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When Jesus first expressed the command “Love your enemies”, he added this explanation: “that you may be children of your Father in heaven, who makes his sun rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unjust”. Our Master has forgiven us an incalculable debt, but he also granted us a terrible responsibility: in some way, divine forgiveness depends on us, because only if we forgive those who offend us, the Father will forgive our offenses. A message that will help us be free from the prison of hatred and resentment.


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I’ll share what I believe God placed in

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we’ll head out to

Ecuador we’re going to have three

presentations one in guil the first one

on Tuesday and then Wednesday and

Thursday in Kito Ecuador we’ll be there

for three days on this tour called

Presidente it was doubtful if the the

dates would continue because Ecuador is

going through a very complex situation

we have many ecuadorians here that are

praying for their

country and we were saying we don’t know

if it’ll happen permits to have these

these gatherings were we received them

just yesterday just yesterday we

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Gatherings because after a certain

time they’re in

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ecuadorians I’ll see you soon

however as soon as we found about found

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in in Ecuador we joined a church named

Ark and we visited Ecuador we visited

six neighborhoods in in in Ecuador I say

we visited even though we didn’t

go physically we sent the resources but

they put in all the effort in the city

of Porto Vio hundreds of families

benefited from this activity

so today is the ideal day to show this


tomorrow a part of our team will be

headed out

there for the conference but here’s what

happened in our beloved Ecuador we won’t

stop praying for Ecuador we bless them

we sustain them we have many ecuadorians

here and we pray for all of our friends


Ecuador that I don’t want to say they’re

suffering but they’re going through a

crisis and a crisis always brings

something good so this is what happened

with our emergency plan in Ecuador here

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rer we send a very special greeting to

the ecuadorians an enormous


obviously they’re not

afraid if not we wouldn’t have the

conferences that we’re going to have

this week they continue working they

continue going out despite the

testimonies we heard of people not being

able to leave their homes but others

have to continue because in our

countries sometimes you get used to the

lack of safety unfortunately right you

have a sort of anesthesia of living in a

condition that you never should live

in so we pray so that Ecuador can rise

up again and be that marvelous country

that we know that country that always

opened its doors to

me if I don’t come back this week it’s

because Ecuador took me as as one of its

own they received me very well are we

ready yes or no very

well some time ago I told you the

story of an event that happened on

Friday January 1st

1982 and it deserves that we remember it

because it has to do with the message

that I believe God plac in my heart

today after the New Year celebration a

certain Kevin tunnel a 17-year-old boy

left a party drunk he went out into the

streets very drunk and he crashed into

another car and ended up instantly

killing Susan Hof who was 18 years

old the force of the impact of the crash

fractured the girl’s Cranium and it

snapped her neck in half

immediately and after being pronounced

guilty he was condemned to three years

of parole as well as community service

because he was a

minor and Susan’s parents didn’t feel

that it was enough of a punishment

enough of a Penance so they they brought

a lawsuit against him this time in a

civil court for emotional anguish and

they won a sentence of $1.5

million an amount that the boy’s family

couldn’t pay couldn’t assume they didn’t

have it but in an unexpected way Susan’s

parents renegotiated and they offered to

settle with just

$936 $936 It came it went from $1.5

million down to

936 with one condition that Kevin must

send a

check for $1 in the name of Susan once a

week for the next 18 years one check for


year that Susan was alive

obviously the judge

agreed and so the restitution continued

on until the year 2000 from 1982 to 2000

and Kevin offered the family more than

once to cover all the

debts or even pay Beyond

2,000 he wanted to give the checks all

at once but they denied it they said

we’re not looking for the money if we

were we would have accepted the million

and a half that we won what we’re

looking for is penants

and so the mother told the judge we want

to receive a check every single Friday

or we’re going to sue him for

non-compliance we want a $1 check every

Friday we want him to remember what he

did every Friday we want him to feel our

same pain as that we’re feeling as a

family and every time we receive a check

from Kevin only one thing will come to

mind he can’t forget it either he

shouldn’t forget and the Press titled

the sing case as Kevin tunnel’s personal

Purgatory because nobody questioned the

family’s pain but I asked

myself if those $936 were enough I

mean when they received the final

payment did they feel peace did the pain

end in August of 2000 when they received

the last check the last Friday they were

going to receive a dollar were 18 years

of restitution enough

were the 216 months of

remorse enough and what if it were our

daughter that was killed in a traffic

accident because a young boy drank too

much and trying to play it off took

someone else’s life how many payments

would we demand if it were our

daughter with this being said it’s

pertinent to make certain clarifications

before I continue but when when we speak

of offenses or

resentment I want to catalog it or I at

least catalog them in three categories

this one that I’m sharing here at the

beginning of the message might be the

hardest the heaviest the roughest but

there are three types of offenses three

categories before I get deep into the

subject matter and the first category

are minor offenses I’m not going to

speak about them during this message I

always say that in order to be offended

you have to give permission without my

permission I can’t get offended I have

to give you permission to offend me they

can say all sorts of things to me on

social media on the streets but if I

don’t allow that in I’m like a a sea

lion or a

seal everything slides off of me so

that’s a secret that we all have to

carry with us I’m not going to give

anyone permission to offend me they can

say whatever they want about me that’s

their that’s their problem but I won’t

be offended but let’s

agree in this first rubric of minor

offenses that there are people that that

are offended by everything they were

born offended I know people that get so

offended to the death if somebody sends

someone if somebody sends them a a if

they send somebody a text message and

the other person leaves them on red no

they start cutting that relationship

they send them to hell they’re are very

sensitive people they don’t come to this

service they come to the second service

here we have the more resilient people

but I’ve also seen

people that create a scandal if somebody

cuts in line

H or if they’re giving a coffee

different to what they ordered right or

if somebody takes their seat so the

majority of these offenses tend to be

minor and the majority of them are just

childish they’re foolish there are

people that drown in cups of water but

that’s how they are anything offends

them any wind that changes Direction

starts to worry

them and in my criteria I believe that

these offens should fly outside of our

radar especially once we start acquiring

a certain age you realize that it’s not

worth it it’s not worth the effort or

it’s not worth losing your time and

becoming offended by people that maybe

just passed through our lives and we

never see them again then that’s in the

best of cases there are people that we

don’t know and you might get hurt by

them or be offended by them because they

said something through social

media like a famous speaker said

brunette Brown none of these people that

give their opinions

of of our lives would be willing to come

into the ring or or bury

themselves with us when we die no

nobody’s going to say oh let me get in

that coffin with you no so when you get

offended by people that are irrelevant

it doesn’t matter there are people that

say no I just don’t want their opinions

they offend

me but you have to choose the battles

that you’re going to fight as we get

older well you guys not not me you start

to pick the battles that you’re going to

fight you don’t fight all the battles

anymore you say say nah I’ll let this

one pass 1 Corinthians 13:5 says that

those that want to

be followers of Christ don’t be people

that are irritated or that become upset

easily if you want to be a follower of

Christ you have to have a seal skin it’d

be beautiful to ask the Lord Lord this

year give me the skin of a sea lion not

a sea Lion’s body just their


right but we have to ignore those offens

that are on the level of just minor

stupidities right they don’t deserve a

thought or a word just minor stupidities

you have to say no

this this is just ridiculous we

shouldn’t make a small Stone a mountain

but these types of of of more minor

offenses always bring to the

surface the state of our heart or what

we’re made of so be

careful even though we’re not going to

talk about these minor offenses I don’t

want to ignore this detail or skip over

this detail when we are going through a

season where we’re easily

irritable or we blow an offense out of

proportion you have to reason wait hold

on why is this foolish thing provoking

such a dispop a disproportionate

reaction from

me just because my child left a mess in

the in their

bedroom why did I

explode like the bomb over Nagasaki or

Hiroshima what’s making me live on the

brink of Despair and

exasperation maybe it’s a sign that our

spiritual tank is is close to empty that

we’re spiritually and emotionally

exhausted once our tank begins to empty

out and the Holy Spirit wants us to

recharge the way we real realize it is

because we start to burst and become

offended over things that before

wouldn’t even make us react we wouldn’t

have worried about but when we keep our

emotional tank full when we say holy

spirit fill me I need to pray more I

need to have more communion with you

then the minor irritations in life lose

their power over us

so they won’t go away but they won’t

take any emotional energy from us they

won’t take time from us we don’t go

crazy on the freeway or on the on the

highway because there’s a traffic jam we

don’t go crazy because in the Express

checkout lane a woman scans 12 items no

and and our relationships are lighter

and more leisurely this isn’t the point

of the message but it’s it’s a good

point to make if you want to receive it

if for some time now you’ve

realized that you get irritated over any

detail then it’s time for you to reflect

and say well maybe my tank is empty and

I need to recharge myself I need to be

in God’s presence

the second category of offenses are


wounds it’s not just foolishness that

orbits around us

anymore no these these wounds are more

complex they require a diagnosis and a

therapy and we go through this all of us

we go through this sooner or later

because we all deal with difficult

people in our lives in

fact let me prophesy this over

you difficult people are distributed

Strate ially in our lives so that we can

run into at least two or three per week

at the very least they’re distributed

strategically if you don’t find two or

three in a week if there’s a week where

you don’t find anyone that’s tough you

should look in the mirror because that’s

where that difficult person

is but other people don’t create our

character there are people that say oh

well I have many difficult people around

me that’s why I burst no people don’t

create our character people reveal what

we’re made of they reveal our character

H so if we need to develop the art of

forgiveness the

challenge will be dealing with these

people that are sometimes difficult to

put up with hard to to deal

with and just like lifting weights

strengthens your muscles and how cardio

strengthens your heart will difficult

people strengthen our ability to love

when you say Lord help me to love people

God will send you mother-in-laws

father-in-law’s in-laws but I want us to

know this for our own mental health if

God had to do away never never pray Lord

take away all the difficult people

around me because if God had to do away

with all the difficult people in this

world if he had to

eliminate all those that have

imperfections defects then we would all

disappear no one would remain because we

are a difficult person for someone else

even though we say no I’m a good person

no we’re difficult for someone

else I just wanted to go through this

quickly about the minor offenses and

then the Justified wounds to then get

into what concerns the example of the

story that I began with and that’s the


category the

offenses that tear Our Lives apart

they’re not just Justified wounds

anymore they tear Our Lives apart

we won’t all experiment this type of of

injury I hope I’m talking about


incest sexual abuse these things that

come into our lives create a crack and

change them change our lives the way we

knew them just a few

instances and then the life that we had

just becomes a

memory he was driving drunk and he

killed our only daughter

or he spent all of our savings

everything that we had saved up for a

home or for for our children’s College

he spent it all on his addictions or

gambling or she cheated on me and

violated our PA or he’s selfish he took

his life without thinking about us his

wife and his

children others say he abused me when I

was a little girl I didn’t even know

what was going on he left me pregnant

and he he he fled believe me I’m not

trying to offer you a a solution a

trivial solution innocuous or small

compared to that pain because it would

be foolish on my behalf to say confess

the Victory and that’s it

no a normal

heart looks for vengeance when these

things happen or Justice at the very

least the same way it happened with this

with this family of of the girl who was

killed there’s a time for justice it’s

not wrong if if if the crime has legal

implications if there are legal legal

implications then the person that

committed the crime should pay and


fine but man forgiving things like this

it’s not simple believe me it’s not

simple because it means that we

recognize the harm but then we have to

let that person go we have to let them

go we have to free them because as much

as we say they have to send us a check

once a week for 18 years at one point

we’ll have to let them go and it doesn’t

have to do with their for them to be

happy no it has to do with our

well-being because resentment is the

anger multiplied by time the anger that

should have lasted just a few minutes or

hours in the worst of cases has now

transformed into something that lasts

months or years and it keeps us chained

to the past it contaminates our our

surroundings our environment believe it

or not it intoxicates the air it

intoxicates the the atmosphere around

you it changes the climate of a party of

a celebration the word resentment

means what it sounds like etymologically

feel it

again Feel Again

resent and you cling on to the Past you

live it again as if it were

today that resentment pulls off the new

skin after the after the scoring begins

and it it it rips off that scab and the

the wound begins to bleed again and it

produces puss and so bitterness and

resentment are described in the Bible

the writer of the Hebrews in Hebrews

12:15 says see to it that no one falls

short of the grace of God

whoa you must be looking at me as if to

say well you just preach the whole month

that God’s grace is in our reach yeah

but the writer says don’t let no one

fall short of the grace the grace will

always be there but let no one fall

short of it and that no Bitter Root

grows up to cause trouble and defile

many it’s talking about just a root some

have trees but I’m just talking about a

root you contaminate when you’re

resentful you contaminate the atmosphere

the environment because bitterness es

fixates everything it touches it es

fixates your children it es fixates your

your spouse it strangles your new

partner you say oh well I forgot my ex

already yeah but it’ll

strangle all the

new and the the cancer of resentment

extends without without truce with it

extends relentlessly so a moment comes

where that resentment and that

bitterness has it a life of its own and

it’s impossible to not continue feeding

it giving it nutrients because it’s not

something that we have it’s something

that has us it’s not about

whether or not we have resentment or not

no it’s about does resentment have us

captive or not and on top of it all if

it weren’t enough it’s a cost that we


pay it’s not within our emotional budget

we weren’t created to live in bitterness

or resentment because life is hard

enough without it

already without being offended with

anyone life is already uphill it’s

difficult to raise children it’s

difficult to maintain a marriage it’s

hard to keep a job job and pay your

bills and on top of that all you add

resentment that’s a burden that’s going

to break our backs

now I don’t want to preach positivity

and deny that we’ll be offended you know

it’s possible that if we live in this

world at one point or

another will be hurt wounded offended

why because people are

difficult and it’s not that we’re

martians and we’re giving our opinions

on on Earthly beings no we’re

difficult but but the mantle of of

bitterness brings a cloud over our lives

it ruins our sight it changes our

perspective it strangles our joy I I

always say that the enemy can’t take our

Salvation nobody can take from my hand

those that are mind says the Lord but

the enemy can take the joy of our

Salvation suddenly we’re no longer happy

that we’re saved maybe he can’t steal

your marriage but he can steal the joy

of your

marriage who can steal from you that

you’re your children’s mother or father

no one but Satan can take the joy of

being a parent and what you once dreamed

of when you weren’t a parent is now

just just a

burden maybe we have a parent that

mistreated us maybe we had a teacher

that undermined us we don’t even

remember that old woman that sister

sorry that sister ‘s name or maybe an ex

partner that betrayed us or maybe it’s a

more recent wound an a friend that owes

us money but he bought a new car that

guy or our friends that threw a party

and didn’t invite us and we can say how

can it be I always gave them a place at


table or the children that we

raised that have now forgotten that we

exist and so how does resent me begin

well a part of us is is hurt and broken

and the other part is

bitter a piece of us wants to cry but

the other piece wants to

fight it’s the

fire of that anger that begins to

consume us and that’s where we have to

make a decision if we’re adults we have

to make a decision if not then we’re

going to be throwing Tantrums like like

children we have we have to make a

decision do I put out the

fire or do I feed it do I supersede the

situation or do I abandon it do I let it

go or do I feed it every day because

what is resentment it’s allowing the

pain to become

hate we become offended and it hurts

us up until then it’s just it’s a

natural human reaction but when I feel

it again and again and again it’s

resentment resentment when it’s

resentment then it becomes

hate and what is resentment what is

hate well it’s to feed and Stoke and

build the fire it’s the deliberate

decision of feeding that offense I’m

going to feed it because I don’t want to

forget it and when we feel bitterness

and resentment it’s not enough to just

remember it’s not enough to say oh let

me keep it in my memory no we make up

slander we assign nicknames we close our

circles we lift up walls we look for

accomplices that think the same way we

do because that’s what resentment is

it’s the cocaine of emotions

and just like cocaine it demands greater

and greater doses that of course those

of us that suffer wounds we have to

decide those of us that are hurt we have

to decide how many payments am I going

to ask for how much will be enough what

dosage will be enough what dosage of

Vengeance will leave me

satisfied maybe we don’t demand that the

offender send us checks for a dollar

each tweak but we might have other ways

of resolving the account we ignore them

we take them away from our orbit until

something happens that reminds us what

they did to us and then again we go and

demand that check because once

again we begin to boil and that’s a way

to say I’m not going to allow you to

heal until I do as long as I suffer

you’re going to suffer as long as I’m in

pain you’ll have to feel pain and so we

augment the dose and what do we do as


we put others to shame we gossip even

though we say we’re just sharing with

our family it’s gossip others say no no


no I’m asking for details to pray more

specifically no no it’s gossip we

ridicule we

denigrate and so all drugged up by that

anger the roles invert because we’re no

longer the victim

that was hurt immediately no now we’re

the Avengers and that feels

great they say that it’s not a Biblical

phrase so be careful huh they say that

vengeance is a plate that served

cold other they saying sit at the door

at the foot of your door and you’ll see

the Cav of your enemy walking by Shakira

34 no but that’s not in the

Bible so how many payments should we

demand h

in a more serious tone what do we do

with the father that abandoned me when I

was a little

girl what about my husband that left me

for a younger

model what about my boss that fired

me randomly knowing that I have a a

child who’s sick and and he left me

without any health

insurance so when we consider that we’ve

been wronged we can fabricate fabricate

hundreds of reasons to not forgive we

can we say well I can forgive put

yourself in my shoes this is what

happened to me we all have a sad story

to tell and we say well it’s not that I

don’t want to forgive but first they

need to learn a

lesson I’m not going to reward an


Behavior look I want to forgive them but

I need to let them suffer a bit it’s

going to do them well they need to learn

that actions have

consequences on top of it all how can I

forgive them and this is what we ask we

ask how can I forgive if they don’t even

want to be forgiven if they don’t even

they’re not even seeking repentance they

didn’t ask for

forgiveness in these last weeks and I

said this a moment ago I preached a

Trilogy at first I didn’t know that it

was a series but that’s how the Lord

wanted it it was a series of three

sermons it was a Trilogy that had to do

with Grace and it brought a lot of

Liberation and I’m very happy people all

over the world said to me you freed me

and now I feel that there are no

barriers to reach the Lord and it’s a

great truth the first message 3 weeks

ago was called Homer is not a son of God

and in parenthesis and other legendary

myths Evangelical myths then it was the

Black Swan and last week it was

relentless Grace I’ll look for you I’ll

find you and I’ll forgive you there’s a

bunch of theological debates of people

saying that’s not God’s God’s Doctrine

people that lose their mind when they

read these things I recommend that you

watch them if you haven’t seen the

trilogy they’re a great blessing but in

the end we understood God spoke to us


nothing can make God love us

less if only we believe and we repent

God has loved us and forgiven us this

isn’t for just some this is for everyone

how beautiful for

everyone so everyone nothing can

separate us from God’s love not the

height nor the depth nor the future nor

the past nothing created in heaven or

below the Earth or beneath the heavens

nothing can separate us if this is true

then I believe we’re ready and mature

enough to comprehend first I’ll give you

the anesthesia so it doesn’t hurt and

then you’ll receive the injection we’re

ready to understand that there is

something that can leave us outside of

God’s forgiveness and

Grace but it’s by our own account by our

own decision it doesn’t contradict the

previous sermons The Bible says that he

loved the whole world in such a way that

he gave his only begotten son so that we

could all believe and have eternal

life and the Apostle Peter or Mother

Teresa or even the thief crucified next

to Jesus have the same opportunity just

repent and believe but there’s one thing

that could make it so that we’re not


even though we’ve

repented there’s one thing that can

leave us outside of Grace and where is

that well it’s in the center of the Our

Father prayer the way the Lord taught us

to pray in reality we shouldn’t repeat

it as like a

parot but it’s a series of of topics

there are at least six basic topics that

the Lord is saying every anytime you

pray don’t forget these six topics that

are essential and in this prayer of six

topics he hides a clause that we tend to

ignore it’s like the fine print in the

contract that we don’t pay much


to in fact I’m going to test you those

of us that navigate online there’s

always a sign that says accept this

except that nobody reads what we’re

accepting no one all we want to do is

watch the

video before though it says if you want

to access this page you’re going to

accept all the cookies except that

you’re going to give your mother-in-law

a sacrifice yes yes yes yes

yes nobody reads that but then it has

its legal implications right one time

one of my flights were suspended and I

was very iate I was angry so I went up

to the counter and I said why did you

suspend my flight and she said didn’t

you read the fine print on the ticket I

said what fine print she said all

tickets have fine print and the the

print was so fine that you literally had

to read it with the magnifying glass and

it said the airline reserves the right

to suspend any flight they want you buy

the tickets without knowing that we

don’t read theine print but in this case

it’s not about an airline it’s about an

eternal contract that if we don’t

fulfill that Clause the whole contract

loses its

validity Matthew 6:12 says and forgive

us our debts as we have also forgiven



there is no word in any

language that can hold a greater

fear like the word as as it’s the only

time this word appears in this prayer it

doesn’t say give us our daily bread as

no but as we forgive it has to be

reciprocal what makes this as so

terrifying well the fact that Jesus tied

the Forgiveness that we receive from the

father to the forgiveness That We

conceit to other human

beings and in case there’s any doubt

because you might say ah well it’s just

a bad translation if there’s any doubt

then it’s more explicit it says for if

you forgive other people when they sin

again or but if you do not forgive

others their sins your father will not

forgive your

sins so there’s sin that will follow you

for aity is there yes there is well

whatever you didn’t forgive others of

it’s one thing to be trapped in a cycle

of a lack of Grace with a partner with a

with an

Associate but it’s very different to be

trapped in a cycle of lack of Grace and

forgiveness with God see how your face

has changed see that’s why I gave you

the anesthesia a little while

ago in fact it’s so urgent that we

forgive that it even goes beyond above

and beyond sacraments or worship Matthew

5:23 says if you bring your offer offing

to The Altar and there you

remember that your brother or sister has

something against you leave your gift

there in front of the altar first go and

be reconciled to them then come and

offer your gift so if not that offering

is lost this goes for any offering

monetary or worship or lifting your

hands or shaking whatever it

is if you’re trembling and you’re

shaking but you forgot that you just got

in a fight in the lines outside with


else come back to planet Earth ask for

forgiveness and then continue on shaking

because if not there’s no

point and to continue dissipating doubts

see this is the Bible this is the

Bible and to continue dissipating doubts

as far as the seriousness of this Clause

Jesus tells them a story in Matthew

18:27 he says therefore the kingdom of

heaven is like a king who wanted to

settle accounts with his

servants as he began the settlement a

man who owed him 10,000 bags of gold was

brought to him back in those days there

was a lot of money since he was not able

to pay the master ordered that he and

his wife and his children and all that

he had be sold to repay the debt sell

him as a slave and so and the servant

Jesus said fell on his knees and and

said please be patient with me and I

will pay back everything and the story

says that the servant’s master took pity

on him and canceled the debt and let him

go he forgave the debt he didn’t say

paid off in payments no because this

this servant according to Jesus’s story

had a very serious problem he had

accumulated a debt of millions of

dollars if he could pay $1,000 a day it

would take him what 30 years maybe it’s

impossible because they didn’t earn

$1,000 a day so his debt was so

great that he wouldn’t even be able to

pay it off and the same thing happens

with us our debt was so great that our

Capac capacity to repay wasn’t enough to


ourselves so our Master forgave us of an

incalculable death or debt and According

To Jesus the servant said please be

patient with me I’ll pay you back

everything he never asked to be for

given he said I’ll pay it back and even

when he didn’t ask for Grace he received

it he left the throne room as a man free

of all debts and then Jesus tells the

spin-off the continuation of the story

he said and this guy forgiven with his

chest puffed out like an Argentinian was

walking down the

street he calls his wife on the phone

and says hey woman you don’t know what

just happened to me I’m not

discriminating he called his woman hey

fatty hey fatty you don’t you have no

idea what happened it says there’s a

version that says says hey you have no

idea what just happened well what

happened what are you going to sell us

no no no no I was forgiven of all my

debts we just have to sell your mom but

then all the debts are forgiven all the

debts are paid right and then scripture

says that while they were talking and

while he was sharing the news he found

one of his

colleagues that owed him 100 silver

coins one of his fellow

servants this guy had just been forgiven

for what maybe $10,000 and now he saw a

man that owed him 10 and he said hey pay

me what you owe me and his fellow

servant did the same thing he just did

with the King he said please be patient

with me I’ll pay it all and the man said

no I don’t want it and he threw him into

prison until he finished paying off the

the debt now there’s something wrong

with this story right is that how you

would behave if you were just forgiven

of millions really drowning somebody

because they owe you a few dollars

these are the words of a man that was

just declared free of his debts hey pay

me what you owe me and he demands that

his dead or be placed into prison until

he pays it all what a

bandit in human

rat you slithering

snake you creepy crawler you monstrosity

Spectre of

you do me so much

harm that’s pakita

316 and when the king realizes what this

rat on two legs did he said I’m talking


you and he gave the order to throw him

into jail so that they could torture

him and here Jesus brings back up the

Clause but I tell

you love your enemies and pray for those

who persecute you that you may be

children of your father in

Heaven the hyperbole the parable ends

and he says this is how the father will


you you were

forgiven of debts that you could never

pay debts that would condemn you to hell

they were paid but now you go out and

you strangle someone else because they

don’t match up with your Doctrine

because you don’t like them and the Lord

will do with you as he did with this

servant he’ll throw you into

prison that’s what happens when someone

chose benevolence and someone else

chose a lack of gratitude but this came

from the lips of

Christ so God gives us a terrible

responsibility the same bar staff you

used to measure will be used to measure

you he doesn’t say a staff according to

St Paul II or or Billy Graham no the the

staff you used to measure will be used

to measure

you so it depends on us our our divine

forgiveness you might be thinking all

right hold on forgiving our enemies the

person that betrayed

me who does that include those that

abort or promote abortion and and

pedophiles too what about the heretic

preacher or the Apostle who preaches

Prosperity what about the person that

cursed my children for leaving their

Apostolic coverage what about the person

that discriminated against me when I was

left pregnant and I was

single but then that Minister tried to

hide his daughter’s pregnancy who who

now I know it’s just a

hypothetical you go

ipers just like Grace

forgiveness has the scandalous quality

of being undeserved unearned


partial so why does God demand of us

such an anti-natural act that challenges

all of our Primal instincts because our

Primal instinct is Vengeance but why

does he challenge us way well because

that’s how he is because when Jesus

expressed for the first time love your

enemies he added this explanation he

said that you may be children of your

father in

Heaven he causes his son to rise on the

evil and the good and sends rain on the

righteous and the

unrighteous if you want to have God’s

character you’re going to have to

measure everyone all the same the good

and the bad the one you like and the one

that you just can’t

swallow I called this message the

terrible Clause

490 this number appears for the first

time in the Book of Genesis

4:23 it’s the first time it appears the


490 it just so happens that there is a

character not very well known named

lamech that made up this curious number

lamech told his

wives I have killed a man for wounding

me a young man for injuring me

if Cain is Avenged seven times then

lamech 77

times 70 time 7 he said this phrase in

Genesis he’s a he was a descendant of

Cain a great great great great

grandson then I will be Avenged 70 time

7 he says if somebody harms me then I

have to make them pay at least 490 times

more there are some that say it’s not 70

times heaven but in reality

it’s 70 to the seventh power and that

would be an infinite number but

whatever one day Peter went up to Jesus

and said hey if somebody harms me how

many times should I forgive seven times

because Rabbi said that people had to be

forgiven three times but Peter added you

know just a few spoons spoonfuls more to

look good and he expected that Jesus

would say oh you’re so

magnanimous you’re going beyond what

you’re what you should do oh you’re such

a good man Peter oh what a great Apostle


found imagine Peter’s reaction when

Jesus instead of praising him said that

he still needed 483 forgivenesses more

he he

said I’m not saying seven but 70 time 7

Jesus inverted

LX law but

we tend to work in L mech’s method

we turn forgiveness into the law of

reciprocity we say all right I want

avenge myself but they have to make up

for it because we tend to go back to

that battle of eye for an eye that

closes that shuts the

door on someone receiving

forgiveness human nature says that

forgiveness is is not impartial that if

you forgive that they’ll take you for a

fool others say I’m a Christian but I’m

not stupid so I have to be respected but

whether we like it or not Christian or

stupid or you can have both because

there are people that have both talents

now the Clause

says for if you forgive men for their

offenses the father will forgive you but

if you don’t forgive the father cannot

forgive you of your

sins you can’t flip it upside down you

can’t say what did he mean no it was

pragmatic it was practical and Jesus

doesn’t ask about the reality of our

wounds he doesn’t doubt that we’ve been

hurt or wounded or offended look the

problem isn’t in the existence of the

hurt but the the treatment we’re going

to give to that pain what are we going

to do with our with our debts I ask

again we’re in

February your partner broke their

promise before you

answer how does God react when you break

the promises you make to him

everything we say at the beginning of

the year Lord I promise to seek your

word and read the Bible then we break


promise they lied to you well the

Betrayal hurts but

before you you close your fist how did

God react when you

lied when you lied to him or when you

lied to someone else because we judge

others based on their actions but we

judge ourselves based our based on our

motivations and we say well I didn’t

want to yeah but you li

died they forgot about you they left you

behind rejection

hurts but

before you take it out on someone

else have you forgotten about

God have weeks gone by without you even

seeking him how did he react when you

rejected him because that’s the

word it’s not that you were too busy you

were just rejecting him you took him out

of the center of your life so the key to

for others is to stop looking at what

they’ve done to us and begin to see what

God did for us that’s the essence of


Clause treat me the way I treat my

neighbor that’s that should be our

prayer every day Lord I don’t ask you

for anything but just give me what I

give to

others give me the same peace that I

generate in my home with the rest of my



dunk let me put up let me have the same

tolerance that I give others I’m not

saying oh be be patient with me no give

me the same patience that I give off to

others that I asked from

others somebody left because they don’t

have a gram of patience in there Luke

637 Jesus said do not judge and you will

not be judged

why do we

think that these are lesser verses why

don’t we have them like a totem like an

axum like a proverb for our

lives do not condemn and you will not be

condemned forgive and you will be

forgiven give and it will be given to

you do we truly believe that we’ll be in

financial need if we were

giving I don’t depend on a retirement or

a 401k in case things get

ugly I know that even into my old age I

won’t like anything because I’ve given

to God and God isn’t a debtor to anyone

is that true or not give and you will be

given a good measure pressed down shaken

together and running over will be poured

into your

lap for with the measure use it will be

measured to you this is the wisdom this

is the core of our Christian faith do

not judge and you will not be

judged and judging has many implications

whether it be direct or by sharing

videos or by sharing gossip or hey let

me share this with you I found this out

about this person don’t judge do not

judge and you won’t be

judged you don’t want Justice I don’t

want Justice never say Lord give us

Justice no now you don’t want

Justice what we need is Grace all the

time but I want us to understand that

Grace is something that we can’t give so

the only thing we can say is Lord I’m

going to give off Mercy because what I

want is

Mercy I want you to measure me the way I

measure others now I also want us to

understand what forgiveness isn’t

because I see people changing from budic

to butt cheek very nervously in your

seat look first of all forgiveness isn’t

saying I’m

sorry or saying sorry when when we when

we cut someone off in the supermarket

that’s just saying I’m

sorry we say sorry or we

forgive the child who cries during the

service and we forgive the mother who


him we forgive the delivery driver that

took too long to bring the pizza or

didn’t get the order right oh I’m sorry

I messed up all right all right there’s

an old phrase that says understanding it

all is forgiving it all but no that’s


wrong forgiveness is precisely what we

need when there is no good reason to

explain why someone did what they

did forgiveness is when there is no

reason if I had an explanation then

there is no need for

forgiveness when you ask for forgiveness

and then give explanations you’re not

asking for

forgiveness that only happens when

there’s no need for analysis when we’re

children we say we tell our children why

did you think it was a good

idea to put a crayon in Grandpa’s nose

while he was

asleep what they’re going to say is well

I thought it was a good idea why did you

unplug Grandma’s

pacemaker why did you do that to your

mom’s mom oh well I guess it’s your

mom’s Mom it’s


saying sorry or accepting I’m sorry is

because there is no need for forgiveness

but when a situation is inexplicable

that’s where you need pain

forgiveness when you say oh I’m sorry I

didn’t see you or oh sorry my alarm

didn’t go off well you’re giving me an

explanation but when you say I want you

to forgive me why because the alarm went

off I flipped to the other side and I

continued snoring like a hippopotamus

please forgive me second of all

forgiving isn’t forgetting

because all you have to do to forget is

have a bad

memory with this criteria those that

have Alzheimer’s are the most benevolent

people sometimes I forget where I left


car at the airport I spend more time

looking for my car than getting in and

out of the plane I forget my keys I

forget when when it’s my mother-in-law’s

birthday now that doesn’t

mean that I have a noble heart

no I have neurons that are acting

in accordance to my age you know I’m I’m

past 30 now I’m past 30 I mentioned the

age that I’ve gone beyond and I don’t

have to mention what age I’m at

now you can use the same

method oh I’m past 20 now and you’re 50

well you’re right you’re past 20 you’re

not lying you’re past 20 when it was all

in black and white

still sometimes if an offense is great

enough you can forget out of fear or out

of trauma psychologists say that our

minds are caed or

wired so that when something hurts us

there’s something that’s called

trauma and it’s a protection from

remembering that again we forget it and

sometimes we forget it on purpose we say

you know what I don’t I don’t want to

think about it I don’t want to think

about it and our fifth sense we and with

our senses we forget it but we don’t

forgive it not thinking about the

situation doesn’t mean you’re forgiven

no no you have to rumage through the

trash we have to say hey it’s it’s

beneath the rug we swept it under there

and sooner or later it’s going to smell

sooner or later the the stench will come

up third forgiving isn’t the same as

reconciling and I think that this will

bring calm to many people because those

that believe that forgiving means you

have to reunite with that person no

matter what

happens that a wife should go back to

the Beast that would beat her that a

boss should rehire an employee that


forgiving doesn’t

mean that everything will go back to the

way it used to be forgiveness is one

thing reconciliation is what we were

doing or the plan that we had that’s

different it’s not something that the

Lord is

demanding reconciliation demands that

those that harmed us should be repented

of the of what they did to us that’s

reconciliation but reconciliation isn’t

inherent to forgiveness they’re not they

don’t go hand in hand that’s why some

say how can I forgive my ex-husband if

he did this to me and now I have a new

family no you have to forgive them you

have to let them

go you don’t have to bring them back to

live with your new husband because that

would be complicated so we can

forgive but the Lord doesn’t demand us

to stumble twice on the same Stone no


learn there are employees that I’ve had


or colleagues that I had that I would

never work with

again but I have to present myself

before the

Lord and show that I have no

resentment that I’ve truly forgiven them

and the fact that I don’t want to work

with them now is because I’ve learned

that we’re incompatible that we have

different Visions it happened to me or

it happened with

Paul when he had problems with Timothy

there are moments where you say no no no

we’re not going in the same direction

but there is no

resentment I can embrace them whenever I

encounter them in life and to finish I’m

going to tell you what true forgiveness

actually is the first stage of

forgiveness first phase is is probably

the most difficult and that’s making the

decision of not harming the person that

harmed us not seeking Vengeance when I

forgive I give up my right of harming

them I renounce from the law of lamech

that’s the first thing even though

they’ve heard us

deliberately we suspend that law of

Vengeance we say no no if I’m going to

defend myself God won’t defend

me wherever I place my hands God will

say all right you let me know when

you’re done if he lets me know if you

want to let me know but when we forgive

we free them from the prison that we

built in our minds to keep them in there

perpetually we free them so the first

thing is I’m not going to harm

them because when there are people that

invite us to fight at a bar don’t get

into it with them because they have more

experience than you there are people

that have more experience in that ring

and so when you respond with insults you

can respond with irony to neutralize the

insult but not the

person to leave that insult without

effect but when you go down to that

person’s level you’re gaining the right

to say I’m going to avenge myself and

that’s not true forgiveness the second

phase of forgiveness is a new way of

feeling thing that happens when people

hurt us is that when we look at the

person that hurt us we don’t see the

person anymore we see the offense that’s

why we change the name it’s no longer

John it’s the cheater it’s no

longer Roberta it’s the

gossiper it’s no longer oh this person

the thief no no the the employee no it’s

the thief when we forgive we ReDiscover

the humanity of the person that offended

us and so if that

person that person stops being just a

debt of pain pain no maybe that person

feels alone weak foolish just the way we

do an enemy is someone that we never

took time to get to

know the person that we detest and when

we get to know them we realize that

they’re just a scared child a scared

little boy or scared little

girl sometimes it happens to me at

airports one time I ran into a prophet

that spent his whole life to speak

against me to edit videos against me to

say you’re you’re a garbage for hell

then I found him at an airport in in

Dallas and he asked me for an

autograph a picture a picture please my

wife will

die when when she sees that I found you

he took a picture with me and he said I

admire you so much but one time I wrote

about you and you didn’t want to answer

me and so I I had bitterness in my heart

when he saw me he realized that he

couldn’t be upset with me nor could I be

upset with him I said poor

guy poor graceful guy but then you

realize that these people that offend us

also carry God’s image the way we do and

the third phase of forgiveness is when

we say all right to the other person

that’s another

level we don’t have the hope of oh I

hope they go bald or oh I hope that

their belly grows out big and and

ugly or you say oh I hope that his

mother-in-law moves in with him that the

IRS goes and inspects all his finances

no we hope for good things to happen to

them when you truly forgive you say oh I

hope everything’s doing well between him

and God because he’s not a good he’s not

a he’s not a bad person or it’s not a


girl you see how you all look at me as

to say whoa or

wow you looked at me like

children well that’s the third


I was reading that two men were going

through the jungles of Burma and they

reached a very dirty

lagona and when they both got out of the

out of the pool they were covered in

leeches and one began to rip them off of

his skin and the other man said if you

rip them off then the hooks will remain

under your skin and you’ll get infected

you have to go and take a bath a bomb

bath and when you submerge yourself in

that ointment the Le

release their Hooks and you’re

free and the other man says you’re

telling me to keep these leeches on me

for now yeah you have to wait until you

dip yourself into Bal because they’ll

rip off your skin so resentment is the

leech that is in your heart and we can’t

just rip them

off that bitterness has its hooks in our

lives and our in our emotions and not

forgiving is like

taking rat poison and then expecting the

rats to die little by little we start to

lose our joy there are people that don’t

laugh anymore we don’t forgive and we

don’t trust anyone else ever

again we distrust everything we’re

distant we’re

selfish so what do we have to do we have

to submerge ourselves in God’s balm and

in his ointment in the holy spirit’s oil

say holy spirit I want to submerge

myself in your oil because Humanity

isn’t capable of ripping these off of me

so we submerge ourselves in that

ointment this week I was

thinking and it’s not easy to see Jesus

washing other people’s feet

because you might see it in the


context almost like a fairy tale Jesus


feet but first of all the disciples

should have washed their own

feet or each other’s feet Nathaniel

could have drawn the

water Andrew could have dried the feet

but these guys never did anything

no one did anything in this scene and

instead of serving they’re all sitting

down well they’re not even seated at the

table you know what they’re debating

about all the disciples they’re arguing

over who’s the greatest in the

Kingdom tell me tell me you don’t feel a

desire to to strangle them to choke

them a group of guys that weren’t worth

a penny three years ago but now they’re

trying to argue over who’s the greatest

in the kingdom and while they argue

the Basin is in the corner with the

water the rags are are ready to be used

nobody moves except for Jesus and while

they argue Jesus stands up he takes

off his

gowns he grabs

a he grabs some water a sponge and he

begins to wash the disciples Dirty Feet

it’s not


isn’t it enough that tomorrow in the

morning those hands will have holes in

them the night before that he has to

clean these these filthy men did they

deserve to have their feet cleaned if I

could speak with the Lord in your name

thank you for choosing me as a delegate

I would say look Jesus look at

John it’s the same guy that told you to

destroy a city with fire he didn’t


anything the same one that said

that you should censor those that follow

you because they weren’t a part of your

group the guy is a sectarian you’re

going to wash his feet really what about

Jacob please ignore a guy like

Jacob Jacob wanted a place of honor him

and his brother wanted special

treatment his mother came to speak on

his behalf oh when are these kids going

to sit in your kingdom no come on give

them a sponge

let them become Men Let Them wash

themselves let them learn a lesson of

humility and since you’re there Jesus

please let Philip out of it all he told

you that there wasn’t enough food to

feed the great crowds he doubted you

that you would be able to multiply the

food you put it to the he put you to the

test and he

failed he wasted that opportunity and

what about Peter oh Peter Peter that


Peter this guy doesn’t deserve to have

his feet Washed by you you know

him everyone know you know that he’s

going to deny you three times tomorrow

he doesn’t deserve it look let’s not

talk about the future that’s fine no one

here came to your defense when they were

about to Stone you in

Nazareth did anyone stand up as a

volunteer to take your place when the

Pharisees all picked up stones to kill

you you know they didn’t do it they’re

rats they escape when a blood begins to

grow and you know it all and you know

what they’re about to do you can already

hear them snoring in the garden they

promise that today they’ll be awake but

they’ll be

snoring you’ll sweat blood and they’re

going to be

asleep tonight they promise one thing

but tomorrow they’ll flee Jesus please

do yourself a favor look around the

table how many of them are going to

remain with you when you’re before pilot

how many are going to

suffer the whiplashes from the Roman

Empire with you and What disciple will

be close enough to

you to help you carry the cross none of

them they’re going to have to call a

foreigner to do it a man from Serene

because none of these disciples these

rats none of them will be there don’t

wash their feet tell them to wash yours

it’s the least they can

do that’s all we’d want to tell Jesus

and you know why

not because we don’t want to see our

King playing the role of a

servant maybe because we don’t want to

see God washing feet no I don’t think

that’s the reason it’s

because we don’t want to be obligated to

do the same

thing didn’t they abandon us as well

that’s fine they didn’t leave us alone

on a cross but maybe they did leave us

alone with debts or with our

disease or they left us alone in our

marriage or in the cold rain or with

responsibilities forgotten promises


contracts logic says you know what punch

them in the face a good blow but Jesus

says go to the Basin logic says break

their nose teach them a lesson Jesus

says wash their feet logic says no no no

no no they don’t they don’t deserve it

Jesus says you’re right you don’t

either I can’t understand how God can be

so loving with us but he

is he bows down down before us he takes

our feet and he washes them and please

understand that the act of washing feet

for those

disciples he also washes our own we are

present in that story we’re seated at

that table and so we are the

ones who

are are we’re having our sins washed

away Jesus

says in John

138 unless I was you you have no part

with me so we can’t take away our sin we

can’t take away our filth our feet

always have to be in his hands and the

water is poured only when we confess

that we’re dirty when we confess that

we’ve been walking on prohibited

paths on the wrong road our tendency is

to feel proud and like Peter we say no

no no Jesus I’m fine just a few drops on

my feet and I’ll be fine

no John 1: 18 says if we say that we

have no sin we deceive ourselves and

there is no truth within us we’re never

clean unless we confess that we’re

dirty we’ll never be able to reach

Purity as long as we don’t admit our

uncleanliness and we’ll never be able to

clean the feet of those that are hurt or

those of us those that wounded us as

long as we don’t allow Jesus who we

wound to wash our feet that’s the secret

of forgiveness we’ll never be able to

forgive more than what God has already

forgiven us of just allowing him to wash

our feet then we’ll have the strength to

wash others feet it’s difficult to

forgive those that hurt us profoundly of

course it

is let’s go back to the room let’s go

observe Jesus washing each disciple’s

feet you hear the splashing of the water

you see

it you see how

he drags himself from disciple to

disciple as his hair covers his face

concern that image now observe whose

feet is going to was

Judas John 13312

says when he finished washing their feet

he put on his clothes and returned to


place he washed the traitor’s feet those

same feet that would be in the patio of

Caiaphas but in that moment Jesus

caresses those feet was it easy for

Jesus no it wasn’t and he knew it all

would it be easy for us no it’s not

going to be easy I never said it would

be easy but God will never ask us for

something that he hasn’t done already

that’s where the famous Clause 490 makes

sense that’s why it appears in the heart

of the Divine contract forgive our

debts as we forgive our debtors or in

more simple

words wash the the filth from our feet

the same way we wash the filth from

other people’s feet and of those that

have harmed us that’s the contract

That’s the Law that’s

Grace give an Applause to the King of

Kings to the Lord of lords hallelujah


hallelujah give a great Applause and

celebrate say Lord I seal this word I

believe I believe that I’m Healed

hallelujah hallelujah somebody needs to

celebrate more than that somebody needs

to say that is the god that loves us so

much we’re going to let these things go

people and I insist it’s not easy but we

have to let things go we’re in February

really are we really going to carry

things for another 11 months cavers are

we going to sleep with a putrid cadav in


bedroom nothing deserves

nothing’s worth that you have to travel

lightly you deserve it you owe it to

yourself travel lightly forgive and let

it go you’re not going to change the

past it died while we were asleep the

pre or the

future isn’t ours yet all we have is the

present and we have to travel with just


carry-on a t-shirt three

underwears some deodorant and that’s it

that’s life and if we can live life that

way then we’ll remove birth burdens will

remove the

leeches the insects so let’s do this

before we end this service let’s create

a list of forgiveness I’ve been

investigating and I know that this list

includes loved ones that have hurt you

people that you just can’t forgive first


all theologically speaking it wouldn’t

be correct to say it but we need it

forgive God he doesn’t need forgiveness

he’s righteous he’s wise he knows what

he’s done but sometimes we feel pain

against him and though he doesn’t need

forgiveness because he’s infallible

because he knows what he did and what he

allowed and what he didn’t allow we need

to free ourselves from that because

maybe we say God didn’t intervene when

he could have I prayed for that disease

and my loved one passed away until we’ve

closed our hearts to the father we don’t

trust him anymore when somebody speaks

that the Lord came to heal our our

illnesses maybe you feel that he

abandoned you that he left you alone

we’re going to say Lord even though I

don’t understand and there are things

that I’ll understand on the other side

of the sun I want to feel free I want to

travel lightly in my relationship with

you then forgive your

parents even if they’re beneath the

ground even if they’re on the other side

of the Border even if they died 30 years

ago let’s let them

go your parents thought they were doing

what was right and they messed up the

way you’re messing up with your children

your children will judge you too they

will judge us and they’ll tell us the

same thing that we said about our

parents because the same measure we use

will be used to measure

us so if you’ve been abandoned or in the

worst of cases abused let them go that’s

it why carry that coffin with you if the

funeral was so long ago let them

go a teacher a

professor a leader that didn’t give us

the time we needed

a leader that failed you in in

discretion you opened up your heart you

told them what happened and then you

realized that they spread it around let

it go it’s

done you shouldn’t carry those

collateral effects let’s

forgive or a partner or an associate or

an ex spouse someone that hurt us

someone that didn’t treat us right

someone that didn’t respect us that

didn’t love us let’s let them go and say

Lord I don’t want to carry this anymore

what good is

it to have cut that relationship but

continue carrying that emotional burden

it stinks it contaminates it

intoxicates it brings illness to the

environment or the brothers that have

failed us that have hurt us a friend

that betrayed us that turned their back

on us that left us alone man do we have

people to forgive and finally

ourselves say Lord forgive me because I

can’t forgive myself I can’t forgive

what you’ve already

forgiven and we are walking in in a

continuous Penance we’re going to break

everything that separates us from God

and we’re going to apply Claus 490 and

say Lord I’m going to forgive even if it

hurts because I need you to see me in

the same way I’m going to change my

measure bow your head for a moment and

we’ll pray father I I’ve transmitted to

your people to your children what I

believe you plac in my heart

thank you Lord because you’ve given me

grace and favor to speak to them you

I’ve spoken to their intellect but I

know that you have spoken to their heart

to their

joints to their bone marer Lord thank

you for those that accept you and

receive you in their hearts as their

sufficient savior those that say Lord

come into my heart those that now say a

prayer of repentance and believe that to

be a part of the

Kingdom receive them as your children

and those that are that have already

been a part of your kingdom help us to

be better to grow to forgive come on cry

for that over that pain for the last

time but today that chapter in your life

closes say Lord that resentment is done

that pain is over with I leave behind

everything that made me sick and I begin

a new life now I begin to live in a free

way come on we’re going to let it go the

pastors the leaders those that didn’t

believe in US those those that hurt us I

know it’s going to be hard it’s not a

matter of just saying two phrases and

that’s it but at least the first phase

of forgiveness

Lord I renounce to the law of lamech I

won’t avenge

myself then the Lord will change the way

you feel you’ll separate that person

from the offense and finally you’ll

desire good over that person it won’t

all happen now altogether however

it’s a good beginning to say Lord I let


go maybe before maybe before the year

ends You’ll wish them well you’ll say oh

I hope they do well I hope they Prosper

more than I

do but don’t rush little by little Let

It Go Let It Go lift up your hands and

say Lord I receive this word today at

home those that are watching from your

devices or those that are here Lord

thank you for this moment for your holy

spirit thank you for your glory for your

presence Can you feel it the king is

doing it now the holy spirit is reaching

places I wasn’t able to get to saying

you know today is the day not tomorrow

not during the week today is the

day today we will let go and set

ourselves free and we’ll let it free

everyone there are those that say don’t

bring the past back to your memory but

man when it’s when it’s about taking

away that cancer when it has to do with

going through a spiritual chemo we have

to remove even the last

root or that last leech of remorse and

resentment take it

away even as you remember that lonely

loneliness as a child or that abuse you

went through as an adolescent or when

they broke your heart we’re going to say

Lord I want to travel

light forgive my debts as I forgive my

debtors forgive my debts as I forgive my

debtors say Lord forgive me Lord as I am

now forgiving and giving

Grace I don’t judge anyone because I

myself do not want to be judged I don’t

condemn because I am nobody’s

judge I bless so that I can do well

father thank you for this morning I

declare that this this prayer has begun

a new season a new phase and the best

days are ahead of us God is going to

bless us protect us fill us oh how God

loves us the lord loves you so much

princess the lord loves you so much

Prince how could he forget you if he has

you sculpted in his hands I bless you my

beloved in your entry your exit when you

go to bed when you wake up and your

hours of rest and your hours of work

your deepest most intimate size your

desires I bless your hands and your feet

and I declare that February is a month


Freedom there is Li Liberty and freedom

and in Freedom Jesus inhabits in us and

we believe it we confess it we declare

it in the name of the Father the Son and

the Holy Spirit let it be done my

friends let us be free healthy healed

prosperous and blessed give an Applause

to the king and all the people at home

by firm like a bear claw that Applause

is for the King of Kings the Lord of




















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