at the

age of five at the age of eight once

they’re 10 there are School teachers

that are

transed that from kindergarten from

preschool from elementary school they

tell them that they can kiss a

schoolmate one of their boy schoolmates

and then kiss one of their girl

schoolmates and then explain what they

felt the parents that raise these

children with an open gender don’t use

masculine or feminine pronoun

they don’t say boy or girl they say them

and they don’t dress them according to


gender they don’t dress them as a little

boy or as a little girl because it

doesn’t matter what genitals they were

born with they’re anatomic

or their Anatomy doesn’t

matter and so in that way they think

that they’re not choosing for them that

they’re giving their children Freedom

they’re abstaining from voting but in

reality they are choosing something for

their children they’re not educating

them they’re indoctrinating their

children telling them that they can be

whatever sex they want thanks to a law

and that they can assume that there are

men with vaginas and women with

penises that’s not free education that’s

indoctrination that’s ideological

indoctrination that’s pushing a child a

little boy or a little

girl that has doubts in their young age

we’ve all had mental conflicts not in

choosing our gender but maybe our IDE

identity but we’re we’re pushing them

from a young age to something that’s

completely opposed to what God

designed setting that aside it’s it’s

frightening but it’s the same thing when

we say I’m going to raise my children

without telling them what God to believe

in I’m not going to obligate them to go

to church let them be

free I’ll let them choose one day if

they want to serve God or not it’s very

different from them having their own

encounter with

God you can’t lend your encounter with

God to your child because then that

makes makes that child of God a

grandchild of God and lent or vicarious

spirituality is

worthless I’m aware of that just because

our children were born in a Christian

household doesn’t make them a Christian

like just because we’re born in a garage

doesn’t make us a car I know they’re

going to need their own encounter with

God however we either raise them and

instruct the child on their path so that

they don’t stray from it as an adult

or we say ah now I prefer for them to

choose and without realizing in our

homes we erect an idol and we teach our

children who or

what they should believe in what’s

worthy of our praise and worship and


isn’t if at home there’s no devotionals

if the Bible is never read if no if no

worship is sung at home then we’re

teaching our

children that that God should not be

worshiped you pick

if we’re terrified by those that raised

their children with an open gender then

we should even be more terrified by

those that raised their children with

open beliefs now let’s all agree we were

all given our beliefs for my children

some of the things that we inherited

from our parents are easy to

see physically speaking maybe you have

your dad’s

nose your uncles

but but it’s not the only thing that you

received from them you also ended up

worshiping the gods that they

worshiped psychology calls this this

transfer the law

of being exposed to your environment it

means that our minds absorb as children

and as adults we reflect what we were


to that’s the greatest education what

you see not what we’re told but what we

see maybe for your father life was about

working it’s an Noble act if there is

one it’s dignified right but he worked

and worked and worked and he he never

stopped and he was willing to sacrifice

his days off holidays family vacations

just to work and work and work and you

say my dad was like a mule working and

he gave me that example but then

suddenly you realize that your dad’s

mood was affected by how his job was

doing and at his funeral all you could

say about him was he was a hardworking

man because when he got home he was an

absent zombie that wasn’t involved with

his kids you couldn’t bother dad because

he was always busy working dad never

went to the school plays because he was

busy working I can’t tell Dad what’s

going on with my emotions because he’s

busy working because he’s providing for

us that’s fine it’s good but most likely

now your job as an adult is probably

Temple and instead of finding your

identity in Christ you’re finding it in


job and when you don’t have work your

life doesn’t have meaning anymore you

want to kill yourself the next day

because the god of your parents was work

or your parents always complain that

there was never enough money who didn’t

have parents like that

right don’t waste the

water toilet paper doesn’t grow on trees

don’t throw the banana peel because

tomorrow we might not have anything to

eat so now as an adult maybe your God is

that miserly thinking it’s not the same

as poverty because now you’re

comfortable maybe you have Savings in

the bank

but you’re those that believe that

everything has to be free and you’re not

willing to drop an extra Penny you say

Oh I thought it was free because you

come from that type of

thinking so instead of finding an

identity in Christ value in Christ then

people seek out value in what they can

accumulate they have money in the bank

they praise God the spreadsheet is in in

red then they don’t want to worship God

anymore see that’s the god that you

inherited or maybe your parent told you

that renting was just wasting money so

you feel that you have no value until

you have your own home and I’m going to

tell you something that no one else will

tell you because generally speaking

those that speak from Pulpit say how

many of you want to be owners and the

head and not the tail because God is

going to give you a house but let me

tell you the truth I’m going to tell you


truth maybe God wants you to rent your


life or maybe he wants you to borrow

your whole life

man remember what God told us last week

he’s the son of God and he doesn’t have

anywhere to lay his head some can buy

others can’t why I don’t know but that

doesn’t reveal anyone’s

character how many people have their own

homes because straight to hell but then

there are those that never had their own

homes but are devout

Christians but maybe they told you your

whole life if you don’t have a house

you’re wasting money and so nowadays

your goddess no I I need a house once I

have that title that deed then I’ll I’ll


rest but if the San Andrea’s fault

cracks then you won’t even had a you

won’t even have a deed

left or the wildfires from Santa

Ana maybe your mom would worry and she

was obsessed over maintaining

appearances you remember a great growing

up in a home where everything had to be

perfect no blemishes because if visitors

come over what will they

say she didn’t let you go out into the

street to buy bread unless you combed

your hair and showered because the

neighbor might say that that as a mother

that she’s failing

so maybe what you worship now as an

adult is your appearance and instead of

finding your identity in Christ you try

and find it in what you’re wearing or in

what other people think about you so

there are many examples your dad

worshiped Sports when somebody was

playing then you couldn’t bother him

because it was like Moses receiving the

tablets on Mount siani or maybe he

worshiped money or beer alcohol maybe

you’re a mother worshiped going shopping

or fashion

think about what things were placed in

front of you wherever you grew up

because the most natural path in the

world is adopting our parents as gods

and Joshua says you want to F follow

your parents gods or are you going to

pick the one true God option

two the gods of our own

past he

says the gods that you worshiped in

Egypt not the ones that they parents

worship but the ones you worshiped in

Egypt Joshua specifically mentions the

gods of Egypt they are no longer the

same Gods from their ancestors but the

gods from their own past never went away

because just like Mesopotamia the

Egyptians had a Pantheon of very diverse

deities they loved

mixing the

figures with animals and humans you

might have seen it in history books they

had a Horus the god of the Delta that

had a human body body with the Falcon

head or

hather had the head of a woman but the

body of a

cow I didn’t say

anything you’re waiting for me to add

something else right but no nope that’s

as far as I’m going that’s it I’ve been

doing this for

years but those were the mutating

Transformers from the ancient world the

Egyptians had their popular Gods but

they also worshiped all things the Sun

the storms the moon the stars and the

Hebrews spent so many years as slaves

that they there was no way to not absorb

that culture that was surrounding them

so when Moses guided the people to their

freedom many of them didn’t abandon the

gods that they adopted in Egypt Ezekiel

27 says then I said to them each of you

get rid of the vile images you are so



do not defile yourselves with the idols

of Egypt for I am the Lord your

God the Lord says your idol stinks

that’s what he said to them it’s file

and these types of stinky Idols

represent the ones from the past not


ancestors the gods from our past that we

don’t want to leave behind and in one

way or another persist with us I

remember many many years

ago I went to look for a job back in

1991 I went to an important instrument

business and I had an interview and it

all depended on the interview I put on

my best suit I put on Industrial

quantities of cologne and I went into

the job interview with my best version

the best version of myself but before I

went into the

store it was on a very famous pedestrian

street in Bueno cidis I had to go

through a

park that was scattered with dog poop

all over and without realizing once I

finally entered the office the manager’s

office a nauseating stench impregnated

the whole room it beat out my my cologne

and the manager said wait wait wait he

began to open up all the windows until


realized who the Fountain of that stench

was and I looked with horror I looked

down at my SHO too and I

proved that I had left prints of animal

excrement on the on the on the carpet of

the person that was going to hire

me so this happens with many with many

people many Christians they become

Christian they invite

Jesus into their lives

until they they can make out a smell a

stench beneath them it doesn’t just

smell it

stinks something that should have been

destroyed many many years ago but in one

way or another it accompanied you on

your walk it’s fine we were

cleaned thoroughly but why do we still

have that filth on our

shoe because there are converts that

still preserve their old desires or

their old habits they’ve invited the

Lord to be the only God in their lives

but they’re still paying attention to

those old

gods that’s the challenge that many of


face the problem isn’t in following

Jesus the problem is that we’re trying

to follow him like I said last Sunday

without leaving the filth

behind and when you try to follow Jesus

with something dirty hanging on to you

that’s going to beat out any fragrance

of Praise Joshua knows that there’s

still a little bit of Egypt stuck to the

sandals of his people those old gods

that they refuse to kill off those gods

that are still Clinging On to the people

maybe when we get to

Christ then right away maybe those Gods

remain silenc for some time but if

there’s not true surrender of the heart

then you become a womanizer on

pause I used to be a womanizer but since

the Lord arrived in my heart I put it on

pause no it’s not on pause or a

homosexual on

pause or a an abuser on pause and then

one day things get

ugly and you hit that play

button and the monster comes back out

and the gods govern you again because

you never changed your life you just put

that part of your personality on

pause so even if you’ve chosen the Lord

in the past by accepting Christ the

challenge that Joshua presents today is

choose who you’re going to serve today

and if you’re going to clean the souls

of your sandals from the Gods option

three is the gods of our

culture he

says either choose the gods of the

amorites where you now live

now yeah the gods weren’t just with your

ancestors or the land that you left but

also there are Gods here in the land you

inhabit now this is the third option of

those that are just arriving these were

more covered gods they weren’t easily

seen the Israelites now lived in a very

divide very very diverse culture similar

to what we live in now different

ethnicities different distinct gods and

there were ritual sacrifices sexual

sacrifices and some of the Israelites

were seduced by

this because they were local gods they

were a part of the local culture and we

also battle with gods that are part of

the culture of

course if today we were told to follow a

god of fertility or or prostitution

we would reject it because it doesn’t

fit in with our with our times but back

in those days those gods were so

immersed in culture that it was just

normal it’s like the Christians that

write insults about other Ministries on

social media it’s

normal there is no more fear of God in


people we might have had many defects in

the legalistic church where I grew up

but we never dared to touch an anointed

man because maybe he

was because then we’d be battling

against God but now there are so many

free tongues that say you’re going to

burn in hell you fake not just with me

but with anyone that they don’t like I

don’t know if that comes from the head

of their church or from what they

learned or just from culture social

media gives me impunity it makes me

Anonymous and I can say whatever I want

about the president that that actor the

Oscars or the church service I can say

whatever I want I can insult and after

all it’s a sin what you say not what you

write what you

type and from the abundance of the heart

your finger’s

tight so is it possible that we have

Idols that we don’t recognize because

they’re such a part of our culture that

it’s almost organic for us Paul writes

to Rome in Romans 122 don’t copy the

behavior and customs of this world but

let God transform you into a new person

by changing the way you think

then you will learn to know God’s will

for you so we have Idols that nobody

could could anticipate or predict let me

tell you a preacher went to a village in

India this is a completely true story

and he met a woman he went he met a

woman in India that once visited America

and she hated it and she said I hated

America but now she’s back in India she

said because I never saw so much

idolatry there like in any other

place really somebody that lives in a

country where they worship cows and the

woman described three areas of idolatry

that she was able to identify she said

Americans and this doesn’t just include

Americans but also us she said they

worship their stomachs and this woman

described with an exorbitant gay she

said the supermarkets that are filled

with food and and all the fast food

chains that sell enormous burgers that

you can make bigger for just 20 cents

more and she said they worship food they

have so much to eat and I said I felt

offended by these overweight people when

there are people in my Village that

don’t have enough to eat they ration out

their rice secondly she said I’m

surprised to see how they worship TV in


west they Design

Homes around the living room they enter

room that would never be a thought in

India they say the most prominent room

in the house is the living

room and they they they place the

furniture in such a way not for people

to speak to one another but for everyone

to see the

screen and I couldn’t understand how

they even put those huge screens in

their bedrooms and she said finally the


idolatry that I saw was how people

relate to their phones she felt

profoundly offended by the fact that

people even use their phones to drive

and she said what’s more is I couldn’t

hold a conversation with anyone without

that person looking down at their

phone so sometimes we don’t realize but

we have social media it’s a great tool


course but we try and maintain a profile

so that people can see us as

interesting and we try and share

anything just to feed our ego we try and

share our mouth or our butt

whatever some years ago a preacher that

I’m not going to name names he gave me

the advice that I should do the same as

him he

said download this app that will give

you fake followers he said it’s

fantastic I had a thousand followers

before now I have a

100,000 it it doesn’t cost you too much

for a fair price there’s an app that’ll

give you hundreds and hundreds of of

thousands of fake followers I said but

they’re not real people and he said no

they’re not but they look like followers

but the idea is to show the few

followers that he now had many

followers so if we look at our cell

phone many times a day to see what

people are saying about us then that’s


idolatry if our identity comes from

those that follow us from those that

like us or not about what people think

about us we’re depressed if we’re


or we become happy if they tell us that

we’re thinner or we look better then

it’s time to put these matters in God’s

hands if you realize that when you

receive a

message you can’t wait because you have

to know what they’re telling you

immediately you feel like you’re missing

out on something every time that your

phone vibrates or beeps you feel a

magnetic attraction that’s impossible to

detain then you’re trapped you’re

addicted and your God

stays in its own

Temple you say oh I have to pray I have

to pray I have to go back to my God I

know he’s going to say something but if

your magnetic attraction to God isn’t

the same as it is to your phone then you

have a new

God that phone has a new home and Joshua

finally gives the fourth option the true

God he said as for me and my family we

will serve the

Lord the only option from the beginning

was this last one the other ones aren’t


real the others aren’t anything more

than just a

mirage but God isn’t a dictator there’s

always open

elections the other options might look

committing or compromising but they

don’t do anything

satisfy our our thirst and before Joshua

presents these four options he describes

the things that God did for

them and so he says once you make your

decision the the obvious question that

the people should ask themselves about

the other gods is what have these Gods

done for

us the ones on the others are beyond

their beyond their Euphrates the ones in

Egypt and now as we make our decision

because we’re going to vote in just a

few instances I recommend amend that you

ask yourself the same

thing what have those other gods done


you if they’ve done something then it’s

putting us in slavery they’ve stolen

from us they’ve disappointed us they’ve

deceived us they’ve scammed

Us and how do the people of Israel

answer this challenge of the four

paths they say the right phrase the



no we will serve the

Lord the

Lord he performed Mighty Miracles before

our very

eyes as we travel through the Wilderness

among our enemies he preserved us it was

the Lord who drove out the amorites and

the other nations living here in the

land so we too will serve the Lord for

he alone is our

God this is Joshua

24:16 but Joshua knows these

people he knows how variable their

hearts are how quickly they

adulterate he knows that a cliche said

on Sunday isn’t the same as is it being

said Wednesday afternoon it’s not the

same commitment that we say Monday

morning while the service is still

fresh it’s not the same

Friday because we’re very propen to

saying quick phrases or making quick

light commitments and then we don’t

maintain those decisions those choices

so this

story has an announced predictable

ending it appears in the Bible two


later in judges

210 after that generation died another

generation grew up who did not

acknowledge the Lord or remember the

many things had done for

Israel they said we’re going to believe


God but I’m going to look for a church

that has a Sunday school that way they

teach my kids what I should teach them

I’m going to give them an open education

it’s like giving them open gender and

once they’re ready to choose they can

choose whether they’re Muslim Catholic

what’s what’s up those people’s children

that said that they would serve God none

of their children knew God what happened


failed was it Joshua’s fault

really Sunday school might entertain

them a little bit it’ll share a few

biblical stories but God will work or

the children will worship their parents

God not the Sunday School teachers God

your children won’t worship the god from

the Sunday School even if you say oh I

sent him to a Christian school now

they’re not going to worship their

teacher’s God will they be taught about

God yes the same way I was taught about

bolad and Martin Luther

King and it’s going God is going to be a

great figure that they’re going to

respect from time to time every

Christmas every Easter they’ll go to

church and it’s a generation that will

not know God like I said we either raise

our children in the faith that we have

or we raise them in the faith that we

don’t have because pagan gods never give

up and after your

children they’re coming after our

kids and if they can’t take you then

they’re going to kidnap your

people the enemy is a

specialist in kidnapping

children and not to exploit them

sexually but to exploit their

souls to exploit them to sell

them so if you’re working to pay off the

credit and you’re not home home enough

then you’re going to pay the price

you’re going to have a lot of money in

the bank

account but those

Gods those gods that you serve now will

never be the gods that will guide you to


positive much less will they save your

family they might lose a

generation but those gods are saying all

right well we’ll get the next one we’ll

get the Next Generation so they’re after

our next

Generation it’s surprising to see that

it’s normal to our kids to see two girls

kissing in an

animation or in a famous movie it’s

normal for them to see in their own

schools to have same-sex couples at the

age of 12 13 today I have

a I have a girlfriend but you know what

maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up different

than I’ll have a boyfriend and today

it’s normal and that’s not going to

improve it’s not going to get any better

because those gods are coming after our

kids maybe they’ll leave you alone for

one day but they’ll come back tomorrow

and our God is a God that

continues self-defining himself a


God that attribute that we’ve ignored so

many times I’m jealous I’m a jealous

God so today here and at home I have to

ask the same question that Joshua asked

his people thousands of years ago give

yourself to the Lord and serve him

Faithfully only

him but if you don’t want to choose the

Lord then you pick who you’re going to

serve and today you can choose to serve

the god of your

parents that they worshiped during your

childhood and you worshiped consciously


unconsciously or the stinky Gods from

your own past that are still stuck to

your shoes or the god Gods from the

culture that surrounds you and that you

assume is normal and organic

or you can choose the true

God for me and my family we will serve


Lord give an Applause to the only God

that is worthy of praise that is worthy

of worship that is worthy of a shout of

Joy say this is the god this is the one

true God

hallelujah blessed are you this is the

one true God that we serve my home and

I we will serve Jehovah are we ready for


decision the votes are open you can go

to these earns as we make these

choices close your eyes and choose who

you’re going to serve but in order to

choose you’re going to have

to discard those that you will no longer

serve you don’t have to worry about your

credit about your own home about that

car that brand new car no more worrying

about my career no more worrying about

this anxiety eating away on me because

of a soccer team thank you Lord because

today you’ve taught me and you love me

so much the lord loves you so much

princess the lord loves you so much

Prince if not he wouldn’t speak to you

the way he

is we’re going to discard everything

that conditions us we’re going to get

rid of all the gods from our ancestors

the god of miserly the god of tomorrow

maybe there won’t be enough the god of

work the God of Pleasure the god of

ridicule the god of broken ssts and

we’re going to run to Living Water Lord

our identity is in you we’re going to

set aside the god of social media the

god of selfies of Tik Tok the god of

stupidities that worry us and even while

we’re here in the service we’re worrying

about what might have happened during

these two hours on my social media


happen it’ll be the last thing that you

think about when you’re in a hospital

bed the last thing that’ll matter to you

is who liked your pictures when you’re

going to

Eternity and none of those that are on

social media it’s a great tool for work

and for so many things but none of those

people are going to bury themselves with

you in the same tomb nobody’s going to

say let me jump in that coffin because I

was his follower or because I liked all


pictures none of them none of them will

dedicate a single minute to say oh what

a shame he died and now let me do


else our value and identity is in Christ

and if it’s not then it’s in all the

ridicule that we

watch we love people we’re going after

them but our identity doesn’t depend our

identity does does isn’t

regulated by the Joy or the sadnesses of

other people by the likes or those that

take away your support on social media

we’re going to say Lord from here on out

you will be my one God lift up your hand

and say Lord You’re My Only God you’re

my only

Lord you’re the only one that I’m going

to serve I Promise You Lord clean clean

me clean the SES of my shoes clean the


the stench from the stinky Gods from my

past and now clean clean clean

everything that you left behind the god

the gods of your ancestors the gods of

your Egypt the gods of your culture and

you will only worship your God you will

only serve him because God has one

throne with one seat not a SFA with two

spots I don’t share my glory and I want

you in an intimate not an open

relationship but an intimate

relationship a monogamous relationship

says the



holy everyone everyone

everyone say father your Holy Spirit

seals this word

today Holy Spirit

seal imprint imprint this word in their

hearts because I have only spoken to

their intellect but meanwhile you have

spoken to Places I cannot reach your

heart your soul their

joints oh more of your

spirit father this afternoon I

transmitted what I believe what I

believe you told me to say I haven’t

removed anything from what what I

consider is your Revelation and and I am

free from this word and I make each

person responsible of their

votes I make each person responsible of

what they have decided to choose today

those that have said I’m not ready to

decide today and they believe that they

can vote

openly they can have a blank vote even

those that consider themselves to be

neutral I’ve spoken to them Lord I’m

free of the responsibility I’m free of

each person’s

blood and I’ve transmitted with

fear and shuttering what the Lord is

requiring of us in this new time of

transition you want my

blessing then you will worship me alone

you want my anointing then you will only

bow down before

me your support will depend on

me you will find your identity in

me your partner will not give it to you

they will not give it to you

men can’t bear the weight of carrying


else they weren’t designed for that your

wife will not give you that support

you’re looking for your girlfriend your

boyfriend will not give it to you your

children won’t be able to satisfy you

they’ll fly and they’ll find their own

nest and they’ll visit you from time to

time you have to know this for your own


health poor

you if you depend on that happiness of

when your grandchild visit you because

that’s just a small moment that’s not

your identity Grandma the Lord will give

you your identity poor people who look

at the screen now saying I want to fill

stadiums I want to record CDs I want to

be famous I want to be in front of

crowds because all that is Vanity and

when you get off of that

platform only the Lord can give you your

identity or not but if you don’t have an

identity from the Lord you’ll be as

empty as Luis Miguel as Christian Castro

as anyone who

sings for the crowds as empty and lost

as them and so the Lord says careful

don’t let the ministry be your God don’t

let the church be your

God don’t let the instrument that you

play be your

God don’t let the microphone or the

people that listen to you be your God I

am your God and you will only bow down

before me because I’m a jealous God says

Jehovah amen give an Applause to the

King of Kings the Lord of

lords let’s go the king is in the house



may God bless you may he protect you

until next Sunday bye bye bye blessings

to people around the world























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