ENGLISH Dante Gebel #854 | Homer is not a son of God!

Why do we insist on creating boxes, categories or denominations that define us in contrast to others? These barriers create polarization, segregation and divisions that keep us distant from God’s unifying plan. True Christianity is NOT a religion or a denomination. Christianity and evangelicals are NOT «the way.» Jesus is the way! And the Gospel – the Good News – is that Jesus has already included ALL of us in His life and in His relationship with God the Father, regardless of classifications. Let us remember that what matters is love, grace, mercy… everything what Jesus is. We are all children of God; but some still don’t believe it. A challenging message!



there they are Asia Africa America

Australia Europe let’s go with all those

flags this is happening live here from


Street man is their Revival man is their

happiness let’s go

the king is in the house people look how

beautiful Danny Campbell how are you

Danny Campbell is our missionary

well he’s the one that’s in

charge of our of the missionary branch

of the Assemblies of God the the

denomination that we belong

to welcome Danny Campbell he just came

back from Sri

Lanka it’s always a pleasure to receive

him and to all those that are visiting

us and this is what I want to transmit

to you I’m about to transmit what I

believe God placed in my heart because

what I’m going to transmit today is an

open heart surgery really and I have to

give you anesthesia little by little so

that it doesn’t

hurt then I’ll wake you up at the end

when the service is over I’ll wake you

up and I’ll send you home with those

gowns that leave our rear end out in the


right but all jokes of before I transmit

this message there are two

things that I want to say specifically

to those watching us from around the

world in Baya

Blanca it’s a Zone in the province of

weno sidtis in my country

Saturday December

16th there was a storm rain winds

without precedent and it destroyed this

city I preached there many times back in

the day while I was still living in


13 people were lost all electricity went

down and the people had to take refuge

wherever they could under bridges and

homes wherever they

could because literally this this this


this it just it destroyed homes and

buildings and all sorts of things it

happened just before the holidays this

had never been seen before so we we

tried to react as quickly as possible

because the these things this inclement

weather they don’t respect financial

status they don’t respect social status

they come and they destroy there’s a

famous club in Baya Blanca named Club

Olympic club and they were completely

destroyed and so what we did

is there here are all the

refugees people that were sleeping on on

just mattresses they lost everything

their homes they lost everything in just

a few a few moments maybe in Florida

this would have been announced that you

know there’s a hurricane coming what

level if it’s going to touch the coast

but here it was unforeseen it was

unexpected they were expecting rain but

not this so as we did with El Salvador

as we’ve done with Venezuela with

Mexico with aapco not too long

ago we

sent a great sum of of of of of money to

help I’m sure that it won’t be enough to

reconstruct the whole city obviously but

in this case president said well there’s

not much we can do there’s no money we

don’t have a Federal Reserve so he said

in other words you’re going to have

to you know fix it however you can I’m

not trying to judge the president I’m

just saying that he wasn’t able to help

I’m not trying to say he didn’t want to

he just couldn’t so that people were


out helpless we still don’t have

images because it was very difficult due

to the protocols that we have in our

countries I don’t want to say

bureaucracy but it was very difficult to

to get the money there we sent it

immediately sending the money was easy

but the difficult part was to withdraw

it and they wanted to see where it was

coming from and why and what the reason

was we had to send letters what we

wanted in exchange for the money you

know it was a whole frustrating

situation it it doesn’t just happen in

Argentina but with the majority of our

countries we were finally able to to

access the money this week this happened

on December 16th but we were finally

able to help now we don’t have the

images yet because this money just

arrived and we’re going to purchase

food blankets there are still a lot of

refugees but I wanted to say this taking

advantage of the of the live if there’s

anyone in Baya

Blanca I know I posted that we sent

money there and there you might be

asking well where is it well we’re

helping we’ve been working we’ll show

you images soon take strength people

from Baya Blanca we’re with you there

you’re a part of our family keep going

don’t give


but after that Ecuador also came into

the picture Ecuador is living a very


moment it’s common knowledge at this

point that there is an open war

against the drug

trade they even took

over a a a a TV a uh a a TV show a news

channel every time Latin America bleeds

we Al we feel

it because despite the fact that we’re

on this side of the Border we’re all or

the majority of us are immigrants we

come from these countries and it hurts

us so much so

yes there was less protocol and for

whatever reason there was less

bureaucracy and so we were also able to

send resources to Ecuador because there

are many people that can’t go out and

work and so this began from what I was

reading this began in the prisons and

then it was extended to the


in two weeks I have to be in Kito and

wakil for the presid

tour but I have two dates in wakil and

Kito that sold out almost six months ago

and so I have two presentations in Kito

two presentations in wakil and we were

speaking with the producer if it was

still okay if the people would be able

to and he said yeah we’ll change a few

things we’ll make it we’ll start earlier

instead of starting at 8 we’ll start at

6 so I think that will be announced to

all those that have their tickets

hopefully God willing I can still go

despite all this but I want to say to

the point to not Veer off track we’re

sending help to Ecuador we sent it this

past week to all the people that need it

I know some ecuadorians are saying well

I didn’t get anything well it’s not

going through the government it’s going

directly to foundations people that we

trust that we know that money will reach

the people it’ll reach those in need so

we’re also praying there are a lot of

ecuadorians here today we’re praying for

Ecuador so that the Lord May bless you

and hold you up and may He protect you

be calm stay calm God is still on his

throne very well it seems like bad news

but it’s an opportunity for God to

glorify himself so that God can bless us

and so that we may be a Channel of

blessing and I wanted to say this

because in one way or another it’s our

responsibility we’re a church we’re a

congregation that always goes out to the

streets we worry about those that suffer

those in need and as we did it for these

little ones we did it for the Lord so

that’s why wanted to tell you these

these two bits of news I know there’s

more bad news because you might be

thinking well what about El salador what

about Mexico what about what’s happening

over there well we would become CNN if

we started sharing all the news but this

is just a little bit a little grain of

sand that we can contribute and man are

we doing it are we ready for God to

speak to us yes or no very well well pay

a lot of attention

please everything’s clean sterilized

we’re ready to operate and I need you to

not be distracted for even a second if a

child starts crying

I know the parents say I don’t want to

miss out well get the child and take him

to the Family Theater where there you

can watch on a very big screen you can

watch the whole service so that you

don’t distract those around you or we’ll

give them a painkiller and put them to

sleep I always tend to

share that those of us that had never

traveled or left our environment we


thought that all foreigners spoke with

accents except for us well that’s the

idea that I had in Argentina as a child

I would ask myself why don’t Mexicans

speak normally like us

argentinians and I know that Mexicans

would say the same things when they were

children why do argentinians sing when

they speak but I would ask my

mom because we would see Mexican soap

operas or Venezuelan soap operas and I

would ask why do they have that

accent why do they say certain letters

differently or why do Spanish people

always speak with

th I would say that’s a

misinterpretation they differentiate an

s from a th so when it’s they

pause so that you know what it is but we

mix everything up we make a disaster out

of our language but the Spanish respect

cervantes’s language until one day I

began to go out to the world and I

noticed that we all have our own accent

just that we are El don’t notice it but

our beliefs also have an accent the

accent of our

beliefs is a processing Prejudice it’s a


lens it’s a lens that models our

perspective of the Bible and of God and

so that lens that prejudice that we

carry that belief system makes us so

that we see things as we believe they

should be not always but on many

occasions so we all have our own family

prejudices our own personal

stories our own thinking habits and

without noticing those things filter our

faith they filter our way of seeing God

it’s not a secret that I always tend to

share that I tried to see God as a

loving father but it was very difficult

during my adolescence and my youth

because of the European father that I

had he was cold or uh he was impartial

in the way he treated his children I’m

not judging him but you tend to see God

the way you see your own father so it

was very difficult to see a loving God

but that’s a family Prejudice that’s a

lens by which I filtered the rest of my

faith and then when you filter your

faith through those lenses you go

through life looking for beliefs that

validate what we already believe we look

for a congregation that thinks the same

way that we do because we’ve already

believed that from a young age or from

ad from our adolescence or from when we

accepted the Lord or what’s even

worse we begin to frequent people that

believe exactly the same thing as we do

we don’t want to gather with people that

can put our beliefs Up For

Debate and just as we are incapable of

distinguishing our own

accents we also cannot distinguish our

own belief systems and I insist it’s

what we observe what we see the way in

which we

believe and seeing Jesus with new eyes

when I see G seeing Jesus with new eyes

I’m referring to rediscovering what’s


written the revivals God’s movements

never come from something new but it

always goes back to the Fountain it

always goes back to the old path

rediscovering something that was

semi-hidden or something that culture

hid from us so seeing Jesus with new

eyes implies opening up your

mind to question our assumptions our

paradigms I was brought up

within the Evangelical Pentecostal

tradition we were not just Pentecostal

we were a super Archie Mega

xous Pentecostals we were more than

Pentecostal and I was educated with a

lot of

truth that I’m very grateful for but

with also a lot of

lies that were able to filter themselves

in and they couldn’t admit any debate

you had to accept it by faith and not

not debate it you would ask well why

this well it doesn’t matter just accept

it by

faith and my questioning already lifted

up a a spirit of Suspicion and during my

adult age during my adult

life the Lord began to remove that mold

that infected the truth and of course

the Lord does it carefully surgically to

not wound the original truth that’s how

sometimes works of art are restored

Specialists have to go in and clean out

what what can damage the work of art if

anyone goes to clean it and wash it then

they’ll ruin the the the the painting

but God does it

surgically and I had to unlearn many

Concepts that tied me to an erroneous

belief and it was far from God’s

character much of what I learned was far

from what God actually was and I learned

that later the same thing that happens

to our hard drive and a computer when a


enters our mind is then left with

archives that are infected and if we

don’t uninstall those

Traditions it’s going to do away with

all that we do all that we believe

anything that we filter through that

archive that’s

contaminated so half of spiritual growth

consists in learning and man is it

beautiful to learn for God to open up

our minds but the other half consists of

unlearning and that’s the most difficult

part for us Christians you heard it be

said but I say to you and that made

people go crazy when the when Jesus said

that they didn’t want to unlearn what

they had learned from Moses’s

law but that hasn’t changed once we

learn something we don’t want to unlearn

it once we believe something we don’t

want to not believe it and the same

mental structure that makes us teachable

gives us the same potential to sometimes

become uncoachable or unteachable you

say no no no no that’s not how I learned

it and that’s it period I did it this

way my whole life yeah but it doesn’t

work well I did it like this my whole

life and so we remain in something that

we don’t even know why we remain I

always tell the same story and those

that know that I’m repeating it will

accept it once again because it’d be

good for

you it’s that young girl that gets

married and she goes and makes a pizza

and when she’s when it’s done she cuts

out four

corners and then she puts it in the oven

and the husband asks why are you cutting

off the corners of the pizza and she

says I don’t know my mom always did it

this way why well I don’t know she

always did it this way so the the

husband goes and speaks with the

Mother-in-law he covers himself with the

blood of Christ goes to his

mother-in-law and

asks hey your daughter cuts the pizza

almost in half before she puts it in the

oven why and the Mother-in-law said no I

do the same thing so she started making

a pizza she did the same thing cut the

four corners and put it in the oven and

she said I learned from my mother and so

the grandmother was still alive and so

the husband goes and speaks with her and

says hey look

miss your daughter and your

granddaughter prepare a pizza cut the

corners and then put it in the oven they

say they learned from you and she said I

have no idea why they do it I I did it

because my oven was too small so I had

to cut

it that has to do with inheriting

traditions and not wanting to unlearn

them we don’t want to say hey you can do

it differently no no no because that’s

how I learned it we think think that the

old path consists of remaining strong

that no one questioned what we’ve

believed since we were young but there

are things that should be up for debate

it doesn’t have to do with the

fundamental with the biblical with the

scriptural it has to do with the

periphery things that don’t affect our

relationship with God but it does affect


filter with which we see God so what

does that arrogance do it makes our our

brain rigid but Humanity in

although it’s rigid and and difficult to

accept new things the Lord sometimes

fills us with an anointing of of

humility that allows our brain to remain

open with that being said I was raised

in a world of boxes it was us and then

them inside and outside anointed and not

anointed because us Pentecostals Not

only would we say oh he’s he’s worldly

and he’s spiritual no they would say oh

he’s anointed and he’s not anointed he

might be bitter but not

anointed saved or not saved worthy of

Salvation or not worthy of Salvation we

would say things like that like oh that

guy’s not worthy of his salvation see

how far we would take

it we would say oh they are baptized by

the Holy Spirit and they’re not baptized

by the holy spirit for us the spiritual

person was the person shaking and

speaking in

tongues and then the person that was

sitting like Danny Campbell we would say

oh he’s

worldly because an American won’t move a

won’t move a muscle

boxes cages labels

signs prejudgments oh these Baptists are

not renewed they don’t have the Holy

Spirit oh those erroneous Catholics that

are going to hell oh those from the

false doctr all those other liberal

brothers that applaud in their

services so I’m talking about my

childhood the church where I was brought

up we created thousands of forms to

categorize to maintain others at a


count them as lost marginalized condemn

them and sometimes in certain

disciplines boxes are good for example

it’s good for a medical clinician that


distinguish a cold from a brain tumor

but other times boxes and categories

take us to genocides to segregation to

racism to hate to horrendous

abuse so tradition has a tend

of taking away the focus of what Christ

did and centering it on our own efforts

and that’s the greatest difference

between religion created by

man and the gospel given by God and US

Christians tend to prefer a God that we


control we can say we we like to choose

what we would like God to say but it’s

not Jesus plus the holy doctrine that

gives us salvation it’s just Jesus

period I know this produces ticaria and

and makes many of your theology

uncomfortable but it’s not Jesus plus

circumcision or Jesus plus congregating

or Jesus plus your tithe or Jesus plus

Marrying an orphan that has no mother no

that’s not what it means it’s just Jesus


it and when someone adds something to

Jesus in reality we’re taking away his

Essence we’re taking everything from it

and our religious accents make it so

that we’re always

creating a new box or a new category


there we find the mental disposition of

making up terms of adding them to the

gospel and preaching those terms as if

they were biblical terms but they’re not

biblical look at the face you’re looking

at me with I love it you’re all

anxious I had a a German Pastor not a

German Shepherd but a German Pastor who

was born in

Germany and he preached whatever he

liked well once he was old and a little


and we would say Pastor where is that

that in In Heaven There is no electric

guitar because he would say the electric

guitar and the bass and the drums


demonic in heaven they play the

accordion because he would play the

accordion how what a coincidence

right in heaven they play the accordion

everyone knows that he would

say and so the youth that would play

music all us demons that would play

music we would say Pastor where is that

in the Bible and he would say this

marvelous phrase he said it’s not but it


be and that’s how we are sometimes it’s

not in the Bible but it should be oh oh

God forgot to add it into scripture

that’s what we say and those small


boxes have the

intention of having the formula of how

God functions so if I have the magical

formula n blood or or Toad’s eye or the

magic words Abracadabra Shazam your



then I will obtain the correct results

so if we say the right prayer if we

decree if we

order if we make a PCT we can make it so

that God comes down from his throne and

does what I want him to do I’ve seen

Christians lose a job for

example or suddenly go into Financial

bankruptcy and be very upset with God

become irate be so upset with God and

say how did this happen to us

we have Faithfully paid our tithes our

whole lives almost the anger that you


feel over having a prepaid medicine and

they don’t want to give it to you at the

pharmacy you say well I’m paying I’m an

associate I’m a customer but I’ve seen

people so upset that don’t understand

that we’re living in a fallen world and

just as an illness or a cold or Co can

come along a moment of of weak finances

can come fragile economy and you can’t

be upset with God as if we had a

contract a unilateral contract that he

has to bless me because I tithe no

that’s that’s magic does God bless

yes but he doesn’t have the

obligation as if he were a a person that

had to had to give in to our our

contracts our unilateral contracts and

when that doesn’t work we think there’s

something wrong within us or that our

formula is failing and someone comes and

tells us hey you haven’t prayed enough

you didn’t have enough faith

how many people are hurt when when we’re

when they’re told that how many of us

have been hurt when we’ve

had a loved one that’s fighting for

their life and someone comes along and

instead of hugging us they say hey maybe

you’re lacking Faith or what’s worse

they say oh they must have done

something don’t they have a hidden sin

that they haven’t haven’t said and and

then you don’t even know what to repent

from you feel that you’ve been you’ve

disconnected from God and so you think

that that’s why you’re suffering so in

the Greek and Aramaic vocabulary in the


Testament it’s very very

small with the Spanish language they say

it’s easier to speak English and Spanish

and the majority of you know this

because English doesn’t have so many


synonyms no but Spanish is a very rich

language so it’s very difficult to speak

in Spanish and Hebrew and Aramaic were

very basic


especially Aramaic back in the in the

Old Testament and so translators use

many words that didn’t exist in the


language there are words in our

culture that have become the language of

our spirituality but they’re not in

scripture that’s why I find it funny

don’t Stone me yet okay just wait that’s

why I think I find it funny when someone

alleges one time someone said I don’t

understand those modern Bibles from

these days there are many versions you

know God speaks


Rudy Gracia came out with God yells

today those that don’t know him you

missed out on the joke but Rudy’s a

friend there’s a lot of versions right

and someone said to me oh no I hold on

to the real scripture the oldest

versiona Vala don’t come to me with

those modern versions and they don’t

realize that casadoro from Raina he was

a Spanish monk that translated the Bible

into Spanish back in

1569 and then ciano from

Valera another Catholic mon monk that

became a

Protestant revised it in

16002 so 1500 years back those revisions

didn’t exist in Spanish that’s why we

tend to think that Jesus spoke in a in a

Spanish or almost like a an ancient tone

as if to say thou art the salt doth

shall be my

Witnesses repent or Thou shalt perish it

sounds more like sh Shakespeare than

Jesus right no Jesus didn’t speak in Old

English it’s just a

translation so in summary here’s what

I’m going towards there’s a word that we

use very often behind the pulpits and

it’s not in the Bible it’s not in the


scripture it does come from these


translators the word priority for

example so many preachers have made the

mistake of saying God wants to be our

priority this year let’s Place God as a

priority the teachers of the law asked


questions and those questions had hidden

agendas on a certain occasion they asked

Jesus what is the most important command

this is a question of

priorities give me a list

Jesus give me a grading scale of the

priorities in my life from the most

important to the least important here

was the

question I must confess that the

religious teachers and the religious

people love priority lists I was one of

them each year I would always make a

list that would validate my efforts my

hours of prayer the time I spent serving

at church and then I would compare it

with someone else’s list someone that

didn’t do the same things I did I would

say every Sunday I begin the week at

church that’s my priority and I see that

others don’t but there was an enormous


when they asked Jesus this question that

relationships don’t work based off of

priorities what does it mean to place


first is it a percentage of

time is it a percentage in relation to

money for example if we give the first

two hours the first service of Sunday to

God you you all we all give it to him

are we giving God the

priority well what if we come to the

second service is it not as much of a


because first you woke up you had

breakfast you went to the

bathroom are you maybe not placing him

as a priority The Way We

are who decides how much we should give

to the Lord for it to be a priority how

much is

enough are there certain spiritual

practices like prayer and going to

church that are qualified as oh yeah

that’s placing God first well what

happens when I have a sick child that

needs intense care 24 hours a day and I


pray or officially at

least traditionally or I can’t come to

church I can’t even so I can’t

offer how do I then prioritize my list

does someone that have a sick child did

they not prioritize god well someone

even made up a list that’s not in the

Bible but we make it biblical it’s first

God second family third Ministry says

the Lord where does it say

that someone said it that’s fine it’s a

it’s a nice list it’s

Noble but first God second family third

Ministry someone made that up that’s not

in scripture it’s a phrase that doesn’t

appear and so how does Jesus respond to

the question about priorities he

said the greatest and the most important

is loving the Lord your God with all

your heart with all your soul and with

all your strength and you say well

that’s the priority but then he adds the

second is as important as the

first the greatest and most important is

also this second one you will love your

neighbor as you love

yourself so instead of Jesus making a

list of priorities he presents us

something completely different a

relationship in which God isn’t the

first but he’s the

center he’s not above he’s in the

middle lists always

try to deal with control and behavior

but God is saying I want to be the

center of all that you do if you have to

spend a season in the hospital don’t

Place Me Above Place me in the middle

let me be in the middle put me in the

middle of your marriage in the middle of

your finances in the middle of your job

I want to be in the middle in the center

of your life not

above because the priority is oh that’s

it that’s enough I I I’ve done my my job

I already gave God my 10%

but God isn’t the center of your

finances you don’t ask him how to invest

you don’t ask him to give you strength

and health to work you go and you pay

your payment your quota and you’ve

fulfilled people say oh I went to church

on Sunday but from Monday to Saturday

they forget that they’re Christians you

see them on the freeway on on the

streets and they’re demons driving those

cars but they say oh I’ve already given

the priority but God says I don’t want

to be the priority I want to be the

center like a couple when you’re in love

you say don’t don’t make me the priority

and put me above and get rid of me no I

want to be the center the reason I serve

God isn’t because he’s on my list or

because it’s my my job to do no it’s

because I love him and he loves me and

he’s the center yes or no he’s the

center now from there and here’s what

I’m headed

towards from there we add oh this person

isn’t a child of God because they don’t

have God as a priority in their lives I

was at a party the other day with them

and they talked to me about their

children about their business they

didn’t talk about so they don’t have God

as a priority now let me tell you

something immediately the word

Christian was a pejorative

adjective that pagans placed on on

Believers the historian tacitus spoke of

a race of men with perverse practices

known vulgar in a vulgar way as

Christians it was a vulgar

nickname but then the Christians

returned the favor and called them

pagans right but technically

God isn’t Christian much less is he

Evangelical I once said it and they

almost stoned me but the question is why

do we

insist on creating boxes categories or

denominations that Define

us differently from other believers what

defines us as as an Evangelical is

someone that was on the

outside that didn’t love God that one

day rated a magical prayer that then

transported them magically to our side

they came from the Dark Side to our

side but for Jesus there is no such

thing as those on the inside and those

on the outside it’s just those that

believe and those that don’t believe and

so God isn’t an Evangelical

Christian so if the question is does God

treat strangers or people from different

denominations if he has them distanced

or separated because they have another

religion or another Faith he doesn’t

love them and he doesn’t want anything

to know with them until they say a

special prayer to come in no God isn’t

that guy he’s not that type of


Christian believing is is an activity

not a category or a box I believe it’s a

matter of Faith they tend to ask me do

you consider yourself an Evangelical

Christian and I always

answer well can you first tell me what

you think about Evangelical Christians

and then I’ll tell you if I’m one or

not sometimes say yeah an Evangelical

not too long ago an artist said to me

yeah an Evangelical they’re the enemies

of homosexuals the ones that oppose

abortion the condemners those that are

rap those that create divides those that

condemn you online when they don’t when

someone doesn’t think like them they

they send them to hell and I say no no

no that’s not me I’m not one of them so

then what are you well I don’t know I

just I believe I have a relationship

with God I have a father but I have

nothing to do with that religion

nothing so

us Christians have the fame of not being

able to be peaceful with others that

don’t believe in the same thing as we do

that’s why I said at the beginning

sometimes you have to open up your

mind and while we fill our

mouths with tolerating diversity the

more we

disqualify and condemn those that that

think distinctly so for Jesus categories

aren’t divided between them and US

evangelicals and Catholics perfect and

imperfect holy and

sinner that’s why when we discover Jesus

with new

eyes this makes our beliefs

uncomfortable the ones that we

inherited are inherited Prejudice

systems because true Christianity isn’t

a religion it was the Proclamation of

the end of religion the cross is the end

of religion the Cross isn’t a new

religion or what’s worse the best

religion of them all no Christianity and


we are not the way this is going to

bother someone us evangelicals we are

not the way Jesus is the way Jesus

Christ is the way someone has to say

that is my God

Hallelujah the quadrangular church is

not the way the Assemblies of God is not

the way Presbyterians anglicans they are

not the way Jesus is the

way and as I said I was brought up in a

culture where the Defenders of the Bible

Ed the scriptures as a measuring tape to

identify who was inside and who was

outside and these barriers created

polarization segregation Division and

kept us distance from the unifying plan

of God and so the easiest

way to write the rules is for us to be

on the inside oh good thing we’re on the

inside poor people on the outside they

were the ones that weren’t able to come

in no I’m I’m speaking metaphorically

I’m not talking about the people in the

lobby it doesn’t matter if it’s because

of peripheral reasons because oh they

were on the outside because women dye

their hair there are churches that leave

people out because they have a tattoo or

you can’t come in

because you watched squid games on

Netflix you’re outside of our box

because you go for Mexico instead of

Argentina oh no well there you should be

on the outside that’s a

sin but it doesn’t matter that it’s

periphery were comforted by the fact

that we were in the correct and they


erroneous because if I’m in the correct

then I’m saved but in Romans 10:13 Paul

writes to the Church of Rome reminding

them what makes the Lord’s heart beat he

tells the Romans everyone I would love

for you to repeat this everyone everyone

I feel like a modern preacher tell that

person next to you turn to your left or

right no I’m just kidding just kidding

everyone that’s fine that’s fine just

once is

enough everyone who calls on the name of

the Lord will be

saved did he say everyone yep everyone

what do you mean

everyone someone says no no no no no

what are you talking about everyone well

what did he mean by that well second


3:9 not wanting anyone to perish but

everyone to come to repentance no no no

he can’t be speaking seriously

first John 2:2 he is the atoning

sacrifice for our sins and not only for

our sins but also the sins of the whole

world 1 Timothy 2:4 who wants all people

to be saved and to come to a knowledge

of the

truth and so when the Lord inspired

scripture he said there must be some fo

that still hasn’t understood not for us

but for those that come to the second

service 1 Timothy 4:10 that that is why

we labor and strive because we have put

our hope in the Living God who is the

savior of all people and especially of

those who

believe especially of those who believe

but he’s everyone’s savior what do you

mean he’s everyone’s savior but

especially those who believe Titus

2:11 for the grace of God has appeared

that offers salvation to all

people Romans 5:18 consequently just as

one trespass resulted in condemnation

for all people so also one righteous act

resulted in justification and life for


people and so the gospel the good news

is that Jesus included us all in his

life in in in the relationship with the

Father the good news is that he did it

without our vote whether we believe it

or not it doesn’t make it more or less


so who or what saves me it was either

God through Jesus or I saved myself the

truth is that God decided to save us oh


beautiful now or would say how

beautiful now our lesson is what believe

in that

reality anyone who calls on the Lord

shall be saved it’s done you just have

to believe it and so here’s the truth

everyone in the world was included in

his death and his burial his

resurrection and Ascension

everyone when Jesus was elevated into

the heavens God attracted to him all


beings John 232 12:32 says and I when I

am lifted up from Earth will draw all

people to myself he didn’t say the

evangelicals or some when Christ died we

all died when Christ resurrected we all

resurrected are we in agreement yes or

no and the Apostle writes so from now on

WE regard no one from a worldly point of

view 2 Corinthians 5:116 so we don’t

judge anyone if they’re saved if they’re

lost they are All God’s Children except

for the fact that some don’t believe it

but we’re all God’s children look at how

the whole Panorama changes all of a

sudden we see our Asian Neighbor Next

Door and we say this guy too yeah yep no

no no he hasn’t accepted Christ in his

heart no but he’s God’s child he just

has to believe

it each corrupt politician that calls

upon his name will be

saved along with each Republican each

Democrat each immigrant each socialist

each communist each each capitalist each

heterosexual each

homosexual each person that we can’t put

up with each person that we don’t

tolerate as soon as they believe they’re

a child of God he came for all of us

whether we like it or

not I’ve had to

interview artists and they as people ask

what are you doing with that worldly

person no he’s a child of God and when

I’m with them the holy spirit gives

testimony to my to my heart and I feel

that that’s God’s child they they have

makeup and they have plastic surgery

poor person all they can do is change

what’s on the outside and they did it

poor as well but on the

inside on the inside I’m operating on


person I don’t know about you

but there are certain ways of believing

of living of dressing or even of

voting that are more difficult for me to

accept than others I say how can they

vote for this person or how can they

dress that way because I’m getting old

not like you guys I’m going to bury all

of you

first but you know what it’s hard for me


change I’m looking more and more like

like my German

pastor and say what I would like God to

say oh that music is from the devil I

don’t understand thaton or hip-hop rap

all sounds the same to me all the beats

are the same I think maluma’s an a cream


a an ointment for hemorrhoids so I’m

starting to see everything through

through filters the filter of of

age there are people that I disagree

with fundamentally but there are others

that maybe I just don’t like and there’s

an affirmation that comes from Paul that


me for everyone who calls on the name of

the Lord will be

saved and that hurts my ego it makes me

feel uncomfortable I say well hold on

hold on what do you mean everyone no no

no hold on give me a second

everyone but at the same time it gives

me a sigh of relief because we don’t

have to be the ones to decide who’s in

and who’s out that’s marvelous

according to Paul God already decided

that and God says that all those that

call on him will be saved there’s no way

to debate that anyone who calls on the

name of the Lord will be

saved I can hear your thoughts I can

hear your

thoughts in this moment I’m listening to

your thoughts someone says

well it’s not just about calling on the

name of the Lord that would be an easy

gospel but once again we’re justifying

the creation of another box another way

of dividing people into

categories according to our criteria the

crucified thief next to Jesus shouldn’t

have been saved by the simple

matter just by calling on the name of

the Lord those who don’t remember in


23:42 then he said Jesus Remember me

when you come into your

kingdom and contemporary words it’s hey

hey you’re going to remember me right

all right thank you well he couldn’t do

that because he was

crucified what do I know maybe he did

give a thumbs up over here but I don’t

know but what does Jesus do he says he

doesn’t say hey no that’s not enough

what do you mean remember me no that’s

not enough no Jesus said truly I tell

you today you will be with me in

Paradise the guy that said this to Jesus

didn’t express any moral right to

receive Jesus’s favor there was no merit

he didn’t promise to get

baptized he didn’t go through A

discipleship he didn’t promise to to TI

he didn’t say he would congregate he

didn’t say that he would attend all the

small groups if he ever got down the

from the cross he didn’t promise to pray

he didn’t promise to be Sanctified he

didn’t show any fruits you see we ask

where are the fruits we look at other

people we look for other people’s fruits

we’re dry like an old tree but we look

for other people’s fruits he didn’t

repeat the sinner’s

prayer he didn’t say the the prayer of

repentance he didn’t say Lord Jesus I

receive you in my heart no nothing he

didn’t go to the

altar he recognized that the Lord was

his savior he recognized

it he said remember me when you come

into your kingdom he recognized him as a

savior not like the other one who was

joking who made fun of Jesus so being a

son or daughter has nothing to do with

being worthy we’re children Sons and

Daughters of God by birth not by Merit

no baby is born by its own efforts when

does a doctor yell out come on baby come

on with strength Come On Son you can do

it no the mother is the one doing the

hard work the kid is just taking

advantage of the trip

right so spiritual birth occurs by Grace

when we believe Ephesians 2:8 declares

for it is by Grace you have been saved

through what through

faith and this isn’t just yours it’s not

ours and this is not from yourselves it

is the gift of God not by works so that

no one can boast so no one can say oh

I’m more saved than

you and the kid comes out and says saved

saved no it’s not like

that it’s not based on our

performance but on the finished work by

Jesus and our faith in that finished

work someone needs to say that is my


now now we think all right it’s fine I’m

I’m following you but now that I’m a

Christian I have to do something so that

God continues loving

me I have to put in the effort to remain

on the right path and I asked where did

we get that

from Jesus died for us before we were

born before we did anything wrong or


good we hadn’t even been born yet when

Jesus went up on the cross but we

believe in the false theology that God

loves us because he died for us or

because Jesus died for us they would

preach that to

me that God loved us and he tolerated us

because he sent his son to die for us

but the reality is that Jesus died for

us because God loves us

are you following me yes or no the first

phrase sounds spiritual God loves us

because Jesus died for

us we assume that when God sees us he

wants to kill us but Jesus gets in

between us and he saids no no don’t

touch him and God says I want to just

destroy him ah this Mexican this

Salvador if only he was Sal

Argentinian now when you guys preach you

give whatever example you want all right

no I want to kill him I want to get him

out and Jesus Jesus says no hold on hold

on my pastor would

say God wants to exterminate us but he

sees Jesus and he

stops and so you assume that when God

sees us he doesn’t see us he sees us

behind Jesus and that’s why he tolerates

us and puts up with us but if you’ve

read John 3:16 you’ll know that that’s

not the case God doesn’t love us because

Jesus died for us Jesus died for us

because God loved us

first because he loves us


why he loved the

world he loved the is it because he

loved the evangelicals no he loved the

world everyone who

everyone he loved us

first before we did anything and before

Jesus did it

all but we assume we

suppose that God is so in love with the

future version of ourselves the perfect

impossible version of ourselves the

question is does he love the person we

are today with all these

errors and you say well what do I know

maybe if I could stop smoking if I could

stop cursing yelling at my kids stop

speaking against Dante and argentinians

then maybe God can love

me but now for now he just tolerates me

but I know that God will love me one day


wrote in Psalm 10313 he says as a father

has compassion on his children so the

Lord has compassion on those who fear

Him for he knows how we are formed he

remembers that we are

dust a father with his

children so when we have children

they’re a part of us right they’re an

extension of us what’s the only

requirement for someone to be a child to

exist to be children

what has to be done nothing just be born

and exist and nothing of what our

children do disqualify them as our

children yes or no parents right don’t

look at me that way because you look

like you’re going to kill your children

at any

moment they don’t even have to believe

that there are children to to be so they

can believe it not believe it but there


children even if one of our children

decided to not speak to us ever

again they couldn’t change their

identity as our a child is it isn’t that

true I hate you I won’t speak to you

again well they’re still your child put

up with

it now would it have an impact on our


yes would it change our identity

no see you’re paying so much attention

here let’s let’s go through it again I

love it I feel like a

teacher would it have an impact on our

relationship would it change her


it’s good very


now they can’t negate that they’re our

children in fact they can go to court

and even change their last

name I don’t want to be called G anymore

I want to be

messy even if they changed their last

name that doesn’t have enough power to

change the truth about who they are even

though obviously their choice is going

to affect

their relationship with their parents

Ephesians 4:5 says one Lord One Faith

one baptism one God and Father of all

who is over all and through all and in

all it’s as if he repeats it over and

over again each human being that we

interact with is a child of

God because the only thing they have to

do is call on the lord’s name to accept

that reality I can’t say oh that

person’s a a child of the devil oh the

thief on the cross the two people next

to Jesus their son of the devil no

they’re sons of

God but it’s so difficult for us to

comprehend this type of Grace and we

reason and we say no no no no it’s not

true not just anyone can be God’s child

what do you mean especially if they’re

not a good

Christian I titled this sermon Homer is

not a child of God or a son of God and

other legendary lies from evangelicals

and this week they sent me to burn in


The Simpsons I know that the majority of

you have never seen it because while

they while that was on on Fox you were

praying at that time but the Simpsons is

an animated show that was created in

1989 first for Fox by Matt groaning and

then Disney purchased it and Homer

represents the

stereotype of a rude

incompetent foolish lazy bad father

worse husband he’s careless he goes to

the tavern to drink beer watch TV so I

could have titled the message with

someone from real life I could have said

the Puma Rodriguez isn’t a Son of God

Taylor Swift isn’t a daughter of

God isn’t the Son of


whoa you see what you thought no he is

you thought he is you realize you see

you’re following me why one yes and the

other no oh no because with what with

what Buel is

doing see you

realize that a Son of God for us is

based on on works and efforts why am I

explaining it all about the last name

and the on our child changing names if

all I say is you say

no you r on two legs I’m speaking to


even do a snake as small as it is

compared to


you no she’s a a daughter of God one

step away from calling on the Lord in

fact when I posted the thing about Homer

I said well it’s a fictitious

character someone wrote or commented a

Biblical study on Christian Castro poor

guy they don’t forgive him since he was

here a few times they said no he’s not a

son of God and you brought him up on

stage or you brought them up on the

Altar and I’ve always clarified we we

have no altar here we’ve never

sacrificed anyone up here sometimes we

felt like it but we haven’t done so they

said Christian Castro is going to hell

because this this chicken stinks of the

world and he dies his hair and a bunch


foolishness and despite the fact that I

placed Homer he’s just a a

drawing they said that that constituted

an Evangelical lie or falsehood and they

wanted to crucify me but this shows that

we spend our lives classifying who’s

saved and who isn’t according to what

they appear to be that woman look how

she dresses oh she she must be

saved or that girl instead of a skirt

she wears a belt she’s going to

hell and St Peter is at the door saying

well let me measure your your skirt no

no no get out of here get out of here

daughter because you’re going to attempt

the angels

and we say no no no no they would write

to me God can’t

consider Homer as his child a cartoon

someone else said oh he doesn’t fulfill

the requirements well what requirements

well the one of the box of of of

evangelicals and I’ll tell you why many

of us have thought this way for a long

time those of us that were born in a

Christian household or brought up in a

Christian household from a young age we

learned I learned early on that God


bad grades in

math and that God was sad would become

sad when Sons would forget a gift for

Mother’s Day then I went to high school

and I

discovered that God’s interests expanded

a bit now God was more interested in sex

bad companies and

drugs and this is duo in great part that

we take for granted those that have

authority above us that they were placed

by God of course we believe that they

think the way God thinks and if they

were placed by

God something that they dislike or

something that my mother dislikes or

that the teacher dislikes then God must

also dislike it as well depending on our

age we would receive different messages

as to

how a saved person must look or act

that’s why it’s

inevitable to assume that God’s

acceptance is based on our Behavior

because we’ve brought that from our

childhood if I don’t do this then God

won’t love me or God won’t be happy if I

cross this line then God will be furious

but in reality the person that would

become Furious was our mother or our

teacher or the

pastor but God carried on with the bad

reputation many of the things that

please God is a product or what we

believe pleases God is just a product of

what pleased the pasture that you had

the according is for God and the

electric guitar is for the devil no

that’s just what pleased and displeased

him he was growing old not God God

doesn’t grow

old so we take that wonderful

relationship based on Grace filled with

love and we build a wall of rules around

it and that’s where we convert a

relationship into

religion and we get into a religious

bunker a monastery filled with rules and

laws that we call the holy Doctrine and

we can never fulfill

it the more time I’ve spent as a pastor

I’m less propen to telling people what

they should

do if what you look for if what you’re

looking for is a silly Ru list of what

you can do and what you can’t do then

you’re at the wrong church because when

we Center ourselves on Jesus when he’s

the center not the

priority and not just a group of

doctrines and everything starts to fit


deal with conduct not the

heart what good is it for me to to to

pay attention to who you who you’re with

who you go to bed with if you smoke and


no Grace is internal it works with the

heart so I believe that deep down inside

we don’t believe that we receive

salvation by grace maybe that’s why we

can’t give

it we assume that Jesus was hurt

tortured mutilated

so that later we can then try and save

ourselves with our insignificant good

acts or good works

really no we can’t step on Jesus’s

Sacrifice by trying to get a

refund no but we cling on to our

Holiness and we fight for Perfection as

if it all depended on that and some of

us feel so overwhelmed by our

failures that we can barely believe that

Jesus loves us I said during the

pandemic how the lord loves you and

people would bur out in tears during the

pandemic people that have been

Christians for years really he loves me

how can we doubt

that what takes us to doubt that he

loved us he loves us and that he will

always love

us what makes us doubt his love and so

you’re fighting against sin you don’t

need more willpower what you need is

more of

Jesus that he be the center when he’s

the center then sin loses its power

the point isn’t avoiding sin but Falling

In Love With

Jesus you’re faithful to your partner

because you’re in love not because

you’re trying to avoid

temptation but our sinometer

we label sins like small

medium and

scandalous so if we see someone at the

church that gossips and

gossips that sometimes abuses an usher

we say oh well it’s not too big of a

deal it’s a small sin the good thing is

that they congregate every Sunday but

then we see someone that we see drinking

a lot of alcohol they smoke a cigarette

and then we get nervous we say oh God is

going to have to call to their

attention may God fix their

life they have to fix their life if they

want to be close to God and then we

encounter a scandalous sinner someone

that sleeps with their girlfriend or is

gay or is an abortion and we say that

person’s going to burn in hell and I’m

going to rejoice when I see them

burn because nobody can joke about God

we’ll see on the day of judgment ha

where where each person will go that’s

how we

are and nowh in the Bible will we find

god making a distinction between

different levels of sin he writes a list

and he puts the gossiper on the same

list as the killer assassin see how how

many assassins do you think we have here

today he doesn’t share our evaluation

system for him all sin is as bad as the

next one and all Sinners deserve the

same love what do you mean

hell the Same

Love get her out of here she didn’t

understand anything she just woke


so it’s

evident that sin has different

consequences some will land you in jail

others will get you beat up others

people won’t notice but for God all sin

is the same they all deserve the same

forgiveness and love God throws the sins

to the deepest part of the sea but some

have inherited the the ministry of scuba

diving Jesus said

give by

Grace what you have received by grace

and so the only way to give something

freely is if we’ve received it

freely as long as we have not received

his complete and free Grace we can’t

give it away freely that’s the problem

when I see someone that condemns another

person quickly it’s because they haven’t

received that Grace you can’t give what

you haven’t receiv received

those that have been forgiven of much

will forgive

much some people say man I’ve earned

this salvation you earn it yourself too

if we believe that we have to earn his

forgiveness then we’ll also make others

earn their their right to

Salvation make them pay the price what

do you mean you’re going to pay this

worker that only worked half the day the

same as me who work the whole

day the parable


that those that were paid

unevenly the owner of the field can pay

his workers as he sees fit so if we

believe that we’re paying for our

forgiveness we’re going to make it so

that others also pay for their

forgiveness and we fall into that trap

very frequently we believe that we have

to earn God’s love and that’s why we

sometimes see the misfortunes in

life that God corrects us

we’re short on money and we think that

God is avenging himself because we don’t

offer or we get a flat tire I’ve seen it

with my own parents we would get a flat

tire that the vehicle would stop and my

mother would say oh this is what we

deserve for going out without

praying and my dad would be changing the

tire and my mom would say see this is

what happens I told you old man let’s

pray let’s

pray she wouldn’t collaborate with the

AR but you would help with the with the

flood with the

storm Lord I knew you would permit this

because we didn’t hold our devotional

today I woke up late well can I tell you


important God will never make you pay

for the evil you’ve done no you’ll live


consequences because Jesus won’t make

you pay for anything because he already

paid the punishment in

full it is finished it is done yes or

no this brings to mind a domestic

incident that I once shared many years

ago I slammed the door on my son Brian’s

fingers he’s currently the director I

don’t know how he’s doing it with those

fingers this happened when he was just

eight years

old he had his hand in between the the

car and the door and I slammed the door

and I said I’m sorry I’m sorry and he

said it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay and I

was I was pale in pain and I repeated it

over and over I said sorry I’m sorry I’m

sorry and he said Dad I’m okay I’m okay

he said it was an accident and I said no

no no no no no no please please I felt


guilt because he probably thought why

doesn’t he just shut up and let me cry


peace and so he said I forgive you that

I forgive you but it wasn’t enough for

me I saw him crying defenseless and I

said no no no no no I sat down and he

said hey slam the door on my fingers

slam them on my fingers and he said I

don’t want to I don’t want to do that

I’m not a fool I don’t want to slam your

hand and I said well I’ll feel less

guilty if you slam my fingers then I’ll

feel less guilty but the problem is that

it’s not that Brian wasn’t giving me

forgiveness it’s the fact that I wasn’t


it I wanted us to be

level unfortunately many go through

Christian Life with the mentality of God

slam my fingers God slam my

fingers they didn’t receive the

Forgiveness that God provided for

free and so they want God to make them

suffer just a bit so that they know that

they’re paying for it they believe that

if God makes them suffer just a bit

it’ll make them feel better as far as

the sin that they committed and there is

the origin the origin of pen Penance

that’s why Penance Works in many

churches or Rel religion in the Catholic


for our fathers in the Evangelical

Church 6 months of sitting in the back

or a year of not participating in

communion a year of not playing an

instrument discipline works because well

I messed up but at least now I’m paying


it not until we receive the Forgiveness

that God gave us freely we’re not able

to give it to other people and if you

have a problem with giving

Grace then you have a problem receiving

Grace and if you have a problem to

receive Grace then you probably have

problems believing it so according to

you you’re a Christian but deep down

inside you don’t consider yourself a Son


God because if you consider your

considered yourself a child of God you

receive the Forgiveness now this isn’t

license of God and sin I’ll do whatever

I want I’m a Child of God because you’ll

pay the

consequences because it’ll affect your

relationship with God the more you fall

in love with Jesus the less power sin

has upon us or over us it doesn’t

attract us

anymore the more we fill ourselves with

Christ the more we separate ourselves

from sin or bad life or Temptations

that’s how it

works Jesus came to look for those that


lost he came to save them he didn’t wait

for them to wander through the doors of

the synagogue he would invite himself to

eat at their homes and he didn’t rush to

leave and so his desire to be with what

we call Sinners astonishes me but what

astonishes me more is how the son

Sinners loved being with them it’s

typical for bad people to not want to be

with people that are supposedly good or


inverse that’s why Sinners would avoid

the Pharisees and vice

versa the Pharisees insisted that a

strict code of conduct be fulfilled

before being accepted as genuine Jews so

from the superiority of the pulpit they

preached Norms doctrines that they were

incapable of fulfilling the Lord said to

them Hypocrites you put High Norms that

you in private can’t even

follow but the Bible shows that Sinners

would sit down at the table with Jesus

and they would spend hours listening to

him asking him questions laughing

crying they were left captivated by his

compassion fascinated by his

explanations on how to live and Jesus

would allow them to belong much before

they believed much before behaving as

Christians or taking care of a Doctrine

he would accept them before they acted a

certain way he told he told the

Samaritan woman daughter The Prostitute

he said daughter really what did she do

to deserve to be a daughter this

woman charges for sexual favors and you

call her a

daughter but us Christians

we even tend to be

rude with the excuse that the true


offends we believe that we have a

license to offend they tend to write to

me yeah there are lines to go into River


you you sweeten their ears but offend

them and see how quickly they leave

really is that the motivation is that

the excuse for congregations to never

grow and for new people to never get to

know Christ really it’s four crazy cats

because you have the absolute truth

really sometimes we know get to know a

lesbian or a gay person or a couple that

lives together without being married and

we think that the first thing is to warn

them that in our during our first

encounter we have to warn them about

their sexuality as if their sexual life

was the first thing or the only thing

that God cared about as if he said were

to say fix that first because you can’t

be my child no God is Mercy Jesus Jesus


Mercy when he is the center people

change you change let’s not

underestimate the holy spirit so when

the sin becomes more important than the

sinner then there should be an alarm in

our in our head danger danger now here’s

the final

clarification when people write to me

saying thanks to your

messages I was set free from the

Captivity of legalism I’ve left the box

of religion I know what they’re trying

to say to me and I and I’m thankful for

it as a simp

messenger however you have to be careful

when you leave boxes behind as bad as

they were because when we do it we’re

tempted to create a new

box and to go into that new box it’s

very easy that’s how close we are to

becoming arrogant and feric and judging

those people that continue in those

boxes that we just

left because involuntarily we continue

participating in the division of human

beings in the class ification of control

and judgment our arrogance is that

sometimes we build a new

box and we leave God out of it that’s

why we’ll never say that here at River

we have the absolute truth how can we

have it if the person that’s preaching

here is a simple messenger that’s broken

like the majority that’s

listening we’re a simple group of broken

people that have been invited to the

table of the Lord some are changing

others are in process it’ll take a whole

lifetime God never respects the boxes

that we build but knowing the Lord as I


him if the Simpsons were part of of a

real life I assure you that he would go

into Mo’s Tavern and he would tell Homer

how much he loves him and he would

assure him that when he went up on the

cross he was thinking of him and above

all he would say that he was always a

Son of God that the only thing he has to

do now is simply believe it that’s the

gospel and that’s the good news yes or

no give a grand Applause to the Lord of


Hallelujah when you get on your feet

give a grand Applause a gigantic

Applause to the Lord of lords and King

of Kings we are children of God


whoa someone has to celebrate and say

God that is that is the gospel that is

the good

news wa

impressive while on while while on our

tour I tend to tell the people don’t

wait for me to ask you to repeat a a

prayer because that would be insulting

your intelligence and there are always

politicians there artists Catholics

atheists and I say I’m not going to make

you repeat a prayer you know how to

speak to your parent you just have to

believe it because if you repeat a

prayer it would be religious and you

would just repeating something like a

parrot you know how to do it they say

that the most sincere prayers

happen in hospitals and on the freshly

cut grass of of

cemeteries that those prayers are more

genuine than prayers in churches there’s

no Rabbi no Pastor that can guide us in

prayer you know how to seek the Lord

Lord help me we’ve all said said that at

one point it’s all about believing then

Jesus becomes the center of our Lives

not the priority and after being the

center it’s not about congregating or

tithing or being an Evangelical or

seeking a holy Doctrine or people

telling you how to dress or what parties

you can go to or if you can dance or not

or if from now on you can do this or you

have to leave that behind there is no

rule the only thing you have to know is

that there’s nothing that can separate

us from the love of God not the high the

low the present future nothing can be

created to separate us from the love of

God someone has to say that is the Lord

hallelujah glory to the king Blessed Be


God the Lord has set our minds and our

souls free w do you receive it yes or no

lift up your hands to heaven with me

we’re about to go but here and at home

if you can in your living room and on

your couch lift up your hands with me

and say Lord thank you

thank you for this word thank you for

always loving me you don’t know what is

set free when you say thank you for

loving me always the Lord loved you when

you failed he loved you when you were

dirty and when you decided to run to the

father like the prodigal son he came out

to your encounter and he hugged you


you with mud all over you and you didn’t

even have to say why you did what you

did the father says he who was lost has

returned throw a

party and this gospel is for everyone

whether you like it or not I don’t like

it I don’t I don’t I don’t care if

people don’t like it this is for any Jew

any Muslim any Catholic any Jehovah’s

Witness any free

brother any reformed brother any

Presbyterian anyone that has the baptism

of the spirit and those that don’t have

it for the Baptist and the Pentecostal

for those that don’t believe anything

for those that say I don’t believe in

God as soon as you believe it you will

receive this truth that continues being

truth even if you don’t believe it he is

your father how the lord loves you how

God loves you daughter how the lord


you how the lord loves

you and you don’t know how many times

I’ve said God do you truly love me no no

no no no no no don’t

don’t throw me into a bag with everyone

else tell me if you love Dante Miguel

and on more than one occasion he has

said how can I not love you if I decided

your birth from your mother’s womb I

chose you and that’s how it’s been with

each person and you loved me when I was

far from you oh you have no idea how

much I loved you and you loved me when I

turned my back on you yes I was there

and those times when my sin offended you

because I know it offended you God yes

you separated your yourself but I never

stopped loving you the lord loves you

receive receive receive receive receive

that at home wherever you

are just believe

it all those who call on the name of the

Lord will be saved and don’t tell me

that it’s a metaphor well to call on the

name of the Lord mean something else no

just that Lord have mercy on

me I’ve seen people that have called on

him in an ambulance about to die

others during a heart heart

attack others in the last

minute before having an accident my

Lord and knowing my God’s

character he says there’s another one

that is called on my name another one

that knows I exist another one that

knows I am their father so that no one

can be lost so that no one is lost so

that everyone everyone can have eternal

life who lift up your hands and drink


drink how our gospel changes our

evangelism changes when we see everyone

as children because we no longer go out

to look for the lost or the worldly we

don’t go out

to to seek go

out to seek our brothers who are in war

those that are divorced those that doubt

their sexual identity those that have a

different sexuality we go Ahad and look

for the thieves and the corrupt they’re

our brother brothers and sisters they

are the ones that have not realized

they’re children of God and if they’ve

been spoken of God they have felt

unworthy to sit at the table but we’re

going to say the Lord says that he loves

you and he’s going to clean you and the

process will come but he loves you he

loves you he loves you lift up your

hands and feel feel that something has

changed here in the atmosphere in the

back those that are listening from their

homes those that are receiving this

across the Nations father I have

transmitted what I believe you told me

to say I’ve spoken and I haven’t taken


added from what I believe is your re re

re Revelation I know your Holy Spirit


spoken to what I couldn’t their heart

their soul lift up your hands and say

Lord I take this impregnated

love above me behind me within me around

me don’t say ever again that God doesn’t

love you or that God has left you no the

lord loves you he holds you up in his

hands no one no one can take from his

hand those that he has chosen and he has

chosen you he has said you are mine no

one will take you from my hands father I

have transmitted this word for for

freedom for Liberation don’t allow us to

create a new box just allow us to love

what you have done on the cross we love

the cross we love the end of religion we

love the end of organized religion we go

against all those that want to place

franchises or monopolize what you’ve

done on the cross Lord we cling to the

Cross Lord by your stripes we have been

healed Lord by your blood we have been

cleansed by your flesh broken there on

the cross on of Calvary we are saved we

are free we are healed we are prosperous

in this life or in eternity amen amen

and amen let it be done by the Lord do

you believe it no no no no do you

believe believe

it can everyone say everyone

everyone how many does the Lord love

everyone how many did the Lord die for

everyone may God bless you may protect

you have a good week until next Sunday

how the lord loves you





















is here is

the who


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