ENGLISH Dante Gebel #835 | Harmless as snakes and cunning as doves

When the church thinks it has to set the rules for the rest of society, it veers into fundamentalism and self-righteousness. That’s when we get foolish and act «wise as doves» and «meek as serpents»; which is the exact opposite of what Jesus commanded. Our mission is to love the Lord with all our being, heart, strength and all our mind. And the most subversive act that the church can perform today is to obey this commandment, dispensing God’s grace and love to everyone around us. A challenging message!


all right well I want to clarify that

this sermon

is a criticism

it’s an auto criticism self-criticism

it’s very frontal of the general church

not the local church but the general


and if I didn’t tell you what I believe

God told me to tell you

I would be threatening the legitimacy of

my calling so you have to say what God

makes us feel in our hearts many of the

things that I’m going to say today I’ve

already mentioned on different occasions

some might say you’ve already said this

or that yeah blessed be the Lord

that sometimes refreshes our mind our

memory our heart especially in these

political times

these political times that we’re living

in I received the confirmation that this

message more than ever was born in the

heart of God

as soon as I saw the reactions when I

published on social media the pictures

of many popular politicians as I was

promoting this message I I told our

design team I want you to put the most

popular presidents the most well-known

presidents I didn’t say if they’re good

or bad the candidates the politicians

that are making the most noise right now

and some were happy others wrote

epithets or

sneaky threats

some people said well you missed this

guy in the picture

as if to say that the conglomerate of

pictures was up to certain

decisions but no I picked them randomly

some said why did you make same with her

or her with him I had them all have

obrador not Chavez but I had Maduro if I

put Chavez on there we have a serious

problem because he’s not here anymore

but I put others

so it’s likely that many don’t realize


mixing church and politics is a pretty

recent phenomenon

the churches that I was brought up in I

tend to share that from our pulpits it

was something unexpected

to mention politics it was crazy you

could talk about anything but that

no matter if we were under militant

governments as we lived in Argentina or

democratic government from

my childhood I can remember that in our

church we were very distant from what


in the political power

we had a small idea because we were

informed but we didn’t mix anything I

was investigating that

a little bit before the year 2000 the


cracked for whatever reason

the political Rift came into our

congregations there was a time I was


where there were the different focuses

that the churches had

with secular nature one of those focuses

was Christ against politics I have a

very present

when the church denied taking Oaths when

the church denied singing the National

Anthem this happened many years ago

taking off they denied taking off their

hats before authorities which infuriated

they didn’t want to serve in the army

they didn’t want to be enlisted Less in

times of war and infuriated the

government then the second Focus was

Christ transforms politics it wasn’t

against politics but now transforming it

when the church tried to make the

government think the same way as the

church have Christian values and they

tried to force it into it being a

possibility obviously it was an

impossible task but at least they put in

the effort then the third Focus was

Christ with politics

and it’s basically

what we call syncretism it’s a mixture

When government is interweaved and mixed

subtly with the kingdom of God and

that’s very dangerous and lastly the

fourth Focus was Christ above politics

referring to the times in which royalty

and power bow down before God and not

vice versa and so now the question I

want to ask and I think that we should

ask and you’ll see why

if there’s a way for us Christians to

relate with politics or with with what

happens in the white house or the

governmental office especially in a

democracy where we all have the right to

express ourselves but

we should put our Focus

on our energy should we focus our energy

on the kingdom of God or should we work

actively to transform our government

here on Earth that’s a great question we

serve God and forget about government or

should we work towards seeing if we can

change the government

and if we were able to transform

government could we do it in such a way

that doesn’t polarize us that doesn’t

suffocate our message of love our

message of Grace can we do it without

being filled with hate without

necessarily speaking about Trump or

Biden or the Republicans Or democrats or

whatever party you have in your country

can we defend our values without

insulting without denigrating those that

are on the opposite sidewalk with that

being said I want to give you some

history refresh your memory

when I was younger not too long ago you

know very recent

each Sunday they would preach to us that

the battle of Armageddon was imminent

I learned that the tan members of the

common European market

fulfilled the prophecy of the Beast with

ten horns

some would ask who’s the Beast is it the

Mother-in-law no it was the European

common market 10 members 10 horns I

learned that they would put the Seal of

the beast on our foreheads we would be

inscribed in an immense computer that’s

what they said it was nicknamed the

Beast and it was situated somewhere in

Brussels Belgium

before laptops existed before cell

phones existed they said there’s going

to be a computer that occupies an entire

city block and there everyone will be

recorded before we even had Social

Security numbers before the entire world

knew our locations through our phones

nuclear war would erupt Jesus would

return much before the year 2000.

through time the European common market

now known as the European Union

grew and it no longer just had 10

members the probable antichrists changed

through time I grew up in fear but with

a lot of hope that from one moment to

the next Christ would rescue us and I

remember that during the Gulf War Saddam

Hussein was seen as the Antichrist we

would say that’s the Antichrist that

will trigger the apocalypse then they

killed him and he disappeared

and then the candidate for being the

devil changed that’s what was preached

in my church from Bin Laden to Jeff

Bezos from John Paul II to Bill Gates

who was going to digitize the planet

from Silicon Valley from Barack Obama to

Ted Turner on CNN

and on that Blacklist we saw Hitler

Mussolini Franco land and Castro

Pinochet Chavez

and even Mikhail gerbachev

and US Christians went through a cycle

of fear

of disenchantment because the end of the

world never arrived and that new kingdom

never came with it

and exactly the same thing was lived by

the Jews in the first century they

expected a messiah to liberate them from

the terror of Rome

they were the invading government and

Jesus appeared and he proclaimed the

much-awaited phrase Jesus said the

kingdom of God has come to you

and it was as if to say the new Republic

has arrived the new Empire

and so each time Jesus used the word

Kingdom the Jews

were jumping with joy the nation would

be conquered

because they believed Jesus to be a sort

of Che Guevara

so close to Jesus they were many

warriors the zealots ready to fight

against Rome

but to their frustration the sign to

begin that battle never came

and Through Time Jesus conduct

was against what everyone was expecting

from a traditional leader but Jesus

spoke about a different type of kingdom

and these guys desired a visible Kingdom

something that could be seen someone to

devour Caesar

they wanted food on their table they

wanted social plans from the state

abundance and employment zero inflation

good credits

good regulatory unions and Jesus

announced a kingdom that meant denying

yourself taking the Cross

and even loving your captors your


these guys had had panic attacks they

couldn’t believe it and the expectations

from the crowds

were falling apart

so the kingdom meant one thing to Jesus

but something completely different for

the crowds Jesus was rejected amongst

other things because he couldn’t satisfy

the national image

of what a messiah should look like

Jesus ended up being a very poor

presidential candidate for the Jews he’s

not what they were expecting and it’s

the same thing that’s happening when

some believe that the gospel is a policy

to be prosperous to be successful those

that say I’m going to go to church so my

business does well God says he will

bless us but it’s not a

a condition

like someone who goes into the casino

and they see the three sevens or the

three fruits when they play the slots

that’s why some ministers some of my

friends some of my colleagues during the

pandemic they were left without a

message and they lost credibility

because the message of empowerment

produces militancy the message of saying

you’ll have power you’ll be blessed

you’ll be prosperous

as long as there’s not a cross

in the story when a cross appears

disguised as poor government

unemployment a certain virus a

mother-in-law that comes over to stay at

your house

some Christians feel scammed when that

comes along

they feel that they have to abandon the

faith their faith and they abandon it

just centimeters away from the cross a

bunch of people that as soon as problems

begin they say oh no then why should I

go to church

they thought that coming to church was

like coming to Disneyland

and when the first cross appears when

the first problem comes about the first

storm like we were speaking about last

Sunday they abandoned their faith just

centimeters away from the cross why

because the ticket they were sold

included Prosperity

Eternal happiness empowerment

prophecy nobody spoke to them about a

cross nobody told them that they should

deny themselves

that it meant that their life would be

about problems that’s why the pandemic

made many people divorce themselves from

their faith in Latin America we see many

people that don’t congregate after 2020

and not necessarily because now they

watch through Zoom no because they

discovered that it didn’t make sense to

follow the church why because if in the

end one of my uncles died of covid why

should I continue going to church if it

doesn’t help me out financially since

they saw the church as a pyramid scheme

as if it were Amway or Herbalife or


when the product failed they said no

that’s not what they sold me and they

went back to customer service I thought

I was going to live in Victory all the

time I thought nobody would die because

I had Christ in my life but what do you

mean of course the Christ promised that

in this world you will have trouble now

what did Jesus want to say or mean to

say when he said the kingdom of God or

God’s kingdom has come he said that it’s

like a farmer that goes out to sew

some seeds fall in Stony grounds others

are in By the birds others are

suffocated by the weeds Jesus was

indicating that God’s kingdom the church

coexists with evil

a message that didn’t please the

Patriotic conditions


efforts to Rebel

were sheep amongst wolves were a small

seed in a garden were a small lump of

yeast in the dough salt and meat these

are the metaphors that Jesus used to

describe this hidden power that operates

subterraneously from within he didn’t

say anything about a triumphant church

that assures power with Rome with Egypt

with Babylon or with Greece no

God’s kingdom functions as a secret

movement Trojans moles

a minority movement it advances slowly

subterraneously like a strength that


outside of the Kingdom governed by Satan

are you following me you’re looking at

me as I have to say wait what do you

mean are you following me in other words

it’s a kingdom of characters

of Paul wits

priest that communicated the faith

writing on Papyrus from prison cells but

sometimes in actuality especially those

of us that live in this country

we tend to imagine the type of Kingdom

that the Jews were awaiting a visible

government powerful

that would always help us do well and

that’s why we have to remember the

attitude of the Lord before that times

government how did Jesus react to the

government well first of all Jesus

showed an attitude


undervaluing when Herod sent him a

message he called Herod that fox

it’s a Jewish saying that meant

insignificant he said go tell that fox

that today and tomorrow I will keep on

driving out demons and healing people

and on the third day I will reach my


it’s in Luke 13 32 for those that are

looking at me as if to say you made that


go tell that fox I will keep on driving

out demons once I’m done because Herod

wanted him to leave but he said no go

turn that into an insignificant guy

it was the government in the end that

tried to eliminate him

but he said blessed are you to the poor

and to the persecuted he never told the

oppressed to rise up with arms

with words that might have irritated the

young zealots he told them love your


so he invoked a different class of power

he invoked love not in position

and those that were

looking for Jesus as their favorite

political candidate they were left


because he was known as a friend of tax

collectors a group

that identified with the those that

exploited and not those that were


he treated with respect

uh religious leader like Nicodemus

he spoke about the dangers of money and

power but he showed love and compassion

toward the Rich Young Man and the Roman

Centurion in summary


honored the Dignity of people whether or

not he agreed with him he didn’t come

here to found a totalitarian or

hegemonic Community or a communist

government everyone was welcome to join

his kingdom

including a foreigner with five husbands

a thief dying on the cross so for Jesus

the person was more important more so

than any category any label or political

affiliation do we love that Jesus yes or

no yes we love him

oppressed and oppressors all the same

message but for us even today

it’s easier to polarize on one side of

the crack and satanize those that don’t

think the same

so political movements by their own

nature are distinguished because by

their segregation they judge

and with Jesus no matter what movement

we we promote if we exclude love then

we’re betraying the kingdom of heaven we

can never stop loving are there

difficult people to love of course look

to your left look to your right look

around yeah

but sometimes we want to evangelize to

the world

through Force

we pretend that people speak a language

that come when people no longer speak

people don’t speak the language of the


they don’t say may the Lord and and his

son and spirit

bless you with the Trinity and power and

no people don’t speak that way but we

want them to speak the way we do they

want us to watch our religious channels

they’re so boring

the soda people will commit suicide in

Mass after two hours of watching that

people want you to repeat

what the pastor says and listen to our

music but visceral hate

eclipses as I always say it eclipses

any holy Doctrine any ties or any

headscarf hate always covers what we can

show on the outside and when you

obligate through force that others be

just like us we lose the respect and

influence that God wants us to have we

are no longer the salt in society are

you following me yes or no

I’m never going to forget when I

interviewed on CNN an actress

that year and a half that I worked for


she was an actress that


pro-abortion pro-choice

it was an interview during the pandemic

so it was through zoom and she said to

me Dante I understand

that Christians and I think differently

because she’s pro-life pro-abortion or


-choice pro-abortion but she said I had

never thought that the evangelicals

would write me write me so many messages

of hey Dante they’ve insulted me they’ve

threatened me and they’ve condemned me

to hell

I wanted to defend myself and all

evangelicals but I remembered that I was

condemned many times too so I said to

her yeah not all of us are like this she

said not everyone

because out of 199 insult me

and so when I asked an unbeliever what’s

an Evangelical Christian for you the

answer they give me is whoa those that

oppose homosexuals and abortion and that

answer worries me because Jesus’s gospel

was never a political platform for


we forget that our task is to show the

world a different class of Kingdom

founded on love forgiveness and the

grace of God that’s what it is



and God’s love yes or no

and so we’re going to leave this clear

because from different parts of the

world I know they want to Stone me but

their stones won’t reach me here

approving laws

that respect morals is Noble I’m not

saying it’s not but that’s not going to

resolve Humanity’s problems our mission

is to make God’s love known Jesus didn’t


and this you will know that you are my

disciples if you approve good laws

through the Senate If you eliminate


if you can put a few deputies in the

small electoral list for the next

elections no he said

in this you will know if you had love

for one another

look around you once again

because this is just we’re just getting

started here you have to start loving


pilate asks Jesus you’re the king of the

Jews and Jesus said no my kingdom isn’t

it’s not of this world if it were my

servants would fight to prevent my

arrest by the Jewish leaders

but now my kingdom is from another place

in any other in another occasion the

Pharisees asked him Lord when will your

kingdom arrive

and he said the coming of the kingdom of

God is not something that can be

observed nor will people say here it is

or there it is because the kingdom of

God is in your midst so it appears to be

clear that God’s kingdom is governed

by a different set of rules than any

other kingdom here on this Earth God’s

kingdom doesn’t have a capital city

God’s kingdom doesn’t have a congress it

doesn’t have a cabinet of deputies it

doesn’t have a youthful Army where do

his followers live in the middle of its

enemies we’re not separated by a wall or

by a valley

those of us that follow Jesus have

double citizenship dual citizenship we

live in an external Kingdom but

simultaneously belong to God’s kingdom

do we have a dual citizenship yes or no

maybe you don’t have the one for

one some say well I only have one well

at least let it be the one from from

God’s Kingdom right


I want you to follow me because this is

what I’m going towards this is going to

bless us very much

politicians make lists of friends and

enemies so that when they reach power

they can reward their friends and punish

their enemies always

we have the order of loving even those

that we don’t like

politics draws lines between people but

Jesus’s love goes beyond those lines and

dispenses grace

Of course that doesn’t mean that us

Christians can’t be involved in in

politics I’ve met many people

the mayor of Medellin came to the

conference sometimes I meet up with with

Governors not so long ago

the president of Guatemala invited me

I sent a greeting to him I’m sorry I

wasn’t able to make it because I Was

preparing but I have relationships with

with politicians and I’m not saying that

it’s wrong but it means that when you

get into promoting something or

defending something that doesn’t mean

that you should allow the rules of power

to do away with your ability to love

Jesus Jesus said give Caesar would have

Caesar’s and give God what is God

so he showed that there would be tension

between both kingdoms there’s always

going to be Caesar and there’s always

going to be God for the first Christians

loyalty to God’s kingdom meant a mortal

crash with Caesar’s visible Kingdom

because that that crash that impact

meant to decide to deceive or to to

serve God or to serve Caesar and that

happens even today

behind the Iron Curtain for those that

can remember those that don’t know the

communist government in Russia

had an anti-religious Fury

throughout the country they devastated

churches mosques synagogues

they prohibited

any religious instruction to children

they closed monasteries they killed

pastors rabbis and Priests

but the gospel survived because the

majority of the children continued

learning faith

throughout or through a babushkas do you

know what babushkas are

the elderly grandmothers from Germany


the little little dolls no I’m talking

about babushkas

when the state decided to persecute the


they forgot about the elderly woman that

prayed kneel down

and lick candles because they thought

well these women are going to die


they didn’t want to waste bullets on

these women

listen I forget them they’re going to

die anyway

but the wrinkly hands of the babushkas

were the ones that rocked cribs

and when the Berlin Wall

fell down

many adults said that they learned about

God in their childhood

behind Iron Curtain through the stories

that were whispered by their

grandmothers before they went to sleep

so the Christian faith survived all

ideologies the Lord said it’s like a

mustard seed a lump of yeast is more

powerful than any government more than

any event any dictator any communism

that’s our God yes or no through a


in other countries Albania China

the government

obliged the church to go into secrecy

the church became invisible literally

it was an atrocious persecution in China

in the 60s and 70s

they find Christians they threw them in

jail they tortured them

and despite that oppression from the


the greatest spiritual Revival of the

church was set free

but when the church gets close to

political power that’s where it becomes

a hybrid

sometimes when it’s political power

that attacks the church becomes stronger

look in the U.S I’m telling people from

other countries

credit became a god with Muddy feet

nobody laughs or nobody says amen but in

other countries let me tell you

when credit became the most important

thing and the American dream replaced

the Lord

that’s when the church became apathetic

and then you had to offer the members

just to congregate you had to offer them

good parking a service that isn’t too


a 15-20 minute sermon because if not

people will change butt cheeks take care

of their children are you going to take

care of my kids I need you to change

your diaper I need you to feed them if

not I won’t go free coffee

do you know if not they won’t congregate

then you might say well Americans are

like that no Hispanics too

we were dying of hunger in our countries

those of us that were dying of hunger

over there

and now we ask oh is there parking is my

car going to get wet is it far is there

a free coffee can you take care of my

kids can you take care of my

mother-in-law is there a place we can

lock her up if not they won’t congregate

that’s why we have to ask ourselves our

purpose is it to change government

or is it to make sure that they’re

lives that will change and follow Christ

is our purpose to change the political

power or promote God’s Kingdom

so God is operating not through the

Nations but through one Kingdom that

transcends Nations how many of you

believe it

so every time we confuse both kingdoms

the visible Kingdom and The Invisible

Kingdom it’s dangerous

it’s already happened

they’re going to want to Stone me even

more because of this but it’s already

drastically happened

even in Nazi Germany where the

evangelicals were attracted by Hitler’s

promise that he would restore morals

through government and in society he

said he would evangelize throughout

Germany I’m not

comparing populist Governors with the

fuhrer but if we forget this history

we’re condemned to repeat it so in the

beginning in Germany many Christian

leaders many pastors gave thanks to God

because God had lifted up through the

fuhrer holy man

from a good family with one wife a good


and he would make sure that the nation

would turn back to God but when they

realized the church had been

scammed by Hitler so how can the

evangelicals as we say that we listen to

God as we hear God sometimes we can’t

see the true nature of the Antichrist

regiments how can they seduce us so

quickly and I think the reason is simple

Grace gives way to power so the attempts

of this world to create perfect

Christian societies always become

regiments of Terror God will never put a

guy in a government so that the nation

is evangelized because he said that’s

not how it’s going to work I’m sorry

I’m sorry for saying what’s in the Bible

I’m sorry

I’m sorry for your candidate I’m sorry

but when the church tries to join the


power takes over instead of Grace when

the church believes that it has to fix

rules for society it becomes


anytime there’s a project of trying to

make Heaven descend down to earth then

by result we have to make hell rise up

to Earth

the closer the church is to the state

the more hybrid our message will be it

surprises me to see evangelicals in

Latin America saying oh this candidate

is a man of God

but the church and the state is divided

thank God it doesn’t happen here in the


everyone loves whatever president is


no one says oh I hope this guy comes

back no everyone’s happy here but you

can’t imagine Latin America and I’m

speaking about it because I’m speaking

about my own country the church is


to fight over a God and the devil that

way they fight over a candidates

oh good thing I thought you were part of

the other political party

how it is

Now by Democratic right we’re going to

clarify something

we can choose who we vote for of course

well that’s not a dream with a moral

reform because it goes against scripture

do we really think that because a

president receives a group of pastors at

the White House or they pray around him

do we really think that he’ll sanctify

the nation or he’ll impulse more

righteous laws no I’ll show you in the

Bible it won’t happen

I know you’re so disappointed but it

won’t happen in Argentina

we had corrupt candidates that mentioned

Biblical verses during their campaigns


we would give them Bibles and

more corrupt and Satan I would say

but they had a Bible

so we can’t believe or be so naive to

think that no we’re waiting for a savior

or Messiah to go into government to

evangelize to the nation

imagine going back to Jesus’s time I

can’t imagine the church saying hey uh


Judas today Thaddeus or

who should we elect

hey what if we put Judas Thaddeus to

replace pilate

let’s vote for Judas Thaddeus what do

you think about that should we put Judas

he’s a he’s a traitor but he he’d be a

good politician

oh the politics and Rome had nothing to

do with God’s Kingdom so do we put our

our strength and efforts

to make our governments more Christian

but politics always seduce us

to exchange Grace for power it’s a

Temptation that the church can’t resist

sometimes and we forget that the Bible

says that the world will not get better

and God won’t put Divine candidates in

power there might be good ones bad ones

some might be better than others

but it’s not that God will place in

there and then there will be many

churches and pastors will go out and

celebrate because the Bible doesn’t say

that on the contrary the Bible says that

each day the world will slip more and


because of their morals

each day Netflix will get worse each day

The New Normal will become more normal

each day someone will rise up and say I

feel like I’m a different sex so Treat

Me based on how I feel today they’ll go

into whatever

into whatever restroom they want to go

to even though they’re a tattooed

military man they’ll say I want to go

into the women’s restroom each day it’ll

get worse that’s how it is it won’t get


no we’re praying so that things turn

around no things won’t get better

you will hear a voice hear the words of

Jesus you’re asking what do you mean

it’s not gonna get better it’s not gonna

get better you will hear of wars and

rumors of War if there aren’t Wars then

rumors of wars

but see to it that you are not alarmed

such things must happen but the end is

still to come

it is he didn’t say go on protest in the

plaza he said no lift up your hand

because your Redemption is near

Hallelujah yes or no

does this

so the presence of evil guarantees us

that what is written is being fulfilled

we don’t celebrate it we don’t get happy

but the Lord said it already

the Apostle Paul said all of creation we

know that the whole creation has been

groaning as in the Pains of childbirth

those of you that are mothers you know

what child pain birthing pains are us

men who have had kidney stones not just

a fraction of it

the whole creation has been groaning

with the Pains of childbirth

they’re groaning for a Redemption that

hasn’t arrived yet

how many of you want the Redemption say

to me yes or no

so then why when the when the birthing

Pains come along why do we want to delay

the birth no no no we’re going to pray

so that this doesn’t happen I mean we

can pray but it is said that this has to

happen the kingdom for a certain time

will co-exist with Rebellion against God

the wheat will grow next to the tears it

has to

with that being said

how can we Christians maintain our moral

values how can we teach our children in

a secular society a secular society to

the extreme how can we show a spirit of

love and teach our convictions

the writer of the Psalms of psalmists

asked the same questions

if the foundations were destroyed what

would the righteous man do

we’re at a point where the moral

foundations of the Nations and this

includes the U.S the foundations have

been devastated they’re putrid what will

the righteous do

the answer isn’t stigmatized the

homosexual put to shame all single

mothers insult through social media

those that defend abortion

Street Governors or politicians as

delinquents I can’t believe evangelicals

insulting politicians even if they’re


the verbal epithets Believers the other

days there was someone saying insults I

didn’t even know he invented them there

and I said who is this guy

and but his bio said an apostle from the

redeemed Church of who knows where what

a what a mouth you have apostle

so sometimes I have the Sensation that

some Christians think no no Revival will

come when we put a lot of laws into

Congress there the nation will turn 180

degrees really do we really think that

in order to have a spiritual Revival we

need a legislative reform

looking back at the history of the

church isn’t it exactly the opposite

Jesus attracted the most displeasing

characters the moral pariahs he came to

seek the the Sinners not the righteous

if not why didn’t he dedicate his

efforts to change the Empire why didn’t

he do miracles in the Coliseum why

didn’t he do miracles in the Greek



why didn’t he do two or three miracles

for Caesar so that he would pay for his

campaign so the Apostle Paul spoke about

the immorality of the members of the

church but he never spoke about pagan


he never went against what was happening

in Rome many times Paul

challenged the church and said there is

an adulterer there in sin but he never

spoke about the slavery in Rome or the

orgies that the Romans would commit the

assassinations of babies that offended


the same way secular society offends us

the women in Rome

would abandon their children on the

roads so that wild beasts

would devour them

if the baby had defects then they were

allowed to leave them on the streets so

that the wild beast would eat them and

Romans like Greeks

would use underage

boys as sexual slaves the Romans as well

as the Greeks

so it’s to say that in the times of

Jesus and Paul there are two Customs

that would be unheard of in any

civilized country this in this world no

country allows the assassination of


and no country legally allows pedophilia

but Jesus and Paul knew these degrading

practices they didn’t approve them but

we’re not going to see either of them

concentrating on the Pagan Kingdom that

surrounded them but they proposed an

alternative Kingdom from God and now as

Christians are known by all that we


and not by what we

promote so we’re a mirror that shows all

the bad things in society oh no there

are more and more genders always the

schools are worse each day oh no these

movies oh even Disney’s corrupt now

that’s how we are

denouncing complaining instead of

showing a different path

so I think we’re focusing more on this

kingdom here on this Earth instead of

focusing on the kingdom that’s not from

this Earth the New Testament presents

the government as necessary

even placed by God but never as a

protector or friend of faith and to

complicate things the Bible doesn’t give

us democratic

citizens advice Peter and Paul

urge us to submit to Authority and honor

the king but in democracy we the

citizens are the Kings those of us that


we don’t have presidents that come from

a royal a Royal bloodline and just

appear so it’s very difficult to

ignore the government when by

constitutional right we make up that

government all of us that vote and pay

taxes were politicians

politics comes from the from the root

polis the Greek word that also is found

in Metropolis anything that involves

humans that live together with an

objective that’s political and as the

people of God we’re constructing an un

alternative Kingdom a new pole is a new

kingdom of God how many of you want to

belong to that Kingdom say Amen to me

please because some say I don’t know

what kingdom I belong to how many of you

want it

the problem is

why when we think

why don’t we proclaim a Moral Majority

why don’t we mold politics to our

likeness and we put a bunch of

Christians in the Senate well first of


we’re here to give Grace

and what we think

well we promote

as good as the intentions are if we

don’t love we didn’t understand Jesus’s

gospel is loving difficult yes it’s

difficult but if we don’t love then

we’re stuck in the law and not in the

gospel of grace Jesus gave us a distinct

sign he said

you won’t be known by your moral

superiority but by Your Love First

Corinthians 13 if I have the gift of

Prophecy and can fathom all Mysteries

and all knowledge and if I have faith I

can move mountains but do not have love

I am nothing

if we don’t have love we are nothing so

when the church extended throughout the

entire Roman Empire the people would say

Christ is the Lord that’s how the

disciples would identify themselves

Christ is Lord

and tizzery went crazy because there was

a law where they had to say Caesar is


so there they were demanded

by the authorities to say Caesar is Lord


he wasn’t taken by the Romans but he

said we will only give worship to to God

recognize the Kings will be subject to

them praying so that they have prudent

judgment but through the centuries there

were people with good judgment and there

were other crazy dictators that had no


no common sense

and when the conflicts would rise

the brave would appeal to a higher power

we serve a God more powerful than anyone

sitting in the Oval Office and anyone

sitting in the Vatican and this goes to

El Salvador Colombia Argentina to


the missionaries that took the gospel to

other cultures had to face the state

there was a conflict of interest in


they had to oppose marriage with


or burning wives and some might say why

did they get it get rid of that

or emulating widows in South America

pastors prohibited human sacrifices in

Africa they had to oppose polygamy and


they understood that their faith

wasn’t private they had consequences so

sometimes you have to stand firm and say

this is what we’re going to do

my bravery

only when as far as saying everyone or

no one during the pandemic because they

would say the youth can go in but not

the children remember

let the elderly die out there

don’t even let the mother-in-laws come

the Beloved MacArthur a pastor nearby

said I’m not going to close the church

but they so they sued him he said I’m

going to continue

I didn’t I didn’t go that far but I said

everyone or no one

they said no I don’t know put some

alcohol out front from some hand

sanitizer that some people come in

but I saw your faces telling me or

I could already imagine your faces of us

saying no no not you just just go home

you’re 80 you’re you’ll die soon we’ll

pray for you

I saw the face of my mother leaving her


I could never say no no no no mommy you

can’t come in you’re you’re

in the in the risk zone or imagine

leaving the kids out no we had problems

with the governor because of other

things that I said but there are moments

in which the god in the church has to


and choose its battles with wisdom it’s

obvious that abortion and sexual topics

deserve our attention we have to raise

our voice

but that doesn’t mean that we’re going

to install a kingdom here things are

going to get worse if we don’t

understand that then we’re going to be

wise like doves and harmless like

serpents but it’s exactly the opposite

of what Jesus said I’m tired of people

saying it’s it’s backwards but yes yeah

it is backwards wow

your meal

I don’t know if I’m just older

of course it’s backwards

when you don’t understand what I’m

talking about we flip it around we say

clever as doves and harmless as serpents



the government can close casinos and

bars but they can’t stop people from


the government can write laws that make

divorce more difficult but they can’t

force couples to love one another

they can give subsidiaries to the poor

but they can’t make the rich show


they can prohibit adultery but not lust

they can condemn

thievery but not greed

they can try and preserve holiness

one of The Commandments is do not covet

you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife

what municipality or what government

can make that a reality not even puke

he gets all the greedy and those that

covet and he makes them hop around like


on this day of tattoos if not he can’t

pride is a sin it’s the root of sin but

can we make sin or Pride


imagine 22 37 says love the Lord God

Lord God with all your heart and with

all your soul and with all your mind but

who what government can fulfill

something like this so though we have

the obligation of following God’s

Commandments let’s not fall into the

Trap of thinking that we can make those

Commandments laws

all ten of The Commandments or two of

The Commandments from The Ten

Commandments were taken into government

law there’s no pluralistic society that

can insert the other eight Commandments

into its laws even though they’re

important in fact us Christians

we asked for the Ten Commandments but


the Beatitudes that Jesus shared

sometimes we say no there has to be a

president that sets The Ten Commandments

as law

but you’re defending Moses not Jesus

Jesus was more strict

Jesus said forget about eye for an eye

you have to turn the other cheek if

you’ve coveted another woman then you’ve

already sinned in your heart it’s better

to yank out your eye than to go to hell

with both eyes

imagine the amount

of people with eye patches walking


greet your brother God bless you God

bless you

and imagine people all the blind people

with no eyes oh we’re worshiping the


everyone would be Andrea Bocelli

I’ve never heard a Christian

the man from the government

hey preach The Sermon on the Mount and

that’s why I think we should be more

worried not so much about what happens

inside the thick walls of the Senate but

about what happens in the thin walls of

our churches

the spirituality in our countries won’t

come down

from a Congress of power pretending that

fernandezada they’re not soccer players

they’re all


Ortega Cohen Benitez

we can’t pretend that they’ll feel

legislation with morals or Holiness no

it’s a fantasy dream

don’t come to me to say oh don’t put

this guy on the same list as the other

no all of them good bad or regular

they’re only politicians and I’m not

judging anyone’s values I’m just saying

that let’s not pretend that it’s them

who will evangelize and transform our

America how are we going to ask obrador

to preach

it’s enough with all the speeches he

gives already

each morning the guy

gives you that’s enough

the church should be sheep amongst the

Wolves a treasure hidden in the field

the smallest seed in the garden

the wheat that grows next to the tears a

lump of yeast and the bread dough so do

we love politicians yeah we love the

whole world are we going to pray for

them yeah we’ll pray for them

whoever it goes into the office and

Argentina will pray for them

and if I end up being president of the

Republic it’s not for me to evangelize

the country it’s going to be to govern

the country that’s what Joseph did in


psionic complex that someone will stand


and the balcony of the presidential

house and tell everyone get on your

knees the Bible doesn’t say that that

will happen at any moment and if it

begins to happen it’s because something

happened and we’re now in the season of

the Antichrist and you should be worried

that you’re not gone

but it won’t happen

so when we see the moral precipice that

our nations are headed towards when we

see that they’re promoting laws that are

going against our own convictions when

we have to protect our children because

they’re going against them

because teachers Fill Their Heads those

tender Minds those tender Souls with

idiocracy with foolishness with


and when animated films are being

manipulated to put ideas distinct ideas

into our children’s Minds

when in their adolescents are still not

sure of their sexual identity and when

they take them to where they want to

take them when all that happens

let’s not fall into the temptation of

wanting to change it all from political

power no no if Trump comes back this

will change no it won’t change because

the Bible says that it won’t change

whoever goes into office

he said things will get worse

morality will descend

lower and lower


that’s for you

truly start to behave the way Jesus said

harmless as doves clever as snakes when

it’s the opposite we’re serpents yelling


and we have the brain of a dove as far

as cleverness goes but it’s if it’s the

way the Lord said we’re going to be

astute clever we’re going to live in a

difficult world without committing our


there’s no way that Halloween comes

around and we dress up our kids to go

out and ask for candy our convictions

can’t be so fragile without realizing

that Halloween

has its Essence in in Witchcraft and

Satanism it’s not simply dressing up as

something and going out it means


I won’t participate in this or that

would work kids watch it’s not being

legalistic putting filters on our

streaming channels

what they consume

is your child under age

do they live under your roof they don’t

pay rent all right well they’re going to


what the priests of the household says

they’re not going to have free internet

and have their phone until 3am watching

whatever filth they want

because we’re we’re all free and he’s a

13 year old man

we’re the ones that set the conditions

we don’t contaminate ourselves we live

in a difficult World Under Fire

we can’t believe oh if the government

gives us

and they send me a check every month oh

that candidate was placed by God

and if they go against our candidate

then we rewrite messages of hate and and

those that don’t share are our beliefs

you’re going to hell don’t touch my


but as soon as as long as as soon as

that candidate raises taxes oh then you

change your mind and that candidate was

placed by Satan it’s very difficult to

communicate the message of Grace from

the halls of power

the ladder of power always goes up

people always want to go up but the

ladder of Grace goes down and the church

is becoming more and more political

instead of preaching grace and mercy we

insist with morality we insist with

morality but we shouldn’t preach

morality we have to preach Grace

morality is a result an intrinsic result

of Grace so whether we like it or not

whoever governs God calls us to love the

woman who leaves an abortion clinic

and God calls us to love even the doctor

not approved but love

we can’t hate we can’t hate anyone

if we can’t love all types of people

then we didn’t understand Jesus’s gospel

if the government doesn’t help the poor

then the church has to offer food and

help if the government oppresses then

the church should lift up the oppressed

if the government seeks Vengeance and

the church should give Grace if the

church is divided by cracks the church

should show Unity we’re more divided

than the politicians if the government

destroys its enemies the church should

love them that’s the vision of the New

Testament a colony from heaven and then

in a hostile Empire

Moody the great preacher said out of a

hundred men one reads the Bible the

other 99 read Christians

and to finish in 1982

at the roughest point of the Cold War

Billy Graham

visited Russia and gathered with the

government leaders and the conservative

Christians to not say the same old


criticized him so much

because he treated the Russians with

courtesy love and respect

he gave his his posture right

but they said he should have been more

prophetic he should have challenged them

and condemned them to help he did speak


abusing human rights

or religious liberty but with love and

respect and one of his critics wrote on

a newspaper Dr Graham what’s shame

you made the church rewind 50 years and

Graham wrote the following day you’re

right I’m profoundly embarrassed

the idea is to put much more effort and

make sure that the church rewinds 2 000

years to look like the church that Jesus

had in mind it has to rewind more

do we adhere to those words yes or no

we receive a power higher than Rome

a single phrase and this you will be

known as my disciples that you love one


that they see River as givers of Grace

and not givers of guilt the most

subversive act that the church can

realize the most

the strongest political Movement we can

do is obey the Commandment of loving one

another there’s nothing more subversive

than that let’s love one another in such

a way

that makes the world fall to its knees

before Christ when they see grace and

forgiveness in a world let’s love one

another let’s go out let’s help one


let’s sew this is church this is our God

a lump of yeast someone needs to say

Amen celebrate the King of Kings


come on give a grand Applause to the

Lord say that is our kingdom that is our

kingdom that is our kingdom that is our

Lord someone needs to celebrate more

than that Blessed Be God


he said

and I know that I’ll get into problems

with this message I know it

but I don’t care because I gave myself

authenticity years ago

I went through too much to just try and

please a few cowards that want to take

power I’m not going to boast about it

but man I’ve

in the short life that I’ve had I’ve

felt the rejection

of taking pictures of three dictators

that wanted a picture and I rejected it

but I understood that it’s more


the one that I serve

then those are in government

and the president’s sending trucks

military trucks saying the president

doesn’t accept the no and I said well

not today

and since these guys are dictators since

these guys that have invited me it

doesn’t matter who it was but these guys

that have invited me they thought that

through a picture they would be

political I understood that I was

serving a more important Kingdom a



a kingdom that brings crowds and people

don’t understand how Kingdom that

reaches thousands not by our Landing

with power but by the true power of God

greater is the one in within me my


best days are ahead of us for the church

do you believe it

the world will get worse

oh this is prophesied all this

if you can

find an old book by David Wilkerson

called The Vision he had a vision and he

said one day

one day

you will see

breasts on TV and our children will see

nudity on TV on their own screens it’s

crazy crazy crazy

one day we will see couples of the same


holding hands kissing on the streets

and no one can even get offended one day

and soon

he’s simply a man of God

putting into actuality all that the

Bible describes and at the end of the

book he says rejoice when all this

begins to happen

when morality is is a luxury

when it’s time to vote and you have to

just choose the least corrupt which of

these three steals the least oh I think

this guy already has money so he’ll

steal less than this poor guy

when our decisions

to choose the one that steals the lease

the least shameful one then

at times have arrived there aren’t any

morals the Empire continues to be the

Empire but let’s not forget God is still

God he’s still Seated on his throne and

when he comes when all eye sees him

once we lose hope

and we think that the kingdom will be on

this side of the sun oh poor people what

disappointment you shall feel because as

good as the presidents may be it’s all

disappoint because they’re men us

pastors we disappoint

priests disappoint Rabbi is disappointed

the Lord said yes they’re men

I’m aware that I disappoint many people

and they don’t measure up

how can I offer a guarantee of

perfection if I don’t live perfection in

any area of my life we’re not perfect

much less what we find it in government

or in the senate or in the the cabinet

God didn’t put us here to promote he put

us here to believe in a more powerful

Kingdom and that Kingdom


or permeate Society

how many of you will live here to be

those agents of change but not from

power but from underground from your

University from your classroom from your

office wherever God places you make the

difference and you say it’s just me by

myself well just a little bit of Soul

can change a whole pan

of food it can change the flavor do you

believe it

you truly believe it

how many of you believe it

it’s sad

who would think

now during the pandemic we would give

our bags of food and now you can’t

imagine the P the amount of Youth in

Latin America that put on the river

shirt proud and they go out to honor the

elderly they give out food they remodel

homes we get projects from all over and

not to ask for money they do it

themselves something that began here

with the small group of Hispanics

extended throughout the entire continent

look what can happen when someone

believes in that power that doesn’t come

from above but comes from below and

scales up and goes into each Corner into

entertainment finances anywhere God is

going to use you as a mole as a Trojan

an agent of change not from power but

from where God placed you do you believe

it yes or no lift up your hands to

Heaven we’re going to pray father I’ve

transmitted what I believe you told me

to say now I’m praying not just for

those that are here but for those that

are all around the world Lord I’ve let

out this word I’ve felt the fire I’ve


the urgency of this word because Lord I

felt that you’re calling the church to

its spaces like Graham said

to take

to rewind 220 2023 years back to that

primitive Church where they would say

Caesar is a lord they would Proclaim


Jesus my Lord and they will respond to a

higher authority father those of us that

live in a democracy those of us that

have survived different governments

de facto militaries dictators Lord lift

up a people that doesn’t surrender that

won’t let down their arms we don’t need

to align to anyone we’re independent we

vote but the Lord of lords is our King

our Sovereign King our Sovereign God

lift up your hands and drink drink drink

receive this word because something has

been let out today upon Latin America

something has been said free upon the

continent and it comes it comes

a new turn to grace and favor

back to the rudiments

what the church has forgotten father

we believe and we accept the cross

the cross is difficult but we’re not

believers who Empower themselves behind

coaching words or words from a

multi-level Lord we accept the cross we

deny ourselves we pay the price that the


May rewind back to the Primitive Church

oh blessed are you lift up your hands

and say Lord I want that for a river I

want that for my life

blessed be the Lord


when things get ugly when the

governments become more corrupt

when the streaming channels when film

changes morality

when University professors subtly begin

to fill our children’s Minds

when Integrity is a luxury when families

begin to become undone no you have to

know that you should lift your eyes to

heaven and say the end is near

Rejoice said the Lord because the

prophecy is being fulfilled oh blessed

be the Lord and meanwhile as you do what

I’ve sent you to do love the little ones

feed them run after them come on embrace

them love them love the pariahs

go up to the prostitutes go up to those

that think differently those that suffer

with sexual identity embrace them hug

them this is the church

that will be givers of Grace not guilt

but grace receive father thank you for

this morning thank you for this message

thank you because you’ve

reset our mind we continue to be that

Mustard Seed lift up your hand and say

Lord use me where you’ve placed me I’m

praying for the people all over the


people in all continents all over the

world how the lord loves you how the

lord loves you he speaks to you the way

he did today because he loves you he

redirects you how the lord loves you I

bless those that are going into politics

but I’ve placed the Church of Christ in

a clear position

the church isn’t used to recruit votes

or to promote the candidate we like most

Jesus says I am the one seated on the

throne I am the one that puts and takes

away Kings I’m the one that decides and

allows storms to come I’m the one that


economic debacles sometimes when the

country is worse off that’s when the

people seek the Lord the most when

congregations fill up the Most Blessed

Be the Lord

who knows methods to bring us close to

him Lord let it not be us who impose our

agendas but Let It Be Your Divine agenda

lift up your hands and say Lord thank

you I’ve prayed and I’ve preached

to your intellect but I know that there

are many words that have reached your

heart and others that I urge you to

watch this sermon once again through

streaming go through a word through word

because the Lord has spoken today and

God has said Church a greater purpose

comes for River greater things come for

the congregation and you have to prepare


because I will open up doors and I will

bring people from the north south east

and west I will blow a wind from a

different direction and I will bring

people that aren’t accepted at other

congregations I will bring them

because I have found a place of Grace a

place of love

a place where the people embrace

and will reach Mercy father thank you

for this morning thank you Lord

bless your Champions your Frontline

workers bless your army I’ve spoken and

transmitted what I believe you told me

to say now seal this word we declare

blessing we declare that the best days

for the church are coming that September

October November and December open up

the windows of Heaven We believe it we

declare it in your name we say amen amen

and amen blessed be the Lord

a good pair of

got blessings to everyone







this is


it is





we go