ENGLISH Dante Gebel #848 | Kamikazes

There are times in life when circumstances lead us to a kamikaze moment where we feel like we have nothing to lose. We even come to think -like the lepers crowded behind the wall of the city that rejected them-, “If I remain in this crisis I will die; If I try to return to the life I left behind the wall, I will die too.” But that is precisely when we have to say: “I’m not going to run away anymore, I’m going to face whatever it takes, because I have always survived with the help of God!” We must have faith and march forward, even if we have to crash like kamikazes against the enemy, because life is Christ and death is gain!


there is the the we have flags from all

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today people that say I want to be a

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just a moment ago here we sang We

worshiped we celebrated we gave a few

local announcements and now we’re

connecting with the rest of the

congregation from all around the planet

all around the

world people we always give thanks to

for being faithful for for sewing

they’re a part of this Vision now as

always before I transmit what I believe

God told me to tell you in what just

eight or nine

minutes but before that from least

important to most important the least

important thing according to what I have

to share today is that last night we

just came

back from Orlando and Tampa we were in

Florida it’s very very cold in Tampa

even though you think Florida is always

hot but then we travel to Orlando for

this marvelous tour pante where we spent

an amazing night in Tampa specifically a

lot of people that arrived for the first

time they recognized themselves as

Catholics some said I’m atheist thank


but it was marvelous this was Tampa this

was the first

night where we spent a great great night

the following this was a a Wednesday and

we truly felt the affection from the

people and since they’re watching us now

I promise them that I would greet them

the following day we went to

Orlando they don’t just have theme parks

but they have this marvelous place as

well the previous site I showed you was

the Hard

Rock this this theater is called the

Phillips theater it’s also a very

marvelous theater both nights were sold

out we couldn’t fit a single soul

in I love being in in Orlando a lot of

Dominicans a lot of Venezuelans a lot of

Colombians a lot of Mexicans and

salvadorians as well but a lot of a lot


Caribbeans Puerto Ricans as well who

always swallow their

RS and then we also had Andre par this


actor in his famous show where he says

I’m going to kill your mother and your

and your grandma he’s a little thinner

now but he’s the one that interpreted


Escobar he’s very very famous and he

came specifically from bot to be a part

of this conference because he also wants

to have his own conference he told me so

he’s a fan he watches our services so we

send him a very special greeting so it

was marvelous to be there and thanks to

all of you for praying for my health

this same night as I finished the second

service we’re traveling out to Argentina


because we have to be in mendosa on

Wednesday no sorry Tuesday we have to be

in mendosa it’s the north of the country

and then Wednesday will be in Cordova so

I await all of you they’re in two very

beautiful Arenas in Argentina and then

on Friday I’ll be uh I’ll be headed to


ER they’ll bring


me in a helicopter to preach here next

Sunday but since an image is worth more

than a thousand words and since I’ve

always promised the people the people

from Tampa Orlando here’s a short video

very quick very short and then I’ll show

you more


after let’s
























how beautiful so I’ll see you next in

mendosa and

Cordova there are a few tickets left

available that’s my country Argentina we

have to travel the whole night we have

to stop in Panama to then arrive Monday

morning to then be ready for Tuesday and

then come back for the weekend but

thanks for praying for for my health for

my strength so that God can continue

blessing us we’re going to eat very very

well in Argentina right that’s a

privilege but what’s true is is thank

you I insist I I shared this with you

because not because I want to boast but

because I know that you you guys send me

you commission me you say I we’re with

you you pray for me and my commitment as

always if my health and energy can allow

me then I’ll never miss a Sunday

here all right but then we have River

Toys reaching the entire world this is

River toys

onas along with the ministry called

trees of Justice in onas the majority of

these children live on the streets some

of them live in the

markets we strategically choose each

place so this is your seed these are our

toys these are our resources

and they put the Blood Sweat and Tears

In this case in River Toys huras



fore foreign
























how beautiful

Honduras a special greeting to Honduras

I couldn’t go this year but we all went

River went we went there to make all

those children

happy what I’m showing you right now

what we’re seeing each Sunday what we’re

seeing each weekend this December has to

do with an effort that we’ve never taken

on before we’ve always had River Toys

here in Anaheim but we’ve never had it

in so many different countries we did it

in Africa already in

Cuba and we’re going to continue showing

you Mexico all the different countries

until we

reach Christmas

right and to

finish we have just two minutes left

this was in

Panama I’m going to show you

now along with the team social help in

Panama we were able to have this event

for the

children in an

indigenous area called Manu

gandi and there we took our toys if the

last one impacted you this one will move

you even more because these are children

that in any other way wouldn’t have had

this opportunity

when we’re in the meetings we don’t pray

necessarily We Don’t Preach to them in

an explicit way but we tell them that

God loves them that he remembered them

and the parents get excited obviously

they ask if it’s this is about a church

and we say yeah but they notice that

it’s not in exchange for something it’s

not oh you accept my religion you repeat

this prayer and we’ll give you a TW no

we do it because we love because we want

to serve because we want to be a part of

these children’s lives and since we did

it for them we did it for the Lord this

is also our seed this time in our

beloved Panama here we





























gra R




that is your

seed that’s your offering that’s what

you’ve given and we always like to show

what is done with the

offering for many years I was brought up

in churches where we didn’t know what

was going on with the money or what was

done with the offering or the tithe that

the people gave but in our case we don’t

have the obligation of having to pay a

building or constructing something so

everything that comes in our commitment

is that it has to go back out and so

we’re always looking for places like

this where we know no other help will

reach them we know it may not change

their lives but it can give them a

better better day and they’ll never

forget these days where a church

remembered them and so that’s very


so throughout the remainder of the year

and the rest of the year if the

blessings reach you and you say well why

did this blessing come it’s not luck

it’s not a coincidence it’s God who

doesn’t owe anyone anything and he will

bless you he’s is going to multiply you

yes or

no are we ready now we’re ready very

well I once told

you that in elementary

school I had a classmate who suffered a


illness his name was Fernando Valente

the first time I told the story I didn’t

remember his name but I finally

remembered it we had a mutual friend and

he reminded me that his name was

Fernando Valente

his spine was bent and his arms and

legs were were twisting and shrinking

more and more each

year he was the most noble and pure

child that I’ve ever met and for obvious

reasons no team ever chose him because

he could barely walk but I was also

never selected even though I didn’t have

a degenerative Illness but I was a weird

kid instead of my spine being bent my

spirit was bent back

then my spirit was amputated and each

time that they would choose teams

Valente and I were always left on the

grass of exclusion simulating that we

didn’t care as if we had gotten used to

it as if we had developed an emotional

callous that we would never be chosen

for any sports game but one day in

fourth grade that’s why I just

emphasized the

importance that just a normal day can

have for a child

because that day can become an

extraordinary day a common day in fourth

grade an ordinary day we had a field

trip and we had to find a partner we had

to travel two by two the entire

day and whoever chose to be valente’s

partner would should know that they had

to help him go to the restroom or even

carry him once he became tired so I made


decision to not wait to not be selected

because I knew that we wouldn’t be

chosen or what’s

worse that someone might curse the fact

that they had to be valente’s partner or

even my partner and so when it became my

turn I said I choose

Valente and I can still see his face in

a clear way because he lifted up his

head he had a very Noble

look very proud look that I had chosen

him and I always say his look was so

pure that I knew that I didn’t deserve

it I had to look in a different

direction and valentea said to me you

know you won’t be able to play with me

you won’t be able to run around with me

all day and I said same with

me I said no one runs with us and so he

used that phrase that would be recorded

in my memory forever he said Dante

you’re right neither of us has anything

to lose and I said why do you say

that he was trying to encourage me or I

was trying to encourage him and ask him

why are you saying that and he said well

because we’re already two losers what

are we going to lose we’re already

losers and Valente must be my age

nowadays if he’s still alive I doubt it

due to the fact that the diagnosis

didn’t give much hope back then and I

haven’t seen him

again since we finished Elementary

School the last time I saw him was on a

warm December day because over in

Argentina it’s warm in December and so I

don’t know how his life might have been

or what he’s doing now but I would like

to think that if he had survived that he

has a pleasant memory of at least just

one day in fourth grade back in

elementary school I at least do I can

remember his face in his case I insist

his his spine was was bent in my case my

heart and my self-esteem was

broken but he defined It Well by saying

we had nothing to lose we were two

losers and there wasn’t even a

reputation to take care

of we didn’t have to take care of any

popularity within the school

and today’s

message deals with these people that at

one moment have reached this

point we’ve reached that point in which

we have nothing to lose

however sometimes it’s just that which

takes us to be an instrument used by God

when you discover that you have nothing


lose that could be the point of

inflection where God says all right well

now I can have someone that I can work

with and this singular story for the

majority you might know it it happened

in the 8th Century before Christ 2 Kings

6 tells the entire incident that that

that you can then read calmly after this

but it shares that the powerful Syrian

Empire took the capital of of of Israel

by Siege it was known as

Samaria and so they blocked all the

roads all the paths all the rivers to

Samaria so going into the city was

completely impossible and even exiting

was impossible and due to that prolonged

harassment towards the Aramaic people

the city’s stores should remain closed

as a defensive element and so food could

no longer come in

Merchants there weren’t enough

Provisions to maintain the population

that was living inside the walls inside

the doors

and the military group that surrounded

the city was very well

trained their squads were strategically


the the the walls were impregnable I

don’t know why I use these words if it’s

so tough for me to say I’m after in

other words people couldn’t go in you

couldn’t you couldn’t go in the

walls but the life of the besiegers was

was a little monotonous because all they

had to do was Camp around the walls and

remain calm stay still so that the

people inside would die of hunger and

that could take days weeks months years

even and these soldiers these Assyrian

soldiers or the Aramaic people who were

used to going to battle

frequently were now resting because they

were just sitting outside the walls they

were simply camping not allowing anyone

to come in or

out so while they were there the king of

of their Nation would send them good

portions of

food but in contrast life inside the

city inside the walls that was under

siege was very difficult everything was

lacking water was scarce the food

deposits were pretty much empty and

according to the Bible the food was so

scarce that people people

paid two pounds of silver for just the

head of a pig this is a fortune but

what’s craziest is what they were trying

to buy the head of a pig and I asked

what do you do sorry the head of a of a

mule you might know what to do with the

mual but not just the head of the mual

what’s more is people would pay 2 ounces

of silver for

one tablespoon or one one cup of pigeon

poop what do you do with that even if

you’re very hungry if you’re a cook what

would you do with a cup of pigeon

poop I suppose I was thinking

that you may be able to pick

up a grain

of of of wheat that the pigeon

didn’t fully

process so they might find a

grain that was not digested so that’s

that’s the

operation but the situation can get

worse according to scripture it did get

worse the hunger was so great that

cannibalism be to occur in the city a

woman went to go complain with the King

and said look your majesty I came here

to complain because it just so happens

that my neighbor proposed that I should

give up my child so that we can eat him

together with the promise that tomorrow

we would eat her


and so she said so we cooked up my child

and her voice didn’t even tremble you

might say I ate my mother-in-law all

right that’s fine you know you hungry it

is what it

is and if she’s she’s a bigger woman

then that’s meat for for many

days maybe she’s gayy but it’s still

food in the

end but eating your

child and she said well the thing is we

ate my child right we ate my son with

the promise that the following day we

would cook her son and when I asked her

to give up her child so that we could

eat him it just so happens that this

fool hid

him look what she’s going to the king

for the king couldn’t believe what he

was hearing how do you resolve this

Miss don’t be evil bring out your son

and roast

him it sounds funny but it’s

catastrophic right it’s

sorted now normally any

mother would sacrifice herself so that

her children could survive but on this

occasion they sacrificed their

children to keep their own lives to

survive so in a

society begins

to disrupt these values well these

people will descend into something that

they’ll never come back from this is

this is what happen happens when

children become discardable when

abortion is is the first option when

that silent genocide is tolerated under

the phrase of well a woman has a right

to decide about her own body and it’s

partly true because it ignores that

within her own body there’s another body

recognized by biology from the first

minute of

conception biology

recognizes another body inside of a

pregnant woman from the first minute of

conception science discovered it modern

science that the moment a sperm and an

egg unite the fusion of the masculine

nucleus and the feminine nucleus occurs

and this moment is called sagia it’s a

new DNA distinct from the mother or

father that initiates its own human

development from the first minute but

when in society there’s hunger in the

spirit and hunger in the soul sometimes

it’s preferable to ignore what the

scientific field reaffirms because this

isn’t a mystical battle against the

religious leaders who defend life or the

crazy people that don’t no it’s not

about fighting

against people who defend something to

the death no

sometimes genetics say that abortion is

murder but when there’s hunger for value

hunger in the soul there is no analysis

there there is no common sense needed

and what was happening in Samaria

reflects the same spiritual and moral

hunger that Society is living

nowadays obviously we’re not eating


poop but the values do begin to

disappear The Superficial becomes

important the important be becomes

superficial the minorities become

overvalued exacerbated

from streaming from on TV and society

and we realize that it’s a hunger that

is growing it’s not

decreasing from that same city we would

find the


Elisha there were seven years of hunger

he was praying and God gives him a

message and communicates to him or he

communicates it on behalf of the Lord he

says listen to the word of the

Lord this happened

on a good

day he was praying they had spent seven

years in hunger and on top of those

seven years of hunger you add the

enemies surrounding the city so this

went from bad to worse and in that

moment the prophet said hear the word of

the Lord about this time

tomorrow a measure of the finest flower

will sell for a

shekele and two measures of barley for a

shekele at the Gate of


he was saying that despite the fact that

they were eating pigeon poop

today or even some others had become

cannibals tomorrow at this time very

early flour and barley would be sold in

the stores in a very accessible way he

even gives the price and it’s a price

that everyone could

pay he wasn’t saying within a year

because it’s easy to prophesy that in 10

years the country will be better or with

the of the government or with the change

of the politicians or with the new

president no the prophet said tomorrow

they were dying of

hunger I insist a mother

said she hid her son and we were going

to eat him today with fried potatoes and

so when Elijah gives this prophecy there

is a commander present a very respected

man one of the counselors to the Monarch

and he heard him he was the second in

command in the Kingdom scripture

describes him as a

man who the king relied on he was the

second in

command and he knew exactly how many

Provisions there are in the

country the king made an an obligatory

inventory of all the food in the city

and this man who is the left hand of the

Monarch doesn’t ignore that the people

are eating

poop as if it were a very very


delicacy and this reaffirms the

stupidity that tomorrow flour and barley

would be sold in the markets at a good

price there’s not a

grain of wheat in the whole

city and so the commander can’t hold in

his laughter and he says look gentlemen

he tells the

prophet even if the Lord open up the

windows of Heaven even if the Lord

sent down food from Heaven you think it

would be possible he said I’m sorry Mr

Prophet but there’s no way this is

possible you’re making fun of us what

I’m asking you for is a bit of respect

for the dead that we bury daily due to


hunger he said in this city there are

thousands of people to feed them God’s

angels would have to bring down flour

and barley from Heaven they’d have to

bring truckloads

down and it wouldn’t enough to bring

them through the city it’s a whole city


hungry in

fact God never did anything like this in

all of human

history and I think a

grin came from the Commander’s

face the assistants know that what the

commander just said makes

sense even if the heavens opened up

that it wouldn’t be enough to feed

everyone in the city but what the man

didn’t realize

is that when he said these words he

wasn’t insulting the prophet he was

insulting God and so Elisha ignores the

commander he doesn’t even look at him

maybe he looks at

him and says all right well tomorrow

you’re going to see what is going to

happen but you won’t have a single bite

when you see the pusas you won’t even be

able to try them and the commander does

the typical gesture

of I if to say oh this guy’s


but who could

believe such a stupid

prediction on how cheap wheat and barley

would be flower and barley would be

during this

crisis the guy said tomorrow it it would

be different if if the prophet said all

right a week from now a month from now a

year from now anyone can be a prophet

from here to 10 years but to say

tomorrow that’s risking it

completely and if for some strange

reason something like this did happen

the commander

reasoned how could this Prophet say that

the man closest to the king wouldn’t be

able to eat he said I’d be the first one

to eat The King and I would be the first

ones to eat if this were to happen and

the prophet said you’re going to see it

but you’re not going to

eat for being incredulous you’re going

to watch but you won’t enjoy it this is

the prophecy and meanwhile outside the


walls close to the city doors there are

four four guys there are four

men they had an illness in common it was

one of the most fear diseases by human

race leprosy there were four

lepers who live the atrocious death like

I once said leprosy isn’t

just the loss of

extremities due to ulcers but they also

lose the

sensibility and so rats can perceive

this during the night and they’ll begin

to eat the lepers

fingers many lepers would wake up in the

morning and they would be missing

fingers or digits because they don’t

have any sensitivity these men lived

outside the city walls because Moses’s

law established it this way they were

condemned in their own microcosm after

being diagnosed with Leprosy Jewish law

demanded that the lepers would remain

outside of the city walls and they kept

their distance from others to prevent


infections and so

segregation was the main treatment


contamination and now these men hungry

in the city walls buying mu heads and

eating children these men are at the

bottom of the food chain in

Samaria these would be the first men to

die in this crisis so in better times

and better

Seasons these men would have survived by

rumaging through the

trash that would be dumped outside the

city walls there would always be some

leftovers but even now the

trash had become too too valuable to

discard and I

insist people would buy pigeon poop to

see if there was an undigested grain but

now imagine the trash the trash would be

seen as a treasure and so these men

decide on a resolution

second Kings chapter 7

says they look at each other and they

say why stay here until we

die we’re going to die if we just wait

here if we say we’ll go into the city

the famine is there and we will die and

if we stay here we will

die we’ll die outside the city

walls so let’s go over to the camp of

the arameans and

surrender why don’t we go to the enemy

that’s surrounding us and what do we

know if they spare us we live if they

kill us then we

die and then the phrase that my friend

said so many years ago we have nothing


lose they were already dead if we go in

we die if we advance we might die but we

have a 1% chance that they throw us a

bone in a city under


if they were discovered to be traitors

then they would be executed by any one

of the two bands so that decision isn’t

well I’m going I’m I’m repenting no if

you go you

go and so they began the first or maybe

the only suicide mission in the Bible

the first kamic kazis for those that

know a bit of History during the second

world war when the Allied Forces were

advancing on the Pacific Pacific Japan

made a decision A desperate decision and

they recruited a group of young suicide

bombers the famous

kamakazi they wanted to show the

Emperor their commitment and so they

would crash their planes into the North

American boats the ships obviously dying

in the attempt kamakazi means divine

wind that’s the meaning and our four

lepers were the first ones in feeling


gust the first ones weren’t recruited by

Japan they were recruited by need by

necessity and there are times in life

where circumstances take us to a

kamakazi moment we’ve all had a kamakazi

moment not to the point where we’re

going to crash a plane because we’re not

terrorists but yes the kamakazi moment

in which we

felt that before certain circumstances

or decisions we didn’t have anything to

lose moments where we say I have nothing

to lose at this very moment I have

nothing nothing to care

over there are moments where God in fact

this is going to bring discomfort to

someone’s theology but God allows us to

be between The Sword and the

wall to make certain decisions that in

any other way we wouldn’t

make there are moments where God places

us there to say I either jump out into

the void or I die here because God knows

that while we have options even if we

have at least a small Plan B

then we won’t be willing to trust

completely in him while we have a little

bit of

savings while we say oh I’m going to use

what I have under the mattress and so

then God sets the mattress on fire or

while you move the The Mattress will

disappear no no no but mean while while

I have this resource or while I have

this person that I can ask for help well

then that person’s going to die but

sometimes God has to take away all of

the little plan BS that we have because

while we have those plan B’s we can

delay certain decisions that he’s asking

us for and so that takes us to what I

call a point of no return by God I think

the majority of us if we remember we’ve

all had a point of no return a point of

no return in in Aeronautics is when the

plane is on the runway and it reaches

its Max velocity and it needs to take

take off because the

wings are lifting and it has to hit the


if there’s an emergency the plane still

has to take off during this point of her

return and return to the runway in any

case if the plane Slams on its brakes

the plane will crash I’ll share more

details on this since I’m traveling this

week but we make the

decision when we have no other exit no

other way out a decision that can’t be

undone when we feel that we only


have a one-way ticket you say this is

what it is and I don’t know how I’m

coming back in metaphoric terms

obviously it’s a kamakazi moment it’s

also you can also say using a silver

bullet this is my only one if it doesn’t

work out it doesn’t work out but it’s my

only one a moment of a silver bullet is

that decision the metaphor that those of

us that are resilient used to reason we

say all right all right what can be

worse than what I’ve already lived

through those that have lived and gone

through cancer or leukemia and have

survived their reasoning then becomes

well what can be worse than what I’ve


through what can be worse what can

happen to me if I begin to study at this

age what can I lose what’s the worst

thing that could happen to me if I

decided to move away what’s the worst

thing that can happen if I tell this

person how I feel even if they reject me

what’s the worst that could happen if I

believe God when you say what’s the

worst that’s because you have nothing

more to lose how can things get any

worse than what they are I’ve already

survived I’ve

resisted the moment in which we say that

phrase that my old friend said then

we’re already losers and I’m not saying

it in a way to insult you no it’s just

when you feel that the plans that we had

suddenly just didn’t work and so you say

well I’m in a situation where I either

go for it or I go for it there are

moments where we have to draw a line in

the sand and say I’m not going to escape

anymore I’m not going to run away that’s

enough I’m going to face whatever it is

I have to face and let whatever come let

it come and I’m going to trust in God

and if not I’ll die in the attempt yes

or no

so these four

kamakazi these four

lepers gathered their Ted


they prepared their spoiled feet and

they began to stumble over to the enemy

camp don’t imagine four argentinians

with their chests puffed out no there

were four lepers staggering

over first they got on their feet they

were at the door of the city that was

under siege and they began to walk

towards the Army and I asked how much

time did God

spend looking for someone to Mar against

the Army the enemy like it was in the

case of the army of of Israel when twice

a day a Philistine giant would

challenged the squads of the Living God

in the valley and God would say who’s

going to stand up and face him and Saul

considered that he was too big no one

would attempt it until one day a young

boy named David went and faced him and

so something similar happens here how

long do you think God waited for someone

to rise up and walk towards the

enemies most probably most probable not

even the king nor the generals wanted to

go to not risk the little that they had

there was nothing left in the city but

they must have had something clothes

garments what they couldn’t

eat God could have used four nobl men

five elderly people from the city or

even just the king from Samaria but he

didn’t because on certain occasions

whether you believe it or not I tell you

by experience on certain occasions God

uses and needs people that have nothing


lose not even a reput to take care of

and that’s what becomes the biggest

burden as we get

older without any saved up money so that

nothing’s at risk sometimes we think

that those that risk the most are those

that have the most money no those that

have the most money are the ones that

risk the least because they don’t want

to risk what they have in the

bank those that only

have a little tomato in the fridge and

that’s all they have what won’t they try

what could they lose I’ve heard

Americans and I’m not criticizing them

but I’ve heard Americans say oh we’re in


crisis I’ve never lived such a serious

crisis pray for me please we only have

the $500,000 saved up for my son’s

college and we’re going to have to dip

into it

oh imagine a Hispanic person not having

food to eat but they don’t touch the

500,000 that’s for their kids college

when they grow up no your your grandma


on when you have nothing to lose you do

what you have to

right someone who has nothing to lose is

someone these people didn’t even have

health they didn’t even have the need to

be prudent oh let’s not in let’s not get

infected no they were the ones that were

infecting that’s the advantage the

hidden advantage of being outside the

walls outside of the

establishment outside of religiousness

there’s an Advantage when people don’t

accept you when the status quo doesn’t

accept you that gives you an advantage

being out there allows you to operate

under different rules when they accept

you when they bring you in when a

pastoral system when a church system

when uh organized religion brings you

and an accepts to you you have to follow

their rules their protocols but when

they don’t accept

you you begin to play by your own

rules these are rules that God proposes

after that marginalization when you have

nothing to lose there’s no conflict of

interest many times I’ve thought and I

think it more and more often that at my

age now that I went through my 30s you

know maybe I say it with shame I’m not

saying it with

pride I wouldn’t be so resolved to

listening to certain God’s orders the

way I did when I was 20-some and I had

nothing to lose

now I see them those decisions that I

took as crazy I ask what was I thinking

well you know what I was thinking

nothing I had nothing to think about I

had nothing to

lose but when you don’t have anything

when you’re poor and we don’t have

anyone’s support you say yeah I trust

God but when you have things to take

care of there you become more

conservative you try to retain you say

no I have a name what are they going to

say about me but I consider that there’s

no one more

audacious no one more dangerous than

someone that has nothing to

lose that’s the first thing that you

learn during war mercenaries have

nothing to lose they operate under the

flag that contracts them and they’re the

most dangerous because there’s no hymn

there’s no slogan there’s no military

trading that brought them there no

they’re just there to earn money they

have nothing to lose they don’t have

families they don’t have grandmas

waiting for them they don’t have a wife

or children and these are the most

dangerous people the Lord said in Luke 9


24 for whoever wants to save their life

will lose it but whoever loses her life

for me will save

it it’s marvelous yes or

no and

so whenever we feel that we have

something to

lose even if it’s a superficial oh what

will they say that now with social media

we feel that it’s so important no what

are they going to say let’s agree that

many of us have studied careers that our

parents wanted for us because that’s a

career that our dad couldn’t finish or

the career that your brother didn’t

finish and we had a vicarious life for

for much time living a a borrowed life

but the most tragic part about that is

that when you become an adult you also

begin to live a vicarious life a life

that others want us to

have and you begin to pretend to fake it

and we make decisions for the people we

know but in reality our decisions are

being filtered by

cowardice what are they going to say

what are they going to

think and when cowardice filters our

decisions there we do have something to

lose what we think is our dignity or

what people will say of us and we can


years in a situation where we should

make a decision but we don’t make it due

to what people will say and that is

something to lose that is something imp

impedes us from being

used Paul said in Philippians 1:21 says

for for to me to live in Christ to live

is Christ and to die is gain and so he

was always looking for people that had

nothing to lose including their lives if

necessary and that’s not something

poetic it’s not a license a poetic

license oh yeah those that give their

life for the Lord no the Lord said

literally if you had to lose your

life during the pandemic the majority of

ministers were asking for prudence

well we pray for healing at campaigns

for par for paralytics but this this is

too contagious Prudence please and

people would say I don’t understand if

everything was

important until my life is at risk and

the Lord says it’s not that you should

say no to Prudence just don’t say yes to

cowardice he needs someone that

understands what it means to say if I

remain in this crisis just as I am I’m

going to die just like the lepers say if

I try to go back to the life that I left

inside the walls and I’m going to die so

if I’m going to die I’m at least going

to die trying to walk

forward if I’m going to die it’ll be

advancing the four

lepers hiding outside the the city walls

hiding from a society that had rejected

them played a fundamental role in this

drama in this

story when qualified people don’t obey

God he God says I will use someone who

only has one Silver Bullet a kamakazi

that feels the gust of wind coming


them this would be the next chapter if

it were a Netflix show but in the

Assyrian Camp the sun was setting this

was the camp of those that took the City

by Siege the sun was setting and the

soldiers were having dinner remember in

the previous chapter in the previous

episode the four lepers began walking

toward this camp but now let’s Focus the

cameras on the camp itself one of the

soldiers gets up they’re telling stories

about battle and War and one of them

says hey did you hear

that did we hear what no no no no sh did

you hear

that and they began to feel

something like a buzzing of of a beehive

that was increasing in volume something

like they don’t know if it if it’s bees

or or a crowd of people and The Buzz

grows and grows and grows until it

becomes deafening and so the

Sentinels begin to play their

trumpets for the same offering that

you’re going to give out there I give

you the special effect no because I

could preach without special

effects I could say imagine the sound of

the trumpet but now you don’t have to


it and the order is the enemy are

attacking us that’s what the Sentinels

shout from the highest point of the camp

and so the horses nay they escape they

Trot uncontrollably through the camp and

each second that passes that sound that

began as the buzz of a bee or something

similar became more and more intense and

now it appears like the the Roar of

thousands of horses and War chariots

that are on their way and so the

commander informed that they’re under an

imminent attack

they they tell them we’re surrounded on

all sides they have us

coral and then you can begin to hear the

sound of a huge Cavalry that proceeds

from the north but then they hear a

metallic sound of the axles of War

chariots from the

south and then the sound changes and now

it appears that the sound comes from the


and then they begin to hear the sound of


soldiers and this sound comes from from

the west but

then they hear a stampede coming from


west and so they realize that they’re

surrounded on four

flanks and so someone yells

out Retreat and they begin to run

away and the commander says Retreat

Retreat retreat

everyone was panicking the soldiers

runed like headless

chickens like the Brazilians playing


Argentina when the greatest sound comes

from the south they run to the north

when the Stampede comes from the East

they run to the

West they run as if a Whirlwind was

pushing them around and around and

scripture tells

us so they said to one another look the

king of Israel has hired The Hite and

Egyptian kings to attack

us so they got up and fled in the Dusk

and abandoned their tents and their

horses and their

donkeys they left the camp as it was and

ran for their

lives it was an immediate retreat they

said grab your underwear and leave and

of course they abandoned their camps

their horses their

donkeys they left the camp as it was and

ran for their

lives but what

happened who did the king of Israel hire

if he couldn’t even buy himself a

toothbrush who is it going to

hire how can it be that an army of


men that have fought thousands of

battles can be so easily tricked in the

night what happened well it just so


that when our four men our four lepers

began to March toward the

camp God also began to

March as soon as these four men gave

their first stumbling steps God either

one of two the first thing that occurred

to me is God sent his army of angels to

march with them and so all the cavalary

from Heaven joined the four who had no

idea that they were being escorted in

this way many times the only thing that

we need for God to move is for us to

move first even if it’s just

stumbling even if it’s just stumbling or

staggered steps that’s the only thing

that God

needs maybe we’re going through a season

in our lives where we feel that we’re

being ripped to shreds sometimes it

happens and just when we say God come on

a truth a break another another punch

comes life throws you another punch and

makes us lose

balance sometimes life is like this it

doesn’t give us a truce it’s one punch

after another and we don’t hear the

Bell signaling the end of the

round when tears fall from our from our

cheeks when everything is going wrong

for whatever reason I don’t know if it’s

in our belief system or I consider more

that it’s the holy spirit that lifts us

up but we get on our feet stum in we go

back to work we raise our children and

we continue fighting against

life and we continue doing the

impossible to have food on the table

that’s what our four friends did they’re

four stumbling friends and

God Amplified this is the second thing I

believe either he sent the angels to

march with them or he Amplified the

sound of the four feet of the four

lepers as they were

marching and when God turns on his

amplifier he can make four trembling

dragged steps sound like an

army I can hear God calling the

archangels hey Gabriel Miguel what are

you doing Michael what are you doing oh

just listening to some music composing

something you know just writing some

music come

here put a good microphone down there on

the path that leaves Samaria put it near

the ground and amplify the sound of

those feet you know what feet I’m

talking about right the bloody feet

that are Marching toward my purpose

those dragging feet please me it’s like

music of obedience to me put the volume

up as high as you can let my enemies be


thin by the sounds of eight obedient

feet moving Hallelujah to do my

will and though sometimes we don’t have

the strength this goes for someone that

says well I don’t even have the energy

sometimes to get up in the

morning I want you to record this in

your heart

hang it around your neck right in the in

the tablets of your heart the enemy sees

us as an army when we have nothing to

lose when you say I’ve lost it all I’ll

go against anything the enemy feels you

like an

army even if you’re squirming to the

bathroom even if you’re stumbling the

enemy sees you as an army the Lord

fights for us do you believe it yes or

no 2 Corinthians 12:10 says for when I

am weak then I am strong when I am weak

then I am strong and so what does that

mean what does that paradox mean it’s

not an oxymoron it’s saying that when I

feel weak that’s when God’s strength

appears when God marches with us our

weakness is stronger than all the

strength of the enemy that has us under

siege what’s surrounding your health

your economy your

family four lepers


annihilated an Assyrian army without

shooting a single bullet without

shooting a single Arrow just because

they said well if we’re going to die let


die and they said what Esther one

said if I should perish let me perish I

have nothing to lose but they were

ignoring that their steps had been

Amplified they were there they had no

clue what was happening in the spiritual

atmosphere what the armies were

hearing and when they get close to the


Camp they must have thought that at any

moment someone would come out and meet

them with an arrow because it was a

deafening silence in the camp all the

Torches were still lit and as these men

got closer and closer this is a

different chapter a different

episode you watch 40 episodes of House

of Cards in one night and you can’t

stick around for four of these episodes

come on

and as they’re arriving at the camp they

could smell the menu the menu was I I

studied this through theologians and

people that affirm that it’s this way

well from 10 theologians at least nine

believe that it was Argentinian skirt



Fon a

tomahawk Argentinian

sausage everything all there with a good

malbeck wine all theologians coincide in

in that this was the feast they had

money they had good taste of course they

weren’t going to eat burritos or P say

no they were going to eat an Argentinian

barbecue when you guys preach you give

whatever example you want

right the smell of the of the

barbecue was amazing the chimy churi as

well and so these

men enter the camp and they don’t hear

anything they don’t see the

Sentinels but there were spare

ribs ready to eat

chickens that had been that had just


grilled and so very carefully the man

reached the tent they had not eaten in

months they had not eaten well in months

and there were there was food and riches

in abundance the first place they went

into appeared to be the tent of a high

ranking official because there were a

lot of luxurious suits there were Hugo


dant they go to another tent and the

scene is even greater they said we’re

going to

eat they they weren’t worried about

being discovered they began to eat and

they began to Devour the Exquisite

Argentinian barbecue that the Assyrians

with good taste had left on the

grill they filled themselves up they

drank there was dessert FL

with they had that had been brought from

Argentina back in that day they took it

to they shipped it to

Assyria and once they had realized that

the entire Camp was

abandoned they began to run from one

tent to another accumulating Treasures

they don’t understand what happened they

were exhausted of running some so much

and hiding things but there were so much

abundance but God’s idea wasn’t for them

to accumulate God’s idea is for us to is

not for us to hide things or store

things let’s ask the Israelites in the

desert as far as storing saving and and

putting things away every time they

would try to store God’s food from

Heaven the Mana it would be in Infested

by worms by

maggots how many people nowadays have

worms maggots and the provision that God

has given them and their Mana due to the

mentality of accumulating and

saving due to the fallible American

dream and we believe that we’re saving

in and it’s to help our family and and

it’s not wrong to save

up intrinsically speaking it’s not wrong

to save up what I’m saying is how many

people now have more than they need and

they continue accumulating

and as soon as the lepers hid the loot

something happens that still gives me

goosebumps one of them said gentlemen

this isn’t

right the other guy

who’s who’s knowing on a on a rib says

what do you mean this is perfect it’s

well done

no this isn’t

right today is a day of good news all

right that’s good yeah this is all good

news yeah we’re eating yeah yeah but

we’re not letting people

know and if we wait for the sun to come

up then we’re going to

be at fault

for for a death because someone’s going

to continue eating their child or

someone’s going to die due to

hunger why don’t we go now to the palace

and we let the king

know they could have argued and given

reasons after reason after reason to not

go to the Palace because after all

Samaria had thrown them thrown them out

they didn’t even want to see them from

afar they had no obligation with the

society that had excluded them wasn’t it

the excuse to say well now that we have

food they were throwing the trash at us

but now that we have food should we take

it to them

no if this happened in today’s

culture man would be on the side side of

the lepers arguing that they’re more

poor than the rest look at the

prejudices that they had to go through

we always want to justify our mentality

of oh I need it with the attitude of oh

I need it more than

them and that I need it or what do I

gain with this that goes completely

against a divine plan it goes completely

against what it means to give and

seow what it means to feel compassion

for others but they realized that it was

a great opportunity to be a Channel of

blessing and so they decided to run and

give the good news they felt the need to

preach I call it no other word occurs to

me but the gospel of the

lepers because they had good news to

preach that there was food that there

were Treasures they couldn’t hide it any

day longer Proverbs

11:26 says that people curse the one who


grain but they pray God’s blessing on

the one who is willing to

sell whoever seeks good finds favor but

evil comes to the one who searches for

it rich are not those who have the most

but those that need the least I’m

convinced of that it’s not in the Bible

F said it an Argentinian poet Rich are

those not those who have the most but

those who need the

least but when our basic needs are

covered and met that’s where you have

the strength to give even when we don’t

have anything we can always

share when God allows us to

eat I said it last week during


I say all of us the majority of us

here we can eat two or three times a day

man we just saw the children in the

video in the last one in Panama where

they didn’t even have the hopes of

celebrating Christmas let alone getting

toys they didn’t even have the resources

to decorate a tree the majority of us

here I think that we could

shower shower once a day and if you

don’t do it do it for the good of

humanity and for those around you but do

it at least


we have the moral

obligation especially in this country

don’t tell me you’re a Hispanic or I

don’t have papers so I cross the the

Border I’m a wet back I jumped over the

Border I don’t care if a Smuggler

brought you or a coyote or you’re here

and God wants you to be a blessing he

wants us to

bless we have the obligation of sharing

the good

news and so you have to get up even if

you’re stumbling and we have the

obligation of helping someone to survive

what we in some way have

already gone

through and here’s the last episode

we’re about to

finish let’s go back into the

city the city was surrounded by a


Army led by uh a conqueror the city had

reduced itself to

cannibalism the King was wearing

his his funeral

clothing everyone felt that they would

perish sometimes we feel that way

despite the fact that the Lord told us

yesterday that your season of strife

ends tomorrow the prophet had said your

season of of scarcity and poverty

against tomorrow and church I tell you

tomorrow your season of strife and

sadness tomorrow it ends someone believe

it someone needs to say


maybe we applaud but deep down inside we


how it’s not humanly possible how can it


tomorrow humanly possible it’s humanly

impossible you’re right but not for

God you can open up the windows of

Heaven in one night in one night God

doesn’t need a week or for the

government to change for the Republicans

to come back or for someone to change or

for the libertarian to come in no God

doesn’t need to change the little figure

is in any government office

that night the

lepers ran to the city walls and they

called out to The

Gatekeepers and somebody shouts who’s

there and they said it’s us the lepers

they were still cleaning their mouths

from all the dessert they had

eaten we have good

news it just so happens that we went to

the camp of the Assyrians where’ you go

to the Assyrian Camp there’s no more

Assyrians where in the Assyrian camp

camps wait there’s no more what no more

Assyrians repeat loud and clear

please sorry forgive him he doesn’t know

how to explain himself he’s saying that

there are no Assyrians where in the


Camp everything’s intact there’s food

there’s Argentinian barbecue what


sausage because the guy the gatekeeper


American the Sentinels go and they tell

the Monarch and the Monarch says I can’t

believe it this is a a threat from the

this is a trick this is a scam from the

Assyrians they’re trying to trick

us this has to be a

trick I know what they’re

scheming since they know we’re

hungry they’ve abandoned their camp and

they’ve hit they’re they’re hiding in

the mountain

they they wanted us to go out to trap us

alive and then enter the city and rape

our women but the lepers were

insisting and so they told someone well

why don’t we send someone to go and and

verify this ridiculous rumor that the

Army abandoned their Camp just because

so a Search Group goes out a small

Search Group goes to the Assyrian camp

and they find that the informant or the

informants were

right she must have taken them 15

minutes they stay eat because no one can

resist an Argentinian barbecue and they

come back 2 hours later after they’ve

digested their Search Group returns and

says your majesty what the four lepers

are saying is true the Assyrians have

have escaped and they’ve left everything

everything they just left they ran out

but the king said it’s not possible an

army never escapes without a reason I’ve

been in this business for years no Army

escapes without a

reason one of

the one of his assistants say my king

but there’s food for the whole city in

abundance these Assyrians love to eat

well good

meat if it were food from another

country PO says oh then I wouldn’t be

seeing anything I’d say let’s die of

hunger but this is Argentinian

meat and so then the king’s right hand

remember it appeared in the first in the

first episode

remember the one who had made fun of the

of the of the Prophet began to get

nervous and after it’s confirmed that

the that the enemy Army retreated and

and that there’s abundant food he

pretends to be happy but then he thinks

well maybe the prophet wasn’t as crazy

as I thought and when the king hears the

news from his own search party he

changes his clothes he throws out his

sack cloth dress to the trash and he

orders his his second and

command the man he leaned on and he said

look if this is all

true when they announce it people will

go out and Stampede to get their

food and the entire city will be chaotic

it’ll be an

avalanche I need to put my best man at

the door of the city you I need you to

go and

supervise once they open the doors give

the announcement of the good news don’t

explain too much because no one will


it have the grand opening in my name of

course and make sure that this

isn’t an Assyrian plot make sure that

the multitudes line up in single file

children first then women then the

gentlemen when the man turned to obey

the king he added hey and and Report

what you

see but at this point the gossip had

spread like

wildfire that there were riches stacked

up in the abandoned Assyrian Camp the

doors of the city were wide enough for a

few chariots to come

in but these doors had never been

designed to contain thousands and


running running out people that hadn’t

eaten in weeks so the

commander went to the main door in the


gate he’s very close to where the lepers


were and so this the news spread the

people were in a

frenzy they were

running through through the narrow

streets of the

city trying to make sure they get food


themselves they heard that the Assyrians

have many valuable items and so the

commander said get in a single file line

but these crowds were like the Hispanics

us Hispanics trying to cross the border

yeah right a single file line getting a

single file line and the soldiers tried

to control the mul ude but they were

pushed as if they were ragd dolls the

commander lifts his hand and says in the

Name of the King no one can pass and

they knock him

over and so the crowd began to run out

as if they were a crowd of of of fans at

a at a soccer

game and so the commander says Stop in

the Name of the King you’re prohibited

from from from from passing through and

they push him and they run over and the

Bible says that the Stampede through the

doors made the people trample the second

command and what the prophet said was

fulfilled the few minutes before he died

as he was being trampled he hears the

words of the Prophet the man he thought

was crazy you’ll see it with your own

eyes but you won’t be able to eat a

single Argentinian rib not

one the Commander’s sin was being

incredulous not believing that from one

day to the next God could do the

deed his punishment was to see God

fulfilling the miracle but not enjoying

it that’s a metaphor of what we

sometimes live through there are many

people that don’t believe in your

calling they’re waiting for you to fall

there are people that watch us and see

us with

contempt David said you dress the tables

in front of my anguishes it doesn’t mean

that God is going to eliminate your

enemies he’s going to bless you in front

of them they’re going to watch you eat

they’re going to see you blessed do you


it he’s going to prepare a banquet he’s

going to honor you God has honored me in

the presence of many that have

criticized me always he never eliminated

them he said no I’m going to leave them

there so that they can be Spectators so

let’s not wait for God to eliminate our

enemies let’s prepare so that for God to

honor us in front of them I’ve seen many

people that desired my failure and they

become Spectators of what God has given

me they see the blessing they see the

bread but due to their disbelief they

can’t eat that same bread you’re eating

and it’s not to Rejoice it’s just that

God says I’m not going to take away your

enemies I’m going to allow them to

contemplate what I’m going to bless you

with and as the sun set on that City

they were all celebrating each home had

an abundance of food the youth were

dancing in the streets the elderly were

lifting their hands praising God the

city of Samaria recognized God’s favor


blessing but I doubt that there is a

party in honor to those four audacious

lepers those four Anonymous men that had

nothing to

lose and they saved an entire city I

doubt that they erected four statues at

the city

gates in fact I’m sure they didn’t even

give credit to the lepers did anyone ask

hey how did you guys find out about this

oh I don’t know someone came and let us


maybe the majority of the citizens never

realized about this

quartet in the end the four looked at

each other and pronounced the phrase

that Valente used my old classmate we

never had anything to lose we were


losers but in their

hearts the same way many of

us know knew that they were a part of a

suicide mission a kamakazi mission they

were blown by a divine wind

those soldiers that sometimes reach a

point of no return soldiers

that where sometimes life only

guarantees us a one-way trip and we can

only count on one silver bullet and

that’s what saved Our Lives we’re

soldiers that have a slogan we’ve had

worse days than this who here has had

worse days than this all of

us it’s my one of my favorite phrases

when I’ve had good days I say well I’ve

had worse days and I’ve survived we’re

Hispanic if you

forgot if you say oh

I I’m American now no you’re

Hispanic some have a big old mustache

like this and they’re dripping chili and

they say oh I don’t understand Spanish

no come on you’re Hispanic I’m

Argentinian I’m

Hispanic we’re all Hispanic even though

sometimes we act American our children

are the children of Hispanics the


and that’s in our favor that’s good

because we come from places where

resisting and putting up with things is

what we’re made of resisting and and

continuing bad governments worse

governments we never had a good one we

resist and we put up with that and they

steal our things and we start over we’re

left without a job and we find another

one we we learn a new career at whatever

age that’s what we’re made of we don’t

need secret to be a secretary or offices

or a computer to start something no we

just go out and earn a living

there’s a lot of Honor in that our

second name is marching even if we have

to crash against the

enemy our slogan is I am strong I am

weak and then I am

strong and the hymn that we sing in the

morning and in the evening is for

us to live as Christ and to die as gain

yes or

no we’re going to give an Applause to

the Lord of

lords let’s see my beloved Church church

and Hispanics that sustained the world

like a barn lift up an Applause to the

Lord and say God I seal this

word in these days of

December oh more more more blessed are

you we exalt you

King give a grand Applause you Army of

kamakazi an army with the silver bull it

the point of no return we have

everything to gain how the lord loves

you whoa how many received this word do

you receive it yes or

no blessed be the land where we were

born the majority of us I bless those

that were born here as well but us

immigrants those that are watching from

different parts of the world those that

are there battling in Mexico Colombia

huras Argentina Dominican Dominican

Republic of Salvador those that wake up

each morning to fight and Cuba and

haven’t lost their Joy a Cuban brings so

much joy wherever they go because I’ve

learned that gratitude opens up the

windows of Heaven Venezuelans who live

battling day in and day out with food

with basic

needs from here we want to tell you

we’re not celebrating what we

lack but Blessed Be those people who

sing who make salsa who who dance meren

and get up every single day to celebrate

Christmas they get strength deep down

inside and they say I’m not going to

lose Joy because I have nothing to lose

and so Joy retains them and when they

retain Joy then gratitude comes and when

gratitude comes God uses them to conquer

cities Nations people villages do you


it and that goes for those that are

watching us don’t give in don’t let your


down wherever God sends

us wherever something is is is is being

kickstarted there’s a Hispanic there

wherever you see someone that’s

generating controversy and making up

something new or finding a new way to

survive then there’s a Hispanic because

that’s what we’re made of and God has

made us strong

resilient and we resisted not just

poverty but also crisis bitterness

divorce separations


orphans and God has blessed us he’s

prospered us he’s brought us this far

and I want the final prayer to to be in

gratitude because in this story you may

identify yourself with many characters


essentially I’m surprised by the four

gentlemen there’s nothing to lose let’s

go on ahead let’s continue fighting

don’t give in don’t surrender my old man

don’t surrender my beloved don’t give in

continue continue another round you

still haven’t heard the Bell the ring

bell so continue fighting get up Monday

morning get into the ring and fight

fight for your children fight for your

family fight for what you came here to

fight for

the Lord is going to bless you do you

believe it he’s going to bless you lift

up your hands to Heaven Come on everyone

father lift up your hand to Heaven Come

on Father I’ve transmitted what I

believe you told me to tell these people

thank you for this

moment Lord there are people right now

receiving you in their hearts saying

Lord come into my life forgive my sins

write my name in The Book of Life but


Lord we all know you you’ve spoken to us

lift up our hands lift up our arms I

lift up the the arms of this family I

bless this Hispanic family that have

come from a Salvador Dominican Republic

Honduras par urai Chile wherever God

brought them from I bless them so that

new Strength a second wind can come upon

them the Lord is showing me that if you

march there’s an Army in the heavens

that will join your feet there’s an army

that can only be heard by the enemy the

Lord has placed an amplifier in that

decision and when he decides the heavens

will move the winds will

move when he says I’ll do it the winds

will back you and a wind from a

different direction will blow from the

north south east and west the Lord says

I will confuse your

enemies those that wanted to Rise

Against you will be

confused they will run like headless

chickens from one place to another they

will run like headless chickens they

will come to harm you on one road but

they will have to escape down

seven and here are the accumulated

Treasures that I’ll give to my children


treasures will be for those that believe

me the Lord says lift up your hands and

say Lord I take that word I take that

word The Riches of the unbelievers will

come for the Christians for those that

love God father we believe it father we

declare it we trust and that the doors

open that the heavens open that the

coming of the heavens brings abundant

food there’s bread in the House of Bread

lift up your hands and say Lord I

receive this word whoa everyone everyone

everyone those that have the baptism of

the spirit intercede as the spirit gives

you utterance those that know how to

pray begin to pray now and say Lord I

know that something is being set free in

my life that in one night you’re going

to bless me that in 24 hours my life

will stop being the way I’ve known it to

be I declare that blessing receive

receive receive receive come on receive

this blessing father they’re receiving

your children are

receiving Lord blow blow blow blow blow

upon them current of the spirit blow

more more more upon River upon those

that are watching in their homes around

the world receive this word come on

that’s what we’re made

of we don’t give up

we’re like the palm tree that bends and

then comes becomes upright again and the

winds come against us we won’t stop we

will resist we’re going to March and God

will give us the loot and God will say

because you’ve believed me my Army

fights for you my angels accompany you

when you go to work on Monday when you

go to study when you go to initiate


say the Lord says the

angels you can hear them marching you

can hear their chariots father we

believe it we declare it we confess it I

bless your people now I bless your

children bless them in their exit their

entry in the fields and in the city I

bless their most intimate sze their

hours of work their hours of rest we

finish the year in blessing we finish

the year in Victory to begin the New

Year in a better way I believe it I

confess it I bless those that are here


youth elderly and adults amen amen and

amen glory to Jesus let it be done

kamakazi give an Applause to the King of

Kings may God bless you may he protect

you and may he make his face shine upon

you bye have a good
















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