ENGLISH Dante Gebel #860 | The legend of the angel

There are many people who prefer to be one meter away from the well of Bethesda, because they don’t really want to be healed. They find themselves paralyzed and resigned to their reality, whether due to fear of change, shame, or having a victim mentality. They want to change, but they ‘can’t’ do it. But, just as Jesus said to the blind man: “Get up, pick up your mat and walk,” so He wants us to move from passivity to activity. There is no legend of any angel that will heal you. Do you want the miracle? Then get up and move! Enough crying! Go out into the world, life awaits you. Just carefully select your seeds and then sow intentionally.


the joy of the

Lord Europe Asia Africa

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countries the house of God in Guatemala

from my friend cash an enormous greeting

to everyone welcome

don’t stop that Applause the king is in

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go how beautiful Guatemala Honduras

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walin the argentinians the Colombians

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protect you here we are firm like a bear

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Street from River Arena transmitting to

the rest of the continent and to the

rest of the world we greet those that

are connecting just now the views have

never gone down the amount of device is

connecting and so we give thanks deeply

for that before I

transmit to those that are here locally

those that weren’t able to come in and

are out in the lobby and we’ll we’ll

squeeze you in in just a minute and to

those that are at home I want to tell

you before I transmit the message that I

believe God placed in my

heart that we have this project of Honor

this project began during the pandemic

and it’s about helping those elderly

people that don’t have a second chance

they don’t have it not just financially

or or economically but because of the

age that they

have they might think oh well it’s done

it’s over those lives will never change

especially at the at at this at this age

70 80 years old you might say oh well

what they haven’t done up until now they

want accomplish and they think the same

way so when we see these grandparents

and we change their lives we give them a

more honored old age they weren’t

expecting it you can’t imagine the joy

because you might have hope at the age

of 30 40 50 but there’s an age where you

say well what I have I have and what I

don’t have I’ll never have but we were

called to honor it’s a commandment with

a promise honor your mother and your

father so that you may be blessed so

that you may have a long life so that

everything that you begin May

prosper and when he speaks of of mother

and father that’s what he’s talking

about because many of us don’t have our

parents in this life in this world but

we can honor our

parents by honoring other elderly people

and this story is so moving they’re

Costa Rican Pure Life in Costa Rica this

family this they they went through a

fire and I want you to see how moving

the whole story is I want you to see

that grandmother you’re going to fall in

love with her this is the grandma we all

wanted to have

she has such a Vibe this Costa Rican but

really I had a grandmother but she was

she was German she was a little

rough if uh Haley’s comment flew by then

maybe she might smile at you but not her

I so I asked the Lord why didn’t you

give me a grandma like this and the Lord

said well because you’re not Costa Rican

but I want you to see this marvelous

story we are river in Costa Rica and

after this I’ll transmit what I believe

God told me to tell you watch













speee fore
























foree he no








































speee I can’t be in the








that is our seed your

seed that’s our seed your seed what

youve planted and we send a very special

greeting to the foundation that has been

working with us since the

pandemic and they’re always providing

what we needed which is the labor the

workers working the land and building

the home we send the resources but we

wouldn’t be able to do it without them

so thank you to that to that Foundation

that always works closely with us and

this beloved grandma that you want to

have her on your nightstand right and

the last images I don’t know if you saw

but her daughter began to to cry and and

the grandma said no no no she challenged

her she said no no we can’t

cry well she she spoke for about half an

hour and we had to edit the video she

gave a very long testimony but once you

realize the tough life she had you then

realize why she doesn’t allow herself to

cry because she says I’ve cried enough I

have to laugh and enjoy now she even

said that she feels great you know she

has has life her her son-in-law threw

her off the B but she’s still happy so

thank you River for this thank you for

sewing this is

marvelous who doesn’t dream of throwing

your mother-in-law off the balcony and

finally his dream came true well I think

we need a fire to be able to justify it

but this

week I was reading a an interesting

study about why us men can drive for

hours in the wrong

direction obviously get lost and even

then we don’t ask how to get

there studies show this that us men we

don’t like to stop it’s incredibly

difficult for us to stop and ask as if

asking made us lose our manhood or or

part of our manliness meanwhile women

had have no

inconvenience stopping and asking

anywhere for directions

because in in this case women are more

pragmatic than gentlemen women say I

have to get there no matter what and all

studies conclude that men and women will

use different strategies when we

navigate and this is true throughout

history women for example don’t be

offended by this but it’s tougher for

women to interpret or read

maps women when they have to

go somewhere they depend more on

reference points or landmarks they say

okay well to get here I have to I have

to see the shell sign then make a left

and then see the park filled with trees

and then I continue until I find

McDonald’s make a right and then once I

see mother’s Whole Foods or Mother’s

Market I’m about to block away that’s

fine as long as that McDonald’s or that

Shell gas station never goes away

because of not you’ll never get there

but us men we don’t use

landmarks we trust

in a sensation of movement that’s more

primitive we use internal mental vectors

for example to go to the same place us

men say all right I’ll go straight for

about 20 minutes and I’ll make a left

then I’ll go six miles and then from

there has to be three or four more miles

to the

right and then after that I don’t

remember if it’s to the left or to the

right but I’ll I’ll remember and so then

that’s why it takes you three more hours

to get there because you’re super

lost we never register or the the shell

sign or the trees or the

McDonald’s much less did you know that

Mother’s Market even existed we have no

clue obviously like DJ Aila would say we

end up more lost than the devil


right glory to

God to whoever made up GPS thanks to

that system us men can

drive while we do what we like to do

best not


us men can just simply not think it’s a

gift it’s a

talent in that same investigation I read

that us men don’t like to go to our

doctor’s checkup we don’t like to go to

the doctor’s office and when we finally

go because we’re taken there in an

ambulance we tell the doctor that we’re

fine that we’re phenomenal and we hide

the majority of our

symptoms in fact most men don’t like

going to a

checkup but if we do go we want it to be

five minutes because it it it

exasperates us we don’t like opening our

mouth we don’t like having a stethoscope

on our back or taking a deep breath if

possible we don’t want to take off our

shirt we just want to be told that we’re

healthy and we don’t have to come back

next year because everything’s fine

that’s what us men

like a medical checkup will never

be a matter of conversation between two

men you’ll never go to one go to your

your your office and and hear two men

saying oh you can’t imagine the

colonoscopy I just had and then the

prostate exam oh I loved it I think I’m

going to go once a week just in

case but women know women tend to


sharing the test results as I always

say women say oh you can’t imagine the

doctor found s sand in my lungs or

stones in my

gallbladder someone might say oh all we

need now is concrete and we’ll start a

project honor inside but that’s why us

men tend to die sooner and that’s why

women experience more longevity but

here’s the

point it’s that men Us Men We Trust far

too much in ourselves our parents taught

us the majority of us and I hope that

this changes as the generations go by

they taught us to just keep moving

forward keep moving forward don’t cry

don’t don’t complain you have to go you

have to work you shouldn’t suffer and we

can be so

lost for hours or in the middle of a

heart attack or having a stroke but we

don’t like to ask for help it’s

tough but obviously that’s part of the

masculine enchantment not asking for

help I think that that makes up part of

men’s gender in our culture we were made

to believe that we should fix ourselves

we should fix our things not ask for too

much help in

fact one of the preferred verses by most

people is a verse that’s not even in the

Bible God helps the early bird where

where are you going to find that it’s

not there no the Bible says that God

blesses the early bird no it’s not there

nowhere people site it people like using

it they try to live it but it doesn’t

even cross their mind that it’s not in

the Bible it’s made

up so no God doesn’t necessarily help

the early birds but those that just

can’t go on anymore God helps those that

ask for help those that are in the

middle of a crisis those that touch Rock

Bottom those that ask for help those

that say I can’t anymore that’s who God

helps not the early bird you can wake up

early and not ask for God’s help you can

wake up very early be very

hardworking and never solicit God’s

Divine help and so John 5 the Apostle

tells the story of a man who had

suffered for 38 years he had suffered

paralysis the story is very well

known for almost 14,000 days he was

incapable of walking 38 years almost

four decades 14,000 days without being

able to

walk without going where he

wanted without being able to take and

carry the things he needed that’s a long

time of being

helpless almost 40 years had gone by and

this man’s Spirit on top of his legs had


broken and like someone said when

someone’s spirit is broken there are no

prosthetics for that he wasn’t praying

anymore he didn’t Harbor any hope 38

years is a long time for any type of

illness or an anomaly or dis ability and

so the Man spent his days in a public

place lying down in one of the five

covered patios outside the pools of

Bethesda in Jerusalem and day after day

the Bible narrates that he would ask for

money to those that would visit the

wells the pools but there was something

that the man would do well I don’t know

if he did

it I think he did it to make himself

feel good it probably brought hope to

his soul but something kept his hope

alive from time to time not very often

the waters were

agitated it is believed that there was

an intermittent spring that would fill

the pools the internal currents would

agitate the water otherwise the water

would have been stagnant and putrid the

people wouldn’t have been able to be

there just because of the stench so it’s

believed that there was an internal flow

that would change the water’s Direction

but there was also Superstition in resp

respects this and I once shared this

some believed that it was an angel that

agitated the waters and the first person

to jump into the water after the water

was agitated by that supposed Angel

would be the winner of the great prize

they would get

healed and those that were invalid would

drag themselves to the pool in hopes of

getting there first but the real tragedy

is that it wasn’t even true it didn’t

matter if they arrived first or last it

was just false hope based on a


now we can’t blame the Bible either

because the Bible’s just reporting what

the people believed in fact the sick

people weren’t waiting for the angel

nobody had seen an angel they were

waiting for the water to move and so

it’s evident that they didn’t see an

angel they were just focused on seeing

the water move the paralyzed man said it

himself he would later say I’m always

waiting for the waters to move but

someone always beats me to it and and so

we also deduce that the person telling

the story St John the Evangelist he also

never saw the angel but he only is

telling us what was

believed and so I need to make two


clarifications first of all there is no

biblical passage where it is mentioned

that Angels presented themselves before

multitudes to heal that’s not an angel’s

job angels are serving beings

it is never spoken that they have the

power to heal people it would actually

go against God’s character that he would

make the sick compete once a

year and give a certain curing power to


waters and that only one person would be

healed I don’t think God would ever play

that sort of game that’s almost

makavelic where where everyone competes

and only one can be healed that’s not

God’s character and Jesus also

never said anything that would validate

or credit

this what shows us with certainty that

this was a urban myth is

that in the Greek passages I’m talking

about John

54 for an angel went down at a certain

season into the pool and troubled the

water whosoever then first after the

troubling of the water stepped in was

made whole of whatsoever disease he had

that entire verse isn’t part of John’s

initial writings but in the first

writings in Greek it was just a footnote

footnotes in any essay any novel or

work is an aggregate from whoever made

the translation of what they interpret

from the original author it’s it’s a

footnote usually it’s done by the editor

and then later in other versions it was

included or made a part of the original

text so the mention of the Angel is

omitted by the original

transcripts but the Greeks decided to

add it in as extra biblical this isn’t

toru but it’s just to leave it clear

make it clear why the Fable of the Angel

was believed back then nowadays we

believe in other superstitions well

maybe not us I hope but I know there are

people that have believed in bad having

bad luck because they broke a

mirror or if you spill salt you have to

throw it over your

shoulder or if you see a black cat or if

you see a mother-in-law at midnight

these are all signs of bad luck the same

way when you walk under a ladder or

opening an umbrella indoors people say

no don’t open the umbrella indoors my

mom used to say that no don’t open the

umbrella indoors it brings bad luck no I

I think we had bad luck even without

opening the umbrella

or the think that if if the bride throws

her bouquet over her head whoever

catches it will get married but I’ve met

people that collect these bouquet and

are still

single so this is all just a

myth it’s

just it’s

deception something that people just

repeat Proverbs 289

says a hard worker has plenty of

food but a person who chases fantasies

ends up in

poverty a lottery ticket can never give

anyone a sense of of of meaning or

life according to

investigations the most idolatrous

Nations or the ones that are most

superstitious are the ones that are the

most poverty stricken when we see third

world poverty in absolute it’s because

if you look back you’ll find idolatry

Bangladesh Niger Malawi

India and many of our Latin American

countries as

well that have a saint or a

virgin and those those people you’ll

find will be poverty stricken

Superstition brings this


an incredulous person is always it’s

always easier or more simple to speak to

them about Christ because they don’t

know anything but the problem is when

there are false beliefs because you have

to dis or uninstall lies to then install

the truth that’s the problem like when

the Lord said you heard it be said but I

say to you that’s why he was taken to

the cross I always prefer a multitude of

unbeliever or atheists instead of

Christians with false beliefs because

there’s no bullet that can penetrate

they don’t want to believe anything

other than what they already believe and

they’re always looking for things that

will validate what they already believe

and so false

beliefs are what always challenge true

faith and before I get deep into the

topic I think that when you speak about

Superstition we’re not just referring to

black cats sometimes it surprises me to

see the Superstition that exists in our

Christian Panorama and we allow them we

live them

sometimes magic and

religion live very

closely under a a doctrinal prism this

doesn’t need analysis how can magic

coexist with with belief our beliefs

sometimes we think that that only

happens with Brazilians stop suffering

from The Universal Church of God’s

kingdom you watch them on TV and they

use consecrated objects like crosses

Rings roses water oil

bread pillows blankets and all these

products are

fetishes that are attributed

Supernatural powers to bless the

believer and these articles are used to

heal illnesses to find jobs to find love

to abandon addictions so your

mother-in-law moves

away you buy these fetishes and they’re

supposed to work for something in theory

and that

merchandising acts as a placebo effect

Placebo means that I’ll give you a a

pill saying you’ll get better with this

but maybe the pill is just a a a breath

mint but in your mind you say this pill

is magical that’s the placebo effect and

that’s what sometimes happens with these

things it’s a placebo effect for

suffering and the only thing that you

obtain is that you invest your faith in

it nothing happens they empty our

pockets and so

Superstition isn’t just a trend from The

Universal Church in Brazil no many of us

that grew up in a

church have at times swallowed some of

this Superstition for example decree it

confess it repeat it and it will happen

and sometimes some of us are repeating

things like parrots in life so that

things happen or just come up to the

altar make a packed and everything will

change on Monday or seal this word with

a check if you give a check and you seal

this word then you’ll trap the miracle

and God is obligated to give you that

Miracle because you paid money for it

that’s crazy or if you repeat a desire

and I repeat it a lot then God is

obligated to give it to me and I think

that may

work at a Tony Robbins conference but

that shouldn’t work in the kingdom of

God Jesus

said that when they crucify me it won’t

hurt no he said let your will be done

and so sometimes God’s will means that

as we say we may have to go through

seasons of

suffering seasons of processes Seasons

that we may not understand why we’re

going going through what we’re going

through and so we can’t reduce the

kingdom to just a handful of magical

potions and that’s what happens when it

becomes superstitious so going back to


story almost each

City the despair that was present was a

part of this man’s

life and he is believing theoretically

in the Superstition of the legend of the

angel Jesus looks at the paralyzed man

and asks him do you want to be healed

that’s how the Lord’s dialogue

begins you might read in a rush and you

ask well what a question is that a

rhetorical question or is is he is he is

he foolish how can he ask the guy if he

wants to be healed unless Jesus is

hiding something in the question but no

it seems like a question that makes no

sense he tells the paralized man that’s

waiting for the angel to appear and move

the waters he asks him do you want to be

healed I’ve always asked asked myself

why the Lord would articulate this type


question but the longer I’ve spent as a

Christian the longer I’ve been in this

ministry the more I understand Jesus’s

question in this story there are many

people that like to be a meter away from

the pool but in reality they don’t want

to be healed they just like to be real

close to the pool I hope no one here is

like this I hope that all these people

come to the second service that just

like to be a meter from the pool

and you might ask well who wants to be a

meter away from the pool and not be

healed and wait 38 years well I have a

few reasons at least six that I tried to

jot down yesterday as I wrote this

sermon the Lord showed me six

reasons and I corroborated them because

I’ve seen them at some point in my life

the first

reason as to why someone might prefer to

not be healed and that’s why the Lord

asks the question it may be the fear of


this man had been sick a long long time

almost 40

years and so this was really the only

life he knew he had learned to survive

by being a beggar it wasn’t the best but

at least he never had to learn a job he

never had to go to school he never had

to break his back working his

little his little mat was his home his

community was the were the pools the

people around them and I say and don’t

tell me

no but it’s astonishing what people can

get used

to I’ve gotten to know many people that

have gotten used to their limitations

and they always prefer that instead of

facing change which demands effort

someone said sometimes resignation is

sweeter than

disillusion before you do something and

become disappointed you resign and you

say fine I’ll never have

it resignation is sometimes much better


disappointment when it comes to making a

decision I remember that when I was

younger when I was a little

boy I remember waking up with the

fever oh stop that whoa i’ I’d love to

see you get to this age looking like me

at least I have

hair when I was little I remember it

didn’t always happen but the best thing

that could happen to me was to wake up

one morning with the cold because it’s

the only thing that mothers respected oh

you have a fever my mom knew just by

placing her lips on my forehead my

mother never used a thermometer she had

sensors in her lips and my mom would say

hm it’s either a fever or you have a

math test she knew right

away but if I woke up with a fever and I

was boiling if I had nightmares all

night I celebrated because it meant that

all my family members would be taking

care of me for at least three or 4 days

once a year I could miss school they

would bring breakfast to my to my bed

they would buy me

magazines and if God was good enough

they might even take the

TV to my bedroom I felt like an Arab

Chic mom I want juice mom can I have an

apple mom bring me my Legos mom I want


pee I felt like na everyone ran after I


orders and my mom would come jumping

like the gang members and she would

bring me my

juice some didn’t understand the joke

it’s an inside joke who

cares and my mom promised

me take this soup drink this soup and

you’ll see that in a few days you’re

going to feel much better but to me that

wasn’t good

news I wasn’t in a rush to be healed I

wasn’t trying to be healed soon because

this this was the life ladies and

gentlemen this was the life mom and

everyone would

run my brother would come bother me and

I would say Mom J’s bothering me and

finally my parents would defend me if I

had that fever I loved that fever and so

that’s why I understand Jesus’s question

to that man do you want to be healed

because for the paralyzed man to be

healed me first of all find a

job use your legs that would now be


and as it tends to happen with all of


blessings these blessings come with the

burden of

responsibility in managing these

blessings I always say that we’re not

all ready to be blessed even though it

might appear so and some might say well

who isn’t ready to receive a million


inheritance you might say oh I don’t

need to prepare for that I I’ll pay my

debt and then I’ll I’ll enjoy it no not

everyone’s ready people get lost because

a lot of people aren’t ready to manage a

net full of fish God knows us and he

knows which one of us can have more

which one of us can have less because

many change their priorities immediately

God stops being the

priority to be just another note in a in

a great musical Masterpiece because now

we have money now we have papers now we

have a car now we have a home or

whatever whatever makes us lose our

head so with God’s

blessings also comes a respon

responsibility to manage them I once met

someone that

said or I once met someone that asked me

to pray for them so that they could find

a job I said I’ll pray for you because I

saw that they were going from job to job

and then they said no no no don’t pray

because I want the government to sustain

me I want to get money from the

government they said no no no no I don’t

want to miss out on that check from the

government I couldn’t believe it he said

don’t pray this was an honest man that

if he got a job he would give it back

back because he was

honest if he found a job he would give

it back right away and though you might

not believe it someone else once said to

me I said hey let’s pray so that once

and for all you can stop being

illegal you’ve been in this country for

years as an illegal and they said no no

no no I would die that means I would

have to pay taxes well well yeah no it’s

better like this I don’t pay anything

but there are people that like to live

this way it’s crazy you might say well

no anybody would want papers no no there

are illegal people that like to live

that way they got used to it they

realized that they have a lot of

benefits and so they’re not willing to

give that up that’s the fear of change

here let me tell you

something medical studies I once said

this they identify only

four behavioral problems that cause 80%

of all the issues we have in our health

only four

problems eating or drinking too much too

much stress and not enough exercise

eating too much drinking too much having

too much stress and not enough exercise

these are the four

things that the majority of illnesses

are caused by so with just a few minor

changes we could resolve almost all of

our most important health problems but

we don’t want to

change almost three million people that

go through bypass surgery it’s the

revasc uh coronary revascularization

even though the angioplasty calms the

symptoms caused

by by these uh clogged vessels it’s a

temporary fix because if there’s no

change in the patient’s diet and if

there’s no routine of exercise then the

effects of the angioplasty of opening up

the arteries with a

stand or of adding an extra artery the

way bypass does in a in a sort of way

all these benefits don’t last long and

this is said to the patient hey look we

saved your life but now you have to

exercise you have to walk you have

to stay away from carbs gluten you have

to allow your blood to

flow in a rapid free way but

investigations say that two years after

a coronary bypass

98% of patients don’t change their

Lifestyles they go back to eating the

way they did before they drink the way

they did before now they feel fine and

they don’t exercise so they want to live

but not enough to have to

change so nine out of 10 people prefer

to die instead of changing and I asked

why is change so difficult for us why

are we so hard-headed that’s why I

understand the Lord’s question right

away do you want to be healed because

maybe the guy might say no no no no no

hold on hold on I’m fine Jesus no go go

go heal someone else I’m

fine he sounded mexic just by chance he

could have been

Argentinian hey come on man don’t heal

me when you preach you can give whatever

example you want but I’m preaching today

well the second

reason as to why maybe he didn’t want to

be healed is denial of the reality maybe

it wasn’t fear of change but it was

denial of reality time had done its its

job but also the environment had had

done its part too each and every day the

man was surrounded by people that

suffered everyone was

complaining his world was underneath

that covered patio this man didn’t see

many healthy people he didn’t see many


people so he was sick with other sick

people and I think maybe that had become

his new

normal there’s a

documentary about a 34 yearold woman who


operated to remove a tumor of 150 kilos

the tumor was twice the weight of

whatever she weighed it’s available

online obviously but the tumor weighed

twice as much as she did and as they

filmed the surgery they asked themselves

the experts asked why this woman had

waited so long for the tumor to reach

that size because it didn’t grow

suddenly and the woman was saying that

she didn’t look for help because she

thought that the tumor would disappear

at one point or


a classic case of denying

reality and sometimes we reason like

this woman that credit card debt

continues to grow but we continue

spending we believe that at one point

it’ll pay itself off on its

own and the tumor each day gets bigger


bigger we assume that our adolescent son

is going to change his behavior but if

he continues hanging out with those bad

friends if he comes home smelling like

alcohol or cigarettes or drugs he

doesn’t want to come to church anymore

each day he’s worse then that tumor

continues growing but we think that by

God’s grace it’ll straighten itself out

ah it’ll straighten

out or maybe we’re stuck in a hidden sin

and we always assume well I can leave it

whenever I want but the tumor continues

to grow and grow that’s denial of

reality because we don’t do anything

with the debt we don’t cut those cards

we don’t do anything to straighten out

our son’s life

much less do we do anything to set our

ourselves free from the chains that bind

us in in intimacy but we say he the

tumor’s going away soon but the tumor

doesn’t go away so I assume that this

man on top of not wanting to change he

was also denying his reality the third

reason as to why Jesus asked this man

this question and maybe this man didn’t

want to be healed is maybe due to shame

because asking for help means that we

have to be humble to ask for help you

have to be humble that’s why said at the

beginning of the message that us


struggle with getting out of the car and

asking for help because we think that

we’re going to lose our pride or our

manliness but asking for help is

presenting our problems to the light

whether it’s a a pastor or a counselor

or God himself and sometimes we don’t

ask for help because we don’t want a

doctor to intervene and tell us what to

eat I’ve heard men say oh now at this

age they’re only going to tell me what I

have to eat and what I can’t eat they’re

going to take away my salt

the doctor says if I don’t take away

your salt you’re going to die ah well my

grandpa ate salt his whole life and and

there he was well he died yeah but not

because of Sal but because of old age or

we don’t want a counselor to get

involved in our

matters or we don’t want someone to know

that we have problems with our

daughter and if we talk to the pastor or

if we talk to a counselor somebody might

open their mouth and and it could the

gossip could spread and so the woman in

the docu in the documentary was ashamed

by the size of the

tumor and once she finally asked for

help she knew that there would be

doctors that would see it as a phenomena

from a museum that’s why they made a

documentary there would be questions you

wouldn’t be able to hide it anymore so I

insist we live under the tyranny of

other people’s opinions Pride Demands a

terrible price and you might say well to

ask for help you have to be humble yeah

but Pride it is a higher

cost a few years

ago mothers came up to me when I would

visit congregations mothers mothers

would come up to me and say I want you

to pray for my son because he’s

rebellious and the son would look at me

as if to say if you put your hand on my

head I’ll return it three-fold her

mothers would say oh pray for him

because he’s he’s demonized or can you

call my husband on the phone he needs

help and I used to say these types of

prayers for the for their children

or sometimes I would even call the

husbands but I’ve

learned to not do this

anymore because it’s counterproductive

offering help to people that aren’t

asking for it people that don’t ask for

help going to help them is trying to be

better than God and those that try to

play as a redeemer end up

crucified so if you want to

do if you want to help someone that’s

not asking for help you get into

problems it’s counterproductive because

nothing nothing is going going to

change until these people reach the end

of themselves where there’s no

longer they no longer have

pride and they finally pick up the phone

and ask for help or come to you and ask


help unless they’re demon possessed and

they don’t know who they are then it’s

no good to put your hand on them and

pray for them so God can bless them no

it doesn’t work that way it’s not about

blessing a president so the president

does well oh come and put your hand on

the president no if the president is a

corrupt politician there is no prayer

that can change him the president or the

Prime Minister has to say I want you to

pray for me so that I can have a good

term it’s not oh pray for him so he

changes no that doesn’t happen God

respects our Free

Will so until this person doesn’t want

to be healed or free there’s nothing you

can do for them not even Jesus healed

people by force he always asked do you

want to be

healed or what do you want me to do what

do you want me to do for you he asked

the leper what do you what do you think

he wants what do I know do you want to

be healed he asked the blind man and you

might ask why would he ask these types

of questions that were almost offensive

maybe the blind man didn’t want his

sight back maybe he wanted a new cane

there are people that want that they

want more help from from the government

I want to be taken care of I want more

social plans they don’t want the

responsibility of having to go out and

work no if I go out and work on my own

then I I I did my calculations and I I

make less money than I am

now maybe these mathematical

calculations make sense but they’re

violating all the laws of working hard

and putting in the effort to make a

living and earning your

food their children will say oh my dad

was maintained by the state his whole

life there are people that choose this

white cane they love it they love these

crutches that’s why the Lord would would

ask these questions because he

respected the

structure the each person’s emotion

structure the fourth reason as to why

this man maybe didn’t want to be healed

is because maybe he had a victim’s

mentality a way to know if you have a


mentality a way you can

stop feeling self-pity is when a

man like me or when the way to realize

if you have self-pity is if I tell you

you have a victim’s mentality and you

say NOP that’s not me it’s because you

do have a victim’s

mentality the people that feel

self-pity and they have a victim’s

mentality rarely are they aware that

they have a victim’s mentality it’s not

that they say oh yeah I always have a

victim mentality if they don’t recognize

it it’s because they ignore it they’re

blind to

it people that feel self-pity always

underpin that conduct that’s always

through good intentions as well they

underpin that self-pity and they try and

hide it

with the most used tools in emotions

empathy and

pity oh yeah oh yeah I have all these

these health problems oh oh I don’t know

I just wanted to tell you so you could

pray for me but it’s just

pity so people with victims mentality

tend to complain all the time about

everything everything about

everyone they Center themselves on

everything that’s wrong and they ignore

what’s right they’re never grateful

that’s why I said this isn’t for you

these are for the people in the second

service and those that are watching but

they’re always complaining never find a

reason to be grateful and they can write

exhaustive lists about how

unfair how unfairly they’ve been treated

and that they’ve always been dealt the

worst hand and don’t look at me with

that face because us Hispanics are

specialists in complaining culture I’m

going to talk about my country you get

on get in an Argentinian taxi and the

guy the

driver can complain about everything

never tell an Argentinian Taxi Driver

never ask him hey how are you doing

how’s the country

doing oh how do you think we’re

doing you know what this is a this is a

uh government of 12 men that control the

whole country this is coming from from

the very top because the the

EU is together with the UN and the

Pentagon tells him everything directly

but now something worse is coming they

say that there’s going to be a new virus

they said covid was just Child’s Play

compared to what is to come everyone’s

going to die they want to reduce the

population in half they want to kill

half of argentinians I found out because

I heard from a friend of a friend of a

friend of a friend that works at the

Pentagon and he was telling me and you

say wow it’s


I don’t know if it happens in Mexico and

in El Salvador maybe you’re always in a

better mood like the grandma in Costa

Rica saying Pure Life but where I come

from and so people with a victim’s

mentality always tend to blame

others they can never self evaluate

themselves because they deny assuming


responsibility of their own lives oh

poor guy his family left him his wife

left him poor guy the pastor doesn’t

never talk to him everything has to do

with the

outside this is very easy to know

amongst Christians it’s always either

the devil’s fault or God’s fault oh the

devil is against

me every morning the every morning the

devil gets up and says I’m going to go

and bother Miss Rosa

today do you really think think that

he’s he has it out for

you or it’s the wife’s fault or the

government’s fault or the pastor’s fault

look the majority of couples that look

for counseling the majority of

time they share what their spouse is

doing wrong and counselors

know that rule number one is no no no no

if your spouse isn’t here don’t speak

about them speak about me no no no but I

want to tell you what they do no no no

you don’t come


to share all this yeah you’re here for

counseling we have to see what’s wrong

with you but it’s always Mother Teresa

married to O to an

ogre or the enchanted prince married to

carella DeVille as well

right I don’t know all I do is

work I’ve always given her everything

seems like the blonde Prince from Shrek

you feel like killing him so he doesn’t

waste any more

oxygen and then after

that mentality of self-pity the next

step is inherent it’s natural it’s

pessimism oh well I I work hard

but I I work out hard but the scale

always shows the same number or girl say

oh I’ve been on so many dates but I

always find the worst men or I work so

hard but my my boss is so

stingy and I asked really there aren’t

any reasons to give thanks but no my

like my mom said they were born to just

suffer with that victim’s

mentality my mother loved saying I was

born to

suffer I was born to suffer she loved

suffering she would have loved to have

been born in Kolkata she was born in

Bueno sidtis but she would have loved

suffering it’s like those that are


because on the way out of the service

there’s a line of

cars I’ve seen

people I’ve seen people I rate almost

running over the welcome team

kids you’re a part of the 5% of the

population that has a

car and life is way too unfair just

because you have to wait 5 minutes to

get out of a parking structure right

that’s where God says okay then you’re

going to be on foot that way you don’t

suffer that’s what happens when you feel

pity o over yourself and you can’t see

the reasons as to why you should be

grateful well having a car implies that

yes you might have to put up with some

traffic jams from time to time but it

would be worse to have to wait for that

bus or that public transport that comes

by every hour and a

half nobody lives in 100% happiness

everyone has responsibilities to manage

everyone if you want a blessing then you

have to work for

it and then responsibility comes and

then there are even the burdens that

that blessing brings when the Bible

speaks about the

oil that has poured over Aaron and go

runs through his hair and his beard and

his feet it speaks about the burden of

the anointing it means that when the

priest was anointed in the Old Testament

he had to spend an entire day and night

with that

oil and beneath the heat of the desert

the oil begins to literally fry you oil

is nice when it’s just a drop but when

you’re bathed in oil the way the priests

would do you had to keep that oil on you

for 24 hours and then that oil generates

the opposite effect during the

night it’s refractory it means it brings

cold so then you would have to put in

put up with the cold of the anointing so

you want the anointing but not the

burdens you want the blessing but not

the burdens of the blessing that

victim’s mentality isn’t prepared those

that have the tendency of having

self-pity they’re not prepared to to

receive a healing and as God knows us he

asks us are you sure you want it because

no more complaining no more complaining

no more living always looking at the

negative the little blacko on the white

sheet we have hundreds of reasons to be

grateful and let’s not even talk about

those of us that live in this marvelous

country you’re watching us from all over

the world right now in worse conditions

than we’re living in insecurity hunger

running water drinkable

water whether we’re doing well or not

here if we’re borrowing renting if we

have our own home we have to be grateful

because we’re a part of that small

percentage of the world population that

was blessed enough to eat

today fifth

reason fifth reason as why maybe this

man didn’t want to be healed is the

mentality of I can’t Jesus formulated a

simple question and he’s asking for a

yes or a no do you want to be healed

this Demands a simple answer either yes

or no it’s a simple question with a

simple answer a pragmatic question with

the with a direct answer and the man’s

answer was not yes or no he said Lord I

don’t have anyone to carry me to the to

the pool while the waters are agitated

and while I tried to do it myself others

beat me to it and that

summarizes the wasted excuse I can’t

it’s to say I have every intention to be

healed but I just can’t but that’s not

what he was asked psychologist sayain

that when someone says oh I can’t get

along with my wife they make him

change his words to this I don’t want to

be okay with my wife or it doesn’t

interest me he can’t say I can’t it’s

just that he doesn’t want to when

someone says oh I can’t control my

spending no you have to change your

words it’s you don’t want to control


spending because it’s

not spending and marriage and kids that

are just beyond us and we’re passively

watching the movie of Our Lives no



that not until we understand our

responsibility as soon as we realize our


then it won’t be our fault the it will

always be Biden’s fault or M’s fault in

Argentina or amlo in

Mexico oh it’s it’s because they don’t

pay me enough or because of the interest

on the credit card I have nothing to do

I can’t control my

spending no it’s not how it is one of

the things that life has taught me is

that intention alone isn’t enough you

have to say I don’t want to I’d like to

live this this way no how can I like to

live this way no yeah because if I’m

saying I don’t I can’t it’s because it’s

something external I can’t get along

with my

children so then the power is in your


hands so you’re saying that child

decides whether there’s peace in the

household or not I can’t get along with

my adolescent child no it’s not that you

can it’s that you don’t want

to life requires

intentionality I was reading an article

that spoke about the

popularity of people that

use sportsware but they don’t

exercise it grew it’s a tendency of

sports Leisure clothing Sports

Leisure it’s an industry worth more than

a hundred billion dollars someone

discovered it it’s it’s it’s

the the idea of combining Sports and

Leisure how can that be well no there

are millions of people that would love

to use athletic

clothing pants for the gym but they

never go to the gym they never play

sports but they wake up in the morning

they say

ah and then they go back inside to their

room and that’s

it that style that fashion was made

popular because even if we don’t

practice sports we have the right

intentions and we’re dressed for the

occasion we feel that we’re a athletes

even if we’re just wearing the clothes

we go to the market with our joggers on

we say hey what’s

up we’ve never exercised in our lives

but we look like we’re athletes we feel

like oh now you know every morning I

every morning whether it rains or or

snows I dress in my sports

clothes we can have good intentions and

want to fix things with a friend that

that hurt us but not until we have that

conversation with our friend we haven’t

done anything people say oh well I’ve

always had the intention of getting


and you’re saying that you can’t get

along well if you want to get along well

then you try to fix

things we can have the intention of

wanting to lose weight who doesn’t want

to lose weight and feel

healthy but our

intentions don’t make that 3 by two from

in and out that we just

ate even if we say oh uh Diet Coke

please really Diet Coke but you’re

eating the whole cow in that

burger so we can have every intention of

in of connecting with God but if we’re

not willing to disconnect from Netflix

and social media then these good

intentions Aren’t

Enough there’s a psychological term that

exists that gives a name to this

phenomenon and it’s the gap between

intention and action many people live

there they have the good intention but

they never take it to action that’s why

the Lord asked do you want to be healed

this Gap gives us the idea that we live

our lives in that gap between intention

and action I want to but I don’t do it

it’s not a lack of honesty huh we all

have true and Noble

intentions we imagine the life that we

think we should live but life ends up

being constructed by the small

spontaneous decisions that we make each

day each small action after small action

after small action we all dream of

waking up two hours early and

exercising and eating healthy once and

for all no more fried foods no more

carbs we all dream with that in fact we

say oh this documentary on Netflix was

so good it talks about having a healthy

diet you know what I’m going to put it

on my list to watch later one


right now I’m going to watch grela with


varara so that’s the

Gap right so the most difficult part is

that daily Focus daily Focus I once

said we all want to accomplish God’s

will so that one day we can go to the

Nations and preach but we don’t want to

fulfill God’s will today by congregating

by being faithful with our offerings

today so in life you harvest what you

seow what you plant I’ve learned

that with with my age like all of you

now imagine a farmer that goes into a

seed shop fills his his cart with seeds

randomly and grabs he doesn’t even look

at what’s in the bag because he’s

distracted on the

phone when he finally has to reap that

Harvest he’ll see what he selected so

the point is in life let’s select

carefully and let’s sew into

intentionally let’s select carefully I

want this I want this I want this in my

life and then let’s plant it

intentionally because I want to harvest

this and to harvest this I have to plant

this Harvest don’t just come because God

gives them to you because since God is

good oh well he’s going to give me honor

in my old age even though I never

honored my

parents no it’s not going to

happen I never work hard but suddenly I

want God to bless me with a big church

that grows but I spend my life sleeping

until 11:00 a.m. every morning and all I

do is come preach here on Sundays then

no I’m not going to

harvest anything that I haven’t planted

now I’m not saying that everything

depends exclusively on us but there’s a

natural law of planting and harvesting

if you don’t plant you don’t Harvest if

you don’t study if you don’t prepare

yourself then you can’t pretend that

you’re going to be a CEO at a

company you don’t read a book your whole

life you can’t

pretend that you’ll be hired because you

say that you’re smart no if you don’t

prepare yourself

continually if you don’t work don’t then

you don’t eat you have to pick your

seeds carefully specifically and then

plant them

intentionally and this is the last

reason as to why maybe this man didn’t

want to be healed maybe he was unaware

of his habits because

habits this is almost goes hand in hand

with the last Point

habits are those deep

grooves that we etch when we repeat our

habits and repeated habits produce a

pattern and then we remain stuck in that

pattern this phenomenon is


automaticity these are things that I can

do by muscle memory for example things

that don’t require much concentration

driving a car the majority of us can

drive a car and listen to music or we

can speak with others especially if we

have GPS you can brush your teeth and

walk you don’t have to think let me put

one foot in front of the other and then

again and again unless you have motor

skill issues if not we do it by muscle

memory these are the most difficult

habits to change and God never chooses

the same Groove that was already created


us he always creates a completely new

path he doesn’t allow us to have

spiritual muscle memory that’s why I

always say let’s never allow the sacred

to become common because that’s a a

spiritual muscle memory oh well today we

have to uh do Holy Communion today I

have to worship I have to stand up sit

down now sometimes they write to me on

social media my dream is to be at River

Areno at least once in my life to live

the experience because I live far away

and they say but I can’t believe that

sometimes you guys Focus the cameras on

people that are yawning or sleeping

during the

sermon of course the director tries to

not focus on these people but sometimes

they’re focusing on one person and the

person next to them

is you don’t know if you should throw a

peanut in their

mouth or if you’re just imagining when

the yawn will end and even though

falling asleep during one of my sermons

is a mortal unforgivable sin I call

that the syndrome of familiarity

too much familiarity always produces


always Jose Rodriguez the Puma once said

it to me he said brother familiarity

produces contempt as soon as people can

start to touch you and and just have you

like anyone else they lose respect for

you it doesn’t matter what you say what

you preach what you sing because you’re

just Juanito or Danto or


familiarity makes us lose our


it’s like when a mother or a father says

well generally a

mother in the majority of cases mothers

spend more time with their children but

mothers will say I don’t know my my

children don’t value me they don’t see

what I do I clean I wash the clothes I

wash dishes I make their beds they don’t

give thanks well because you’re so

present you’ve become invisible so when

you’re very very present and very

familiar you become invisible people

take for

granted that you know what mom’s there

that the toilet paper gets replaced on

its own that the food is made on its own

that my underwear goes back to its

drawer clean on its own and sometimes

dad is valued more because he’s not

there but because Dad’s not there oh dad

just came but I’ve been here all day

working too much familiarity produces

contempt and so it’s very simple very

easy to confuse comfort and familiarity

with what we should truly be doing

so I know there are people that are

dying to be here at River to live and

praise here but then there are others

that come here and yawn and they’re

bored that’s fine that’s what each

person wants that’s familiarity oh I

already know it that’s how we are even

when we go to a theme park there are

people around the world that say I would

die if I ever just walk down the

sidewalk at Disney but there are people

here that maybe we went we got tired and

we said no there’s no way I’m ever going

back not even with a free ticket

well too much familiarity produces

contempt I’m from a generation that saw

the world of Disney on a black and white

TV and I said if I can ever step foot on

Disney I would

die and not too much time went

by where I finally took visitors to

Disney and while they were enjoying it I

was on my phone working because I was

tired of the same Pirates the same

rat those are the grooves of familiarity

of habits

maybe in your childhood you would see

your mother react to any situation and

her way of dealing with stress and

conflict was by shouting with physical

violence and you swore you would never

be that way you felt contempt over what

she did but without wanting now you

react the same way and despite having

hated that your whole life your mind

looked for a pattern that was familiar

or maybe you grew up with a passive

father who was pusillanimous and timid

and when things got difficult at home

your father would disappear emotionally

he was there but he really wasn’t there

he would lie on the couch watch TV and

you don’t bother dad and when you got

married and you started your family you

said I’m going to be different I’m going

to connect I’m going to become involved

with my children and then you realize

that you’ve become your father you’re

trapped in the gap between action and

intention if you’ve ever been overweight

you know how difficult it is to break up

those patterns you try to change your

diet but your body is addicted to Sugar

so you try to exercise and your body

defers because your body enjoys the lack


effort so after being on a diet and

exercising for three or four days the

old patterns begin to

recover that

lost land what used to feel anti-natural

now begins to feel natural you no longer

put on that Sports clo to just go out on

a trip no now you go to the gym with it

that’s the victory when your old

patterns start to become new

patterns Navy Admiral William MC

robobin gave a commencement speech at

the University of Texas in

2015 and his words became viral he said

gentlemen ladies and gentlemen if you

want to change the world start by making

your bed every

morning and he explained that it’s

Marine training every day their first

job job is to make their beds and it’s

inspected he said it seems like an

insignificant act but its effects expand

throughout the rest of the day starting

the first moment of the day by doing

fulfilling a task gives you dignity and

respect even before you leave your

bedroom if you can make your bed in the

morning then you’ve completed the first

task of the day this will give you a

small sense of of Pride and it’ll push

you to fulfill another task and at the

end of the end of the day this task that

was completed will turn into many tasks

that were

completed don’t undermine small tasks

because the Lord rejoices when a job

begins so going back to the

story going back to the

storyline Jesus doesn’t need to help the

guy to get closer to the pool he is the

living water that comes to the man and

in that same place for the first time in

38 years the man stands on his own leg

eggs and the Lord tells them get up pick

up your mat pick up your bed and go work

go three verbs in one sentence three

verbs three verbs of action get up pick

up your cat your your your mat and go

work let’s not be confused Jesus is the

one who heals we have no participation

in that Miracle but he always gives us

something to obey we always have to

manage that

responsibility going from passiveness to

action get up make your bed because life

awaits you even just make your bed open

up your curtains go out and

live so fear of

change the denial of reality

shame a victim’s

mentality the mentality of I can’t or

not being aware of the habit I don’t

know none of this will help us in the

miracle of walking and as it happens

with all of God’s blessings it comes

with the burden of

responsibility so if you’re praying for

a new

job then you should be out there looking

for that job it’s not just about oh I

sent job applications online now I have


wait here’s advice that you’re not

asking for we try to do it the

oldfashioned way let them see your

face that never

fails never ask how much you’re going to

earn when you’ll get vacation how many

days you get how long your lunch is

say tell them what you can give the

company never talk about your needs the

manager doesn’t care about our needs I

need a job because I have to pay rent I

have four kids what do I

care I didn’t help you make those kids

nor did I tell you to move there you

have to say here’s what I’m going to

contribute to this

company your bills never move your

manager’s heart if you’re

stuck in your bills and debts don’t

expect God to

erase all those debts

or that a millionaire will come and pay

for your debts you might have to change

your budget talk about the talk to your

family about these budget changes until

the situation gets better this honors

God it’s not

misery it’s honor you know what we can’t

buy this that and the other we can’t

afford Netflix or internet right

now you have to stand on one stone on

one leg like a crane like a flamingo

until the waters come

down if the crisis with your children

is tough then don’t pray for them while

they sleep you have to spend more time

with them reaffirm their gifts Shepherd

their hearts if you want a good wife and

you’re single then you’re going to have

to get away from those loser friends

that you’ve been with for so long not

you but the people

watching you’re a girl isn’t amongst


losers get more involved in church be a

man of God stop praying for God to make

you thinner while you

sleep God tells you and he’s telling me

to tell you close your

mouth and don’t make don’t make each

meal the Last Supper go exercise go out

and run beloved colleague beloved friend

Pastor if you want your congregation to

grow try to not take three vacations a

year be an example of

commitment so praying to God for your


doesn’t make you exempt from being a

good partner praying for your family

doesn’t make you exempt from being a

good father or mother praying for your

parents doesn’t make you exempt from

honoring them praying for your finances

doesn’t make you exempt from being

generous praying to God and declaring

that his calling is upon you doesn’t

mean you can avoid the principle of

honoring and being

subject praying so that your dead

disappears doesn’t mean that you’ll

never owe anyone anything praying to God

for a good harvest doesn’t free you from

the responsibility of planting first

select carefully and plant those seeds

intentionally there’s no Legend Of An

Angel that is going to heal us there’s

no Superstition or or prophetic

declaration or decrees or sealing the

word or writing a check so that God is

obligated no this is foolishness these

are all

scams this never changed anyone’s life

so I ask you the same question question

that the Lord asked the man do you want

to be free do you want to be healed do

you really want to change do you want

the miracle that you’ve been waiting for

for so many years well then get up move

make your bed stop crying go out to the

streets because life is waiting for

you we’re going to celebrate to the Lord

that’s how you applaud people

hallelujah give a grand Applause to the

Lord and say this is the Lord that is

speaking to our lives today blessed be



hallelujah put on your big boy pants go

out and work put in that effort do you

believe it we’re going to

pray we’re going to take a few moments

to pray and then we’ll

leave and we’ll put up with that

beautiful traffic jam with the smile in

that parking structure we’re going to

cry out and pray to the Lord Lift Your

Hands to Heaven and pray with me father

thank you thank you for for this morning

thank you for those that listen online

those that are on the other side here or

out in the lobby all over the world Lord

I’ve transmitted what I believe you told

me to tell these people your

army your Frontline workers your

children Lord thank you thank you for

this time thank you for the these words

thank you for this anointing lift up

your hands to

Heaven those that are receiving the Lord

for the first time I never guide you

necessarily in a prayer but I tell you

your heart will tell you how to pray say

something like Father forgive my life’s

sins write my name in the book of

life and to all of us that are already

saved that have been saved for some time

lift up your hand and say Lord I

determine an intentional life I

determine that from this

day in February Everything Will Change

in my life in my things in my family

with my partner with my my children in

my job I declare Lord that I will live

an intentional

life Lord I will ask for help save me

the Lord is asking this morning do you

want to be healed do you truly want to

be free let up your hands and say Lord

yes I want to be healed don’t talk about

angels or about the legend or excuses

say Lord I want it I need it Lord I need

to be free I need to be prosperous I

need to put in the effort I’ll do it I

will assume the

responsibilities Lord thank you for this

time we pray we cry out those that have

the baptism of the spirit intercede as

the spirit gives you utterance cry out

to God and say Lord my

mind crosses that gap of intentionality

to action and I take what I have to take

father we’re going to make the beds of

Our Lives we’re going to make our beds

we’re going to start our days with tasks

or tours that will start a domino effect

of blessings I believe it I confess it

that the best days are ahead of us the

best days are ahead of us father bless

those that are here bless those that

will come later bless those that are in

their homes and I bless them Father I

let out upon them that glorious

blessing that Holy Spirit

that cries out that fills us that moves

us father I’ve spoken to their intellect

but you have spoken to their heart to

the depths of their being we believe it

we declare it lift up your hands and say

Lord I am blessed healed

prosperous in all things in the body in

the soul and in the spirit amen and amen

glory to the

Lord we went over over the time but be

blessed be prosperous people go and make

your bed go work go up and go until next

time bye people on the other side I’ll

see you next























here is