ENGLISH Dante Gebel #861 | Spoiler alert

The Bible assures us that because God has written our story, we can be confident that He has the final word. The ending will always be good, even when it is difficult to find grace in illness, unemployment or divorce. We must always remember that our difficult times will not be the end of our story, that we are in the middle of our journey. Whatever happens, we should not close the book of life, we should not give up. We must continue reading – sometimes until we reach eternity, because in the end all the pain and suffering will have purpose and meaning.



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Flags may God bless you thank you thank

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that are watching us good morning good

afternoon good night according to

whatever time zone you’re in we’ve sing

we’ve worshiped and this is the moment

one of the most marvelous ones because

we’re preparing for what God is going to

speak to us and that’s why we connect

with our virtual church that’s on the

other side of the screen watching us

through live stream they watch us from

all the continents from all over it’s

not an

exaggeration it’s 800,000 views on

YouTube almost 300,000 on

Facebook when I think that it’s a

million devices with a family behind

each device I think it’s an insane

amount of people that the Lord has

allowed us to reach with this marvelous

message so God bless

everyone before I transmit what I

believe God told me to tell you I just

want to share that yesterday our

volunteers arrived back from India here

we have our three pastors that directed

the committee Rudy


Mong and Fernando Perez we’re going to

receive our beloved Titans with a great

Applause well they left to India a week

ago they returned yesterday their times

are all screwed up what’s the time

difference 12-h hour difference while we

were asleep they were working while they

worked no opposite while we were asleep

they were working it was an insane time

change and here we have the first images

we won’t share everything that we did

well we we’ll share it we’ll say it but

we won’t show it on video just yet but

here we have images of what this trip

was R tell me how how it was when you

arrived what did you feel what what went

on well the truth

Pastor it went beyond the expectations

that we

had of getting to know a different type

of culture and the truth is that we were

very excited because the

children showed us a lot of love a lot


affection the truth is that it was very

exciting it’s it’s a home right it’s not

a school like the one we have in Uganda

no in this occasion it’s a home yes it’s

a simply a home these are children that

don’t have families they don’t have

parents parents some of them maybe have

only one parent but they’re they’re

taking Refuge there

right but it’s it’s basically an

orphanage and they were you were telling

me that the children are very educated

they’re very loving yes very well

educated they concentrate a lot on

education on manners the family that’s

in charge of them P the pastor

Kumar the truth is they they educate

them they teach them etiquette and

manners and Gedo tell me what did you

guys start doing because we’re seeing


of of of of you guys Painting and

Remodeling even though we won’t see it

yet but what what did you do well we


remodeling painting the rooms the

bedrooms inaugurating new bedrooms for

the children and we also made a whole

new kitchen it was amazing it was

great there was a lot of need

it the girls didn’t have bedrooms right

no no no correct correct yes they were

just sleeping on on the floor on


I was told that it was very very

exciting or emotional when they went

into their

bedrooms when the pastor Sati Kumar when


went this home has has existed for how

many years uh more than 35 years now

yeah 35 years ago they began this work

and they had never received help in this

way getting to know them is something

marvelous because you fall in love with

them just by looking at the pictures

what happened F at the beach

Fernando well the nice thing is that

these children many of them had never

experimented the

ocean even the pastor’s children many of

these children had never participated in

these games you can see the joy and the

happiness of playing in the water

jumping around with them and it was a

joy to be with them there well is the

ocean far from where they are ah must be

half an hour away and they had never

been to the ocean no why is that well

they’re concentrated on educating them

and it’s very few of them that can leave

the home almost all of them always

remain there one of the things they were

telling us as well is that the girls the

little girls for example tend to get

married at a very young age correct they

get married at the age of 12 12 because

they’re left pregnant or why no it’s

it’s just the culture

so at that age the

family it’s not that the little girl

falls in love no no no look at this look

how beautiful all these men

are that’s a before and after you don’t

go you don’t come back from

that the parents arrange the marriages

the girls leave the orphanages they

leave the care and some that are not

living there the parents at the age of

12 or 13 already arranged their

marriages and who’s the one that has to

pay well normally anywhere else it would

be the husband but in this case the

wife’s family

pays so in order to get married the

family has to pay the daughter the

girl’s family they were telling me that

sometimes there are offers where they

say all right give me your little girl

your 12-year-old girl so that I can

marry her for free and you don’t have to

pay me so in order to not pay it’s

usually a large sum they just get rid of

her right yeah that’s

right well we know the case of one girl

who wanted to continue studying she

wanted to continue with her education

but she couldn’t because she got married

and and now her husband doesn’t allow

her to

study so the offer is I want to get

married with your daughter the little

girl doesn’t even give her opinion at

the age of 12 she can’t speak her mind

and sometimes at the age of 14 they

become pregnant but men say give me your

daughter you don’t have to pay me

anything and that’s an offer that they

can’t reject because the girls be are

eventually become an economic burden

many of these children are there because

their parents couldn’t maintain them or

so they were taken to the

orphanage and maybe they don’t see their

parents for a year or two years now

these are images of when we said

goodbye this was the end of the week

what we’re sharing about the little

girls is sad of course and so that’s

what we’re trying to do we’re trying to

change that culture because if they had


money then they wouldn’t have to give

away their girls they wouldn’t have to

give them up to arranged marriages the

girls want to study they want to have

their own careers there are girls that

have so much talent but then they become

mothers at a very young age so we want

to be able to help this culture by

changing it a little bit the same way

we’re doing in Uganda and other places

so thank you pastors for all the work go

rest but don’t fall asleep just yet good

job good work that is your seat thank

you beloved

Church we’re going to show you more

videos more images soon we’ll have more

prepared for

you of what it is of what all this

marvelous work means when you go into to

these cultures we have three very strong

projects and in fact we haven’t

abandoned Cuba remember in Cuba it was

doubtful if we were going to continue or

not but we continued and we’re going to

inaugurate it in just a matter of weeks

this this Village this River

neighborhood in Havana we’ve continued

with that we’re going to continue with

chapas and all the help in Mexico and

Venezuela but there are three very big

projects one is this year River wants to

build a high school in Uganda

we only have an elementary school but

now we’re buying land so that we can

start a high school so that we don’t

lose them after they finish elementary

school so that we can continue it’s not

an idea it’s done we’re going to do it

the second thing in India we’re going to

continue going because we want them to

have the resources all these boys and

girls we want them to have the resources

to continue in school so that way if

they don’t want to get married they

don’t have to this is a project that we

proposed for this year and the third

thing before the year ends our mission

group is going to travel to

Egypt where we found a group of people

that live in inhumane conditions even if

you don’t believe it they live in

poverty they live in scarcity with a lot

of Orphans so we were told that we were

the barn houses of the world now more

than ever will look like Joseph by going

to Egypt to feed all those people that

need it we’ll do this before the end of

the year so thank you for your seat

thank you for what you’ve planted this

is River someone needs to celebrate more

than that yes or no we’re so

blessed are we ready stay with me I’m

ready very

well I want you to pay

attention because I know you do it and

that’s why we’re here as same goes for

those at home but this is one of those

messages that Comforts our soul that

heals us and fundamentally it sets us

free for many things in

1921 many many years

ago uh couple of

Swiss people traveled as missionaries to

the center of

Africa back then it was known as the

Belgian Congo they gathered with another

pair of missionaries the ericon and the

four the flood couple and the other

couple decided to take the gospel to a

set aart region where people had never

heard about


once they arrived unfortunately the the

head of the tribe there in the Belgian

Congo did not allow them to live within

the village so they were obliged to live

almost 2 kilometers

away and the only contact that they had

with the village was one young

man that the head of the tribe allowed

to get close to them to sell them food

in an act of Grace or Mercy he allowed

one young man from the Village to have

contact with them but they were never

allowed to contact anyone else in the

village and so this young

man that would take food to the four

people eventually repented from his sins

and the young man gave his heart to

Jesus but he that was the only progress

that they were able to accomplish only

one convert four

missionaries with all the resources that

that means

only accomplished one convert one young

boy not even an

adolescent and they didn’t have contact

with anyone else in the village ever

finally the other couple the Ericson

they contracted malaria and they went

back to

Switzerland that’s where the four people

came from and the floods were left

alone the woman who eventually became

pregnant contracted malaria and she died

a few days after giving

birth the husband dug up a discret grave

and buried his 27-year-old wife vea

died just a few days after giving birth

and after creating this tomb and leaving

his woman

there David flood went back to his

mission reported himself back in

Switzerland gave his child to the head

of the of the mission group and he said

I’m going back to Africa to continue my

work but I can’t take care of this

little girl he said God ruined my life

he said none of none of this makes sense

anymore and the missionaries that

adopted the little girl were American

and they went back with the little girl

they went back to the US in other words

David went back to Switzerland and the

Americans went back to the US with the

little girl

when I think of this

story I can’t stop asking myself why a

missionary with a calling with a

purpose I believe he had it undoubtedly

he would say something like God ruined

my life he said none of this makes any

sense in fact I’ve never had to deal

with that type of disillusion or or

angst but it’s obvious that that pain

was so great and from his own

perspective that’s how the story of his

life life ended he wasn’t able to

control or

prevent that tragic finale and that’s

what he felt he felt that God had failed

him and I think that the majority of us

would prefer to

live a story that we can

control when something changes in our

script we’re filled with anxiety and

worry because I think the majority of us

like the idea of being able to control

or change our circumstances or or

decide decide our own

results it would be

great if we could all have a way in life

to avoid adversity or overcome

difficulties what wouldn’t we give for

God to give us a finished script and

hear from him this is what your life is

going to be and then you’ll see that you

know in this certain year or month

you’ll have a problem so you avoid

it or when you see that this

that driver going out to the streets

that day might end in an accident so you

avoid and you don’t go out it would be

marvelous if that were true but we all

get to that point where we don’t want to

continue reading the script of our life

and we abandon the book halfway through

we say no this this isn’t what I had

thought out for

myself the disease is either too

overwhelming or the relationship is far

too destroyed or the situation has

become impossible possible or the pain

is too strong too great I think David

flood had reached that breaking point he

had reached a crack where you break you

feel that your spirit is amputated and

you can’t continue but I also can stop

asking myself because of the story what


happen if what sometimes appears to be

the end of our story what if in reality

it was just the first half of the script

what would happen if David flood this

missionary had said well maybe this this

isn’t the end maybe I’m halfway through

the script this isn’t the finale maybe

God didn’t ruin my life the way I

thought and maybe what doesn’t make

sense today maybe it’ll make sense later

on the Bible assures us that when God

writes our story we’re trusting that he

has the final word isn’t that true so

God’s grace promised to redeem any


one of the most magnificent verses one

of the most beautiful verses speaks

about the power of God’s grace we repeat

it over and over in Romans

8:28 and we know that God causes

everything to work together for the good

of those who love God and are called

according to his purpose for

them all things help for the greater

good are we in agreement yes or no but

Paul tells us that our great writer our

great script writer will always produce

a happy ending

always no matter how bad a certain

chapter looks maybe the chapter we’re

living through right now it’s like

Paul’s telling us continue reading don’t

close the book of your life continue

reading because the solution could be

right around the corner now let’s be

sincere brutally honest it’s not the

same thing as brute and honest no

brutally honest

when we are the ones that are

suffering when it’s our health that is

failing when it’s our

home that is withering away the idea

that God’s grace is going to use all

that for good not only does it seem

innocuous or ingenuine it almost seems

offensive I know

that sometimes people are offended when

we go to the hospital and a mother is

fighting to

survive the pain of having a child in

the ICU and somebody goes and says

leisurely oh well miss the Lord will use

this for a greater good it almost

offends it may be true but it hurts us

when it happens to us when the pain is


great this cliche phrase even if it’s

biblical and we know that God causes

everything to work together for the good

we know it by memory it still doesn’t

make us feel better when we’re in pain

but Paul never spoke about blind

optimism or cheap optimism or positivity

he didn’t say we think that God will

work for good he didn’t say or we assume

that God will work for he didn’t say we

hope nor did he say oh we’re sure no he

said we know and we know we have the

certainty that God causes everything to

work together for the good do we believe

it yes or no in any situation so

God gives us the anticipation that the

end of our story will be good and I know

that now you’re looking at me with an an

incredulous face you say I had here what

you just to what you just said because

my pain might be very intense right now

it doesn’t help

me that you tell me that God will

transform it into something good no

where is the good in what’s happening to

me right now and because of

this there’s an anglicanism that became

very popular a word that became very

popular in

English and it’s become a part of our

everyday vocabulary spoiler alert here

look I’m going to teach you some some

English learn from me because I uh speak

a British English not your broken


spoil could be translated as

ruined to be

lost to ruin something to tarnish

something that’s where the word comes

from that’s what someone does to us when

they tell us the end of a movie or the

end of a soap opera that’s a

spoiler when they ruin what you haven’t

seen yet so when they give us

information that we still don’t want to

know we’re not willing to know yet why

do I want to watch the six sense if I

know that Bruce Willis is dead the whole

time that’s a spoiler but it’s been so

long so why do I want to watch Titanic

if I already know that Rose will save

herself because the crazy woman can’t

scoot over on that on that wooden

pallet my mother suffered with that

movie she would say what a fool and I

would say mom they both didn’t fit and

she would say well a mother figures it

out either way why would I watch The

Last Avengers movie if we know that

Thanos is going to kill Tony

Stark so

however an experiment was conducted at

the University of San

Diego where the participants were put up

to a test they were presented with

suspense Soap opers by Agatha Christie

she writes Thrillers and suspense books

novels one group was told what happened

at the end of the story but the other

group wasn’t told anything and the

conclusion was was that those that knew

details about the end enjoyed the story

much more than those that didn’t know

how the story would end so they arrived

at the theory that when we know the end

beforehand it’s much easier cognitively

speaking to process the information in

the story and that allows us to focus

more on the details in the

script the anxiety of not knowing how

it’ll end we miss certain details in the

script once we know the end it’s much

easier to follow everything to digest

everything to understand everything to

assimilate it all because we no longer

have the anxiety of is the hero going to

die we no longer have the anxiety of

what’s going to happen I mentioned the

the film The Six tense where the main

character at the end reveals that he was

always dead and when you realize that

you feel like watching the movie all

over again to then focus on the details

that you missed out because you didn’t

know the ending

of course we miss out on some of the

suspense but to know how the story ends

allows us to not only put up with the

journey but also enjoy it so it’s like

watching a soccer final once again this

time not live but knowing that you’re

going to win after all when it’s live

it’s agonizing we watch the minutes we

want the referee to blow the whistle

that we should win already but once we

know what’s happened we sit down and we

enjoy it in a different way so the

Apostle Paul gives us a spoiler alert

and he tells us how our story ends he

says that due to Grace we know that all

not some things but all things

everything that happens to

us is for the greater good of those who

love God and those that are called that

in all things the story ends

well and

so among other things what does it mean

it means that our pain even if it’s not

understood now it has a purpose and

there’s an enormous difference between a

pain with purpose and pain that’s just

useless for example women

know or they’re

convinced that if us men had to put up

with the pain of giving

birth then the Earth never would have


populated we would have been extinct by

now we would say not even crazy when I

get pregnant

however I’ve discovered by my own


unfortunately that the closest pain to

this and many many doctors reaffirm this

the closest pain that us men put up with

that’s closest to birth is either kidney

stones or stones in your

gallbladder and more so when we have to

expel those stones through the through

the rra don’t ask me for more details

but it’s

frightening on the spectrum of pain

birth and passing stones are very

similar very very

similar but in favor of women there’s a

great difference between choosing the

pain and not having an alternative

having to just put up with it choosing

the pain isn’t the same as not having

having an alternative in other words

women are stronger because they choose

to put a with that

pain while no man chooses to have stones

in his kidneys so choosing a pain with a

purpose is different from being

obligated to go through a pain that

apparently doesn’t take us anywhere the

woman knows that that pain that burden

that bother let’s not just talk about

the pain of the birth but let’s talk

about the burden of the whole

pregnancy when a pregnancy is normal

even those last months all that has a

purpose so she’s willing to put up with

that pain because she’s focused on what

that pain will

produce on what that pain will mean

after all and after going through that


pain she’s even willing to say oh I hope

God blesses me with another

pregnancy when us men expel that last

Stone we never say oh may the Lord bless

me with more Stones no never

never we say no I’ll never go through

this ever again in my

life and so while we trust that the pain

has a purpose or has meaning we find the

strength to be able to put up with it

there are people to submit to operations

or surgical

interventions with a lot of pain but

it’s all for Aesthetics they heard a lot

a whole lot they say a nose job or

correction or removing wrinkles

stretching yourself out a tummy tuck or

Botox or breast augmentation or H knows


else they’re very very

painful more painful than when you have

to inevitably operate on a tumor but

people go on purpose and they get these

operations because they say I’ll go

through the pain I’ll go through the

postop my face will be swollen filled

with hematomas and bruises because I

think I know going to happen with the

final result and so they go through the

pain because there’s a

purpose someone


s so God’s

promise is that he doesn’t waste any

pain anything that happens to us in life

God will bring something good to life

always so that changes our way of living

because when we go through something

difficult you want want to know the


right why am I going through

this but you have to ask yourself what

is the reason what’s the purpose what

does God want to teach me what’s the

difference between motive and purpose

well the motive seeks why why is it

happening to me and why me I’m faithful

with my tithes I’ve never stopped

congregating I’m a good person why the

why always leaves our head and our heart

filled with questions

but the purpose focuses on for what why

am I living through this during this

season for

what the motive always cries out for

rationality or a logical explanation

something that makes sense to us but the

purpose tells us that God will make sure

that everything that happens now even if

we don’t understand it it’ll all be for

the greater

good that this pain of the pregnancy of

having to sleep uncomfortably

having to see how your feet swell and

retaining liquids Etc this all means

that it’ll result in good a baby

sometimes grace even hurts us to be able

to help

us I’m not a fool and I know that it’s

difficult to find Grace in cancer you

say well what am I going to learn

through this it’s difficult to find

Grace in unemployment or

divorce but you have to

remember that it won’t necessarily be

the end your life doesn’t end with a

death of a loved

one or with a marriage or that ends or

children that leave the home or moving

countries always generally speaking

we’re halfway through the book and

sometimes we close it and we say my life

is over but no life is not over you

shouldn’t close the book you have to

continue reading are you following me

yes or no I was reading

about Michael Fox’s battle against

Parkinson and he said Parkinson’s itself

isn’t what kills

you the problem is all the times you

fall the lack of balance the

Tremors the

pneumonia having to mix your food all

those subtle ways in which the illness

traps you and he said you don’t

die because of Parkinson’s no you die

with Parkinson’s you don’t die because

of the disease you die with the

disease currently Michael Fox is 7 3

years old he was diagnosed at the age of

29 at the at the summit of his career he

tried hiding it for seven years because

he wanted to continue shooting films but

he couldn’t anymore but a neurologist

told him something that changed his

perspective he said why don’t you simply

accept the Tremors and it’s not easy to

accept the Tremors because we’ve

grown learning that we should always

highlight our strengths we should hide

our weakness wees don’t let anyone see

them in fact we don’t accept our own

weaknesses we’re ashamed of sharing them

that’s why there’s so little confession

of sin of weakness because we say no if

I share what I’m fighting against I’m

going to lose respect from my friends or


whoever in

fact I found out about an invention well

it’s existed for a long time but it’s

called a skinny mirror it’s a curved

mirror but the curvature isn’t the way

it used to be at theme parks that would

deform my figures no the curvature is

subtle and the mirror produces an

optical illusion so when you look in the

mirror you look 11 lbs lighter 5


lighter and I’m going to tell you

something that’s going to make your cold

your blood

cold in the US it’s used in most stores

that’s why that pair of jeans looks so

good at the store

and when you get home it looks like it

got smaller on the drive

home and I say how interesting what an

interesting way to to to match that

termer that weakness because there’s

going to be someone that invents a whole

line of

products with the idea of not admitting

our weaknesses a skinny balance a skinny

a a skinny scale when you weigh yourself

it tells you that you’re 20 lbs lighter

than what you’re actually


people will say oh you have no idea how

how how much weight I’ve lost no no it’s

just the scale that’s wrong so denying a

weakness can be a very lucrative

business us people we love hiding and

denying our weaknesses because in our

world what’s valued strength power


right and that’s how the world was in

the first century when Paul writes to

the Church of

Corinth he knew that the idea of

celebrating weakness was something

difficult to swallow people didn’t want

to celebrate weakness remember that in

Greece they had the Olympus Gods

Hercules the little mermaid’s father

right those gods of the ocean of the

fire of the air they were all powerful

and gigantic and and Corinth was a a

well-known Place known for its luxury

and and Majestic Construction it’s

people that enjoyed a night life it was

a place of achievement and success it

might have been the Manhattan or the Las

Vegas of those times Paul knows that the

power is in weakness and in recognizing

it so he wants to communicate this to

the to to the Corinthians but he knows

that they won’t pay attention to him as

soon as he starts talking about weakness

they won’t read another letter so he has

to come from a p a position of strength

Paul was bilingual he was able to speak

the language that people outside the

church understood when we lose that

capacity then unbelievers stop listening

to us because say oh your pastor is

great but I didn’t understand a single

thing that he said he spoke about the

throne and the holiest of holies and The

Trinity and this and that and the people

are happy but but the unbelievers didn’t

understand anything so Paul had that

ease he spoke to the

Athenians since they were used to

listening he would speak to the church

in a way that they were used to without

committing or compromising the message

but he knew how to change his his

language so he went when he went to

speak to the Corinthians and those guys

let me remind you they love success they

were almost argentinians according to a

theologian around here he knows that if

he starts speaking to them about

weakness they won’t listen to him that’s

why Paul dusts off his curriculum his

resume the one that he used to show in

the past with a lot of Pride now he

hides it but now he’s using it to get to

the height of the jetset of Corinth so

that these guys can respect him if not

they won’t pay any

attention he knows that they won’t

listen to him if he doesn’t speak to

them in their own language their own

dialect and he speaks what I’m about to

share with

you and from time to time he speaks like

a fool for speaking in this way and he


it he says I’m talking like a fool again

I dare to boast about it too because he

and he says this because he knows that

they won’t listen to him in any other

way so he writes the fascinating letter

in second Corinthians

11:21 he

says but whatever they dare to boast

about I dare to boast about it too and

I’m talking like a fool I know it sounds

frightening I’m going to speak as if I

were crazy but everything I’m going to

say is true are they Hebrews so am

I oh they’re Israelites oh well I am too

oh we’re defendant your descendants of

Abraham well so am

I oh they’re Servants of Christ oh I

know I sound like a mad man but I have

served him far more I have worked

harder harder than all of you I’ve been

put in prison more often I’ve been

whipped times without number and I’ve

faced death again and again and again

all because of

Christ so the guy shows his credentials

so that they can see and so that it can

be clear that they’re not being spoken

to by a nefy or a timid man no he’s a

prepared man and Paul continues with his

spiritual accomplishments it doesn’t

please him he’s only done it once and he

lets the the bomb explode in 2

Corinthians 121 he says this is this

boasting will do no good but I must go

on even if I gain

nothing and now I will reluctantly tell

about visions and Revelations from the


Lord and here he speaks in third person

the way Maradona used to

do Maradona Maradona when they used to

ask him how are you doing he would say

oh well Diego Maradona is doing just

fine he would speak in third

person if he was doing well he would say

oh wello Maradona is doing well he’s a

world champion and here Paul says I know

a follower of Christ and he’s speaking


himself I was caught up to the third

heaven 14 years

ago whether I was in my body or out of

my body I don’t know only God knows yes

only God knows whether I was in my body

but I do know that I was caught up to

paradise and heard things so astounding

that they cannot be expressed in words

things no human is allowed to

tell that experience is worth boasting

about but I’m not going to do it I will

only boast about my w weaknesses now

imagine the people that received the

letter and they’re reading it out loud

in the church and that’s what was done

before so when they get to that part

wait wait wait they say wait wait wait

wait wait what is he

saying an old man fixes his hearing a

and says wait wait what he just said

that he was taken up into the third

heaven and that this happened 14 years

ago and he’s just telling us

now don’t you think you should have

mentioned it before and he’s barely

telling us now and on top of it all

shares it 14 years

later and as he says that he’s asking

for forgiveness asking for forgiveness

because he went to heaven okay so Paul

visited the third level of heaven and he

never told

anyone imagine an apostle from today if

they visited

heaven I’m not going to talk about

anyone let’s just say an

Argentinian let’s say an Argentinian a

an Argentinian Pastor visited

heaven I wouldn’t wait 14 years to share

it in 14 seconds I’ll post it on

Instagram a selfie next to an

archangel here from up top so that they

don’t see my double

chin I would include it in all my

sermons I would find a way to say this

is what I believe God told me to tell

you when I was all by myself in the


heaven I would write a book

why God chose me and not

you I would make a movie the third

heaven is real but I never shared until

today about my Celestial experience and

Tom Cruz would play my

character I’m not going to say Elton

John who else can I pick come

on on my social media I would put D and

then down below when I’m not being taken

up into the third heaven I like to go on

tour Paul didn’t mention it for a decade

and a

half he was obligated to say

it you know what his biography said on

social media he he had under his name a

slave to Christ slavery wasn’t something

that would impress anyone that was the

the lowest rung on the ladder in the

social hierarchy but for Paul all that

mattered was the identity of the person

that he served Paul is saying of course

I have the legacy of a Hebrew and man

have I earned it I was Shipwrecked I was

whipped I was

stoned I was in prison I was hungry I

was cold almost a

marter ah but you’re the ones that are

impressed by the Pentecostal spectacle

you want those credentials too because I

have those as well oh you’re the ones

that say oh if there’s no shouting or

people on the ground people trembling

and speaking in tongues and there’s no

anointing oh I don’t go to River because

there’s no anointing the people don’t

cry oh you’re the

guys that don’t move a finger for your

neighbor but you demand the church to

walk to make two paralytics walk per

service Paul says well yeah I have that

too it’s not that I once had a service

where we felt God’s presence no I went

to heaven to to live

it you want

more that’s a solomonic

phrase and then what happened is that

Paul drops another bomb even more

intriguing because he awakens curiosity

but he doesn’t go into details and all

the nosy people have a heart attack in

the same letter he

says if I wanted to boast I would be no

fool in doing

so so to keep me from becoming proud I

was given a thorn in my flesh a

messenger from Satan to torment me and

keep me from becoming proud three

different times I beg the Lord to take

it from

me imagine people these days have

indigestion and have a vision and they

go on to her sharing the

vision it was just they had too many

tacos it wasn’t a

vision you might ask you was Paul really

taken into the third heaven he needed

some sort of sting or an Achilles heal

there was always a great debate over

what the sting in his flesh was that’s

not today’s topic but that’s between him

and God it might have been a weakness

maybe a physical ailment we don’t know

but the suffering offering

was such that he begged God he didn’t

ask God he said I begged God to take it

away so surely he must have prayed what

we pray very often Lord think about how

much more I would do for you if you

would take away this pain I’ve prayed

that way many many times Lord I would

serve you much better

if if this were taken away if this were

added if you Chang this I would serve

you better as if to say Lord It’s to

your advantage to take this away from me

and then the Lord answered Paul by

saying my grace is all you need my power

works best in

weakness so Paul explains exactly what

God told him he said he told me that my

grace is all you

need my salvation is sufficient my grace

is sufficient because my power works

best in your

weakness and so Paul ends up saying so

now I am glad to boast about my

weakness that’s why I take pleasure in


weakness so that the power of Christ can

work through me that’s why I take

pleasure in my weaknesses and in insults

hardships persecution and troubles that

I suffer for Christ for when I am weak

then I am

strong at one point I

believed that God works despite our

difficulties oh well this guy has a bad

temperament a bad character this person

has a disability this person has this

ailment but despite that I’ll use them

but no this isn’t the

Declaration that brings us to the truth

God doesn’t show his power even though

we’re weak no no no he shows his power

through our weakness he needs it we need

to have that

weakness because through it God uses us

and it’s not oh well I’m going to to

ignore that you have a putrid character

no God uses it I put character as an

example let’s observe the squad of

disciples that the Lord chose that

ramshackled group you know when you

watch a film like Mission

Impossible my religious friends are

going to kill me but when you watch

mission impossible for example

or a movie that

presents a sophisticated Heist they

always show the team and what each

person is good at

the professor the architect Tokyo the

master of weapons Denver system hacker

Moscow expert in demolition Nairobi the

lead of the

matriarchy you say huh with that team

they can steal anything but no Jesus

didn’t have any castings or auditions he

didn’t look for the most eloquent he

didn’t say Peter the most talented Judas

the betrayer

no he didn’t look for the the most

persuasive he just saw some fishermen

and said follow me in

fact there weakness which was so

evident is what made their testimony so

powerful 4:13 says that the members of

the council were

amazed when they saw the boldness of

Peter and John for they could see that

they were ordinary men with no special

training in the scriptures

they also recognized them as men who had

been with

Jesus that is the

secret your

weakness ensures that God will take the

glory somebody needs to say

Amen so let me give a foolish

example I never had a teacher or a

professor in high school that wrote to

me or said to me


I’m so proud that you speak to so many

people because we saw it coming back in


school you were truly a nerd you were

above and beyond it was Steve Jobs and

then Dante G right below so it was

logical that you ended up doing this no

no one no

one first of all because my elementary

school teachers all

died and second because all my high

school teachers would say that gble he’s

he’s useless he’s a fool this can’t be

the same guy that’s speaks to thousands

now so there’s no way that I myself can

assign any of the credit to

myself Cory ten Boom is famous for being

the author of the bestseller my secret

Refuge that I recommend

profoundly she tells the story of how

she’s a prisoner in a concentration C

Camp in Germany but she also wrote

another book that’s less

welln and it’s called tra for the

Lord I couldn’t find the title in

Spanish but I know it’s in

Spanish but she tells the story of a

woman that she met in Russia during the


War when Christians were persecuted with

the death penalty and she tells the

story that the old woman not Cory tbom

but the older woman that she met was

lying on a sofa she

had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

so the woman had to lie down so she


fall she couldn’t move and her husband

took care of her at all times the only

thing that this old woman could control

was her index finger on her right hand

that was it and with that index

finger she would type on a typewriter

all day with one

finger she would form words deep into

the night she would form sentences

paragraphs what she was doing is she was

translating the Bible into the the

Russian language and many times it would

take her a long long long time because

her old wrinkly

finger would get confused with the keys

she had a lot of Tremors but she would

Advance slowly letter after Letter book

after book in the bible translated into

the Russian language so Cory tenom

arrives as a

visitor she looks at the woman’s Twisted

skeletal body on the couch and

overwhelmed by compassion she says look

Lord why don’t you heal this woman poor

woman and the husband says no no no God

has a purpose for with this disease the

secret police observes all the other

Christians in the city very carefully

but since they know she’s so sick and

Ill nobody pays attention to her they

leave her alone and she’s the only

person in this moment that can translate

the Bible without the police detecting

it that’s why it’s important to say or

to realize

that God doesn’t work despite This

Woman’s illness no God works Through

This Woman’s illness this illness that

any average human being would ask God to

heal this illness that was apparently

destroying her life that sting that

thorn in her flesh that causes so much

pain is that Holy place that allows a

woman a very weak woman to become a

Pillar of Strength In God’s kingdom if

God heals her then she would stop

translating the Bible or they would

discover so today’s question is what is


sting your mother-in-law doesn’t count

no I’m talking I’m asking about

yours what is your

sting but not one they have to think

about H let me think no the first one

that comes to mind because if you have

to think about it because there are

other sub stings or stub Thorns but


one maximum two that we live

with it’s not someone

else’s it’s not that this thing is oh my

my partner or my in-law or my cousin no

what’s our Thorn without blaming anyone

else what have you begged the Lord to

change heal or take

away what in your life obligates you to

recognize weakness you say I have no

excuse for that if people knew this

I would even die of shame because I have

no excuse for that that’s a

weakness I recognize many of those in

myself one that stands out maybe because

of my aspers but for example I have many

and I’m not going to share the worst

ones because you don’t care it’s not a

part of the part of the

message but for example when I answer


online those that don’t know my

heart they tend to think that I’m rude

when I’m just very pragmatic very direct

I respond to information so my way of

processing is that a direct answer

Demands a or a direct question Demands a

direct question or a direct question

Demands a direct

answer and when people ask well why do

you charge for for the tickets for your

tour and I say well because it’s not

free oh well why do we have to pay Jesus

never charged I say well I’m Not Jesus

so they think that I’m being rude or

that I’m being sarcastic or

ironic the other

day someone

asked Dante will you take me to the US

and give me a job and give me a home and

I said no I’m not a

Smuggler and

some I

realize because of my disability I’m not

being ironic I realize that some don’t

want an answer they want a Biblical

study with with verses supporting the

the topic they want something like no I

can’t bring you over personally but I’m

going to pray that God transports you

not to the third heaven but here to

California so let’s pray but my mind

isn’t trained to do that I’d like to

communicate but it’s tough for me to not


direct I could never dominate the the

Christian esque language and how many

pastors that are fabulous in answering

and interacting they synergize with that

type of

people they’re fascinated

at the end of the service they they put

a long table and they answer all the

questions and I say Lord give me some of

that I need some of that because in that

case I have a short fuse when I see that

somebody comes with a trick question I

answer quickly and I try to neutralize

it I know that I’m limited in many areas

but I understood little by little that

God doesn’t use me despite that no in

this case he uses me through

that so I understood that’s one of the

things that I can share that doesn’t

bring me too much shame

but amongst my stings I recognize 1 2 3

4 whoa I’m a

cactus but I

understand that those Thorns didn’t

escape the

Lord the Lord didn’t say oh no I didn’t

realize instead of picking a perfect guy

I picked this prickly


Johnny Joie

exent is that girl who became

quadriplegic she tried diving and she

had an

accident but now she’s a popular

Christian writer and in an article she

shares this story of all the marvelous

things she

tells she can’t move anything just her

lips and her neck I got to know her once

when she came to preach at the Crystal

Cathedral she was in a bathroom during a

recess at a conference for Christian

women and a

woman while she was putting lipstick on

in the restroom she said oh Joanie you

always look so good and so happy in your

wheelchair I would love to have your joy

how do you do

it and Joanie said I took a deep

breath and and said can I sincerely tell

you how I woke up this morning yeah of

course all right well after my husband


went out to work at 6:00 in the morning

I stay alone each and every

day until I hear the door open at 7:00

a.m. when a friend comes in to wake me

up and while I hear her making coffee I

pray and I say Lord my friend is going

to bathe me once again she’s going to

dress me again she’s going to sit me

down on my chair she’s going to brush my

hair brush my teeth she’ll dry

me and I don’t have the strength to face

this routine anymore

I don’t have any more

resources I don’t have a

smile to use for this day to show my

friend that is doing this incredible

task I don’t know if I would do it for

anyone else but you do have Smiles Lord

can you lend me one of yours because I

need you desperately I have no

strength so when my friend finally comes

into the bedroom I offer her a smile

sent directly from Heaven it’s not mine

it’s not

God it’s not from me it didn’t it didn’t

come in magically it’s it’s from God I

don’t feel like smiling and so she told

the woman in the bathroom any joy that

you see in me I haven’t earned it God

let me borrow it this morning and he

lets me borrow his joy every morning and

that’s why I said I ask myself if what

you’ve begged God to take

away maybe that’s what obligates you to

pray each and every morning ask God for


smile that’s what obligates us to say

Lord I don’t feel like continuing with

this routine help me and that’s where

the supernatural strength comes and

people say I don’t understand how you

can go through what you’re going through

but you always are joyous because it’s

not the joy that’s regulated by money in

the bank or by how your family is doing

or the car that you just bought or

because you don’t owe a mortgage no it’s

the supernatural joy that flow from the

Holy Spirit despite the circumstances

that we’re living through it’s

marvelous so I insist with an idea that

I mentioned last Sunday sometimes I feel

shame a whole lot of

Shame about the things that we complain


sometimes in a family you just need one

complainer and then that’ll begin to

extend like a strain of a virus if

somebody starts complaining that it’s

contagious in the church we need one

leader one person that complains and

that’ll contaminate the whole church one

leader that complains disseminates it to

the rest of the church and this happens

all over if you go into a room and you

say oh it’s pretty cold in here you’ll

realize that it

is very soon people will start saying

yeah yeah it’s very cold if you don’t

say it nobody’s going to say hey it’s

cold in

here nobody will notice that the meat is


unless somebody mentions it then they’ll

say yeah it is dry yeah yeah it does

it’s not

good no one was

bothered by the football game being in

standard definition but as soon as we


HD it’s like oh wow now I can touch

Messi’s face oh no you can’t watch it on

standard definition anymore so many of

us suffer the great frustrations of the


world oh it it angers me that I have no

more space to put stuff in my fridge I

don’t know where to put so much food

I’ve been asking for a bigger fridge for

months oh this is the last time I come

to this restaurant why it’s not good no

but it has no

Wi-fi imagine an hour without a

phone or what I said last Sunday I’m

tired of going around and around in the

parking structure yeah but you have a

car it drives me crazy how long this

video takes to load really how long it

takes the video to load we have a

generation that is frustrated because

the video takes long to

load but we would wait three months for

the movie to be aired Friday night in

black and white and we would still have

to put up with the commercials

remember see there’s one woman here that

remembers those black and white days

see you’re at the age where you need a

colonoscopy oh I don’t like the quality

of the pictures this this phone takes I


heard I spent 30 minutes no not 30

minutes 45 minutes looking for a movie

on Netflix there’s nothing today’s just

going to be one of those

days and when you don’t when you don’t

see the kids in India or

Africa well let’s not even go to third

world old

countries let’s go to Mexico or all the

way down to Argentina let’s look at our

or hurt Latin

America at one point or another we all

play the victim and we feel that life is

unfair that we don’t deserve this Thorn

there are always people like in the case

of Joanie that every day they have to

ask for a smile because they don’t feel


smiling there’s a

story of a certain Ed Dobson he wrote a


book that’s called how to see through

fog he was the pastor of a mega church a

very very big church with enormous

growth and 12 years ago

12 he he started Living with

Ela amyotrophic lateral sclerosis it’s a

disease with no C with no apparent cause


no no treatment

but this man fought a battle of being

grateful with God despite knowing that

he had an uncurable disease he said of

course there are many things that I am

not grateful for of

course I can no longer button the

buttons on my shirt by

myself I can no longer raise my right

hand I can’t write anymore I can’t eat

with my right hand anymore I have to do

it with my left hand and even that is

becoming a challenge it’s becoming more

and more difficult and he said Through

Time all my difficulties don’t get

better they get worse every time I have

a checkup they say you’re worse because

the illness is

degenerative why should I be grateful

and he says well there’s a lot to be

grateful for I give thanks for waking up

each and every morning that doesn’t have

to be the case I give thanks because I

can still rotate on my

bed I can still get up it’s difficult

but I can still get up and go to the

restroom on my own

I’m thankful because I can still brush

my teeth with my left hand it’s a little

tougher I have a harder time than the

rest but I can still brush my teeth I

can still have lunch I can dress myself

I can walk I can still speak and he says

in my journey with Ela I’ve focused on

what I can do and I focus Less on what I

can do if not I’ll become depressed and

I’ve learned to be grateful for the

little things in life and for all the

things that I can do with those little

things in

life and I’m talking about a man

different to

Joanie this

gentleman is literally in The Green Mile

he’s marching toward his death he’s

walking down the corridor of death

because this is an illness that leads

you to death it’s not that it’s static

well Joanie is a quadriplegic and period

that’s it no this man each and every day

is one step closer to his death what if

that happened to

us it seems like a guy like this has a

lot to complain about and he’s a pastor

imagine us pastors have to be modern

healthy if God wants to use me then

he’ll give me Health that’s what we

foolishly think as if we had signed a

contract with God but this gentleman

Sees God through the lens of Grace and


grateful and I want to finish this

morning with the story that I began

with of course I didn’t finish it on

purpose David

flood this Swiss missionary that

moved his young family to the north of

Africa and he only saw one boy converted

he then lost his wife like I told you

she contracted a

malaria soon after this happened soon

after his wife gave birth to a little

girl and so this man became furious with

God and we understand it he buried his

wife gave up his daughter and went back

to Switzerland well that

daughter was named agie she was raised

in the

US with Christian

parents this little girl was raised by

these two

missionaries and one day as this girl

went to go look at the mailbox for some

unknown reason she found a Swiss

magazine she began to look through it

and a

photograph made her blood

cold it was was a picture of a white

cross a grave with a white cross and

then she saw the name via flood she knew

that it was her

mother she had someone translate the

text that accompanied the the photograph

and so she sat down and heard the story

of the work that her mother had done as


missionary sometime later this young

girl traveled to Switzerland this girl

grew up obviously aie she traveled to

Switzerland to look for her

father basically he had ruined his life

with alcohol he was very very sick this

man who was once a missionary now had

sclerosis and many things that come with

alcoholism and so the girl went into

this man’s small apartment she saw many

bottles of liquor on the floor she went

up to her father who was now 73 years

old that had abandoned her when she was

just a little girl an infant and she

said Dad

and he immediately began to

sob and she clarified she said Dad I’m

okay I’m okay God took care of

me God then and the man said to her God

forgot about all of us still with a lot

of resentment but agie replied dad I

have a story to tell

you this small

child that you brought to the Lord that

would bring you goods and food grew up

and he brought Faith to the whole

Village the only seed that you planted

continued growing and growing and

growing over the next 40 years now more

than 600 African people are serving the

lord in the village because you were

faithful to your calling so you didn’t

go to Africa in vain dad mom didn’t die


vain and David began to cry over the

next few

hours he reconciled with God and a few

weeks later he died in peace he went to

Eternity the years went by and agie her

husband and her little

girl were went to an an Evangelistic

conference in

London this little girl also grew up and

has her own family and there in London

there were many directors of the

churches in Africa that went to go give


reports some of them one some one of

them was from Zar he knew about all the

churches in that

country and he said on this stage we

have 32 Mission stations in Africa a

hospital with 120 beds many Christian

Schools our churches have a 100,000

members that have been

baptized and as soon as agie finished

she went up to the to the preacher and

said pastor Reverend did you ever get to

know a missionary girl or really a

couple named David and Via

flood all I can say is that they lived

on the peak of a mountain of a hill and

the preacher said yes Madam yes I was

the young boy that would sell chickens

and eggs to them and it was via flood

that guided me to Christ who are you and

she said I’m via’s daughter I was born

on that

mountain and so tears came down the

man’s cheeks and they embraced each

other and in African style they began to

dance and Sway and while he cried he

would say many many times I asked myself

what happened to that little girl whose

mother died for

us girl you have to go back even if

you’re not a girl anymore you have to go

back to your birthplace and realize that

your mother is the most famous person in


church so she agreed and after months of

planning Aggie and her husband took the

long trip to that very special place and

she shares that the the pastor of the

village guided her to the the summit of

the Hill everyone following them as if

they were celebrities and they in the

summit beneath a small Grove of trees

the pastor points with a finger and says

this is the

place where your

parents met you for the first time this

is where you were born and there was a

cement grave a tomb with a cross a white

cross that said via

flood borne on and died the pastor

opened up his Bible surrounded by

hundreds of Believers and he read a

Psalm Psalm

1265 those who plant in tears will

harvest with shouts of Joy will harvest

with shouts of

Joy will harvest with shouts of

Joy so God

knows what it means to suffer through

loss God more than anyone knows what it

means to plant a SE seed that seems like

today doesn’t give any

fruit I can’t stop thinking about what

would have happened if David

fled had believed that he was just

halfway through his story that that

wasn’t the end that God’s story it’s

told from the moment we’re born and it

includes eternity not just the 70 80 90

years that we’re

here and instead of closing the book

what if David had continued reading his


so maybe what’s happening to you right

now maybe it doesn’t make sense but God

tells me to tell you just continue

reading don’t give in don’t give

up in certain cases some of us will have

to continue reading until eternity

right because the chapters will close on

the other side of the sun Paul speaks

about this in 2 Corinthians

4:17 he says for our present troubles

are small and won’t last very long he’s

talking about

life yet they produce for us a glory

that vastly outweighs them and will last

forever so we don’t look at the troubles

we can see now rather we fix our Gaze on

things that we cannot that cannot be

seen for the things we see now will soon

be gone but the things we cannot see

will last forever and that’s what God

sees so the Bible assures us that when

God writes our

story we can be sure that he has the

final word God’s grace can redeem

anything any life any disaster that

we’ve created what we have to do is

accept the

Tremors say this is what I have to live

through right now accept it don’t

complain about it don’t be upset don’t

beg and beg and beg for God to take it

no except the

Tremor if your hand or your heart or

something else is trembling then God has

something in mind he’s going to do

something with that Tremor I’m speaking

metaphorically of course and as I said

when we accept the

weakness and on top of it all once we

get to know the end then everything is

much easier to follow to

digest everything is much easier to un


understand if somebody becomes

overwhelmed by a problem problem in life

then why don’t you go to a cemetery

that’s the best walk that you can

take it’ll put your ducks in a row in a

line when you see all those grav you see

rich people poor people famous people

and you see that life is just a script

between two dates you

say I’m really worrying over this

foolishness really my problem is that my

fridge is too small really my problem is

that I can’t I don’t have a parking

spot and I have to park on the street

and it started raining after I watched

my car so knowing how our story ends

allows us to not only just put up with

the journey but also enjoy it our pain

has a purpose it has

meaning after

all God gave us a spoiler alert in


29:11 for I know the plans I have for

you there are plans for good and not for

disaster to give you a future and a

hope there’s a version that

says I have good plans to give you the

end that you were always waiting for so

do yourself a favor this morning

afternoon night wherever you’re watching

us from even if it hurts don’t close the

book continue reading you’ll see I

promise you that at the end of the story

all this pain will have a purpose and

fundamentally it will make a lot of

sense don’t close the book don’t close

the book hallelujah hallelujah

as we do each Sunday give a grand

Applause to the Lord if you believe he

has spoken today if you believe God has

spoken to you today say Lord thank you

how the lord loves me how the lord loves

you the lord loves us so much blessed

are you hallu


and now if you can pray with

me I would love for you to lift Your

Hands to Heaven and pray to the Lord

with me say Lord because lifting your

hand to Heaven is a sign of surrender I

give in I don’t have anything to

hide we lift our hands and we’re going

to we’re going to give our pain to the

Lord I know that you’ve been at many

services maybe where they’ve asked you

to give your finances to the Lord to

give your children to the

Lord give your family to God give your

ministry to

God but I’m almost sure that few times

have you been invited to give your pain


God say

Lord I want you to anoint My Sting my

thorn whether it be a weakness or

something that you battle against uh

physical mental emotional problem there

are people here that fight against


is in their

emotions I’m not saying they they’re

bipolar but from time to time they fall

into Wells of sadness there are others

that yeah maybe they do battle

against being

bipolar without diagnosing you maybe

there are some that in the morning say

Lord I I can’t smile for my children or

for my partner please let me borrow a

smile help me

Lord others like our beloved Ed Dobson

i’ have to say

Lord I have a list of things that I

can’t be grateful for but I do have

another list that I can be grateful

for And So today we’re going to focus on

what we do have and we’re going to give

up our pain to the Lord so everyone

everyone everyone the word says that if

we agree on anything here on Earth and

it’ll be heard in

heaven not only heard in heaven but

whatever we let set free here is set

free then whatever we bind here is bound

there so In This Moment all together

we’re going to

agree on giving our pain to the Lord we

give up our sting to the Lord we promise

to not continue praying anymore so that

it can change so that it can be removed

so that so that it can be taken away

no if it pleases you Lord then we will

live with it with this dysfunctional

partner this dysfunctional marriage

those rebellious children then will live

live even without

papers I’m not talking about resignation

I’m talking about acceptance stoic


acceptance of the perfect and Sovereign

will of God saying Lord I don’t

understand if you want to do the miracle

then that’s on you but I today I’m going

to stop asking and I’m going to say

thank you for what I do have and those

that today here were able to get on your

two feet I I assure you it’s not

everyone but the majority that isn’t

confined to a wheelchair if you can

stand on your two feet say thank you God


complained about being on my feet for 45

minutes singing worshiping but what a

privilege it is to have feet to be able

to stand

on thank you Lord because I was able to

have breakfast this morning and if not

then I’ll have something later today

I’ll be able to take a warm

shower those doors of gratitude are what

bring bring anointing over your life

believe it it’s so

simple God is pleased by grateful Hearts

give thanks in everything and for

everything the Apostle said give thanks

for everything and in anything and that

means give gra give thanks for the

things because to many the Lord is

saying my grace is sufficient I’ve saved

you yes that’s all you


when you die you’ll come and be with me

whatever happens on this side of the sun

is a gift it’s a bonus it’s a

tip I don’t love you less because you

still don’t have the

house I’m not upset with you because

things aren’t working at

home you don’t have a sick child because

you’re paying for someone else to sinner

because you made a mistake my grace my

grace says the Lord has to be

sufficient and when my salvation is

enough this light and momentary trouble

called life will

pass bless God if you’re not lying in a

hospital bed right now but if you’re

watching me from a hospital then bless

the Lord because even still your mind

can understand a sermon like this

one wherever it is you are if you’re

confined from Liberty if you’re here

give thanks for your Liberty for your

freedom say to think that I can go

wherever I want I’m free but those that

are behind bars say Lord to think that I

can be behind bars and I still have time

something I didn’t have before I have

time to seek you to find you and give

thanks like Paul for the whips for the

whiplashes for the prisons everything

you have to go through because there’s a

purpose come on lift up your hands give

thanks to God because this pain has

meaning I’m going to

pray so that God can give you a picture

of your future one

picture it’s something that I always

asked the Lord for there were such great

visions that I would say

Lord there’s no precedent for this I

don’t know who to ask can you give me a

picture and there one night suddenly I

saw a photograph it was as if the light

the the wall lit up and I saw a picture

of myself preaching I even saw the color

of the suit that I would be using in a

few years and the stadium was

filled and that was like a trip to the

Future it was like God said you see I’m

going to lend you the ears of the youth

and I I would cling onto that picture

there’s a picture that you need say God

I need a picture of my old age or a

picture of my my later years a picture a

photograph and I promise that you’re

going to see yourself either with white

hairs or hunched over

older if God allows you to reach those

years but you’re going to be happy

saying oh it all had a

purpose my beloved the Lord tells me to

tell you don’t close the book of your

life there are many like David flood

that have closed their books and have

said no more God has ruined my life

you’re saying God wasn’t there when he

could have intervened you’re saying God

didn’t come and help me when I was

asking for it God didn’t come for me

when I se him and you’ve closed your

heart you’ve closed the book and God

says no no no no no my son no my

daughter you’re halfway through your

story believe it believe that I have

thoughts of good and

favor I’m going to redeem everything

everything will be for the greater good

will help for his purpose for those that

are set out for his purpose come on

begin to cry out and

pray father thank you for for this

morning I’ve transmitted and I

believe I’ve said what you’ve told me to

say to your people having omitted or

added anything but I know that your

spirit has reached places that I cannot

the depths of their heart and these

tears are because they’re understanding

that there was a purpose that there was


light at the end of the tunnel those

that will see their purpose completed on

the other side of the sun please give us

the strength to be able to put up with

it to to endure even if you say the Lord

doesn’t answer all my prayers say I know

I know I know that he loves me those

that don’t have a smile ask the Lord say

Lord like Jonie said I know you have

many Smiles those that need Joy ask the

Lord for Joy say Lord give me joy from

heaven and speak in new tongues like


before those that need the filling of

the spirit say Lord fill me because I’m

empty and I’m desperate for

you thank you for this

morning thank you God for your

children how you love us you’ve spoken

to us this morning Lord I’ve transmitted

this message and I believe that You’

spoken to their hearts thank you thank

you thank you Father for this pain thank

you for these

Thorns bless us if you can lift your

hand then I bless your anry your exit my

beloved I bless you when you go to bed

and when you wake up I bless you here

those that are here and those that are

watching the live stream around the

world I bless the month of March for

your life I declare that what you don’t

understand now will make sense tomorrow

or whenever God decides I bless your

being your your physique your emotions

your soul your spirit may the Lord fill

you may he accompany you the Lord tells

me to tell you don’t give in don’t

surrender the ring the the Bell hasn’t

sounded yet don’t get out of the ring

yet continue fighting continue battling

don’t give in because God is not done

with you and he knows that you’re

fighting and he will not let you go God

tells me to tell you I’ve spoiled the

future I have thoughts of

good receive it in the body in the soul

and in the spirit amen and amen glory to


are we going to leave lighter are we

leaving here more blessed we have to go

because we’re connected with the rest of

the world bye bye bye God bless you

until next Sunday firm like a bear claw

may God bless























my here is the