ENGLISH Dante Gebel #829 | Dances with wolves

As Christians we have a message of grace that changes and saves lives; however, some of us continuously try to avoid any contact with sinners. We can’t bring people to Jesus if we don’t share our life with them. We have to be like sheep that dance in the midst of wolves, knowing there is no more motivating force than that of love; that is why we must act with grace and compassion towards others. True compassion always demands action. If you do not love, you will always say: «Here I am, send him»; but when our hearts are full of grace, what breaks the heart of Jesus, breaks ours. A challenging message!





let’s go

look what’s happening here at River we

connect with the rest of the world great

time greet them there are people from

Honduras Dominican Republic Argentina

Chile Costa Rica Cuba people from

Dominican Republic Nicaragua

we great Spain Asia Africa Australia

everyone everyone you’re up we greet you

here from River from Broadway Street how


don’t stop that Applause this is what’s

happening here at home people

here we go

that’s how we are

a lot of flavor and Fire

how they say in certain countries a lot

of craziness and party but we’re happy

good morning good afternoon good night

to those that are connecting with us

from other parts of the world thank you

for being faithful I was just speaking

about you that sometimes you get jealous

those of us that are here at home those

that weren’t able to come in because

they’re in the lobby or the cafe we’re

very grateful

that you would like to be a part of our

congregation of of our church of this

marvelous River thank you for sewing

thank you for so much faithfulness and

we’re going to make you a part of a few

quick announcements and then I’ll

transmit what I believe God told me to

tell you in just two or three minutes

first yesterday


River 260 young people and not so young

people went to this marvelous water park

they got burnt they got wet

look at this yesterday before they left

we invited them all to pray and to fast

no nobody would believe that but they

were ready we believe in this and I want

to tell you why I show the rest of the

world and why I’m showing you now

because I come from a generation that

when we would congregate

people don’t really know each other you

didn’t know who you congregated with and

so I always said it would be so nice

that from time to time among so many

missions that we have with India

Pakistan and Uganda now from time to

time people should get to know each

other in events like these and it’s

simply about kinship Fellowship having

fun getting to know one another because

that’s where you lose shame and

embarrassment and then once we go to

Africa together as we will in October

when we have to go to Cuba or Pakistan

or India or across the border to go to

Tijuana or beyond that to Chiapas will

know each other we’re not strangers


so it made me so happy these photographs

reached me last night and it was it made

me so happy to see our team and our

people that speaks of a healthy Church

for some this may not be spiritual but

for me I think it’s one of the most

important things and that’s getting to

know one another Synergy so all those

that went yesterday

those that came back obviously some

stayed there to live in the water but

those that wanted to come back we send

an enormous greeting and to everyone

everyone that was a part of it

some will come to the second service but

thank you for this this is also very

valuable it fills my heart with joy like

any leader like any father to see you

together you know when the father says

hey don’t don’t fight get along and went

out of church there is no gossip when

there is no resentment then these things

happen so thank you River for being so

marvelous what a great family

very well


changing tracks are pastors or three of



this week as soon as we show the Africa

video that same Sunday they left to Cuba

because we’re preparing Mission Cuba

it’s an ambitious project

I was just speaking with a gentleman

we’re going to see a few images of what

it was there’s Rudy Guillermo and Perez

with the local pastors the pastors that

are leading this act

not only are we going to take food but

we’re also going to construct our first

neighborhood it’s going to call the

River Village

before yesterday we bought three

torsoles of land that are very big in

Cuba they’re ours and we’re going to

construct a complex of homes for those

that don’t have homes the homes will be

in the style of river with the

Excellence that we’re used to and all

that we do for the Lord so we’re going

to construct

we’re going to build a small

neighborhood a village that’s going to

be called River Village

it’s a place that lacks resources and

our and our people were received by the

community very well thank God they

returned we bought the land we didn’t

doubt it we didn’t hesitate

we we purchased them the day before

yesterday and those three pieces of land

our hours they’re very big and we can

build many homes this won’t take years

we want to do it before the end of the

year or at latest by January or February

and send the whole team for our

inauguration of our first neighborhood

they’re in Cuba so this is marvelous

thank you for sewing

the gentleman arrived in Havana

and then they had to drive seven hours

to come away

so poor guys they came back very tired

but there they are and finally

I’m going to share more and more about

Cuba as time goes on and I’ll also share

with you when we’re going as a team the

idea is to go and come back not to stay

there so the idea is going to be to do

something similar as to what happened in

Uganda and speaking about Uganda and

then after this I’ll transmit what I

believe God told me to tell you

the video that we saw last week was it a

blessing yes or no

it was an enormous blessing we’ve posted

them on social media

we showed it on the big screen to our

children the 260 kids and all of the

teachers all the all the staff obviously

I’m not going to show you all 40 minutes

I just want to show you three or four

minutes of the best moments of how

excited they got when they saw

themselves on the screen they didn’t

know their own story they didn’t know

they hadn’t seen everything that we saw

and we said why don’t we record their

reactions all the children

when while this Mission Uganda was

happening from beginning to end and we

summarized it in three or four minutes

that’s the last thing and then I’ll

transmit what God told me but before I

want us to see the reaction of our

children in Uganda watch


they have good teachers



you’re ready





thank you








excellent and I will help too much in

the education and learning capacity of

our pupils


thank you


thank you

oh and here listen the kids had such a

surprise today we’re going to the Gango

Cultural Center many of them have never

been on a farm much less a bus

so amanya



is your family and how was yours

my life is very good



as they become large or small yeah it’s

gonna last for many years



but we are going to set up



thank you







thank you

in future River School will be among the

modern schools we have in our district


thank you



those are our children we send a special

greeting to them they’re watching us

right now as well

with the translation we love you kids we

love you so much

how beautiful

it was marvelous to put a face to them

after last week not just to think that

they’re orphan children that are

somewhere but they each have a face

we’re getting to know them

all the children they’re going to travel

here as well we’re trying to plan that

God willing we’ll be back in October so

this is church

and as I said before we connected it


we’re proud and holy way of what river

is thank you for having someone thank

you for sewing so much and to the people

around the world as well

very well are we ready I don’t know yes

or no

here we go

I want you to know

what I’m going to say to you now I’ve

thought about it


and I’ve chosen each word well I always

try to surgically select each word

because I would never want to wound


susceptibility so each thing that I will

say I’ve passed through a sieve

that’s very exhaustive detailed and

fundamentally very careful

I know that this is something that I

believe God placed in my heart

and as a preacher I don’t possess a

magical Elixir or a silver bullet but I

have a few principles that I would like

to share with you or teach you and as

surgeons tend to say I’m going to make

sure that the anesthesia is efficient

enough so no one feels any pain

yeah just because it won’t hurt doesn’t

mean we won’t operate we’re going to

operate like dentists say if it hurts

raise your hand you know when you raise

your hand you say oh

and they continue to work all the same I

don’t know why they say it

the worst part about dentists is the one

they ask you things with an open mouth

they ask you when did it start hurting

and you say

well I don’t want to lose my turn of

thought but the point is if someone

feels pain lift your hand

and we’ll tell you we’ll put up with it

until it’s over but you’ll have

anesthesia so with that being said I

want you to pay attention please

each Church in the world each

congregation has a specific culture

I’m not speaking about geography or

topography but in their way of being it

can be that that culture isn’t written

it may not be explicit

but it’s immersed in each activity each

song each service each message because

each Church each congregation has values

that are foundational and that they

consider important and very valuable and

they defend them consciously

and there aren’t values that are

necessarily correct or incorrect

if they’re based on the Bible then

they’re all values

but these values create the culture of

each congregation

and so that in this case everyone here

at River so that we can all speak the

same spiritual language and have the

same culture the first step is always

knowing what we want to harvest

what kind of church we want to have

if we allow all sorts of plants or crops

to grow in a lot it’s going to be a lot

filled with entangled bushes

now if we want to harvest oranges for

example we have to be intentional in it

we have to say oranges is what we’re

going to sow and plant and that’s what

we’re going to harvest it’s not enough

to just desire it we’re going to pray so

that oranges bro no if you want an

orange field we need to plant orange


and maybe the most difficult part for a

leader or for a pastor is removing all

the things that are not orange trees

everything that’s not an orange tree you

need to get a get rid of not because

it’s bad but because it’s not an orange

and that pruning takes work care a lot

of focus and sometimes with a lot of

pain you have to prune out a few

activities and it’s not that they’re

necessarily bad in and of themselves at

a model

etymologically speaking but they’re

going to take energy time

money and they won’t produce oranges

so I think

life’s wisdom is knowing that you’ll

never be or knowing what you’ll never be

good at and then discovering what you

will be good at and that’s for all

levels of Life The Power of focus is

saying here’s what I’m going to dedicate

myself to not other things

when Steve Jobs took control of Apple

they made 365 products and he said we’re

only going to dedicate ourselves to four

products and we’ll be the best in that

area and he minimized production and

they focused on being the best on making

the four best products from Apple

something similar happens with

congregations when we want to do

everything we’re nothing but when we

focus on something

then we’re good at that and at least

we’re trying here at River our oranges

is that all that we do is connected to a

New Soul someone that doesn’t know Jesus

if not it doesn’t make sense to do

anything that Axiom that proverb that

totem floats in the air just like the

perfume that invades the arena as soon

as we come in did you notice there’s

perfume in the arena it’s an

international Hugo Bossa Roma no really

what you smell is the same perfume that

this servant uses when you have your own

church you can put your own fragrance

Patchouli whatever it is

oh well why his well what else am I

going to put

it so

our filter is always

is this going to save a New Soul that’s

our filter and based on that we pick

everything everything here is


the words that we choose on the

brochures the pictures the designs the

titles of the messages everything is


on those that are coming to River for

the first time no matter what religion

they’re from or as some might say even

if they’re atheists thank God

so we’re not interested

and pleasing Believers or religious


we can change our methods we can improve

our methods but the seed will never


in our case we’re never going to deviate

from what we believe is the heart of the

gospel and that’s evangelism

it’s a hospital for broken people and

until Christ says otherwise that’s what

we’ll do and that culture we take care

of because you can teach what you know

but in the end you’re going to reproduce

what you are

the example is what’s going to reproduce

the next Generations and the most

difficult part is maintaining the focus

of who we are it’s so difficult to say

this is what we are this is what we’re

not and we always speak with our team

with the committee

with the leaders

if all that we’re doing is taking us

towards reaching a New Soul someone that

doesn’t know the Lord if not none of it

makes sense with that being said

If You observe churches all over the

world and I’m not trying to criticize

we’re going to notice that new movements

always arise like a change of culture

and they’re very popular movements

charismatic movements

they survived for a few years and then

they’re forgotten

those that come from other congregations

must remember these movements they’re

like novelty theologies to Captivate new


to say okay well now we’re doing

something new so that people feel

enthusiastic but the fruit that that

gives off or that that leaves is

insignificant in proportion to the

amount of investment of time and energy

and money there is no fruit I’ve seen it

and without trying to criticize I’ve

seen it I’ve proven it

and I’ve committed these errors as well

and those of us that have that long

Christian pilgrimage we’ve seen many of

these movements you’re looking at me as

if to say okay where are you going with

all this well wait we’re getting there

but we’re constructing the base for what

I’m going to share I remember when I was

a young boy

when the movement of prayer arrived we

operate or it’s we should assume that we

all do but that movement arrived because

we realized that the career Christians

in Korea started praying at four in the

morning every single day I remember

videos arrived in Argentina of the

Koreans praying when Koreans pray

it’s not that they’re praying they’ve

God gets fed up because they say


and God says all right all right all

right and He blesses them

they have such a passion

and I always say if you’re praying next

to a Korean just don’t pray God is

listening to the Korean he’s not

listening to you

and we got so excited with that and we

said well that’s the secret of Revival

around the world we have to bring it

from Korea to Argentina

I’m criticizing my country right we said

we were going to pray all the time when

we organized prayer chains in the in the

mountains and the hills conferences and

I even met people that abandoned their

jobs their families or studies to just


mother-in-law you won’t see me anymore

I’m going to pray okay well that one

makes sense but they would leave their

families and what happens with the fruit

we’ve seen

have we seen the entire world kneel

before Jesus after that no no have we

seen a World Revival no

it’s as if the world were immune to our

thousands of hours of Prayer or dance


the fire of Warship doesn’t move the

world and now I’m going to say something

that’s going to make some people

uncomfortable or some people’s theology

uncomfortable prayer is is good of

course it’s vital it’s like breathing

for Christians but that won’t make

people saved as much as we pray for

people to be saved that people won’t be

saved just because we pray for their

salvation it sounds rough but that’s how

it is let me continue before you Stone

me to death

I remember the movement of worship back

in the 90s


campaigns that look like clubs

conferences of worship they covered the

all the churches in the world

if you reach the Lord after the 90s then

you know that churches have that

movement of worship those that come

before that before that didn’t exist we

would sing a few hymns that were very

anointed but sometimes

they were more of an invitation to

Collective suicide

my German Pastor said we’re going to

sing uh him how beautiful is the Lord

let’s wave the flag of the cross I don’t

know if I should say Amen or hail Hitler

you didn’t know what to say


but then the whole movement of worship

came and for a moment we believed that

if we worshiped God during hours and

hours then the climate of the nation

would change

if we just submerged ourselves in

spontaneous worship and prophetic

worship the glory would appear and the

whole world would turn to Jesus in fact

in February of this year

in a University of Kentucky campus

hundreds of of students worshiped for

days on end

like what I just said about prayer I’m

not saying that worship is wrong or bad

but the results as far as souls or

non-believers that we reached they

weren’t proportionate to that movement

of worship it did us well but the

non-believers didn’t it didn’t cause a

great harvest it in the Nations

did they run to the churches no they


the spiritual climate the government the

Nations did they change because of the

power of our music or our worship I


is it essential for us to worship yes of

course God wants us to worship but the

world is immune to our worship

so our dance around the fire of worship

also didn’t move the world

we also lived through the prophetic

movement the apostolic movement in many


we saw the apostolic prophetic movement

if we heal our land if we repent from

the injustices

the injustices against our Natives and

Aborigines if we

nail down Stakes of of

apostolic movement

but did anyone see hundreds or thousands

of non-believers running to the churches

did the government officials repent did

our country’s presidents become more

just and righteous because we

we stuck down four Stakes

around the the government house no no

the world is immune to our prophetic and

Apostolic movement

our dance

around the fire of the apostolic and

prophetic movement also didn’t move the

world and there were other novelty

movements as well the 40 days of purpose


spiritual warfare the restoration of

Israel there are churches that do all

the things that the Jews do because they

say that’s what we have to do and they

celebrate Hanukkah and other things the

cellular Church everyone should have a

cell in their home the model of the 12

empowerment and I have no doubt nor am I

judging anyone’s values

those movements were promoted by people

with Integrity I know it men and women

of God I also spent my youth in

conferences about fishing but we never

went out to go fish

we always learned how to evangelize but

we never went out that’s why Jesus said

that we should verify the fruit and

that’s what I do with River

daily I verify if we’re truly harvesting


and the fruit has to be visible there

aren’t fruits that can’t be seen because

the fruit can be seen

and let’s remember that heresy or

something that is net anti-biblical it’s

not just when we make something up

heresy is also when we preach just a

portion of the truth if I preach a

portion of the truth but I hide

all that God councils that’s also heresy

so novelty movements are just like a

little piece

and sometimes they’re excuses to Just

Dance in front of the fire or around the

fire instead of Dancing With The Wolves

well speak about this dance with the

wolves in just a few moments it’s not

about dancing with your mother-in-law

it’s not about dancing with demons I’ll

speak about it in a moment but let me

say this

the reason

why all these movements

catch our attention on why they’re so

popular if you wanna

convene a multitude at a church you just

have to say oh a prophet will come and a

prophet will say God told me to tell you

he’ll have a business and God told me to

tell you that he’ll bless you like an

orphan woman or with an orphan woman

these types of things because they’re

not prophets that are going to denounce

sin or saying last night you did this no

they’re prophets that all say sweet


and that’s why the churches are filled

and these movements excuse us from our

true commitments it’s as if they give us

activities where it’s impossible to

measure the fruit

it’s the famous syndrome of the fruits

that can’t be felt the fruits that can’t

be seen

a church cannot grow for years and have

the same 20 members

don’t never say that they don’t have

fruits they’ll say well we prefer few

and holy

instead of many and Sinners Like River

see they know us

others don’t go out and feed the hungry

they don’t care Oh but

there’s they’re letting out a prophetic

prayer for Africa others don’t sow a

single penny they’re stingy but they

roam on other people’s social media


advising them which poor people they

should help

so they Don’t Preach to anyone oh but

they’re psalmists they spend hours

worshiping in the temple they don’t

commit to other people’s pain but they

participated in a prophetic act

they sprayed the bar in the neighborhood

with oil and they went around it seven

times I once knew of a congregation that

invested time energy and an enormous

budget they got into so much debt

because they wanted to spray the city

with oil with a helicopter

so the pastor

was up in the helicopter

with the assistants spraying the city

with oil

so that oil could fall upon the people

and they would start to shake that’s

what they wanted they wanted people to

be saved by that imagine if it were that

easy all we had to do was spray oil now

I’m not against prophetic Acts

but we can’t buy the smoke that we sell

we can’t say that that’s what will save

people because oil will fall on their


because if not the Lord would have said

when the helicopters are invented go out

and spray oil no he didn’t say that

so when you see all that you realize

that we don’t look like the book of Acts

when cities Villages entire people were

shaken up by the power of the Gospel

what was the difference between them and


that they did something

they risked it all they went out

they took the message out they took the

power to the streets and they said

we’re done dancing around the fire let’s

go out they never invited the world to

dance around their fire they didn’t

invite them on a tour through the upper

room they didn’t say well the presence

of the holy spirit is in the upper room

all those that want to come let them

come because the Lord’s commission

wasn’t prey the Lord’s commission wasn’t


and say until I return ask for


for your ancestor sin

nor did he say look for Apostolic

coverage nor did he say go to all the

conferences you can he said

preach the gospel

the Commandment from Matthew 10 7 is as

you go Proclaim this message the Kingdom

of Heaven has come near heal the sick

raise the dead cleanse those who have

leprosy drive out demons freely you have

received freely give and some will need

to celebrate more than that yes or no

that was the mandate

those are oranges people

God said that we should go out into the

world he didn’t say stay in and

celebrate the movement that’s in style

he said go out

I once told you about an old Spanish

song that I grew up with

a songwriter named Luis Alfredo and it

said God bring God down from the clouds

and take him to the factory where you

work does someone remember it there are

two people that remember it they must be

from Spain

and it said take God out from the wood

and record him in your heart

take God out of the temples where they

closed them in so many years ago let

them be free in the plazas and also in

The Village Market because God is not a

dead God and if you think that he’s dead

you are mistaken you are mistaken

you are mistaken

ah for the same price the song

I remember it and we were all saying but

we never took God out never

we shake it but we never let him out

and so

there’s a balance of common sense that I

call that when someone goes through the

wad through the baptism baptismal Waters

they don’t leave their common sense and

their brain floating in the water it’s

just a sin but there’s a balance of

common sense that we can’t ignore and

that’s prayer and obligation

prayer and obligation

praying to God for your marriage is good

but that doesn’t make you exempt from

being a good spouse

if you’re a fool as much as you pray the

marriage will not work if you mistreat

your husband as much as you pray and as

much as you anoint him with oil while he

sleeps and as much as you rebuke the

demons within them it won’t work out

praying to God for your family doesn’t

free you from the obligation of being a

good parent

praying to God for your parents is good

but it doesn’t take away your need to

honor them I can pray for my parents my

whole life but if I don’t honor them I

won’t prosper in anything I won’t have a

long life I didn’t write the Bible I

didn’t make up that mandate complain

with god well my parents don’t deserve


well complain with God because we’re

trying to explain what God commands

praying to God for your finances doesn’t

mean you can avoid being a giver or

being generous

I can go around my wallet seven times

but if I don’t give I don’t Harvest and

if I don’t work I won’t eat the Bible

says those that don’t work won’t eat

praying to God so that your debts

disappear is great

but it doesn’t save you from the

principle of don’t owe anything to

anyone I can say Lord Jesus let the debt

be erased in the name of the Lord in the

name of no he won’t take away the


of not getting into more debt than what

you can pay off and you’ll pay the

consequences because of those debts so

we shouldn’t pray for the principles

that already work

prayer is efficient when it’s not a

replacement or a substitute to obedience

if in place of wanting to obey I pray

that prayer doesn’t do anything

so we shouldn’t pray to prosper no we

should work hard to prosper

ity you shouldn’t pray so that God

changes you you should allow God to mold

your character I’m putting anesthesia so

it doesn’t hurt okay

no don’t pray to be recognized no you

have to sow honor if you want to harvest


don’t pray so that the souls are saved

so that God adds more and more souls no

God and preach because he said go he

didn’t say that they would come

so what’s a reform

a reform doesn’t come from the discovery


new movements

reform is born in the rediscovery of

something primitive something ancient

that we’ve forgotten

and one it’s what does our congregation

what does our church need to ReDiscover

well the words of Jesus I send you as


amongst wolves remember amongst wolves

Matthew 10 16.

I send you as wolves among as sheep

amongst wolves and so this takes me to

the conclusion that if we’re going to

dance it shouldn’t be around

the fire and Style no around wolves I

send you a sheep amongst wolves and

Matthew 10 17.

Jesus says be on your guard you will be

handed over to the local councils and be

flogged in the synagogues

on my account you will be brought before

Governors and Kings as witnesses to them

brother will betray brother to death and

a father his child children will rebel

against their parents and have them put

to death you will be hated by every one

because of me and that was the

motivational speech

the empowering speech

from Jesus at the conference of the


and you might say well who encourages

people this way why would Jesus speak to

them this way well Jesus wanted his

followers before they followed him he

wanted them to know that following him

wasn’t following a Genie in the lamp a

successful life without problems no he

was saying you’re going to have to die

to the idea of human success there will

be a price a cost that you will have to

pay the world needs a different type of

hero the world needs sheep dancing

amongst wolves the things might not turn

out well

but I don’t want you dancing around

worship or around the prophetic or

around the conferences I want you

dancing singing around the wolves

a few days ago

I was listening to a sociologist

explaining the strange phenomenon of

fats or Trends on social media I’ll

explain it

I remember the viral movement back in

2015 of putting a filter on your picture

with the French flag

on your profile picture to as an act of


with the terrorist acts in France a few

weeks later it vanished this was back in

2015 and then try and remember

there is the challenge the ALS bucket

ice bucket challenge remember that one

there are two or three that were left

Frozen you remember it people that would

throw a bucket of ice water on their


to raise awareness

about ALS

o amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

that’s what they feel when they get

their attacks and so out of solidarity

people would dump ice water on

themselves Weeks Later everyone forgot

about it

if you dump a bucket of ice water now on

yourself people will say you’re crazy so

every few weeks something viral comes up

let’s let’s help Marta because she needs

a a transplant and there’s a little girl

that appears with tubes and all over her

body people say oh we have to do

something the government has to do

something let River donate a kidney

there’s so many people there

River always has to donate oh share this

with everyone give it a like give it a

like and let’s save the girl and then

everything Fades away we look for the

girl a week later and she’s gone not

because she doesn’t exist but because

she’s out of style no one comments

anymore it wasn’t important piece of

News until it wasn’t

empathy lasts 15 minutes of fame that’s

it solidarity is just 15 minutes of fame

then people lose interest because

something else comes up

investigators reaffirmed that the

greatest use of technology is causing

a reduction of empathy it’s an

insensitivity that we didn’t have years

ago I’m sorry Millennials but it’s an

insensitivity disguised as it worries me

because I liked it

there are people that think they do

something because they write oh it hurts

my soul to see these poor children send

help to Africa and then they continue

watching Netflix

but they wrote send help to Africa oh it

moves me and they think that they served

God in that way and so our love for the


is limited to liking a post or sharing a

verse and let me share something

different this isn’t hurting right if it

hurts lift your hand

not too long ago the world Association

of psychology

published that the average child in

these days by the age of seven or eight

has already spent 30 hours per week in

front of a device or a screen

at the age of 18 one of your children or

one of my children will have seen

sixteen thousand deaths and 260

000 explicit acts of violence

the great problem with seeing all those

images is that

it desensitizes his children to the

effects of violence

you know that our

children don’t watch Bugs Bunny anymore

or the roadrunner

remember we used to spend hours watching

that but no our children don’t at that

same age they’ve already killed seven

hundred thousand zombies

so the increase of aggression

encourages them to shoot up a school

with no emotion in them because they’ve

practiced that so much on the screen

they’ve killed so many virtual people in

video games that they don’t separate the

simulated assassinations to reality from


they formed calluses in their emotional

sensibility and the same thing happens

with sex

the great entertainment Holdings the

great streaming platforms of the world

Demand movie producers

to have sexual inclusion in each film

and in each series

even in animated drawings animated films

includes sexual diversity and all their

animations from now until eternity

and so by the by repetition our

children’s Minds

form calluses and they adjust to the new

normal it’s normal what used to frighten

us oh how crazy is that oh that’s such a

scandal no our kids see it as something

normal it’s done

Paul writes in first Timothy 4 1 the

spirit clearly says that in later times

some will abandon the faith and follow

deceiving spirits

and things taught by demons such

teachings come through hypocritical

Liars whose consciences have been seared

as with the hot iron

emotional calluses

you can be calloused to to done to death

to pornography

those that end up in pedophilia or any

degenerate Act

ual necrophilia sex with the dead they

all began with a timid erotic image but

then they wanted more and more and more

because they form calluses and what used

to excite them now doesn’t move them

so without even realizing it

social media becomes a drain

for our human compassion we don’t feel

anything anymore and this includes us as

well huh

since we seek pain at all hours of the

day our mechanisms to deal with such

painful situations they’re insensitive

to the pain it’s as if we put anesthesia

try to remember

when we first saw a child with cancer on

TV from Saint Jude’s or any other place

that treats metastasis or leukemia and

they show you a child a bald child that

asks for help

our heart would be paralyzed it was so

uncomfortable to see these images that

you felt like praying and doing

something sending money but then after

some time you see these images and you

just change the channel you say oh this

makes me so tired

because our compassion deteriorates


and if we’re on Instagram it’s the same

you know what this is right

so we’re swiping we’re swiping and we

see it in this order

a cake in the shape of a boot huh

followed by a deformed child asking for

help followed by a cat that does that

does something funny followed by a child

who’s dying of malnutrition followed by

Jennifer Lopez new newest butt

message has the same megabytes

and when a message appears after the

after the last

you can’t feel each message lasts the

same amount of time and there’s always

more there’s always more to see always


and our brain

fights to distinguish what’s important

and what doesn’t matter

and maybe what we share is the cat doing

something funny

or the other person’s butt instead of

the child who’s dying of hunger because

that doesn’t call to our attention

so our brain registers both as similar

it trains our brain our brain is being

trained to worry less about bad things

or make it relative well Everything’s

Relative and it happens somewhere

outside of cyberspace

after all it didn’t happen in the real

life in the real world it happened

online and we don’t know if it’s real so

with a quick click we ignore the pain

and with another click we buy ourselves

a coffee machine on Amazon

we don’t have to feel that our heart


to think that someone else is fighting

with an illness or with a lack of water

or terrorism or child abuse

because there’s so much information that

we believe that maybe if we like it or

if we share the video that’s it there

we’re serving the lord that’s enough

this week many were asking me why I



on the movie directed by Eduardo

verraste it’s the sound of freedom and

it speaks about child trafficking and

they said Dante why don’t you speak

about this movie on social media you

don’t care about kids

someone attacked me and said what you

don’t care about the children so

they intimidate me to publish something

because it’s cool to say something on

social media so that then it can matter

to me and I always say I don’t have the

obligation to comment on all topics I’m

not the pope to have to comment oh what

did the pope say about War I don’t know

I’m not the Pope I don’t have to comment

on everything now

if I pray for something I do it in

secret and that’s it

it’s hypocritical to say I’m praying for

child abuse and the sound of freedom

does that make me more holy

on top of it all if I mention something

there are hundreds of religious people

saying oh it’s so easy to give your

opinion living in Yankee land oh it’s so

easy and sometimes

oh what a shame Argentina and they say

oh that’s why you left right so I prefer

to not give my opinion oh it’s so easy

to not know the reality but there’s a

new insensitivity and that’s let’s

support this by liking it and we think

that that’s how we’re preaching the


and without realizing it just so happens

that we’re becoming more and more


we feel the same thing watching the

funny cat or the child dying of hunger

every day people write to us saying you

should send money to people in need

the other day somebody wrote to me I

know a grandmother on the corner of my

neighborhood that doesn’t have food to

eat can you send her something

what are you talking about she lives on

your street three

and you’re trying to send me where are


oh I’m here in I won’t say the country

but they somewhere over over there

and they want me to go to the corner of

their block because they believe that if

they say Here I Am send him they think

that they’re they’re done they’re I

connected them I connected them that’s

my job

I connected them and they’re going to

help her the woman says I’m dying of

hunger whoa don’t worry they’re coming

in too much she’ll bring they’ll bring

you some food we received requests from

all over the world with advice of where

we should send money

and they think that by sending those

texts they’re preaching but true

compassion always demands our own action

if we say that something matters to us

but we don’t act in consequence to it

it’s the same thing as it not mattering

to us clicking on something isn’t


writing to River and saying I know

people that you should help that’s not

you worrying that’s not you carrying a

burden that’s why I say don’t recommend

to me where I can find poor people I

know where to find poor people oh you

should come over here why don’t you come

this way no I know where there are poor


true interest implies action faith

without acts is what it’s dead


being interested in that isn’t just

liking it no it’s loving someone and as

you might imagine Jesus was the example

of compassion

in each verse that we see and Jesus was

moved by the blind man by the leper

immediately we see that he carries out

an action do you want to be saved

he was never moved and said oh what a


we’ll never read Jesus was moved felt

compassion for the blind man and said

let me take a picture of you and share

it on social media no true compassion

demands action

and so we’re living in a society where

each day we worry less about others and

I’ll go back to what I said at the


are you preaching no no but we did four

prophetic Acts

we sprayed oil all over the neighborhood


what’s more Christians say that

they’re worried 40 percent less

about their neighbors than Christians

for uh 20 years ago so that means in

another 20 years we won’t care at all

about our neighbors compassion takes a

lot but sometimes in our cultures we

want compassion without complications



a burger

and with that burger that company will

send money to Africa and so we think

we’ve collaborated

if we’re willing to do something as long

as it’s easy then we don’t have

compassion true compassion has a cost

it’ll always cost us something

sitting your butt in front of the screen

is always clean but no compassion gets

you dirty of course it bothers us

when people say oh well why don’t you

put more solar panels in that school in

Africa why don’t you go and feed them

the soup

he drives me crazy

they don’t give a single dollar they

don’t sow

and they’re telling us where we should

Place more solar panels are we really

soliciting more engineers

and there are people that believe that

they serve the Lord by sending someone

else to do the job and you know why

because they don’t love there’s no other

way around it there’s no explanation

other than that it’s basic those that

send others don’t love

and someone might be saying oh well it’s

not like that but would you send someone

else to kiss the love of your life

oh I’m dating this girl but she wants me

to kiss her all the time can you kiss

her until we get married really

no it’s a burden she likes too much

affection who would send someone else

unless you don’t love

me who would send someone else to spend

time with the person that they

supposedly love

so for a church to grow I’m going to

give you the secret it’s obligatory to

love love until it hurts

there’s no more motivating power than


if not you’ll always say Lord here I am

send him

the greatest portion of the problems of

the church don’t come from the abundance

of sin we’re all broken people

there’s people that are sinners that are

broken and others that are hypocrites

that say they’re not but everyone is

it’s not the problem of sin but the lack

of love there’s not enough love to keep

a church busy

when our love is great enough

then it demands Synergy time or energy

when we don’t love non-believers then we

begin to fabricate

some small problems to keep ourselves

busy a church that doesn’t love is a

breeding ground for gossip

show me a church that lives off of

Gossip and I’ll show you a church that

doesn’t care about non-believers because

if we’re in the middle of a war and

people are dying outside what does it

matter how they’re dressed or if that

woman’s skirt is too short or too long

there’s no time it’s not that it doesn’t

matter but there’s no time

in a war there’s no time to to judge


so we need a love for the people that

consumes our energy our strength our


when we don’t love the non-believers we

begin to control other people’s

marriages I don’t see them together


that child is very rebellious I don’t

know I I feel a burden here

Rises up because people aren’t busy if I

have time to look at your life it’s

because I’m not thinking about the

oranges I’m thinking about harvesting


trying to see what life I can get

involved in but if I’m focused on what

God sent me to do I’m going to preach

I’m going to love

and I won’t have enough life


so I ask

do we remain awake at night

thinking about how to reach the lost

people sometimes

if you see Jesus as your advisor instead

of as your king then maybe we don’t

spend entire nights thinking about the

Lost those that see Jesus as their

Butlers their Maids their Cooks running

all over the place with an apron

awaiting the next order no that person

won’t have a a burden for the Lost

they don’t care about other people’s

Destiny no all they care about is paying

off the mortgage

they want God to give them the newest

Tesla that’s not true Christianity

when our heart is filled with grace

the Lost always matter more or breaks

the Lord’s heart should break ours

when Jesus explained the value of human

life with these words that always made

my blood cold even from a young age

if someone is if anyone is ashamed of me

and my words in this adulterous and

sinful generation the son of man will be

ashamed of them when he comes in his

father’s Glory with the Holy Angels Mark

8 38 I was terrified of that but that’s

not really preached anymore

and then after the resurrection and

before the Ascension he tells his

disciples go into all the world and

preach the gospel to all creation

Mark 16 15.

go into all the world and preach

the first equation is easy we’re already

in the world

thank God he didn’t tell the people

living in Neptune no we’re here

we rub elbows with people at school at

work in the neighborhood playing sports

at the malls and the trains and the


we’re an incredibly mobile society and

we rub elbows with people wherever we go

the majority of us don’t live in Lost

Villages however many of us avoid

contact with Sinners for years

and some of us look for Christian

plumbers Christian mechanics Christian


there’s nothing bad with using

Christians that give us services but

careful to not create a bubble

or at a hibernation tank because that’ll

impede us from being light

it’s tough for me to understand when

people say why don’t you preach on a


Channel that’s like asking why don’t you

fish in a swimming pool why don’t you

interview Christians instead of those

non-believers that have nothing to say


Jesus said

just as the father sent me

I am sending you John 20 21.

to the darkness that you can be light

so Jesus said I sent you to the world

while we’re in the world already

he’s already resolved 50 of our

commission what’s the other part

what’s the second part of the

instructions that Jesus gave the

disciples preach the good news to all


I’m not talking about necessarily

standing behind a Pulpit and giving a

sermon no I’m talking about bringing

Jesus up in Daily conversation and some

don’t do it because they’re not

convinced that the gospel is good news

if not I don’t understand why

people that don’t speak it’s because

they’re not convinced that Christianity

is good news that’s why they’re ashamed

of it

because they think that Christianity is

a list of what should be done and what

shouldn’t be done a moral code

that’s why legalist churches don’t grow

because they don’t believe that they

have good news

they unconsciously believe that the

gospel is a little bit better than hell

the legalists gospel or hell you pick

the other day someone said to me we’re

not a mega church

because we don’t preach like you We

Don’t Preach people want to hear if not

will be full and so I asked so do you

share the good news or bad news

because if they preach what the people

don’t want to hear

the neck must be very bad news

it must be in a style of coming to our

sect and we’ll tell you what to do to

avoid hell something like that that’s

why it’s not strange to me

that they’re not proclaiming from their


they’re not yelling at all because it

may not be the true gospel we have a

message of Truth and Grace that changes

lives people they change lives right

and we have to preach it to all the

world someone needs to say Amen yes or


what do people see when they spend time

with us what do they see

are we dull are we quiet are we the

people that share dirty jokes people

that talk about sex at the dinner table

do they see us

and condemning others because that’s how

the Pharisees treated the publicans and

the prostitutes or do they see us loving

them with a mix of Grace and Truth

so the people that see us every day

maybe they’ll never read the Bible or

they’re not doing so now because all

they’re doing now is reading our lives

so what message are we communicating

John said I’m going to close with this

the Apostle said that Satan was defeated

by two weapons in Revelations 12 11 a

phrase that we skip over but it’s

marvelous he said they the Christians

triumphed over him by the blood of the

lamb and by the word of their testimony

they did not love their life so much as

to shrink from death

the blood of the lamb and their

testimony are you following me the blood

of the Lamb first

I have a friend from the state of


that one day was driving down a rural

road and a flock of sheep crossed the

street and as he waited for them to

cross he recognized the shepherd he

couldn’t cross and my friend who was

very curious asked the shepherd if

the blood of the Lamb had any specific

meaning and the shepherd explained look

during the birthing season the calving


the Lambs and their sheep are very very

vulnerable to the Wolves to the cold

weather to illnesses and sometimes many


die leaving the mother sheep with a lot

of milk or sometimes the mother sheep

die leaving the Lambs or as orphans and

if these Lambs don’t drink milk then

they die as well

and sheep don’t give up

Lambs that are not their children their

milk so if I go and I look

if I if I find a dead sheep

I slice that sheep’s throat and ice

I spray that blood on one of the orphans

when one of those orphans is covered in

that blood

they’re accepted and they grow they’re

accepted by other sheep that’s the only


that an orphan lamb has to survive

and my friend understood that the only

way in which God can adopt us is by the

blood of the Lamb so that we can grow

and the blood makes us legitimate


so he says

we’ve triumphed by what by the blood of

the Lamb how many of you like that we

triumphed by the blood but then it also

says by the word of their testimony and

that’s the second weapon that John

describes the testimony of the Believers

it’s not a marketing slogan

John said that our testimony our

disposition our willingness to die for

Jesus is what we have to defeat

but some of us cower and we say no

people look at me weird they make fun of

me when I talk about Jesus

none of us

are met by a harsh opposition

let’s go to a hospital and see if people

deny a prayer for their dying child no

it’s always the same I challenge anyone

to go to the ICU in any hospital that

you want

and ask can I pray for your loved one

see if anyone denies it no one is an

atheist Under Fire no one

more so now when everyone acts spiritual

because it’s cool or it’s trendy

back in John’s time things were

different people Christians would die

when they spoke about Jesus some were

giving up to the to the Lions or in the


others were trampled by

Bulls some were covered in tar and were

lit up as human torches to light up an

Emperor’s Palace

others had holes drilled in their

acraniums and

then molten lead was poured into their

heads but we’re scared of being looked

at weird I don’t want to be

discriminated really

those people were willing to suffer to


because they were convinced that Jesus

was worth it that was the power of

testimony and so the question is what is

our testimony Church what is it

because some of us think well I don’t

have a good testimony because I wasn’t a

gang member I wasn’t a drug addict that

wasn’t a prostitute I wasn’t in any gang

I come from a congregation

I was frustrated when we were children

because we didn’t have dramatic stories

so one day I told my dad hey can you let

me go out to the world to make a

testimony and then come back

he slapped me across the face that left

me like a spinning top for three days

because in my congregation preachers

would have come and they would

they would

roll up their sleeves to show a tattoo

and it’s as if they were saying I have a


ask me which one this one is those I

didn’t have tattoos we would draw on


but there’s a truth

all stories

of those of us that were rescued from

hell they’re all dramatic they all are

the all testimony of a transformed life

is exciting

people that come to church

but aren’t motivated or excited enough

to tell other people about Jesus

they need a self-evaluation because some

of us those that know Disney we want to

take any family member to Disneyland oh

let me take you let me take you let’s

stand in line for hours for a three-hour


how long is the way oh don’t worry it’s

250 minutes but you’re going to love

Roger Rabbit and there we are because we

liked it and we recommended it the same

thing with the restaurant or anything


if it’s been a long time that we’ve been

coming to church but we don’t share it

with anyone we have to ask ourselves am

I really a Christian did I really


or might I believe that this isn’t so

good because life is too short people

and hell is too hot to just play Church

we can’t play church I don’t know I

don’t know about you but I’m of an age

where I can’t play church I don’t feel

like it nor do I have any intention to

do so

many years ago I became famous

the phrase

to come out of the closet

many of us have to come out of the

closet and I’m not I’m not talking about

sexual orientation but I’m talking about

coming out from our hiding place

if we don’t

spend time with non-believers

how are we going to preach that’s where

God wants us with non-believers we can’t

take people to Jesus if we’re not with

him if we don’t know them if we don’t

love them

they need to be loved

they always post on social media oh I’m

sure that you preached to them right you

told them to repent no I loved them

it’s a slow fire

it’s a route that might look longer but

all those that truly felt loved without

me asking for anything in exchange they

continue looking for me and they tell me

recommend one of your sermons I want to

hear more I want to know more because I

loved them I wasn’t

a Salesman that wanted to sell a product

this week someone wrote to me oh what a

shame you look so happy that day amongst

the non-believers go back to what you


I’m sorry to disappoint you woman but if

going back to what I was is dancing

around the fire like you I’m not going

to do it

it’s been years since I’ve done a

different type of dance and that’s the

type of music we’re made of here at

River where Lambs we’re sheep dancing

amongst the wolves and that ladies and

gentlemen is the dance that God wants

yes or no let’s dance people let’s

celebrate people let’s preach let’s go

River someone is applaud more than that

when you get on your feet celebrate let

the whole world hear it that here we

dance around the Wolves We Dance With

The Wolves Hallelujah

come on give a great celebration to the

Lord of lords and the King of Kings


we’re going to talk about the Lord

preach do we truly have the desire to

preach yes or no let the world know

and those of us that congregate here at

River we also have the privilege that

there aren’t any bad Services I come

from a church where we had to pick when

to invite a guest

because maybe our uncle that didn’t

believe we finally got him to come to

church on that day the pastor

had was hormonal he was depressed and he

let his son preach and his son had no

clue what to preach about and then we

have to explain to the uncle

oh well this isn’t the pastor this is

the Sun Well then why did they put him

whoa you know you know to practice

we take our mother-in-law that never

wanted to go to the church and that day

the pastor decides to lift four

offerings oh I feel that I have to lift

up a fourth offering the Lord is telling

me the same day we take our

mother-in-law but at least that River

every day is an opening day every day

it’s a well thought out service to

cultivate oranges you’re never going to

be ashamed there will never be

manipulation of money if we show what

the money does it’s we’re showing what

it does not what we what we’re asking


there’s always going to be great

excellence in the music a prepared

sermon you’ll never have improvisation


reheating something man we have no

excuse to not preach and you might say

well there’s no space it doesn’t matter

you stay out and let the other person

come in

already preached to you your whole life

those that have never heard leave your

orange here and go to the cafe but we

need the urgency of preaching this to

the Nations

do you believe it yes or no

and at home as well let it be a viral

movement not just a trend

how many of you say Amen do you truly

believe it

and beloved people from all over the

world don’t tell us where to sew we know

where to sow

what we want is for you to sell for you

to give

you don’t have to be a business person

and don’t tell me oh you give because

you you have don’t you think it’s the

other way around I have because I’ve

always given do you think when my mother

gave birth to me they said to her oh you

gave birth to a to a generous man no no

when you give you always have

it’s always giving and then harvesting

it’s always

stepping foot in the waters and then the

water’s opened you truly believe it

we’re going to Seoul

I’m not upset really

it’s just that I say our time is running


Christ is at the door

and even if we had to

be buried

we don’t know one another War another

pandemic comes around or maybe a crazy

dictator drops an atomic bomb or the San

Andreas fault split your home in half

but what I know is that life is short

we only have one life hell is too hot

and people need to be loved and rescued

and we can preach the good news wherever

we go that’s our task that’s what we do

at River we Harvest oranges we plant

orange trees honestly here we don’t have

Gatherings for the Youth for the women

for the man for the desperate singles no

it’s not

it’s not bad to do these things it’s

good for churches to do this I’m glad

but if you go into the burger business

you can’t ask for pasta and if you go

into a pasta establishment you can’t ask

for burgers and rivers get out one thing

or we try to be preach preaching saving

Souls giving going to look for the loss

that’s what we’re made of that’s what we

do that’s what our leaders are made of

that’s what our commission is

and we’re going to die in the attempt of

preaching are you with me are you with

me yes or no

are we going to do this are we doing it

lift up your hands to Heaven we’re going

to pray father

lift up your hands to Heaven those that

are at home if you’re listening to me

for the first time stay with me Lord

Jesus forgive my sins come into my heart

write my name in The Book of Life give

me a new opportunity I want to be a part

of this Squadron thank you for dying for

my sins and now the whole world is going

to pray

those that have just accepted the Lord

and those of those of us that have a

murder we’re going to cry out we’re

going to pray for those that we love for

the Nations we’re going to pray for all

the continents we’re going to pray for

those that are watching us those that

are listening to us in other parts of

the world father I’ve preached what I

believe you’ve placed in my heart I’ve

transmitted what I believe you told me

to share but now I ask that your Holy

Spirit reach what I cannot reach because

I have foolishly spoken to their

intellect and that’s as far as I can get

with my words but you’ve reached what I

can’t reach you’ve excavated you’ve

operated surgically and a burden comes

upon each one of the people that are

here today a burden for the Lost

for those that could die today and they

would lose it all Lord send us send us

to give to sow to speak Lord to be a

light to be a

Lighthouse and for us to see the largest


we don’t want to dance around fire or

Trends we want to dance with the Wolves

make us gentle like doves

like serpents to be able to survive

I know that there are doors that are

only open for sheep and I believe it I

declare it Lord we’ve defeated by the

blood of the lamb and by the blood of

the lamb and our testimony We Begin this

new season father thank you everyone

praying Everyone crying out to the Lord

we’re almost leaving but I would love to

hear you pray cry out for your parents

for your in-laws for your family members

for your in-laws for your loved ones for

your children that don’t know the Lord

say Lord I pray but I’m going to act I

pray but I will do something because

faith without acts is dead I believe it

I declare it I confess it and I declare

a blessing I declare from the four

cardinal points

not a win from a different direction is

let out something I know I has seen nor

ear has heard nor has risen to the heart

of man is coming for River come on lift

up your hands and worship say thank you

Lord for this new time I receive this

word I receive this exhortation come on

we’re going out for the lost we’re going

out for those who don’t have Christ

we’re going out for those that are

broken the Brokenhearted we’re going out

for them we’re going for them we’re

going to fight we’re going to battle

we’re going to go into combat with the

invading lines believing that we are an

army trusting in our King in our

commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces

we believe it we declare it Lord I send

your people

your soldiers out to the missions of

Life those that surround them their

loved ones I want them to be light and

salt so that they can be the yeast

that permeates Society I believe it I

declared I confess it in your name we

say amen amen and amen let it be done


we’re going to love people we’re going

to preach

we’re going out for them bye bye bye

until next Sunday God bless you people











it is



this is