ENGLISH Dante Gebel #838 | In search of the lost virtue

Honor is the lost virtue of the new generations, to whom a total lack of respect for authority has been promoted. But, for Christians, honor must be a condition of the heart. We should not honor people because they necessarily deserve it, but because we want to be the honorable ones. It is difficult to read the Bible without being exposed to a culture with levels of honor and authority. First, we must honor God, then our assignment, and then our family, our parents, our children, our authorities, and even our enemies. A challenging message!




at a certain point during this tour

I tend to reflect on the generation of

of those of us that are leaving slowly

and I share that those of us that have

turned 50

we just turned 50. hasn’t been long but

we were and we’ll be the generation

that may never be seen again because

we’re a part of a limited edition a

limited batch

but fundamentally we’re the generation

that respected their parents

that listened to their teachers the

professors grandparents

older people

were the generation of please and thank

you and these were the two phrases the

two words that opened all the doors

please and thank you it doesn’t occur to


to tell an employee that works for us

without including the please or thank

you after it doesn’t matter if we’re

paying them for it because that’s how we

were brought up from a young age we were

taught to open doors for women we would

give our seats for women whether they

were old or young I know those of you

that are from farruko’s times and Justin

Bieber’s times till now you don’t

understand anything but we would give up

our seats for any women

and now because of equality the

principle of this type of Honor began to


there are feminists that sustain the

idea that giving up a seat

to a woman is a sexist act because they

supposedly they allege that this Harbors

an idea of inferiority of weakness or

disadvantage from a man to a woman

or when I give up my seat I might be

thinking oh she’s a weak woman

and there I have a need to consider her

a protector

but that’s honor it’s being a gentleman

but feminists believe that it’s a sexist

act that there’s inequality between

genders but we were brought up in a

generation that modeled honor it’s

impossible that a young person is

sitting down

while an older woman is on her feet or

any woman she doesn’t necessarily have

to be old or pregnant

if we had a moment of rebellion those of

us from my generation

we would

pretend to sleep on public transport

we would finally find a sea a pregnant

woman would come aboard and we would go

we would pretend to be snoring

the Holy Spirit would tell us don’t be a

fool get up and give her your seat

but we’re the generation that learned to

honor from a very young age

honor is that lost virtue from these new

generations sadly unfortunately

and it’s been taken almost completely

out of our culture and the result is

that the at today’s generation I might

say is the most orphaned


the generation with the biggest Spirit

of of being an orphan there hasn’t been


with them with a bigger Spirit of


that’s the way they live

and so why has that cultural thought

been promoted

the lack of respect for authorities

nowadays a teacher

wouldn’t even dare to give a bad grade

to a child without there being a

parent-teacher conference and there

being a whole Scandal a whole scene

remember try to remember when they would

give us a bad grade

when we would take our

grade report or school report home it

was all in red they had written it with

blood and our mother would say what did

you do you must have done something


but that that idea has disappeared if

our child has a bad grade then surely

the teacher hates him

the teacher is bullying them and we go


and but those of us that were educated

to honor we don’t honor people

just because they might deserve it but

because we’re honorable

we were created with honorability

for Christians honor and honorability is

a condition of the heart a style a

lifestyle why because it’s difficult to

read the Bible for example

without us being exposed to a culture

with high levels of honor and Authority

all of scripture has this Jesus said in

Matthew 10 40 anyone who welcomes you

welcomes me

anyone who honors you welcomes me

whoever honors me honors the one who

sent me

whoever honors a prophet as a prophet

will receive a prophet’s reward and

whoever honors a righteous person as a

righteous person will receive a

righteous person’s reward and if anyone

gives even a cup of cold water to one of

these little ones who was my disciple

just the cold cup of water truly I tell

you that person will certainly not lose

that reward so it’s simple in summary

Jesus speaks about honoring a prophet

then a righteous person

but then also mentions honoring little

ones it’s as if he covered every base

and the whole dynamic of authority

those that are above us

those that are are on our level and

finally the Lord says don’t forget to

honor those that are below you

those that are under your care so every

human being that we interact with

is a part of one of these three

categories above equal or below today I

say that I continue honoring my pastors

the pastors that fed us

that we’re a part of our lives at a

certain season some of them have been

mistaken have made mistakes but even

then they have a place of honor in my


and it should be that way for the rest

of my life because they fed us at a

certain point in our lives they brought

us word

some of them have had serious personal

problems pastors that have been in my

life at a certain point

and someone else tells me don’t mention

them ever again because it looks

terrible but I don’t honor those that

deserve it or those that have a perfect

life I insist I’m an honorable man

that’s my Essence river is a church of

Honor river is a church that if they if

we go out to give food we honor those

that are receiving that plate of food

we don’t throw the plate at them as if

they’re lower category people no we

honor those that for this season have to

be below us for those of us that are

those that are equal to us and our

authorities but before I go deep into

today’s message I want us to quickly

in an expedited way

look at what honor means because there’s

always controversy

as to what it is there’s everyone has a

different definition but the

etymological definition is valuation

appraisal appreciation esteem

consideration respect

sometimes to understand it better

we have to look at its antonym

honors the antonym is dishonor so when

there’s no honor there’s dishonor what’s

dishonor it’s something common something


something trivial when something’s

common we dishonor it that’s why the

Bible says that there are cups of honor

and cups of Dishonor

when he’s when it speaks of the cups of

Honor those are the ones that you put on

the table the cups of Dishonor the

hyperbole or the metaphor is

the bucket that you put under the bed

when the bathroom is too far it is

useful right especially in the field

when at two or three in the morning

someone asks where’s the where’s the

bathroom sir

oh yeah follow the moon you see where

the cow is there it is

someone might think why don’t I have a

couple of dishonorable because that’s

for something intimate it’s not for you

to be putting it on top of the table of

course but true honor according to

scripture originates in the heart

that’s why God says

that famous word

okay that not only surprises us but it

also shocks us it continues to shock me

even today Isaiah 29 13. he says these

people come near to me with their mouth

and my version in Dante’s version

it would say they came to me with their

lips and honor me with their lips but

their hearts are far from me

their worship of me is based on merely

human rules they have been taught

true honor surges from a heart that

fears God and to understand it better

I’m going to enumerate a few principles

quickly I’m still not at the main point

of the sermon but this is just to

construct the basis of what we’re going

to build the first principle

that we cannot forget is honor allows us

to access a miraculous life Jesus said

that in Nazareth they did not honor him

they saw an ordinary man they saw in him

a common man

the Bible shares in Mark 6 5 he could

not do any Miracles there in Nazareth

except play his hands on a few sick

people and heal them and I always ask to

myself why couldn’t Jesus do miracles in

his birth city

what or who stopped him because he did

great miracles in many cities whoa the

answer as to why he couldn’t do miracles

in his birthplace

is within the same people from Nazareth

in Mark 6 2 they would ask where did

this man get these things or they would

ask what’s this wisdom that has been

given him

isn’t this Mary son and brother of James

Joseph Judas and Simon

isn’t this the carpenter aren’t his

sisters here with us and they took

offense at him

asking where did he come from and Jesus

said to them a prophet is not without

honor except in his own town among his

relatives and in his own home

Mark writes at a certain moment that


Jesus’s blood brothers his organic

brothers or biological Brothers

were bitter and offended with Jesus

so I can imagine a name a neighbor that

you can find in every single

neighborhood with a bent broom

because of how much she gossips on the

street saying there’s no way this man

was in my son sane class what is he

saying he’s the Messiah

he used to come to my home to do

homework with my son

but all with my son someone else alleged

I met him when he was older and he built

the dining table that we use every day

we’re talking about the carpenter son in

this neighborhood really

so to summarize a life that does not

honor is alive

that is left without any access to

Miracles we can’t obtain anything


from someone that we consider ordinary

you can’t if Jesus is just another


if God doesn’t produce fear in us then

the most probable thing is there won’t

be any miracles in our life the same

thing happens when we want to receive a

word from God

from someone that we don’t even consider

to speak on behalf of God that’s why I

always say

if you don’t consider a man of God a man

of God then you won’t be able to receive

any more that’s why he explains why at a

certain serve on the same service

someone can receive a lot but the person

sitting next to them

yawns like a hippo and falls asleep and

you say it’s the same service it’s the

same message well there are people that

comment on our videos

and and they say it’s my dream to be a

river but every time you focus on

someone they’re asleep well the

explanation is that some one person

arrived to honor God and the other

person came to the service to lose two

hours of their life so when there’s no

expectation when you don’t honor the


when you don’t say today I wake up to

honor God today I’m going to wash my

face because I’m going to honor God when

you simply say I have to go to church

today then you won’t receive Miracles

it’s the same Lord the same presence one

honors and the other doesn’t right

second principle honor

makes it so that we treat

our enemies with respect


but even the Archangel Michael when he

was disputing with the devil about the

body of Moses did not himself dare to

condemn him for a slander but said

this is going to make some people’s

theology uncomfortable but it’s

it’s in the Bible the book of Judas is

in the Canon

the angel said to the enemy the Lord

rebuke you

and Jude adds yet these people slander

whatever they do not understand and the

Very things they do understand by

Instinct as irrational animals do will

destroy them

what strong words

we have to be very careful to not curse

what we do not know

sometimes they show me something on

YouTube they say oh look at this

movement from God look the people are


trembling like animals at this church

but I’ve learned that if I don’t

understand it I cannot judge I don’t

know how God measures others

God measures your heart but we measure

what we can see

and despite God’s warning of

it I do I don’t see what men see

but even then we continue to judge

People based on what we see based off

what we like and what we don’t like

so I don’t know how God measures us I’m

convinced that in heaven we’re going to

find people

that we thought we’d never even see on

the sidewalk in front of a church and

then there will be others that we

thought would surely be in heaven that

won’t be there God measures in a

different way and if somebody

deserved dishonor it was the devil

but Michael the Archangel didn’t dare

the angel said to him the Lord rebuke


go deal with it with the one that

created you he never said oh you an

animal you filthy swine no he respected


and some might say well how how can that


the Archangel Michael simply said the

Lord rebuke you

and that’s all we should do

we should say it’s not me but it’s the

Lord who will deal with you third

principle those that know how to honor

not only bless when they see a need for

example those that have the mentality of

a rat

those that have the mentality of Jerry

we’ll always think well

well why don’t you give money where

there’s more need why don’t you go to

Africa why are you Furnishing those nice

homes in the US there are people that

consider giving only if there’s need

they suffer the syndrome of Judas why

are you

wasting this perfume Jesus why don’t we

just sell it and give the money to the

poor it sounds spiritual but it’s a mine

that doesn’t have

the slightest idea of what it means to

honor Judas didn’t understand


that perfume that was

used to him was a waste that’s why some

people don’t know how to offer they just

give change

because the Bible says honor honor

Jehovah with your belongings and the

first fruits of all that you harvest so

when I’m going to give an offering I

have to ask myself not if the bill is

big or little but if I’m truly doing it

to honor him because you can be like the

Widow it’s the last thing you have and

you’re honoring God with your two

pennies or maybe you’re just giving a

small tip that you wouldn’t even give

the waiter at your favorite restaurant

and so you’re dishonoring God it’s not

that people don’t know how to offer they

don’t know what it means to honor

because if you throw some change on the

floor for the waiter to pick up you’re

not honoring him all right

people have no idea what it means to

honor it’s not that they don’t know how

to offer and someone that doesn’t know

how to honor also doesn’t know how to

worship God it’s impossible that someone

can lift their hands and say Sovereign


and not a single dollar if there’s falls

into the

into the urn

even though God deserves all praise and


he doesn’t need it we do it out of honor

and because we need to worship Him

so those that don’t know how to offer

I have the theory that they also don’t

know how to worship

because they might think that God has a

self-esteem issue or a hormonal issue

and he needs us to worship him because

they only look where there is need they

don’t know what it means to honor so in

the same way when the Kings and the

presidents and the prime ministers

meet one another will sometimes see it

on the news or on the newspaper they

abstain intentionally from giving the

other person something that they need

because giving to fulfill someone else

another Leader’s need

is to expose vulnerability in them that

wouldn’t be honorable Mr President I

wanted to give you this deodorant

because the other day when I greeted you

I I’ve realized that the one that you’ve

used abandoned you

would you give a toothbrush or something

floss to a president saying I had it at

home I thought you might be able to use


if a leader someone that we love

something that they need or saying that

we’ve discovered

something lacking in their life when

we’re fulfilling a need we’re saying I’m

giving you something you don’t have it’s

fine we’re going to feed those that are

living on the streets we’re giving them

something that they don’t have

honor is something different

that’s why in order to honor great


they always exchange luxurious gifts

something typical from their country or

a picture frame

if you pay for someone’s coffee it’s not

because that person can’t do it on their

own but because you want to honor them I

want to honor You by paying for your


then it’s the other person that can’t go

into the cafeteria because they don’t

have any money

if you tell the person in front of you

hey can I pay for your coffee it’s not

that you’re telling them you look like a

rat you probably can’t pay for this

coffee I want to honor you

it’s happened to me at restaurants where

I’ve gone in and the waiter says to me

somebody paid for your bill

first of all if I didn’t have money to

pay for the bill I wouldn’t be at that

restaurant but the waiter said somebody

wants to honor you and they’ve paid for

the bill and then that’s where I start

to order more dessert and everything

else I didn’t order no no just kidding

just kidding

why did I order the cheapest thing today

no just

that’s what honor produces with that

being said I’m going to go into a few

difficult topics because up until now

what I’ve shared are very profound

principles but it’s not the difficult

part of Honor this is where it gets


and those of you that get up unless

you’re going to go to the bathroom it’s

going to look terrible if you leave

scripture says in Ephesians 6 2.

honor your father and mother which is

the first commandment with a promise

so that it may go well with you and that

you may enjoy long life on the Earth

there’s no other Commandment that has a

promise it doesn’t say do not kill so

that you don’t get acne

do not steal so that you don’t go bald

no no the only one that has a promise

honoring our parents

isn’t a suggestion it’s not a


it’s not advice some think that it’s

advice yeah yeah I’ll take that advice

no it’s not advice it’s a commandment

it’s an order

and dishonoring your parents has also

become The New Normal of this Century

it’s rooted in our culture

we said that true honor originates in

the heart and Jesus

reaffirms out of the fullness of the

heart the mouth speaks and it surprises

me it’s not that I’m

getting older antique it surprises me

the way in which many children treat

their parents the way in which they

speak to their parents with a lot of


parents are not children’s friends

they’re parents they’re not homies

they’re not

friends or Pals no

and I’ve seen children treating their

parents like stupid people rolling their

eyes at them or sighing or or making

gestures even insulting them

try to remember those of you that are

for my generation hard head would be

spinning like a top

from the slap in the face that we would

receive when we did something that

wasn’t tolerated in our home the lack of

respect the lack of respect


anything that we did

any slip up we might receive Grace but

if we disrespected our parents that was

a line that we could not cross it would

never occur to us Deuteronomy 27 16.

cursed is anyone who dishonors their

father or mother

and to be cursed is a serious

problem it’s not a recommendation God

didn’t necessarily say

cursed be the one who steals or kills or

curse be the one who practices sexual

immorality or curse be the one who

practices witchcraft no but God says

Those Who dishonor their mother and

father are cursed and let’s remember

that dishonoring is to treat someone as

common ordinary

in a humiliating way in the worst of


so one of the strongest examples in

scripture is ham ham was Noah’s youngest

son after the flood

Noah dedicated his life to agriculture

so what nice scripture says that Noah

drank too much

and he became drunk

and once he was drunk he stumbled to his

tent took off all his clothes and passed

out completely naked so ham when he went

into the tent where his father was lying


he saw him and he ran out and told his

brothers joking laughing about him he

said hey you guys have to see this our

old man is passed out drunk completely

naked don’t miss it look how ridiculous

it is good thing there was in social

media otherwise he would have posted it

when Shem and japheth

his two brothers

heard the jokes from their brother they

responded in a different way they

grabbed a tunic they put it over their


they walked into the tent walking

backwards and they dropped the tunic on

their father’s naked body

they didn’t want to see their father’s

shame the following morning Noah woke up

he discovered what ham had done and

Genesis 9 25 tells he said cursed be

Canaan the lowest of slaves

will he be to his brothers

he also said praise be to the Lord the

god of Shem make an End be the slave of

Shem may God extend jaffet’s territory

May defense live in the tents of Shem

and make Canaan be the slave of Japan so

this was a prophetic word for many


ham Dishonored his father and that curse

not only reached him but his children

his grandchildren his descendants that’s

where the Canaanites

come from those that inhabit Palestine

and some of you might think yeah he

became drunk how are we going to honor a


who made a fool out of himself who made

himself look crazy yeah but Noah’s

moral failure was a test for his

children and it revealed their hearts

this isn’t to cover up sin

one thing is

to cover up not cover ups and then the

other thing is public cannibalism the

Bible says honor your mother and your


not because they deserve it because the

majority don’t deserve it we’re all bad

parents glory to God

that there’s someone like me here today

we’re all bad parents

who can learn to be a parent before

their one

before they become one

as we learn to become a parent we lose

our lives we lose the years

so we’ll be the parents that we had

we might say my parents should have

raised me better they shouldn’t have

abandoned me they shouldn’t have abused

me they shouldn’t have hit me but we’re

also going to make mistakes and our

children will also judge us the way we

do but what I want to say is in any case

God deals with immorality or parents

mistakes the same way he dealed with

Noah’s mistake God is the one that

judges but we need to honor honoring

doesn’t mean we have to applaud or agree

with what they do

it’s like loyalty at church loyalty is

misunderstood I’m loyal as long as I

agree no loyalty is loyalty

David was loyal to his father-in-law

Saul and Saul wanted to kill him but he

was loyal I will not touch

God’s anointed

loyalty isn’t loyalty if you are only

loyal when you agree

Loyalty means I will honor won’t my

father abandoned me well it doesn’t

matter wherever he is I want anything

bad about him if I have nothing good to

say I won’t say anything

see how simple it is you might say well

I have nothing good to say all right

then don’t say anything

don’t poison don’t contaminate just

honor the memory of those that are not

here anymore

think about them through experience or

the mistakes you don’t want to make but

when you dishonor you’re cursed and the

Bible says honor them so you may do well

so you may have a long life so you don’t

have a premature death and some might


well that’s how it is well yeah it’s in

the Bible

if not you should be asking yourself why

are you here because I’m not telling you

something that I believe no I’m backing

it with the scripture honor your mother

and your father so you do well we don’t

debate whether murder is good or bad

it’s not subject to debate if

fornication or other sins are bad or


then why do we try and debate whoa the

Lord didn’t know the parents I was given

how what do you mean he didn’t know now

let’s turn the tortilla over

us parents also have to honor our

children because many times I’ve heard


speak to their children in such

degrading ways even humiliate them in


I once heard the story of a Christian

father that told his daughter that if

she didn’t lose weight

she would never get married

he told her daughter learn to close your

mouth to shut your mouth because you

look like a whale and if you don’t stop

eating nobody’s going to notice you ever

you’ll be single for the rest of your


and in an overwhelming

sense of Shame she went to her room

locked the door took off her clothes and

looked at her body in the mirror and for

the first time

she hated it

and she hated what she saw

and at that moment she became very

self-conscious of her size

and all she ever thought about was her

weight so she began to

eat different foods she reduced the

proportion she began to lose weight but

she never forgot the words of the man

because she had admired most from when

she was a little girl her own father and

she developed a new paradigm in her mind

if I’m thin

then I’m worthy of love and attention

but if I’m fat

not even my dad likes me and that

mentality has situated her in a

descending spiral until she deteriorated

in a state of bulimia but and


and she developed a love-hate

relationship with food she loved eating

but she hated being fat

she took to laxatives and diuretics she

became addicted until she eventually

didn’t have any bowel movement for a

month and she ended up in the hospital

God healed her heart

her body healed and she wrote a book

called you are not what you weigh and it

was a great success and in that book

she tells the story

of how much of this she could have


if my father would have managed the

situation I was living in in a different

way and if he would have chosen words of

affirmation and acceptance instead of

degrading my physical aspect

she asks herself if he had chosen a more

constructive way

to focus on maintaining a healthy weight

and a healthy diet

so us parents we can dishonor our

children in many different ways not just

by insulting them or telling them

negative words but also negating

positive words

I was brought up with that philosophy

of not using positive words and the

great majority of us

even though

I share the positive of what we learned

I have to share the negative

my parents would say when you do things

well you I’m not going to say anything

to you

you should do what you have to do

I would say Mom I gotta get great and

she would say what do you want me to

throw you a party at your obligation you

don’t do anything else in this home but

go to school and do your work I work

here all day I clean the house I wash

your clothes and now you want me to

congratulate you because you got a good

grade on your test

but if my grades went down just a little

bit huh

then the rapper man would come and our

our children need a lot of affirmation a

lot of encouragement they need to be

told that they’re loved that they’re

valued and if we don’t tell them this

they’re going to look for that approval

in the wrong places but they’re going to

seek out that approval whether it’s with

friends addictions or what’s worse

they’re going to

try and feel valuable in other people’s


there are girls that give up sex because

they say that’s that that’s all they’re

sure of because he tells me that I make

him happy because at home I don’t make

anyone happy so she doesn’t have a

problem with promiscuity but a

self-esteem problem with her value the

only place she feels valuable is in a

bed and the only place you feel secure

is in a bed but then she’s not secure

about anything because her parents

always highlighted the negative

so a great damage can come

when just some words of encouragement

could have healed the wounds

words of encouragement avoid a lot of

headaches and when I speak of Honor I

also speak about correcting correcting

with love I’m going to give you another

biblical example so that you don’t say

oh it just occurred to him

King David had many

children from many different wives he

was a promiscuous King he had a lot of

fun he had a distracted Moral Moral

morals film

his first son was amnon and his third

son was Absalom

amnon did something terrible to one of

his sisters Tamara was his half-sister

but it was Absalom absalom’s

full sister

so amnon when they pretended to be sick

and he told his father why don’t you

send me to my sister Tamar so that she

can tend to me like a nurse when she


he kicked out all his other servants

closed the door and he rapes her after

he raped her

he threw her out of his bedroom

he had Dishonored a virgin princess and

destroyed her life with shame

when Absalom realized this he hates

amnon logically for having Dishonored

his sister

and he awaits for his father to bring


time goes by the king doesn’t say

anything he doesn’t do anything and

Absalom is devastated he said this guy

wants to be the king he wants to Reign

Over Zion but he can’t even govern his

own home he waits a year and his father

never does anything so one day Absalon

decides to take matters into his own


he threw a party he stabbed his brother

the rapist fled but he harbored a

visceral hatred against his father David

for having ignored the outrage for not

having exercised discipline

and it was such a great hatred that from

his exile

he plotted a coup and decided to go

after his father’s Crown so the conflict

is so intense

now King David had to escape to save his

life and Absalom was consumed by hate to

make the story short Absalom was

assassinated by one of King David’s


an inheritor to the throne who died in

the prime of his life

and someone else who died by being

stabbed in the back by his half-brother

all this tragedy and all this pain could

have been avoided if David applied

discipline to amnon

but what about

what about the girl the princess

how do you think she felt when she

realized that her father never did

anything to defend her honor

so she probably hated her father as well

her life could have been different if

her father punished the rapist

how could these family tragedies have

been avoided

if he would have honored his children if

he would have honored his children by

applying discipline

now look this might be the generation

that honors the least and that’s not the

devil’s fault that’s every parent’s


so denying to discipline

one of his children then Dishonored all

his children and of course he Dishonored

God of course I’ve gotten to know many


that are slow to correct their children

because they don’t want to lose

he’s in their household they don’t want

to lose their own piece you know the

joke that I always tell you

of the little boy that’s making a mess

at the supermarket and the father says

behave behaved your behave be conjured

and the kid is destroying everything


let there be peace in your heart Joel

let there be peace and a mother walking

down the aisle says I admire your peace

how you speak yourself with so much love

and he says no I’m Joel

and just like Joel I know many families

that try to sweep everything under the

rug they never speak about anything

profound and they’re experts in

pretending and faking it they get

together to eat but all under a

superficial culture

they never talk about the daughter that

got divorced

son son to father

they don’t talk about the manipulation

the oldest sibling

is abusing or the youngest’s addiction

no the important thing is to have a good

time during the holidays bring something

to celebrate some wine some tequila and

we’ll have a great time with their

family no that’s not having a good time

they’re living in a culture of let’s not

touch upon uncomfortable topics let’s

get together for Christmas and let’s

pretend that everything’s okay

and those children that are never put in

uncomfortable positions or that are

never corrected they end up feeling

dishonor from their parents

it’s not that they say oh my dad he’s

he’s a good pal he never

he never disciplines me no

because what parents are trying to avoid

by not correcting them is what they end

up doing by not disciplining them

because the children say that the

parents have no Authority and sooner or


it’s some a price that we won’t be able

to pay

the children will say my dad never stood

up in the household my mother never


well she should have spoken

my mother would always yell about

foolishness but she never stood firm

and spoke about serious things and

that’s the ironic thing and the tragic

thing is that those children continue to

make poor decisions

so Proverbs 13 24 gives a raw diagnosis

whoever spares the rod hates their


but the one who loves their children is

careful to discipline them

whoever doesn’t correct hates their


but whoever disciplines them loves them

honoring our children is I will on I

will correct you

you can’t buy me this no of course I can

I just don’t want to because we were

brought up in the culture of oh I can’t

we don’t have money and now we live in a

culture where we can there’s credit

there’s a card we can but they have to

understand that not everything that they

can or everything they want will be done

not everything will be done in the

moment they need it

so how can we correct a child well

you’re gonna go a week without internet

without a phone and you might say no but

he’s a man a 14 year old man yeah but he

lives under your roof

he doesn’t pay rent you wash his

underwear while he doesn’t wash his own

underwear and while he can’t pay the

rent where he stores his underwear

he’s going to be corrected Proverbs 29

15 says a rod and a reprimand impart

wisdom but a Child Left undisciplined

disgrace as its mother

foreign so the child that is spoiled

will eventually

disgrace us


I once told the story of a boy who went

and robbed the bank and ended up in


and when the mother went to go visit him

he asked her to come as close as

possible because he wanted to share a


and when she got close the boy bit off a

piece of her ear

the guards took him back to his cell

while a guard yelled out you can’t be

such a bad man

you wounded your own mother

that’s a line that you crossed

and the man said well that woman that

calls herself my mother laughed when I

told her I stole some pencils from


and she applauded me when I said I stole

a calculator from a friend because she

said that now she didn’t have to buy me

one if she would have corrected me on

time she would have obligated me to

return to things

that weren’t mine and I wouldn’t be

rotting in a prison cell right now so we

have responsibility over what our

children will be later on

because they’ll remember when we stayed

quiet or when we left when we shouldn’t

have left when we celebrated

the mistakes that they shouldn’t have


this is a Biblical principle

parents that don’t correct or reprimand

think that they’re more wise than God

and in that way that this they dishonor


in the same way that they’re dishonoring

their children correcting is difficult

because your child is going to say I

hate you you’re the worst parent ever

whenever I can I’ll leave your trash

and the more they insult you the more

you’ll correct them

memorial correct them until they realize

that they can’t bend your arm because

God placed you as the priest the high

priest of the home


the pattern

is when parents don’t correct their

children the children

will not value the parents if you wanted

this on your kids go out and buy them

everything they want when they throw a


say oh I don’t want to lose peace but

let me go deeper

on this topic of Honor Proverbs 3 9 says

honor the Lord honor God

that doesn’t mean coming to church once

a week

it means respect have reverence for God



nothing no one can be more important

than God when do we dishonor God whoa

when we value a person

or something above God

and as such when the honor to someone

goes beyond the honor that we give to

God or The Obedience we should have to


then that goes into the category of

idolatry somebody made up

and this will continue to make your

theology uncomfortable but I want you to

pay attention before you Stone me

someone invented the phrase God first

then family then Menace then your

ministry but this requires clarification

it’s not completely true but it’s not a

complete lie they say first God then

family then your ministry first we

should clarify

what a Ministry is your ministry is not

coming to church but it’s uh Divine

assignment from God the biblical order

was always God assignment and then


of course when this is misunderstood We



God pray at church and then tend to your

family no let me explain it Proverbs 24


put your outdoor work in order

and get your Fields ready after that

build your house

we’re never going to see God telling

Abraham leave your home and your country

but if Sarah doesn’t agree let me know

and then I’ll change the Commandment I

don’t want you to lose peace at your

home you know Sarah sometimes is a

little extreme or to Joseph look Joseph

have a dream for you

but make sure that your brothers are in

support I don’t want family problems

they might sell you like a slave

or to Jonah hey look Jonah the idea is

that you go to Nineveh the first consult

with Miss Jonah because if not I’ll go

look for another candidate

or the Holy Spirit telling Mary

may God save you Mary the idea is for

you to give birth to the Messiah but

first consult with Joseph maybe he won’t

support you and it’ll break your

relationship or Jesus to Peter before

you follow me and throw your nets why do

we why don’t you consult with your

wife and your mother-in-law I don’t want

to generate problems at your home

they wouldn’t have understood the


didn’t believe in Moses’s assignment


wife didn’t believe in his assignment

Jesus’s own brothers were his family but

they didn’t believe in his assignment

that’s why you have to differentiate

Ministry from assignment

just said in Matthew 10 20 34 do not

suppose that I have come to bring peace

to the Earth

I did not come to bring peace but a

sword for I have come to turn a man

against his father a daughter against

his mother a daughter-in-law against her

mother-in-law a Man’s enemies will be

the members of his own household anyone

who loves their father or mother more

than me is not worthy of me

anyone who loves their son or daughter

more than me is not worthy of me

in another more simple translation if

you prefer your parents your mother your

father more than me or if you prefer

your children more than me then you

don’t don’t deserve to be mine if you

don’t carry your cross and follow me you

don’t deserve me

those that didn’t leave Holmes mothers

fathers children brothers sisters or

lands in my name

they will lose their life for my sake

there aren’t many amens for this but

it’s there in the Bible now

I want to make this clear this is an

excuse to abandon your fate your family

and live by faith

I’ve gotten to know many lazy people who

allege that they had the ministry of

preaching to the Nations and they travel

through the world while they abandoned

their wife and their children

it’s very easy to

use it at four or five kids

travel through the world to preach they

love to make that kid

but they didn’t enjoy bringing them up

they love to go out and preach and see

what offering they can get

they say God called me to this ministry

no that’s not what scripture shows

First Timothy 5 8 says anyone who does

not provide for their relatives and

especially for their own household has

denied the faith and is worth than an


you have to provide for your own first

for those in your household are we in

agreement yes or no now

in fact

there are assignments that can be for

the household

there are mothers who have spent their

whole lives serving disabled children

that’s their assignment

never leaving their children there are

wives whose assignment is to serve their

husband who has the great calling and

she has to be there raising the children

what I’m trying to say is that when God

gives us an assignment a mission

and the first thing we want to do is

honor someone above that mandate that’s

where we sin against God another

biblical example so you don’t say I’m

making things up

Eli was a high priest that he was in

charge of the Tabernacle his children

were Scoundrels they were fools they had

no respect for the Lord they had no

respect for the people much less for

their obligations as priests you know

what Eli’s children did they would keep

the offering they would keep the biggest

bills the best part


that wasn’t enough they would commit

depravities they would rape young girls

inside the temple and the father was

completely aware of his what his

children were doing first Samuel 2 23

mentions that he confronts him and he

said why do you do such things

I hear from all the people about these

Wicked Deeds of yours no my sons the

report I hear spurting among the Lord’s

people is not good that’s all he said to


he sounds like flat Mr Flanders I don’t

hear good things about you that was all

the reprimand

he continued to allow

his children to serve as priests he

didn’t discipline them he didn’t kick

them out he didn’t correct them it’s a

clear case of nepotism

one of the Sacred cows

in today’s churches

is that the pastor’s son

inherits the church that’s like saying

the son of a surgeon is going to operate

one day even though they didn’t go to

medical school

oh they’re going to have give you a

heart surgery who’s the surgeon oh my

son did he go to medical school no but

he’s my son

or that a lawyer son is going to defend

you in court never studied law

never studied

in law school

we think that pastors children have to

work at the church that there’s no other

thing that they can do but no

there are cases where the sun’s Ministry

supersedes the fathers yeah that’s


but sometimes it’s pathetic sometimes I



there have been Believers for years have

to sit down and listen to a young man

preaching he has no experience here

inherited everything

if Eli would have truly honored God

he would have

separated his children from the


but since he doesn’t do it a prophet on

behalf of God Appears because nothing

escapes God you cannot scam God

and he says

therefore the Lord God of Israel has


why do you score in My Sacrifice and

offering that I have prescribed for my

dwelling why do you honor your sons More

Than Me by fattening yourselves on the

choice parts of every offering made by

My People Israel first Samuel 2 29.

and the prophet continued and sentenced

them therefore the Lord God of Israel

declares I promised that members of your

family would Minister before me forever

but now the Lord declares

far be it from me those who honor me I

will honor but those who despise me will

be disdained

we can’t put our children above God be


when we don’t correct them we dishonor


I have another biblical example it’s

even more harsh

Moses was someone who was about to lose

it all

he plays someone above God his mistake

was so serious that God was willing to

kill him

despite me this might be the most

strange verse in all the Bible Exodus 4

24 at a lodging place on the way the

Lord met Moses and was about to kill him

almost no one preaches about that it

says if it’s not in the Bible

of course because the Lord had just

appeared to him through a Burning Bush

Moses came down from the mountain he

gathered his wife and his children and

he said we’re going to Egypt because the

Lord said I have an assignment the first

not the night that they camped

the Lord came out to kill Moses

why would he try and kill someone that

he just told to go free his people is

the Lord schizophrenic

but what happened

the story doesn’t give us some small

details but it’s very easy to fill the

voids and the gaps in the story

when Moses came down from the mountain

he has a conversation with his wife


before she started her Makeup Company


is a woman from Midian

one of the Seven Daughters of a man

named Jethro an Arab group and I imagine

the conversation being like this my love

the Lord appeared to me and he said I

have to go back to Egypt to free my

people from the slavery of pharaoh and

his wife zebra says all right let’s go

old man I’m with you when are we leaving

well now but we have to do something

first on the mountain the Lord reminded

me of the Pacquiao with Abraham he said

we have to circumcise our two sons we’ll

start with gershom

for some reason zipperah doesn’t oppose

it she circumcised Gershon

she gets to the younger one Elisa

she puts her hands on her hips stands in

front of her son and says you know what

you’re not going to torture my little

one I won’t allow it before that and the

Sephora makeup runs down her face

I don’t know what kind of crew God you

have but that’s enough for today

and now imagine a big fight they’re both

yelling at each other maybe she

threatens Moses the fight lasts the

whole day the whole night the following

day they sleep separate he sleeps on the

couch everything gets worse

finally Moses is fed up with his woman’s


and thinks I’m tired of fighting I have

a call to go and free a whole nation and

I’m with this crazy this this wife of

mine I need a little bit of peace

again the same pattern no I don’t want

to confront my children because we’ll

lose peace Christmas will be ruined

well this is the same no no I want to

have peace so he gives in and he says

zipper all right it’s fine let’s go

let’s go

they’re on their way to Egypt and there

the Lord appears to them

to kill Moses because he decided to

respect his wife instead of honoring God

God isn’t willing to tolerate that from

a chosen leader


when Moses’s wife sees that he God is

going to kill Moses she grabs a flint

knife and cuts off her son’s foreskin

she does it herself

and touched Moses’s feet with it

he says but cipra took a flint knife cut

off her son’s foreskin and touched

Moses’s feet with it

surely you are a bridegroom of blood

Tamisha said

and that’s where it’s supposed that they


and Moses Let Her Go

he continued on to Egypt so what

happened was the circumcision so

important no for Moses he just wanted to

keep the peace

instead of being a peacemaker Jesus

never said blessed are those who

maintain the peace no he said blessed

are though the blessed are the


who keep the peace but make concessions

to the truth

correcting your children

isn’t going to be a pleasant moment in

your home there are going to be shouts

from the other end your children will

disrespect you you’re going to have to

continue provoking peace

us leaders also fall into that trap of

maintaining peace at church

and that’s where you honor someone above


when you want to honor who you

see but don’t honor who you can’t see

a peacemaker is different from someone

who wants to keep the peace they will

confront if they have to because they

want true peace right true peace

when you want true peace you’ll have to

confront that’s what it means to have

true peace and sometimes you have to


those that want to maintain peace just

want to leave things the way they are

and when we when we leave things the way

they are God will come out and kill us

or he won’t come out and kill us but

other things in our lives will begin to

die because we want to maintain peace

there are people that don’t want to have

problems with their spouse they don’t

want to have problems with their

mother-in-law they don’t want to have

problems with their children they don’t

want to have problems with church

members they don’t want to have problems

with pastors

and they give a microphone to every

Pastor so they can all say some foolish

thing because if not they might leave

the church and when a pastor wants to

honor people above God then there’s

something that will die his presence his

glory his anointing something will die

as a leader I’ve had many problems

because I’ve I haven’t honored certain

people that

wanted to open the message or they also

wanted to preach or I also want to I’ve

had problems with that but my assignment

is to take care

of the Sacred not becoming common taking

care of what God has given us so to not

have problems

some people ignore certain things but

sometimes we have to confront Moses just

like Eli tried to maintain the Peace by

sweeping all the uncomfortable things

under the rug but you can’t do that

sometimes to have true peace you have to

declare war

sometimes there are times of War if you

want peace there will be War okay

because there are people that won’t

understand that we want to maintain

things the way they are

if we want peace there’s going to be War

we do not negotiate with terrorists we

don’t negotiate with terrorists there

will be War

M and many parents

by trying to maintain peace it’s they’re

not peacemakers they’re dishonoring God

what many spouses do

when they shut their mouths is not

maintaining peace

better said it’s keeping the peace but

it’s not making peace they’re

dishonoring God

there are moments in life where you have

to say all right I’m going to refinance

my relationships what does that mean to

refinance relationships this is wrong

this is bad we have to fix it we have to

change it there’s no way that our kids

can leave at any time and return at

whatever time they want if they’re

eating from our table we have to

refinance hey what’s up with you Dad

what’s up with you Mom no I’m


I’m done trying to keep the peace I’m

going to be a peacemaker

refinancing there are certain things you

have to do because if you don’t do them

then we’re going to drag that with us

and at a certain point God will say

you’re dishonoring me there’s an

assignment that’s given to us as

husbands as parents

as children as Leaders let’s remember

honor is a condition of the heart honor

opens paths for us honor gives us Health

honor gives us Eternal youth

honor seats us at the tables of Kings

Our Lives flow through honor so first we

honor God

then our assignment our assignment can

be being a parent being a mother or

father of course or it can be I’m

sending you for this purpose

we honor our family we honor our parents

we honor our children our authorities

and even our enemies we honor them

I always say the nature of a scorpion is

to sting a skunk’s nature is to pee

Messi’s nature is to score goals a

mother-in-law’s nature is to speak

against her daughter-in-law and River’s

nature is to honor that’s what we do

we’re people of honor honor is the last

lost virtue of this generation and we’re

going after it

we can’t lose it we can’t resign to

losing it our homes have to have honor

honor your grandma your grandpa if

they’re alive even if they’re foolish

even if they have Alzheimer’s

honor your elders

honor the women in the home under the

children in the home honor like I said

includes discipline refinancing

relationships stop paying

Eternal mortgages honor isn’t paying

Eternal mortgages when I say mortgage I

mean an emotional mortgage

oh no I owe this person this because

they brought me to this country no

there’s a moment where you pay it back

but you have to say no that’s it

I can’t do this for the rest of my life

let’s not confuse honor with paying

quotas you honor who honored us thank

you up to this point and then we

continue because someone can open the

door for you to come in but then the

person that keeps you here is the Lord

the person that holds you up is the lord

always are you with me

we’re going to get on our feet

I want us together to ask the Holy

Spirit to seal this word

to bless us

to confirm

each person’s assignment

no matter where God placed us

May the Holy Spirit seal

that assignment that mission

those of us that have been bad parents

those that have been bad spouses those

of us that have been bad children

we’re going to say Lord teach me to be

better teach me how to Value honor to

you God above everything this is a call

to all those that are watching those

that are here so that we can ask for

forgiveness so that we can repent it’s

not a call to say oh that person has to

change oh this would be a good sermon

for that person no this is good for us

we’ve also lost our way

we do not demand honor in our homes and

some of us have lost honor honor isn’t

giving a picture frame to someone a

speaking well of a pastor note honor is


in everything we do if we treat a waiter

with respect if we give him a

sacrificial offering we honor with our

offerings when we come to church we

honor with our time by paying attention

to what God speaks to us we honor our

children by correcting them

by not ignoring things speaking about

uncomfortable topics proposing

topics that we don’t want to speak of

looking for the right moment not every

moment is the right moment but there’s a

moment where we should say okay let’s

face this uncomfortable topic let’s

reach a solution or not

but let’s do it that’s what a peacemaker

is not someone who just sweeps things

under the rug I come from a generation

and with this all finished but I come

from a generation where

you would find out about family secrets

after your grandparents died remember

an unrecognized child would appear

usually this happened around the the


because people would come to the funeral

and you would realize oh no it seems

that the grandpa was crazier a grammar a

month everything was under the rug it

was all about keeping your appearance

make the picture look good not try and

keep the peace and to make peace

sometimes like I said you have to

promote battle war this will be resolved

if it’s not resolved today it’ll be

tomorrow if not next month but we have

to say

things have to change

zero tolerance to a lack of respect zero

tolerance to dishonor in my home and

let’s begin in our homes under our roofs

let’s not expect to change the world

let’s change

those of those that are sleeping under

our roof and that’ll be the first change

so that the Lord gives us the Nations so

that the changes happen in all other

continents we’re going to declare that

our lives will change from here on out

we’re going to close our eyes and pray

to the Lord those that are here for the

first time watching this message Stay

With Me Lord Jesus change my life

forgive my sins

write my name in The Book of Life

Lord transform me thank you thank you

for this word

to everyone everyone if you can wherever

you are lift up your hands and say Lord

thank you for this word thank you

because honor has penetrated me I’m

speaking to those that haven’t lived

miracles in many years Miracles have

left your life because you haven’t

honored the Lord and you’ve seen him as

ordinary I’m speaking to those that

haven’t honored when they give they only

give when there is need and they haven’t

known what it means to pour out

expensive perfume at the feet of Jesus

I’m honoring though all those that have

gone I’m calling those

that have Dishonored their enemies

looking against them and they haven’t

had the Dignity of the Archangel when he

said the Lord rebuke you we’re going to

change the Paradigm honor will be our

flag honor will be our standard

honor will be what we choose every day

every morning in our lives and each day

that flag

will continue waving in our hearts honor

father women

and man

that our honorable rise up in River men

and women of Honor

men and women of their of their word of

Integrity of promises that are kept

I’m not speaking about an absence of

problems I’m speaking about efficient


honor directed to Heaven horizontally

and even to those that are below us

father we honor our lives we honor your


from here on out we honor our families

you’ve spoken a word to us this morning

and I’m convinced that many will have to

hear this message a couple more times so

that each phrase each word may be


so that can be a part of our Dynamic of

Life Lord thank you because this morning

you love us so much that’s why you speak

to us this way how the lord loves you

oh how the lord loves you how the lord

loves you he is brought a word

of comfort words that sustain Our lives

our families our being father thank you

for this moment thank you forgive us if

we’ve been unfaithful to our assignment

if somebody has come to speak to us if

somebody has distracted us forgive us if

we’ve lost our Focus but this is the

time says the Lord where I’m sending you

and I

put your people in agreement with you

they will accompany you because you’ve

decided to honor Me Above others I bless

this church lift up your hands and say

Lord I receive this blessing the

anointing of despair

touch each


person’s mother each child each home

each Place each home I bless Lord

fill this home with glory and anointing

this house of God the door of Heaven I

bless your children I bless your Army in

your Name Lord we say amen amen and amen

glory to Jesus

we would stay here praying and

ministering for hours but there’s always

another service give a grand Applause to

the Lord of lords and King of Kings

people of Honor

until next Sunday











it is











it is