ENGLISH Dante Gebel #844 | Double agenda

There are seasons when, even when God wants us to be a lion’s tail, we choose to follow our own desires, rushing to be a mouse’s head. That happened to Gehazi who, being under the authority of Elisha, preferred to work for his own agenda; and his greed and arrogance left him and his children lepers. Arrogance is the leprosy of the soul. Let us pray to always have only ONE agenda… the one God has written for us.



there are all the flags waving from all

over the world your best smile greet the

rest of the world Asia Africa

Australia Europe let’s go connecting

with all the people all

over look how beautiful Mexico Colombia

onas Dominican

Republic all the Beloved Flags there I

can see the world champion

flag I feel


welcome those that are connecting good

morning good afternoon good night those

that are connecting from other parts of


world we’ve been here for an hour

singing celebrating

woring we worshiped the king just a

little while ago we prayed for our

offerings and now we’re connected with

the rest of the world welcome and around

the world people send their seeds as

well they send from all over and they

tell us that we are a Channel of

blessing to them and I hope that we can

always stay at the height of the

circumstances remaining as a blessing

thank you for all the seeds that arrive

from all over the world they come in

during the week I’m going to transmit

what I believe God told me to tell you

but before a little bit of holy gossip

every time I come back from a trip I’ll

tell you quickly this tour that began

almost a year or a little more than a

year ago in Bueno

tiidus will continue and in a couple

weeks I’ll go to Chicago then I’ll go to

Tampa Orlando no sorry not Chicago I’m

going to Washington I was just in

Chicago I’m going to Washington in two

weeks but I was in

Chicago and that was the first part of

this tour I always tell you where I go

because I know that you’re praying for

my health you pray so that

God always gives me a voice so that my

memory never fails

and my prayer is that my body never

outlives my mind I don’t want to lose my

mind because I I think nothing else

terrifies me more than losing my mind

that’s what I use to work that’s how God

uses me so I always pray for my mind the

day I begin to pee up here because of my

prid and I begin to speak foolishly say

ah it’s time for this guy to retire but

I haven’t gotten there yet so I send a

greeting to the people from Chicago

these are images of what happened in

Chicago it was so cold there it was


it was snowing at the airport when we

arrived as well and this is a very

beautiful Theater in

Chicago people came people that don’t

know the Lord and I realized because

they came in with their beer they put

out their cigarette on the way out

unless they’re very liberal

Christians it appears to me that and it

fascinates me there’s a lot of atheists

a lot of Catholics a lot of agnostics

this was Chicago an extraordinary look

how beautiful the theater

is it looks like it’s literally a

picture frame

right but this theater has been

conserved the way it was built

everything’s very Baroque from that era

it was a cold night inside it was warm

obviously with with heating but I think

it was many degrees below zero it

stopped snowing then it started snowing

again when we were leaving but it was

marvelous and this was

Tuesday Tuesday of this past week so

thank you for

praying thank you for always holding us

up and then the next day we went to

Boston as well also very

cold I was very close to going to

Harvard to take a picture to say to be

able to say that I went to

Harvard that’s the closest I’ll ever get

to Harvard but you know that’s that’s

that’s okay this is in Boston this is

also an emblematic

place a very intellectual City filled


youth it smelled very strong to

marijuana like New York it smelled very

very strong obviously it’s legal there

but it’s a smell that you can smell

throughout the entire city all the

time and you’re asking what does that

have to do with anything it’s not that I

preached happier than any other

day from so much smell right but no but

it was fun either way it was completely


this was Boston it was also sold out

completely full it’s marvelous

because you find these people like

here people from all ethnicities all

Races Mexicans Colombians

salvadorians those are the two upper

decks and it was marvelous it was a 2our

15minute event it was very cold outside

as well we were warm inside but it was

marvelous all the people in Boston and I

promise the people from Chicago and

Boston to send them a greeting so here’s

a very special greeting to all of you

thank you for your reception this was


yes Tuesday and Thursday and now in two

weeks I’m traveling to Washington there

aren’t any tickets available anymore but

we’re going to be there with all the

people that rushed to receive this

conference and what is to come are we

ready people stay with me I’m ready very

well this is one of those messages that

are difficult to articulate or to

transmit especially

because throughout the course of my

Christian pilgrimage and my Ministry

I’ve lived it in on many occasions and

always always always without exceptions

it’s always very

painful surely you’ve once gotten to

know a person that was close to

Greatness close to the

anointing surrounded by a rich spiritual

environment but at the same time they

they had an incorrect heart or mistaken

motivations and that can happen to

us in many moments of Our Lives all of a

sudden we’re surrounded by an anointing

surrounded by things of God however we

see a decline in our personal lives

every time I talk about this what comes

to memory

is a

frame of the Roman soldiers at the feet

of the Cross they are the common

recruits contemplating the most

extraordinary event in the world but

they ignored it they were

there they were so close to the wood yet

so far from the blood

right no one like these

soldiers from the invading Empire no one

was as close to the cross and the same

Son of God in his final hours but for

them I’m convinced that it was just

another morning another Friday morning

it was routine and the person hanging on

the cross for them I insist was just

another common Criminal

and they were playing cards rolling dice

according to scripture to see who would

keep the criminals

clothing they were playing for his tunic

for his

sandals they were playing cards and dice

at the feet of the Cross imagine that

it’s crazy the symbolism scares me every

time I remember this story because I

think of us I say how can it be that on

certain occasions I think or I believe I

want to believe in an unconscious way

we’re so close to the Cross but we act

like common players we go close to the

anointed or we get close to the

anointing just to see what we can take

from it what blessing we can receive


it what we deserve taking the

inheritance of the Cross doesn’t

necessarily mean that we’re close to the

person that was hanging from it you can

be close to the cross and I insist far


Christ and that’s what terrifies me the


but this isn’t just a message for those

that are listening for those that are at

home for those that are here listening

this is also for myself in certain

moments of life that can be so close to


Cross but step further and further from

Christ we can spend our entire lives

within a church within a

building serving God even

however we’re self-absorbed with

insignificant things and the trivial

things of life and the minuscule the

childish things the things that don’t

matter and in this story that I’m going

to share with you today it speaks of a

man that is very close to the

anointing he’s shown to be one of the

great disappointments in the Bible one

of the most foolish men ever mentioned


scripture and he was just behind the

curtain behind the scenes and his story


convinced could have been one of the

most heroic biographies in all the Bible

he could have had the

characteristics of a heroic

story and it was thought that he was

going to inherit the same anointing his

teacher had but something went wrong in

the process of

learning and like the soldiers at the

feet of the Cross he was so close to the

Cross but far from the person who hung

from it it appears that his lack of

character ruined what could have been

and that’s something that always

terrified me what could have been

I never forgot when a preacher arrived

at my church and spoke to the

Church of how One Day in heaven we’re

going to see everything we could have

been everything we could have

accomplished everything we could have

done if only we believed God there’s no

worse disappointment I’ve even seen it

on deathbeds men and women that are

leaving that are in their final station

of life and generally they don’t regret

what they did but they regret everything

they didn’t do the time they lost the


that they mismanaged in a

way where I always say what could have

been always terrifies me each day I have

to decrease the distance between what

God wanted for me and what I’m doing to

reach that purpose and this man in

scripture was the ideal assistant he was

the person in charge of scheduling all

his his master’s appointments his master

never lacked good coffee if this man was

available he always had wipes available

for the for the for the eccentric Pastor

or Prophet sorry and when we begin to

read the story then we have many reasons

to believe

that one day this assistant this second

in command

Elisha’s second in command would take

his place in one way or another he would

be the man to take the role of the main

Prophet this was the pattern at least

that’s how it had happened with Elijah

when he gave Elisha a double portion of

of his

anointing this assistant has a easily

forgotten name but you must have all

have heard

it kahti you know you don’t name your

son katti nobody names their son Judas

either right unless your mother-in-law


him this man’s name was gazi and no one

is named gazi after this man and

obviously this is the organic inheritor

the next in

command to become

Prophet this is the person that we’ve

once seen and have said this man has the

necessary things this this woman because

doesn’t matter what gender this woman

has what’s necessary to one day Take the

Wheel I’m talking about these people

that are promising I wasn’t a promising

young man whether you believe it or not

but nobody saw me as a skinny boy

playing the drums saying he’s going to

be a preacher they always said to

me oh is is he playing the drums or is

the or are the drums playing themselves

you had to walk by twice to see me I was

never promising you know there are

people that are promising you say he has

something and even though he doesn’t

preach or

sing you say but but he has something he

has a good fire well this person in the

story had

that hady was just a step away from

greatness and because he didn’t wait for

the perfect moment he committed a

serious mistake of arrogance this

message that I’m going to transmit to

you is filled with gems with pearls on


crown they’re like semihidden gems

somewhere very visible we might notice

them some of them are hidden and the

Lord would say whoever has ears listen

and those that don’t wake up and begin

to listen but there are certain gems

that are very revealing and yesterday

while the Lord was giving me this

message I was saying wow I hadn’t seen

it and despite the fact that I been

doing this for years I hadn’t seen these

things that I’m going to share with you

for the same offering that you’re going

to give later


understand the depth of this man’s fall

gahi we also have to hear the

story to see another

character’s ascendants a man named

Naman these two men

coincided in certain

circumstances that

included Elisha the man that gazi served

but these two men separated and they

went in opposite directions antagonistic

directions one hit rock bottom and after

he hit rock bottom he was able to ascend


other on the

antipodes fell from the heights of the

ministry to an

abyss and in his descent he dragged his

own family this is the story that

terrifies me most

Naman this his story has to do with the

the miraculous Touch of God and I’m not

saying that I got used to his touch but

it’s like I’m familiar with what God can

do but what scares me is what happened

with Gatti

Naman was the head of the greatest State

the Secretary of Defense and the

greatest military strategist of the


Nation he was the main general of the of

the country but at the same time this

man was entrapped by an infectious and

fatal illness second king 51 tells us

that he was a valiant Soldier very loved

by Syria but he had

leprosy it’s ruined by one word by a

stigma a footnote on the corner of the

page but he had leprosy sometimes it

appears that those that are more

powerful and more glamorous can be

defeated by things that are apparently

insignificant or hidden but they’re

there the pain of the of the illness I

say always levels out the powerful and

the poor in this conference that I just

gave I was saying

that pain isn’t

confined to Huts or the

streets in in poverty stricken places no

pain can also be experienced in a

Porsche suicide can be contemplated in a

in a luxurious marble

shower it doesn’t matter how well

connected a person is or what place they


occupy in socioeconomics pain never


status and the and tears con

stain fine sged covers or worn out


covers and

maybe in the case of Nan someone was

carrying the microscopic strain of

leprosy and sneezed near the Assyrian

maybe somebody ate a bat that day and

that caused leprosy I don’t know I have

no clue but if somebody contracted

leprosy and loved their families then

they would never see them again they

would never hug them again or touch them

again they had to confine themselves to

isolation and that infectious

plague qualified them for immediate

expulsion from their homes since leprosy

didn’t have a a a cure back then and

let’s remember what the social stigma

was with Co here just around the

corner back in 2020 and

2021 when the World Health Organization

still hadn’t brought out the vaccine the

stigma was no no no no no they’re

infected over there we would give out

food I remember during the roughest part

of Co and neighbors would say no don’t

go to that home there’s someone infected

we had to let them die apparently and I

asked man what what was leprosy like

because at that point we were waiting

for a vaccine but back back in the days

of Le lepry there was no hope for a cure

and when leprosy hits Nan he probably

considered that it would be more

honorable like any Soldier might think

to die in battle than to see how his

body would

disfigure because the illness would

appear it would typically appear as a


area typically on the forehead or on in

the groin the intimate areas so the

general went back to his home

after his doctor’s

appointment and when his young daughter

came out to embrace her father I think

Naman tells the soldiers to tell her his

daughter to not come close to him then

he speaks with his wife from afar he

says look don’t come near me it’s

official I’m

unclean I only came to say goodbye and

most likely we’ll never see each other

again and that’s where our supporting

role comes in just so we can give a face

try to imagine thex the

Mexican director Alonso Quon imagine if

he chose the actress from Vera Cruz Anna

erera and if she couldn’t well then

maybe Alisia pariso remember the actress

from the

pandemic from the movie

Rome or sorry I’m saying the movie that

came out during the pandemic Rome I

didn’t understand it I was bored and I

almost killed myself after 10 minutes

but for some

reason it won an Oscar but for you to

watch it for you to see the scene this

woman is cleaning her

clothes maybe her master’s intimate

clothing she finds

stains blood stains in the intimate

areas and it always surprised me the

compassion that this slave woman had

because she didn’t

allow that the bitterness of her slavery

to consume her soul even if she was

continually underestimated because her

of her skin color her race the country

she came from because she barely spoke

the language man many of us know about


right in my case I have a very fluent

English I haven’t suffered it but many

of you I’ve seen have suffered with the

language with your skin color

right but in this case it was worse

because it wasn’t just about being a

foreigner or a

visitor or undocumented no she was a

slave I say someone else in similar

circumstances might be tempted to curse


captors and say glory to God that this

man has leprosy imagine her her washing

the underwear saying finally this is

what he deserves they took me for my

family they have me as a captive here

finally God brings a bit of Justice some

of you might say yeah I would say that

too we would say that if we were in that

position however this

woman can understand that maybe the

purpose of her slavery was prec prely

For a Moment Like This it wasn’t her

obligation to have to preach she didn’t

have to

speak much less for this unbeliever to

be healed he was a Syrian he was an

enemy of God’s people but she thought

maybe God allowed all these years of

slavery precisely for me to be an agent

of change sometimes we don’t understand

why we’re at a certain place why we work

at that

rat maze why we have to put up with that

manager why we have to

live with other

co-workers but sometimes we don’t

realize the totality of the map so she

spoke she preached and she illuminated

illuminated this man’s life she was like

the Adam that exploded at the right

moment and she comments to Nan’s wife

timidly she

says like I was washing your husband’s

underwear this is this is in


if my master went to a prophet who’s in

Samaria then he will heal her heal him

of his

leprosy and Nam man’s wife was lost

because she was saying goodbye to her

husband and she didn’t down for a second

to tell Naman what the slave had just

said and Naman rushes to Elisha’s home

followed by an

Entourage of advisers and

he came in with

clothing and Gifts like a monarch would

it’s General Naman the Conqueror of

Nations The Sovereign of nations with

this chest puff puffed out almost like

an Argentinian according to

historians he was so used to making

deals like a

diplomat everyone bowed their heads when

he walked by because they knew that if

this commander and chief didn’t see

their head bowed down he could cut it

off so everyone bowed

down but when he stops at the door of

the prophet’s

home Elisha’s

home the the guy Elisha isn’t even

worried to come out and greet

him it’s

complete a complete lack of

courtesy he just sends a message to

Naman through who might be gazi in our

story Maybe

Elisha was barbecuing we don’t even have

to assume that he was

praying or in communion with the

Lord I’m not talking about no I’m

talking about real food I’m talking

about an Argentinian barbecue when you

preach you give whatever example you

want but when you have a barbecue going

you don’t stop for

anyone and so the servant tells n man go

to the Jordan

River and wash yourself seven times and

you’ll be healed and imagine the

Commander’s reaction he said wait I’m

sorry does this guy know who he’s

dealing with he wants me to go dive in

where 7

times is he messing with me and

scripture says that Naman left very

angry he said I thought this man was

going to come out for me I thought he

was going to pray to his God lift his

hand like Moses and heal me but really

the Jordan River

really that filthy

river that mud Pond really where I come

from there are better Rivers that are

more clean where I can bathe but I have


come and dive into that stinky muddy

river the most powerful leader in the

Middle East was iate and very

upset because this

offense could have brought on

International Affairs between Kings

because he at least

expected treatment like any

protocol there have always been people

like this Rich General people that PR

prefer to keep the problem but also keep

their dignity intact

before they sacrific their dignity and

resolve the situation obviously to make

the story short there was nothing

magical in the river or in the seven

Dives God could have asked him to do 40

bicep curls or to eat 30 epas and 20

burritos he could have asked him for

anything the point was

obedience it had to be exactly seven

Dives not six not five not eight not 10

just in case no

seven because God is always more

interested in our character than our

appearance or what people will say of

us but you always think that God is

going to do the miracle with our

conditions the way we want it but no God

uses methods that aren’t too

conventional when Jesus ministered to

the people he rarely

prayed twice in the same way for people

and that’s because he didn’t want us to

build a Doctrine around

the correct proceedings on how to pray

for people we love that type of thing

they tell me all the time you don’t have

a call to the altar no because we don’t

have an

altar well we’ve never sacrificed anyone

here so we don’t have an

altar and you don’t have them repeat the

prayer no sometimes not and for some

it’s as if that were complete heresy

because we love

methods it’s what we think we should do

right and since Jesus knew that we loved

repetition without sense or without mean

or feelings that can be reproduced and

we value formulas more than communion

with Jesus so he would intentionally

change the methods to avoid our tendency

of imitating techniques so he thought

all right well yesterday I spit in the

dirt and put mud in someone’s eyes well

then maybe I’ll put my fingers in this

guy’s ears this

time what would have happened I always

ask if Jesus had had healed Everyone by

spitting on them he spit on the


man he spit on the woman who touched his

mantle here in our churches everyone

would have a little vial of anointed

spit stop suffering and buy the spit



right take the pastor saliva

now and the process for you to be taken


Ministry all right you elderly brother

do you know how to spit all right come

on you have the anointing that’s how we

are that’s why he always changed the

methods going back to our

story The deteriorated war hero is

cursing the

prophet so one of his own slaves one of

his own servants that was part of the

Entourage he fearfully Whispers my

general I’m sorry for getting involved

well I was studying

or I was I realized that you have some

you know Mexican blood in

you listen to me boss I’m sorry for

bringing this up

but I can imagine him like Gutierrez AR

Gutierrez look this

Prophet I asked you for something small

if you were going to against Philistines

he wouldn’t doubt for a minute come on

just shower just jump in seven

times what’s the worst that can happen

and N man thought well I don’t even know

what this guy’s name is and he works for

me but I think he’s right seven Dives

and I’m on my way and the Bible says

that he descended he dove into the

Jordan River seven

times as the man of God had told them

and his flesh was restored and became

clean like that of a young boy

boy so once Naman submitted to the

indignity of submerging his Immaculate

Assyrian garments he was left healed and

so what does the general do he

immediately goes back to the prophet’s

home because he wants to give thanks he

can’t believe what just

happened I think some might say well he

might have had Faith he didn’t have

faith well no matter what that’s what

happened the word that was given was

fulfilled so he goes back to the

prophet’s home

gazi comes out and says hey I came to

tell your boss that I’m Healed that the

trick worked tell him to come out

because I want to give him a generous

offering I brought some camels here with

some silver and some good PR suits Tom

Ford Gucci Hugo Bas Valentino Versace L

baton Christian Dior e La Armani DOL

gabana Dante and Gil they’re all

here and I want him to to take some some


it and godi went

crazy he went and told Elisha that the

guy was out there that he had been

healed and that he wanted to give him a

generous offering and he said this is an

offer that we can’t

deny and the prophet not only did he not

go out to greet him but his answer to


offerings from the Assyrian magnet

was as surely as the Lord lives whom I

serve I will not accept the thing let’s

see there were moments in which Elisha


offerings pleasantly he wasn’t a

petulant guy who denied things all the

time but in this case he did he left it

clear that he wouldn’t take garments no

silver nothing and he doesn’t give a

reason he doesn’t explain it verbally he

doesn’t articulate it nor does he tell

his second in command

gazi and if gazi had asked well why well

the answer would have been well because

like sometimes us parents tell our

children sometimes we can give a great

answer but sometimes all we say is

because no because I’m a parent because

I can say no because my whole life they

said it to me and now I can say it as



now I’ve always

believed that the greatest sign of

maturity is when we obey without any

motivation man that’s loyalty

because we confuse the word loyalty and

we think I’m loyal as long as I agree

with the vision I’m loyal as long as I

like everything that’s going on in the

church no loyalty is measured like

David’s loyalty was measured with the

father-in-law and King who wanted to

kill him he said no I’m not going to

touch this anointed man loyalty is

measured when we don’t

agree we can all be loyal when

everything is spring and nice and

colorful but when we don’t understand an

order but we do know that serving is

also obedience even though we don’t

understand everything that’s

loyalty many times I’ve had to obey

certain things I’m not talking

about selfish human orders no just

situations that I didn’t understand

because we don’t all have a 360 vision

of what’s going

on CEOs of companies leaders always have

a 360 Vision but then each person sees

the vision that they were hired to see

the jurisdiction that they were given we

can’t see it all but someone who sees

everything says I who understand imagine

what God sees when he gives us orders he

knows because he has thoughts of good

and not of evil for us we have to Simply

obey leave your home leave your land and

that’s say period no footnotes no

GPS so there are orders that we have to

obey and there’s nothing that can Define

loyalty more than

obedience when we’re not seeing the

whole plan

this is for any moment in

life because in order to obey without

seeing the whole plan I have to have

total and complete blind trust in a

person and a leader in God saying well I

don’t know they must know I don’t

understand this that’s what happens in


army we fill our mouths by saying we’re

soldiers of the Cross well when a

soldier has to take an order they don’t

always understand the the military

strategy that was thought out at the

Pentagon no you have to carry out the

order solders stay here and period


loyalty and the prophet says no because

G I’m not going to take anything and

that’s the moment where the greed in

Gatti’s heart took over him when he

questioned God’s prophet he said yeah

but we’re not going to survive this way

Elisha our fridge is

empty we have to buy some meat for the

winter we need a few things he said this

offering would be great for us it’s not

that we’re asking him for it he wants to

sew it and that’s where he opened up the

door to sin the word says that when

gahi servant to

Elisha when he received the order that

they wouldn’t be

receiving any

offering he spoke to himself I know many

of you speak to yourselves some of you

have a WhatsApp group for

yourself I would be admitting myself

into a hospital if I was at that level

but you know we all speak to ourselves

at times and he spoke to himself and

said if I will not please let me your

servant be given as much Earth as a pair

of meals can

carry G

said g the servant of elishah the man of

God my master was too easy on N man this

araman by not accepting from him what he

brought as surely as the Lord lives I

will run after him and get something

from him this was all an internal

dialogue I always say that what we say

to ourselves what we speak with

ourselves always determines what’s truly

in our hearts it isn’t matter what we

say to

people that’s the official version what

we think is the official version these

are our true motivations the word says

that just as your heart is just as

your your heart is your mind

is I always ask why do we serve do you

want to serve because you want to serve

or because you want to be seen serving

and that’s a detail that you’re only

going to answer in your internal

dialogue why are there people that want

to preach why are there people that want

to have a business for what well so that

my family can be better well that’s what

you answer courteously but in your

internal dialogue what is it there’s a

famous movie from 2013 called The Purge

and the

argument orbits around a totalitarian

government that

gives license to the entire population

that for 24 hours they can can commit

any crime or any sin without being

punished that’s so that the city can be

purged there’s a whole day where the

police doesn’t appear there aren’t any

firefighters no hospitals people can do

whatever they want for an entire day

nothing’s a crime nothing’s a sin

everything is completely legal and

someone some of you might be thinking

well where do I go for that no it’s a

movie but the idea behind the movie is

for us to ask ourselves what would I do

if I had 24 hours where nothing would be

considered a crime or a sin if God said

I’ll give you 24 hours I’ll close my

eyes you can do whatever you want what

would you

do I’m saying that some people wouldn’t

have enough time with 24 hours just one

day well whatever you thought of is what

you truly

are that shows that we don’t sin because

we don’t want but some of us don’t sin

because we


who are we we

are the people we are what we would do

if we

could not what we don’t do because we

can’t our true character is what we

would do if only we

could that’s where you understand what

it is to sin with the intentions of the

heart that’s why when I hear someone say

no our time in our times we wouldn’t sin

like today’s youth no it’s true but not

just because we were more holy we didn’t

sin because we had a a lack of

resources nowadays pornography and

promiscuity is within Arms Reach on our

cell phones but back then we didn’t know

where to

look back then people would give a

testimony and say Brothers I fell into

sin and we would say where where because

we didn’t know where to go we didn’t

know where to sin how to sin but we

would have done it if we had the

necessary things that’s who we are and

so the internal dialogue reveals what

Gatti really is not what he shows in

front of the Prophet no but what he

truly has in his heart that greed wasn’t

born there that came from a time

ago the mouth speaks from the abundance

of the

heart and another detail that isn’t

minor is that the prophet Elisha

said as surely as the Lord lives whom I

serve I will not accept a thing

so he meant to say God is alive and I

have to give an account of my behavior

to him butti repeats a part of that

phrase and

says he

said as surely as the Lord lives but he

didn’t say that he served him he knows

that Jehovah is alive that the Lord’s

alive but despite being so close to

Elijah he didn’t know the presence of

Elisha’s God

because he didn’t say as surely as the

Lord lives whom I also serve gazi knows

that Elisha did Miracles he knew that he

wasn’t serving a scamming prophet he

knew that the anointing was upon elishah

but he had never gotten to know the

Lord’s presence so close to the wood yet

so far from the blood so close to the

Cross yet so far from

Christ can we get to know people like

this in the congregation huh he admired

the prophet’s anointing but he never

loved the prophet

never he admired what the prophet had

but he never loved

him based on


disloyalty and this betrayal he didn’t

want Elijah’s

anointing he wanted what he could

accomplish or acquire with that

anointing money Fame Prestige there are

people that don’t want the anointing

they don’t want to pay the price the

people from Israel said to Moses you go

to the

Lord but we don’t want to go and die

there in his presence so they prefer to

live off of borrowed spirituality they

wanted a vicarious relationship they

wanted to be grandchildren instead of

being children there are people that say

yeah I like the anointing but if I have

to pay a price no yeah that man of God

is is cool but I don’t want to love him

either and Gatti represents those people

that are more in love with success than

with people than with

Souls more in love with the picture than

with the process their character and

Gatti used Elisha for his own

plans and he painfully hid a double

agenda Solomon said those that are with

the wise become

wise Paul added brothers be imitators of

me join together and following my my

example brothers and sisters and just as

you have us as a model keep your eyes on

those who live as we

do sometimes we have a mentor or we know

someone that loves God’s presence but

then greed and

jealousy supersedes our desire to learn

sometimes greed can blind us if a man of

God has thousands of members it’s very

difficult for another man of God to say

what can this man be doing that maybe

I’m not

maybe I don’t agree with his message or

his style because we have different

styles because it’s God’s multiform of

Grace but what can he be doing right

that I can imitate it’s very difficult

for you to find that greatness it exists

but it’s not

abundant the easiest thing is to say no

no no he has a lot of people because he

preaches a false

Doctrine and he gives the people what

they want to hear and if someone else

does better the recourse is oh no well

they get that from the enemy if I have

it it’s from God but if he has it it’s

from the devil if God blesses me then

God gave me this car but if he gave the

other person a car then Satan gave it to

them what doesn’t allow us to imitate

what’s good well that’s our arrogance

the fact that we believe that we have

the right to have the same or more or

have it before the other person at the

beginning of this message I told you

that this was a difficult message

because throughout the years I’ve gotten

to know many people with the same spirit

that g gazi had

it’s a pattern that is rep that is

repeated there’s people that cling on to

someone that’s anointed to a movement

they appear to love

the the anointing but in reality they’re

just envious of the collateral blessings

that come with the anointing there are

people that have a hidden agenda it can

happen in your business at your company

someone has a double agenda trying to

find contacts resources anything that

they can get out of that relationship

I always say that it’s normal and

logical that one

day God will change many of our hearts

and we’ll see ourselves obliged to leave


place whether we have to leave a state

leave a country like many of you have

done leave a congregation I’m ready for

many of you to say you know what I have

to leave this church one day I can do

the same to have to say I have to leave

it’s organic and and it’s normal for

growth it’s like letting a Child leave

the home there’s a moment where we have

to let them fly this goes for a mother

that’s saying how can I let him fly he’s

barely 42 he doesn’t know how to cook

for himself you have to let them fly but


abnormal is for some to remain somewhere

where they don’t want to be anymore and

God changed their order but they say no

I’m going to stay and they can last two

three four years with the double

agenda some time ago someone said to me

Dante I feel that I don’t want to be

here anymore because God is moving me

somewhere else and I said

congratulations it’s happened to me as

well but I asked them

starkly I asked them I want to ask it

that if it’s because of this the fact

that you’re

leaving is that why you’ve always

disrespected me you’ve lied to me these

past years you always do the opposite of

what I ask you to do

is is is that why or do you have another

problem that you’re dealing with and he

answered even more circly he said no no

no no you might be right because it’s

been three or four years since my heart

has been here and I said you

fool 3 four years with the mistaken

heart what do you how can you be here

but your heart is somewhere

else and so that’s where you begin to

Envy another place but you stay here for


reason Envy is wanting what someone else

has and feeling bad because I don’t have

it it’s

feeling feeling displeased by how God

blesses someone

else and discarding God’s goodness with


me it’s desire added into

resentment this has to do with the

gratification of my desires but

Envy doesn’t just look for

self-gratification but it also wants to

diminish the person that I envy and by


Envy is never appeased it’s like trying

to quench your thirst by drinking salt

water unless you say Lord I’m going to

focus on what you’ve given me and Kazi

runs after Naman and speaks in the name

of his

master so gazi hurried after Naman when

Naman saw him running toward him he got

down from The Chariot to meet him he was

so grateful and so courteous that he was

healed and he said is everything all

right the general got off his Chariot he

said hey is everything all right and

Kazi said everything is all

right my my master sent me to to say

right before he left two young men from

theany of of the prophets have just come

to me from the Hill Country of

Ephraim and please give him a talent of

silver and two sets of clothing Hugo

Boss if you

can another serious symptom when someone

disobeys and hides a double intention

the famous phrase

of my Lord my master told me my master

showed me I fell it on behalf of the

Lord I’m tired of that

phrase not that you say them and I don’t

know I also say sometimes I’m very

careful that’s why I always say I

believe this is what God told me to tell

you because I believe it but I’m also

not perfect I’m not

infallible I can’t say you guys came in

an Uber I came down in a chariot of fire

no maybe my personality is mixed into

the message God knows that but I was

raised in in in an atmosphere where

everyone says I felt from God I felt

from God to abandon my eight children

and my wife and go to the Nations to

preach my God told me I’ll hold up my

family you leave oh really look at

that and you say why doesn’t God tell me

the same thing well because it was just

a night of indigestion where God told

them that and sometimes they Shield

themselves behind those phrases that

don’t allow any debate God told me God

told me to leave here God told me to

stop sewing God told me andtime

times they’re even anti-biblical

phrases phrases that are against God’s

character because they go against ethics

or good

taste they go against the protocol of

doing things right God told me to

disappear there are people that

disappear from congregations from night

to day without telling the person next

to them that they’re leaving because God

told them to leave no God doesn’t do

things like that I know God God is a god

of order a god of Ethics a god of

principles and a god of character yes or



sometimes we hide our Ambitions and our

desires by saying God told me and exodus

27 says you shall not misuse the name of

the Lord your God for the Lord will not

hold anyone Guiltless who misuses his

name and that doesn’t mean oh well

that’s why I say oh my gosh no that

doesn’t mean

that that

means in all

atmospheres I’m very fearful of this

because sometimes it’s preferable to say

look beloved church we have a debt to

face we have to pay the building

whatever it is I’m just speaking

hypothetically and I appeal your to your

generosity so that together we can pay


off that’s much more authentic much more

honest than saying the Lord is showing

me that you have to bring your pack here

and you have to bring your offering and

you have to be

prosperous that’s more dishonest The

Lord Is Telling Me No no no the Lord is

not telling you no you’re Exel

spreadsheet is telling

you and it’s not

wrong we ran the numbers and we won’t

make it like in the book of Acts

together we can pay it off together and

that’s more honest people value that we


honesty but God told me always

contaminates a bad

intention or better said a bad intention

always contaminates the God told me if

if they were honest God doesn’t like

being spoken for like none of us like

being spoken for a few weeks ago I

gathered with the staff for miv and I

said from here on out our new axom our

new proverb is whatever is not written

wasn’t said what isn’t written

down isn’t valid and I gave the

directions that any

order any change has to be written down

and copied so that there aren’t any

misunderstandings we’ve grown employees

have grown

and no one can remember who gave the

order and so the phrase came up of the

Pastor said the Pastor said well who

said this oh I think the Pastor

said uh we’re supposed to fire you who

said that ah I think the Pastor said and

most of the time I wasn’t aware I don’t

like it when they use your name when

they use my name imagine God and Gatti

not only used his master’s name but he


lied by saying that visitors came

unexpectedly that’s another symptom of

someone who hides a hidden a

because it’s one thing to speak in faith

and it’s another thing to to lie that’s

one thing to Proclaim in faith and

another another thing to exaggerate the

thing is that Naman believes the

assistant he says only two talents of

silver and a couple suits no take 150

pounds of silver take some Armani

suits take whatever you want whatever

you need and

Gatti couldn’t reject such a great offer

some missed out on the joke it doesn’t

matter it has to do with something

else and the Bible narrates something

else and it’s not a minor detail that

says and then he tied up the two Talons

of silver in two bags with two sets of

clothing he gave them to the to two of

his servants and They carried them ahead


Gatti he had two of his own servants

just one Talent weighed 30 kilos so Kazi

servants were carrying his weight and he

was all by himself here’s another

symptom you have to see it at home at

your work at your company at your

church those that have a double agenda

always use

people for their gain when someone’s

close to the to anointing for their own

gain they’re always going to try and

avoid hard work remember they love hard

uh they love success not people and each

person is like a step for them to get

higher and higher this never fails

that’s why I always say I observe how

people treade others that can’t pay back

the favor I’ve said it a few Sundays ago

I observe anyone whether it’s a

businessman or woman a man or woman of

God if they mistreat a waiter or

waitress there are people that that have

something against servants or or

waitresses or waiters it happens here at

the cafe it happens at the bookstore

there are people that are serial abusers

since we’re a hospital of the Soul we

understand we say poor person they must

get yelled at at home all the time they

live with their

mother-in-law so they come here and they

let it out

however it speaks to the fact that they

don’t care about people they can’t

worship a God that they don’t see but

mistreat people that they can and those

that mistreat people that they can see

it’s because surely they’ve never been

in God’s presence and fundamentally they

have a double agenda they came here to

look for blessings to see what they can

get from the cross but they don’t want

to get to know God because the first

thing that you learn when you get close

to God is that you have to love people

you have to love your neighbor as you


yourself and this gets even better or

worse depending on how you see it it

says that katti goes with his servants

to a secret

place he

took the things from his servants and

put them away in the house and he sent

the men away and

left gaz’s ignorance made him hide Nan’s

Treasures in a secret place thinking

that God wasn’t watching

him the secret place means what we speak

what we thought and what we do when

nobody was watching us that’s the secret

place when I was little I remember that

we would gather with my family and other

families in our homes on Wednesdays

supposedly to

pray and each sister would bring a plate

of food to

share but before

praying while the food was coming in


person would share some gossip about the

church with luxurious details so that we

could pray and I want to pray for

brother panio because he fell into

adultery oh uh can I know with who so

that I can pray more

specifically oh with sister ruperta oh

oh where did they do it just to know if

we have to go free that place of demons

oh oh and and how many how many hours

because I want to know how long that sin

lasted we wanted to know everything the

secret place wasn’t to pray no it was

just to spread

gossip it was a center of human

cannibalism but we would say when are we

going to gather again to pray but we all

knew that we we had to bring some more

gossip sometimes that’s a secret place

or the famous I’m letting it out in my

family no no no no this doesn’t leave

the family I don’t gossip no no no it’s

it’s all gossip and God placed the

gossiper on the same list as the as the

Assassin as a killer and gazi thought

that he could scam God and and his

master so he quickly hides the loot

thinking that his trick was working and

he goes to

Elisha when he went and stood before his

master Elisha asked him where have you



and gazi say eh you know when you don’t

want to get caught you say h

Gatti Where Have You


who Where Have You Been

Me yes your servant didn’t go

anywhere Kazi had the

opportunity to tell the truth to his

pastor but he underestimated the old

prophet and he thought that he could be

more wise than him so elishah said to

him was not my spirit with you when the

man got down from his Chariot to meet

you was my spirit was my heart not there


you I’m moved by that phrase because

it’s not a

shout it’s not a prophet that’s speaking

IR he’s not

angry he said was my was not my spirit

with you when the man got down he has it

to say why did you let me down sometimes

we see we think that God doesn’t see

certain things but he examines the

depths of our

hearts and God’s heart is also there

with us God’s heart maybe the pastor

isn’t there but God’s heart is always

always going to be

there in our darkest moments of our soul

when we fall and we feel weak and this

is where the gem comes in another Pearl

from from the crown Elisha

said is this the time to take money or

to accept clothes or Olive Groves and

Vineyards or flocks and herds or male

and female slaves do you really think


time he didn’t tell him it was wrong but

he told him it wasn’t time it wasn’t his

time to take

offerings it wasn’t his season to


he didn’t tell him it’s wrong to take

offerings no he had taken offerings many

times he said it’s not your

time this is your season of obedience I

didn’t ask you for something difficult I

didn’t ask you to make

plutonium I told you don’t take an

offering from this

man because I understand that in In

God’s Presence where I

am he said that there would be no

offering from this man for only reasons


understands I I think I’ve told you an

infinite amount of times that I’ve had

the Providence of serving the lord from

the moment I was 19 the first time I

preached I was 19 I began to preach

right before 20 and I haven’t shut up

since and I truly felt like I was

spoiled by God I felt God’s favor and

everything I touched I wasn’t a great

preacher but by the time I was

23 I was already used to many people

telling me how much God was using

me and for a young man man with a

completely completely destroyed his

self-esteem in a home where he never

received validation This is highly

dangerous because I began to focus on

the praise I loved the

praise but even then I got to the point

where I expected it so if somebody

didn’t praise me I would stay with

people a little longer and say oh I’m

going to the parking lot if somebody

wants to congratulate me but you forgot

people would tell me you’re a great

speaker others would say no you’re so

charismatic and of course with the

stubbornness at the age of 23 I began to

believe them and I began to think

finally I’m someone my dad has to see

this my mom has to see me now my teacher

who told me that I was an idiot has to

see this or the pastor that told me that

I didn’t have a calling I’m successful

and by the time I was 24 I would die to


invited to a conference with those

posters with where all the famous

preachers would appear on on the poster

as if they were DC Comics heroes and my

goal was to fill my agenda with

invitations from all over the world I

wanted to fabricate

opportunities and everything that we

make with our human efforts isn’t

doesn’t have God’s guarantee and I

rushed to have a harvest that still

didn’t belong to me it wasn’t my time to

harvest yet but I desired that honor to

feel validation as a person don’t look

at me that way because you might have

done the same thing instead of looking

at me as if to say oh you a sinner just

remember I was 23 and you would have

done the same I’ve told you this many

times but I think it’ll be a blessing

again I was at an enormous conference in

Santiago de Chile when they invite you

to those those enormous conferences your

motivations are

tested because in a game of

comparison the better the previous

preacher does the worse you’ll do when

it’s your time on

stage if the person before you does

terribly then you’re going to do well

and so what I dreamt of was for the

preacher before me to be

boring so that I can go up and people

might say oh well at least this guy’s

more fun because when you go one after

another after another whether you like

it or not the public Compares they say

oh the last one was more anointed I

liked him oh the other one spit I I like

that so every preacher that took the

microphone had to suede the

expectations I was very immature I was

very insecure I was very insecure for

many years years and I didn’t want

anyone else to do well because then that

would look me look that would make me

look bad I didn’t want to be in anyone’s

shadow and on top of it all I was the

youngest of all the

preachers and I always looked younger

than I was because I was always very

skinny so if I was 23 I looked 14 my

turn came around I preached my only

sermon that I had in that moment Naomi

remember I preached Naomi Naomi 1 Naomi

2 Naomi 3 Naomi’s Revenge Naomi attacks

again Naomi recharge Naomi against

Godzilla I would always repeat the same

thing and I preached Naomi I felt happy

and and then after my conference

literally the next preacher destroyed me

in public over the course of the next

hour and he said things like I don’t

understand how these serious conferences

can invite these little

argentinians I was the only Argentinian

let me

clarify without experience experience

then he said these young men like the

one we just saw they think that they’re

anointed but let me tell you now that in

a little bit of time they’ll disappear

and we’ll know nothing about them

because these kids are just trendy and

they come here to preach with cheap

emotions that was the nicest thing that

I can remember hearing that morning in

Chile I had never seen so much

hostility within a person against me and

he was so explicit so tough that the

host Fernando chaparo who I sent a

greeting to he put his hand on my knee

and he said hey Dante don’t worry this

is going to work on your character for

those that don’t understand Chilean it’s

don’t worry this is going to forge your

character and then through the

years that

preacher that mumbled all sorts of

epithets and adjectives against me ended

up inviting my inviting me to his church

in Panama sorry I said should have said

where but he invited me to his church

wherever it is and of

course he forgot we went to eat but that

made me remember the

story of a student from a seminary that

that went up to preach with a lot


confidence and he said if you would have

gone up how you came down you would have

come down how you went up you can’t look

for Honor by seeking honor no you have

to you get Honor by giving honor for

many many years and when we don’t

recognize the seasons or the prophetic

times that’s where we foolishly want a

harvest that is still not hours I didn’t

say never I said still not hours it’s

when we see someone that tells a

testimony that they started from the

bottom they are self-made there are many

people that say oh I I’m self-made the

Lord didn’t raise me nobody help me I

have no mentors that’s stealing honor

from someone and trying to keep it for

yourself in a season that doesn’t

correspond to you honor will reach you

the blessings will reach you on their

own and Gatti’s problem wasn’t the

offering but according to Elisha it

wasn’t time to take

it when we feel pressured to want a

harvest that still isn’t ready to be

picked to be lifted we abort God’s plans

in our lives are you following me yes or

no there are seasons where God wants us

to be the tail of a lion but sometimes

we feel pressured and we end up becoming

the head of a


and we are condemned to being a rodent

for the rest of our lives but God wanted

us to be the tail of a lion for some

time Gatti could have inherited a triple

portion from his master

remember Elijah had an anointing Elisha

had a double portion GTI could have been

had could have had a third a triple

anointing a triple portion but he was

pressured he rushed to seek human honor

but the worst part is the prophet

sentence he


he said Nam man’s leprosy will cling to

you and to your descendants

forever then Gatti went from Elisha’s

presence and his skin was leprous and it

had become as white as snow Kazi had

received one of the quickest judgments

in all of history and his sentence was

fulfilled instantly because the Bible

says that he

left with his skin as white as snow not

only did Gatti contract with Leprosy

that begins with the small mysterious

mark on the skin no he left with the

same level of leprosy that Nan had when

he went to the Jordan River when he

received Nan’s

leprosy GTI immediately received it in

in an advanced

state with the same discolored skin that

Naman had before he went into the Jordan

River it wasn’t a leprosy like neans it

was literally the leprosy that Nan


GTI believed that he was working towards

his own agenda but being under Authority

his greed left him with Leprosy and his

family was affected by him wanting to

play with God’s presence his children

were affected as well they were also

contaminated with Leprosy gazi’s secret

was replaced by public

tragedy a poor decision and his life

ended the way he knew it a harvest

before its time and we’ve ruined it all

the prophet’s

servant was left with scaly cells all

over his skin and ulcers that

oozed obedience brings blessing but

Disobedience brings leprosy which is

public shame I assumed that when gazi

had arrived at his home they real he

realized that they had thrown out all

his belongings with his

children his children were infected

immediately arrogance is the leprosy of

the Soul maybe nowadays we won’t be

contaminated with Leprosy but it’s a

metaphor hyperbole of what it means to

play with God’s presence to have a

double agenda in

anything we don’t serve God to scale up

and I I share this I’m not criticizing

you from a pedestal no I still continue

continue to make mistakes but it’s very

clear to me what happened to me in Chile

I prayed like a little

boy in the hotel that following night

and I had to preach the next day but I

left I took a flight and I left and I

said Lord I’ll never be put to shame

again like this and the Lord said I’m

I’m testing your

character because if you had gone up the

way you came down you would have come

down the way you went the way you went

up I’m testing your character your

temperament your way of


you didn’t stand in front of a crowd so

that you could be famous you wanted to

serve me remember you wanted to serve

me and sometimes serving me is taking

the Cross it’s at the expense of of

people there’s a work of art called

Amadeus it’s called it’s loved by God in

in Latin and it’s by Antonio saleri and

he has the desire to make music for god

but he doesn’t he doesn’t have the

talent he doesn’t have the gift and it

makes him

Furious how God poured out so many gifts

and to a boy named Wolf Gang amadas

mozer and he asked himself every day why

God would give such gifts to just such a

stubborn young boy he should have been

given those same gifts he wants to make

music for god and Sal’s Envy takes him


resentment he tries to make one of

Mozart’s works of art as his own and

that’s what creates a tragedy Because he

believes that God has the

obligation of making him greater than

moart that God owes it to me that I

deserve it and it’s true he didn’t have

Mozart’s gift but he had another

one he had the gift of being close to

the man of God learning from him

learning from his wisdom sitting at his

feet and waiting for his time waiting

for his inheritance his legacy it’s like

John the

Baptist he knew that he was the intimate

friend of the groom and he said that’s


place I have to become less so that he

can grow but just like Gatti saleri made

a great mistake of arrogance so close to

the gift yet so far from the anointed so

close to the wood however so far from

the blood so close to the

cross and so far from Christ my beloved

may God free us from being pressured or

from rushing into our time of harvest no

it’s sometimes it’s time to wait if

you’re a

mother there’s a time where your

children won’t give than for anything

because they’re little and because they

completely depend on you from their

diapers or learning how to walk or going

to school and if now you’re suffering

because you don’t have their gratitude

then you’re rushing into a season their

adolescence will come and they may not

even speak to you and you’ll just be a

burden to them but gratitude will come

maybe once you’re older and they begin

to valid

once they become a parent they’ll value

what you did for them but if you want to

harvest that gratitude now then it’s all

bitter well why why why don’t they

recognize me why don’t they give thanks

well I was also very bitter when in

Argentina the commissions the Pastoral

committees ignored

me I was just a crazy young boy many

times they would show images of the

stadiums and they would take me out they

would put Luis palao or other visitors

other other men of God fon

I knew the order was get this guy off

all media but the Lord allowed it to

tell me that this wasn’t a harvest that

I would receive today honor will reach

you honor evades you when you seek it

Fame evades you when you seek it Fame is

a great prostitute that goes to bed with

one person today and another tomorrow

and when you’re running behind Fame it’s


subtle it’s so ephemeral that it leaves

us with a void that can never be filled

there are always people that won’t know

us there will always be people that

won’t value what we do and so Fame and

blessing when I speak of Fame I speak

about well understood Fame I’ll give you

good Fame with God and with

men God said to to Abraham I’m talking

about recognition it’ll come or maybe

it’ll never come and so

what we have to pray to have just one

agenda and to that be the one that God

wrote for us and say I accept it I

receive it let it be as it


we’re going to celebrate the King give

an Applause to the King of Kings

Hallelujah get on your feet and give a

grand grand Applause to the King of

Kings the Lord of lords if you believe

that God has spoken to you this morning

do you believe

it Hallelujah do you truly believe

it give an Applause a great great great

Applause and say Lord thank you you’ve

spoken with your children

today we exalt you King blessed are

you lift up your hands to heaven for a

moment Before We Say Goodbye we’re going

to pray father I’ve spoken what I

believe you told me to tell your people

lift up your hands everyone everyone

everyone lift up your hands those that

are at home those that are

here as someone was here for the first

time and they wanted to receive Christ

in their hearts say Lord come into my

heart forgive my sins forgive my

mistakes Lord Jesus help me to

walk down your path I thank you for the

cross but now everyone is going to pray

to be close to the person who hung on

that cross the one who came back to life

on the third day after being on that

cross lift your hands and say Lord I

surrender to just one agenda and that’s

yours what’s the worst that can happen

if God is in

control remember that God will ask us

for accounts of our motivations remember


distractions are also cataloged as the

burdens that the writer of the Hebrews

said that we should do away with not

just sin but the burdens and God is

asking for Focus God is asking you focus

focus focus on the agenda one the one

agenda that that that I’ve written for

you and when you surrender to him that

Lord that can send an angel during the

night in one night in one single night

your ministry can change your life your

business your family forever everyone

praying everyone those that have the

baptism of the spirit inter seed as the

spirit gives you utterance

intercede as the spirit gives you

utterance but now everyone praying

church I want to hear you praying now

cry out say Lord I join the agenda of

Heaven whatever you have even after

renounce to what I like even after give

up what I believe I feel even after

renounce to my own plans to my projects

Lord give me your agenda and the Lord

will give direction to those that ask

for it those that say Lord give me

direction God will give it to you

God is an informed God if he gives you a

vision he’ll tell you how to get there

where to go and he’ll give you the the

means to reach it believe that he’s

behind it all believe that he’s open

doors lift up your hands and say Lord I

Surrender now to one agenda and those of

us that have once had a double agenda or

have had a hidden agenda those of us

that have have been at a certain place

to reach something Lord forgive our

foolishness we’ve been so foolish we’ve

been so idiotic so such imbeciles Lord

forgive such foolishness and help us so

that our heart can look more and more

like yours that we may grow to the

measure of the stature of the fullness

of Christ I’m praying so that the Holy

Spirit seals these words everyone

praying everyone everyone those that

have the bapt baptism of the spirit

everyone intercede with me now cry out

cry out I pray so that the Holy Spirit


fill and feel you children youth adults

and elderly Holy Spirit seal these words

I’ve spoken to their

intellect but I know your spirit has

spoken to where I can’t reach to their

hearts their interior imprint a double

portion of your spirit come on lift up

your hands church and drink drink drink

presence of the spirit everyone everyone

everyone everyone everyone everyone

praying Lord a double portion of the

spirit here and at home in Asia Africa

Australia America Europe pour out your


now how will the Lord not bless you how

can he not anoint you if he has you

sculpted in his hands father presence of

the spirit

blow I’m praying for our

character the Lord has showed me that

he’s going to continue testing our

character what a what a test what a

blessed test

Lord test us so that we’re proven

servants approved servants not just

backed but

approved help us Lord lift up your hands

and say Lord I’ve rushed into a harvest

that still doesn’t belong to me and I

let go what isn’t mine and I will wait

in God the Lord says my Harvest will be

greater than what you can carry my glory

is greater than what you want my

anointing is greater than what you can

imagine receive receive receive everyone

receive there it is there it is there’s

hand God’s hand there it is everyone

everyone everyone everyone father double

portion of the

spirit thank you Lord for this

moment more more more more youth cry out

to God so that God can open doors

unimaginable doors say Lord if you’ve

used this man in Argentina how can you

not use me much more as I always say you

have an advantage you don’t have any

syndromes you surely have more resources

than than what I had say Lord I want

more but I don’t want success success I

don’t want what is seen I want your

anointing I want you to open up the

Nations I want the souls give me the

souls or I’ll

die Everyone crying out father thank you

for this

morning this afternoon or or evening

wherever you are in the world I’ve

transmitted to your people to your army

what I believe you told me to tell your

Frontline workers this crib of Champions

Lord thank you for this morning thank

you for what we

felt may this word remain in our hearts

ruminating May leprosy be maybe we may

we be far from the leprosy and the greed

and let us be close to your presence and

your cross Lord forgive us those of us

that have been in this for Years yet

we’ve deviated we’ve messed up Lord we

love you we exalt you father I pray for

those that lift their hands now and I

say Lord bless them in these last two

months of the year I declare that

November and December will be months of

a reencounter with your presence a

reencounter with you a spiritual

awakening of Prayer of of of of fasting

Spiritual Awakening like never before

place within us a hunger to search for

your presence something we haven’t done

in years father I ask you to bless them

that you touch them that you anoint them

and that we bless all these people may

we all be blessed in everything I bless

them in the body in the soul and their

Spirit may God bless your entrance your

exit when you go to bed and when you get

up your hours of rest and your hours of

work May God let out upon you a great

blessing we believe it we declare it in

your name we say amen and amen glory to


May that Applause be to the King of

Kings Can you feel it yes or

no I would love to stay here ministering

but we have another service so God bless

you may God protect you at home don’t

give in how the lord loves you bye bye

bye until next Sunday






















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