ENGLISH Dante Gebel #828 | It’s time to go home

If we limit our story to the days between our birth and death, we will have to prepare ourselves for a sad ending. But we were made for something more than this earthly life, our story is integrated with God’s. We have to search and yearn for the heavens, in the same way that sailors search for the shoreline, or pilots search for the runway, or missiles search for a source of heat. We have to go home as doves go to their dovecote, or as a lost son arose and sought his father. God put the desire for a home in our hearts…And we have to navigate until we reach it.




we connect with the rest of the world

we’re going to receive Europe Asia

Africa America

let’s go with that Applause we receive

people from all over the world

here we go here we go here we go

good morning good afternoon good night

something is happening here at River

it’s impressive yes or no

how are you beloved people

we receive all those marvelous people

are we happy yes or no

here in that home

at home those that have just connected

with us that are in different time zones

we’re connecting early

all those that were punctual around the


here we started a little earlier because

of the surprises that we’ve prepared the

people at home people that are here you

can rest

you may be seated Battalion of the army

of God against the invading lines

marvelous people

as we do every Sunday

this has been happening since about

March we have many many people outside

here all the people that are part of the

Overflow they weren’t able to come in

but we send an enormous greeting to them

come on

keep that Applause for them smile

because you’re going You’re about to

come in

we’re greeting them all

because then they won’t believe that you


they’ll say to you oh you told me you

went to River but I didn’t see you so

there they are don’t stop that Applause

but even so even the last person feels


an enormous hug

that will try to give each and every one

of you will try to give each and every

one of you a fast pass that’s what we do

with all those that unfortunately can’t

come in because of the parking or maybe

they arrived a little late with the fast

pass they can be sure that they won’t

have to wait in line for the following

service so that all those that visit us

from different parts of the world can

come in

whatever brought you here those that are

at home those that are outside those

that are inside River Arena whatever

brought you here I’m sure it’s the God’s

Divine Providence some of you came as

guests or threatened or extorted

maybe they said to you I’ll invite you

out to dinner later no matter what the

situation is welcome to the hospital of

the Soul a place for broken people your

safe place

I have many friends here

I saw Rob Owen here also my

my friend Julian

my friend Julian with this beautiful


look at that what an immense surprise

what a pleasure are we ready for what’s

to come yes or no in just moments I’m

going to transmit to you what I believe

God told me to say but before

this is the video that we have been

waiting for the short film

first it’s going to move our hearts

profoundly I’m not going to spoil

anything but what I do know

is that you can get very far with your

help with your seed with your prayer

there are people that can’t send money

but they can pray there are others that

say I support you with all of my heart I

feel that this is a part of my family

this is River we said it

from when the pandemic began there is no

other way this is church and this has to

do with each and every one of us every

person that shows every person that

gives and in moments I’m going to

transmit what I believe got placed in my

heart but before let’s enjoy are we

ready people yes or no

this is Mission Uganda here we go



I’m trying darpenlock

I’m the owner of this land

and we donated

this place where the school is


that school started in 2011.

this community has many orphans

and many needed people

so at least

my late husband

was to get someone who can assist the

needy and the orphans


hi River it’s brother of pure God Will


I’ve been here for

up to seven years now we have grown to

260 children now and with a faculty of


good morning

my name is

and I teach top class as a class teacher

in my classroom right now I need a very

big chalkboard because the one I have

there it is so small and for last one we

are teaching them we use big letters

visual ones according to their age



if you give me computer it will be very

good because they will learn from down

how to use computer and they will do

everything by themselves

thank you


I teach English and science

the developments that you’re seeing

there really the improvements are there

both physically and academically we are

improving from the lower level to the

higher level every subject actually

generally they like them I’m Bob I am a

teacher of English our kids have grown

into real spiritual life that’s why we

make sure that our kids devolve

spiritually not only academically

my name is Jennifer Masco call me sister


I work as a school nurse management


for the whole school I do manage classes

I do go there see the teachers I do go

to the kitchen see what they have

prepared for the kids

the kitchen there I make sure everything

is prepared well the food the kids eat

the way they serve it



thank you

when the rain could drain it could

near the hole in the Iron Sheet it could

rain on your bed

so there is that ceiling maybe to stop

there and it won’t come

under materials


when we wake up we go to the bathrooms

if they come back in the dormitory you

wear your clothes run to class before

the time gets you yes I’ve got four kids


people who are living in this area

they live in a difficult way

so they need education

we have 80 kids living here

most of the kids here they have single

parents but even those with both parents

their parents they cannot manage

everything for them

yeah their orphans because even during

the whole days we do have kids who stay

here because they find going home it is

a big problem instead they have to stay

here and manage it that way


a meeting years

how do you feel in the school

in the morning we take porridge as a


and after lunch we take posho

and the beans as our lunch

and in the evening we take posho also on


they they teach us about good they teach

us about how to preach how to read the

scripture the Bible reading the school

is good


they teach were they have good teachers

children ago our behaved

in the last two days there was no music

me I love music too

so much when I start dancing singing my

specially by for God I feel great



















I want to be in Nema I want to protect

the environment

I’m gonna be a story

protect our protect our country Uganda

fight against the robots who

will attack our country

we have a lot of Buzz around here and

and most most of them they are drunkards

as we rank this place it is the first

place that leads in HIV along here that

Western Uganda


I’m 14 years old

I have only a mom

I started sleeping here in P5

to get safe like like when I’m going

back home

yes some strangers in in the way

they use it

there isn’t La stranger catching us when

we are sleeping

there is fresh air no problem the Press

is very secure

I have one brother and one sister

the reason why I don’t live with her is


I decided on my own to come in at school

to study

my favorite song

I love to praise him

I love to praise him

I love to praise him I love to praise

him and lift up His holy name and lift

the peace Holy Name


Hallelujah singing

Hallelujah we exalt him on high we exalt

him on high




like this has ever happened before this

is so great and the community is already

aware of what is going on prior to your

arrival here in Uganda


thank you



when they actually saw River come and

the kids they’re hoping their eyes like

this is not a story you know Santa Claus

is Coming to Town cartoon reality just

happened the people we’d hoped that we

would see one day actually showed up



thank you






we need


to prepare tomorrow



is this your family

God bless this land thank you

amen where everybody


thank you





you look around you see the work is

going on people are very busy and the

people in the community are getting job

and some money

North America


thank you


I wake up every day and goes this going

on is this really happening and then

wake up and see us in the morning and I

say river is truly here



thank you





thank you

I love them

they love me and didn’t even know me

right they just it was hope

and when that happens

and Hope just It Made Me Love You you’d

have nothing but love


what is River going to be

number one what is River gonna be

wow that’s right



pick it up


from River Church

that people are very kind

and very nice

and beautiful


I most likely have a company the way

they work how

busy they can make themselves and how

they engaged in work

the way things are very good we are

excellent and they will help too much in

the education and learning capacity of

our peoples


thank you


what we’re doing when a child comes in

the first thing we want to do is to

reboot the computer system of the brain

then we want to stimulate that part of

their brain with these glasses that

blink at different levels and then we

have them read a book this way this way

that way and upside down the kids can

actually read better because we’re

stimulating that part of their brain

they are so thankful that our church

that’s coming out here to do all this

work and to help them not only have a

better life but have a better academic

level this has been perfect

since you’ve been here


I’m sahelin I’m grade three teacher

I’m a teacher Ada I’m grade three


the most thing which I would like

from River Church I liked the way how

they are praying with us the way how

they are happy with us




even in the Spanish songs they told that

you told us they are very interesting






they teach us how to dance even they

teach us the songs of Spanish

so we love River Church


bless me








River oh in here listen the kids have

such a surprise today they’re going to

egongo Cultural Center

many of them have never been in a car

much less a bus


it’s going to be an exciting day they’re

going to learn about the culture of

Western Uganda they’re going to be able

to see part of their history it’s an

exciting time for the kids for the

faculty and it’s for our people


thank you


hello arj here in Uganda and this is Pao

she has a dream of becoming a reporter

and she’s going to ask me a few

questions thank you pal

okay as he has said that I want to be a

journalist when I grow up okay I want to

ask him some little few questions



how is your family and how is your life

my life is very good

my family

they are all good and they are living

very well in nihanga

you stay in nihanga

how many parents do you have I have both

of my parents both the two my dad and my

mom okay that’s good to hear thank you





these are the best because they grow as

you’re wearing them

so they grow using these things the

bullets you put it in frog it’s behind

as they become large or small yeah it’s

gonna last for many years




thank you



for the gifts they are surprising to us

because we saw we are so happy thank you

very much

the community of course they have

started talking

because they are saying what is

happening there


the community around they say this is

too wonderful they say there is

something which is going to take place

down in there

the community generally it is talking

about the school

very well not evenly better but best



that changes I’m so much surprised there

is a lot that has been done we are so

happy and grateful




can’t wait to see it all I can’t express

it right now because at times I feel

like crying because I ask myself who are

we in this place to have this that is

happening to us right now

all the changes are very good

the school is getting more very good and

looking nice


thank you




church because because what they have

done to us

the pupils they’re gonna cry a lot

we wish they would come back even not

going back if I would have stayed

tomorrow is the day to cry I will be

having big handkerchief

I know the children when you cry


how we wish they stayed with us this

this side

even now I’m about to cry


guess what it’s raining but in Africa

rain can be a wonderful sign a wonderful

sign of blessings because we’ve had rain

we’ve had Sun we’ve had rain and I know

God’s going to show up with the sunshine

River Church we want to present a gift

to all the teachers from River School





even with the rain are we still happy

we have a special set of gifts that we

have brought all the way from California

for the students and the teachers


but we are going to set up a computer

lab for the children we’ll learn to use



hustle ball

what can I say unto the Lord unto you

and to unto River thank you Lord

and we are saying thank you on behalf of

all the children

thank you thank you thank you


this is not the last time that we’ll be


you will be forever in our hearts


thank you




thank you


















thank you



















we are now able to access the Solar

System since we have been in darkness


they are happy about the light that is

being provided we had the solar system

that was up there but outside but now so

far the light that is being provided it

is not dim like the other one it can

lead as well as even here where we are

the light can reach me so we are very

pleased about the solar system




when you reach there it happens as well

so everything is impressed now it is



I want to thank River School for

building for us beautiful bathroom thank

you thank you Universal















the Smite is on our faces it’s just

because of you and we are here for you

and you are there for us thank you very








we are on our way to being the number

one school in the region in bodley in



my name is

I’m the educational officer in charge of

special needs education River School is

performing very well the infrastructures

are good the environment is also good in

fact we know that in future River School

will be among the modern schools we have

in our district


thank you


for sure our school will be number one

as we wish yes I know that one day one

time these kids will be professionals

and will also appreciate what we are

given to them of facilities are

fantastic we are La experience here and

really thank you from MS Construction

myself John and the team we want to give

you a very good upload and thanks for

being so much partnered with us


thank you very much thank you very much

River Church may God bless you

abundantly I really appreciate it

third very nice may God bless you River

Church and I want to thank them for our

school you will be blessed we shall be

blessed here in Uganda and we shall

change Uganda we shall change Africa the

whole world will be changed because of

your representation we were chosen to be

part of River Church in America in

California we are so much happy

the river church so much thank you for

your support for Your Love Without Love

I know your support can’t be there but

because of that gift of love you are

meaningful to us thank you River Church








that is the seed from the family of

rivers that Applause has to be for the

person next to you behind you all those

that helped that is your seed people



we’re happy





very well how beautiful

please rest Battalion of the army of God

we always say

this phrase that an image is worth more

than a thousand words and so that’s why

we took the time to to finish it all

because as we saw

even though the team came back the work


so that they could have everything in

order and for it to be a model school

and their hours would continue to

sustain them we feed them three to four

times a day

we sustained the entire School the the

the the teachers the salaries they’re

our children there are about 270 kids

plus the teachers there’s about 300

people that depend on this family

so those that will go with us in October

to get to know them well we already met


those that will go to embrace them those

children need

just as the last person shared they need

a lot of love and affection

and not only do we take resources and

money but they also have us as parents

as mothers Fathers as their superheroes

that from this place in California we

don’t forget about them this is your

seed also to all the people around the

world that’s so an offer thank you for

always being so generous for sending

your seats those that today once the

service ends will leave their their seed

in the urns as we do

today we’re short on time so we have to

get to all that God has prepared for us

but of course thank you because you’ve

never stopped sowing and I’m of the

people that never

feel ashamed to ask for money because we

have clear accounting and we know where

the money is sent and the money is sent

here what we just saw and to Venezuela

in India and Pakistan and we also have a

project in India we took on another

orphanage this is just getting started

and just as God had promised we are the

barn houses of the world thanks to

River’s generosity this is your seat

thank you thank you thank you for sewing

thank you

thank you for sewing

wow let’s take a deep breath are we


what emotion I told you I told you it

was like a roller coaster of emotions

where you laugh cry laugh cry laugh cry

and thanks to the entire editing team

Brian our director who did an

extraordinary job thank you

for this enormous work

very well are we ready yes or no


before we go because this is just

getting started

florencio Varela is a city in the south

of Buenos Aires

but back in the year 1974

it appeared to me that it was a city

lost in the middle of nothing don’t get

upset at me those that are from there

but that’s what it appeared to me when I

was a child

my grandmother’s home Anna Keller

that’s what the German family called her

it’s as if she had

press the pause button for her home and

forgot to lift their finger it was like

a long sausage of a home

the home was situated on katamarica 184

on Via bacioni in the same city so

whoever lives there

I sent a greeting that was my

grandmother so I’m not going to ask for

it back but it was her home first a pair


dogs with no breed

some parrots in a rusty cage

there was an old TV an old valve TV it

was black and white the ones that when

you would turn it off there was a little

white circle in the middle

four and a half hours one day I decided

to wait to see when the white light

would go away and it was three in the

morning when it did

it was adorned with an embroidered

tablecloth old modulars and then water

pump because there wasn’t any running

water my grandfather James my


second husband because she loved having

fun it was her second or third husband

I’m not too sure he chewed tobacco in

his rocking chair and he would spit out

the tobacco in that home there weren’t

any bicycles no no toys no balls nothing

fun to do for a little six-year-old it

was boring street but for my grandmother

Anna her idea of a good day was to

receive her family her grandchildren and

to make her strudels and verenickies

these are typical German pastries

and in the bedroom

with a creaky floor he would step on it

and it would Creak it’s as if hell

itself was right below that’s where we

would sleep because it was too far to go

back home to sleep and there was an

unsettling frame a picture frame that

worried me that scared me there was a

photograph in sepia

in a oak frame and I recovered the


it was above the the headboard of the of

the bed

and it showed a mysterious family of six


where everyone had a sad face as if they

were surrounded by a somber gloomy or

Macabre atmosphere it looks like a

Netflix horror show right

I didn’t want to sleep in that bedroom

because of this picture

and my grandmother said these are my

parents and my little brothers and

sisters that’s what my grandmother said

the photo is from 1910 I was four years

old I’m the little girl wearing the

black dress on the right

that little girl that looks like

Morticia Adams or the miniature version

that’s my grandmother my father’s mother

and she said and that man is your

father’s grandfather my father tells me

Mr Keller was a very bad man very bad

that’s why we looked so melancholic in

this picture the man was a drunk he hit

us all including my mother

and in those times my grandmother said

nobody felt like smiling not even for a

picture yeah

and then she continued to tell me how

this man survived the war how an Old

Germany he was able to acquire a small


and then we went down the family tree

and I discovered branches that I didn’t

even know existed and I always thought

that he was a Nazi they just didn’t want

to tell me and as my grandmother spoke

that of bulik day in black and white

became a colorful Rembrandt or Monet

because all of a sudden I was immersed

in the story I realized that this man

was alcoholic that he died of

tuberculosis and he was buried at the

age of 43.

the other photograph that scared me was

in the dining room it wasn’t better than

the first but it was the Gamel version

of Dracula

and who might that be she said that’s Mr

Enrique Gabel and his wife

these are the

parents of my first husband this is my

great grandfather my father’s

grandfather this Dracula is my great


I thought I think he slept in a coffin

but I had heard

of this man I have I had heard about my

paternal great grandfather I know that

he took his family to live in the fields

but I didn’t I don’t I didn’t know what

he did for a living or how he died so my

grandmother told me

and she only needed a couple of

sentences for me to be attached to the

story she said that he was a farmer he

emigrated from Soviet the Soviet Union

to a German Village

looking for a good field and a cheap

farm and he acquired both

but a drought

did away with all the his Harvest and

cirrhosis took away his life

and left a widow with many children

including my grandfather

the third image was in the kitchen I

I did know these two people they seemed

more normal to me

he looked like a Hollywood star

these were my parents Federico and Nelly

they were a little more normal

this is a gift a gift that my parents

gave my grandmother

they gave it to her on their wedding day

and there you can see them as actors and


this man my father was an orphan at the

age of nine he had to abandon Elementary

School to go work in the fields and

and harvest the crops finally he met my

mother the daughter of an English

immigrant he was a sculptor and a an


and so that she inherited that that

artistic style

and why do you think I can remember the

day I discovered these photographs after

50 years there were so many details in

that conversation with my grandmother I

can even see the dining table where we

were seated

the chairs with the with the straight

back wrist the smell of salsa the


I remember all the details because it

was a day before social media existed I

realized where I came from

so knowing where you come from connects

us it links us it Associates us to

something greater than us life didn’t

begin with us it reminded me

that I wasn’t an isolated Islander pond

so when you get to know your story in

fact you can understand your parents you

can understand the hard life that they

had to go through that’s why some of our

parents weren’t able to show affection

if I were to

survey you all today and ask how many

had affectionate parents people from my

generation would say no no when my


realized I did something wrong he would

let me know about it

my father never even took me to get my


our parents wouldn’t take us anywhere so

if you’re able to understand

the place you came from

we can make sense of all the chaos

there’s no prequels no sequels

just weeds being dragged by the wind

birth death

it’s a life at random and that’s boring

that’s a Buick

one week we’re giving birth the next

week we’re saying goodbye to a loved one

at a funeral

in the same

we can be in the hospital and at a


and the question is does this drama make

sense no sometimes life ends up being

chaotic frenetic

with no sense until you get to know the

script until we understand the script

the plot until we understand what this

film is about when you understand what

the movie is about when an actor goes up

on stage

with the script in his hand Everything


when we are presented on the plateau or

on the set knowing the entire script

everything makes sense because we get to

know the rest of the story how our life

will end where it began

and where we’re headed

just like David said in psalm


the Lord rewrote the text of my life

there’s a translation that says Lord

wrote The Lord wrote the script of my

life when I opened up my eyes to his


so what is the plot for our life this is

the new question

because the gurus of self self-help

motivators they tell us that we have to

know our story however

they give us the wrong direction because

they say to us Empower yourself look

within you look inside of you within you

you will find your destiny but when you

discover yourself it’s not enough

I don’t know if you can value a symphony

by knowing just one bar

I don’t know if you can know a book by

just reading one chapter or what’s worse

the preface it doesn’t explain the movie

of life or much more than just a few

days between the uterus and the tomb so

our life is integrated in God just as

David said as a translation says in

Ephesians 1

in Christ we find who we are and what we

live for yes or no who we are and what

we live for

so much before

we got to know him he had noticed us

already and he had glorious plans for

our life someone has to be convinced

that it’s like this right now

we’re integrated

to a great Saga directed by God a series

or a season called life directed by God

and it fascinates me to know that my

life has a script

much before I cried out for the first

time it fascinates me to know that God

had prepared my bedroom you know those

modern parents that say oh I already

painted celeste’s bedroom because the

ultrasound shows that it was a boy

I asked my parents mom dad did you want

to have me and they said no you were a

mistake we weren’t careful I never asked

if it was a mistake by my father or

mother but I always

share the same thing

a mistake is more like letting out some

gas and so I thought I was the same

thing as flatulence

what’s your name my name is Dante

flatulence that’s how I always felt

growing up

that’s why it calms me down to have a

script a purpose because a purpose has a

finale so I don’t know the date of my

final flight but I also know that my

final flight and your final flight is

scripted what’s David’s promise

Psalm 23 6 I will dwell in the house of

the Lord forever so if he says he will

dwell forever there’s a version that

says he’ll dwell eternally what is this

home on this side of the Sun what is it

this home is a a temporary home our

citizenship is in heaven according to

Philippians so this is a temporary home

and this explains why we’re nostalgic


I don’t know if you’ve ever desired to

be home

when I was 16 I decided to leave my home

to live by myself my mother said go and

try it out if you want

and so I moved to the Capitol I lived in

the province of Buenos Aires I spent an

entire summer working

with a friend we rented an apartment he

helped me out I lived alone

the first night

I was afraid I would go to sleep sobbing

because I wasn’t used to going to bed by

myself I was always with my brothers

I was I thought I was Brave but I would

leave the lights on at night but I was

happy to know that I was a free man that

I could do anything I wanted eat at

whatever time I wanted to go to bed at

whatever time

I fed myself with junk food that that

summer I was a regular at McDonald’s

Ronald McDonald was my brother that’s

all I ate because I only had money for

McDonald’s and it was ideal for a 16

year old boy

three months go by

and I missed my home so much that each

night I would go to bed sobbing and it

makes me ashamed that I missed my bed

then my home and on one of those

evenings I wasn’t able to fall asleep so

I went out to the balcony to get some

air and in front of my apartment I saw

an open window and in the home I saw a

family I saw a mother a father a boy a

little boy a little girl and a


any painter would have placed that scene

on a canvas the father was telling a

story the kids were laughing

I had to do my best to not cross the

street and ask for a seat at that table

I wanted to ask can you let me in

because I felt far from home and what I

felt that night

maybe you felt it

maybe you’ve been feeling it since your

spouse died or since you buried your

child or from the moment you realized

you had a tumor on your breast or a spot

on your lung or leukemia or metastasis

maybe others feel far from home because

their family their home was divided and

it’s not the same as when you were a


so the misfortunes the unforeseen things

in life have a way of reminding us that

this is not home

this land is not our home

that’s why we’re not familiar with the

language of illness and death we’re not

familiar with it even though it’s normal

when we go through it we say why me

because we’re not familiar with it and

you know what it’s fine to not be

familiar with death or with disease

because our Nostalgia for our real home


one of the burdens that God doesn’t mind

us carrying because in the end we’re

preparing to go to our other home so he

allows us to feel that Nostalgia of

saying when will this illness end when

will the Injustice I’m going through end

I was reading the story of a parrot

named putsy it’s a true story

it came out in the LA Times some time


a parrot escaped from his home and was

recovered by a certain woman named Susan

and she said if this Spirit doesn’t have

an owner then I’ll keep him

both the parent and Susan loved talking

so they got along very well and one day

the parrot did something incredible

while Susan was showering the bird flew

over the woman

landed on her shoulder and whispered in

her ear

150th Street in Green Bay

the parrots invitation is for the same


the parrot said I don’t know how parrots

speak they must speak that way I’ve

never had a parrot but the parrot gave

an address

and the woman was in shock

she looked for the address and verified

that it existed

she went to that home and found a 79

year old man and his and she asked did

you have a parrot and you said yeah I

did but I miss him terribly and then

when he saw putsy he became so excited

and she gave him back obviously I think

the woman would go back every week to

visit the parrot and speak with it but

she returned it but the story isn’t as

strange as it might appear because we

also have an eternal address fixed and

memorized in our brain the Bible says

that God

placed eternity in the heart of man when

he finished creating man

give them eternity and what is that

it’s the fact that

in the deepest part of our hearts Jews

atheists Christians Catholics

Barcelona fans the whole world knows

that on this side of the Sun

we’re not at home

that’s why I always say no one dies


if someone says

I can’t speak to God about it I got I

can’t speak about God to anyone well

then go to a hospital go to the ward of

the dying and you’ll see

that no one will be opposed to a prayer

before they pass away not even an

atheist there’s a phrase that says no

one dies in atheist Under Fire

just in case there’s a God they seek Him

others grab their medallions others

cross themselves others say God help him

help him so that we don’t fall down


but no matter what everyone believes in

something a plane goes through

turbulence and the whole world says oh

my God no one says oh my mother-in-law

now everyone says oh my God


because God gave man eternity in his

heart no one needs to believe in God

until a pandemic comes along until

they’re in the hospital bed

and so then they look for a pastor a

rabbi a priest

and they have to know if their passport

is in order to go to the other side

others say no one says or if I die the

worms will eat me even if they do

believe that they’re afraid to encounter

something unforeseen on the other side

in the short film we just saw

we can see the face of a particular

little girl we can examine the 270

children with bright eyes curly hair

they learn to sing

phonetically but if we pay attention

once we post it online

there’s one girl

That’s Unique she doesn’t look

much different to the rest she eats the

same chicken and beans as the rest

we couldn’t leave Uganda without

teaching them an Argentinian word

if they say goodbye to us by saying hey

see you later bro I would become

depressed nothing personal nothing


but they need to at least speak the

language of the world champions right at

the very least until next until the next

World Cup

and this this these girls play on the

same Dusty fields

this little girl sleeps under the same

roof as the other girls she hears the

same pitter patter of the rain

on a day when the sun is hidden however

even though she seems to

seems similar to all the other little

girls she lives in a different world she

is in a world called my future is not

here I will not die here

and she told the whole world that she

would be either a doctor or a journalist

she said it in the short film

and if you go to Uganda on the next trip

ask her to tell you

even though I don’t believe you’ll have

to ask she’ll tell you without you

asking because she dreams of being

adopted and that her new parents pay for

her studies to work as a journalist

or a reporter and so that’s why we gave

her the opportunity to have a small

interview because she says

now she was born for that and she has a

strong character you know when that

little kid went up to her and she said

she made her face I said to say get this

get out of here

she’s like a TV director

so she never stops streaming with her

future home she knows that sooner or

later there’s a potential that’ll take

her very far and every time missionaries

come from America or the people that

they say are white like the people from

River Arena

her heart skips a beat because on any of

these days someone might believe that

her dream is worth enough worth the

effort they’ll see her potential and

they’ll bring her home and until that

moment arrives Pearl is going to live

with a heart oriented to her new home

interviewing other children preparing

for the great day

and I say shouldn’t we all live that way

because Pearl situation is a reflection

of Our Lives

didn’t God Believe in Us and adopt us

Romans 8 15 says

the spirit you receive does not make you

slaves so that you live in fear again

rather the spirit you received brought

about your adoption to sonship and by

him we cry Abba Father

and so God sought us

before we knew that we needed to be


she had filled out her documents and had

prepared the room the Bible says

for those God foreknew he also

predestined to be conformed to the image

of his son he already selected us

and not Pearl nor us we don’t know when

it’s time for us to go home but our

Nostalgia for home Keeps Us Alive it

gives us a shine on our face and as soon

as we accept that we’re going home we go

from being orphans to heirs the Bible


with Christ

the Bible doesn’t know about step

children or grandchildren no Christ and

US participate in the same inheritance

where co-heirs but we’re forgetful

we get used to our beds in the


one day we feel trapped between what

will be and what is and what do we do

while we wait well

we have to face life is difficult live

long enough and you’ll go through many

Winters right

a season of illness

a season of drunk drivers traders that

make the world an insecure place

but this home here in this world isn’t

the last home will live in just like

Pearl we know that this River School is

good and it’s nice but we won’t stay to

live here at a certain moment someone

will adopt me someone will believe in my


I read the story of a certain Mr Holden

in New Zealand every day he would take a

Duff from his own Dove coat in Auckland

and with one hand he would sustain

the messenger in another hand he would

roll up a little mess a little message a

little piece of paper

he would write on a little piece of

cigarette paper

Holden would let the pigeon go the dove

go it would fly south

to a different Island about a hundred

kilometers away the point is that

between 18

00 the year 1800 in the year 1809 Holden

delivered thousands of message messages

his birds were fast efficient

they could fly

in two hours what a boat would take

three days to travel storms didn’t make

it lose its route they never got sick

but the most impressive thing is that

the doves never

went to the wrong place they always came

back to their nest for those that don’t

know it’s not that the dove goes into

Google Maps and looks for its home no

first the dove is shown where it’s home

is where it’s nestis the doves always

return to its Dove coat there are faster

Birds there are stronger Birds

there are some birds with more beautiful

plumage or big sharp claws however no

bird has the navigation skills of a

messenger Dove messenger pigeon

some scientists believe that they have a

magnetism in their beak

or that they interact with the magnetic

fields of the earth others say no it’s a

property that’s attributed

their orientation is attributed to the

fact that they have great listening

skills they’re like the old gossiping

woman in the neighborhood that shouldn’t

hear certain things

or that they feel frequencies that other

birds might not detect but what’s true

is that these pigeons have an innate

detector of where their home is of where

their nest is but we do too and so what

God gave to doves he gave to us I’m not

talking about a little

Clover brain but I’m talking about their

orientation system we’re born equipped

with the desire of a Celestial home

that’s why we ask ourselves essential

things that animals don’t animals don’t

ask questions that we do your cat

doesn’t say why was I born a cat if I

wanted to be a cow this morning no it’s

not like that

I’m not going to get into problems but

that’s not how it is the dog doesn’t

wake up and say oh today I’m a dog no

that’s not it


they don’t ask how long will I live why

wasn’t I born with elephants no

no animals react by Instinct not by


but there isn’t a human being that

hasn’t asked why am I here

even if we were a mistake like myself

we asked do I have a purpose in life or

not we ask ourselves why is pain so so

unfair an animal doesn’t ask why pain is

unfair it’s painful to sometimes see an

animal mistreating another animal but

animals are loyal they don’t they don’t

question anything


they don’t ask questions but we ask

ourselves why do the word leukemia and

child appear in the same sentence is

there anything more unfair than that or


why don’t conflicts disappear the same

way Blockbuster CDs and fax machines

disappeared and Julio Iglesias

why are the dates on certain tombstones

so short

why is life composed of just birth and


it seems like something within us is

saying that’s not fair this can’t be

right this isn’t a home

where does that restlessness come from

where do those Sensations come from

who sowed those seeds in our head why

can’t we be like rabbits that

that are content with eating carrots and

copulating well some of you are like

rabbits but not all

because according to God

we’re still not in our home that’s why

we’re not content with a lot of money

nor is the person with eight Oscars on

the chimney happy not even if they’re

living in Beverly Hills or if they’re

collecting cars or if they have a

private plane or if someone has is

living under a bridge with the

minimalistic view of life

Jesus shared a story of home

a Man became so rich like Jeff Bezos the

man swam in wealth he always had

everything he wanted he had a yacht he

had a foundation

but one day he undervalues his father’s

love he sells all his stock and he goes

to the Metropolis in his Mercedes in a

jiffy he dilapidates all of his fortune

his stuff without friends no funds no

idea what to do his life was filled

and he ends up living with the pigs he

had to feed the pigs and put up with so

much hunger that it occurred to him to

eat the pig’s food and so then he

remembered his home

he remembered the Argentinian barbecues

with Argentinian Malbec wine around the


if you’re living in Phillips you don’t

remember arepas or tortillas

the day you preached you can give

whatever example you want but I’m


dream of tortillas if you have nothing

nothing else to to think of but you

dream of barbecue he remembered his

slippers his silk pajamas but now he was

in the pig pen flies were everywhere

there must be a delay if you if you

laughed about the Argentinian joke

but you know what this man said he said

I’m going to make this pigpen my home

so the guy

took a loan from the bank and remodeled

the pigpen he covered the mud with the


he put a dining table next to the pigs

he hung a flat screen on a post

and he flipped

a bowl of water so that it could look

like a lamp

he put a bow on a pig and called it his

wife his love

he placed an earring on another Pig and

called it his beloved Son and soon

enough that pigpen had become a home and

he was willing to live a good life there

it’s fine Jesus didn’t say this I just

imagined it

maybe he didn’t do that

but isn’t it what we do

don’t we put so much effort

into making a home out of this world

we make it beautiful we decorated we

renew it we we remodel it and we always

think that happiness will be right on

the other side of getting that new phone

that new Tesla that new flat screen and

Through Time

of course the place doesn’t look the

same we might even feel that we’re at

home on the side of the Sun

but even with all that the Flies return


our loved ones die earthquakes Shake us

up politicians scam us again

our families collapse our little ones

die of hunger

and the pain of the world and the smell

of the world stinks again despite the

carpet so what alternative do we have we

can pretend that this life is the one

that God gave us eternally or we can

start to reason

we can follow the example of the

prodigal son that said it’s better for

me to go home Luke 15.

18. we have to say we have to go back to

our father this can’t be our home

of course it’s beautiful

but the trip isn’t the goal that’s been

a great part of my life on a plane and

now that I’m on tour I spend Eternal

hours flying and I see that the majority

of the people that fly are happy

especially those that fly not too often

they are traveling due to business or

vacation or to get to know new places

but let’s imagine the pilot announcing

ladies and gentlemen this flight is your

last flight I want to let you know that

we will never land This Plane from here

on out is your home get comfortable and

enjoy the 40 or 50 years of flight enjoy

the Eternal flight

all the passengers

would Riot we would look for the cabin

and try to land immediately we wouldn’t

be content with living eternally on a

plane because the trip isn’t the


the boat isn’t the goal and so we know

that there’s more to life like E.T some

of you from the 80s must remember E.T

lifting up his Twisted finger saying my

home remember

my home some Millennials have no clue

what I’m talking about it doesn’t matter

but we know that this plane isn’t our


Mr Holden would release his

pigeons in Auckland

and the Lord frees us from this prison

of believing that this is our home so

what is our privilege flapping our wins

going back to our Island the greatest

Calamity in life is you know what

feeling far from home when we’re

actually there


sorry if the saddest thing is to feel at

home when you’re far from home

well that believe they’ll be Eternal and

through Botox or plastic surgery or

foundations or bank accounts they

believe that they’ll be able to scam


I have to interview artists

some of them grow old in a dignified way

but others come here like this they

can’t drink water because it escapes out

the side of how stretched out their


not too long ago somebody came here with

what I thought was a butt chin but no it

was a it was a there was their belly

button from how much they had stretched

out their skin

I’ll say it again the greatest Calamity

is not feeling far from home when we are

but feeling that we’re at home when

we’re not and I can explain this to you

this last phrase

that’s why I’m going to tell you a small


that I once lived with one of my older

brothers Daniel

just so happens that

my brother was repairing his boss’s

yacht Bernardo his his boss’s name was

Bernardo foreign

the man had a small boat a small yard

and my my brother would like

carpentry jobs on the inside he would

paint it and this yacht was situated at

the Port of olives in Buenos Aires and

when I was 12 years old he invited me to

accompany him one weekend

well my brother would work I would be

able to spend some time inside the yacht

even though it was docked I would at

least be on the boat and that morning

I suppose that my brother wanted to

impress me he decided that his boss

wouldn’t notice so he decided to take

the boat away from the dock and he said

let’s navigate a bit

since my brother was intelligent or

that’s what I thought at least

he checked the instruction manual

he was checking each step

before going out to the water she said

this can’t be too difficult he checked

the yeah

from the bow to the stern he made sure

it was topped off with gas

he made a technical analysis of the

motor then he informed himself about

the meteorological forecast there

weren’t any cell phones so I don’t know

what he saw or who he called

but he said how’s the weather in the

next two hours

he made sure that we had life jackets

and that’s where I didn’t like it

we had fire retardant blankets in case

the yacht caught on fire he made sure

the battery was charged he made sure the

navigation lights were working properly

that if for some reason

Knight fell upon us he turned on the

engine on that motor made an infernal



the rotors and the propellers went round

and round

but the boat didn’t move and my brother

said I don’t know what the heck is going

on this boat has to go now the entire

Port was watching us some people were

traumatized that day

to me it appeared that we were stuck on

something that we had to let go of

something before we left

at the age of 12 I decided that we were

probably tied down to something but I

couldn’t insult my brother’s


my brother is a Gavin

better to be dead than simple

and before giving reason he prefers to


I have two virtues I have one virtue and

one deep effect from birth I’m very

creative and that’s my virtue

but I’m not very reasonable when my

vehicle stops working I do the same

thing every time I get out of my car I

open the hood I look at the motor and

then I close the hood and I get back in

my car that’s the closest thing

I’ve done

to being a mechanic I look at it I say

and then I close it

an engine can literally have an on or

off button and I won’t I wouldn’t notice

it but I always thought that you have to

open up the hood to be a man every week

I open up the hood

but my brother

continued to force the boat’s engine

and on top of all the smoke that was

being let out

the boat never moved and all of a sudden

he says yeah

to lift the anchor


didn’t like the plural we forgot

insulted with me

and on top of it all I wanted to get off

that boat I wanted to get off

so he checked everything except for the

detail of lifting the anchor lifting an

anchor is literally releasing ourselves

from what ties us to the bottom of the

river the bottom of the ocean so I think

life is similar it’s necessary

that if we know that

we think this is our home we have to

release the anchor we have to discard

the priorities that are incorrect at

consume Our Lives

all the friends that don’t add anything

to us the Eternal attack groups was 42

members gets better no you have to get

out of there

after half an hour you want to kill

Facundo facundo’s mother and all the

other mothers

so the writer of the Hebrew says

let us throw off everything that hinders

and the sin that so easily entangles

not just the sin but everything that

hinders and where does freedom start we

have to give name to that anchor these

anchors are the ones that make us

believe that on this side of the sun

this is our final life they’re the white

elephants that one day we begin to

maintain and we don’t even know how that

elephant grew so much

that’s what keeps us

with our Motors running in life and we

never leave the dock we never leave the


people that need to work to pay a home

off that they don’t even enjoy

the amount of millionaires that have a

home with housekeepers gardeners people

that clean their pools I’ve been in

homes like this


where you’re sitting in the living room

in a new trail walks by and then an

elephant comes by and then behind a

zebra and you say oh no it’s because I

like animals but the person doesn’t even

tend for them

they need a person to take care of their

zebra and nutria and you ask how can

they have a home like of a drug dealer

with a fountain of David peeing and an

angel and this and that


and all of a sudden

you have to work double to maintain a


just in case anyone ever takes a picture

of them

people that have cars so that others see

that they have a car of that brand these

are anchors and other anchors are


they limit us

they alleviate us from

the obligation to navigate

I’ll just prefer to put down anchors

instead of lifting them I’ve met people

that that complain

in oh

because they never resolved their

situations there are people that love to

live as the victim

in a dysfunctional marriage

or they’re addicted to something and if

you know it doesn’t help you and you

continue on in the same thing they’re


with a triple bypass

and they tell them

you have to go out and walk every day

now you have to change no they’re

anchored to a sedentary lifestyle they

prefer to die before they change these

are people that if you go up to them and

say let go of the anchor no they

themselves anchor themselves

my brother Daniel and myself finally

left the port of the olives and we

navigated for a few hours now first

Adventure fascinated me

because he was an improvised captain and

I was a scared sailor but there we were

sometimes we feel that the best years of

our lives have passed us but I think

that these are hoaxes

because we still have eternity ahead of

us so our best moments are to come

that’s why the Lord said so many times

focus on the things above and another

translation it says think of the things

in heaven how many of us before we go to

bed how many of us think about heaven

in the conference that I give around the

world at a certain moment I say

all right I hold the survey

of those that want to die now with the

guarantee that they go to heaven with

God and how many

would want to wait 10 years to die

and I insist I repeat how many of you

would want to die now with the guarantee

that you would quickly go with God

or how many of you would want to wait 10


you can’t believe that many or the

majority would want to wait 10 years

and so I say what makes this

what makes Chris the Christian message

not too believable is that we preach of

a beautiful heaven

but when people are dying we have a

prayer chain so that they don’t die

and then when they finally die we say

Well they’re in a better place now and

so I asked why didn’t you let them go

sooner why’d you why’d you hold them

back just disconnect them now

but Heaven is unsettling so we don’t

think about it too much we say no I

don’t want to think about it I don’t

want to think about it but the Bible

says that we have to desire heaven in

the same way that Sailors desire the


or the way missiles

look for their target we have to direct

ourselves to home

the way pigeons go back to their Dove

coat or like the prodigal son that went

back to his father

we have to be obsessed with heaven and

that’s not a desire to not do anything

here and just die

no you have to say if it’s my time to go

I’m ready and by the love of God let’s

not become accustomed to the filth on

this Earth

much less should we try to navigate

without lifting the anchor

what are we anchored to

if we limit our stories

to the days between our birth and our

death then I am going to diagnose a sad

life for you we were made for something

greater in this life

the few that I’ve met that thought that

life was what 70 80 years

but that life in life they would be able

to accomplish everything but no

accomplishment no recognition No Award

no money no sex no love nothing

on this side of the Sun

Solomon said it’s all vain

none of that gave purpose to life why


the Lord as if it were a small trick

after creating a human being he said

wait wait we still need something else

and an angel watching said what he has

everything he has hair he looks like an

Argentinian he’s what a gentleman

Adam is extraordinary and he says no

we’re missing something and I don’t know

what he makes but he says There It Is

what’d you give him


you need to know he needs to know that

he’s Eternal

different to animals and cows and dogs

and cats he needs to know that we’re all


that’s why it’s a fallacy to say receive

Christ and you’ll obtain eternal life

because eternal life

everyone has it whether we have the Lord

or not

all those that have once carried a baby

in our arms that’s the only Eternal

thing that we’ve ever had and the only

Eternal thing we’ve ever we’ve ever

carried our cars our homes our clothes

according to the law of entropy it’s all

going to the landfill

but only one thing is eternal a baby a

child an adult an old person because

eternally either in heaven or hell they

will live according to the decision they

make they’ll have their home but they’re


500 years ago

Sailors were afraid of the Horizon they

thought that if they navigated too deep

into the sea they would fall into a

precipice remember because they thought

that the Earth was flat and they thought

that they would fall into a place with


and so ancient science warned them this

is a sign that you can still see

on the Monument of the Strait of


the Spanish carved into stone the Latin


Ultra in other words it means you can’t

go further than this

that’s as far as Sailors went but one

day Christopher Columbus came around

and in 1492 he sat on his journey he

discovered the new world

and that changed everything

Fortune 92.

not 1942 that’s a little bit before my

mother was born


and all of a sudden when he discovered

that new world Spain recognized him

they recognized him on on their coin

and now on the Spanish coin you can see

plus Ultra

Beyond this because it exists and so why

don’t we honor that beyond that

and say there is heaven

why don’t we erase with a chisel that

there isn’t something Beyond this Mel

Blanc the creator of the voices from the

Looney Tunes

That’s all folks

when he died he wanted that to be

inscribed on his Tombstone and that’s

what Mel blanc’s Tombstone says That’s

all folks because they said there’s

nothing beyond the Sun

but what a surprise

he encountered God placed a desire for

home in our hearts and we have to

navigate until we find it until we reach

it every day lift up our anchors and go

to that home and when we arrive we have

to do it traveling lightly no more guilt

because guilt is left on Calvary

No More Death because that was defeated

on the cross we can only have one bag

the only luggage that God will allow us

to take

into our last moment will be the desire

The Nostalgia for our home and when we

see him

we’re going to let go of that last bag

like a soldier who sees his wife his

children after War

drops his bag

and runs to embrace him

those that we love will sing with joy

those that we know will applaud all the

children from Uganda will be there

giving thanks for having thought for

having them on our minds despite the

geographic distance but all the noise

will cease

when God lifts up your chin and says

welcome home son Welcome Home Daughter

welcome home princess

and with his scarred hands he’ll dry the

tears from our eyes

is the greatest Calamity isn’t feeling

outside of your home when you’re in it

but feeling at home when you’re not when

this is not your home

so if things get ugly on this side of

the sun if life is an uphill battle and

it will be at certain moments I give you

my word of Honor not sooner or later God

will say to you mission accomplished

Soldier it’s time to go home it’s time

that you spend eternity with me give an

Applause to the Lord of lords that

Applause needs to be heard people

if you feel that God has spoken that

Applause needs to be heard all the way

in Uganda let’s go beloved people that

Applause needs to be heard in all the

corners of the world we’re going home

we’re going home

are you going home with me yes or no

and if someone today here at home

doesn’t have your their passport updated

I would love for you to repeat after me

this short prayer here and at home and

even if you’ve done it it’s a prayer

that’s never bad to say say with me Lord

Jesus I want to go home

I want to go home

forgive my sins

thank you Lord for being in my heart

for knowing you I receive you now I will

be faithful

until eternity thank you Lord and now

please can you place your hand on your

heart I would love to pray for you


I’ve spoken what I believe you told me

to tell this Army of yours your people

thank you Lord for so much blessing

thank you Lord for this crib of

Champions thank you Lord

for those that haven’t felt at home for

years they were sad they were

melancholic and the sadness dug deep but

Lord I ask that you give them the Peace

of knowing that there is an address

etched into their minds and those that

place their hands on their heart now say


write it in my heart even though things

become difficult in a funeral home or in

the ICU in a hospital

financial crisis economic crisis

spiritual crisis when my heart is

shattered into pieces I know that I will

go to my Celestial home

it’s not just escapism of of cowards no

it’s certainty that you’re

indestructible show me someone that

knows that their citizenship is in

heaven and I’ll show you someone that is

resilient that is resistant

that fights against life that gets up

despite the downfalls everyone father

thank you for this moment those that

know how to pray pray with me thank you

for these last moments father I pray for

those that are at home I pray pray for

those that are in their homes those that

are of different religions Muslims

Orthodox Jews

Jehovah’s Witness

Mennonites those who don’t believe those

that simply believe in science those

that simply believe in physics there is

something that is impossible to believe

that there’s a spiritual world

and you Reveal Your self

to those people that are thirsty thirsty

for something more something greater

than this life Lord

eternity has been given into our hearts

and for those that have forgotten it

those that have masked it the Lord says

don’t forget that there’s no pandemic

there is no earthquake there’s no

tsunami there’s no hurricane that can

separate you from me I have picked you

I’ve adopted you I’ve given you a name

and you’re my child I believe it I

declare it I confess that the best days

are ahead of us lift up your hands

heaven and say Lord thank you for this

morning thank you because you’ve spoken

to us thank you Lord because the same

thing that happens in Uganda happens

here in Anaheim and in the world and in

Peru Calamity Dominican Republic

Argentina Paraguay Chile and every place

around the world in Venezuela and Europe

in Asia America and Australia something

new is occurring I believe it I declare

it in the name of Jesus we say amen and


don’t move at home with this warm

Applause we say goodbye to you bye bye

bye may God bless you thank you for your

seed thank you for what you sow that

Applause goes to the King of Kings






















it is