ENGLISH Dante Gebel #856 | Relentless grace

We do ourselves no favors by justifying our sins by saying that we bear fruit and that we have sound doctrine. How can God heal what we deny, what we hide? How can God give us grace, if we want to pay it only with actions? If we want to truly change, we must be born again, remain on the vine… and the fruit will appear organically. Separated from God, we cannot bear any fruit. Let us remember that the Lord cuts branches so that we can bear fruit and hears the prayers of thieves. We are saved when we look up to the cross. All we have to do is believe and repent.



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here people yes or

no just a few moments I’m going to

transmit what I believe God told me to

tell you but before this is something

that we prepared especially for you and

it has to do with an orphanage of little

ones that are

abused in the worst cases raped molested

and they’re they’re under the direction

of of nuns they started this many years

ago I won’t spoil what’s going to happen

but they never ever imagined a blessing

from River like

this this happens in my beloved country

Argentina in the South where Carly

anakia who always represents us with

this entire team they discovered this

home Mother Teresa where the children

have their stories I we can’t share them

all but when you see these images you

think how could we be so foolish in

thinking that the only

saved are Protestants or Pentecostals or

Baptists when there are so many people I

know that you don’t earn Heaven by by by

works but there are so many people out

there with big hearts like this woman

that we’re going to get to know now this

Italian woman that arrived at the

country and this is all she does she

lives for the little ones she gives them

love and and and affection and we went

and helped out a bit right I don’t know

if we

made or if we change their lives but we

try to improve their quality of life I

want you to pay attention after this

I’ll transmit what I believe God told me

to tell you and now obviously I want you

to enjoy what I’m sure is going to reach

the deepest part of your heart because

it has to do with children every time

there are elderly people or children

you’re moved this has to do with us

being River in Argentina and in this

very special place








for fore






























































well foreign





spee my


















for that is your seed that’s what you

have planted so that Applause goes to

all those that have given those are that

are a part of river thank you how

beautiful the whole home that’s watching

now Mother Teresa and

Cuda they’re watching it live now on the

screen please take care of your toys

take care of them and if they break let

us know and we’ll replace

them but thank you for

being so special Miss Rena everyone that

works with there thank you for allowing

us to help we are more blessed than you

it’s better to give than to receive so

thank you so so

much thank you for allowing us to be a

church very well are you ready yes or

no there was

once in a very far away

Kingdom two sons of a king who asked

their father your

majesty is a gentleman born or he

made and the father said well what do


think well I think that a gentleman is

born a gentleman one of the sons

answered I don’t agree said the other

son a man only becomes a

gentleman through prep preparation


discipline so the king gave them both a

challenge she said all right test out

your theories and then show me an examp

example if a gentleman is born or if

he’s made the king said I’ll give you a

week and then come back with

proof he had a like an Old English

accent I guess so both children both

sons went in different directions the

son who believed that a gentleman has to

be made and isn’t born found his proof

in a Tavern he asked for a cup of coffee

and he he was astonished to see that the

the bartender the way

was a cat this cat was trained to walk

on its hind legs and carry a tray with

its front legs he was wearing a small

uniform and that was proof that a small

creature can supersede its nature

through discipline and preparation and

so the first

son had his proof for his theory if you

can change a cat

then of course you can change a

man and so the prince purchased the

animal and took it with him to the court

as proof but the other son didn’t have

so much luck he went through the entire

Kingdom but he wasn’t able to find

anything to support his theory so he

went back to the palace with empty hands

and to make things

worse he heard the comments he heard

comments about his brother’s Discovery

the news about a cat that walks on its

hind legs it made him doubt his own

convictions but just a few hours before

they were going to meet with with their

father he saw something this second

brother he saw something in a store that

made him smile he bought it he didn’t

tell anyone anything about it and the

two brothers went into the king’s court

each one taking a box the first son

announced that he could prove that man

can go beyond any obstacle and become a

gentleman and in front of the king he

presented the cat dressed in a small sup

with a tray and the K the cat offered

the king a coffee the King was

astonished stunned the son was was happy

and the court erupted an Applause and

they all said what undeniable truth who

could deny the evidence of a cat walking

on two legs when it was the second son’s

turn he opened up the box he had and he

set free two rats two mice and in that

very moment the cat threw the tray out

the cat ran out on four legs trying to

catch the the mice and the cat’s true

nature was evident and so a point was

made a cat that walks on its back to

legs is still a cat you can change its

clothing you can teach it a few

tricks you can put a suit on it and

train it to walk on its hind

legs for a moment it might seem like the

cat has changed

but present something that it cannot

resist and it’ll face an undeniable

truth a cat that walks on two legs is

still just a cat and the same thing

applies for people we can change our

suits where ties where longer skirts

well you guys not me I not going to wear

a long skirt because I would be worrying

but we can change our

habits we can use a Christian

vocabulary increment the amount read

even change our our attitudes but

according to the Bible there’s one thing

we can’t change and that’s our sinful

nature now

Society always agrees with the first son

they tell us that if we change our

exterior the interior will change


inherently given education and

preparation and the right habits and

adequate discipline a person can change

that’s what we’re taught and man do we

try to live that we buy name brand

clothing we go after academic

degrees we try and do Feats we tell our

children you have to do something

important with your lives we tell church

goers come to church so that you can

have a good life or a successful life

but let’s take off the outer layer let’s

take away all the habits let’s remove

the makeup and beneath all that we’ll

see our true nature a selfish heart a

prideful heart sinful

heart when someone lets the mice free

then you’ll see what we all do there’s

no one better than Paul in describing

this in Romans 7:18 he says for I know

this this caused so much theological

controversy because they’ve been

debating it there people ask what is

what did he try to say but he said it

simply he

said for I know that good itself does

not dwell in me that is in my sinful

nature for I have the the desire to do

what is good but I cannot carry it out

for I do not do the good I want to do

but the evil I do not want to

do this I keep on doing now if I do what

I do not want to do it is no longer I

who do it but it is sin living in me

that does it so this is one of the most

uh brutally honest confessions that we

find in scripture the Apostle says so I

find this law at work although I want to

do good evil is right there with me for

in my inner being I Delight in God’s law

but I see another law at work in me

Waging War against the law of my mind

and making me a prisoner of the law of

sin at work within me it’s not some

crazy guy saying it’s someone who just

converted no it’s the Apostle Paul a

legend and then he finishes by saying

what a Wretched Man I am who will rescue

me from the body that is subject to

death this explains or this appears in

scripture to show us that it doesn’t

matter what we

do or how much effort we put into it we

will always sin against God one way or

another whether they put new clothes on

us they teach us how to walk on our hind

legs if they take us to the presence of

the king but let two mice cross our

paths and

boom the true us comes out to the Sur

and I know you’re looking at us as if to

say oh this message isn’t for me I knew

this wasn’t today this is for the people

that come to the second service but what

do we do no we lie we exaggerate we

covet we’re jealous we demand we gossip

oh good thing that gossipers don’t come

to this service right but we

gossip we gossip amongst our family we

murmur we Envy we insult and the animal

the Beast Within us takes control of us

so changing the clothes doesn’t

transform a man or a woman the external

Doctrine can never alter what’s

inside new habits don’t make a New Soul

if somebody wants to truly change the

Lord said that they have to be born

again and here we go here’s the

point this phrase of being born again

was used by Jesus when he was speaking

to Nicodemus Nicodemus was a decent man

he was a Pharisee a religious Governor a

member of the

Sanhedrin he made the most important

decisions in

Jerusalem and he also thought what the

majority of churches think nowadays that

if you change what’s on the

outside then inherently what’s inside

changes as if the inside organically

changes and

Nicodemus just like Paul wanted to do

good he wasn’t a bad guy he thought that

a good doctor Doctrine would make a cat

a waiter or a bartender but Jesus tells

him in John 3:3 he tells him very truly

I tell you no one can see the kingdom of

God unless they are born

again and Nicodemus doesn’t ask well why

he asks well how how can someone be born

again and here is the great secret that

bothers many people’s theology including

my own for many

years let me ask I asked last Sunday

what did we do to be

born how active were we in that process

obviously we have no memory of

it but did any of your mothers tell you

that you helped push during

birth did you say oh let me slip out

through here no does anyone of you

remember asking the doctor how the

contractions were doing and and if he

would be coming out soon no none of us

we were passive we took advantage of the

trip like I say they pushed us out we

weren’t born by what we did someone on

the outside did all the work yes or no

someone outside of us felt all the pain

our mother is the one who pushed she’s

the one that battled and fought and our

birth is thanks to someone else’s effort

the same thing goes for our spiritual

birth we’re born through Christ’s pain

it’s not by our own effort I’m going to

be born again no it doesn’t work that

way for something else not to be born

again we are born by the Lord’s efforts

yes it’s not by our blood but by his

blood that was poured out that’s why

we’re born again do we understand that

so he is the one that made things all

new when we were born again because the

first time we were born we were all new

new hands new eyes to use new members to

use now the second time we’re born when

we accept Christ in our hearts he makes

it all new so 2 Corinthians

5:17 confirms therefore if anyone is in

Christ the new creation has come how

beautiful you don’t need to have a lift

you don’t need Botox I know nobody here

uses that everyone here is natural but

there’s no need you don’t need to say oh

I’m happy with the

Lord doctors say hey get a refresh no

don’t believe it that’s that’s that you

look like Joker it’s terrifying it’s not


refresh the doctor told me that I have a

fresh face I look like I just got out of

bed no there’s no

need he says that he makes all things

new and then he

adds the old has is has gone the new is

here new eyes that now see with faith a

new mind so that now we can have

Christ’s mind he gives us new Strength

strength so that we have new energy when

we accept the Lord so that we don’t grow

weary a new

vision so that we don’t get discouraged

a new voice to praise new hands to serve

and fundamentally a new heart a heart

that Christ has purified so our first

birth let’s agree this might seem

childish but let me set the foundation

for what I’m going to

say our first birth was for our Earthly

life our second birth was for our

spiritual life the first time we

received a physical heart the second

time we received a spiritual heart the

first birth prepared us to have life

here on this Earth our second birth

prepared us to have eternal

life and so that there’s no doubt on how

to be born

again the Lord gives Nicodemus an

example he makes him remember when Moses

lifted up the serpent in the desert in

John 3:14 we find the story just as

Moses lifted up the snake in the


this is Jesus talking to Nicodemus so

the son of man must be lifted up and you

might ask well why is he speaking about

the snake well to make a long story

short when the people of Israel were

leaving the slavery from Egypt and they

were on their way to the promised

land they were bitten by many snakes

that arrived in the desert where they

were camping because of their

Disobedience and so God tells Moses to

make a bronze serpent a bronze snake to

nail it to a post and tell everyone that

had been bitten to look at the at the at

the snake and they would be healed and

so the Lord told Nicodemus just as the

as Moses lifted up the

snake the son of man must be lifted up

just the way Moses nailed the snake to a

post Jesus was nailed to a

cross the people of Israel weren’t told

to take medicine or to

take or for someone to suck it out or

for them to do good do good works or for

Moses to intercede no they just had to

look up and they would be healed and

just as those people were healed and

saved when they looked up at the snake

we’re healed and saved when we look up

at the cross right look up and you’re

and it’s done for many that’s too good

to be

true we tend to believe all right God

saved us by Grace but we’re always

looking for the fine print in the

contract like no it can’t be that easy

my mom used to say when the offering is

too big even the Saints

distrust H when you get a big

offering the Virgin and the Saints say

hey what’s going on here are you a drug

dealer or what that’s how it

is because we are used

to believing that there’s always a trick

or a catch behind every good offer

nobody ever gives you anything for free

there are people that say well online

there are a lot of things that are free

well if it’s free online it’s because

you’re the product but there’s nothing

free the bank after all lends US money

if we can show that we don’t need

it if you go to the bank and you show

that you don’t need money then they lend

you money so we have to have enough

money to back the loan so then why would

we need the loan in the first

place bring me proof that you have a lot

of money so that we can lend you well

then why would I ask for this loan I

come here because I’m starving not

because I’m Elon

Musk insurance companies insure our cars

and this surprised

me it’s hard for me to find com

insurance companies for me for

myself as the great driver that I am

they say no we don’t want to ensure you

Gabel because we only ensure trustworthy

drivers that truly need it no but they

don’t need

insurance what do you mean I’m the one

that puts Bread on insurance agents

tables no you have to show us that

you’re a good driver that you’ve never

been in been in an accident well then

why do I want insurance I want insurance

so that I can go and

crash to get down and tell the Asian hey

I have

insurance or medical insurance it gives

us coverage as long as we can show that


healthy if you have a an existing

condition they don’t insure you you have


show that you enjoy good health but if

you’re sick and you’re looking for

health insurance no no no no no you have

to pay for an insurance and not use it

and in the same way we distrust God and

when we do that we’re stealing from him

let me explain why we’re stealing from

it and this has nothing to do with our

offering or our tithe we steal in a

different way imagine you give me a gift

a perfume I’m very very simple you can

give me anything you go boss I’m sorry

arm money uh excuse me you give me a

perfume I see the perfume and I pull out

my wallet and I ask you how much do I

owe you and you say no no no it’s just a

gift no Dante you don’t owe me anything

I understand oh what you want is a check

yeah you want a check that’s fine that’s

fine you don’t want cash so let me write

a check and you say no no I don’t want a

check I just want you to the gift and I

look at you and I say I know where

you’re going you want to extort me

you’re giving me your perfume so that

later on I’m obligated to do something

for you and then you start to get

bothered at this point anyone would get

bothered and you say look it’s a gift

you can’t pay for a gift I just want to

honor you and I look at you again and I

say all right I know that’s fine I think

what you’re looking for is that I buy

you another perfume as retribution for

your gift right at this point I’m

already offending you

I’m insulting your intelligence at the

very least because by trying to buy the

gift from

you I’m undermining your

gesture I took away your desire to give

a gift I took away the joy of giving I

took it and that’s the way we take God’s

joy when we try and pay for God’s

goodness it’s

offensive God loves a joyful Giver

because he is a joyful

giver when he gives you Grace he gives

it with joy and if we bad and we rejoice

when we give things what about our

father how much more does he Rejoice if

as humans we get offended when we

believe that a gift is an an attempt to

to subordinate us well how how about God

when we say well I give you thanks from

for Grace but I have to do something to

pay for it that’s where God offers us

Grace forgiveness and the enemy Whispers

to us Don’t Preach such an easy

gospel this week not just the enemy but

many people called me to say that

because of course it’s always easier to

easier to manipulate a more complex

theology being holy means you have to

come to church the whole week you can’t

miss any activities you have to follow

all the rules that defines good

Christians in theory and we have

infinite debates as to what you can or

can’t do and we evaluate other people’s

behaviors as if our gift was to judge

other people’s

maturity and we have our sinometer

measure in big sins little sins and and

you might say well what is the the work

that God wants us to do what does he

desire of us whether you believe it or

not all he

wants is for us to believe to have faith

that it’s like this someone has to say I

believe in him now I have a Biblical

basis John 6 29 says the work of God is

this to believe in the one he has sent

to believe

believe some might ask well are we saved

by works yeah the work he wants you to

do is for you to believe I know someone

is saying oh what a relief you’re

telling me that it’s possible to get

into heaven without having to do

anything without doing good works no the

answer is no good works are a

demand see how your faces

change so someone else asks all right

all right all right you’re saying it’s

possible to go to heaven without having

good character no no no no no no way you

also need good character to get into

heaven let’s see you have to at the very

very very least just to get started you

have to do good works have good

character but whoops Houston we have a

problem we all lack both


basically we believe ourselves to be

good people we believe ourselves to be

decent but that’s not enough to get into

heaven the Bible doesn’t say that the

decent will see God the Bible says that


Holiness without Holiness no one will

see the Lord Hebrews

3:14 so it’s not enough to be decent

without Holiness no you need Holiness to

see the Lord so you can pay your taxes

come to church read the Bible never

Watch The Simpsons kiss your

mother-in-law but without Christ we’re


holy nothing nothing nothing nothing of

what we can do qualifies as holy

Hess that’s why it sometimes astonishes

me when people say oh this church or we

here live in Holiness all scripture

describes any attempt of Self auto

salvation are


Isaiah 644 says our works are like

unclean Rags referring to feminine

products Paul in Philippians 3:8 says he

equates our religious credentials with

manure he says everything I have is is

trash it’s it’s manure so how do we get

into heaven because you’re looking at me

kind of desperate at this point of the

sermon all you have to do is believe

except the work has been done by Jesus

on the cross what do I have to do well

accept that Jesus died for you because

God loved you

before God so loved the world that he

sent his son someone has to celebrate

more than that and then it

says those that believe and are bapt

whoever believes and is baptized will be

saved but whoever does not believe will

be condemned of course Mark 16:16 it’s

just believing the point as soon as you

say yeah yeah that’s

true in the movie The Last

Emperor a young boy who was anointed as

the last emperor of in China lives a

luxurious life he has thousands of

servants that run this way and that way

to tend to him and his brother asked him

at one point point in the film he says

what happens emperor when you do

something wrong and he says when I do

something wrong they punish someone


and to prove his point the boy breaks a

vase and immediately one of his servants

is whipped well in Christian theology

Jesus inverted that old guideline when

the servants messed up the King was

punished Grace doesn’t cost you


but that’s because someone gave their

blood the one that gave us that Grace

was paid for by Blood Grace isn’t free

no it’s invaluable we would never be

able to pay for it it’s a scandalous

Grace it’s Relentless we would never be

able to pay for it and all you have to

do is believe so the thief on the cross

just believed and cried out remember in

Luke 23:42 Jesus Remember me when you

come into your kingdom and what did the

the Savior promise truly I tell you

today you will be with me in Paradise

the thief

he was almost an Argentinian that’s

what’s believed

theologically how can a guy like this go

to paradise how can a stained soul soul

a soul stained by sin go to heaven how

can it be saved I can imagine the people

down below as if there was a Pharisee he

didn’t believe what was happening up on

the crosses but it happened that the

thief’s sin left him and went to

Jesus every bad thought every vile

act all his greed and lust all that was

now covering Jesus Christ and at the

same moment Jesus’s Purity covered the

thief and the way the father clothed the

prodigal son Jesus clothed the thief and

he who had no sin was now filled by sin

and he who was filled by sin was now

sinless it was the most exceptional

Exchange in all of history Paul

describes it in this way in Galatians

3:13 Christ redeemed us from the curse

of the law by becoming a curse for us

for it is written isn’t it marvelous

people second Corinthians 5:19

adds that God was reconciling the world

to himself in Christ not counting

people’s sins against them and he has

committed to us the message of

reconciliation so we were given a

perfect record which was Jesus and he

took our record and now what did he do

with our calamitous record you might be

asking what did he do with my sin well

we know that Jesus throws it into the

deepest part of the ocean but we’re

always scared that there are brothers

and sisters that have the ministry of


diving see one of the divers just

laughed right now out

loud Colossians 2:14 what did he do with

our sins well I could live with this

verse for the rest of my life having

canell the charge of our legal

indebtedness which stood against us and

condemned us he has taken it away

nailing it to the Cross someone has to

celebrate more than that people


now I know some are

thinking I know what you’re thinking


brother now I know some are thinking all

right all right all right I can’t debate

what you’re saying now because it’s in

the Bible but the Bible also says that

we have to give fruits this week someone

said all right all right all right all


you know what I believe in I’m saved but

what about giving

fruit you know there are people that

work as inspectors of other people’s

fruit oh let me see how many grapes this

sister has oh this person’s lacking

apples there are people like

this again

misinterpretation Jesus let’s see let’s

put it this way Jesus defines himself as

a good farmer who cuts and prunes the


John 151 says I am the True Vine and my

father is the

gardener he cuts off every branch in me

that bears no fruit while every branch

that does bear fruit he prunes so that

it will be even more fruitful then he

adds he

says go and give many fruits remain in


I ask what is the fruit that God wants

it’s not the fruits it’s just one

according to Galatians 5:22 that’s one


includes love joy peace forbearance

kindness goodness faithfulness

gentleness and

self-control putting up with your

mother-in-law could be part of the

fruit and so he is the

farmer who’s busy and active taking care

of the land the one one who

builds the one who builds and and and

and and tends to The Vines and the

plants and once again here’s the Dilemma

what do we have to

do well what’s the instinctive answer

well obviously I know what I have to do

I have to give off fruits but let’s not

rush if a branch doesn’t give fruit

let’s go back to this metaphor because

we can’t say oh the Lord spoke in hyperb

here but then he stopped no no no let’s

let’s keep going with the metaphor he

speaks of a Vine his father is a farmer

he’s the vine and we’re the branches

that have to give off fruit is it any

good for the farmer to demand a plant to


fruits have you ever planted something

have any of you ever planted something

somebody lift your hand if you’ve

planted something oh write a book at the

very least do

something four people have planted

things is it any good to say hey tomato

grow grow in the name of Jesus I order

you to grow does that help at

all now let’s just say it were a

branch they understood what I said

earlier just

now they understood the scuba diving

Ministry because they’re a little


listen is it any good to say or for the

branch to say oh I’m going to produce

fruit because I’ve decided to produce

fruit is it any good to say oh I’m going

to try and try until I give off a grape

is that going to work even if we try and

even if we clench our jaw we’re not

going to produce a grape but religion

has taught us no now that you’re saved

it’s fine you can’t pay for your

salvation but give off

fruits we’re taught that we have to try

and give off fruit so what do you say oh

now that I’m a believer I’m going to try

and be patient Lord Jesus give me

patience now now give me patience that’s

how you want to be patient no you won’t

be patient it’s fine it’s fine it’s fine

fine fine fine I understand I understand

I’m going to give all fruits I’m going

to be joyful when I give Now give me

that stupid envelope so I can take the

money to the dumb piggy bank and I’ll

give no that’s not how it

works oh I need a grape to come on I

need a grape to come on no no no a

grape’s not going to come out something

else is going to come out of

you okay all right okay okay okay I’m

going to forgive this stupid person so I

can give fruit no you can’t give Fruit

by force that’s why sometimes the

religious people that try and have

fruits of Holiness end up showing their

true Essence because they

believe to be waiters of the king

because they walk on two

legs you show them a small Mouse and

then they show that they’re still

cats as soon as the Mouse runs by the

cat from within them comes out because

you can’t produce fruits by force any

religious person that roams on social

media starts by saying saying oh may God

bless you or here’s my humble opinion

what I do is I show them a

mouse I show them a mouse and then the

insult comes out they send me to hell

because that’s what they are they’re

cats that’s why we won’t find Jesus

saying I order you to give fruits no

nowhere we won’t find that God doesn’t

order us to give fruit look for it look

for it I already

did look for it even those of you that

have L Bible than a mosque look for it

really I’ve looked for it it doesn’t say

go and and bear

fruits I was at a church where someone

said to me I believe in that word of the

Lord that says I Won’t Give


316 people repeat things and they don’t

even know what’s in the Bible they don’t

even know what they’re


it’s a fallacy to say that God orders us

to bear fruit so what’s the order he

gives us well let’s read it together


15 remain in me as I also remain in

you no Branch can bear fruit by itself

it must remain in the

vine neither can you bear fruit unless

you remain in

me I am the vine you are the branches if

you remain in me and I in you you will

bear much fruit someone has to say


amen apart from me you can do nothing no

Doctrine no effort can you produce a


grape if you do not reain in remain in

me you are like a branch that is thrown

away and withs such branches are picked

up and thrown into the fire and burned

if you remain in me and my words remain

in you ask whatever you wish and it will

be done for you this is to my father’s

Glory that you bear much fruit showing

yourselves to show to be my disciples

isn’t it marvelous so what does the Lord

ask us for to remain in him it’s not Rel

religion it’s relationship I’m not

against the fruit but the fruit comes

out on its own I don’t wake up in the

morning and say oh today I believe I’ll

be a patient man yes I’m deciding it no

it’s not a

decision the fruit appears

organically you’re with Christ you spend

time in prayer you’re with him and the

grape comes out oh a


another one oh oh it just

appears someone comes and they mistreat

you and they insult you and a blessing

comes out from within you because the

grape comes out on its own it’s not

about the effort and the doctrine or

what God says or I can’t avenge myself

no it’s not a law the fruit comes on its

own now apart from God we can’t give any

fruit we can’t apart from God you can’t

have spiritual life right


Jesus was a teacher he was a rabbi

right and in the Jewish culture each

teacher had his own yoke of teachings

their yoke were their teachings the

content the


sometimes penants many rabbis placed

yolks of teachings upon people that were

impossible they were legalistic like

when we would go to school in high

school and we had a professor or a

teacher that would give you a lot of

homework there was always one that gave

you so much homework they would ruin

your Friday they would ruin your weekend

you would have a test on

Monday because they wanted us to learn

by force and then there was the other

teacher the nice one should we


study and I would say I love this

guy there are some that taught so well

that would say there’s no point in you

doing the homework if you don’t

understand it education wasn’t about

bringing in information but bringing out

what’s within well these guys had yolks

that set people apart from God instead

of bringing them closer they oppressed

people and one day Jesus spoke to the

crowds in

Mark or in

Matthew 11:28 and he said come to me all

you who are weary and burdened and I

will give you

rest take my yoke upon you and learn

from me for I am gentle and humble in

heart and you will find rest for your

souls and my question is does is

anyone’s Soul weary there was a song

that said weary Soul do not despair

waiting God one day I’ll I’ll I’ll make


CD so that my fans can have it and then

it adds for my yoke is easy and my

burden is

light this is crazy for a religious

person what do you mean it’s easy yeah

for my yoke is easy and my burden is

light and so Jesus teachings were on the

antipodes it was the antithesis of what

the rabbis were teaching back then

because he didn’t offer a series of

rules or rituals he offered Grace

Relentless Grace he offered them to be

connected to the vine be connected to me

and that’s it well there’s no catch


nothing sometimes activism the desire to

do is a great

disguise of course churches can become

that the Lord said elegant coffins a

church filled with activity is sometimes

the best hiding place for the

dead and having a relationship with

Christ no no no but I’m I’m at church

Monday through Friday playing music and

do you know the Lord are you connected

to to the vine no no it’s been a while

since it’s been that way I don’t feel

anything but you have no idea how I

serve I receive people at the door


a lot of activity doesn’t produce life

changes it gives the impression that

things are happening that there may be

life but the Lord says no no no no no

that’s it all you have to do is believe

and remain connected to me all the time

not just two hours a week all the

time that means that will that will

never chase mice again does that mean

that our old nature will never pop out

does that mean that we’ll always be in

in conditions to resist temptation to

answer this question we have to go back

to the nursery we have to go back to the

birthing room we have to look at the

newborn baby what does a newborn baby

do apart from going number two and

number one and crying can the baby walk

can the baby feed itself can the baby

sing read speak no one day they’ll be

able to but not today it takes time to

grow since the baby’s small and little

are the are the parents embarrassed to

the baby

no is the mother upset because the baby

can’t read or walk or because the

newborn can’t share a speech no of

course not the parents aren’t ashamed

they feel Pride they know that growth

will come through time and God knows the

exactly the same thing once we believe

and we’re saved then growth comes


time second Peter 3:9 says the Lord is

not slow in keeping his promise as some

understand slowness instead he is

patient with you not wanting anyone to

perish but everyone to come to

repentance he has such

patience I think well no I don’t think I

I’m confirming that God is much more

patient than we are with

ourselves we fall and we already believe

that we’ll never be born again or that

we were never born again we stumble and

we say I don’t think I was ever saved if

we have our old desires it’s because

we’re not New Creation because that’s

what we were

taught oh this person fell into sin

because they were never truly converted

that’s what they would say to me well


why why did they go through such Scandal

well because they never truly converted

they were just

convinced or they sinned because they

were they were never truly baptized what

do you mean I was there no no no they

just they just took a shower they bathed

they went for a

swim but like Juan Carlos Ortiz used to

say the founder of this church he would

say even if it were that way remember

this nobody Falls from Grace we all fall

into Grace into a net that holds us up

that supports us someone has to say Amen

yes or no it’s a

net oh someone fell oh well thank god

there’s the net of Grace we don’t fall

from grace we don’t fall from the net we


into Grace

when we try to do good acts and we fall

Grace Catches Us it’s not a license to

sin but it’s just understanding that

from time to time a mouse will cross in

front of us and we’ll believe or will’ll

think well maybe I don’t have the Holy

Spirit am I fighting against these

desires do I want to strangle this

person because I have a demon within me

no it just means that we’re

growing to the stature to the measure of

the stature of the fullness Christ every

day and who can say I’m going to grow

who how do adolescence

grow adolescence it’s astonishing one

night they go to bed

small they go to bed with a small foot

and in the

morning it’s a big fooot they’re

Bigfoot their little shoes were like

this yesterday but now they’re two


right with hairy legs that you’ve never


you ask why do they have so much hair

why are they so hairy they grow out of

nowhere it’s not because they decided to

do so they just grow Philippians 1:6

says that he who began a good work in

you will carry it on to completion until

the day of Christ

Jesus he hasn’t given up on you and each

day he will make us grow a little more

yes or no so let’s see

in many aspects our second birth is like


first because our new birth in our new

birth God provides everything we

need every all the pain that was felt

wasn’t through us but through someone

else and just as parents are patient

with a newborn God is patient with us

but there’s a

difference the first time we didn’t have

to decide whether we were going to be

born or not nobody asked us that’s a

question I would ask my mother when I

would get mad I would say I wasn’t I

didn’t ask to be

born the second time we’re born we do

have to decide to do

it the power is in God’s hand God puts


effort the pain is experimented by God

but the choice is ours and what’s the

choice well whether we believe or

not in these last days I was speaking

with many people that in theory we would

call unbelievers innocuous people I

don’t know people that are set apart

from God and they would ask well what do

I have to do to belong to this and I

said believe oh but I believe already

well that’s it

welcome everything else is a minor

detail when there’s a baptism we’ll

throw you in the

pool when there’s a Holy Communion we’ll

share but that all has to do with

sacraments and symbols and if there’s no

time for that don’t worry really you’re

not asking for anything no no all you

have to do is believe that he always

loved you that he died for your life

the gentleman was crying he never

believed in

anything everything that goes beyond

believing and remaining in the vine is a

foolish attempt to try and pay God for

that Grace it doesn’t matter how much we

take care of the doctrine God knows us

and God knows that we see a few

mice and our true Essence comes to light

there’s an old

story of when the emperor Frederick the

great visited a a a prison in Prussia a

state that existed in Europe in in the


region and he spoke with all the

prisoners Frederick the great and they

all confirmed that they were innocent

and the king would ask well why are you

here and one would say oh I’m just a

victim of of the system another one said

oh I’m innocent I’m innocent I didn’t do

anything but then there was another

prisoner hiding in the corner that

didn’t say a single word and the

governor asked him what about you who do

you fault for your

sentence and his answer was your majesty


am guilty and I more than deserve My

Punishment and the emperor called the

guards he was surprised and he said free

this man before he corrupts the rest of

these innocent men in in these

cells so the

king can set us free as soon as we admit

that we messed up believe and repent

we’re not doing ourselves any favors by

justifying our acts by saying well the

Lord forgave me but you know what I’m

now I’m giving fruits by justifying that

we have a better

Doctrine or by forgiving our sins or

speaking about our errors instead of

sins no I remember when I was young

there were bandages called

Band-Aids and I thought they were

magical because it didn’t matter if I

had a splinter if

I had a gash I would say Mom

can I get a

Band-Aid and my mom will say what do you

mean son you need stitches that Band-Aid

won’t help and that’s sometimes how we

act we come to Christ with our sin and

all we want to do is cover it up with

good acts and holy and and healthy

Doctrine but God can’t heal what we’re

hiding 1 John 1: 18 says if we claim to

be without sin we deceive ourselves and

the truth is not in us we’re not


we can trust if we confess our sins he

is faithful and just and he will forgive

us our sins and purify us from all

unrighteousness the whole church not

just here but around the world we all

have a problem of a lack of authenticity

we all pretend that we’re not sinning

that we don’t have to confess each and

every day the Lord already died for all

of our sins all we have to do now is

confess them confront it and cover it

with the blood of Christ how can God

heal something that we deny H how can

God touch what we’re trying to

hide how can we have communion with

him with the vine and give fruit if

we’re hiding

Secrets if we’re not brutally honest

when we go and pray that’s communion

examine me oh God David

said observe my heart see the sins that

are hidden in other words maybe I’m

sinning in certain things and I don’t

even realize that maybe you could help

me and set me free from that as well man

that’s a heart aligned with Gods because

morally David had a lot of shortcomings


scammer a

killer or at least the intellectual

author an adulterer fornication so why

would God

say he is a man aligned with my heart

because even when he sinned he would say

oh Lord Don’t Take Your Presence from me

he lived in

communion he didn’t have higher morals

than the rest his soldiers had more

morals the little soldier that he sent

to kill had more morals than him but

what did the soldier lack well the fact

that David was connected to God and as

soon as a prophet confessed or

confronted him he broke that’s the true

fruit not trying through effort

how can God give us

forgiveness when we don’t even admit our

guilt how can God give us Grace if we

want to pay for

it the church has a problem with Grace

we want to pay for it and they write to

me and they say stop preaching a cheap

gospel no my friend you guys preach a

cheap gospel by saying that they have to

pay for

it when I receive by Grace I connect

with him and I begin to live in Holiness

in an organic way not through

effort am I explaining myself yes or no

what do you have to do well believe and

repent don’t add anything else to it

believe and

repent God has already paid for all of

our sin say all all I don’t like making

you repeat it but it’s it’s beautiful

all our sin what do we have to do just

confess it Lord yes I am an adulterer

yes Lord I I I’m lustful yes I gossip

Lord I’d love to be in the lines and

talk about everyone no no not here but

at the supermarket line I don’t know

where there is a beloved author that

wrote a magnificent

story and it was called it was a Pros a

unique Pros it was called if only you

knew I love it I I Adore it he

tells that one day a hummingbird went

into flew into a garage and couldn’t

find its way

out so the hummingbird was

flying all over the

room and so the author opened up a door

but the the the hummingbird couldn’t

find the door and the hummingbird kept

crashing its head up against the window

boom boom

boom the hummingbird wanted to leave but

with even with his determination he

would never be able to break the glass

and so the man opened the

window waiting for the bird to fly out

but the bird didn’t do that so the the

gentleman grabbed a broom and pushed the

bird softly towards the window but the

hummingbird got even more scared and

flew in the opposite direction and

instead of flying out the window the

hummingbird flew back and crashed up

against a brick wall and was left

stunned and now the hummingbird was was

trapped defenseless so the man took the

semi passed out bird and carefully

places it on the the window sill until

the hummingbird panics and flies out the

window when the hummingbird went back to

its nest it had a story to tell he said


woman I’m not discriminating that’s what

the hummingbird said to his wife he said

you have no idea what just happened to

me what happened to you old man it was a

frightening day it just so happens that

I fall into an enormous room with false

exits well what do you mean false exits

well I could see outside but there was

an invisible wall that would push me

back isn’t it a glass or a window I

don’t know I don’t know but it was

pushing me back and then there was an

ogre a terrifying

ogre that took a stick and I’m sure he

wanted to eat me alive and when he tried

to to smash me I flew back cuz I have

reactions you know me woman I have some

quick reactions and this

ogre tried to trap me he lifted up a

wall behind me and the next thing I

realized is I was on the ground passed

out and I thought that I had already

gone to Hummingbird Heaven I thought I

was dead but the monster grabbed me

surely to eat me up but the fool thought

that I was dead so he put me right next

to the window I’m sure to prepare some

salt to or some condiments and but since

I’m since I’m quick oh yes that’s why I

fell in love with you old man well I

flew out my love I flew out I escaped

and and here I am now I’m strong and he

must be looking for me now the man was

trying to show an exit to freedom but

the bird thought that the man was being

cruel the man said hummingbird if only


knew that I was trying to help

you that I was on your

side if only you understood that that

stick was to guide you to the

exit and this story reminds us that

daily the help that God offers us tends

to be misinterpreted and we believe that

he’s punishing us that he’s harming us

and we complain about closed windows yet

we don’t see the wide open doors that


opened we’re filled with panic because

he wants to get close to us we try to

avoid that stick that tries to guide us

we avoid the fingers that try to free

us and God says if only you

knew he says to me once and again tell

my people that I love them that they

can’t imagine how much I love them

without ser

without fingers pointing at your past

it’s just a call to believe a call to

trust if only you knew hummingbird that

I came to help you and not to condemn

you if only you knew the gift that I’ve

brought to you eternal life if only you

knew that the only thing I want is to

take you home safe and sound but we

continue to ask okay okay okay what’s

the catch why that stick what’s the

catch here where’s the catch nothing’s


if only we could just

trust truly trust when he says I know

the plans for I know the plans I have

for you plans to prosper you and not to

harm you plans to give you hope and a

future Jeremiah

29:11 fill of Hope someone has to

celebrate that yes or

no if only we could learn to trust in

him until he cuts the branches so that

we can bear fruits he hears the pray of


thieves and him your father told me to

tell you this following message I don’t

know if you’re ready to hear this but

this whole message is what I believe God

placed in my heart but particularly

this this word was surgically placed

word by word he told me to tell you it’s


telegram it’s a documented letter that

he wants you to receive are you ready to

receive it yes or

no from The Moment I Saw You be born God

says I knew then and there that you were

mine the only thing you have to do is

believe that I have saved you and that I

loved you even before you were

born you just have to remain connected

to me but I warn

you I warn you that if you don’t do

it if you decide to not believe in me if

you decide to set yourself

apart if you abandon your

faith if you curse me if you insist on

continuing to sin if you decide to do

whatever you want with your life let me

just tell you now that you got into it

with the wrong parent I’m going to warn

you that I’m not willing to waste the

blood that I poured for my son or the

price that he had to pay for you to

believe and be found and brought back

home so it doesn’t matter to me how how

when or where you’re

hiding in the Heights The Depths below

the Earth and the heavens behind


created I possess a very specific skill

set and I have centuries of experience

in finding people like you and I want to

tell you that if you try to disappear

from my presence then I will begin a

Relentless search I’m an expert in

finding my lost coins my lost sheep and

my lost children and I’m not willing to


it or change my opinion so listen to me

what I’m about to say because I will

just say it once I swear by myself God

says that I will go after you I will

find you and I will forgive


you someone has to celebrate God more

than that come on give a grand Applause

to the King of

Kings give a grand Applause to the king

that the king is in the house today

someone needs to celebrate because of

that Relentless Grace

Hallelujah blessed are you no no no no

no no celebrate celebrate celebrate

celebrate The King The King has spoken


morning blessed are

you and all you have to do is

believe all you have to do is believe do

you truly believe

the Lord has taken you

in and he’s told me that you’re the

item of a frantic search we’re

Unfaithful but he’s

faithful we fall but Christ Grace is

there to hold us up he won’t allow us to

fail he won’t let us finish the year in

a bad way he’s told me to tell you once

and again to remind you no one can take

what I have in my hand no one can take

what is

mine this isn’t Barca versus Madrid this

isn’t Mexico versus Argentina this isn’t

God versus the devil where sometimes one

wins and the and then the other one no

no no God gave us Victory to give us


life so lift up your hands and say with

me Lord I

believe even those that have been here

for a long time those that have been

Christians for a while say Lord I

believe how can I not believe whoa

impressive I believe God everyone


everyone I believe God I believe I

believe I believe

Lord receive receive receive this gift

receive it receive it son receive it

daughter Can you feel it at

home those that are all over the world

connecting the Lord tells me to tell you

now how I love you I love you so much

how could I forget you if I have you

sculpted it in my hands everyone

everyone praying lift up your hands and

and drink receive receive

receive those that are at home I don’t

have too much more to say we’ll take a

couple more minutes here before we go

but those that are at home I say goodbye


you by

saying the Lord tells me to tell you you

have no idea how much I love you Prince

you have no idea how much I love you

princess don’t listen to anyone that

tells you tells you the opposite he’ll

find you he’ll forgive you he’ll look

for you he’ll find you and he’ll for

you he’s taking you in from the moment

you were born it’s a promise from God

whether you like it or not may God

protect you may he bless you and may his

face shine upon you here we remain in

worship and on the other side I say

goodbye to

you don’t give in don’t

surrender and to those that are here

come on come

on Hallelujah Can you feel it give a

great great Applause to the Lord of

lords and King of






















here is