ENGLISH Dante Gebel #830 | Secrets of a strange family

Most of us are normal people. We lead a common life punctuated by occasional weddings, job changes, the occasional birth, and a couple of funerals. Sometimes this makes us feel invisible or insignificant in the crowd; but let us not forget that there is no event so common and ordinary in which God is not present. The Lord can speak to us at the kitchen sink, as we change diapers in the middle of the night, or as we work from sunrise to sunset in the office or in the fields. We have to start taking notice of our life and open our eyes to discover God in the midst of our ordinary days.




lift those flags up high there we have

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connecting with us now live

thank you marvelous people and now we’re

transmitting hello good morning good

afternoon good night here we sang we

celebrated we did all sorts of things we

worship them now is the moment for us to

receive what I believe God placed in my

heart thank you for connecting from

whatever part of the world you’re in

thank you for being a part of river

thank you for being a part of this

Flagship are we ready people yes or no

I want you to pay attention to me

not too long ago I was remembering an

ant I’m not going to say which one

but she had a classic sausage home

it’s a very particular home

in Argentina that we would visit when I

was young I must have been

six or seven years old that’s what I can


it was a gloomy home

they had a a single window with the

screen that brought in the midday sun

and there was a long Corridor that

connected a series of bedrooms and down


next to the restroom at the end of the

hall there was a bedroom

that always released a strong putrid

smell but that door was always closed it

was a mystery you weren’t able to go in

there but on the inside you could hear

thuds and unsettling sounds and my aunt

would say to me

never go close to that door for nothing

in the world she’s made me even more

scared but that’s what my aunt said with

no explanation she said Don’t Go Near

That Door Don’t Go Near the door where

weird smells and sounds emanate from

and it took me years to realize that in

that gloomy room

my aunt had a strange daughter or

stepdaughter back in those days families

did away with children that had some

sort of mental retardation

if they felt that they could be

embarrassed by them

the subnormal person as they used to say

cruelly they would never appear in the

family portrait they were hidden they

were locked away for life they were left

in a bedroom far from the rest of the

family so nobody not even for Christmas

or for birthdays

would visit them it was so

discriminatory and cruel

it was segregation just as I’m sharing

it with you we realized this later as

adults that somebody lived in that

bedroom where we would hear sounds


we don’t hear about these cases too


unless they’re exposed or denounced

publicly but even then

the majority of family families hide I’m

hoping it’s not a family I’m hoping

you’re not hiding your mother-in-law in

a bedroom and passing food under the

door we don’t hide

people but we do hide Secrets family

secrets and there are topics that we

don’t talk about

from the richest families in Beverly


or even the the huts

in the ghettos of Brazil or the

poverty-stricken neighborhoods in

Argentina All Families

tend to not talk about a certain topic

no matter what their financial status is

there are taboo topics that aren’t

spoken about

the gebels had uncles that drank far too


that’s LaRosa’s from an early age I told

you that when they died they didn’t say

rest in peace they put a flammable sign

on their coffin because

of all the alcohol in them if somebody

smoked near them it might explode we had

uncles that like young 18 year old girls

we had a grandfather

great-great-great-grandfather that we

thought might have been a Nazi nobody

knew but that’s what we thought we had a

cousin that had a seven month baby

that way to 11 pounds yeah I know it’s

strange so we used to say that she got

married quick remember that phrase

they were they had an emergency so that

she had to get married quickly

it took me years to realize that the

reason she got married so abruptly is

because she became pregnant out of


and we also had a grandmother that was

fun she liked to collect husbands

outside of all those small details we

were more or less normal right what is

normal well we were more or less an a

typical family because all those details

we never really spoke about however

I was always curious about the fact that

Jesus never had issues with showing the

rotten apples on his tree in his family


and if we climb Jesus’s genealogy will

find many many apples that are plagued

with worms

I know it’s shocking and some will be

left uncomfortable with this theology

but there’s a plethora

uh family members that had a

questionable morale

from Genesis Kane was jealous of Abel

and he kills him lamech induces polygamy

to sums happiness and to others dismay

Noah gets drunk and curses his grandson

law is surrounded by sodomites

who want to have sex with him and his

daughter Abraham

has favorites amongst his children and

Isaac and ish between Isaac and Ishmael

who then become lifelong enemies

and created the hostility between

Muslims and Jews that is well alive


Rahab a prostitute from Jericho

no no my grandmother didn’t do that

but just like a Madam any madam

she ruled the brothel in the red zone of

Jericho Jacob the grandfather who was

so devious that he deserved to have

a tracker on his ankle

Jacob didn’t know he married the wrong

woman until the day after after he cut

the cake and after he danced with the

ugly one all night

the beautiful seductress


he thought that there weren’t people

voyeurs that were watching her

but according to scripture she would

bathe nude in the Terrace

in front of the Royal Palace I’m not

blaming her but I’m just trying to show

these fun characters that appear in

scripture David

the one who killed the Giants who

couldn’t manage his testosterone the man

had more women than common sense

and on top of it all

he had such an irregular personality as

if he were a Picasso painting because

one day he would sing Psalms and the

next day

he would seduce the wives of his

captains and his son Solomon also wasn’t

a gem

he was a business magnet magnet so rich

yet alone that he dedicated his life to

collecting women he had 900 concubines

poor man imagine having one

mother-in-law now imagine 900.

he was the first one

to subject women

and all the marriages in the Bible well

the majority are disasters Adam and Eve

screwed up in the Garden of Eden

Adam made a mistake and then he told God

but what about the woman you gave me and

from that day on God said I’m not giving

anyone a wife you look for her on your


you might say God picks pick a woman for

me and God says no no way you pick for

yourself because they’re still blaming

me for the garden Abraham lied by saying

that his wife Sarah was his sister and

he made his servant pregnant

Isaac and Rebecca

spent their whole marriage fighting

because he favored Esau and she favored

Jacob that’s all we know

all we know about Moses his wife is

ephora and those of you that have less

Bible than uh

than a mosque I’m not talking about

Sephora the makeup brand

look at Moses he was a businessman he

had a Sephora business no Sephora was

Moses wife and she appears in the Bible

arguing with Moses and she said to him

you’re only my husband by Blood because

of the son that they had but it was a

way of asking for a divorce and we

didn’t hear about her again until she

appeared in

because the story years years later

when job’s sweet wife appears and and

and sees that job’s wife becomes

difficult she tells him curse your God

and die

in all the Disney movies that we watch

life is difficult until you get married

and from then on they live happily ever

after but that’s only Disney it happened

to Snow White Rapunzel Aurora Cinderella

Jasmine Mulan Pocahontas Anna Elsa and


Beauty who married the beast but all the


those of us that aren’t in a Disney

movie even the Bible

shows marriages that had problems and

they needed urgent therapy so ladies and

gentlemen look at Jesus ancestors

problematic people and I go to scripture

I go to the Bible and I see a story

of Scandal of intrigue

but why didn’t Jesus erase these names

from his genealogy he

news reporters would have had a field


with all these scandals

many Scoundrels scammers that appear

from Genesis to Revelations so what type

of people are these people well these

are the type of people that make up the


of the film set by God because in this

strange family we also have a spot we

find our stories in their stories

what I conclude is that if God was able

to find a place for these characters

amongst his family

people that means that we have hope that

means that he can also use us he can

also include us we can be a part of the

family with all that plethora of


I always say that

that we are when we greet people at the

beginning of the service we did this

earlier we all have a scandalous problem

our true problem is that we can’t speak

in respects to it

it’s tough for us to be authentic we try

and mask our family problems if we have

a crisis in our marriage or rebellious

children or problems with our in-laws

problems around the dinner table we try

and make sure that no one knows about it

and that lack of authenticity is our

worst problem because I say

the worst thing

is that the requisite requirement to

belong to a church is to not have any

issues that’s why people say I can’t go

to church

how can you expect me to go to the

priest or the rabbi if my life is a

disaster people think they need to

cleanse themselves before they go to

church why well because at church we’re


and we’re the people that used to sin

as long as it all has a happy ending we

love testimonies

but people need to assure us that

they’re not messing up anymore that’s

why we love the testimonies from Club

700 like Heavens Charlie oh I had a

problem you know I was an abuser I was a

racist I was a Barcelona fan

entering the World Cup I was cheering

for Killian and Bape instead of going

for a Lionel Messi

imagine the poor subject I was that’s

for the choir that I’ll never forget

they were cheering for friends

remember that

but you know what Charlie I met God and

now I have a labrador I cut my grass

Sunday mornings I make delicious

barbecues milkshakes and I love my

mother-in-law oh Charlie

the video

and so I say why would we go to church

why would we come to church to try and

convince the people in the church that

we don’t need a church it’s crazy

because deep down inside we’re ashamed

of Who We Are

and what we’re still battling against

but what I notice is that God isn’t

ashamed of his family

Hebrews 2 11 says both the one who makes

people holy and those who are made holy

are of the same family so Jesus is not

ashamed to call them brothers and

sisters he knows us I see God showing

his family a portrait proud every

morning and every person in there is

strange but they’re present just like us

they’re on Christmas there’s a drunk


other cousin that’s doing strange

business and the Ant that can’t shut her


the nephew that tells dirty jokes after

a second shot

the daughter-in-law

that speaks about things she shouldn’t

and so she’s like a sewer

and so what did Jesus do he hung all the

dirty clothes and on the neighborhood

clothesline he presented it there in the

Bible why

because if our family tree

has certain putrid fruits

Jesus wants to tell us I also went

through that

I know what it is to deal with difficult

people with your own difficult issues

but we always want to cleanse it

cleanse that section of the scripture

and say no God wants me to be perfect no

there’s no way for us to be perfect

unless he makes us perfect


Homeland where he was born

sometimes Chris culture makes us forget

it was a humble Village a remote Village


a place that took people to say can

anything good come from Nazareth isn’t

that discriminatory it’s like saying can

anything good come from Buenos Aires

from Tijuana

and look this guy came from Tijuana

something good he looks like an

Argentinian yeah he came from Tijuana

it’s as if to say Can something good

come from Caracas it’s discriminatory

can something good come from Guatemala

see it hurts right

but I’m just giving the example hey hey

whoa whoa well the part about Nazareth

also her feelings

saying can something good come from

Nazareth when they heard about Jesus now

let’s imagine something else so I don’t

hurt your feelings


Afghanistan Burkina Faso billinghurst


but let’s imagine a sem send me arid


on the margins of any social epicenter

we’re going to get on a ship and we’re

going to look for a family like Jesus’s

and let’s not stop at the nicest homes

in the neighborhood let’s go to the most

poverty-stricken area

not ravaged by homelessness but

a humble neighborhood

think of the homes that we came from

because we have to find a modest home

with a single mother with

juvenile acne and an ordinary Pawn

that’s Mary and Joseph

not the statues or the or the versions

that Hollywood presents their stories

couldn’t be any more common

that first Christmas that first Nativity

our Lord Jesus Christ had nothing

sparkly or shiny they were a normal


and a rustic home living off of a living

off a minimum wage wouldn’t normal

people do they have calluses like Joseph

stretch marks like Mary normal people

stay up late into the night washing

their clothes ironing their clothes and

waking up early in the morning to get to

work normal common people like any

immigrant well in this case Mary and

Joseph they use

sandals or slippers they take their kids

to school they have a dog that’s

impossible to train because you know

millionaires have dogs

that buy their own food they’re given a

credit card and they call on the phone

but our dogs we could never make them

pee outside because our dogs were stray


made on a passionate night

of dog love what breed is it I don’t

know that night he he was let loose and

he went crazy and the majority of us if

not all of us we’re all common people

today we woke up to a normal day

no Butler

drew a bath for you right

no maid prepared your clothing correct

nobody said let me prepare your food so

you can go to service

eggs benedict our children didn’t drink

orange juice freshly squeezed from our

orange trees no

I once read that Kim Kardashian doesn’t

suffer through traffic because she uses

a helicopter

in fact there are celebrities that have

their own private planes Lionel Messi

Tom Cruise Taylor Swift maluma Elon Musk


del Barrio

just to be inclusive

these people

don’t travel in tourist class on a plane

they don’t share a diminutive restroom

with a hundred other passengers they

don’t use plastic knives or Cutlery

they don’t put their luggage in the


cubby because it’s too big but we fly

on a commercial plane in the very back

sitting next to a woman that has to get

up every five minutes to go to the

restroom right

and the best of cases we have a normal

car that takes us to a normal job a

normal employment if not

then maybe we got on a train a Subway a


with a bunch of other normal people like


so we don’t have to make a spot in our

agenda to meet with the king or the

president or go to the Pentagon no we

just want to leave the office quickly so

we don’t catch traffic during Peak

traffic hours and we don’t want an Asian

to crash into us that’s all we want

on a normal day

we’re still not translating it to to

Chinese so we can still talk about them

a line

getting on the freeway or line at the

gas station in line at the market a line

at Starbucks if we were a governor or if

we had an Oscar on the chimney or an


maybe we could avoid the multitudes but

we can’t avoid them

even when we leave here today we can’t

afford avoid the traffic jams in the

parking structure but there we are I

always remember when President naibukele

I’ve told you this many times

placed his entire Army and staff to

escort me when I was in El Salvador for

24 hours

a trip that took an hour and a half I

would do in 10 minutes

10 motorcycle police

two huge Chevrolet Suburbans

in front of me and two behind me I

looked and I said you know what I could

get used to this

I felt like Luis Miguel I said oh

and I want to say this to my beloved

salvadorians and all those that are here


when you have a weapon a car and a

license plate you wouldn’t say hey can

you please let me through no it’s hey

move move

I felt like Jim Carrey and Evan Almighty

everything opened up for me it was

marvelous in fact I’ll be there August

17th take note


let’s see if they’re waiting for me


when I arrived back in LAX

my Carriage became a pumpkin again

the shiny Suburbans

became my normal car again I was trapped

on a street called La Cienega

and nobody cared that just 24 hours

earlier I was a celebrity in El Salvador

I was normal again I put the window down

and I said Hey in El Salvador they

respect me

and they greeted me with us with the

gesture that I later learned as an


so we have a normal life we live a

normal life

sprinkled with a wedding here and there

a funeral

a birthday party

and we feel invisible

in the crowd we feel

normal negligible but Jesus was also a

young man lost in his neighborhood

because when he became famous

his neighbors said isn’t this the

carpenter son they didn’t say oh we saw

it coming the prodigal child or The

Prodigy they said isn’t he a carpenter

because Jesus had calloused hands I know

the hands of a carpenter because my

father was a carpenter his whole life


normal aspect I doubt heads turned while

Jesus walked down the street during his

first 30 years

they wouldn’t have picked him

they wouldn’t have picked his face

to put on Time Magazine

he lived in a remote Village amongst

forgotten people a humble home a single

mother a father that disappeared because

we don’t know about him after his birth

or after Jesus was 12 Joseph was never

mentioned again so maybe he passed away

a man with an ordinary appearance so you

don’t have to think about

the blonde Jesus with blue eyes and

European aspects or features because

that’s an American creation that was

born in Hollywood

the most probable thing is that he

wasn’t blonde nor did he have

blue eyes nor did he lick European we

all want him to look like a perfect

model almost like an Argentinian but

the day you guys preach you can give

whatever example you want but today I’m


the day you preach you might say he

probably looked like Chicharito

so if we could go look for Jesus

we would have to go to that clay home

with chickens running around the patio

and there’s an adolescent hunched over


chairs and tables

act says that he in everything he had to

be like us his brothers because only

then could be could he be merciful with


and faithful

and service to God and that he might

make atonement for the sins of the

people because he himself suffered when

he was tempted he is able to help those

who are being tempted

he didn’t come here to be a

demigod not like a Marvel super


Terminator he didn’t say well conquer

the world pinky no he arrived as a child

so I know what you’re thinking

wait a normal Jesus no Dante come on

when is it a normal thing to walk upon

water when is it normal to resurrect the

Dead how can you call Jesus life normal

I can already hear

the cosmic police of other people’s

Holiness but nine out of ten times we

can’t call Jesus life normal he spent 30

of his 33 years

in a normal village

on the brink of boredom

apart from that one incident at the

temple when he was 12 years old and got

lost nothing in Scripture

tells us what he did or said for his

first three decades

if it weren’t for

the reaffirmation from Mark

we wouldn’t know about Jesus’s first 30

years but a simple question makes us


that we might also have a normal life

when they say isn’t this the carpenter

that speaks to the fact that he he had a

job as a carpenter they said hey isn’t

he just the carpenter

they were astonished

as to all the popularity gained in three

years they said hey isn’t this the guy

that repaired my roof

when I asked him to place new shingles

observed that the neighbors didn’t say

oh this is the carpenter that still owes

me money oh isn’t this the guy that

scammed my dad I’m still waiting for

those chairs

the guy that never fit in my dining room

table and it’s still crooked it still

wobbles oh yeah I remember that bad

Carpenter no they never said any words

like this

a lazy

sloppy Carpenter wouldn’t have survived

in a neighborhood like that

and Jesus didn’t need to be a scammer

you needed something to be repaired

Jesus could do it for you

you need a new Anvil well why don’t you

go visit Jesus he’s a good Carpenter and

he’ll charge you a good price he’ll

never scam you he’ll charge you what’s


maybe the work was common but Jesus

diligence and the Excellence he did

things with wasn’t normal

he took his normal job very serious

and he observed common life

in detail

Nazareth is 600 meters above sea level

it’s situated on hills and I can see

that 23 24 year old guy you imagine a 23

year old guy looking at the world that

he created

wildflowers on the Hills

beautiful sunsets pelicans flying over

the Sea of Galilee


in the distance

and maybe that common land inspired him

to say later while he preached consider

the wildflowers in the fields

not even Solomon in all his glamor

dressed the way they

are dressed

maybe that’s where he drew that from

he would later explain

my yoke is easy

the guy that would wipe

sawdust out of his eyes and I know about

it because I worked in a in a carpentry

he later said why do you look at the

speck of sawdust and your brothers I and

pay no attention to the plank in your

own eye

he observed that a seed on the road

didn’t produce any fruit

Jesus knew about common life and my

question is

are we listening to our own

are we paying attention to the pitter

patter of the rain on the window and I

know here in California it doesn’t rain

much you say it seems like a bird is

peeing over us

I know but there are people around the

world that say I’m tired of the rain

well have you ever paid attention to the

Rain not with Nostalgia but giving

thanks to God because they produce fruit

in your fields

or the Cry of a baby

on a plane crammed with passengers

here are the mountains of California

that have snowy tops

from January to February to March that

extended all the way to April

when we’re changing the diapers of our

baby or driving our back to work or back

home we have to take notes on our life

there’s nothing too common for God to

not be involved now let’s agree we all

have common lives we have to pay our

bills make our beds cut the grass I know

and maybe we’ll never be on the cover of

the New York Times or the Los Angeles

Times unless we kill our mother-in-laws

in a creative way we’ll never appear

there nor will we get a phone call from

the White House but it’s likely

no we have to open her eyes and discover

God in our ordinary lives

we shouldn’t say Let Me Wait for Sunday

to encounter God no we can encounter God

in ordinary things in fact the 12 men

that Jesus chose were so ordinary like

him when you think about the apostles

don’t think about modern pastors that

wear Gucci belts wearing Rolexes on

their wrists or the Cardinals at the

Vatican wearing robes and rings that

cost a fortune

let me remind you what that group was


on one corner you have Peter

he had a thick accent a Galilean accent

the fishing nets made his hands hard

the man knows more about

fins and guts

or Bass and shipyards in the normal man

and all their as James Nathaniel

they were never at home for more than a

week they didn’t just they didn’t study

Asian culture they didn’t study Greek


they don’t have a single seal on their

passports what do they have well they’re

humble who said

one of their mothers said Jesus my son

who’s to your left and right no they

weren’t humble

they conspired to figure out who would

sit next to Jesus in heaven will they

studied theology no Peter said

Jesus told or Peter told Jesus Jesus

forget about the cross that won’t work

they were sensible no John wanted to

burn the inhabitants in Samaria let’s

burn them alive what a guy

he was like Che Guevara

they were loyal guys

when Jesus needed them

they fell asleep

when Jesus was arrested he was more

surrounded by enemies than his friends

they all went back to their own homes

during his execution Jesus was almost

alone not one of them was by his side

and you know what

the Lord said to them you will be my

Witnesses in Jerusalem and Judea and

Samaria and in the last corner of the

world really

this Rascals they were going to be his


all of you that called me crazy all of

you doubted my power yes you Tax

Collectors impetuous

Brute townsmen argentinians

us argentinians we can’t be so perfect

there has to be something against us

you’re going to

spearhead a movement that goes to Athens

Istanbul Shanghai Buenos Aires Los

Angeles Paris common people reaching all

the cities in the world and he continues

to use Simple people like us and it’s

true we struff we suffer in an extreme


we sit in the cheapest seats of the

stadium we take out the trash some of

you asleep with your mouth open and

snore like hippopotamuses there are

women saying yes yes that’s true

we don’t have fans that do the wave when

we walk by if we die they’ll never hold

the minute of Silence

for us in the Champions League Champions

League game no one will show up to our

funeral but if you ever need a reminder

of God’s tolerance and love then you’ll

find it in these common people and if

you use them he’ll use us yes or no


if you ask yourself how the heck is it

going to use me to change World well

look at these people

it’s a string of nobodies that found

Hope in God’s arms

God used and uses people to change the

world people not superheroes or Saints

or Geniuses no people I’m tired of

people saying Dante don’t talk about

your weaknesses because that doesn’t

help us why not we’re all people who is

going to believe that we travel in a

chariot of fire we don’t levitate the

majority of us don’t see Angels if

somebody did or saw other things that

might be indigestion an upset stomach or

maybe God is showing you something but I

don’t know about that

we don’t have a spot in the United

Nations but we cling on to a conviction

God doesn’t call those that are

qualified God qualifies those who he

calls right

whether you believe it or not God

changes the world with people just like


and with that being said

to finish

what if we could be so honest and so

ordinary we are but what if we could

stop pretending

what if we were all like the family

members of Jesus

all of his ancestors all of his

predecessors what if we could be like

that family

a church that doesn’t pretend

there would be there wouldn’t be enough

room to fit all those people in

look there are certain businesses

where there’s a gondola you might have

seen it

especially in our countries this exists

there’s a warning sign that says that

all the articles that are in that

area are defective

it’s it says sold as is in English it’s

sold as is

my English is too British so I’m not

going to

confuse you who speak a sloppy English

I don’t speak English well but I never

lacked a meal or a place to sleep all I

say is sleep room food

they never said to me I don’t understand

you I’m sorry oh I’m so sorry eat here

food and when I go to the menu and I

don’t understand I ask picture picture

and look how far I’ve come

well I discovered that there’s a phrase

in English and it’s sold as is that one

and it’s a sort of euphemism that says

these articles are defective

the business warns you reasonably they

say in this location

all these articles are defective

a pair of jeans with a zipper that

doesn’t zip

a shirt with that’s missing a button

they don’t tell you where the defect is

you have to look for it

but we know that there’s something wrong

with it so when you get home

and you find the defect because you will

find it

don’t go back to customer service and

say you sold me something defective

because it said sold as is the

merchandise in that aisle has one

fundamental rule

no returns Final sale

all you beloved marriages

beloved parents

beloved son-in-laws

there’s no refunds no exchanges if you

were looking for Perfection then you

went into the wrong aisle

because there it says sold as is if

you’re looking for perfection in a

church and you also went into the wrong


think about someone that has a

relationship with you whether it’s your

partner your your child whoever you love

most and know most

tell me that they’re not irregular

they have some defects right we have

that sort of trust to speak about it

there’s a small label here that says

there’s a defect you have to look for it

there’s a tendency to lie or a tongue

that throws out hurtful phrases

a temperament without control

wandering eyes I won’t tell you where

the defect is but it’s there and when

you find it and you will

don’t look

like you pee holy water oh

because if you want an authentic

relationship with that person there’s

only one way

as is

if you were looking for Perfection then

you went into the wrong aisle

pastors priests rabbis should say except

this woman as she is

do you accept this Beast just as he is

but we feel tempted to live under the

guise that he will change making foolish

attempts to fix people or to control

people I want them to look like me I

want them to listen to me or to pretend

to be what they’re not and the most

painful part is realizing that I’m also

you’re also in that same aisle of sold

as is

why do you demand Perfection if you

can’t offer it

throughout human history we all resist

to having that label placed on us so we

divide people into two groups holy and

normal like us and strange and sinners

so we all have habits that we can’t

control defects that we can’t repair

and that’s the cast that’s the cast that

God has to work with

the same way gluten

swells up your belly we’re propent to

doing what we shouldn’t we lie we

sacrifice our integrity not for a

million dollars for but for two dollars

I’m sorry officer I didn’t see the stop


I I I didn’t see that it said school

zone I I didn’t see it for two dollars

or we lie

I was just going to call you

who is it

how are you oh what Joy

we’re all strange people look around you

look look

look at this 360 panoram look at all

these strange people observe

please do a panorama of all the strange

people that congregate here so the world

can say look look at all these faces

now we all pretend that we’re good

and from time to time in this

hypocritical culture

we come across an as is a leader I don’t

know someone confesses that they have

problems in their family others are

accused of strange things

we discover that others have problems

with their kids and it’s not surprising

that this happens it’s surprising that

we say wow can you believe it oh no

oh no

this woman that left she’s just like


oh no

oh and they and she seemed so normal

they seemed so holy and that’s where the

hypocritical phrase comes from

worry for the kingdom oh all I’m worried

about is is how the gospel will look

well who puts you to take care of the


but it’s a way to say

we all agreed that we would all pretend

that we would all hide our personal

problems so that the gospel doesn’t look

bad really

the problem with the human race is not

that we have a few rotten apples amongst

us the problem with the human race is

that we all arrived defective

none of us none of us is a healthy apple

if not we’d be in heaven what are we

doing here God would have taken you too

healthy to live and spend time with the

rest of river he would have taken you by

now and as I always say if someone says

oh well I’m looking for a perfect Church

well it was perfect until you arrived

and ruined it it’s no longer perfect

why are there prayers that are more

sincere in hospital corridors

or in funeral homes than in churches

because at hospitals and at cemeteries

the people that pray aren’t considering

themselves filled with God and anointed

no it’s just desperate people they don’t

eat Saints and defecate devils

and despite having so many defects they

foolishly pray however they can and they

even extend a helping hand to common

people just like them they think maybe

they can change someone’s lives that’s

why there are more sincere prayers and

Hospital hallways

born from in front of a coffin

then in inside of our walls and I’m not

saying that here we’re not all sincere

but from time to time

we should come to terms with our

ordinary nature and know that we’re

common normal people I may be the most

normal guy here really

I’m saying it for the people that say oh

no well you know God gave you so many

gifts and talents no I swim in the sea

of normality it’s so tough for me just

the way it’s difficult for you I don’t

wake up in the morning and jump out of

bed and say oh now I’m going to look for

God in the Hills no sometimes I can’t

get up my eyes won’t open

I Slither to the restroom

sometimes I want to give everything up

sometimes I feel discouraged

I’m not a timid guy but sometimes I’m

happy sometimes I’m sad it happens with


that’s what I’m referring to when I say

I’m normal or I must be the most normal

guy because there’s someone

that sees me as a finished model and

thinks I don’t go through the same

things but no sometimes I go through

worse I’m under Fire

but we can sometimes do things for other


even though we’re not Mother Teresa

even though we don’t have all the

resources if you don’t believe me

ask the people that traveled to London

one morning


gifts thanks to Nicholas Winton a train

left Prague

what’s assassination as London

to go and honor Sir Nicholas Winton and


being a gentleman he was a common man

before the beginning of the second world

war he saved hundreds of children from

the Nazi deportation

the Winton train

recalled the trajectory

towards the end of 1939

pay attention to the statistics

it went 600 it saved 669 check children

from Jewish roots

this British broke broker

saved all these children from the Nazi

fuhrer and now these people travel on

this train

in honor

all these people are between 70 and 80

years old those that have hair have gray

white hair they walk slowly dragging

their feet

but it’s not

this is to give gratitude to this

gentleman they’re going to travel

from Prague to London they’re honoring

this man

who saved all their lives he’s 100 years


just as he did in 1939

in 1939 this man was a 29 year old

Hitler’s troops were surrounding


separating check

Jewish families taking the men to the

extermination camps and nobody worried

about the children Winton realized this

and he decided to help them he wasn’t

anything he wasn’t a pastor or Rabbi he

wasn’t a military officer he was just a

a broker

used as vacations to go to Prague

he found parents that would give him

their children and after going back to


by day he he worked in his career and by

night he saved children he convinced

Great Britain to give them Asylum he

found adoption homes he collected funds

and he programmed the first trip on

March 14 1939.

and after that there were seven more

trips in the following five months

his last trip

was known as the train of Hope

he took 669 children in total he gave

them an option to life

it appears that he didn’t do much

because fifteen thousand children died

in that genocide but he saved 669 that

he gave the option to grow up and be


before this man didn’t tell anyone what

he did not even his wife Greta

nobody knew in 1988 Greta his wife

of all the children and found a complete

list of all the names and she asked what

did you do and he told her amongst tears

well I didn’t want to receive credit for


and he revealed to the world

The Secret of his beautiful heart that

he kept for 50 years

he was invited to a TV show on BBC

the British broadcast

and Winston went without knowing why he

was going the video is viral on YouTube

you can watch it at home

the man sits down as a spectator he

doesn’t know why he’s there and all of a

sudden the TV host brings out a notebook

and he reads the name of a woman of a

little girl and she yells out Nicholas

Winton and the man looks up astonished

the name of this little girl that I just

read is one of the hundreds that you

saved during the second world war

and then the host asks

everyone that owes their life to

Nicholas to stand up and so the whole

studio was on their feet

because of those

669 children that he saved there are

more than 5 000 descendants now

this man died in 2015 at the age of 106.

and as he himself said and the way and

what he said that night on that set he

said I don’t think what I did was

important or I never thought it was

looking into the eyes

of who he saved he said don’t

overestimate me I’m just a normal Common


that did what any man should have done

and he wasn’t wrong because the Apostle


in First Corinthians 1 26 many years

before Winton existed he said think of

what you were when you were called

few of you were wise

few of you held positions of power and

though the people in this world think

that you’re foolish or simple ordinary

and you don’t have much importance God

chose you

to put to shame all the wives that do

think they’re important he chose you and

from the human point of view you’re weak

you have little importance but it’s so

that the important people realize that

they’re not actually important and God

uses who he wants it’s true we’re

Ordinary People but we’re a destined to

bring an extraordinary blessing to this

world and after all who knows

maybe we might hope to save one life I’m

not saying 669 or are we going to make a

train of Hope but maybe one life who

knows maybe we’re not so common as we

might believe


given a plus to the king marvelous


that Applause needs to be gigantic if

you believe God has spoken to you give a

grand grand Applause

my marvelous common people from River

how the lord loves you gives it Applause

to the king he loves you Prince he loves

you princess how the lord loves you how

can he not love you if he has if he has

you sculpt it in his hands come on

celebrate Common People marvelous people

from River how the lord loves you how

the lord loves you


it’s a natural lyrics this is what

leaders are made of

this is what World Changers are made of

where we go where we’re going is a place

we’re supposed to change everywhere we


and take a place with no taste with no

soul or a dark place with no light but

this is what we’re made of common people

people like this server that when I was

born I was told I was a mistake or a


people that weren’t able to finish their

studies just like myself

and I’m not making ignorance of virtue

what I’m saying

is that the people that don’t have much


when they’re young

they say that they were born in a small

village in a remote town in Dominican

Republic Ecuador Guatemala Argentina El

Salvador whatever country

people say can something good come from

there but we can’t imagine what God can

do with this raw material

to be brave to be presidents to be

businessmen and women men of good

you can’t imagine what God will do with

that mud

what a Potter could do with some clay so

before we say goodbye I would love for

you to repeat this prayer with me

everyone Catholics Muslims Jews those

that say I’m atheist thank God those

that are Christian everyone because even

those that are Christian it’s good for

us to repeat this prayer say with me

Lord Jesus

come into my heart

forgive my sins

help me

I’ve been a disaster for a great part of

my life in fact my whole life can you

forgive me give me a new opportunity

help me

to be a blessing to others

help me to change

to be better

I know you will help me amen and now I

would love for you to place your hand on

your heart so I can pray for you and

those that are at home Before We Say

Goodbye I’ve spoken and transmitted what

I believe God told me to tell you


if some of these words have reached the

depths of your heart and soul I would

love for you to

write them on the tablets of your heart

wherever life takes you

wherever Providence will direct you

towards never forget that God loves you

that you have a purpose that you

survived the year 2020 for a reason man

it’s not a small thing I’m always going

to mention it I’m repetitive and

monothematic in 2020 a virus could have

taken us all no matter the age healthy

or sick and many left us

and left without hope but those that

remain those that have survived and are

still on this side of the sun those of

us that can give us ourselves the luxury

of visiting the sick or walking through

a cemetery and not being Underground

those that have warm temples and not

cold cheeks those of us that will go to

a bed this night and not a coffin those

that will have breakfast tomorrow

morning man do we have so much to give

thanks for and we have to say Lord help


maybe transform the lives of young

people or children and just like

Nicholas Winton we can make the


whether people know it or whether it’s

never known but the credit will come in

heaven father thank you for this morning

thank you Lord for those that are here

for this crib of Champions

for these front line workers for these

marvelous people that you’ve brought

from all corners of the world for those

that are part of the family

for those that feel normal for those

that woke up normal today but leave

today after an extraordinary service

Lord I ask that you touch these hearts

that you bless them that you help them

to be a Channel of blessing that they be

the channels to bless others


emotionally or spiritually

let them go through the villages through

the towns through the Nations taking

this marvelous blessing I bless your

army I bless your team this group

that is so ramshackled like the tool

that you once chose but by God do we

want to serve you Lord we love you so

much and you love us the Lord tells me

to tell you don’t forget that I won’t

leave you until I finish doing what I

said I would do the lord loves you he

has you in his hands he won’t let you go

and he will follow you no matter what so

that you never forget that there’s a

purpose that there’s a Destiny the lord

loves you he blesses you he fills you

beloved people Common People beloved

Ordinary People beloved people that woke

up in a home a normal neighborhood may

the Lord give you an extraordinary life

touching Souls touching people blessing

others and taking this marvelous gospel

to the corners of the world may God

bless you may he protect you may he

protect you when you wake up and go to


your hours of work your hours of rest

may he bless the work

of your hands the fruit of your womb may

he bless your work in the field in the

city and from now until you have to pass

to Eternity be blessed and prosperous in

all things amen amen and amen be blessed

be blessed people be blessed give an

Applause to the king

let’s celebrate bye bye bye until next

Sunday firm like a bear claw bye to the

people around the world bye









it is