ENGLISH Dante Gebel #851 | Come and see!

Many people give up on their dreams because the system or organized religion told them that there is no place for them. But, if God started something in our life, we should not abort it just because there is pain or opposition. All that pain is an indication that labor is approaching; even though, like Mary, we have to give birth to our dream among sheep, oxen, cows and other animals. Remember that circumstances cannot stop the promise. The Lord has created a Kingdom outside the system and we can all be part of that Kingdom.



here we’re celebrating Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve let’s go let’s go people

look how beautiful they’re greeting us

from all over the world we have

Argentina we have all five continents

Asia Africa America Australia

Europe don’t stop that Applause it’s

Christmas here in the house

and those that are at home saying well

what happened well all sorts of things

happened today we had special guests we

had extraordinary songs we dressed up

for the occasion to celebrate this party

and we greet the rest of the world

that’s now connecting with us thank you

for being there this is one of the

services with many many people many

people that weren’t able to Comm in

others that are standing but it’s worth

the effort man is it worth it God is

going to speak to us in just a few

moments but


remember we gave away a million toys all

over the world in Colombia Venezuela

Uganda Mexico Argentina but finally we

had to finish it here and this was last

night I want to give thanks to our

editors to our director they were here

late into the night editing because this

finished at 8:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m. and they

had to do this entire job so that today

we could enjoy this video of River Toys

here at the door we gave away close to

$10,000 toys it was marvelous it was

extraordinary and we’re going to enjoy

it now this is River Toys




























that is your

seed we finally finished River toys and

it was truly marvelous that’s our seed

thank you not just for what happened

last night but for all that we were able

to do in different parts of the world

thanks to your seed thanks to what you

swed and to your

generosity we’ll have time to

thank the people all over the world next

Sunday for the 31st but I wanted to give

thanks for all those that were a part of

this marvelous event that has to do with

blessing the children giving them a

moment of joy that they’ll never forget

and they’ll know that the church is part

of their needs spoiling them what they

like and that’s marvelous and as we did

it for one of these little ones we did

it for the Lord right are we ready

people yes or

no like every year for these holidays

once again I’m sure that at least those

of us that live in this part of the

world well I think the majority of the

planet we were invaded by shopping


shopping the way Hispanics do it three

months before Christmas and not last

minute like Americans

right traffic all over right the few



that represent the manger because there

are a few that represent a

Manger they now show a sacred family

very Serene with Halos over their heads

and inside the greeting card they use

cordial words such as Love Good Will joy

happiness and it’s always good that we

honor Christmas with with good emotions

nice words good desires however as I

mentioned each

year during this

service when we go to the biblical

story The AER meaning of Christmas we

notice a very different story to the

famous Spirit of the Hollywood Christmas

and it’s not wrong it’s nice it’s it’s

beautiful all the colors the party the

celebration however I insist we should

remember that that first Christmas in

history didn’t have any

reindeers no sled no elves no Smoky

chimneys much less

any families dressed up in red opening

Christmas gifts but we can never forget


today we’re commemorating

commemorating the only King that came

into this world without any dignity and

without any royalty he came in as a

child as a baby yes in fact he was an

illegitimate son because his parents

were not married and in all

languages we can find a vulgar

expression to describe an illegitimate

son and they’re all

frightening they all tend to

be proca Shameless indecent obscene

words then this is what we would use to

mention the child who is in who is

illegitimate and we know that his crib

was was in a barn it was in a

Manger his roommates had four legs he

had no sort of lineage ancestry or

family tree when he was born and the

true story doesn’t look like the

greeting cards we see nowadays Mary and

Joseph were not Kings they didn’t arrive

to Bethlehem in a caravan with servants

camels surrounded by

trinkets with the honors of a head of

state no they were just immigrants they

were fugitives in fact and so Jesus

Christ was literally born outside of the

legal system outside of the religious

system and outside of the political

system outside of the establishment

outside of any system and in that system

there was another king named

Herod herod’s figure represented

greatness back then Herod was born in a

noble crib he was an Army

leader the Roman senate gave him the

title The King of the Jews the first

king of the Jews was

Herod when he was just 33 years old what

an irony right right that’s the age at

which our Lord went up on the cross at

the age of 33 Herod was named King of

the Jews and he was such a good

politician or I don’t know maybe a good

dictator that he kept power for 40

years and he was the greatest builder of


times no one in the in herro’s Period

erected so many buildings or had

projects that were so grandio that

showed such Splendor in his in this

world and Jesus was also a builder but

he built tables and chairs because he

was a

carpenter and there’s no historic

registry or archaeological registry that

some of his work has

survived we don’t have a table or a

chair that he built while he was a

carpenter I don’t think it lasted

through time but for the ancient world

Herod was who was closest to the gods he

was C

counselor and the only biography that

exists about King Herod says Herod King

of the

Jews and a friend of the Romans and they

would call Jesus a friend of the Sinners

a friend of the broken people and that

wasn’t praise they weren’t praising him

in fact they would arrest him as an

enemy to Rome on the antipodes of Herod

but Herod represented the system the EST

establishment he governed in a time in

which only

the implacable survived Herod was the

most effective leader that the Empire

had ever seen he was a man that if

somebody bothered him he would demand

that they be executed he executed two of

his brother-in-laws even the wife he

loved most he had suspicions about her

and he said well just in case let’s cut

her head off and obviously he killed his

mother-in-law as well right after Herod

no one else would use the title King of

the Jews

except a victim of a crucifixion that

had been born outside of the herodian

system outside of the Roman

system herod’s life and Jesus life

crossed only once when the wise from the

East went to go and ask where they could

find the true king of the Jews they went

to go ask the guy Herod the Bible

narrates that when King Herod heard this

he was Disturbed of course and now we

understand why he was the king of the

Jews or that’s what he was considered to

be at the very least and the word says

that Herod was infuriated and he sent

out the military to kill all the infant

males because he didn’t know what age

the new king of the Jews could be he

said maybe he is one years old maybe

he’s a newborn but he’s not older than

two so this period was known as the

Massac of the innocent an act of

extermination and

Terror Amongst babies obviously that

doesn’t that’s never represented in any

living manger we don’t want to remember

that but under the

D dictatorial regime under Herod the

order to exterminate all the infants was

a government measure to maintain

stability so that he can remain on the

throne as he faced the threat of the

invasion of another kingdom and so on a

day like today even though the dates may

not coincide in the midst of

Terror Jesus was taken to Egypt as a

refuge and so the night he was born not

everyone was sleeping around not

everything was

shining it wasn’t a silent night Herod

sent his soldiers to all the peasants

homes they would kick the door down and

when they would find a male infant they

would pierce the infant’s body with the

spear Bethlehem didn’t have any silent

nights while Herod was searching for

Jesus and Herod who built cities who


armies he was known as Herod the

Great but no it didn’t occur to anyone

to call Jesus Jesus the great when

Matthew mentions Jesus for the first

time when Jesus debuts in scripture he

uses a different title he says go and

inform yourselves well about this

baby then he tells Joseph get up take

the baby and escape to Egypt and so

Joseph took the baby every time Jesus

appears he doesn’t appear as the great

or the son of the king or the prince no

he appears as the baby the boy and the

tital baby especially in those

days was on the antipodes of a

king it was on the other side of the

street of those that were great in the

ancient world children were at the


rung and in Greek and in Latin a child

the word means those who do not

speak so being a child in the times of

Rome was being

dependent completely defenseless fragile

at risk because these aren’t qualities

that we would associate with heroic ISM

now or then a hero is someone that makes

things happen a child is a

being that goes through things things

happen to them and many children at

Jesus’s age didn’t grow up in the old

world undesired babies were abandoned so

that they would just die and so the head

of the family had the legal

right to kill a child without being

accused of

crime a child could be killed up to

eight days after birth and that could be

because they were born in the wrong

gender if they wanted a boy and they got

a girl they would kill her or

defect or poverty because they wouldn’t

be able to sustain the

baby these are the most frequent

frequent reasons as to why babies were

abandoned families might have said no

this isn’t the the boy I was expecting

or or they doubted the the legitimacy of

the child there was no DNA testing so if

there were any doubts they would just

assassinate the child and since Jesus

was considered an illegitimate child if

Joseph had been Roman Jesus wouldn’t

have survived

these babies were

abandoned on farms and that would happen

so frequently that babies children were

called Coos and this means

manure instead of saying how many

children do you have you might ask how

much manure have you accumulated over

time it’s frightening but this was the

lowest level in society amongst families

and babies with special needs are those

that appear to be weak they would be

eliminated by in them and a Roman law

stipulated that if a child was born with

deformities then they should be


quickly and children had value if they

had any value or any if they could serve

the state some children would eventually

become slaves and that baby in Bethlehem

eventually grew up and he began to say

things about other children one day they

asked them

Lord who is the most important in the

heavens and Matthew wrote This Moment

down and he said he called a child he

called a Coos he put him in the middle

and then he

said unless you all change and become

like this child you will not enter into

the Kingdom of

Heaven that’s like telling all these

people you have to be the worst of the

worst as dependent as you can be and

then the Lord adds as such those that do

not humble themselves like this child

will never be great in the om of Heaven

Jesus didn’t say that it was the child’s

task to be like Herod he said no herod’s

task is to be like the child and later

on he announced something that never

would have crossed anyone’s mind he said

whoever receives in my name this child

receives me the culos had new identity

and since then children the

broken those of us that were once man

newer we now have a place in God’s

kingdom due to the fact that somebody

redeemed us isn’t it

marvelous a kingdom for the children

before Disneyland huh and who said that

well the person that was born outside of

the political system and outside of the

religious system with that being said

here’s the core of today’s

message and I want us to be able to

store it in our hearts we have to


that great things great great Visions


dreams often are born outside of the

system the Bible says that

Mary gave birth to the child and we all

know what happened there was no room at

any hotels or

hospitals this woman understood that

great things always come or always occur

outside of systems outside of the box

and sometimes the system wants to block

us it wants to cut us off because we

don’t speak the language we’re Hispanic

we’re immigrants our skin color

sometimes the system is going to close

the door on us and tell us that we can’t

come in it’s going to leave us outside

of the circle in a vulnerable moment and

it’s one thing to feel excluded we’ve

all been on the grass of exclusion at

one point but it’s another thing when

they leave us out in a moment in which

we feel very vulnerable when we need a

hug the most when we most need a word of

support and they leave us out out of

whatever there are occasions when we

can’t wait for the system to open the

door for us and give us a space so that

we can give birth to what the lord gave

us or placed in us but I’ve understood

throughout the years that God prefers to

do great things in strange places if

they would have told us 30 years back

that River Arena would be a part of the

barns of the world during the pandemic

after the Pand pandemic we wouldn’t have

believed it but he touches what isn’t so

that it can be He blesses what wasn’t so

that it could be isn’t it

marvelous that’s God’s style it’s to do

Miracles outside of the system in dark

places in places that are rejected

places that are marginalized It could

only occur to God to give birth to a

King in a barn or in a stable in a

manger and many people give up on their

dreams I know there are people that at

this point of the year saying I’m tired

I’m exhausted I’m I’m fed up because of

the system because of organized religion

they it tells you there’s no place for

you there’s no spot for you to hide so

that you can rest for you to have the

rest of the warrior in fact the actual

world says there’s no place for your

faith the world is telling you there is

no place for your Christian convictions

there’s no place for Christian values

not on Netflix not on HBO not on Hulu

not on Amazon Prime not in real life not

at schools not at universi

there’s room for everything else there’s

room for the diversity of gender there’s

space for homosexuals bisexuals

transgenders those that call themselves

they them or a dog or elephant for rap

there’s bad words for porno but there

the system always tells us there’s room

for all that but there’s no room for

your convictions and there are occasions

where you have to bring it out to light


dream amongst cows amongst other animals

among sheep but the circumstances can

never stop the promise never and I want

you to record this the system listen the

system will never allow you to give

birth to something truly great or it’ll

at least try to stop you great things

are always born outside of the box

always so you have to be willing to go

through a certain season in an

uncomfortable situation to obtain what

God has promised us there are situations

that you have to go through and one of


things that makes me love God and makes

me follow him all these years is that he

did it all outside of the system he did

it outside of the political system

outside of the religious system no one

hated Jesus the way the church people

did the Pharisees the

seduces the people that tried to kill

him he was born outside of the system he

preached outside the synagogues he

developed his ministry outside of the

system he died outside of the system the

book of Hebrews says that he died

outside of the doors of

Jerusalem and so I don’t know what it is

God promised you for this new year

that’s beginning in what just seven

days maybe you’re initiating a business

or maybe you’re welcoming someone to

your family or you’re starting a

Ministry or maybe this time you’re

giving birth to a vision but you don’t

see the resources you’re stumbling

before God’s promise and you’re saying

did I understand it correctly or was I

just did I have an upset stomach that

night because I had too many burritos if

you would have had Argentinian barbecue

that wouldn’t happen but because you eat

Adas and all those other things that’s

why your nightmares come about I have no

theological basis but it

happens others are saying you

know my life I’m losing my life and I

don’t have enough help I don’t have


support I don’t have enough people

around me I realize that I don’t have

enough money to begin how can I start

something new if I can barely handle my


but I’ve learned that if we spend too

much time looking for people’s approval

we’re never going to be able to give

birth to what God promised

us we’re very up and down that’s how

people are I’m not speaking about

extraterrestrials at one point we’re

saying hosana to the king but then the

other day in the next day we’re saying

crucify him go to social media and

you’ll see how we are if we build based

on people’s opinions everything we build


collapse so it’s not necessary to have

man’s approval get get rid of that bird

and give that to yourself for this

Christmas it’s not necessary to have

man’s resources it’s not necessary to

have man’s money someone here should say

Amen because this is

marvelous I still remember many many


back when I was just getting started

with my Ministry a businessman

threatened me and said if I stop giving

you money I don’t know what you’re going

to do

you’re going to die of hunger he said to

me and I remember I was very young even

skinnier than I am now and there at the

Terrace of a parking structure at a

mall I took courage and I pointed at him

with my finger I looked him in his eyes

God doesn’t let me exaggerate or lie I

was very young my finger was trembling a

bit because the guy was tall he was

big but it’s those moments of Courage

where you say something and you run away

after I said look you’re so poor that

the the only thing you have is Money in

the Bank you’re

poor but with me there’s something

greater on behalf of God so as soon as

you do me the favor

of leaving here I’m going to have a line

of businessmen that are going to have

the honor of being a part of this Vision

I I’ll never forget it I took courage I

said you can never obtain anointing with

your money you can never obtain favor

with your money but with my anointing

and favor I won’t have any issues with


and he left upset and then God brought

many resources after that through other

people and I also remember because today

is a day to remember these marvelous

things I remember the director of a TV

show that threatened me it was a

religious Channel he threatened me with

this Mafia Tony said if I take you off

the air off my channel in less than two

months people won’t know who you are

they don’t even know they won’t even

know what your ministry is about because

I I made you grow then he said to

me I lifted up this person’s Ministry

and that person’s and I can make you

disappear almost like it’s going to look

like an

accident here I was a little older and I

said look TV Chains Don’t anoint people

since I’ve had the use of Reason God is

the only one that can lift up promote

and sustain and

bless someone has to say amen and say

that’s my God now

we don’t have to fit into the system

actually we should avoid going into the

system and the word is let us not abort

the baby I don’t know what it is you’re

developing on behalf of the Lord don’t

abort the baby don’t assassinate let us

not assassinate our

dream it can be a difficult season like

Mary and Joseph went through it may even

appear controversial no one will


you you always see Mary Jesus’s mother

with a religious tone but man she was a

little girl she became pregnant she’s

the first one to say I was left pregnant

by the Holy Spirit I’m saying she was

the first because other women wanted to

say the same thing later just it wasn’t


though and her her boyfriend had to

believe her an angel had to appear to

her so that they could believe what do

you think her parents thought what would

you say if your daughter your 16

17-year-old daughter tells you I was

left pregnant by the Holy Spirit it

wasn’t Joseph it wasn’t my

boyfriend first you would kill Joseph

just in case and then you would look

into it to see if it was the Holy Spirit

and so it’s possible that this season is

controversial we may feel pain maybe we

don’t feel

support maybe we even have friends that

don’t understand the season that we’re

going through and it’s possible that we

don’t count on the support from people

that we respect we say well they

supported me my whole life but for some


when you begin to live a in a season in

which a Dream from God is developing

some people won’t understand you they’ll

say you won’t have the capacity you

don’t have the resources you can’t but

I’ve learned that if God began something

in our lives we should never abort it

just because there’s pain or because


opposition I know that some

metaphorically speaking speaking with

hyperbole some of your feet are swollen

those women that have been pregnant will

understand this you’re throwing up all

the time your back hurts you don’t know

how else you can lay down to rest and

you’re about

to begin your

labor but the Lord is showing me that

all that effort all that work obviously

a birth is on the horizon some people

say I I can’t anymore I don’t know how

I’ll make it to the end of the year I

won’t make you lift your hand but I know


here and the more often the contractions

are the closer the baby is the more it

starts to hurt when you say I can’t

anymore God tells me to tell you don’t

give in don’t surrender because what

I’ve promised you is going to come do

you believe it yes or no and

so it’s

possible that you’re going through


contractions but this is the moment in

which you have to push if I were a

modern Pastor I would you know the

pastors from today I’m a little

oldfashioned old school but I would tell

you tell the person next to you push

brother now turn to the person behind

you and push but there are since there

are many people that are

guests I don’t want you to look at them

with your Bulldog face however when the

pain increases that’s when you have to

push the most

right yeah good thing the men didn’t say

yes as if they knew

right the more it hurts and the more

frequent the contractions are it’s a

sign that it’s coming soon and so

there’s something within us something

that’s worth pushing for something

that’s worth putting the effort

into I feel it on behalf of the Lord

that during these holidays that are

beginning now and that are going to

finish within two

Mondays don’t don’t give in don’t

surrender the Bell hasn’t sounded yet

don’t throw the towel in and the more

frequent the pain is and you say I just

I can’t I can’t put up with it it’s not

because you’re about to give in it’s

because what God promised you is about

to come about David said in

Psalms tears can last the whole all

night but in the morning the shout of

Joy will come now now someone needs to

give a shout of Joy yes or no


now I know that we would all like to

say what’s going to be the night or how

long how long is it going to take how

long is the labor going to be every time

I have to pray for a pregnant woman I

always say Lord May the labor be like a

sneeze may she say and may the child

come out sometimes it happens sometimes

it doesn’t but the woman at least leaves

happy I don’t tell them what mothers

from before would say oh you’re going to

suffer oh and on top of it all I had

four and they were they all had big

heads and it was a normal breath my mom

would say they opened me up to

here and so first time mothers would

tremble this is the advice that my mom

would give to her daughter-in-laws hey

be careful girl because you won’t walk


years later on when the girl would come

around I would tell her no let it be

like a sneeze Let It Be Quick however

you want it to happen quickly you want

the labor to be quick but in terms of

real life sometimes it lasts months I’m

not talking about having a physical baby

but when you have to give birth to a

Divine dream sometimes the

night seems like we’re living in Alaska

or Antarctica where night lasts 6 months

you ask when will the night end and my

question is can Christ be born in a

dysfunctional situation can Christ be

born can something good come from a

Christ whose family is in debt and they

don’t know how they’re going to finish

the year can it be born in a

relationship where communication has

collapsed where the children live in

rebellion and I don’t want to say I have

a revelation but I have the

conviction that the Lord chose Our lives

our homes as they are

surgically just as they are because many

of us live outside of the system Jesus

could have been born in a cathedral in a

synagogue in a basilica in a mansion He

could have been born to a family of

wealthy people he could have been born

with servants maids and assistants he

could have had 10,000 angels to protect

them but he was born without any


nothing he chose to be born outside of

the system and he tells us I also chose

you not just because I’m the god of of

your Mourns and the birth of your dreams

but also because I’m the god of your

night of your labor of your efforts I’m

the God that holds you up so that you

can push somebody needs to say this word

is mine yes or no I love that yes not

only am I the god of your Victory but

I’m also the god of last night I want

you to say it out loud God is the god of



it seems like a long phrase but it makes

sense God is the god of last

night not only is God the god of birth

God is also the god of your labor

efforts does life hurt God is there the

contractions hurt God is

there they’re more often more frequent

Rejoice because during the night you

will cry but in the morning the joy will

come the Lord tells me your night is

about to finish does someone believe it

yes or no your night is about to finish

now I don’t know exactly what you’re

going through I don’t

know how many burdens you’re carrying I

know there are people that are very

burdened especially for the

holidays behind the burden of the entire

year you say now don’t tell me that

we’re going to have a party here at the

house and you know that in just a bit

you’re going to have a revolution at

home a mess chaos that’s

nothing if you could share what you have

but some people say

they kiss the credit card and they say

let it be what God wants and you spend

you buy things you say well in January

Christ might come back and I’ll be

safe of all my

debts and then to that we add all jokes

aside you add empty seats around the

table knowing that

you once shared holidays for so many

years with the family but now that

family is broken or someone’s gone

someone passed or we’re left we left

family on the other side of the border

and you say you know not the happiest

moment of my life and I don’t know how

long you’ve been crying

alone I don’t know why you’re suffering

but I what I do know is that the tears

can last the whole night but David said

always always always Joy will come in

the morning the point is knowing when

that birth will happen the point is

knowing when your pain is redeemed women

say that pregnancy and labor or giving


giving birth in the last few months of

the pregnancy if everything was normal

then labor is the only pain that God

made women forget because if a man went

through Labor just

once he wouldn’t be left he wouldn’t be

pregnant ever again not even by judicial


right a man who has a little bit of pain

in his tooth never again never again

wants to go to the dentist now a

imagine if us men gave birth just once

you know men not me but the majority of


men they

complain they cry over anything now I


imagine that if us men had the privilege

of giving birth we would do it just once

everyone would be an only child right

but women forget the pain why because

when the baby is placed in her arms that

redeems any pain the little baby redeems


shame any un discomfort any back pain

swollen feet

everything the birth of a baby redeems

all the pain all the labor efforts and

that fascinates me to know that the Lord

decides to come to places that are

outside of the system it fascinates me

that I don’t have to go to a seminar to

get to know him no one has to vote for

me I don’t have to please anyone I can

find Jesus if I’m I’m in a stable in a

Manger that even if the night is long I

can find Jesus in the morning in the

cell I can find him in the Corral with

in the in the pig pen because great

things are always born outside of the

system great missions great businesses

great dreams great ideas great

Ministries great

congregations everything is born outside

the system someone has to be that is my

God isn’t it

marvelous now let me tell you a secret

if we do what God called us to do then

the system will follow us it’ll come and

look for us the system always runs after

creativity and

anointing maybe when we’re no one no one

wants to bless us but once we’re

successful everyone comes and offers us

everything but while we’re pushing in

the manger in the stable while we’re

pushing on a Manger nobody’s going to

bless us except for God when I was

younger I used to


over pastors that didn’t like me or

colleagues that didn’t accept me I don’t

know why because I’m an enchanting

Argentinian but I would cry and I would

become so frustrated because the

Pastoral commissions didn’t support our

events I cried because one day a

pastoral group sent out a communication

in Argentina saying

Dante doesn’t belong to the body of

Christ and the Pastoral committee will

not give him any support obviously God

didn’t care at all he would send the

youth all the same and now after many

years I realized yesterday I realized

that I have to give thanks profoundly

because that all taught me how to trust

in God I learned to trust only in him

because they left me out of the system I

wouldn’t be the boy that believes God

the boy in in an adult body that

believes God if they would have accepted

me into their system I had to be

surrounded by by unbelievers that

believed in the vision that ended up

giving up their hearts to the Lord and

so now I want to give thanks to all the

people that rejected me and said there’s

no place for

you I want to say thanks to all those

that closed doors on

me they made you

grow even the immigration

official oh you can’t come in thank God

he made you

strong or that first pastor told me God

will never use you a beloved German

Pastor not a German Shepherd a German

pastor and another Pastor that said if

one day you open up a church here in

Argentina forget about our friendship

thank you because today I would be in

Argentina I wouldn’t be here with these


people being the barn housee of the

world how beautiful when God does things

outside of the system do you believe it

we had a group of intercessors that

always prayed for me until one day they

saw me on TV they saw me on a show one

of them called me and said Dante you’re

ashamed to the gospel we’re not going to

pray for your ministry anymore thank you

sisters I never gave you

thanks I wouldn’t have learned to speak

directly with God I wouldn’t have had

this relationship that I have with the

Lord now I would be depending on you God

has been good with me he learned me to

not depend on prophets or witches on uh

people that uh tell you what you should

do the TV channels that told me that my

program was too mundane thank you I

never would have reached thousands of

unbelievers I would still be fishing in

a swimming pool speaking to

evangelicals they never would have hired

me they never would have paid me I never

would have won an

award I’m giving you an example for all

the things we should give thanks for

this Christmas

those that said no no no no no I’m

leaving Dante because this ministry is

going to collapse at any point thank you

for helping me

avoid having to fire you because now we


lighter God brings greater

blessings how beautiful is the Lord

outside of the systems do you believe it

all the business people that said I’m

going to take away my support thank you

because that made me get to know other

millionaires that sustain the vision

today we have to give thanks to the

Americans because when we didn’t have

this Arena they didn’t want to rent

their churches to us we didn’t have a

building had they done it we wouldn’t

have the arena today we wouldn’t have

purchased this I want to give thanks to

you if it weren’t for you we would be

renting right now our services would be

in the evening in a place that’s not our

own and you surely wouldn’t be coming

here because you’d be preparing the the

meat to eat later all the Beloved

pastors this goes for those that are

watching during the live stream each

week they prohibit their members don’t

watch that don’t watch those messages

don’t follow River because it’s proven

that censorship and what’s prohibited

always produces more curiosity always

when they tell you don’t watch this

video because it can hurt your feelings

what do you do oh that’s how we

are don’t touch that plate it’s hot you

touch it

always we wouldn’t have been able to pay

for so much publicity or people that

edit videos with Mal intent because they

generate traffic they move the algorithm

they make thousands find curiosity in

our messages so thank you for promoting

River thank you for working voluntarily

without having to pay you that’s

fabulous church we have to give thanks

for those that close doors on us those

that left us out of the system we

Rejoice because all of us that are here

have had people people that have said to

us I cannot help you and that made us

strong it made us resilient that made us

trust in

God nowadays no one can say I helped you

or you’re there because of me no I’m

happy that no one can say oh I made

Dante grow or I made River grow no God

makes his dreams be born in a manger or

in a barn so that no one can attribute

credit to themselves except for the cow

that was there no one can take

credit he doesn’t share his glory with

anyone and

so if today you’re alone with without

any help with very frequent contractions

and no resources

than be certain that something great

will be born and before the sun comes up

the Lord will take the glory someone

needs to applaud that and say that is my


hallelujah well like I

said today we celebrate the birth of of


child who was going to get rid of all of


efforts it was that subterraneous

movement that began outside of the

system until that dangerous baby was

able to be born and hide from a monarch

the Bible narrates

that in the time in which Jesus was born

the story turns

180 the next time we hear about

Jesus the the Evangelist starts with the

phrase after Herod

died when Jesus begins his ministry

Herod was already dead in fact chapter 2

in Matthew mentions three times that

Herod was dead Matthew wanted us to know

that Herod the Great that Herod the


Argentinian with all of his riches and

wealth and glory and power with his

crown was no longer the great it was

Herod the Dead

nowadays Herod

Caesar these are the names for pizzerias

casinos or even


Caesar Herod is not is a good name for a


right the

names the name of Jesus lives forever

and it’s recorded for all of


Hallelujah now we can’t have the luxury

of forgetting that there in Bethlehem

God came into human space and time and

God who knows no


assumed the confines of the skin the

body of a baby the limitations of

mortality and and the few eyewitnesses

that were present there were a few on

that first Christmas they didn’t realize

any of this I saw a

baby that

was giving good use to his strong lungs

and some would take 30 years to realize

that this was the son of God but the

true tragedy and I say this every year I

insist with it the real tragedy is that


Christians thousands of years later

celebrate the spirit of Christmas by

spending fortunes at the mall forgetting

who we truly commemorating and what’s

worse is that our children believe that

Christmas is all about getting gifts

from a fat man dressed in

red made up in 1932 by

Coca-Cola before

1932 there was no fat man dressed in red

except for your husband and red

underwear but that’s not Santa

Claus the Lord has created a kingdom

outside of this system

and you don’t need money you don’t need

titles no status no talents no

connections no

levers in fact all these things

often tend to get in the way of what God

wants to do with that birth that God

wants to bring to our lives so we can

all be a part of this Kingdom that

operates outside of the world’s rules

outside of political rules outside of

religious rules and he on this very

morning afternoon night whenever you’re

watching he gives us a formal

invitation at the beginning of Jesus’s

Ministry a man named

Nathaniel shows himself to be skeptical

he doesn’t want to

believe in the

affirmations that were being made in

respects to Jesus so he said that famous

phrase from Nazareth can anything good

come from

there many of us have heard this

phrase how can something good come from

Mexico from Argentina nah from El

Salvador remember when they used to say

oh Salvador just creates gang members

and and and Killers Mexico only brings

over drug dealers Argentina only brings

over scammers and corrupt people well

maybe but who

knows but each ethnicity each race each

nationality has its stigma and then we

also have it uh in our families

I’m from a small City in San Martin buos

Sidis a neighborhood named billing Hurst

can something good come from billing

Hurst no from billing Hurst no there’s

no nobble peace prizes no piters no

soccer players in Europe no from billing

hurz back in my day don’t be

offended we would only see famous

delinquents famous criminals we would go

visit them oh you know you’re in the

newspaper right they’re looking for

you so you grow up thinking can

something good come from here and they

said the same thing about Jesus really

the carpenter from

Nazareth nothing good ever came from

Nazareth no great Rabbi no great

speakers you don’t imagine Martin Luther

King being from Nazareth or Mother

Teresa being from

Nazareth or a soccer player at the very

least Messi from

Nazareth Chito maybe but not

Messi and Jesus wasn’t offended by this


Phillip who had already been following


an invitation to

Nathaniel that same invitation that I’m

going to give to you those that are at

home those that are here the same

invitation he says come and see he

doesn’t give him a theological

explanation he says why don’t you come

and see but can something good come from

outside of the system well come and take

a look another version says come and

you’ll see it with your own

eyes it’s like when we invite people to

come to River Arena we say come and live

The Experience yeah but I want to know

if it’s marketing or branding no no no

no you have to come and see I’m not

going to give you any previews or sneak

peeks you have to come and and see The

Marvelous people the CH the the the

children from the Welcome team the

servers the ushers the aroma the

Excellence and the presence of

God said in a different way try what

Jesus has said do your own experiment

come and see what it means to believe in

him Jesus said to Nathaniel

I assure

you that the he you will see the heavens

open and you will see Angels descend and

Ascend and so this is the invitation

that we’ve extended all year and we’ll

continue to give this invitation until

the Lord takes us back to his presence

try Jesus out come and

see see it with your own eyes it doesn’t

matter if you’re Catholic Methodist

Baptist Lutheran

Presbyterian reformed Anglican Adventist

Pentecostal Jehovah’s Witness Jewish

Muslim Buddhist agnostic

atheist or if you’re

a fiery fan of inter Miami it doesn’t

matter wherever you’ve come from no

matter what you believe the offer is

still available come and see come and

you’ll see it with your own

eyes and while some consider the

challenge of accept in to come and see

in what respects me I say every time the

Lord gives me the Divine Providence of

inviting someone to accept Christ in

their hearts I’m always going to do it

it’s an invitation come and see what

Christ means when he enters our families

Our lives our finances I can’t promise

you a life free of

problems or a walk through the park but

I can promise you that outside of the

system God can bring about great things

in homes destroyed by

bankruptcy by

unfaithfulness places that

are that have succumbed to illness and

disease and cancer and Leukemia the Lord

can bring something from all that bring

something good God is still good even

when the circumstances are not of course

and so here and at home we’re going to

do something that we don’t do it as

formally as we’re doing it today but

today I would like to ask it of you so

that you can unite at home because there

are many relatives that are joining you

they might be asking are you asking me

to change my religion no just come and

see get to know the Lord let him enter

your heart and to do that we’re just a

prayer away I would love for you hearer

and at home to repeat after me and say


Jesus Come into my heart forgive my

sins you can be

born in my heart in my home

I’m outside of the system but I know

that you’ll do a

miracle now I want to pray for those

that have a dream lift up your hand to

heaven and say Lord I have a dream that

I’ve placed before your presence it’s

been many years some did it months ago

and the Lord tells me to tell you that


dream sometimes makes you go through

Seasons that are difficult or

uncomfortable like a mother who’s in her

eighth month or the ninth month of her

pregnancy after weeks and weeks of not

being able to rest I know your back

hurts I know that the burdens you’re

carrying are folding you my son my

daughter but the Lord tells me to tell

you I’m going to begin to I’m going to

begin to do something in these days and

when he says something he he means that

the contractions are going to begin to

happen more

frequently and that pain or apparent

pain will will be redeemed says the Lord

when I bring about within you what I’ve

placed in you but there are people

saying I don’t know if you can do

something in me can something good come

from Nazareth yes God can do something

good if God placed eternity and what was

a Coos and manure back then how can he

not do it today with us lift up your

hands and say Lord I receive this word I

receive this word on your behalf thank

you Lord for this time

thank you for your presence thank you

because you’re speaking to us I would

love to pray for everyone now keep your

hand up high Lord I’ve spoken I’ve

transmitted to your people what I

believe you told me to tell them and I

know that there are things dreams

visions that are being born and those

dreams will crystallize and they will

begin to happen and I know I know that

you’re going to give the Revelation to

each one each one of them that they’re

going to have to go through a season of

pushing pushing strong stronger and

stronger pressure because it’s coming

soon the Lord says begin to transition

in your life and that transition that

channel that birth canal will bring


new things that you haven’t seen things

that your ears haven’t heard nor have

risen to your heart these are things

that I’ve prepared for you I would love

for all of you to pray with me at

home wherever you’re listening from here

at River Arena something is happening

and it’s being let out I believe that

there is a new birth in in businesses


marriages God is bringing something from

outside of the system something that no

one sees coming a Revival that no one

sees coming a movement of the spirit and

it’ll be from the most Unthinkable

places it won’t be from congregations

it’ll be from closets it won’t be from

public places it’ll be from private

places and God will lift up people that

are not so that they can be and he will

lift up children to put adults to to

shame and those that we consider

ignorant and uous he will use to put the

shame put the wise to shame he says this

is my time where I’m going to bless and

lift you up and I’m going to sustain you

now take some time to give thanks as I

just did in your heart you don’t have to

say it out

loud but give thanks to all those that

have closed doors on you those that have

told you no those that denied your

papers those that denied your legality

say Lord with without any bitterness

without any irony I truly give you

thanks because they made me grow give

thanks for everything your parents

didn’t give you give thanks for those

Christmas trees if there even were any

that were empty give thanks for those

days where you only had one meal a day

the days where you had to reheat food so

that your children children wouldn’t go

hungry say Lord that made me an adult

with a high level a high threshold

against frustration give thanks for the

times you’ve been through when someone

broke your heart when someone didn’t

give you the support that you needed

because that threw you to the feet of

the Cross because that made you seek the

Lord everyone everyone say Lord I give

you thanks for the days in which I was a

child when I was an adolescent when

someone abused me when someone tried to

ruin my life because that made me cling

on to you even more I truly give thanks

to all the critics because they’ve made

River popular

they’ve made many people want to know

what it’s about and I give thanks to all

those that have opposed us because God

has always made a birth happen outside

of the system father thank you for this

morning thank you for so much blessing I

give you thanks I exalt you I praise you

thank you

Lord that on this Christmas may this be

the beginning of a new season thank you

for what you’ve given us thank you for

so much Glory thank you for the Open

Heavens we bless you amen and amen two

things Lord Jesus happy birthday and

ladies and gentlemen Merry Christmas get

on your feet and give an

Applause and the rest of the world with

this Applause with this gigantic

Applause here at R Arena goodbye God

bless you firm like a be claw bye bye























here is