ENGLISH Dante Gebel #849 | Singing through trials

Some of our most tender moments with the Lord are marked by songs, even at the funeral of someone we love. Whenever we face trials, we have to remember who God is, to worship Him. Worship is about forgetting what is wrong in our lives and focusing on the good in Him. It restores us to the joy of salvation. It recalibrates our spirit. It renews our mind and strengthens our soul. Worship is the act of glorifying the Father and strengthening our vision of Him… A message that comforts the soul!


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beautiful a historic day a special day

like every day that we come here God

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you let God’s face shine upon you are we

ready for what God’s going to give

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I I came back from

Argentina and all over the world next

week we’re going to Dallas which is the

last of this year so I say hi to all the

Dallas people but I was in my country I

went to do two different states Mendoza


Cordova and I thank them thank you so

much for having received me and Trea me

so well thank you for so much

love cannot forget them they’re

beautiful people to me they’re always

praying for

me they’re always there

there I gave a special salute to all of

you this is what

happened in Mendoza and Cordova















hi to Cordova

Mendoza it was 23 years ago that I went

over there it was a year

2000 23

years do you

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fore forign
































thank you

all this is to the south of the

hemisphere after Argentina we’re gonna

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Sunday we also we’re in

Uganda ah this is River


Uganda our school over there our

teachers our

kids they’re celebrating really they can

really celebrate it in a very nice

way River Church we thank you and we are

happy because we are going to help a

Christmas party today we have Christmas

birthday school today we have Christmas

birthday here we are in the midst of

Uganda for the first time River School



Christmas Merry Christmas to you thank

you Mer

chrm Merry Christmas


y Merry

Christmas Merry Christmas Merry


re Merry Christmas



























Glory Christmas do you







your children River they had the best

Christmas really the first Christmas of

their life River school is going to be

number one in Uganda because of



God bless Merry Christmas Happy New


Year I wish you a happy Christmas Merry

Christmas Merry Christmas Merry

Christmas Merry



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put a smile on those little kids faces

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recognize ah we have to

celebrate Christmas that way they

they’re they’re so happy they danc in

such a special way they’re so this is

beautiful H they never thought they were

going to get a gift in Christmas so we

are their parents and we are helping

them thank you for sitting thank you for

coming thank you for donating thank

thank you and to the whole world thank

you who helped this make this possible

now about three years

ago I preached a message titled winter

virus in

which I told the following

story on December


2004 the third Lar earthquake ever

recorded by the seismograph erupted

beneath the Indian Ocean produced energy

equivalent of 23,000 atomic bombs

recording a magnitude of 8.8 on the

Rector scale The Shack waves produce

tsunami waves measuring more than 100 ft

in height Trav 500 miles per hour and

reached a radius of 3,000 miles it was

the worst tsunami in history

there are almost


victims imagine how many football

stadiums but one group of people by

Miracle survived without a single victim


Moen the Moen are ethnic group that

maintains a nautical culture based on

the ocean they their

lives on the ocean from birth to


they’re known as the the sea

gypsies there have many Wooden Boats

function as floating homes from this see

gypsies more can children learn how to

swim before learning how to walk was

saved their lives was their intimacy

with the ocean the moan know the moods

of the ocean and its messages better

than any

oceanographer they read the waves

the way we read street

signs on the day of the earthquake a

photographer was taking

pictures when the sea began to

recede the photos of it show many of the


crying they knew what was about to

happen they

recognize that the birds has stopped

chirping and the

us being

silent that the elephants headed towards

High ground and the Dolphins swam

further out to

sea and what did the moin do those near

the coast of Thailand climbed to the

highest elevation

possible those who were at Sea sell out


sea burmes fishermen in the same

vicinity as the Moen were devastated by

the tsunami with no

survivors they don’t know how to look

said amoken they didn’t know how to see

the waves the elephants and dolphins

spoke to those burmish fishermen but

sadly they did not know how to listen to

them the mocking saw a small wave that

did not seem normal to them

that in an Asian Legend that had been

passed down from generation to

generation about a wave that comes to


people somehow they perceived that this

wave was that

wave like the seafaring Navigator if you

may who understand the language of the


Christians should discern the language

of the seasons

throughout our

lives and today’s message is for those

of us who were once on the verge of

giving up of throwing in the towel of

abandoning everything just for not being

able to interpret the dialect of the

seasons there is no worse

tragedy than when when winter comes we

continue stubbornly wearing summer

clothes or that come summer we resist

taking off our jackets coats or snow

boots and by not Discerning that we are

entering a different season we are

sometimes tempted to abandon their faith

and request an indefinite leave of

absence from the

army of

God we all long to have good

Seasons but seasons of illness help us

value seasons of good health seasons of

failure help us value those of

success seasons of debt help us value

seasons of

abundance and difficult times help us

value the good

times and even if we don’t like it we

all need a healthy dose of seasons of

adversity of course we want to have an

eternal spring in our lives but the

reality of this world is that we don’t

there are

times when we

realize that

that is that wave is that type of

wave we have to make sure to discern the

type of

wave a tsunami that is going to seep us

away we have to discern that moment

Again difficult times help us value the


times and yes we all need a healthy dose

of seasons of

adversity by the great game of life is

to know what kind of season we are going

through yes that’s very

important and obviously about Health


relationships if we can’t discern the

seasons and we immersed in these trouble

Waters sometimes we ask and say why I

don’t know why I am going through

this and but the great game of life is

to know again what kind of season we’re

going through okay if we in Winter okay

I’m G to take my clothes fall well I

know it’s going to

rain I I like yeah I want to enjoy my my

season of spring in Solomon opens

Chapter 3 of Ecclesiastes this saying

everything has its time and everything

desire under Heaven has its time and its

season everybody has that special time

time and opportunity everybody

everything has its time Salomon makes a

list of 28 seasons Snippets of the types

of stages we are likely to experience in

the course of Our

Lives it is important to identify the

seasons so that when it comes to an end

we do not clink to it and go out with


yes sometimes have to say my youthful

season is over

I cannot be an old person wearing

thinking I’m a 18-year-old I have to

cover my matureness if you may you have

to know how to go

out go out with

Elegance sometimes there are

couples who are sucked into the Vortex

of a dysfunctional relationship they’re

not bad people they’re just not right

for each other and they’re the worst

version of themselves when they are

together B has the courage to end that

season and they continue a toxic

relationship others cannot understand

that they must leave a Ministry or a

job they tend to see season closures in

a negative negative way and this is not

always the case you have to realize that

when the season is over it’s

over yes when a job is over you have to

know when certain season it’s

over sometimes everything that starts

has to to come to an end you cannot


it and at some point a little kid turns

to him any has to live the

home if you treat him like a little kid

it’s a man already let him grow let him

fly let him make its own life it’s part

of life to let go we have to let go so

sometimes it’s very

hard sometimes giving upos that has

already ended is the most prudent option

we can

choose so we have to say oh I enjoy this

this is the end I’ll finish it but most

of the time resignation is not the

option that the heart wants to choose

and you want to move forward because we

invested a lot there are times when we

feel that when a season ends you are

burying an

investment and many years of effort

or everything we gave and

delivered some sometimes people in a

church don’t leave because they say I

put that brick over there hey take your

brick and leave that church your season



but life consist of

following that Pillar of Fire and not

fleeing from the Egyptians who are

chasing us

again in everything any relationship at

a job but life consist don’t forget

this in following that Pillar of Fire

and not fleeing from the Egyptians who

are chasing us many times instead of

being the result of where we are going

we end up being what who are we fleeing

from our life should not be defined by

what we run away from but attribute it

to what we run

towards we have to R run so the new

thing something that God has for us it’s

easy to flee away from Bad

seasons but it has to

finish so we could value the

cold and cold has to end so we can value


warmth God divided the life in

Seasons during the last 15 years of

river this congregation and those who

watch Us online have heard many of my

messages but I know that one day there

will be a last

service in which I’ll have to express my

last words as a pastor as your pastor it

will be when I have to move to a new

onto a new assignment or God will simply

tell me you have come this

far and although the messages are

recorded in a time capsule and available

to whoever wants to hear

them because we didn’t have 50 years ago

you could listen to the prees I know

there will be one last time when I will

stand before you as your

Shepherd but until God gives me a new

excitement in a new season each of us

will have to ask ourselves what was the

last order I received from the

Lord the Lord ask

us what was the last thing I called you

to do what was the last order I assigned

you I assigned to

you God sometimes give me a new season I

want something new okay first listen

what was the last order from God and you

have to be faithful to the last order

from God there’s a a story that says

that General St Martin gave orders to

his corpro not to allow anyone to enter

the regiment’s compound with Shar boots

and Spurs until one day Samar himself

wanted to go into the regiment’s

compound with his boots on and the corbo

told him I’m sorry either you take off

your boots or I can lay you in this are

you own orders sir and St Martin said to

him Corporal are you aware that it was I

who gave you that order of course sir

change the last order I received and I

will gladly let you pass I like that

philosophy in all of our Seasons IA that

axum remain where you are obeying the

last order the last assignment until

they give you a new

one that’s

life power of focus this is what God

told me to do now I’m

mother I cannot worry about when I will

be a grandmother now I have to be a

father later on in life I’ll see when I

retire where I’ll be now I have to be a

grandfather is your assignment that you


today this is what I have to do today at


job if I have to be first second third

fourth circumstances and geography may

change but we will continue doing what

God called us to

do is it making sense what I’m saying

and before I get into a rest of the

message there is something I would like

to clarify there’s a strange idea that

circulates through churches

today some Christians have the strange

impression that being Christians will

exemp them from all

problems somehow they believe that by

accepting Christ they are

given a fast

pass with small letters on the back we

say the bearer of this car absolves him

from any type of pain or problem which

he leaves on this

planet oh you cannot have problems with


kids the kid will never through a

tantrum you will have a perfect life

your marriage will be perfect like if

you marry

Cinderella or maybe you marry the

Beast you will never have financial

problems you will never be

sick not even a

cold when when you think that this is

for you but it’s not like that

Christians do not have immunity from the


seasons there’s a pandemic it comes from

everyone there’s a recession is for

everyone same thing if you’re a new

believer or an old believer it doesn’t

matter if you are a spiritual giant we

are in perfect creatures in a fallen

world we struggle with other burdens

that come with being a member of the

human race when we become children of

God what distinguishes US is not that we

do not have problems but how we deal

with those

problems how we face those

Seasons this is what some of us uh stand

out during pandemic is how we deal with


pandemic you saw this mucus that came

from China those who didn’t believe in

God and acted like an

atheist but for us no we say we’re going

to face this with Faith and we not yeah

prudently with Valor I’m a Christian who

believe in God that I know about the

problem about the pandemic and when not

face it the best way possible trusting

God if your son is thr TR every day is

not that he has a demon inside it’s how

are you going to deal with that you your

son is a teenager you having problems

it’s not that he is a Devil Himself

remember how you were a

teenager you say oh my times nah you are

the same way

also but we

forget so the first tantrum so you think

God is Not upon us God has forgotten us

he has forsaken US 1 Peter 4:12 says

beloved do not be surp surprised at the

fiery trial that has come upon you as if

some strange thing were happening to

you I I mean we don’t have to look

surprised he he I think was ironic about

it oh this a trial of course it’s a

trial and King David was not surprised

when he sensed that he was going through

one of his worst seasons and he

recording Psalm


that was David

tsunami it was a time when one of his

sons a young man named adonias tried top

the Throne of his father David had

promised the title to another of his


Solomon so political turmoil and a

family War were mixed and is belied that

David wrote this Psalm during the

heartbreaking moments of this family


and H David was almost at the end of his

legendary life he had led the Young

Nation of Israel to a pinnacle of power


stability in the midst of building a

dynasty he had already survived a

previous family


absolum his a air had turned against him

had attempted to seiz the throne with a

coup the cost of this son’s Insurrection

was enormously heavy and included the

life of absolum and the loss of many men

now his son adonias was trying to steal

what David had promised to

Solomon it seemed like the nightmare was

repeating itself

again when we see David’s personal life

we realize that none of us have had real

family problems see it was nice to

compare other people’s life because you

think oh it’s always us with the worst


no but he had one kid worse than the

other David’s age heart was Bren with


sadness he has served God for so long

and now have to experience

this another son wants top the throne

this is a real CH

tragedy David knew that he had he had

made serious

mistakes in his younger years but even

so this was too high a

price why do I have to live

this I don’t understand it

he does not understand

it and Psalm 71 is an incredible Gem of


scripture it’s not very long he has only

24 verses and yet hidden within those

two dozen lines there are at least 50

quotes or references two other

Psalms the psalmist

gather all these references in tormented

mind examined them in the light of a

lifting of divine wisdom and assembl

them into a mosic of a masterpiece of


poetry he knew something about the


change of

seasons he was David the first Moen to

see that a destructive W wave was


and he

describes to us with passionate

phraseology what he saw during that


season and the first thing he expresses

is my

God deliver me from the hand of the

wicked and from the hand of the evil and

violent David had several dangerous


that caused them tremendous

anxiety we all have enemies to fight

maybe no one persecutes

us like David was

persecuted maybe wouldn’t suffer like

David suffered but someone may be

displeased with us or just playing likes


maybe they are dissatisfied with God

and since they see our

blessing they focus all the Heat and

hate or their

frustration on

us and for certain people we become

everything that person envis is jealous

of and makes them angry because they

cannot have


and it’s like that people will just

plainly hate

you and they will just not like

you and maybe because you look really

good and they don’t maybe because you

have money and they don’t maybe because

you are happy or you don’t maybe they

really ugly and you’re not maybe because

you live in this country and they

don’t who

knows just because God bless you

yes and it

happens and people will hate you people

will not like you this part of life is

how it is then David seems to give more

information about his bitter season my

enemies talk to talk about

me and those who lie in wait for my soul

consult together saying God has forsaken

him pursue him him and take him because

there is no one to rescue him oh God do

not go away from me my God come quickly

to my Aid let the adversaries of my soul

be put to shame and let them perish they

those who wish me evil be covered with

shame and

confusion some evidence comes from

people who are not even enemies in this

eological sense of the word people

closest to

can also hurt

us in this season the Coalition that

caus David’s problem was not made up of

Philistines or another foreign

tribe David’s enemies were people from

his own Inner

Circle from his own

family among them were his beloved Sons

absum and

adonias both try to assert the throne

and there is

another who wouldn’t T to

David and sometimes the deepest wound is

caused by whoever is

closest no wound is as painful as the

one caused by someone we love and

Trust A house divided against itself is

a terrible trial

and then David

speaks to

God in a starkly sincere

way you have done great things oh God

who is like

you but you have also made me see many

anguish and evils difficult seasons can

come from friends from enemies but they

can also come from the power of God

himself this is something that only

parents can

understand there are times when parents

have to allow things in our children

that we could prevent them from going

through although we will give anything

to avoid any type of

pain but if we really love our kids

sometimes we have to allow them to deal

with their own

blows there are blows in difficult

Seasons that teach things that the

wisest words of parents cannot

teach some things cannot be learned with

sermons or

advice but at the cost of burnt f

fingers and scraped

knees and as I always say God allows

certain obstacles we need a

Divine controlled

environment God knows there are seasons

in which his children will emerge

more mature and

wiser kids have to break themselves

sometimes if happened to me my parents

had to let me go oh I bad

experiences and everything that I have

is thank to

God I

know not like parents nowadays that they

KS has a fart and you Tak them to they

are no they they’re

blows difficult Seasons that we have to

let our kids go

through and always say God allows C

obstacles within a divinely controlled


that is the truth that is the

truth oh if we experience something that

got you burnt you and you got burnt when

you say it burns oh we’ll get away and

when this happens as adults we learn

imagine when the wait waiter come and

says don’t touch the plates hot and you

go and touch

it little kids not until they experience

the burnt the


and God knows there are

seasons in which his children will

emerge more

mature and wiser yes God will allow that

he is looking though he is watching you

he’s watching you he knows what’s

happening to you he has not forsaken

you yeah you’ll be more

wiser much much wiser Psalm 71:7 goes on

to say I have become as a Wonder to many

but you are my strong

Refuge what was take talking David

about David was a public figure he knew

that everyone was watching what he

did Christian leaders we know how true


is everyone know knew the horrible

details of David’s family

problems I always say my private life is

my private life my personal life is my


life but if you want to put yourself as

an example of something so saying but

then we

fall or if you fail that’s what fingers

will be pointing at

you private life is priv authenticity is

not lack of

privacy you don’t have to

use social media to see how you how you

go to a bathroom you don’t need to do

that it’s because I’m

authentic you open a door that is going

to be so hard to

close when people are in your

life you want to take them out well you

open the

doors you’re interested in how you

live um you’re showing how your private


is you cannot

discern was was good was bad what op to

give good and bad in your personal life

it will happen don’t open up so but

David was a poli

figure everyone knew the horrible

details of David’s family Not only was

he the king but also a man who always

talked about God and now he seemed to

have feet of

clay and he says it I have become as a

Wonder to

many but now you are my strong refuge

and that’s where I want to

go he just wants to be

hidden I want to go fly somewhere else

people says stop I don’t want people I

don’t want to deal with


David David was wise enough to recognize

the limits of his

wisdom he he was painfully aware of his

limitations and his weaknesses then he

cried deliver me in your Justice till

you ear and save me L an SOS is the most

basic cry that can come from the soul

lord I want to get out from here for the

world I want to get off

I can’t I can’t no

more I

can’t I’m crawling into the end of the

year I can’t no more this was the worst

year oh I would love to wake up and then

the next morning everything by Miracle

is perfect there’s no trouble look look

I have $1 million in my

account you call the bank yeah it was a

mistake but you said doesn’t matter we

go to the kitchen you and your mom your

mom left she’s never coming back oh

thank God what did what did your mom

leave I don’t know she felt not coming

back ever again maybe she went to a

monastery she said she’s not coming back

until she

dies you want things an eternal

spring someone said that Psalm

71 is full of great praise and great

complaints at the same time David takes

us on Excursion into the depth of the

abyss and then he shows us the high path

we must take when we enter those Low

Places and in many of the Psalms David

PMR encompasses both human defects and


history and this is not a minor issue

because he has been preached to

us that we must have positive

thinking they

assures that if we

practice positive

confession positive things will happen


us there are entire

books about positive

thinking oh yes you will hear this

absolutely and that being positive good

things will happen all the time even


Bel say it’s going to good it’s going to

be good it’s going to be good it will


good sometimes things go

wrong very

wrong very very

wrong nobody saying amen it doesn’t

matter and if our mind is

shaped to

be always positive the time will come

when we are leaving in an imaginary

world me I like to be positive I

consider myself a positive

person but there’s something I also

believe in if no one does have a

realistic point of view of adversity

when the time comes to face that reality

the result is not going to be very

positive we cannot stop believing what

we really believe because

experiencing a season of debt but it’s

really probably because we spend more

than we were

earning even great businessmen fell

doing any business and and didn’t even

have God and they go and start over

again and do it

again you cannot say I’m not going to

pay taxes and IRS will never find me

sooner or later fire IR will find you

welcome welcome to the IR

world it’s like you want to be a public

figure and that no one’s going to

criticize you if you are a public figure

people are going to criticize you no no

you’re not Taylor Swift or you’re not


Kardashians if you have social media

you’re telling

people I am open to your public

scrutin if you take a

picture and you put some filters and

someone’s gonna say oh you look so

fat he don’t ever post that

picture but when you post that pick

someone will comment that is the truth

they criticize me all the


there’s always people that is there

doing nothing yeah sitting on a chair

and giving opinions about people they do

that and not necessarily is good opinion

yes life isn’t going to be a walk in the

park and David was not very given to

fantasies but when David saw that the

worst that life had in store for him he

was able to remember God’s faithfulness

in Psalm 71 he was saying in you oh

Jehovah I have taken Refuge may I never

be ashamed help me and Deliver Me In

Your Justice tilt your ear and save me

be for me a rock of Refuge to which I

continually turn you have given me a

promise to save me because you are my

rock and you are my


whenever we Face trials we have to

remember who God

is David

understood that he must remember the

honor of God even when his own children

did not honor

him things may be worse but God never

changes everything else changes except

God as a

poet he’s the fixed point in in a

changed world the poet

said God David knew this he knew that

God will honor him God was

there God is faithfulness seasons change

God does not

change God is a fixed point in a

changing world and David added my God

deliver me from the hand of the wied and

from the hand of the wicked I’m violent

for you oh Lord Jehovah Are My Hope my

security from my

youth in you I have been sustained from

the womb you are the

one who took me out my mother’s womb

look look what he points since then see

my mother’s womb my praise will be

always to

you he’s thinking all his life he’s

thinking he gave me the life he gave me


impressive what did David do in this

moment of

Despair he stepped back into his

memories and reviewed the many pieces of

wisdom about God what he had learned


time God has show him Fidelity

throughout his entire life they had

faced a giant he faced a jealous king

with a murderous mind he have faced the

legions of challenging Nation deying

Nations and somehow Israel had survived

and prospered in all these things God

had been faithful the Lord had brought


forward in what is true what was true

for David it is true for us today in my

case I can look back and say

Lord you have blessed me every day of my

life since I was a child growing up in a

small legalistic Church you have

satisfied the deepest desires of my soul

you have kept me through every crisis I


experienced you have blessed me with

a wonderful gifts and talents since I

was 7 years old you fed me with your

word and you allowed me to grow at the

feet of your great men and you free me

from the chaos from my stormy at

adolescence you watched me over through

high school and in many

years of my Clumsy rebellion and in

seasons of

weakness you sustain me through my first

days of

ministry even when so many criticized me

mercilessly when I could have thrown in

the towel and abandon your work Lord

when I remember the past years and how

you transformed that Shy Boy into a man

of faith I can only say that your

faithfulness is true truly very great

what about

you you could write a Psalm about your

life about

you what is your testimony regarding the

grace and goodness of God think about

that think about your

life think about

that how how God has been with you

always always how you let me live in and

watch Messi

I’m I’m just giving you

ideas yeah what is your testimony

regarding the grace and goodness of

God even you have walked with the Lord

for only a few weeks God has been good

and faithful to

you in God

faithfulness is a reminder of how much

God loves you and that he has not lost

his interest in

you he’s not going to change in what he

has been doing Faithfully since eternity

but difficult Seasons always extract

from us our best version and he prepares

us for what is to

come 1 Peter 1:7

says that when your faith is

tested being much more precious than

gold which although perishable is tested

by fire may be found in Praise Glory and

Honor when Jesus Christ is

revealed this is saying he’s saying this

is something

normal Peter joins David in stating that

fire tempers the steel of our character

yes the psalmist in 1967 before I was

humbled I was as

stray but now I keep your

word it is good for me to have been

humiliated so that that I may learn your

statutes test

me test makes us

walk on the straight path while those

who are not

tested end up going

astray sanag James also wants us to hear

the same message he says my brothers

consider it pure joy whenever you face

Trials of many

kinds knowing that see nobody saying

amen knowing that the testing of your

faith produces patience James one

two God give me patience with my kids

more trouble with your kids patience

comes by giving you trials sometimes you

don’t know what you’re asking God give

me patience

so God give God’s not going to give you

patience he’s going to give me he’s

going to give you

trials God I ask you for patience that’s

why more trials so you could really

exercise the patience and Peter tells us

that the difficult seasons are not going

to be Eternal or

forever after you have suffered a little

while he

himself will restore you establish you

they strengthen you and make you

firm oh this is beautiful in first P

first Peter

510 when I was younger someone told me

that God does not use anyone to a great

extent until he crushes

them I never like that I never like that

I never say amen I don’t like it I used


say and and I say God I want to be an

exception let me enter Faithfully into a

Ministry without feeling

pain you know that I am

sensitive I already

suffer but God doesn’t make

exceptions or you have to you need to go

through the tsunamis of life or you

don’t want to go a few years ago he he

did me very good by reading the

biography of the great preacher Charles

Spurgeon when thoroughly examine the

details of his life I noticed that

Spurgeon accomplished more in the course

of one life that most people could

accomplish in two lives even though he

died at the age of

57 he was young when he died a Spurgeon

suffer for prolonged bouts of depression


anxiety and his psychological ailments

was so paralyzing that he was often

confined to bet for

weeks between Crusades and Crusades and

service and service he

was B written for weeks this person came

to see those problems as a part of God’s

work in his life it was his

process I don’t

know maybe he had trouble he was very

prideful I don’t know what it was was I

don’t know why he had to go through that

okay I don’t know just hypothetical but

the truth is that his ailments let

him get strength to help people to

preach he reached broken people because

he was broken

himself when you think when someone that

says you are a sinner and you see that I

have anointing I’m perfect you feel you

feel rejection you think no that’s not


nobody here comes in in charts of

fire and you cannot second you cannot

empathize when you let people think that

you’re perfect that you don’t

suffer the spons came to see that the

promise his problems as a part of God’s

work in his life his sufferings enable

him to console encourage the many

hurting people in his

ministry and he noticed a pattern in his

life his Spirit of depression invariably

proceeded seasons of

blessings from upon God’s in his

ministry he knew that he suffer for one

purpose he know how his depression

attacks me whenever God prepares him for

a great blessing Charles Pon this

psychological fragile men published more

than 3500 sermons wrote 135 books and

still considered the prce of preachers

God always has a purpose for every test

life is not going to be easy if we do

not know Christ we enter battle with

weapons of

armor we fight with our own strength and

we fall in our faces why because God is

the only one who can help us When Trials

come but finally

here where Psalm 21 we find this miracle

the center of

it this is when we feel that it is time

to take off our shoes because we begin

to step on Holy Ground David pours out

his heart before God because of the

atrocious family problems that pled him

a tsunami that came and he didn’t see

coming he wish he was one of those

mocking and go to High

Ground he cries out to God because of

ter pain he feels for us a season like

this would be capable making us angry

with God and abandon the

path look my son is in

drugs look my girl is

pregnant or they don’t talk to

me he’s in a bad

life but

somehow in the midst of wounds and

suffering David’s prayer is

full of worship and

praise my praise will always be yours he

says let my mouth be filled with your

praise with your glory all day

long but I was always wait and I will

praise you more and

more the troubles get worse my mouth

will publish your righteousness and your

Deeds of Salvation all day long although

I do not know their

number likewise I will praise you with


instrument I will sing your truth to you

on the harp on the ARP oh holy men of

Israel my lips will rejoice when I sing

to you my soul which you redeemed my

tongue will also speak of your Justice

all day long because they have been put

to shame because those who saw me wrong

have been

confused this is what the whiches to be


Christian you have problems how you

react to them this is how Christians

react in a broken family next to a

trouble of a life ruined by

death coming out of the tragic loss of a


one a voice broken by Tears Rises

towards heaven in

Worship in Unstoppable

Worship in the obscene cruel

of a prison cramp in a totalitarian

Nation where God’s people are in prison

in a life without Health in which death

is the only certainty somehow against

all ODS as is her in the

darkness that’s what David did he

sang at the

trial not

before nor after in it but

during I was supposed to beg for

favors but he said I just want to give

you worship even in this difficult

season I’ve come only to worship


you I’ve I’ve only

come to worship


every time we Face

trial God will give us a son for our

hearts I’ve only come to worship you

sing it your house

also I’ve only

come to worship


I have only

come to worship

you I have not

come to ask you for a

favor I have only

come to worship

you every time we Face a trial God will

give us a song for our hearts and the

song that he gives us will burst

into a beautiful

melody in the middle of the darkest

night you will never forget these

songs God look at my broken

heart sometimes we we don’t even feel

like worshiping it’s not like here on

Sunday that you want to

worship but during the trial you don’t

feel like worshiping a hospital at a

cemetery IC units you don’t feel like

worshiping worship is not you worshiping

your God but it will help

you so we’re doing that tsunami of

life don’t think that there’s

no there’s

no an army that could do

something your worship is an army that

will fight for you it’s about how you

sing if you’re a good singer or not

the heart is how your heart SS it in

most cases we don’t feel the desire to

worship worship is strengthen the soul

worship is the act of magnifying God of

enlarging our vision of

him his size does not change but our

perception of him does the closer we get

the bigger it seems we have big problems

big worries and big questions for this

very reason we need A Great Notion of

God it is God himself who gives us a

song in the night when it seems that

there is nothing worth

singing even those of us who do not sing


well Psalm 311 says you turn my morning

into dancing you took away my morning

clothes and dress me for celebration

so I could sing to you and glorify

you and not remain

silent I need to glorify I will not stay

quiet I will sing and Paul acts

encourage each other with

Psalms hymns and spiritual

songs sing Psalms hymn and spiritual

songs with gratitude to God in your


some of our most tender moments with the

Lord have the mark of a song even at a

funeral or someone we

love worship consists of forgetting what

is wrong with our lives and remembering

the good that is in

God it’s like pressing the refresh key

in our computer restores the joy of

Salvation our spirit recalibrates

it renews our

mind one of the purest forms of worship

is to worship God when we have no desire

or Reason to do so because this shows

that our worship does not depend on

circumstances you are

worshipper Mexicans El Salvador Colombia

Dominicans I’m

Argentinian good or bad

government champions of world not but I

mean we were world champions

when I was 15 years

old but I was still a child who felt

alone and was very

scared I was afraid of losing my hand

and with my hand hanging from a hardness

and full of tears I remember that I

began to

sing I came to worship

God I came to worship God I was just a

child I was never away alone from

from my house for the first time ever

and they left so was alone I could talk

to them because I’m in heaven they’re in

heaven I I I was afraid of losing my

hand and with my hand hanging from my

hardness and full of tears I came to

sing this way I came to worship

God with my hand like

this I came

to worship

God I Came To Worship his

name I came to


God okay come in here do it with me



came to


God I Came To

Worship his

name I came to


God Victor Frank Jewish Holocaust

Survivor wrote about his experien in a

Nai concentration

camp the prisoners clothes pictures and

names were Tor off and they were given a

number however there was something that

they could not take away from us

everything can be taken away from a man

it said one thing the last of human

freedoms which is to choose his attitude

in the midst of

circumstances the most important

decision we make every day is choose our

attitude I’m not goingon to promise you

that your winter is over soon I will

teach you that the

worship will change the atmosphere the

worshiping God will change

you worship is a mind dominated matter

worship changes the spiritual

atmosphere and I don’t know when God

will change my assignment and I don’t

know for sure if he will but until God

gives me a new order I appropriate the

words of David in Psalms

71:18 even in all age and gray hair oh

God do not forsake me until announce

your power to prosperity and your power

to all who are to come have taken

David’s verse as my lasting marching

orders for the rest of my life unless he

tells me otherwise declare the power of

God to all generations who want to hear

me while I am alive on this planet I

want to worship His name and Proclaim

his power not only to our generation but

also to our children and our

grandchildren I want to

sing during the trials and to teach how

to sing to whoever wants to listen to me

I want to have I want to leave thousands

of messages like this recording a time

capsu for me while I’m no longer here

because I will be gone but the word will

continue to live and I will continue

worshiping God only on the other side of

the sun meanwhile I invite you to sing

with me during the

trial let’s celebrate let’s celebrate

the Lord of Lord and King of Kings give

hand of

Applause let the whole Applause as a

symbol of worship let’s sing come on

let’s celebrate on during the trial

impressive Hallelujah

hallelujah how many receive this word

really do not give up do not give up do

not throw in the towel don’t ask for

leave of absence say God I will worship

you in the closet in the bathroom in the

car in the bus wherever you are I will

be a worshipper choose your

song If you don’t have one choose one of

these while you get your own

sing a song with a broken voice and see

how some of the spirits will

leave oh waren is you have no idea how

they will leave even though you don’t

know how to sing doesn’t matter I say

God here’s my heart choose that one song

sing it sing it you see how the air will

purify how the mind will be clear how

the atmosphere will be electrifying

your magnetic charges Divine magnetic

charges and don’t be

surprised if I Paul and Silas in in

Philippians singing God will start

moving his hand and so and the chains

will be broken and the jail will be open

and the season will end because only God

wanted to hear you sing God wanted to

hear you worship Him

impressive let’s raise our hands to

Heaven father thank you for this

morning I have said what I believe you

have told me to

say I said what you put in my heart and

I’m being honest like

David I present to you Lord one more

time all my

burdens all my tragedies all my

blows of each one that is in this

place you know them they love you but

sometimes they don’t know how to deal


problems and sometimes they have no

peace is being trial after trial but you

guys are champions You Are

Soldiers will come upon him and life has

been very hard to some of you it is blow

after blow after blow and it’s like this

fight never

ends we’re waiting for someone to throw

in the towel because we can’t even throw

it ourselves but God you telling me to

tell him I’m telling

you do not give up stay strong be

resilient stay

strong and God will make will give you

a better character a


character like refine

gold and you have a better

assignment hold on to the strength of

God is ready to give you God You Are

Holy he came to my

life in a very special

day he changed my

heart for a new


I Came To Worship

You oh


Lord he came to my

life in a very special

day he changed my

heart for a new one

and that’s the

reason for which I

say I

came to


God I

came to


God I

came to work worship

God give him a hand to the lord of the

Lord and King of Kings you did it well

you did it well that’s how you sing

during at the trials that’s how you sing

at the trials that that’s how you sing

at the

trials have a nice happy Sunday

excellent Sunday see you next Sunday in

the hand to the Lord of Lord and King of

Kings God bless













for W







is here is