ENGLISH Dante Gebel #862 | I thought it was free

There is no way to follow Jesus without denying oneself; there is no forgiveness without repentance; there is no salvation without surrender. However, instead of approaching our faith with a spirit of renunciation that says, «What can I do for Jesus?», we have developed a socialist mentality that asks, «What can Jesus do for me?» or even worse: “If I follow Him, what will He give me?” If there has been no sacrifice in your life, if you have not felt at least a little uncomfortable because of following the Lord, perhaps you are not carrying your cross.


there we have the flags from all the

countries Nicaragua very

wellar Nicaragua Colombia Honduras

Dominican Republic Peru

Ecuador Venezuela let’s go with all

those flags look how beautiful the flag

from each country each Nation as we

connect with joy and happiness here from

Broadway Street transmitting to Asia

Africa Australia

Europe for the five continents don’t

stop that Applause because we’re happy

to be here connecting punctually here

from River Arena look how

beautiful really they let you in with

all these flags look at that the

Argentinian flag the world

champions may God bless you may he

protect you this is for those on the

other side we’ve sung we’ve worshiped

we’ve celebrated we’ve prayed for our

offerings and now is the moment to

connect to the rest of the world the

people aren’t too good in the head the

people that congregate here and they

come in with

flags but that’s just how they are from

the pastor down there’s no one here


semi-normal but we’re happy and in just

a few minutes I’m going to transmit what

I believe God placed in my heart for

this morning afternoon or or night

depending on where you’re watching from

and now that we’re connected

I want us to watch something very

special that has to do with the missions


before I think it corresponds to say

this but when we

founded this school in

Africa we got to know many many people

amongst them teachers deacons directors

professors nurses Medics they’re all

part of our

Personnel they’re sustained financially

by us on top of of the 300 children that

are there our Personnel is sustained by

us and we got to know Pearl Pearl is a

girl for those that have a good memory

it’s a 12-year-old

girl that wants to be a reporter she

wants to do interviews she’s going uh

going to appear in many videos that will

show through the rest of the year her

mom Jennifer is a nurse at River School

in Uganda she’s a

nurse they have

high quality facilities with Excellence

we’re going to see this throughout the

year she’s a mother of five and one of

her her children is is Pearl three

biological children and two adopted

children and yesterday unfortunately at

the age of 37 she passed away it was in

an accident she had no illnesses she

felt a little bit bad and so she took

medication that she was allergic to and

so she began to

suffocate and on the the way to the

hospital she passed away she lost her

life we say that she lost her life on

this side of the sun we know that she’s

with the

Lord and all the children are are hurt

this was yesterday we found out in real

time when Jennifer went to be with the

Lord at the age of 37 we’re going to see

her a lot in the videos because she’s in

the recording she was

speaking we she spoke in the

interviews and we were saying what

should we do in from Africa they said no

she would have loved for the church to

continue on for everything to continue

for everyone to sing for everyone to

worship because she loved music she


worshipping and we had a few minutes

they’re watching us now live from Uganda

all the children are there gathered in

front of the

screen and we have some images 30 or 40


of of what the funeral was like

yesterday the goodbye from this Earth of

our beloved Jennifer here we go




in our PR



and when a member from river goes to be

with the

Lord we all join in solidarity with

everyone her family with with with the

five little

ones amongst them our beloved Pearl and

obviously we’re her parents so we’re

going to be supporting these children we

won’t leave them alone we’re going to

cover them we have them there in our

home in the school they they sleep there

they live

there so this year’s project is to have

a high school there so that the

children so that that way they don’t

have to finish elementary school and

then disappear they can be contained at

least a few more years so all the

children that are watching me all the

people from River School the whole

church is praying for you for Spiritual

strength that’s what we want that’s what

we believe in we believe that we’re

going to the New Jerusalem we were just

singing that here and we believe that

when somebody passes to the presence of

the Lord even if the people on this side

are sad it’s like a birth it’s like

leaving that dark

placenta which is life here it’s the

only thing that we know on the other

side we can’t see anything but we know


the death of the of the Saints says the

Lord the Lord rejoices it so we say

goodbye and the Lord says the dinner for

welcome home so we’re praying for you

and we celebrate that she’s gone home

and as they always say she got ahead of

us but with that being said and praying

so that you

never forget about this so that we can

continue backing all of Jennifer’s

family now I want to show you what

happened in the most recent trip to


because when we

went we thought that maybe we couldn’t

do much more than what we had already

done but no we were able to bless the


neighborhood we built a playground for

the children and a lot of things that

we’re going to be sharing with you but

this was the most recent trip after this

we went to India I remember but we’re

going to share that in a few weeks this

is River in Africa we are river and this

is your

seed after this I’ll transmit what I

believe God told told me to tell you






























for you are the










schol for future

Africa from the


us Shima

isra we

sing Rivers cool arise and

shine as we raise the course of

Education River School shall rise and

shine let us pray for those


need R child to plan your

best are the name of God of



Riv move

for for future

Africa from me H and



El the people of river we need them

because they they are making us so

excited we need them they sharing with

us with some stories that make us very

excited we love them so much we wish

they could they cannot live here wish

they can remain here until until we stay

together and until God comes

back they had even sleepless nights

waiting for you to come it was so hard

for us to sleep because all the time we

were saying is it tomorrow we were so

excited for coming back actually it is

our prayer for you to remain here

forever when I I heard that you coming I

jumped I was happy so

happy I I don’t know how to talk

but I I thank God for the gift of life

for sure I S to much love inside me for

all of than

you thank you baby we love you

too environment where you live in

matters a lot because I can see self

esteem upon children is growing they

they love themselves the moisture around

today makes everyone to be confident

because they are in good condition they

are using computers where they we never

knew how to use computer but today it is

like a game thank you this schol is very

beautiful is very wonderful because you

see where we are where we are there is

fresh air and anything we need is here e

our glasses are so smart and clean oh

you you like to Dan right yeah yeah yeah

you’re a good dancer singing dance

really yeah can you show me some moves

moves yeah some dance some dancing M I

want to learn

man there you go yes you can teach me

dance oh you want me to show

okay and you



we have children who who is supported by

river and they are in secondary school

so River pays cor faith for those

children in different school I have my

group here this group we are all

sponsored children and we are here to

present a song appreciate you cuz if

wasn’t you we could have not gone to

school anywhere but for your support

your love love everything you decided to

take us to school and I think we shall

we are going to become important people

in in in our future the name of the song

it says the the the heading

says thank you for your

support it is in English and I was the

composer we were then we were all we we

we all composed oh everyone gr a little

bit yeah everyone


so I think you should be happy as you

listening the song with M here we are

going to

start have

nothing to give you for all of

your but

know we pray and go

to bless you for all of your

love if wasn’t

you we

couldn’t if wasn’t you we could not

survive if wasn’t

you where could with

be but for your loving heart you brought


home but for your loving heart you

brought us back

home you know when God was going he told

us always love one another you loved us

so much you did everything to us for

sure we we are very appreciating to you

thank you River Alena thank you River

Church may the Lord richly bless you




River we are

nothing to give

you for all of


your we pray and ask God to bless you

for all of your


thank you thank you thank you we love

you and

we we promise to make it better as you

accept thank you we love you so

much I know we make you to be good

people like you do thank you may the

Lord bless

youen baby you don’t have to give us


you already gave us the best gift which

is your smile your love and just to do

good in school you don’t owe River

nothing don’t feel that okay because

you’re already given us everything the

love that you guys share with us is

amazing thank you so much for that love

that you share with


thank Beau thank you you we’re here

today as River School Uganda to say

thank you and dedicate this new play

area on behalf of the school we want to

say thank you to River Arena and Anaheim

for everything that you’ve done and for

this play area 5 4 3











that is your

seed that warm Applause goes to all

those that sew here and around world

that is your

seed as you

see the girls in the in the high school

were saying that they’re they have a

scholarship we still don’t have a high

school that’s what we want before the

end of the year we have all the all the

documents everything approved to obtain

our own high

school that way we won’t have to sponsor

them anymore but they’ll be able to stay

at River School they’re very Greatful

because if it weren’t for us they

wouldn’t be able to continue studying so

every time we offer every time you you

do the task of going to the urn or the

box or if you’re at home and you send in

an in an offering or you say take it

automatic as automatic payment you have

to know that we have a very transparent

accounting anything that comes in goes

out not just to Uganda but also to India

and then Egypt coming soon and

everything we have planned around the

world this is church we chose that we

wouldn’t have any annexes or any

churches around the world but that we

would use our resources to bless those

that have less

as we did it for these little ones we

we’re doing it for the Lord so there’s

joy in the heavens and we’re happy yes

or no are we ready stay with me I’m

ready very

well Jesus is speaking before a crowd

that may be greater than 5,000 people we

all remember that episode that moment


Jesus had never been as popular

until this

moment word had spread about his

healings his

teachings and after an entire day of a

conference Jesus realizes that the

people are hungry so he asks his

disciples what he could use to get food

one of the disciples


says not even by gathering the eight

salaries would they have the would they

have enough money for everyone to eat at

least a bite another disciple Andrew

says look Jesus I don’t know if this is

worth anything but there’s a young boy

that has a basket of food he has five

loaves of bread and two small fish and

so Jesus Took the basket he prayed and

with that he was able to feed the entire

crowd he multiplied the small basket

that was brought by the Adolescent boy

after dinner the crowds decided to Camp

there to spend the night to be able to

continue listening to the Lord the next

day and the next morning the crowds wake

up and they are hungry again logically

so they look for

Jesus demanding another

meal but at this

point Jesus had crossed the lake to the

other side without saying

anything but once they finally reached

Jesus they were dying of hunger they

hadn’t had

breakfast they missed out on breakfast

but now they’re asking for lunch they’re

preparing for lunch they ask where is

the line for lunch what is Jesus going

to multiply today and Jesus decides to

close his all you can e Buffet he said

all the free food is done it’s

over no more Community Food and in John

6 26 he says something strong he says I

tell you the

truth you want to be with

me because I fed you not because you

understood the miraculous

signs but only because you ate bread

yesterday until you were full and so

Jesus knows that these people were

following him because of the free

food do they really desire Jesus or are

they interested in what Jesus can do for

them and to prove that what he’s saying

is true Jesus changes the menu

unexpectedly he changes the menu

immediately he says I am the bread of

life whoever comes to me will never be

hungry again whoever believes in me will

never be thirsty so suddenly Jesus says

I’m the only thing on the menu today and

the crowd should

decide whether that’s enough for them or

not if that satisfies them or not that’s

the only thing on the menu there’s


else and this is what we read at the end

of the chapter

S many of his disciples and followers

turned their back on him and were no

longer with him

it surprises me that Jesus didn’t go

after them he didn’t send his disciples

to follow them by taking a brochure or a

flyer or proom promising them a dinner

with tacos burritos and

pusas and so this takes us to the

conclusion that Jesus wasn’t so worried

about the size of the

crowd but more so their level of

commitment and Jesus wasn’t going to

minimize the gospel looking

for people just seeking free food free

bread he could have continued

multiplying the food and there could

have been thousands not even thousands

millions of followers there was Hunger

in that city across the land so I see it

in this

way the fact that he didn’t want to give

free bread to the people each day I see

it this way let’s

imagine that you have a

daughter that just turned 25 years old

but she’s still single she’s pretty

she’s attractive but she’s still

single so you begin to offer her by

posting a listing online and you make

shirts that say choose my daughter

please choose my daughter and be on the

back it says at least give her a

chance and you clarify that whoever

wants to be her boyfriend and take her

you’re going to give a gift maybe a

check some cash


but don’t you think that would minimize

your daughter as a

person wouldn’t you be saying that

whoever is taking her would be doing you

a favor for getting rid of that

burden take my mother-in-law now that

would be more logical yeah I would pay


that but a daughter it’s not it’s not

the same thing we wouldn’t do that as a

parent I have very high standards I

would analyze the curriculum of the

applicants I would run them through a

lie detector I would have the FBI

investigate them I would have them

triple check their

applications I would call the references

I would install hidden cameras in the

boyfriend’s home if somebody wanted to

have a relationship with my daughter I

don’t want to just hear that they love

them or that they like her I want to

know that they’re truly committed to her

I want them to say that they would give

their life for her that they would make

her happy

over over his dead body and if not I’ll

make sure that he has a dead body but

here’s the point of the message message

the Lord

said if somebody wants to be my

disciple then you must give up your own

way take up your cross and follow me so

how can we deny ourselves in a culture

that tells us that everything has to do

with you that you have to empower

yourself that you have to do what you

feel that you have to live

life in Matthew

19 a man appears

whose name we do not

know he’s referenced as the

famous young rich man and he comes to

Jesus with a question the question is is

accurate it’s pertinent he says teacher

what can I do to obtain eternal

life he said I’ve obeyed all the

Commandments I’m a good person but what

else must I do he wants to know how he

can reach heaven how he can be sure that

he’ll have a boarding pass to heaven and

Jesus indicates them he says look you

still have some things to do if you want

to be perfect go and sell all your

possessions and give the money to the

poor and you will have treasure in

heaven then come and follow me with a

couple of underwears a couple of socks I

just added that

part I’m clarifying so that way you

don’t say I’m a heretic but the Lord

places this man in a Crossroads and the

man must

decide between following Jesus or

keeping his things but he can’t keep

both there is no way to follow Jesus

without denying yourself so many people

relate this story to money but this

doesn’t have to do with money this has

to do with how you should follow Jesus

what does this mean for

us that a requirement to follow Jesus is

to sell everything you have no not

necessarily what it means is that anyone

that wants to follow Jesus is going to

be found at a Crossroads always at one

point we’re going to have to decide do I


Jesus over my family do I choose Jesus


money do I choose Jesus over my personal

goals I choose Jesus over watching

pornography I choose Jesus and it

doesn’t matter what people say about

me so when you deny yourself as a

person you communicate true commitment


love I remember this and I’m sure that

it’s happened in many homes of the

people that are present here today that

when I was little for some reason if the

food if there wasn’t enough food this

would typically happen on Fridays or

weekends towards the end of the month my

mother used to say I’m not hungry you


eat but early in the morning sometimes

we would find her making coffee and

eating bread and we would ask well I

thought you weren’t hungry and she would

say yeah I got a little hungry but she

knew that if she also sat down at the

table to eat it wasn’t there wasn’t

enough for everyone but she wouldn’t say

that she would just pretend that she

wasn’t hungry and when my brothers and I

discovered that we felt more Lov than

ever we said mom gives up her food

because of

love I would never stop eating back in

those days I would even eat my brother

if I had to and so we can’t follow Jesus

by sectorized or fragmenting areas of

Our Lives

certain areas that we don’t want him to

access there is no way to negotiate

these terms with him there’s no way to

negotiate the agreement H well I’m going

to follow Jesus but don’t ask me to

forgive the people that have that have

hurt me I won’t go that far these people

don’t forgive deserve my forgiveness

yeah yeah I follow Jesus but don’t ask

me for a percentage of my money because

I work very hard to earn it nobody gave

me anything so we can’t follow Jesus in

just certain

areas and the Lord never

left an option open for a selective

commitment there are no exception

Clauses you can’t say this yes this no

so if we call ourselves Christians we’re

committed by definition to follow Christ

in all I love that word all in all areas

of Our Lives not just some but all not

to long ago I was reading a report of a

new group of

vegetarians they were interviewing a

girl who was saying

that generally speaking she’s a

vegetarian generally speaking and so the

interviewer asked what we want to know

what does that mean generally speaking

well that from time to time I eat a bit


meat and so she represents a great group

of vegetarians that make

exceptions they don’t eat

meat unless it’s a good Argentinian

cut yeah of course they’re not going to

break their vegetarianism for a bua but

if they do break their diet when you

guys preach you can give whatever

example you want but that’s the one I’m


today if if the bacon if the steak is

worth the worth worth it then they break

their diet obviously true vegetarians

started shouting and tearing their their

clothes and they legally asked that

their name be change to not cause any

confusion so they accepted and now

they’re called f flexy

vegetarians flexy

vegetarians the girl was saying well I

explain it this way I love I love

vegetarian food I love

it but I’m not committed

100% if there’s a party and if there’s

meat then I’ll eat meat and I was

thinking well there must also be flexy


I love

Jesus but I’m not 100% committed in

other words they follow Jesus but

they’ll have a bite of some good meat

from time to time if there’s some good

meat on the menu then the commitment

will adapt something like I have my

convictions but if I see that

something tempts me then I’ll find other

convictions I can

change so in reality the thing that they

that the Young Rich Man was committed to

was left exposed when he refused denying

himself maybe the Lord if the Lord would

have said no no no don’t sell it

all may maybe the Lord was said no it

was just a test don’t sell it all but


knows but since he didn’t want to

refus selling his his his his belongings

it was exposed that he’s a flexi

Christian a flexi follower he loved

Jesus but he said oh but I thought this


free I thought it was free

I was told that following Jesus has no

cause that everything is just

Grace on top of it all that gentleman

was one of the people that believed that

the concept of denying himself was not

part of the plan or part of the

agreement and it tends to happen in our

in our

Hispanic culture an American isn’t

speaking to you no a Hispanic person is

speaking to

you instead


saying I gave my life to Jesus now what

can I do for him we’ve developed a

socialist attitude and we ask okay well

now now what can Jesus do for me or

what’s worse if I follow Jesus what is

he going to give me what do I gain by

following Jesus and as a church many

times we committed the mistake of saying

or telling the people Jesus saves Jesus

heals Jesus sets you free the only thing

he asks you is to give him an

opportunity now imagine that what a

fallacy it shocks us to think that if we

make a that says give my daughter an

opportunity it means that we’re giving

her up however we live our lives saying

Jesus is asking that you give him an

opportunity asking us for an opportunity


that did you ever see that publicity on

TV where they offer a product and if

they say if you buy it now buy it now

they promise you that you’ll be thin in

less than a

week there’s

pills there’s shapewear that that

vibrate call

now and receive this limited time offer

you’ll have the massaging belt that will

make you lose 30 lbs lose weight while

you watch TV lose weight while you eat

watching TV and if you call now we’ll

send you three more for your


friends we know they’re

scammers but there are many people that

call in and buy if buyers didn’t exist

then these people couldn’t pay for The

infomercials for the commercials and

many times us preachers have committed

that mistake you want to have eternal

life would you like all of your sins to


forgiven and start again and there’s

more and more if you call now and if you

come to the altar now not only will you

take home eternal life but you will also

take a Prosper prosperous life for all

your loved ones just repeat a simple

prayer and it’s done

are you willing to claim longlasting

health for you and your loved ones do

you want the riches that the Lord has

reserved for you don’t wait anymore run

to the altar now what are you waiting

for take what is

yours and just like on

TV there are many people that buy this

a gospel that offers everything but

doesn’t cost you

anything and in the US we add things to

it because here for 20 cents more you

can always make the combo

bigger but wait because there’s more you

live in the US then join our church each

Sunday and we’ll take care of your child

for two hours so that nothing can

distract you during the

service we

also entertain your adolescent children

and your young children we have

activities for The Whole World

gatherings for singles widows divorce

desperate picnic Night karaoke Nights

movie nights and the people

come so one of the reasons why our

churches become factories of flexi

Christians and fans is because we’ve

separated the message of

believing from the message

of committing so our churches are filled

by fans until we break that that

dichotomy between following and

believing believing and

following following is a part of

believing and believing truly believing

if we truly believe then we’ll

follow so if someone has once spoken to

you about making the decision of

believing but they told you very little

they hid the fact that you have to be

committed that you have to change your


the way in which you live changing

certain things are many then you’re not

a Christian if they didn’t tell you that

you had to change certain things and

this isn’t stepping over the grace I’m a

defender of

Grace but if I tell you that it’s just

about believing and there’s nothing

more than I’m gifting you

Jesus good salesmen know that in order

to sell something quickly first they

have to

offer never mention the negative parts

of the product just take it

now come to the register we’ll take your

information and boom you’re a

client but they don’t tell you that

without forgiveness there’s no

repentance with no repentance there’s no

forgiveness yeah Grace is abundant but

there has to be repentance Grace doesn’t

flow if there’s no

repentance there’s no salvation without

surrender there’s no life without death

there’s no way to believe without being

committed there’s no Throne without a

cross and it’s fine I wasn’t expecting

an Applause or amens I just wanted you

to listen and the day that that client

that bought a throne without a cross the

day that a client has to give something

back or has to sacrifice them themselves

to follow Jesus that’s where they become

frustrated and they say well I thought

it was free and I’m not making fun of

you but I’m making fun of those that

come to the second service that aren’t

here yet I thought it was free no it’s

not free


learned that part of a good business

plan is establishing a marketing

strategy I’ve done it with many

businesses and and companies that I’ve

had and a good marketing

strategy immediately produces a slogan

that and a symbol that attracts clients

a slogan and a symbol one word if

possible it can’t be

complicated this happens in churches as


certain churches are called The Shea of

the seventh trumpet of the Lamb risen


our sinful

flesh but nobody’s going to remember

that name so it has to be quick it has

to be simple the right

slogan should generate a desire of to

obtain the product so I’m going to give

you some

ideas of famous slogans and try to guess

what company or product corresponds to


you can’t just have one lace some said

it’s at this time

but pop open happiness Coca-Cola the

chocolate melts in your mouth not your

hand oh you’re all on a diet oh nobody

knows it huh

M&M’s the brand does not abandon you

somebody got abandoned I’m sure

where dreams become reality Disneyland

I’m loving it

McDonald’s so keeping that in

mind what do you think the slogan or

symbol of those that follow Christ would

be the slogan undoubtedly is come and

die because the Lord says if you don’t

deny yourself and don’t take the cross

and then you have death come die today

and the symbol is a

cross the image that represents Jesus

followers is an is a torture instrument

a death instrument why not a dove why

wasn’t the symbol a dove which


peace or the Argentinian shirt which

represents the world

champion until the next World Cup that

shirt represents the

champion or maybe a rainbow

before it was taken by the LGBT

community it represented one of God’s

promises we want the symbol to be more a


cleaner but why is it two planks of wood

nailed to each

other Jesus says if you want to be my

disciple you need to deny yourself and

carry your cross each day each and every

day it’s an invitation to


it’s an invitation that in those days

was insulting even nowadays it’s whoever

wants to follow me needs to take their

electric chair because you’re going to

use it at one point you’re going to be


electrocuted and to

not make it a cause for for for the

state you have to have your

own it’s

important that we

analyze the

implications that accepting this

invitation brings so at the end of

chapter nine in the Book of Luke after

Jesus extends his invitation to follow

him three characters appear three

guys who are anxious in becoming his

followers like the Young Rich Man Who

first appeared but now three more have

appear and like the Young Rich

Man as they process the topic and they

realize how following Jesus will impact

their lives they give excuses oh that’s

not what I

thought these guy tried negotiating the

terms with Jesus it was exposed that

they were fans that they were flexi

Christians that they offered themselves

saying oh we thought it was free the

first one comes up to Jesus and says it

says that they were on their way when

someone said I will follow you wherever

you go

wherever what an

offer this obviously seems like it’s

coming from someone that’s very

committed I’ll follow you wherever you


without restrictions wherever you want

no limits wherever no

borders and

Jesus then

says birds have nests but sometimes the

son of man has nowhere to lay his head

so Jesus is saying look I have no

roof and this tends to be the breaking

point in the treatment with many flexi

Christians because Jesus leaves it clear

that following him doesn’t mean you’re

going to travel through the Nations stay

at the Ritz asking for room service when

the follower said

wherever he was speaking metaphorically

it was rhetoric it was an analogy he

meant yeah I said anywhere but it

doesn’t mean literally

anywhere like when we all speak

figuratively like the majority of us

have done when we

say I surrender to him have we sung that

or no no don’t look at me with that

innocent face because I know you’ve sung

it at one point or

another everything to Christ I

Surrender I want to be

faithful I want to be faithful is a

desire but giving everything to Jesus

there’s no doubt in that so it’s one

thing to sing those words as something

poetic and it’s another thing that that

commitment that surrender becomes

specific we should say everything to

Christ I surrender we should say

something just some things I


so we want to give him a few things not

everything just a

few things that aren’t doing so well

let’s say we don’t have a problem with

Jesus getting into the car of our life

but we have him as a co-pilot as a

passenger so sometimes we follow Christ

but we don’t surrender our lustful

thoughts we don’t surrender all of our

time time we don’t surrender our money

we give Jesus something maybe the

leftovers once we pay off our bills if

something’s left over then fine for the

kids in

Africa but following Jesus literally

means going wherever Jesus goes I will

follow you wherever you go the guy the

man said so when we think of it that way

suddenly the poetic words oh I Surrender

oh I’m his do what you want with me like

the Potter undo me and do me again

but we don’t realize that these words

have enormous

implications so like this first

applicant maybe we’ll be quick to say

Jesus I’ll follow you I’ll follow you

wherever you

go but let’s get past the hypothetical

let’s be more

specific what’s the place where it’s

toughest to follow Jesus where is it

toughest to follow him really you’ll

follow him anywhere I’ll follow you

anywhere really what about our own

home because what we have that tendency

of following Jesus and taking the Cross

and leaving it at the door at the front

door we put the leave the cross outside

like an umbrella and we go into our home

or we leave the cross in the

garage and instead of being submissive

in at home maybe we fight for our rights

instead of serving maybe we stay

seated oh I worked all day I earned it

and inste of

giving encouragement we gossip but we

say we’re just speaking with our family

but no someone that gossips just said

amen no he knows he knows it’s his old

life instead of being a spiritual leader


home maybe you’re just passive

apathetic really I’ll follow you

anywhere really anywhere what about at

work because I’ve gotten to know many

people many flexi

Christians that get to the office at

9:00 in the morning and they say Jesus

Jesus wait for me in the car seated in

the passenger seat okay I’m going to go

work I’ll come back at 5: and we’ll go

home singing

together and Jesus says yeah yeah let me

wait let me wait for you just leave the


open you go in you you you punch in your

time card and then once you punch out

you’re a Christian

again and you justify your ambition at

work by saying I do it for my kids you

rationalize dishonesty by saying it’s


business You Don’t Preach to any of your

co-workers and you say I prefer to not


things really we’re going to follow him

anywhere what about practicing a

sport I’ve seen Believers you give them

a ball and Satan comes out from within


they fight the whole match they insult

each other they they become demonized

their voice even changes they say pass

me the


ball really I’ll follow you anywhere

Jesus I’ve gotten to know people that

have said that they have the the burden

of being missionaries but then once it’s

time to talk about the

salary that they’ll have to do with very

little and they’ll live and all the

things that they have to give up all

their comfort then they begin to think

about it more all right it’s fine it’s

fine I follow Jesus wherever but it

doesn’t mean wherever it doesn’t mean


place I thought I wasn’t going to

abandon my comfort I thought this was


free and that’s due to the fact that

when God points

somewhere he says all right then there

but we don’t take it as an order we take

it as a

suggestion we say Lord I’m going to

follow you anywhere all right follow me

at your work then at your at your job I

want you to talk about me or with your

family I want you to follow me when you

go out Friday and Saturday I want you to

be following me oh no no I follow you

for two hours on Sunday from 9 to

11 so we love

Jesus we value his wisdom but we don’t

want him as our Lord but just as a

a consultant a

counselor a consultant is is is that’s

very in right now someone that consults

us but at the end of the day we make the

decision that’s why we call it the call


Consultants Consultants counselors look

give me your advice give me your point

of view but don’t tell me what I should

do guide me but we have just a small

problem God isn’t a consultant to anyone

he doesn’t give counseling he’s never

done it God will never do it he is God

and he gives

orders he doesn’t give consultations he


suggest it’s tough but that’s how it

is so when we treat him like a a

consultant we say Lord stay there I’ll

call 911 if I need something or if we

treat him as a

counselor then he stops coming to the

appointments he’s not interested in

being anyone’s consultant following


anywhere for some it meant saying no to

their children as far as growing up in a


household because that they had to go on

a mission trip or to Africa or India

wherever saying yes to

Jesus for others meant saying no to the

possibility of raising their

children or being close to the

grandparents or

close to the loved ones well that’s the

price that the family has to pay it’s

not that first God will make sure that

my children are fine that that they

don’t lose their comfort in their

environment and if God gives me all that

then I’ll follow him anywhere that’s not

following him fine you can stay but

don’t say you’re following

Jesus saying yes to Jesus as far as


him implied to some saying no to a

comfortable private

life so Jesus tells his first applicant

that following him could imply living in

the streets and sometimes sleeping under

a bridge that doesn’t mean that Jesus

was saying that you need to be poor he

says you know what I don’t know where

I’m going to sleep tonight I don’t have

anywhere to lay my head we might eat we

might not if there’s no food then we’ll

just fast if there’s nowhere to sleep

then we’ll pray all

night if we’re near the city then we

have lazarus’s house to stay at but if

we’re not then we have nowhere to stay

is that fine and then the man said ah

well I wanted to be normal Christian not

not a

fan that’s what our our family members

say sometimes ah it’s great I love that

you’re religious but you know what you

take it a little too far but there’s no

way to be Halfway Christian or halfway

vegetarian or halfway committed this

reminds me of when I see young couples

that want to get married very soon

they’re 21 20 18 years old they want to

get married but they have no idea the

commitment that they’re assuming I’m not

judging their love I’m not saying that

you have to be 50 to know that you love

you can be in love but they don’t know

the commitment that they’re taking on

the girl says things like oh I just want

to spend my whole life with him why uh

because because because he loves

music he writes his own songs with the

guitar he wrote me

too it’s a free Soul he has long

hair he doesn’t care about any material

things he doesn’t care about anything he

makes me laugh and he loves singing to


girl I’m going to give you the unedited

version of what your life’s going to be

like you ready look at me look at me

you’re going to get

married within a year you’re going to

want to kill that free

Soul I’ll tell you now he’s going to get

as fat as a pig by Christmas he’s going

to stay bald be bald first

he’ll be on the couch playing his guitar

eating out of a tub of ice cream and

with the same spoon that he’s eating

he’s going to scratch his back all the

way down to where the back loses its


name you’re going to walk by and say I

can’t believe it he’s going to be

scratching his back eating ice cream

he’s going to shower once every two

weeks you’re going to have to wash those

underwear that actually require nuclear

treatment and he’s going to say that he

can’t find a job because what he’s

looking for can’t be found nobody can

value his heartart and in that precise

moment you’re going to realize that his

love or that love doesn’t make you

happy and whether he believes in God

loves God or doesn’t you’re going to ask

that God to take this man with him to

heaven for the good of humanity right

within a year you’re going to say oh I

thought it was free no

no I want you to understand what you’re


to so it’s not just about saying poetic

words that you recite on your wedding

day no there are words that have


anywhere these aren’t just words to to

show commitment no it becomes a

lifestyle I’ll follow you anywhere Lord

following Jesus is like that famous


saying May the dust he raises cover you

when you would follow a rabbi they would

say May the dust he raises cover you

when you would walk so close to him the

dust would cover

you so we can’t call ourselves followers

of Jesus if you if we refuse to go where

Jesus wants to go or where he’s

been following

Jesus means we’ll have to go close to

Sinners that no one else wants to be


with we’re going to be amongst the sick

that others try to avoid to

not be

contaminated man religious people will

sell will send us to hell in fact I had


revelation look all the religious people

send me to hell this week they said

you’re going to hell this week I posted

a picture they said you’re going to burn

you’re going to hell they give visas to

go to hell and I’ve learned that in

order to be an ambassador and give a

visa to another place they have have to

have the nationality and be citizens of

that exact place where they send

people if not then they couldn’t send

anyone to

Hell who lets you into the US well an

American representative well who lets

you get into hell well a representative


Hell the following applicant different

from the first remember I said there

were three the first one goes to

Jesus but now Jesus goes up to this man


9:59 and he said to another person come

follow me the man agreed but he said

Lord first let me return home and bury

my father but Jesus told him let the

spiritually dead bury their own dead

your duty is to go and preach about the

kingdom of God we’re not told this man’s

name if he would have followed him I’m

sure that we would know his name instead

of speaking about the 12 disciples we

might be speaking about the 13 disciples

because the man seemed willing he gives


impression that he was

unconditional the first word he says in

fact is Lord he refers to Jesus with the

same title that a slave would refer to

his master with

Lord the problem is that the next word

is first he wants to follow Jesus but

right now is not a good

time he tries to give an excuse that can


Jesus’s proposal for some time he

doesn’t say no as I clarify

always this man’s father was not dead

because Jesus would have probably said

yeah go bury him and then come back but

it was a way to say when my father dies

once I bury him then I’ll follow you

maybe his father didn’t approve of him

following a rabbi or maybe he was afraid

to tell his father that he wouldn’t

continue with the family business which

was a custom in Jewish tradition or

maybe he was waiting for his father to

die to inherit and then follow Jesus

more comfortably but whatever the reason

was it smells like an

excuse It’s not that he’s not willing

it’s just that it’s not a good time he

doesn’t say no he says I can’t right now

right right now just right in this

moment I

can’t so this is a second group there

are many Christians who love Jesus and

they have the intention that one day one

day they will seriously commit one day

they’ll do it but not right now not now

but soon very

soon what does Jesus say to this

applicant no no I understand you my

friend you’ll know when the time is I’ll

leave you an open

invitation does he say something like no

I don’t want to pressure you my friend

take your time I understand you just the

way they teach in modern seminars first

God then family then you’re called to

follow me once you’re ready then I’ll be

waiting for you right here no no that’s

not what Jesus said he said let the dead

bury their own

dead and so sometimes we understand

Jesus’s call in the same

way the same way we try and start a diet

right now right

now I have every intention of eating

healthy I love eating healthy I watch

documentaries about eating healthy what

did you eat yesterday well bacon wrapped

hot dogs and but it’s just because they

invited me to a dinner that I couldn’t

turn down but next week next week I’m

going to eat healthy strict

diet and we treat

Jesus like planning going to the gym oh

no no no no April April April’s my month

March is almost over but in April I’m

going to work out every

day and then we promise that all right

I’m going to serve you know what may may

at the latest and then we get to

December nobody has a diet in December

because of this holidays we start in

January but since there’s leftovers in

January we start February and our life

goes on that way and with jesus’

invitation there’s an expiration date

today the word tomorrow isn’t in the

holy spirit’s vocabulary so when Jesus

calls to follow he meant today Jesus

knew that in just a few days he would be

crucified he couldn’t wait for a guy to

finish building his family business and

that his father no you want to follow me


today tomorrow’s land is where elections

reside tomorrow’s land is where

unmanageable debts

reside and that’s where the prodigal

children reside that’s tomorrow’s land

saying tomorrow that Jesus is like

turning off the alarm clock and saying

you know what 10 more minutes and Jesus

says follow us and we say Lord just 10

more minutes 10 more Hebrews 3:15 says

today when you hear his voice don’t

Harden your hearts today because maybe

tomorrow you won’t be called again in

fact these people weren’t called ever

again Jesus didn’t try again the next

day to see if they were in a better

mood so it’s a lie that when God

prospers you you’ll be more generous no


proven those that are stingy devout

followers of stinginess when they don’t


anything then they become even more

stingy when they have something it’s a

lot that oh if God gives me something

then I’ve promised half of it to the

Lord no God doesn’t do business with

anyone he says first first you have to

believe then the signs will follow don’t

ask me for signs to follow me first you

have to believe you have to

give so those that don’t give today

won’t give

later it’s a lie that when you have more

time you’re going to go on that mission

trip if you don’t do it today you’re

never going to do

it it’s a lie that when you retired and

when you have time when you ask for

vacation no you’re not going to do it

and it’s fine for your own mental health

you have to say I don’t want to do it

but don’t say no no no I want to huh in

my heart no God doesn’t bless intentions

never then in Luke

nine we saw a third applicant there were

three of them and this guy says I’ll

Follow You Lord but first let me say

goodbye to my

family it’s obvious that this guy missed

out on the conversation with with the

applicant that wanted to bury his father

he didn’t

hear because it seems like a reasonable

request and we might say oh come on Lord

let him at least say goodbye to his

parents let him give let him give them a

kiss but no he this man doesn’t want to

give a quick embrace the Practical

Jewish culture of saying goodbye to the

family because they were going to travel

or going to go to a different city

implied numerous celebrations that could


weeks Jewish weddings lasted

days saying goodbye could last

weeks and Jesus answered I don’t have

these weeks anyone that looks

back no one that places one hand on the

plow and looks back then looks back is

not fit for the

kingdom this reveals where the man’s

heart was following Jesus isn’t his

primary priority he loves Jesus but he

says oh but I thought it was

free I was reading about a strange

custom in baptism for the kns Templar

the Knights Templar Church it exists

well it

existed even though it still persists in

a certain way but back in the

days when the church would would baptize

one of the Knights Templar they would do

it with their sword in hand but they

wouldn’t submerge the sword underwater

they would keep the sword always held

high they would be baptized by being

submerged but they would keep the sword

above the water while the rest of the

body while their body was submerged

there was a way to say to Jesus you can

take control of me but you won’t have my

sword Jesus I’m all

yours but who I am in the battlefield

and the way I use this sword doesn’t

make up a part of this agreement or of

my surrender the sword was on the

outside so that they didn’t feel bad

when they had to kill an enemy on the

Battleground that’s why they they

wouldn’t baptize a sword if that were

today’s practice I can imagine some

holding up their

wallets or their checkbook so that

they’re not too committed others will

have the remote

control I give you everything Jesus

except for Netflix others will keep

their phone

up their car keys I don’t

know the Young Rich Man wanted to get

baptized but hold up his


how far can I follow you without having

to give up what I have that’s the

question that flexi Christians

ask other word in other words I can come

here on Sunday lift up my hands and

worship and continue with my worldly

life and call myself a vegetarian from

time to time I eat meat but it’s just

from time to

time so Jesus doesn’t desire followers

that have shared loyalty with something

else and when we accept Jesus invitation

to follow him we’re not saying Lord

you’re going to be the first on my list

no he wants to be the center of your

list so he’s not going to share us with

anything nor with

anyone he wants us to invest in the

Kingdom more than what we invest in our

own Comfort yes it’s true Oh I thought

we didn’t have to give money I thought

it was free no you have to give it

all he desires that we give up more

talent and more time than what we give

to our profession

yes he wants us to have more joy and

energy when we worship him than when we

watch the Super Bowl or a soccer

match the irony of flexi

Christians is that in the last World Cup

hundreds of churches had to suspend

their services

because their their country’s team was

playing in that World

Cup have I sinned by watching soccer no

the point is

why do we call ourselves followers of

Jesus if there’s if there if there’s a

final between Argentina and Mexico we

don’t go to church because church can

wait worshiping God can wait but the


can’t that’s what angers or

frustrates those that call themselves

followers of Christ and that frustrates

god let’s just say oh I’m a fan I like

it because I like the music they speak

nice but let’s not call ourselves

Christians Christians have to give it

all is it tough yes it’s

difficult we’re trying but man we can’t

minimize Jesus put him on a discount so

that it’s accessible to

everyone I’ve had to officiate hundreds

of funerals well not hundreds but dozens

and dozens of funerals throughout my

years and on occasions I I didn’t know

the the deceased person too well and to

be able to speak about the deceased at a

more personal level I invite the family

to share something with me to send me a

note and they tend to tell me about the

things that the person was passionate

about what they were a fan

of that is how a person is known and

identified when they leave this earth oh

you have no idea he loved soccer he

loved soccer he didn’t miss a single

game he followed every

League oh she was a gifted decorator she

decorated everything others oh he loved

smoking a good cigarette and he loved

good wine oh she loved Lis Miguel she


him she had all his music and she would

throw her underwear at his

concerts he loved

cars she was a talented

musician he was a brilliant businessman

oh he was so witty anything he touched

turned to gold or she was the most

loving mother oh she loved cooking for

everyone she loved cooking for 30 40

people and I always

think it’s good that she was a loving

affectionate mother A Gifted decorator a

talented musician that she loved L

Miguel but please tell me that she was a

follower of Jesus because after all

that’s what

matters that we remember that they

remember us not because we were fans of

cars or The Simpsons that won’t change


life and apparently the third applicant

put his family before following

Christ and maybe when this third

applicant passed away maybe somebody

stood up and said oh he was a family man

huh he was a great family man he didn’t

care any about anything other than his

family he loved his parents his children

he always placed his family first and

those that are seated at the funeral

might say oh that’s good that’s good

what a great way to be remembered how

great he put his family first but those

of us that know the rest of the

story we know that one day this man was

face to face with the Son of God he had

the opportunity of being his follower

and making up a part of the group of

people that changed the world forever

but he didn’t do

it they didn’t say that at his

funeral the fact that he put his family

first doesn’t constitute a a test of

character he said no to the Lord but he

loves his family

and if God called


the man decided not to put God before

everything that was the worst business

deal in his life so this morning this

afternoon this night according to

whatever time zone you’re watching from

around the

world what is competing against your

loyalty to Christ it’s a question that I

always ask

myself and I’m not always standing on

two firm feet I have to reorder my

priorities maybe I have my hand on the

plow maybe you have your hand on the

plow but what makes you look back all

the time here’s a more direct

question following Jesus has it costed


anything has it cost you

anything what has it cost you to follow

Jesus I’m tired of hearing oh what

you’ve received by Grace give by Grace

oh give Grace brother give Grace

everything’s free no it’s invaluable

salvation is

invaluable just because we can’t pay for

it does it mean that it’s free so in

what way has Jesus interfered in your

life how has he complicated it because

Moses couldn’t follow God without

standing before

Pharaoh Noah couldn’t follow God without

building an

ark and being ridiculed by all his

neighbors Daniel couldn’t continue

praying to God without being thrown into

the Den of Lions so following Jesus

isn’t something that you can do by night

like Nicodemus tried when nobody was

watching no you can’t be a secret

admirer of Jesus

we can’t say oh well I like to be a

Christian it doesn’t bother me to come

to church on

Sundays I put a little bit of money from

time to time I pray before my food but

before my meals I just don’t want Jesus

to get in too into my life so when was

the last time that

Jesus cost you something the last time

he cost us

something when was the last time that

Jesus cost you a

relationship when was the last time that

following Jesus caused you a promoe

a raise oh I missed out on a great job

because they asked me to do things that

I knew weren’t right and with that money

that I would have earned I would pay off

my home so much quicker but I knew that

if I accepted that job or that raise

then I had to start lying or I had to

scam following Jesus cost me a raise or

a promotion or it cost me a lifelong

friendship because I realized that I had

someone that was always gossiping to me

they were sharing their their trash and

filth with me because I would lend my

ears to it and one day I had to cut it

off I didn’t care that it was a friend

from my

childhood it was gossip which is a sin

or Jesus when was the last time that

happened when was the last time that

Jesus cost you your

vacation and you strongly felt that

these those days that you had

free you had to go to India or Uganda

but you said no no I want to go to my

country and go to the beach is it wrong

no it’s not wrong but let’s define it

as that’s not that doesn’t make you a

follower of Jesus when was the last time

that they made fun of your

faith when was the last time that you

were left without a meal because of the

Gospel you say no no no I’m not hungry

my mom would do it a simple

mortal he was trying to ration the

portions so we truly

say that we’re carrying his cross and it

didn’t cost us anything so take some

moments and respond in your in your head

what is this costing me not what am I

getting what am I gaining from this what

are they

offering because if we come with that

mentality then we’re even going to

demand you’re going to say look I’m

following Jesus and I’m unhealthy I’m

following Jesus and I still don’t have

my papers I follow Jesus and I don’t

have a new car I have the same old

phone I’m never going to scam you I’m

never going to tell you that Jesus is

all that he’s not call now he’s not the

belt that makes you lose weight did it

cost you anything if there hasn’t been

any sacrifice if you haven’t felt

uncomfortable then maybe it’s time to

recognize that you’ve never taken the

cross you just

believed and if you’re having doubts let

me tell you now the Lord has decided to

close as all you can eat buffet all the

free food is done it’s over that’s what

the pandemic was no more nights of

empowerment no more Mira nights of

Miracle run do what you couldn’t do bend

over jump oh I couldn’t walk Oh Glory to

the Lord now that’s

over it’s done no more social

plans and it’s not that God doesn’t do

Miracles it’s just just that all these

people during the pandemic they all

disappeared the people that made the

miracles happen that would pray for the

Miracles and those that would seek the

Miracles they’re gone those that prayed

for miracles would say oh stay at home

there’s a a

contagion they hid in their kitchens and

the people were

discouraged because they said I thought

it was free but it was never

free he didn’t come to recruit recruit

Communists people that think H what do

what do you get for free no he didn’t

come to found a Socialist Party the Lord

came to recruit people that are willing

to die that’s what we are that’s where

we’re headed give an Applause to the

Lord of lords and the King of Kings yes



if you believe that God has spoken

because I haven’t heard many amens but

give a grand Applause and say Lord how

you love me you’re speaking to me this

morning blessed are

you come on celebrate the Lord has

spoken the Lord has spoken this this

morning blessed are


We Worship You Lord of

lords come on let’s let’s lift up our

hands to heaven for a moment Lord I’ve

transmitted today what you have asked me

to speak to your army to your

people and there are tears there’s

Brokenness because we’ve

realized that when our comfort


God committed we set ourselves apart

from you we got

upset we became petulent


ungrateful forgive us

Lord lift up your hand to heaven and say

Lord today I want to carry my cross no


what let it cost me whatever it has to

cost me so I can follow you it’s worth

it to waste yourself away pray for God

it’s worth

it the hours of sleep that you lose by

praying and interceding it’s worth it

the days in which you seek the Lord the

days in which you read the Bible with

discipline when you go out and visit

hospitals when you try to go to to jails

and prisons all the trips that you’ve

taken to visit loved ones and even if

you weren’t able to see

them you were there there’s not a single

act that the Lord doesn’t

register but we’ve been

told oh nobody is saved by acts to not

have to love we’ve been told that so

that we don’t have to be committed it’s

true Grace is what saves us but the Lord

says that he will tell us well done

faithful servant he never said that he

would say oh good job good intention

well thought out no well done as you did

it for my little ones you’ve done it for

me I was sick and you helped me I was

was in prison you visited me I was

hungry you gave me food what else does

the Lord have to say to us for us to

understand that the cross will make this

uncomfortable the cross makes it

uncomfortable it

hurts but I’m not talking about

sacrificing yourself to be saved

salvation is done God loves everyone to

him you’re his child and that won’t

change but when we want to go to the

second line and you say Lord I want to

cross that line I want to be a follower

I want you to use

me I’ve seen so many say I want God to

use me but they’re in love with the

pictures they’re in love with the

glamour not the

price they’re in love with coming out in

pictures they’re in love with being the

main character they’re in love with all

the invitations that come from all over

everyone invites me so I can preach for

an hour and then I met so many people

and they took so many pictures that’s

not taking the Cross taking the Cross

is sacrificing time with your family


moving from the country you’re

in and the Lord knows what’s making you

uncomfortable over the last few weeks

months years but you’ve said no no no

not yet yes yes I I want to surrender to

you but just some things come on this

morning give everything to the Lord say

this is who I am do what you want with

me it’s unconditional I don’t expect

all hands to raise if there were a place

here I would ask you to come to the

front so that you understand the

commitment but I don’t expect everyone

here or at home to understand this level

of commitment because if everyone said

all right it’s fine I’ll take the cross

then I wasn’t clear in transmitting this

message this is a commitment where I

prefer 80

90% to think more on it and say oh whoa

whoa whoa whoa let me just continue

being a flex Christian let me just

continue being a fan not too much

commitment I’m going to continue

offering I’ll continue coming but no no

no no no I don’t want the Lord to ask me

for more

well then this


served so that there aren’t so many

people saying oh I want to serve the

Lord I want to be a servant no you have

no idea being a servant means you’re

Auto self-proclaim yourself as the slave

to Christ I’m a slave to Christ a

slave he says go I

go and I don’t ask for payment I don’t

ask for a reward I don’t expect Applause

I don’t expect my Ministry to be

recognized I don’t want no I’m a slave

to Christ the way Paul

Peter John began their

letters that is the gospel following him

believing we all believe but

following no my loved one no my loved

one following is so much more it’s going

to cost you everything not just a piece

of you lift up your hand and say Lord

thank you for this morning thank you for

this moment

Lord I’ve transmitted what I believe you

told me to say

today Lord thank you for this time thank

you for your presence Thank You For Your

Glory thank you because you fill us you

bless us because I can feel now that

something is happening Moment by

moment those that have the baptism of

the spirit intercede as the spirit gives

you utterance those that want to lift

their voices to pray pray with me but

lift up your hand and say Lord you’ve

spoken with me I receive this calling

now I receive it in my heart in my

life the new purpose for this

year this is the moment in which the the

lines begin to become

reduced but good

thing that Jesus has

stopped with his all you can e of

fa he says believe in me

for I am the bread of life of bread of

life and all the rest will

come in

addition but the Lord doesn’t want those

that just come and seek the social plan

that he’s

offering because Jesus isn’t a socialist

he’s not a dictator Jesus isn’t a

leftwing government or a right-wing or a

moderate no Jesus is someone that says I

ask you for everything everything

everything I’ve given you salvation I’ve

given you

Grace but on this side of the son you

have to give up your

life I can’t guarantee that there won’t

be prisons that there won’t be

tribulation that there won’t be death

that there won’t be illness it’s not

something that I can guarantee Paul

said but all that will show God’s glory

I will boast of my weakness because for

me to live is Christ and to die is gain

lift up your hands and say I want to be

a part of that Elite of people that say

I want to be belong to those the group

of those that give it all even if it’s

terribly difficult who impressive

everyone everyone everyone crying out to

the Lord It’s a morning of surrender of

change I can feel the Holy Spirit

stealing stealing this word yes yes

it’ll cost you

everything and sometimes you have to

face crisis and storms and problems at

home s at work it’s not Satan it’s not


devil it’s not God who let the go of

your hand no it’s your decision that

you’re going to follow him anywhere

wherever I give you my life Mind Body

Soul and Spirit father thank you for


morning Lord in the final days you’ve

lifted up a people that believes in you

that worships you that gives themselves

to you you’ve used US river as the bar

of the world but I feel it on your

behalf that a new time is coming a time

of absolute surrender I don’t know what

is coming but the Bible describes in the

Book of Revelations that when these

things happen we will lift our eyes to

heaven and we’ll know that the Lord’s

return is near and I don’t know what is

coming but what is coming is not going

to be a walk through the park won’t be

anything fun it won’t be God’s kingdom

here on Earth what is to come isn’t the

American dream fulfilled what is to come

is a battle it’s

resistance but blessed are those that

have the Lord in their heart and the

Holy Spirit with them because they will

have Victory they will fight and they

will win because the Lord will be with

them the Lord is with us he will bless

us he will sustain us and we will be

like the palm tree that bends over but

remains upright someone needs to worship

someone needs to celebrate the Lord

because of that do you believe it do you

truly believe it no no no do you truly

believe it may the Lord bless you people

may God protect you take your cross and

let’s go home bye until next Sunday






















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