ENGLISH Dante Gebel #850 | Keep calm

Our pain, whatever the cause, will not last forever. What is coming in our future will give meaning to what is happening now, because God is the Master Weaver. He takes the threads and mixes the colors; the coarse threads with the velvet ones; the pains with the joys; the bad days with the good days. Nothing is out of His reach! Therefore, instead of asking God to change our circumstances, let us ask that He use them to change us. With faith in our Creator, we will overcome crises… we must stay calm and move forward


let’s go with the flags the smiles The

Joy clap your hands loud because this is

this is what’s happening here at River

Arena from Broadway Street look how

beautiful each week there are more Flags

it seems like a soccer stadium this is

an Applause for those that are visiting

us those that are joining

us those that are a part this marvelous

party good morning good afternoon good

night how beautiful to all those that

are visiting

us here’s a a

note forgive my Geographic ignorance I

don’t recognize them all don’t feel

offended the owners of those flags but I

recognize some but then I say Colombia

and then they say no Venezuela Japan no

Russia and so that doesn’t happen next

time put a little sign next to the flag

so that I can say it because I’m afraid

of saying a country and it it’ll be

another one fortunately presidents don’t

change the colors of the flags but I

still haven’t learned them all but to

everyone welcome those that are part of

the house those that are connecting from

other parts of the world welcome may God

bless you thank you for being

there I’m about to transmit what I

believe God told me to tell you but

before real quick just a few

things we’re finishing the last tour

date of this year next

year for this pres conference I still

have to go to Paraguay to Bolivia Peru


Argentina many states in the United

States Panama there are a few that I’m

forgetting if I don’t mention them it’s

not that I’m not going but I’m just

forgetting right now but the last state

was in Dallas and since I promise the

people in Dallas those that watch the


service we send greetings to them they

say that all the women here are thin and

they don’t understand

why and I said we have a


well to all the people in Dallas this is

what happened in Dallas real quick and

after this I’ll tell you some other news

and then what God placed in my heart

will be shared this is












to all the people in Dallas thank you

you were very

loving we couldn’t fit another person in

there it was the last tour date of 2020

23 of 23 tour dates that we had in this

year and it was marvelous we arrived a

couple days ago this was the last trip

for the next couple weeks I won’t be

traveling for the next couple of weeks

but I will tell you that our team did

travel our volunteers did travel we

promised to give away a million toys

we’ve done it in

Panama no I’m sorry in Colombia in

Venezuela we’ve done it in many

different countries Uganda Argentina and

now it’s it’s Mexico’s turn Mexico in

our blood this is what happened with

River Toys in chapas Mexico here we









fore spee

fore spee












to all of Mexico an enormous

greeting we also wanted to show how the

engineers work in Mexico with the laders

that’s what happens in our in our

country you do everything like

that we all get out ahead we puff out

our chest we work hard and so thanks to

all those that collaborated all the

Blood Sweat and Tears those that helped

us to make this River Toys possible in

Chia us like in Tijuana we posted the

pictures of the Tijuana event but we

didn’t have time to present the video or

the images because on top of

it just as we’re about to hear what God

has to say for us say to us we stored

the icing on the cake for the end

because it has to do with a a country a

place where this has never ever ever

happened in history there’s no memory in

the last 200 years of this happening

this doesn’t happen in a country and a


where basic needs are scarce soap toilet

paper nobody thinks about toys we’re

talking about Cuba River Toys in Cuba












































ohal Gra








that is your

seed that’s what you have sown look how

far it goes when you offer when you sew

how far it can

go a seed when it’s well managed when we

say everything that comes in is to go

out and bless it’s all to give away and

we send a very special greeting not

everyone can watch us from Cuba but

there are people that do connect with us

and we have our heart there with the

island we’re constructing our our

neighborhood in in Cuba we’re almost

finishing the homes we’re hoping to

finish before the end of the year and if

not we’ll go we’ll finish it in the

first days of the new year but there

we’re going to honor many elderly

couples that don’t have anywhere to live

so we’re working on that but we spend a

very special greeting to all of Cuba it

was a pleasure to finish this world tour

of toys River Toys finishing

it in in the enchanted island of Cuba

and next Saturday here in the lobby I’m

going to show you how we’re doing with

all the toys this is how we’re doing

this is live right now there are more

more toys there than there were last

Sunday there we go we’re almost H we’re

halfway full I wanted us to reach the

ceiling because there’s a lot to give

away that’s next

Saturday this next Saturday we have our

party we’re going to show you show you

the the the images next Sunday this will

be the last one the last one around the

world was in Cuba but the one that’s

going to definitively close River Toys

is going to be next Saturday here

outside of our door starting at 400 pm.

with a great party here’s a small promo

of what’s going to






that’s going to be next Saturday at 400

pm thank you for coming thank you for

being here spread the word so that

everyone can come and it’ll be a great

celebration from 4 until it’s too late

and there aren’t any toys left and there

are many surprises we have iconic cars

we have the teenage me Ninja Turtles we

have Batman free burgers for the for

everyone so come with your diet so that

you can break it here are we ready for

what God is going to give us yes or no

here and around the world this is what I

believe God has placed in my

heart a few years

ago while we were still living in Buenos


morning my brother called me on the

phone to notify me that our

mother had just gone through a a heart

attack I had that reoccurring nightmare

for years as a little boy I I always had

the nightmare that Mom would have a

heart attack or that something would

happen to her and it had become a

reality and so I can

remember that I collapsed on the sofa I

cried like a boy because it was as if

finally what I had been thinking for so

long had been fulfilled even though now

I was an

adult it it was tough for me to hear the

news that she had had a heart attack so

I had hundreds of questions on my mind

but I remember telling the Lord I beg

you that you don’t take her now I’m not

ready for her to die I’m not ready I’m


prepared finally they told

us that it was a secondary myocardial

infarction known as an ischemic

imbalance and so she went through

angioplasty they placed a stent an


prettis a stent it opened up her

arteries and that allowed blood flow and

they sent her back

home it was just about a week of no

sleep a lot of worrying but Mom was safe

we avoided a

tragedy it was just a scare and I

remember that when the

doctor gave gave us the medical

diagnosis with the news that they would

let her

out she went from the IU to a normal

room then went home I looked at my

brother and I said God is very good with

the gabes he’s very good to us and in

that moment a question came to to

mind I can’t be sure that it were that

it was God it might have just been a

question that came from myself but the

question was if my mom hadn’t survived

if my mom had not survived that first


attack would I still say that God is

good to the gbls if we had lost my

mother would I have reached the same

same conclusion God is good with our

family I said so is God good only when

the result is also

good when someone is healed from cancer

we tend to say oh no God is so good he

healed them from cancer when we get a

raise at work God is good they gave me a

raise without even asking for

it when we get accepted into the

university that we applied for or when

us argentinians win the World Cup we say

God is good finally justice has

arrived now would we say the same thing

if the

circumstances were

different I always ask that at the

cemetery just like at the nursery the

same gratitude to God would we say that

he’s good in line to find a

job or in line at a supermarket with a

cart filled with with groceries in the

days of scarcity like in the days of

provision at the altar at the wedding

altar or at the divorce court God is God

always good or just or is he just good

sometimes throughout these years of my

Christian pilgrimage I’ve gotten to know

many families Christian families very

Pious very devout that have had to go

through very difficult valleys traumas

that have been very

difficult and on many occasions I’ve

heard people say well God knows me and

he knows what my breaking point is he

knows how much I can put up with and

he’ll never allow me or want me to

suffer many people have said that to me

God knows how much I can resist and I’d

like tell you

today that that it works this way we

have a pack with God and by contract God

can’t cross certain lines that we draw

out but sometimes we don’t realize this

and it’s something that I repeat

often but

often it’s just a unilateral contract a

contract that only has one signature and

that’s ours even then sometimes we try

and assure that we have a control

contractual obligation with God even

though God never signed anything we say

well I already promised that I would

serve God as long as he takes care of my

children but God didn’t sign that

contract we did and we try to pass it as

valid but we all know that for a

contract to be valid legally there have

to be two

signatures well I promise to congregate


exchange that God conserves my health I

already told God that I wouldn’t miss

out on Any Sunday but he has to take

care of my health or I promise to always

sow and offer as long as my family never

lacks anything and so that means God is

going to prosper us it’s a Word of Faith

that’s fine but when we mention it as if

it were a contract or an obligation that

God has because we are giving something

in exchange that’s where then God for

whatever reason doesn’t satisfy our

expectations and we’re left spinning in

a whirlwind of questions we ask

ourselves is God truly good or is he

upset with me because I never missed out

on a service I never stopped offering

and now I’m going through this illness

or this bankruptcy or they fired me or

they’re not renewing this contract or

I’m about to lose my home did God

Escape is his power

limited did the enemy defeat him this

time was the devil stronger and so

that’s why today’s question is what do

we think of God when life isn’t good

or as good as we’d want it to be what do

we think about

God when Joseph deciphers Pharaoh’s

dream he tells

him but seven years of famine will

follow then all the abundance in Egypt

will be forgotten and the famine will

ravage the land that was the dream that

the Pharaoh

had the famine will be St so strong that

all the abundance will be forgotten and

after Pharaoh had two similar

dreams it means that

there events decreed by God that will

happen soon and so Joseph deciphers the

pharaoh’s dream and he says that both

seasons the one of abundance and the one

of scarcity both are under God’s Divine

jurisdiction Under the Umbrella of


jurisdiction both had been decreed by

God prosperity and hunger famine so

sometimes it’s tough for us understand

even though we’ve been Christians for

years that good governments and bad

governments are permitted by God it’s

not that sometimes God puts a good

president but then sometimes the devil

wins and puts a bad president no good

governments there is no King no dictator

no president that goes up to power if

it’s not permitted by God the good

economic ministers and the bad ones the

poor economic ministers are placed and

and permitted by God many times God

permits Satan to unleash chaos but he

never allows him to Triumph and this is

the promise from Romans 8:28 and we know

that in all things God works for the

good of those who love him in All Things

the good and the bad the regular things

and those that are not so

good all

things for the good of those who love

him who have been called according to

his purpose sometimes we thinks that

sometimes we think that only certain

things help but no the Bible says that

all things so the isolated events that

may be bad but the final result the

final process is always going to be

good so for example when you try a good

plate of Italian

pasta it’s a bad time to comment this if

some of you are hungry right we say how

delicious it’s extraordinary delicious

we say it’s so tasty what’s tasty is it

the the

wheat the

yeast the tomatoes that they made the


with the salt the cheese the oregano no

what’s delicious is all those

ingredients mixed

together so the collective cooperation

of the elements creates something that’s

tasty and delicious so we can say for

example oh inflation is good or a heart

attack or a pandemic or a terrorist

attack is good no those things aren’t

good their terrible

calamities products of a fallen world

but in one way or another I don’t know

how God mixes them with other

ingredients to get something good out of

it even out of all that can something

good come from that yes from the

pandemic God can get something good out

of it from an illness yes we can learn

something good a financial crisis we can

learn something good but we have to

allow God to Define what is good

because our definition of of good is

what health Comfort zero

problems we’re all going to give a toast

at the end of the year oh b a toast to

good health no one will say oh a toast

to our problems our mother-in-laws no no

one’s going to say that for us it’s good

health zero problems nothing serious for

us that’s a good

life but God’s idea in in the idea in

the case of his son his life consisted

of suffering death on the cross but God

makes us all that to produce the

greatest good that ever existed our

Salvation if he hadn’t allowed Jesus’s

suffering then today we wouldn’t be here

we wouldn’t be

saved Johnny

Erikson Tata was Joanie Ericson

Tata was a young girl trying to dive

into a lake when she broke her spinal

column she didn’t calculate the depth of


waters so she got injured her sister

pulled her out of the water and once

Joanie understood her quadriplegia and

understood that it would be permanent

that she would never be able to move

anything from the neck below she began

to experiment the five stages of

grief of pain we all experiment this

through tragedy at first we all deny it

we say no how is it possible that this

is God’s will it can’t be it can’t be

God’s Will and so it’s the devil who got

involved the first thing you do is deny

it you say this can’t be from God then


anger being irate I don’t know why I

speak to God I don’t know why I’m

praying he never hears me I think he’s

upset at me I don’t know why I

congregate I don’t know why I even go to

church so much faithfulness for nothing

anger is the second thing the third

thing is

negotiation and that’s the unilateral

contract that I was just talking about

well God allowed this accident to test

my faith and patience but I’m sure that

once I learn my lesson I’m going to be

healed and I’ll walk again you begin to

say things and an attempt to

negotiate when maybe God isn’t trying to

negotiate then depression comes Joanie

begged a friend to give her a dose of

pills to die she didn’t want to live

anymore and finally she arrived at the

phase of acceptance she said though the

devil’s Purpose with my

disability was maybe to Cast Away my

faith I’m convinced that God’s objective

is to get something good out of all of

this and now Joanie who can’t move any

body parts from below her neck is

recognized around the world she’s

written 50 books I got to meet

her when she preached at the Crystal

Cathedral a few years ago she recorded

many music albums she has painted

150 painting

she’s produced movies and series she’s


Awards she has six doctorates from

different universities and now she

reaffirms I prefer to be in this

wheelchair having the relationship that

I have with God than being on my feet

without knowing the

Lord it never occurs to us that

suffering in the hands of God it’s

sometimes a very valuable tool

I know that this message isn’t going to

produce many amens at least not at this

point and I’m aware of it you say you’re

making me depressed no no no on the

contrary I want you to follow me it’s

going to heal you a

lot one day when

Joanie was returning from a chemotherapy

session with her husband they were

talking about how suffering sometimes is


drop that comes from

hell she said it appears to me that the

suffering is a drop that comes from hell

that Speckles us and so her husband

stopped the car and and he said well

then what do you think the drops from

Heaven are

like the

drops that hit us from Heaven are

what the moments where everything’s

going as planned when we have Optimal

Health but both concluded no that’s

that’s not

it a drop that comes from

Heaven is finding

Jesus in that Rob that comes from hell

in that suffering we find Jesus Joanie

says or said finding Jesus in a hell is

marvelous and I wouldn’t change it for

anything and you might say where well

where does Joanie get this conclusion

from well that was Jesus’s message when


followers found a blind man on the

road they asked Jesus for an explanation

is God mad at him and is that why he’s

blind who is who that fault

him his parents his grandparents but

Jesus’s answer offered a superior option

he said this man was left blind so that

God’s works could manifest in

him so there are things that happen so

that God’s glory can manifest are you

following me yes or no

now we have to

decide if we trust in God or if we

distance ourselves from him but

sometimes let me tell you now he is

going to cross the line you say no if I

congregate and if I’m faithful and if

I’m faithful with my offerings and my

tithes and I listen to Dante’s messages

well then that’ll get me to Heaven no

he’s going across the line at some point

God is going to allow something and you

might say well that doesn’t encourage me

but I would be lying if it were the

opposite there’s a moment in life where

we’re going to have to make a

decision because our lives are in God’s


right but he hasn’t made any deal he

hasn’t told us that on this side of the

sun it would be a walk through the

park he never told us that on this side

of Eternity we’re immune to suffering he

never told us as I said a few Sundays

ago that our children wouldn’t go

through seasons of rebellion he never

told us if you have me in your heart

then your marriage will always be

perfect your husband won’t even burp

ever in his life he’ll never had bad

breath your wife will be divine and

sweet Cinderella reincarnate no he never


that a scamming Pastor might have told

you that to get more money out of you in

exchange for a pack scammers say oh H

create a pact with the Lord bring $1,000

doll and the Lord will give you health

no scammers say that God never says that

so many times life rotates in an unpr

precedented way and suddenly we have to

do things that we never saw coming I’m

not saying that it will happen but I

want to alert you that that’s

life how many people here from the

congregation have had to

choose a coffin plan a

funeral imagining life without that


one and I would be a liar if I told you

that that won’t happen that no one would

ever die no one in your family is ever

going to

die one day we may not be able to get

out of bed because we feel that we hit

rock bottom and this happens to all of

us I was brought up in a church where

saying I’m sad was admitting that we had

a spirit or a a demon of depression but

there are seasons all of us go through

it where the only thing we want is for

the day to go by quickly to go back to

bed and not just because we’re

lazy but because we have a sadness that

doesn’t go away way because we go

through a difficult moment and sometimes

we live as if we were in a in an

emotional Co coma we do things

automatically we send our kids to school

because we have to send them we prepare

dinner we wash our clothes or whatever

it is we have to do or we go to work but

we feel that we’re in a coma and the

truth is that the majority of us few

times in our lives here on Earth have

reached the summit or the peak of life

where we say I’m in the best moment of

my life yeah maybe when we fall in love

maybe when they give us a raise at work

maybe when our child is born maybe when

our mother-in-law says that she’ll never

come back and she goes to live in

Tanzania but then in

life we’re alternating

between medium levels or hitting rock

bottom very few people are going through

life saying I’m happy I’m happy no

they’re drugged not


and on many occasions our world I insist

is just medium

height my when my brother called me to

give me the news that my mother had a

heart attack or the real estate market

just crashed or the lab results detected

cancer and before we realize it we’re at

the bottom of the

well and so life as I was just saying

before we connected with the rest of the

world life sometimes at one point or

another flips up flips us upside down it

doesn’t necessarily have to be cancer

but it can

be a disappointment or a pain and no one


that it seems like the world stops

turning or the wife that discovers her

husband is Unfaithful or the businessman

that realizes his funds are being

mismanaged by a dishonest colleague or

the Adolescent that discovers that in a

night of romance or a night of passion

or a night of lust

created a an unwanted pregnancy or the

tired Pastor that sometimes wants to go

far away and abandon it all he says I’m

tired of the people I’m tired of doing

the same thing over and over you can’t

imagine the amount of pastors that I

speak to that say I’m depressed I’m

tired I’m I’m fed up I always have to be

smiling I always have to look strong the

people don’t allow

me to even take a break or have a

truce we would


escapists if we believed that we were

invulnerable but we would be the same

escapists if we believed that evil is

going to triumph over good because God

always recycles the Bad

seasons to create them to create

something good that’s the promise you

have to take with you he’s going to


them but at one point we’re all going to

find ourselves at that intersection

before that question is God good when

life get gets

ugly that’s what the

Lord wants us to understand once and for

all is he still on his throne even

though we’re having a a terrible

government or a bad president even if a

pandemic comes along and the answer is

in Jesus himself when he walked on this

Earth he didn’t isolate himself from

suffering he didn’t go through the world

in a capsule he didn’t preach from a

deserted island a septic and free of

pain no he took his own medicine

he played by his own rule he didn’t play

by his own

rules his family thought he was crazy

you have family problems well Jesus did

too do they accuse you unjustly well

they accused Jesus cruel defamation and

let’s not even talk about death without

a sense look at the cross so he doesn’t

demand anything from us that he didn’t

experiment himself and that gives us

only one

explanation although we don’t understand

what’s happening to us now he continues

being good he says thoughts of good and

not of evil I have for you do you

believe it yes or no and you say

well if I don’t understand what’s

happening to me how can you tell me that

he’s still good and my question is well

don’t you think it’s the fact that we

don’t understand because we never see

the full plan like children like our

kids when they ask for candy and we say

no not at this time and they cry and

they throw a tantrum they fit and they

don’t understand why the we say no right

now how many NOS did we hear from our

parents that we didn’t understand but

now as adults being on the other side of

the counter as parents we say oh now I

know why they said

this how many Tantrums do children throw

when they don’t understand the general

Panorama when they want to stay at the

park at all hours of the night when they

want to go to bed late into the night

when they don’t think that there’s

limits with how much they can use their

phone and parents have to put rules

maybe sometimes we don’t understand

what’s happening to us because we don’t

have all the

chapters How many times has it happened

to us that we’re going down a route that

we go through each

day but they Clos three lanes on that

Highway and we thought we would get

there in 5 minutes but now we’re 30

minutes behind they closed three lanes

and they turn it into one and what do we

see we

see construction vests construction hats

trucks a lot of signs deviating the path

a lot of drivers

groaning but all we can see is that it’s


deviation and our children ask and we

say Well they’re fixing something

they’re building something what are they

doing I have no idea well why are they

doing it now I I don’t know but all we

know is that they’re building something

you’re arrived late yeah but they’re

building something on the street what

are they doing I don’t know they’re just

building something but they sent us down

a different path but those that are

working there on site they’ve seen the

plans they know what they’re doing and

they know how long it’ll take them those

of us those that don’t know what’s

happening is us well is this going to

take days months they’ve been working on

this for months well what are they doing

I don’t know they must be fixing all the

roads because those of us that don’t

have sufficient information we just

suffer the delay the deviation and then

we say out loud really they have to fix

the street today they can’t be doing it

at 3: in the morning right now as I’m

taking my kids to school

really and in life we act the same way

we point to our sick child we point to

the crutches to the famine to the crisis

to the bankruptcy and we say

really really today it doesn’t make

sense but the question is

is have we all seen God’s complete plans

no we only see a little

piece just through the people through

the door I just want to get to school

early but I was stuck in traffic I don’t

care what the governor or the mayor is

doing on the

corner because sometimes our mind can’t

understand our limited mind can’t

understand what divine

plan is behind the delay that we have to

go through in life life is all about

delays and

deviations you thought you would grow

old with that old man but then something

happened and you’re no longer going to

grow all together you thought you would

take those well-deserved vacations but

now you have to spend that money on


expenses if there’s someone here that

says oh I’ve never had a deviation the

way I plan it is how it goes no then you

must be pinky in the brain we’re going

to conquer the world

pinky that’s Paul’s opinion in 2

Corinthians 4:17

for our light and momentary troubles are

achieving for us an eternal glory that

far outweighs them

all he says this light and momentary

trouble what is Paul talking about a

week a month no he’s talking about

life let’s suppose that someone invites

you to have your dream vacation all paid

for choose whatever place you want in

the world it can be Cancun it can be

Tijuana wherever you want to

go each person has their preference

right but wherever you want to go AA

Italy holyland Argentina wherever you

want to

go I didn’t say holy land or Argentina I

said holy land comma Argentina

right a Paradise Island with all your

favorite foods and activities that you

like doing but there’s one

condition during the flight to the

island the person that’s told you the

flight they tell

you on the way to the island because of

Crosswinds there are 5 minutes of

turbulence nothing serious everyone will

get there safe but there’s a lot of

Crosswinds to get to that that island in

the Caribbean so the plane will move for

five minutes I am just warning you who

would say no to the vacations just

because they don’t want to go through

those five minutes of turbulence a bit

of movement is nothing compared to the

vacation that’s already paid for I would

say so you’re telling me I have a paid

for vacation for a whole

month with all you can eat food all you

can eat

drinks and I can do anything I want all

I have to do is put up with five minutes

of turbulence at some point on the

flight yes that’s true well on God’s

clock we’re just in the middle of a

turbulence called

life compared to Eternity what are 70 80

90 years it’s a little turbulence of 5


80 years is a turbulence it’s just

turbulence 90 years oh I want to live

very long and God laughs when we say I

want to live long and we live 92 years

but compared to Heaven it’s just a snap


fingers Paul says our pain won’t last

forever but we will last

forever so Romans 88 says I consider

that our present sufferings whatever it

is are not worth comp comping with the

glory that will be revealed in

us he says it doesn’t matter if the

turbulence is one minute five minutes or

your whole life it doesn’t matter what

is to come will give significance and

meaning to what we’re living through now

because God is the master Weaver and so

he takes the threads and he mixes the

colors the chus threads with velvet he

mixes happiness with Sadness the good

days with the bad days and nothing is

out of his reach so the Kings the

tyrants presidents time each

molecule obeys the orders of God he goes

through through the generations and as

his design advances it takes form so God

hasn’t forgotten us God hasn’t forgotten

you dummy God hasn’t forgotten you God

loves you so much that he has you in a



but sometimes God takes us on a tour at

the bottom of the well so that we can

find him David

asked where can I go from your spirit

and then he adds where can I flee from

your presence in Psalm

139:7 where can I go from your presence

and then he creates a lists a list of

the places where he finds God if I go up

to the heavens you are there if I make

my bed in the depths you are there if I

rise on the wings of the Dawn if I

settle on the farad of the sea even

there your your hand will guide me and

your right hand will hold me fast so our

version of this verse would be how could

I escape

God if I spent time in a Rehab Clinic

God is there in an ICU there I’m going

to have an encounter with God like never

before even more so than in the temple

in a in a divorce court at a refuge for

women of domestic violence there you

will guide me there is no single place

where we can escape God we can never go

to a place where God is not

present I once heard a preacher say that

God doesn’t cross borders he doesn’t go


Vegas as if God were scared

of of the borders no God is always there

he’s in Vegas at brothel he’s everywhere

his presence might not be felt there

manifesting but nothing can hide from

the Lord and if he’s in all places then

he’s in the operating room of a hospital

he’s at the

Cemetery God is in each

place he

says acts 1727 says though he is not far

from any one of us and that’s the

purpose of each pain and each suffering

that sometimes if we don’t touch Rock

Bottom God doesn’t allow

us to have a real encounter with him and

now I know what you might be thinking I

don’t need that

yes I can find God all the same no we’re


stubborn as soon as we do well we pray a

lot less as soon as God blesses us we

even forget about giving and sewing we

promise God I’m going to give a

percentage to you I’m going to be a

sewer if you bless me God blesses us and

the first thing that we plan is our

vacation and at the very end with

whatever is left over we give to God

we’re stubborn people foolish people

well not you but those that come to the

second service they’re more foolish than


you tend to forget and so sometimes God

allows these Seasons that are

difficult this is where I’ve encountered

God the most in these rough situations

not in the moments where I was up on the

Altar and I was shaking and they were

praying for me no the moments the

roughest moments the lonliest

moments where I literally said God I

don’t even know how to pray here goes my

heart I’m broken these are the moments

where God filled me the most where he

said finally


I always say Lord don’t teach me the

hard way I want to learn the right way

I’m at a certain age where I wouldn’t

like to have a time with

God confined to an iron bed in a

hospital with IVs in my

arms no call me to pray and I’ll go I I

I tell the Lord no no no don’t Don’t

Stop Me by force I’ve gotten to know

many men of God that the Lord has had to

stop by force so that they can have an

encounter with him because God is more

interested in the relationship that that

we have with him than anything that we

do for him and if God has to stop us

he’ll stop us he’ll allow us to break

down in a controlled environment but

that turbulence can last an entire

lifetime Paul says don’t worry it’s

light insignificant troubles David asks

God for one thing he says do not cast me

from your presence or take your Holy

Spirit from me he never said God don’t

take my crown I’m talking about when he

sinned he didn’t say don’t take my crown

take don’t take my kingdom take my Army

David knew what was important God’s

presence he said I don’t want anything

else but your

presence and so when you go through a

crisis you have to ask God we have to

learn to ask God to be more sponges than

rocks let’s put a rock in the ocean

ocean and let’s see what happens it gets

wet on the outside it changes color it

erods but on the inside it’s always the

same it’s a rock now let’s put a sponge

in the ocean and we’ll see the change

immediately the sponge absorbs the water

and so the ocean penetrates each pore it

Alters the essence of the sponge and God

covers Us in the same way what the ocean

does with the rocks or the sponges he’s

all over he’s above below he’s around us

now we have to decide if in

2024 or what’s left of this year and the

next year if we’re going to be rocks or

sponges if I were a modern preacher I

would say tell your brother next to you

don’t be a rock you fool but I won’t say

that because the person next to you

doesn’t want to hear you so and I know

that a rock or a stone resist or

receive so everything within us when you

go through a crisis it tells us Harden

your heart run from God resist God blame

God God shouldn’t have allowed that and

then you become a rock a stone but

before the same ocean some are sponges

and they say I’m going to learn from

this but others say no no no I’m not

going to learn I’m leaving the church

this doesn’t make any sense I’m

out but hardened Hearts never heal but

hearts that are like sponges do heal so

you have to open up your soul to the

presence of God we have to cling on to

the promise from Hebrews

3:5 135 never will I leave you never

will I forsake you even if you’re in the

hospital my dad in his last days of

life he was was trying to walk again

because he had

lost the sensibility of his

extremities and I remember that when I

would go up to him I would arrive to

visit him and he was doing his hour of

exercise with the

therapist he was singing quietly and I

would get close because my dad was never

a good singer but I got close to hear

him and he would

say the joy of God the joy of God and I

said dad you’re walking and he said yes

I’m happy look how look how walking he

felt like an athlete and I thought how

can it be that the man can barely move

yet there was a

joy of understanding that God was

teaching him something in that

vulnerable moment of his life the writer

of the

Psalms said that when I feel fear I put

my trust in you why would I be why would


worry I place my trust in God my hope in

God and I will still praise


though the Fig Tree does not Bud though

the olive crop fails but we have to

learn that God is near us whether we’re

doing well or whether we’re doing not so

well whether you feel God or

not us Pentecostals like to say feel the

presence of God feel the shuddering of

the I’m feeling something but there are

people that don’t feel

anything there are some that are that

like that they say ah

it’s a cockroach but they think it’s God

but then there are others that don’t

feel anything they have another


structure and those that have a

different emotional structure I’m like

those I’m the son of a of Europeans it’s

very tough for

me to

feel in a sensory way when God is doing

something I just believe him but I’ve

had very few moments of shaking or


of I haven’t had these attacks I can’t

really remember them

however the times where God has spoken

to me the

most is when I felt less Supernatural

things I would just wake up one morning

and I knew what I had to

do God would make me feel this is what

you have to do it was an in Audible

Voice nor did I hear trumpets I just

knew that I had to do this and through

the years I’ve learned that God has

always been close to me even in my

moments of rebellion even in your

moments of rebellion

the shameful ones God is close how do I

know because I’m a father mothers and

fathers we know that when we have a

child that is growing

up you never stop controlling what they

do even though sometimes they throw

Tantrums I once told my mother I’m

leaving this home and I’m going to be

free and I packed my bags and I left I

was 5 years old when I wanted to


myself and I

left to sleep out on the

curb and I stayed like f uh 15 minutes

so that my mom could learn so that they

could suffer and look for

me and my mom would say well I don’t

know what you’re going to eat no it’s

fine I packed a sandwich I was out to

live life and sometimes God sees us this

way throwing our

Tantrums so it doesn’t mean that you

can’t throw a tantrum this message isn’t

to say resist put up with

it support the turbulence and that to


no we shouldn’t doubt telling God how we

feel are we upset well let’s tell God

that we’re

upset he might Smile Like Us parents who

try to hold in laughter if we disagree

with his strategy or his or his

decisions we have to tell him we

shouldn’t pretend stoicism with God lord

here I am your servant in the I of you

Hallelujah we have to say no Lord I’m

desperate I said Lord don’t let my

mother die and finally she had another

heart attack and she died from from

it that was the first one that I shared

with you but there were other

episodes and I had to pour out my heart

before the Lord and tell him that I was

going to miss her and Etc but I didn’t

pretend stoicism I didn’t fake stoicism

Jeremiah didn’t pretend Jeremiah Was an

ancient Pastor

Prophet that that led Israel there was

Exile famine death suffering all that in

that order and he filled his devotionals

with so many

complaints that his chapter is known as

Lamentations if you didn’t know it in

the Bible there’s a book called

Lamentations in other words complaints

from the members of river or something


that Lamentations some might think well

what does that mean well that he was

complaining Lamentations 3:2 says he has

driven me away and made me walk in

darkness rather than

light he has made my skin and my flesh

grow old and has broken my

bones he has made me dwell in darkness

like those long dead this is worth than

worse than a

Hispanic he has weighed me down with

chains even when I call out or cry for

help he shuts out my prayer and that’s

here registered in the Bible God allowed

it Jeremiah impregnated five whole

chapters with this type of anger and I

don’t understand why is it happening to

me and so that’s why I say it’s not

wrong to tell God what we feel because

as much as we fake it he knows what

we’re feeling and the contents of

Jeremiah’s book can be reduced to one

line this life

stinks we’re going to read

Lamentations in Dante’s version this

life stinks chapter 4 verse

5 why did God decide to include

Lamentations in the Bible wasn’t it so

that we could follow Jeremiah’s example

so that we could present our

complaints Psalms 142 two says I pour

out before him my complaint before I

tell him my trouble God will never be

upset if we tell him God I feel anguish

or I’m sad it’s okay to not be okay

sometimes it’s

okay and something else that we have to

learn that when we’re not okay to ask

for help that’s what the church is

for where there are two or three two or

three congregating in my name there I am

with them Matthew 18:20 this isn’t just

look this isn’t just to

say oh there’s two or three of us we’re

going to sing and everybody will shake

no this is God saying I guarantee my

presence if there are two or three

together in my name I guarantee that

I’ll be

there one time Moses and the Israelites

had a fight against the army of amalec

and Moses’s strategy was very

not very conventional he told Joshua to

go to the valley to fight and he went up

to a mount to pray but he took two man

with him to help him pray Aaron and her

who held up his arms two

lieutenants Joshua was fighting

physically down in the valley but Moses

was fighting in the spiritual realm and

Aaron and her were next to their leader

and they held up his arms and the

Israelites defeated because Moses never

stopped praying and Moses defeated

because he had two others praying with

him holding up his arms so sometimes

depression and

sadness weakens even the strongest knees

there are times in life where we go

through heartbreak or bankruptcy or we

receive bad

news and people in the congregation I’m

not talking to the people around the

world but at least those of us here we

have to learn that I’ve said it millions

of times we can’t demand others to

always be radiant

and we can’t pretend that we’re always

radiant so sometimes we have to learn to

set aside superficial conversations and

when a brother in Christ asks us how are

you doing instead of saying oh in

Victory good Blessed Like a

parrot sometimes say you know what I

don’t feel too well thanks for

asking sometimes I can’t get out of bed

I’m here on Sunday because I want to

congregate but could you pray for me I

don’t even know why I’m sad Maybe maybe

it’s just

life but I need you to pray for me but

we don’t do that often and those of us

that hear a petition like this need to

learn to not judge huh you must not be

praying enough you must not be fasting

oh you must have a demon

no we have all been are or will be in

that station of life where life turns us

around and three lanes become one and we

have to learn to find God’s presence

amongst God’s people not just come here

to pretend because then you won’t want

to congregate because it’s tiring to

pretend it’s like putting on those high

heels Miss to go to a party and put on

that shape Weare

that corset that makes you look like an

Argentinian sausage trying to squeeze

everything in how long can you can you

be at that

party let’s go

home no right

right because that body is asking for

Freedom well take this to the spiritual

realm same thing there are people that

come to church to pretend to show that

they’re fine that they live in Victory

because that’s what they’ve told us

confess Victory don’t confess the

enemy’s Victory say that you’re going to

defeat confess positivity and so the

stop the the church stops being a place

where you can look for help it stops

being a place where you can say help me

pray for me I need you to pray for my

life I’m going through a difficult

moment my marriage isn’t okay my

children aren’t

okay I don’t have a good relationship

with my

parents this happens that’s real life

even today here there’s a young

mother who was diagnosed with lupus and

she’s very sad and she’s saying I need a

word that can help me get through this

turbulence however long it’s going to

last there’s a gentleman present here

that knows that her wife is battling

against depression this isn’t a

prophetic word no I I’ve seen it I’ve

I’ve been

told and this woman feels trapped by

sadness and

guilty because she feels that way so she

lives it in silence she doesn’t share it

and her husband tells me I don’t know

what else to do to help her she lives

sad and I don’t know why and she’s

scared of asking for help because she’s

scared that someone’s going to say you

must have done something you have to

confess a hidden sin and as far as she

knows she doesn’t know why it’s

happening here in this same church there

was a gentleman that began to lose his

memory and suffer

dementia and first they had to hide his

car keys

then locked the front door because he

would go out and walk without a

destination and his wife had hopes that

they would grow old together but all of

a sudden a deviation

came and an angel wearing a vest and a

hard hat came and said three lanes

become one and God altered the plot the

gentleman passed on to Eternity and his

wife misses

him this same week or that same week

another young

woman from this congregation passed

on a woman that was battling against

cancer for years she was doing well but

in three

months it went downhill and she lost so

much weight in the last weeks that she


unrecognizable her family never stopped


but she left this week in peace saying

I’m ready to go to be with the Lord but

that doesn’t make it hurt any less for

those that remain here it

hurts another family from River a few


ago went out to the river in the

summer the dad went into the into the

into the river a server he went in for a

dip but the the the harsh Waters

suctioned him pulled them in while his

daughters were running down the edge of

the river screaming his name but he

passed away in that moment he lost his

life and we’ve spoken with his wife I’ve

spoken to his daughters after the

tragedy and all we could do was hug each

other in

silence tell them that we’re there for

them financially as as much as we could

but I hugged those girls and that Mom

his wife what could I say sing

Victory confess that the Lord is with

you no in those moments you have to say

I’m with you sometimes the only thing we

need is not just a verse but a hug and

say or here I understand or I I I’d like

to to think I understand what this

tragedy is like these are just a few

examples but in all churches around the

world these churches are filled with

people that leave these stories and the

people say where is God in all these

stories why does God allow these

things why does God allow this anguish

is there a purpose behind it all and I

want to remind you what Paul


in all this greatly

Rejoice the Apostle says though now for

a little while you may have had to

suffer grief in all kinds of

Trials these have

come so that the proven genuiness of

your faith of Greater worth than gold

which perishes even though refined by

fire there aren’t any trials that last

an eternity sometimes we’ll have to go

through a difficult life a difficult

season sometimes through difficult

months 10 difficult years but that trial

is going to be our

testimony 2 Corinthians 1:4

says the God of All Comfort who comforts

Us in all our troubles so that we can

comfort those in any trouble with the

Comfort we ourselves receive from God

for just as we share abundantly in the

sufferings of Christ

so also our comfort abounds through

Christ I know none of you sign up for a

a course an accelerated course for

divorcees or or

widows but sometimes God enrolls us and

lists us without asking us but that is

so that we can then teach others what we

learn from him many of the things that I

speak on with authority and carry a lot

of weight it’s because I’ve lived

through them and I’m living through them

if not

I would just

be the son of a pastor that comes here

to speak about things I’ve heard about

but I’ve lived through so many things

and I live through so many things that

you don’t suspect and it gives me the

authority to speak on pain and

resilience and I say glory to God that I

was born where I was born with the

parents that I had in the country that I

lived in because now I can stand up and

be a blessing to others that are going

through the same thing and they say this

guy understands me

there’s an old Chinese Fable that tells

a story of a woman that had a a little

boy and when her little boy died at a


age she was consumed by deep sadness and

so one day she visited a wise man

looking for help and the man said of

course I can help you I have a magical

potion that has the power of alleviating

your pain and sadness go from door to

door throughout the entire Village and

ask for one grain of

rice from any family that has never felt

any profound sadness and so she began to

go from one door to the next and through

the whole village she couldn’t find a

single family that never went through

sadness so she couldn’t obtain any

grains of magical

rice but as her neighbors told them

about told her about their shames and

misfortunes and tragedy she would listen

and in one way or another it began to

minister to her and as she began to be

ministered too she began to comfort

others and so her State of Mind changed

and it began to heal her heart so

sometimes our pain can be our best

message and instead of saying why God

why did I go through all that this year


ask God what as a sponge can I learn

about this experience instead of asking

God to change our circumstances say Lord

use the circumstances to change me

life is an obligatory subject that we

have to go through and God is dealing

with each and every one of us whether we

like it or not and he doesn’t find

pleasure in hurting people or causing

pain according to Lamentations 3:33 for

he does not willingly bring Affliction

or grief to anyone but he does find joy

in our

development being confident of this that

he who began a good work in all of you

will carry it on to the to completion

until the day of of Christ Jesus until

he does what he said he would do

Hallelujah so in the days before the war


Germany back in the year

1939 the British

government ordered a series of of of

posters to hang up all all through the

country and the idea was to put on paper

motivational phrases that distribute

them through the country because there

was no way there was no technology no

internet to communicate to the people

quickly and so they used uppercase

letters in two different colors the only

illustration was the crown of King

George I 6 and the first sign said your

value your joy your courage or

determination will give us the victory

that was all over the country then they

produced a second poster that said our

freedom is in danger defend it with all

your strength and these two

posters were all over Great

Britain at train stations and bars and

stores restaurants they were all over

and then a third poster was created the

most popular one the one that

transcended all the

times there were 2 million copies Keep

Calm and Carry On Keep Calm and Carry

On keep

calm it’s the only thing that the

citizens had to read he had the same

crown and the same style as the first

two posters but it became so popular

that keep calm was reproduced on coffee

mugs bumper stickers postcards all

products and I think the phrase keep

calm is what summarizes what God wants

to tell us before the year ends in these

last 15 days of the year keep

calm keep a stable mind don’t give in


you can’t control the weather you’re not

in charge of the economy you have no

idea what the next president will be

like you can’t stop tsunamis you can’t

stop hurricanes but you can do something

you can keep calm keep calm breathe

continue on remember that God is so

close even if we don’t feel him he’s

close to you Jim

Collins he’s a specialist in

administration he studied

a few leaders during turbulent times and

he analyzed more than 20,000 companies


churches to find what

information he could use to answer the

question why do certain churches grow

during crisis but others remain stagnant

or disappear and the conclusion was

successful leaders aren’t the ones that

are most creative or the most Visionary

or the most charismatic ones not even

the ones I pray the most not the most

ambitious nor the ones that have the

most resources nor the bravest ones nor

the most heroic ones what distinguishes

those that go through

crisis and it’s the fact that they keep

calm and carry on in a world that’s

outside of their control that happens to

a mother a father in a home that’s

chaotic Keep Calm those that survive are

the are the firm hands and sober Minds

Keep Calm let’s trust that God will help

us that we’re in the middle of a plan

that we don’t understand they’re

building something in you something’s

being fixed within

you the delay and deviation is because

something is

changing when we trust in God we can


clearly we can react more certainly with

more certainty look I confess with a lot

of shame that I I don’t know how to

swim I’m sorry I’m sorry for all the

great swimmers

here must be due to a Trauma from

childhood that I won’t share today I

like the water but not all of it all

together in one place I don’t like it

like that and a few years ago on the

coast of Sydney Australia I got too far

from the shore and I realized that I

couldn’t feel the ground beneath me

anymore and so my instinct told me to

do what all of us that don’t know how to

swim would usually do fla our arms and

and Shout but that only makes us sink

faster and remember a clear voice in my

mind saying keep calm and breathe keep

your head high float and you’ll survive

this I kept calm it was very tough but I


calm and mysteriously the tide brought

me back to the

shore all I had to do was the little

that I could do the little bit that I

could contribute in that moment and that

was keep Cal like nemiah that said but

we prayed to our God and posted a guard

day and night to meet this threat we

prayed and placed we trusted and acted

we trusted in God and what we can’t do

but let’s obey God in what we can

do so when we feel desperate for the

money that that doesn’t arrive or our

loved ones health or even our own health

or the sadness that doesn’t go away or

the loss of Hope or the lack of of of

hugs that we need during these holidays

or that dream that doesn’t come to

fruition what don’t allow the crisis to

paralyze you don’t let the problems to

overwhelm us let’s take a deep breath

Let’s Stay Alive afloat this is the

message from God 15 days before the year

ends Keep calm carry on you’re going to

survive this says the

Lord hallelujah hallelujah no someone

needs to celebrate and applaud the

king that is going to get us out of this

give a grand Applause let it be heard at

home and all around the five continents

that the Lord is going to give us the


Hallelujah do you promise me that you’ll

keep calm

yes keeping calm

is you can’t do anything else but just

keep calm you’ve hit rock bottom but

don’t keep calm you’ll survive this you

won’t die it’s just a bit of turbulence

it’s nothing compared to what awaits us

beyond the sun I don’t know how long

it’ll last if only I could tell you oh

it’ll finish today or once the year ends

or on Monday or Tuesday but if it takes

any longer if we have to continue to be

resilient and put up with criticism it’s

because there’s a purpose if we have to

put up with the crisis it’s because

there’s a purpose if we have to put up

with the headwinds it’s because there’s

a purpose I know that many won’t say

Amen but it’s what God is saying because

he loves you too much how the lord loves

you how the lord loves you

Hallelujah lift up your hands to Heaven


father I’ve spoken what I believe you

told me to tell your army and at home as

well those that are receiving you in

their hearts if there’s someone that

says Lord come into my life forgive my

sins this is the moment but here today

on this morning morning afternoon night

evening where wherever you’re watching

from wherever you’re receiving this

stream from I ask you Lord that this

word penetrate their hearts the Lord

tells me to tell you marvelous people


River write this in the tablets of your

heart hang it around your neck keep calm

keep calm and carry

on continue stay alive just breathe just

keep breathing Cast Away keep breathing

it’s the only thing that God will tell

you the last order you’re going to

receive in this season and you have to

trust one day at a time tomorrow there

will be food for tomorrow today there

will be Mana for today but today you’re

going to face today’s music you’re going

to dance today’s Walts with today’s

music you can’t

face tomorrow’s challenges with today’s

strength you’re going to live today

because tomorrow will take today’s

strength and God gives you strength for

just one day at a time he allows you to

sleep 6 7even 8 hours to have a day

filled with strength and energy and

that’s what it’s about face face it one

day at a time and tomorrow God will say

that’s wisdom that’s the principle Keep

Calm if your child doesn’t change Keep

Calm if your marriage doesn’t improve

Keep Calm says the

Lord don’t throw phrases into the air

don’t don’t blame don’t get angry just

trust in the Lord stay float keep your

head above water and breathe the Lord

tells me to tell you you’re going to go

back to shore don’t give

in God continues being good God

continues being on his throne God

continues being Seated on his throne my

beloved Argentina not too long ago the

government changed and there are

Christians and it hurts me sometimes

that they believe that a person is going

to change a whole country Maybe yes

maybe no but everything is measured on

God’s clock and that goes for the us and

that goes for any other country Colombia

Venezuela the dictators will be in their

seats as long as God permits them but

one day they’ll say you stubborn fool

they will come for your soul tonight

that’s how it happened with all the

regiments with all the bad governments

with all bad economies it’s trusting in

the Lord that he has everything under

control nothing escapes him how much

more so our health our finances our

families Lord we’re finishing the year

we’re going into the last 15 days and I

ask you father for a gigantic presence a

sensation a sensation that we haven’t

felt may have come in a strong way now

because you’ve always been present

you’ve always been close but now give it

to these people give it to your children

the sensation of that coverage that warm

coverage the sensation that you’re above

below around us surrounding us

surrounding each one of these little

ones father this word has been preached

it’s been let out and I know that it

remains recorded in their hearts I’ve

spoken foolishly as far as I can reach

their mind but you’ve spoken to their

hearts and we’re going to contribute

what we can contribute keeping calm and

trusting in you remain calm and trust in

God stay calm and see Jehovah’s

salvation stay calm and see that I fight

your battles I’m controlling you I will

not leave you I love you says the Lord

father thank you for this morning thank

you for this word we calibrate we align

according to your

hearts let it be leted out Let It Be

Blessed so that they can resist don’t

allow anyone any one of these little

ones here to ever be lost don’t let them

be angry against you cling them onto

your hand hold them up

Lord so that they can trust more in you

so we can trust more in you we embrace

you Lord now lift up your hands here and

at home I bless your entry your exit

when you go to bed and when you when you

wake up I bless your health I bless your

lungs your heart your mind your

extremities I bless your brain what you

do what you think what you dream I

declare that the last 15 days of the

year you will see God’s

glory and though the circumstances don’t

change you will transform into a sponge

receiving filling yourself with God’s

glory I believe it I declare it in the

name of the Father the Son and the Holy

Spirit amen amen and amen glory to Jesus

Hallelujah give a grand Applause to the

king firm like a bear claw at home we’ll

see you Christmas Eve next Sunday bye

until next time bye beautiful























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