ENGLISH Dante Gebel #831 | Bugs. The small revolution

True spirituality has to do with doing the minute works of God, with taking small actions and small steps of obedience in our daily lives. Those small things become huge when Jesus is involved. In the hands of the Lord, a tiny mustard seed can sprout into leafy branches to shelter a flock of birds, and a pinch of yeast can grow into huge loaves of bread that feed many people. Let us remember that the kingdom of God is built from the ground up and our small acts can be part of the foundation to a better world.




of the second world war

it just so happens that the British who

are a part of the Ally military they

were bombarding Berlin they did it many


and the Allies

the Englishmen

would leave the airstrips in England

after having attacked the German forces

and one night after a successful


while they were going back to the safety

of their military base

they were attacked by a group of German

planes and so in us in a certain way

during the air fight one of the planes

one of the German planes of combat

began to spew out

a string of bullets

five certain bullets

impacted the fuselage of the British


close to the gas tank which is fatal

the crew prepared for the explosion

but the plane never exploded

they saw that there was gas spilling

through the holes that the bullets had

caused but there was no explosion

so they went back to the base safe

and from there one of the mechanics

found five bullets or five capsules

inside of the gas tank they were

wrinkled but they hadn’t exploded

and so the pilot along with the mechanic

carefully opened up the capsules

and to the crew’s surprise they saw that

they did there wasn’t any gunpowder and

within them

there was a small diminutive piece of

folded paper

when they opened up the piece of paper

they found a note that said this was the

pilot it said

we are prisoners of war from Poland

and we’re being forced to make bullets

in a factory and when the guards aren’t

watching us we don’t fill them with

gunpowder we leave them empty

it’s not a big help but it’s the best we

can do during the war

our families that were alive

five small bullets it’s a very well

known story

it’s a a real story an actual Story five

bullets amongst Millions fabricated

during the war made a difference for the


of the Air Force of the British army

obviously they couldn’t stop the war

these prisoners this polish prisoners

didn’t help with that but they at least

saved the British crew

that was fighting during that war those

five bullets were left empty and they

changed the lives of those that were

riding the planes and that is our topic

today what I believe Cod placed in my

Heart during the entire week

and it’s the small Revolution

God always chose the small things before

he chose the great and although it seems

that it’s all on the contrary God’s

movements are always in the Small Things

what seems to be childish trivial we

have a God and first instance that comes

into the world through something small

God always appeared in small things

burning bushes

stubborn donkeys that speak

a refugee baby a rabbi without a home

lilies seeds lumps

sparrows anything that has to do with

things that

that are small like these five bullets

in the midst of a war

true spirituality always has to do with

small diminutive things

small Steps of Faith small actions not

necessarily big and eloquent things

and these my little things these small

things sometimes become enormous things

I’m not saying well I’m saying sometimes

but I think the majority of the times

that they become something enormous when

Jesus is in the equation

but to us it seems easy to think that

God is only in grandiose things or the

spectacular and the miraculous

and we can hear this a lot in our

congregation that was brought up hearing

God is going to use you for great things

and big things are coming for your life

and in this time especially in this time

of empowerment and discovering the

champion within us and the gifts that

are locked within us it’s very easy to

reach the conclusion that if God doesn’t

use us greatly

it’s because we’re either not spiritual

or in its defect we don’t have a true

calling and you begin to become

frustrated because some just go through

life the years go by you and every time

they look in the mirror they say another


and another day further from what I

thought God was going to give me when

you believe that God’s calling

or the purpose in our life is something

Majestic or great we begin to begin to

get frustrated something sometimes it

causes me tenderness and I don’t want to

say pity or shame we shouldn’t have pity

or shame for anyone to me it’s a

frightening feeling

I think it causes or brings me

tenderness when I see someone that

begins something maybe a small

congregation maybe a Ministry

that begins nobly with with effort but

they begin to announce that they’ll have

a powerful Church something big

something never seen before historic

that will move the world they’ll come

from Neptune to see what’s happening

when I see those phrases I say

why in place of exploiting the best that

they have

what’s the best at a small congregation

has what just that

we’re a small family

gathering around a dinner table

gathering in a small small room

different to a mega church won’t get to

know your name we’ll get to know your

real problems we’ll be able to speak

about what’s happening with you you’ll

be able to speak with the pastor daily

small congregations also have nice

things just like there are people who

prefer the qualities of a big church

because they say I go I worship I leave

nobody bothers me nobody follows me

nobody collects my information they

don’t ask for my social they don’t

follow me like immigration there’s

people that that like that

in fact it’s been years since people

have been coming here just as the

service begins and as soon as the

service ends they disappear and you

don’t know who they are what their what

their name is they love it they go

quickly to their car before they get in

the traffic jam and it’s not bad if

someone says brother they say and they


there are people that say no I don’t go

to socialize I don’t go so that they ask

me about my life I go to a big church I

receive the word I worship I know three

or four people

nothing more there’s people that are

fascinated by that but there’s others

that say no I like small churches and

when the churches when the service ends

we always together and I ask Miss Ines

how her hemoroids are doing this people

that like that

and it’s not bad


I remember when we used to gather in a

small theater in the Crystal Cathedral

and I would say come close come closer

as a few of us let’s speak as if we were

at home that’s how we that’s how River

began it wasn’t called River back then

come come here come here I wasn’t

preaching to a stadium we knew there

were a few of us what maybe 50 60 people

leaders I would say come come to the

front and we would have a more intimate

Gathering we would speak

it wasn’t so formal but sometimes

leaders desires of wanting to see

something big

even if they have just 10 people in

front of them they yell into their

microphone they Proclaim that they have

a movement never before seen

out of the need of I need to have

something big but no sometimes they’re

just humble beginnings like anything

in order to have something big you have

to start small nobody starts with

something big

and as I was once told

by an old Rabbi in Israel if the enemy

can’t steal your soul

he’s going to try and keep you busy

telling you that you were only born to

do great things

so we never do the small things

if we consider them as small because

we’re reserving our time we’re reserving

ourselves for the Great and the great

things takes a while we don’t get there

unless we go through the Small Things

the promised land doesn’t come without

the process without the desert

and spiritual life

isn’t a bombastic success as much as

they preach that

in at conferences or behind the pulpit

Christianity isn’t success after success

living in Euphoria no Christian Life is

a life of faithfulness of obedience and

it’s not easy and that’s not for



small steps of obedience

serving is also obeying obeying is also


sometimes we’re told this is your spot

for now and we get placed in a place we

don’t like but that small step of faith

tests are a character but we dream with

the great things with the bombastic so

sometimes I insist you see that syndrome

in certain congregations and this isn’t

speaking against small churches no on

the contrary we were small as well what

I’m trying to say is when you’re small

you’re small and you need to speak small

you need to know that you’re not before

a stadium it’s not necessary to yell you

don’t even need a microphone you don’t

need to amplify your voice because

there’s 10 people they can hear you

who uses a microphone to speak at home

maybe your mother-in-law that wants to

yell at her son-in-law but that but

other than that no but that comes from a

syndrome that is I want something great

now I want this to be explosive now and

if this push doesn’t burn I’m going to

light it with the lighter until it burns

but it doesn’t work that way so since

God knew that

we would be dazzled with the great

things that’s the reason why Jesus told

the story or told Parables like the lost

sheep the Lost coin

The Prodigal Son The Mustard Seed the

lump of

yeast because Jesus was trying to tell

us something and what is that well that

spiritual life is a diminutive life

filled with small decisions each day not

big decisions I’m going to lock myself

in and fast and pray for 40 days no

they’re going to drag you out in an


but small decisions I’m going to pray

five minutes each morning


but that’s too little no it’s five just

like working out nobody goes into a gym

and says I want to go in with this big

beer belly and I want to walk out with

Schwarzenegger’s body from when he was

30. no it won’t happen you say they tell

you all right small start with small

routines that’s what your trainer will

tell you

until your muscles D atrophy

well the same thing happens in spiritual

life they’re small steps of obedience

small you begin to read the Bible just a

bit in the morning

there’s no way that while you drink

coffee in the morning you can’t read

the Bible is not necessary to say I’m

going to read from Genesis to Matthew

and I won’t stop no it’s three or four

verses let’s see what the Lord says to

me what does he want to say with me oh I

don’t understand this well let me look

for something that I can understand a

little bit more and I go to the Proverbs

I go to the Psalms

the principles are axioms of wisdom

three minutes five minutes so they’re

just small steps of obedience

not the

spectacular feat of reading the whole

Bible and speaking in the new tongues

ramble take out the trash this and that

there’s people that love that there is a

pastor that would use tongues to to

share doctrines


in the gospel of Mark

there’s a short story small story it’s

just four verses

so that we can figure out the time and

space Jesus had just ranted against the

excess excessive demonstrations of

arrogance or ostentatious spirituality

and when he finishes his heated


he focuses on a woman that nobody


poverty in her face I can imagine the

woman wearing

wasted away clothing worn garments

when people are hungry they tend to be

more cold so she probably had layers on

her she was dragging her feet through

the floor of the temple and she drops

two coins into the into the urn into the

deposit box

it’s a nice story but

it’s not the one that Netflix movies are

made of

and so what makes this Widow story so


what makes us remember it today it’s not

dramatic it’s not spectacular it’s not

revolutionary it’s not significant it’s

not surprising but here we have a woman

whose presence is it noticed by anyone

and what’s worse nobody is worried about

noticing her nobody sees this woman

because in the world she lives in

she’s just


she’s just another faced in the

multitude nobody’s going to remember

that she went into the temple and on top

of it all she doesn’t care if they

notice her or not she’s used to it she’s

been used to it for years used to

insignificance being imperceptible being


but Jesus pays attention to that

unnoticed life to that servant that

doesn’t call any attention to herself

that invisible disciple we shouldn’t be

surprised by it because Jesus never

decided to change the world through

armies or swords through Legions of of

Angels or thunder and lightning however

our collective subconscious is that

we’re always waiting for God’s kingdom

to appear triumphantly to take back its

territory to shake up the Nations we

will conquer the world pinky remember

the the mice what will we do this night

brain will conquer the world Pinky and

sometimes we think we’re going to

conquer the world greatly and it’s the

same Temptation that Jesus had in the


the one he faced in the desert the

temptation of doing spectacular things

like jumping off the temple turning the

stones into bread why

to move the Nations according to Satan

to impress people with his power however

what did Jesus do he resisted he said no

no no no no I’m not going to do that and

the church throughout history we’ve

always faced the same Temptation we’re

tempted to great things they write to me

on social media preparedanta because one

day I’m going to share the stage with

you prepare because God gave me the

Nations very rarely do I find someone

writing to me I want you to pray for me

because I’m serving and something small

on my congregation but since I’m obeying

I know God is going to reward my

faithfulness no it’s always I’m going to

win a Grammy I’m going to be successful

or I close my eyes and I see myself

amongst the Nations it’s always in the

grandiose but I’ve discovered

that the kingdom becomes smaller and

smaller the more powerful we become in

the world

Mother Teresa had a phrase that said

we can’t do great things

if we don’t do the small things with

great love and then she added it’s not

about how much you do but how much love

you place in all that you do

you’re looking at me as if to say really

yeah yeah Mother Teresa said it because

I don’t know if you don’t believe me or

Mother Teresa

and I’m including myself all right

it’s easy for easier for us to fall in

love with great things

and when that happens

we forget about the small thing things

like for example

the people who surround us

can you ask the Lord for great things

yet forget about

the souls in the process yeah

Carlos Anaconda once said to me


I was very young and skinny

take care of yourself there

are more in love with success than with

the souls that’s how he speaks and if I

say it without his tone it doesn’t sound

like one of his phrases he said to me

take care of yourself because there are

people more in love with success than

they are with the souls

I was reading in one of Henry Ford’s

biographies the founder of the

automotive Empire I was reading an

interesting anecdote that one time

Ford had to personally intervene in the

selection of a new CEO a new executive

for his business

yet to select between two young aspiring


and so interestingly both

nominees graduated from an important

University they both had high grades

they both graduated with honors and they

were both highly qualified to occupy the

vacant position and so the manager of

Human Resources resources had no

argument on how to decide who would take

the spot and he goes to Ford and he says

I don’t know which one of these two and

so Ford says all right I’ll be in charge

of who will be selected

but he didn’t hold the interview

in his office he held it at his favorite


so both

applicants were surprised at this

businessman invited them out and once

the dinner ended outside of the

restaurant Mr Ford said to one of them

you’re hired and he gave thanks to the

other person but he said that he

wouldn’t be hired just

continue on look for another job and so

the one that was rejected asked the

automotive business magnet he said Mr

Ford during the dinner we never spoke

about engineering we never spoke about

sales we never spoke about Market

Tendencies can you tell me

why did you make the decision to hire my

friend and not myself we talked about

different things and Ford told them the

reason your friend paid attention

to the waiters he gave thanks

for when they brought the menu he said

please when he asked for a water but to

you all the waiters were invisible you

didn’t realize who was serving you

you were only paying attention to me and

not the waiters

and the leader that I’m looking for

shouldn’t just see the hierarchy and

want to do well with those above him but

he needs to see the common human that’s

why he was higher than you weren’t ouch

that hurts

one of them just wanted to please Ford

and he didn’t care who brought him water

who would bring in the menu so we can’t

pretend to be used by God

for great things

if we ignore the person that’s next to

us don’t tell me that someone loves God

but they have problems with the whole

world it’s impossible

no one can love God love the god that

they can’t see and not get along with

those they can see don’t tell me God is

going to give you the world if you can’t

get along with any of your co-workers

if you fight with everyone

it’s okay maybe I have a problem with

one or two but now five six seven that’s

a pattern

it’s not the world against you

I’m not Henry Ford but I’ve had to sit

down at a restaurant with people that

say are business people

or leaders men and women of God and I’ve

seen them mistreat the waiters or

waitresses serving them

and they think that by mistreating them

they’re impressing me as if I’m going to

say wow what divine Authority wow tell

them to go get a new wine

no this isn’t a a cup

for a servant of God give me another one

no that to me that’s they’re an imbecile

they’re petulant they’re mistreating

someone that’s serving them

and Jesus said I didn’t come to be

served I came here to serve so they’re

mistreating the Lord how can they say

they have a calling to the Nations but

they mistreat the person that’s helping


and Jesus had

a special care for insignificant people

in fact

he used



the yeast

Jews weren’t big fans of yeast because

it was the same metaphor that Jesus used

when he described the arrogance at the

Pharisees had her he said careful with

the yeast of of the Pharisees so those

that didn’t like the image of the yeast

Jesus expresses all right it’s fine let

me give you another example the kingdom

of God is like the Mustard Seed remember

Jesus said the kingdom of heaven

looks like the mustard seed that a man

took and planted in the field

and that’s the smallest seed of all but

when it grows it’s the greatest of the


and so the birds of Heaven Come

and make nests in its branches that’s

the metaphor Jesus used

Jesus also said

the Kingdom of Heaven is like the yeast

that a woman took and hid in three lumps

of dough until they were all leavened

this is in Matthew 13 31.

the guys were surprised by the metaphor

they were capturing these images of the

parable because they knew what lumps of

dough looked like

first the mustard seed is the size

of a of a pebble of a of a speck

and lumps of yeast aren’t bigger than

your thumb

Jesus said a mustard seed

can germinate and give off leafy

branches to give Refuge to a band of

birds and just a pinch

a fermented dough

can create three different meals

for 40 people to eat over a few days

Jesus said that’s how the kingdom Works

what begins with something very small

ends up with big proportions and I think

the Primitive Church needed to remember

this and in a strategic way Matthew

places the parable of the Mustard Seed

next to the story of Agriculture where

Jesus orders

that they never uproot the weeds in the

field but rather let it grow next to the

wheat in another occasion I once heard a


told that mustard is like a weed that

grows in abandoned homes

the mustard seed

Rises through and breaks the concrete

have you seen that happen on the


mustard seeds have the fastest growth in

the world no tree grows faster than a

mustard tree

those that are frustrated because you

can’t grow anything plant a mustard seed

and the juice

that valued order an organization had

very strict rules on how to keep a

garden clean

mustard was known to invade vegetables

and drown them out so Jewish law in fact


the planting of any mustard seeds in

gardens that’s why I say

when the people heard the parable

that Jesus was sharing they laughed

because he was describing the Kingdom of

Heaven as taking control in an ingenious

way of course Jews preferred the parable

of the Cedars of Lebanon We Are The

Cedars of Lebanon I had a German Pastor

that always sang that

We Are The Cedars of Lebanon and we all

said hail Hitler I mean amen

however Jesus ridiculed those Triumph

triumphant expectations he said no no

we’re like a mustard seed Jesus

Revolution isn’t a frontal attack

against the world’s Empires

subtle contain

one life at a Time One Soul at a time

now I’m going to tell you another Secret

in the days of the Roman Empire The

Mustard Seed was a symbol of power

Alexander Magnum

andario met

so Dario sent him a sack of mustard

seeds to indicate him how many soldiers

he had in Alexander in response sent him

a sack of mustard seeds with the

following message he said you might be

many like the mustard seeds but were

powerful like the Mustard Seed so we can

destroy you and obviously he did

so once more Jesus changed the

significance of power Jesus power wasn’t

about flattening but about being

flattened and in that way through the

cross triumphing over the empire

The Mustard Seed in order to free its

power allows itself to be

buried flattened in John’s gospel he

Compares death and Resurrection to a

seed that is planted

if the seed doesn’t fall into the dirt

and dies it stays there but if it dies

and is thrown into the dirt what does it

produce fruit

so the mustard seed is the official

sponsor of Jesus Revolution

it’s the sponsor

it’s a backward symbol

and it’s also a good condiment for a

warm hot dog or ponchos how we call them

in Argentina and if it weren’t enough

Jesus adds another thing

the mustard plant that begins with the

small seed like this will grow to be so

big that birds will come and nest in its


the Hebrew thought thought that

birds like eagles and Condors that

symbolize power could only nest in The

Cedars of Lebanon but Jesus said no the

birds that are going to come to the

branches of the mustard tree were


because the word bird here isn’t

referring to the Majestic Eagles or

Condors that inhabit in The Cedars but

the birds of prey

that it carry on

these are the ones that inhabit in the

branches of the mustard trees

I killed Jesus why wouldn’t they have

asked for the cross


had a phobia for those birds that’s why

they had scarecrows or they would put

the picture of a mother-in-law so that

birds wouldn’t come near

but Jesus said that the Kingdom of

Heaven is for those birds and I say

glory to God that God’s kingdom is like

a mustard seed

so that then later in that tree all of

us insignificant people the undesirable

the marginalized

the pariahs for us to celebrate this

marvelous tree someone needs to say

that’s my God hallelujah

now I insist

we live in a culture that tells us

we have to Value the great things you

don’t want to upgrade your combo for 20

cents more

and we upgrade to a bagel drink that

will never ever finish

those buckets of popcorn that are this


you’re going to the movie theaters alone

and you have a bucket big enough to feed


can you eat all that no but they gave it

to me for just 30 cents more

you know Americans have big big gold


I don’t know how they can drink so much

they’re they’re buckets they’re barrels

us argentinians we come

from Europeans and coffee is a small


like espressos in Colombia they’re just

small shots of coffee

look at the Nostalgia

that I caused when I told you those

shots of espresso well so much Nostalgia

why don’t you just go back

I miss Argentinian coffee but not that


Cuban coffees that are very small

they’re this big

you want a Cuban coffee

and Cubans lie to you they lie to you

like Mexicans when they say it’s not


I ask a Mexican hey is it spicy no

going in and out out it was spicy as can


Cubans as well

is this coffee strong no no that’s not

strong one time I drove drank a coffee

at the airport

and they said no it’s not strong it’s

worse than Cuba this is soft

I drank the coffee and I was going

faster than the plane itself I was

jittery I was like that for three days

with arrhythmia

so when you come from that culture when

you live in that culture and you find

Americans that have barrels of coffee

and they’re

gulping it

you ask why well because here

everything’s big

burgers that are Miss cow herself there

is no way to open up your mouth to take

a bite but you you eat it anyways have

you seen the TV commercials here

the burger that just arrived it does

everything geez this egg it has a cow a

pool this and that

and people go and buy it because it’s


cities built the biggest stadiums

conferences has to be big spiritual

conferences has to have to attract



among all that our purpose isn’t to

become greater but to become smaller and

smaller God’s Kingdom

is built from the foundations

in Jesus times

um Majestic Temple existed and when the

disciples saw the temple

and they contemplated it

the beauty of the Colosseum they said

what Stones what a building

and Jesus said to them you see all those

enormous buildings

in Mark in The Book of Mark

he said do you see all these great

buildings not one stone here will be

left on another every one of them will

be thrown down it’s not that he

necessarily wanted the destruction of

the temple but he was just redefining

what the temple was

ax reminds us that the Lord doesn’t live

in temples constructed by man the Lord

doesn’t live in River Arena he lives in

the people that comes to River Arena he

lives within us are we in agreement yes

or no

that’s why I maintained the idea that we

don’t have an altar that this isn’t a

holy place no we are the ones that are

Sanctified by Grace because if not it

wouldn’t be fair that the holy place

would be here on Sundays and then during

the week you live in the world

so we always insist that the Lord

doesn’t inhabit in temples

but we’re always insisting on building

God a home there’s a an episode in The

Simpsons I know you don’t watch it but I

used to watch it when I didn’t have


we’re Homer

is forced to be a missionary in a jungle

he goes with Flanders the good Christian

and they go and they construct

homes in the jungle

and along with the homes he constructs a

chapel a small church and when he

finishes Homer looks at the chapel and

says I’m happy that I finally built God

a small little cage

and that’s what we think sometimes that

we’re building God a cage in second

Samuel 7.

the Bible tells that David lived in a in

a mansion in a cedar Palace

and David begins to consider the idea

that God needs a great luxurious place

to inhabit however God rejects the idea

and says

are you the one to build me a house to

dwell in really

he says

from the day I brought the Israelites up

out of Egypt to this day I have not

dwelt in a house I have been moving from

place to place with a tent as my


and so I say yeah of course we’re

grateful to have this this Arena it’s a

comfortable place to gather

from here we send a message out to the

world but I’m going to confess something

to you that comes from my own

investigation after having traveled

through the entire world because I’ve

been an evangelist for many many years

as the congregation grows

in terms of personnel and campus and

buildings properties


increases dramatically

and the money and help destined to the

poor and those in need the bigger the

church the less it gives

I’ve just read a recent study that shows

that rich people are much less generous

than poor people

it’s as if the poor person or those that

feel poor give because they think well I

won’t be any more poor by sharing this

plate of food but the rich person thinks

about it many times over they begin to


the more they earn the more they’re

costs increase

and the big congregations give

proportionally less than the poor then

the small churches and this is due to

the fact that when you grow a lot

we also grow in

and being the same

we like to be around people that think

the way we do we liked that they have

the same economic level that we do it

happens in neighborhoods

when a Hispanic person earns a little

more money the first thing they want is

to leave the neighborhood

and leave the Hispanics

because it’s this neighborhood’s full of

Hispanics well what are you from Neptune

what are you no no I’m going to a


where there’s only white people they’re

only Asians it’s as if we want to leave

what identifies us but that’s what we

are and we’re going to take our Hispanic

nature wherever we go because it goes

with us it travels with us you don’t

change just because now we gather

now I gather with people that have the

same economic level as me no I’ve gotten

to know enormous churches

whose budget is invested

and maintaining maintaining a big white

elephant that they don’t know how it got

there the Primitive profits would say

that a church that invests millions in


temples or churches while their children

are hungry are at fault for a homicide

imagine the scene of a biological family

a father builds a mansion and his

children are dying of hunger they don’t

have a quarter for a Pupusa I’m not even

talking about an Argentinian barbecue

I’m just talking about look at the level

of poverty I’m illustrating here

when you preach you’ll give whatever

example you want but I’m Argentinian

imagine a man who begins to construct a

mansion and his children are starving

they would

force that guy into a mental ward or

he’d be sent to jail in the worst of


so one of the underlying beliefs is that

money and offerings and tithes belong to

the church

or those that manage the church

sometimes it’s thought that the offering

or tides are

collected to maintain the lifestyle of

the pastor or his family or his friends

or to make the temple bigger however the

scripture teaches us that offerings are

the instrument that God uses for the red


and that it belongs to the poor

so giving to the poor shouldn’t be

amongst the budget it is the whole


that is River’s budget if you like it or

not we give because that’s our budget

that’s our mission that’s our goal

now you might say well what does this

have to do with the monster seed well a

lot actually you might have heard that

the Bible says in Leviticus

that 10 was destined to sustaining the


levitical priests

but it’s no coincidence that the first

the first organizational structure

I myself get into these these difficult

words but this organizational structure

the first one of the Primitive Church

was created to secure the redistribution

for widows for Orphans just as the book

of Acts cheers

so more than 90 of the offerings had to

be given to the poor that’s what that’s

what the disciples did but we live in a

time in an era

where we’ve revoked that we’ve changed

it I was reading the statistics and the

majority of churches ninety percent of

the offerings are used on employees in

constructing a bigger Temple and

building a gym for the Youth building a

room for the for the women and it’s just

funds that are invested in the wrong way

because we feel that we want to build a

big house for God but we’re disting

distancing ourselves more and more from

the god that spoke to man in the garden

the god that lifted up his tent with us

through Jesus and then appears as a

mustard seed the Lord is more simple

than what we believe he is and he wants

to inhabit in our day-to-day every day

yes or no

once you have a roof start giving

it fascinates me that the city that

Jesus describes the New Jerusalem that

John describes the New Jerusalem doesn’t

speak about there being a temple

there is no luxurious temple in New

Jerusalem because God will live with us

just like in the garden like in the


so we have to bring back the garden to

the city

I know that in place of erecting tall

towers to reach heaven like Babel we

have to

make the Lord come down to earth and be

with us in the shower in traffic on the

freeway in the office in the hospital

at the mortuary God doesn’t inhabit in

Temple she inhabits in my heart and your

heart in our heart someone needs to

believe it yes or no

and as we said last Sunday

God does extraordinary things with

ordinary people

that’s what he said to the ancient

Builders of Jerusalem

16 years the temple was in Ruins

the work had been abandoned there was no

one to work the task was too great too


and to build that Temple Solomon would

have needed 60 000 Transporters

eighty thousand

Stone Cutters 3600

foreman and 60 years

it was a big task too big of a task the

workers might have thought what

difference is my work going to make and

God’s answer was this write it in the

tablets of your heart

hang it around your neck every Sunday or

every Monday you wake up to go to work

every time you turn on the coffee

machine every time

on the freeway during Peak traffic hour

don’t undervalue your Small Beginnings

because the Lord rejoices in seeing that

you’re beginning the work and seeing

that every day you wake up and work

every day you put in the effort don’t

undervalue it someone needs to believe

it do you truly believe it don’t


don’t undermine mom

I know how difficult it is Mom

every day every day being a mother

because fathers

us dads we can forget about being dads

from time to time we look at the kid and

we say

wait when did he grow up

You full from the moment he was born

he’s been growing

but moms every day every day

and she’s with the baby when the baby

has colic when when it has gases when

the baby is vomiting when the baby can’t

breathe and every day she goes to pee

with the with the bathroom door open she

doesn’t can’t have the luxury of closing

the door

needs to make sure that the baby doesn’t


doesn’t go into the kitchen

the dad’s different but the mom is all

the time all the time and there’s no

recognition no one’s going to give you a

diploma and it’s very strange for

someone to say to you well how beautiful

that you do it every day well Mom what

do you do when you get sick well even if

I’m sick I have to take care of my kids

because my husband works or because I’m


and every day you start again

every day you start again us gentlemen

as well

or the women that work every day you go

to that rap maze you go to that cubicle

and you put up with that manager that

mistreats you

or the

the co-workers that want to sabotage you

in every day every day every day leaders

and ministers

who prepare their sermons and one day

because it rains a little bit or because

or because the Super Bowl is on people

stop coming by God I’ve been in that

station of life where you put in the

effort you work in that day

people don’t come because oh it’s

someone’s birthday and my family’s over

and we can’t go to church

and you say Lord why don’t you just take

them now or I’ll send them to you

and every day

every day you continue and continue

don’t undermine the small things

well to us my team insignificant might

be it meant for someone else

it’s a small pebble to a giant nothing

but God uses it to defeat Goliath

compared to the tides of the magnets

what are the coins of the Widow but

Jesus uses that to inspire us that’s the

power of the mustard seeds and the lumps

of yeast

the power

to tear shrouds

power to change history

so I see that in God’s hands small seeds

grow until they become leafy trees

a small pinch of yeast

turns into loaves of bread small acts

change the world so you have to say all

right today I have to sow my Mustard

Seed I have to plant it I have to raise

this rebellious child

when they turn 13 14 or 15 they don’t

seem like your child anymore

you ask who whose Child is This it has

to be Satan’s child it can’t be my child

and from time to time

you find in a box this his first baby


and now you put those baby shoes next to

the big canoes that they use now

and you say how did this happen and you

missed that little baby that would drag

the dinosaur throughout the house and

now it’s that Mammoth that weighs 170

kilos with hairy legs that says

and showers every time Haley’s comment

goes by you guys how can it be

and what does the mom do she continues

One Day at a Time One Day at a Time

Small Beginnings and everything no one

begins with great things that’s why I

said at the beginning

it’s a shame when I see somebody that

begins a small church and says this

church is going to explode it’s not

branding it’s not through eloquent

phrases it’s not a bombastic slogan that

makes a church grow it’s not speaking

about God’s power that makes people come

to see you burn no it’s that you’re

truly burning

just worry about being in God’s presence

and God’s fire will burn in you and

people will run from all the corners of

the world to see you burn there’s no

need to promote it whatsoever that

something big something powerful that

whoever comes to this conference won’t

leave the same no there’s no promotion


if someone discovers the cure for cancer

tomorrow they wouldn’t need to invest a

single Dollar in in promoting it no the

word of mouth

will do its job right

let’s not go to cancer such a drastic

example no let’s speak to all the bald


someone truly discovers I’m not talking

about those products that appear on TV

call now and see how your hair grows no

if somebody truly discovered a shampoo

that you could use and it would make

your hair regrow like Puma Rodriguez you

think that publicity would be needed no

it works

if something works it works that’s why I

always say we don’t have to manipulate

people to offer

it makes me sick to think of the people

that say I have to preach an hour every

day so that people give their offering

really either those people have a

problem with learning

or those people just give because

they’re manipulated or

giving and receiving doesn’t work for

them because if someone gives and they

receive is it even needed for them to be

taught again no if it works it works

and when something works there’s no need

to reiterate it

so God’s Small Things begin to function

begin to work like when you put a little

pinch of geese in the dough

so let’s do that calling

or let’s make that phone call can that

phone call make a difference in the

world maybe for the person that woke up

this morning and said I would love to

hear something on behalf of god let’s

write that check it doesn’t have to be

a check with six zeros or three zeros no

it can be one zero it can be a twenty

dollar check a 20 20 bill

that can literally heal someone’s Soul

that’s praying for it

we don’t need a millionaire for that

let’s empty a few bullets in the middle

of a war we’re not going to stop the war

but with that criteria River never would

have gone out to furnish homes or give

food because we’re not solving world

hunger but man for those people it’s a

great difference so you have to forget

about the great things

because God continues to inhabit in the

small diminutive mustard seed

and if you still go to the restaurant

and ignore the waiter or the waitress

and you’re not capable of leaving them a

nice tip

I’m not telling you to give out free

tips when they didn’t take care of you

but if you can’t see that person that

person that Christ died for do we truly

believe that God is going to send us to

the Nations

if you don’t get along with anyone at

your job

and don’t tell me all because they’re

from the world no God sent you to to

them do you truly think God is going to

remove you from there and take you to

preach the Nations no if you’re faithful

in the small then you’ll Place us upon

the big things

the Lord said if you were Unfaithful

with your riches do you truly think that

the Lord in heaven is going to give you

the riches of Heaven if you can’t manage

the Small Things how can we imagine that

we’re going to manage big things so what

are the small things well what we have

what we can invite someone to a coffee

start a chain of favors

go through life with your eyes open

during the week and if we go to


see who’s sitting by themselves with sad

eyes you might say I don’t want to

bother you but can I maybe pray for you

and you don’t have to say I rip you cute

the world and this

thing demon of ice cream no

it’s just hey can I pray for you can I

have your name I’d love to pray for you

I’d love to invite you to church in fact

I think there might be a museum I don’t

have any biblical basis but knowing my

God’s personality I think there must be

a museum

to honor

all the common all the

all the uncommon results from common


I think it must be called

the bugs Museum

you might be thinking

why did you use the word bugs


the small Revolution that’s why that’s

what the museum should be called it’s a

place we’ll all want to visit and we’ll

go in and we’ll find rahab’s cave the

one that she helped the two spies escape


David slingshot


needles or grab the the staff that

divided the Red Sea

smell the ointment that softened Jesus

skin we can rest our head upon the same


where Jesus slept on on the boat

we can rub our hand

on the manger where Jesus was born we

can touch the Roman wood

where Jesus was crucified you might be

thinking what else what else well we

don’t know what will be there but I can

be sure of one thing I do have a

Biblical basis for this the people

that are apparently insignificant that

used all these things will be there

those that took risks Rahab who hid the


the brothers that helped Paul escape the

conquerors David

using the slingshot Sans and brandishing

a bone Moses waving a staff

curious forager

Simon from Cyrene

that when he saw Jesus bloody back and

that he couldn’t continue he took a step

forward as soon as the soldier called

him over

small Acts

and this great cultural jungle just

insects small insects

that do small things

but seeing the Bible they changed all of

history I was reading a famous author

assured that in Hawaii he met a small

Asian woman

was hunched over back due to all her

years of life

modest means

she works as a waitress in one of the

many hotels

on the beach and when she found out that

some missionaries were coming and

visiting Hawaii

she insisted that they come into her


and she said I want you to see that I

also preach and when they went into her

home this Asian woman had an enormous


filled with

paintings with frames

but the majority of the space was

occupied by carved pieces of wood that

looked like an open book

it was like a carving

made to look like a book The Woman said

she couldn’t read and she said she also

couldn’t give money nor was she good at

speaking but she had learned

this craft and that’s what she used to

preach and her plan was simple

she would put the picture of a friend

that she would take on a Polaroid she

would put that on one side and on the

other side

she would ask a friend who worked as a

waiter as a waiter with her to write a

Biblical verse and she would stick it


and her reasoning was that people love

to see their pictures and the majority

of the friends were simple people that

had few

adornments on their walls and so it was

a way for her to say I’m giving you this

picture of yourself with these letters

here with these this phrase here

and they would see daily

and did this work out for her well who

knows what God used the small seeds for

big harvests he traveled on the back of

a donkey


not in a carriage it’d be good for you

to tell the person next to you he

travels on donkeys

here you have the great speaking donkey

up here

and this Asian woman

ended up telling the missionaries

if one of these phrases next to their

pictures changes will any one of my

friends lives I’m going to feel honored

my entire life that my humble gift could

be used by a king

so no farmer knows the magnitude of

their Harvest

but we’ll be surprised that if in the

museum of Heaven if next to Moses staff


and the the cross

if we see

a carved piece of wood

with a picture on one side and a

Biblical phrase on the other made by a

Hawaiian woman because God sees these

things these small details and I say for

that reason

the instrument that transforms a life is

there and we’re not seeing it because

we’re expecting great things

maybe while you change the

a car’s oil for your client you can

leave them a flyer or a small book on

their seat and you can say to them this

is on the house does that change the


is it in the Billy Graham Style no

but that could end up in the museum

the museum in heaven

or maybe you have to take care of

children at a daycare

and every morning you pray for them

in silence or you teach them a certain

biblical principle who knows maybe one

of those children

will become an adult who will change the

world tomorrow or maybe you’re a

bricklayer or a contractor

and your colleague see you every morning

and one day they asked what are you

whistling and you tell them

about the new prey song you learned at

your church

and they’re and that they’re marvelous

and you invite them to come and listen

to the same songs

they’re not great ways of preaching

like us preachers like to post on social

media that we conquer the Nations and

we always want five stars five star

titles but something tells me

that for each visible hero there are

dozens that are in the shadows

the Press doesn’t pay attention to you

you don’t attract multitudes maybe

you’ll never write a book

but behind

each Avalanche there’s always a

snowflake behind each rock slide there

was always a small pebble and an atomic

explosion starts with a small atom and a

revival can begin

with the poorly preached sermon

we’re about to go but John Eglin Eglin

never preached a sermon in his whole

life John Eglin

what’s more not because he couldn’t

but because he never had the need he was

a deacon he was an usher but one morning

he did it just so happened that the snow

covered the entire city in White in

Colchester England

and when he woke up that morning that

Sunday morning back in 1958

he said you know what I’ll stay home I

can’t even go out who’s going to church

during this weather storm

but he said you know what after all I am

the Deacon let me at least open the


and if the deacons don’t go who’s going

to go so he said let me go so he put on

his boots he put on his hat a big warm

jacket and he walked the six miles to

the Methodist Church

he wasn’t the only member that

considered the possibility of going

few went

but he was there in charge 12 members in

total arrived and one visitor so there

were 13.

the pastor didn’t come because he was

trapped in by the snow and somebody

suggested why don’t we go home and Eglin

said no

we got here there will be a service even

if it’s short we came this far let’s at

least have a gathering a service and we

have a guest a 13 year old boy that was

the visitor

and who was going to preach well Eglin

was the only Deacon so it was his turn

it was his worst it was the worst sermon

ever it was 10 minutes long he went

around in circles he wandered he didn’t

make any points it was a disaster it was

like a cocktail

and finally he saw the visitor the child

he said do you want to accept Christ and

this 13 year old boy

as an adult

told his his first time experience of

this day and he would say

during that winter I went into the

chapel because there was a

a snowstorm I was cold and I needed to

pee so I went into the chapel I was

about to leave and a woman invited me to

sit down

so because of my manners I sat down and

listened to a man that preached horribly

for 10 minutes but amongst what he said

he mentioned that the Lord loved me that

he was calling me

and he made me repeat a prayer and I

accepted Christ in my heart the name of

that gentleman that young man Charles

Spurgeon the prince of the English

preachers converted at the age of 13.

and a snowstorm was the terrible


did Eglin knew what he did no

do Heroes know

when they realize heroic jobs no

or historic moments recognized when

they’re happening no

does a mustard seed know when he’s

making history I doubt it does a lump of

yeast know that it’s leavening the

entire dough that it’s permeating no

rarely do we see the story when it’s

being generated

and we almost never recognize the heroes

one day they’re going to remember what

happened at River hey did you did you

know back in those days it’s been years


when I was younger

people would wait in line

from five or six in the morning and your

grandchildren will say well why weren’t

there enough seats yeah yeah but even

then there was Hunger for God and I

remember every Sunday was special and we

would sing

there was a marvelous Orchestra

everyone’s old now except for Dante he

still looks phenomenal but everyone’s

dead now all those members are dead

except for Dante he was always young but

they’re all dead now

and that’s where honor comes from

you know that’s when we honor the dead

oh it was tremendous it was marvelous

it’s better that way I say it’s better

that way

because if we were to find out how God

uses us now I don’t know

I think that we would be filled with


and as soon as we’re filled with pride

we’re such scammers and Rascals now we

begin to speak about how we’re here for

great things and that we’re not we’re no

longer there for the small things

that’s how we are well not you guys the

people from the from this can service


as soon as they tell us some history and

that were important then we say well

we’re not here for the small things I’ve

been through it already and we want

something great

forget that small decisions

the small acts of obedience to God the

small ones sometimes they don’t appear

as much

but each small contribution towards his


is noticed

each piece of advice that we give every

time you pray for someone anytime you

smile at someone a sincere embrace

there are people that don’t forget about

sincere Embrace and they say that

changed my life I had never been hugged

that way not too long ago an artist that

came here said that he said

it’s been years since someone hugged me

the way this young man did that’s what

happens small lumps saying significant

seeds small insects

but as God’s kingdom becomes smaller the

more powerful we become in the world

from within and let’s never forget

that the mustard seed is the official

sponsor of the small Revolution

that’s what we are

small Giants Little Giants doing things

where no one sees us

that’s the greatest desire that we have

as Leaders or as pastors that each one

of us give the best of themselves

wherever God placed you

wherever God planted you

if the great things come welcome if the

great things don’t come well

a waiter is a good good way to start

the person sitting next to you in the


the person that doesn’t have enough

money to buy a Bible

the person we see in the market


items back from the car because they

can’t afford it

and if our eyes are open

we’d realize that this woman is fighting

against life to feed her children so

it’s you know you don’t need to furnish

homes you don’t need a million dollar


you don’t need to say well

we’re not river we’re

money doesn’t grow on trees for us whoa

it’s not that’s not like that’s not the

reality we live in either we have to

work hard but we can all do something we

can all serve we can all be an agent of



be a lump of geese be a a seed of a

mustard seed I invite you to a

revolution people are you with me yes or

no I invite you to a small Revolution

with great changes give a grand Applause

to the Lord of lords the King of Kings

Hallelujah if you believe that God has

spoken today

now that you’re on your feet let that

Applause truly be heard here and at home

around the five continents

the Lord has spoken today blessed be the


how many receive this word say Amen

and now to finish

this is going to

be at odds with certain people’s

theology despite the fact that I’m here

every Sunday

but I go on tour during the week to give

conferences I’ve realized in the last

few years

it’s fascinating how from afari can

impact but up close your effect

and when I’m close to someone when I’m

having a meal with someone someone that

might not have God apparently when I

have just a few minutes not to preach

but to show them with my life

that someone inhabits within me that

this is the Temple of the spirit

and I don’t do it as a spiritual Lloyd

sometimes we talk about politics or

anything talk about whatever topic but

all of a sudden I see how that person

begins to change they begin to notice

something different they say there’s a

special energy there’s an atmosphere I

love one they don’t even have the

vocabulary to articulate what’s


if they tell me oh there’s a special

anointing it’s because they’re aware of

the Evangelical vocabulary but when they

say I don’t know there’s an aura there’s

a an energy someone told me the other

day you have a special Aura I say say

what you want it won’t take long for

them to realize that the one that

inhabits in me also wants to inhabit in

their heart he also wants to inhabit

inside of them

isn’t it marvelous

it’s marvelous

and it’s contagious it’s viral the Lord

said this is a viral movement

subterraneous believe in me


poor are the followers of Nebuchadnezzar

and the Babylonians who thought they

were taking a few young men captives


poor people they thought they were

taking them captive when what God was

actually was doing

was inserting four moles into Babylon

and from within they infiltrated and

took all of Babylon captive

he brought in four guys

that seemed to look like all the rest

that spoke like all the rest but over

the period of a few months the king

ended up saying I tell the whole world

that there is no God like the god of

Daniel there is no God like his God

does someone want that declaration say

Amen there is no God like the god of the

people from River do you believe it

we’re going to pray

first I’m going to do

what Eglin said in the Methodist Church

there might be someone here that’s 40

years old 50 80 years old who knows

Maybe by touching those people maybe we

touch a multitude later so repeat this

prayer with me Lord Jesus

come into my heart forgive my sins

thank you for the cross

for resurrecting

forgiving me eternal life

thank you Lord

I receive you as my savior

and say out loud write my name in The

Book of Life and now lift up your hands

and we’re going to pray all together

we’re going to cry out

for all those as I said last Sunday all

those that are frustrated

because those great things the prophecy

that they gave you isn’t being fulfilled

and the Lord wants me to remind you I

rejoice in your Small Beginnings begin

take a first step of faith

write just a few lines

edit a Blog

make that phone call write that check

every day

you can make the promise to God that you

won’t go to bed without making sure that

you tried to change at least one

person’s life you hear me not a

multitude don’t ask for stadiums anymore

say Lord give me one person every day


at the cafe in the morning at the market

at school

wherever you go at the club

wherever you go

I want to change one person’s life and

at the end of the year you will have

changed 365 lives that’s a great

congregation and in 10 years you will

have reached almost 4 500 people

that’s a multitude

and one day

those totems will be there in the museum

in heaven

the day that you wrote that check the

day you made that phone call the day you

gave that hug the day you give that

encouraging word the day you sent a

verse come on lift up your hands and

begin to cry out with me I feel that

something new is being set free here and

around the world

come on we’re going to begin a chain of

favors there are people that will say to

you that hasn’t changed lives but the

Lord says to me I was hungry I was in

jail I was in the hospital you gave me

food you visited me you were with me you

were there and since you did it for my

children you’ve done it for me don’t

forget about that

Lord lift up a generation that reaches

the ants of the world the generation of

people that are generous and giving

people that learn to give up their place

in the line people that aren’t in a rush

if it’s about changing lives the Lord

tells me that that is coming that begins

here I have called you with a purpose

you know what I’m going to pray for now

from the mothers for moms I have felt it

strongly for moms that do that enormous

job almost anonymously

of raising ironing washing cleaning and

very few times I know that there are

dads that raise children on their owns

but especially

moms grandmothers that raise kids on

their own I want the Lord to know

or no on behalf of the Lord that he

knows he sees your efforts your work he

sustains you he sees you daughter

you’re raising men and women of good and

culture you’re placing adults in the

future you’re raising them with

principles and you’ve given up on trips

on vacations you’re giving up on so many

things for them but now I’m praying I’m

crying out now for those that have jobs

that are apparently common I’m praying

for those that work as Carpenters like

my father as plumbers handymen gardeners

and you say there’s nothing spectacular

in what I do but God tells me I’ve I

sent you to that home I sent you to that


and on purpose I’m going to open paths

so that you can speak and remember don’t

condemn don’t threaten just give love

love love love and the people will come

to the feet of Christ

and they will want to have what you have

others will notice as you whistle while

you work and they see that you’re joyous

when you do a dirty job when you show

joy for a job that is dirty that makes

you hunched over that makes you sweat

but that’ll be a testimony to others

there’s joy there’s happiness in Small


there’s joy in Little Beginnings

for undervalue the beginnings I’m

praying for the small congregations now

I’m praying for those that are starting

churches my beloved Pastor I’m going to

give you advice that you’re not asking

for but if you’re listening to this

sermon it’s because God wants me to tell

you this

bless your Small Beginnings you don’t

need to yell anymore you don’t need to

be so rowdy just hug them embrace them

because they will come they will come

people need affection people need to be

known embrace them and tell them that

you’ll be a father that you’ll know

their names that you’ll know their phone


and take advantage of those Small

Beginnings because then you’ll grow and

you won’t be able to give yourself that

luxury and it’ll be a pleasure that you

won’t be able to enjoy because then the

logistics are gonna make it impossible

but now enjoy celebrate

forming leaders

celebrate building the foundations lift

up your hands lift up your hands to

heaven and receive this word

I’m blessing your processes

I’m blessing your processes

I know you don’t see anything yet but in

that process the Lord says I will take

you all the way to the promised land

bless your stone pillow even if it’s too

hard to sleep on

bless it say Lord thank you for this

season I don’t understand it I would

have changed it but you dictate my life

and you know what I need come on lift up

your hands those that have the baptism

of the spirit intercede as the spirit

gives you utterance cry out to the Lord

and say you’ve spoken today


I’ve transmitted what I believe God told

me to tell you today

and I feel that God’s glory grows Moment

by moment moment by moment more and more

and more I’m praying for parents

all the parents that have felt alone

in all the misfortunes of life alone

with a broken family you say I can’t

continue but the Lord tells me to tell

you I will sustain you

let us the Small Beginnings blessed

waking up every morning and having

Health one day at a time one step at a

time one step at a time

one step at a time

apparently insignificant

lumps of yeast mustard seeds small small

but doing extraordinary things in the

hands of God

lift up your hands and drink drink we’re

about to go but before I want you to

receive I want you to receive this

anointing this ointment of the spirit

more more more more begin to cry come on

come on cry with me and say Lord I’m

understanding I’m seeing

how a new

purpose of new

will come

you don’t know what God can do with a

small pebble with a small rock David you

can’t imagine what God can do with your

gift you can’t imagine what God can do

what someone knows how to write or Draw

or paint

or account

or hug and you can’t imagine what God

can do with those that know how to

listen what a gift that is lacking

people that can listen God blesses you

he takes you he elevates you Hallelujah

Give It Up

the Lord of lords

can you feel that the king is in the

house Hallelujah

my beloved may God bless you may he

protect you give a grand grand Applause

to the Lord may he bless you and at home

bye bye bye until next time bye God

bless you we’ll see you next Sunday

















we go








it is