ENGLISH Dante Gebel #824 | The nonbeliever across the street

«Therefore accept one another, just as Christ accepted you for the glory of God» (Romans 15:7). If you cannot offer perfection, do not demand it from others. The gospel is to tolerate, love and try to understand each other. While those with different opinions from ours can fill us with tension and discomfort, not being able to manage those relationships can lead us to segregation, prejudice, exclusion, and intolerance. Remember that Jesus came to the house of the mundane across the street, to the home of the ‘heretic of beers’, in the same way that he came to our hearts. He came gracefully, truthfully, and with an open invitation to dinner.




land long ago a land not too far from us

there was a beautiful neighborhood

with very nice neighbors very well

respected Neighbors

and in each home you might find a

functional marriage

a dog and maybe even a cat

and in that neighborhood

all the people that live there

considered considered themselves to be


almost like The Truman Show everyone

enjoyed a calm life with no surprises

but at a certain moment

all of that calmness was turned upside

down because a new neighbor arrived who

purchased a villa right across the


it was on Broadway Street

at the intersection of Broadway in


this man had no partner no family he was

a single man named Levi

a Tony Stark who drove a Lamborghini

Veneno and Mr Levi

install the swimming pool

an enormous Grill

an outdoor stereo system and he began to

hold great party celebrations

or functions whatever you call it in

your country

and his friends began to come from all

over this town

and the neighborhood began to fill up

with strange mobs

many people would arrive with tattoos

half naked

they looked like they were addicted to


many of them would arrive with a six

pack of beers in their hands and the

women that began to come around let me

not even tell you about them mini skirts

that look more like wide belts

pants that look like they’re painted on

the makeup that they had on made them

seem like they were in The Joker movie

they all

spoke loudly they drank and they

celebrated late into the night even

during the weeknights and Sunday


when the good neighbors all went out to

their churches

they would walk by Mr Levi’s front lawn

and they would see

trash cups bottles

and all the good parents would tell

their children remember you always have

to be far away from people like this and

the children would ask how did he come

into this neighborhood and they would

say I don’t know we would have to ask

the HOA we would have to have

we would have to sign something to kick

him out

and it just so happened that Mr Levi was

a tax collector a Roman tax collector


the emperor allowed Tax Collectors to

charge attacks

on all that they were able to collect as

long as the Roman Empire received their

parts these public workers could charge

whatever they wanted and they did they

became Rich by making all those around

them poor

and so this that’s how this man was able

to pay for his Lamborghini that’s why

his parties were always obscene

and Wild

it had been a long time since since this

man had changed his dignity for a fatter

wallet a mansion and a luxurious vehicle

and when people would walk by his house

they would point at him and say there’s

the leech there’s the parasite he was a


he was lower than the belly of a snake

he was nothing less than a tax collector

in the times of ancient Rome but the

following Saturday a certain Jesus

walked through that exact neighborhood

of all those respectable inhabitants and

Against All Odds

he went to the house of the subject

we’re speaking of on the intersection of

Broadway and Philadelphia

he rings the doorbell

and invites Levi out to eat it seems

like they got off on a good foot they

told jokes they had a good time they

shared anecdotes and they spoke about


and while Mr Levi told

Jesus about his dark past Jesus speaks

to him about Grace and forgiveness and

Levi asks there’s forgiveness even for

me even for a guy like me and Jesus said

yeah of course especially for people

like you

and so the eccentric millionaire Levi

better known as Matthew gave his heart

to the Lord Matthew I’m speaking about

the Apostle Matthew the writer of the of

the gospels but people forget that

before he was Matthew he was Levi not

William Levy no saying Levi

maybe he looked like the Cuban actor but


so before becoming a disciple Matthew

was a scammer a scoundrel and we forget

that however Jesus saw potential

in Levi or Matthew and Matthew found

redemption in Jesus

so when Jesus

offered that he should follow him

Matthew joined this

heterogeneous band of Jesus disciples he

joins Peter John the rest of the boys

but the scripture says that although

Matthew now had found a new life because

he met Jesus he didn’t forget about his

old friends

he didn’t miss his worldly life


he wanted his friends to get to know

Jesus Matthew’s old friends had a very

rude language they spoke in a grotesque


and they also possessed a libertine

imprudent percussious morality

his friends were always in casinos or

nude clubs but Matthew had a genuine

worry about them and so he told Jesus

Lord you know what I like this this new

group that I’m with now but sometimes I

miss my old gang

and I’m sure it would do them so well

for them to get to know you and Jesus

says I would love for you to introduce

me to them really I thought I couldn’t

hang out with them anymore and Jesus

said no no yes introduce me

Matthew said but Jesus these guys don’t

fit in with us they’re they have tattoos

they’re they’re of the flesh

they’re always drinking beer they smell

like alcohol Jesus said there’s no

problem I don’t fit in with the churches


Jesus said why don’t you throw one of

your famous parties and you invite them

and say why don’t you invite them to the

synagogue he said no throw a party where

I met you and invite them Luke 5 29 for

those that doubt says this

then Levi offered a grape banquet in his


just as Tony Stark might do

and Luke says

a large crowd of tax collectors and

others were eating with them

it wasn’t just a simple Barbecue on a

Sunday afternoon

oh it was a great banquet

with many strange guests

Argentinian Malbec wine

specialized waiters good food good music

salsa Roomba Merengue mariachi

it was all there

and the guests were an Eclectic plethora

of bikers with beautiful women

and there were also a few of Jesus

followers so the apostles mixed

with all the Rascals

there were lifelong visitors of bars and

lifelong visitors of churches all mixed

together and Jesus was so excited but

the religious leaders were irritated

and I won’t even tell you about the


whose leaders were known as Pharisees

the nickname

comes from an Aramaic word that means

Pharisee means separated

due to a different way of living

a different way of living from what’s

generally known

so Pharisee isn’t an insult it’s it’s

fine it just means you’re separated you

have a different way of living

than what the social Norm is

what’s wrong isn’t the name but

what’s wrong is all they cared about was

being separated from

Sinners according to their definition

Holiness meant

being cloistered away

being quarantined or being isolated from

any worldly person so they were always

fighting to erect a thick wall of

external rules to protect themselves

from the outside world they wanted a

controlled environment a religious

subculture but for some reason that

doesn’t require any sort of analysis

don’t try to understand it because I

don’t understand it either when the

Pharisees found out about the party


Levi was holding and they realized that

Jesus was invited they snuck in

if I don’t agree with something I don’t

go but they went I said it must be the

same phenomenon

that makes the modern day Pharisees

aware of other people’s social media

waiting to see what they post waiting to

see what the other person does

they must really desire to see others

burn in hell

these guys went to Matthew’s home with a

frown looking like they were just

baptized in lemon juice

with the face of disapproval and a big

fat Bible under their arm and Luke 5 30


that at one point during the party I

think maybe between the salsa and the

merengue they pointed at Jesus with one

finger and said

why do you eat and drink with tax

collectors and sinners

they go to us the party just to ask him


they were also eating you know from the

trays every time the waiter came around

but their main point was to criticize

oh don’t think that these guys were

fasting no of course not

it wasn’t the first time that these

religious leaders were challenging Jesus

we’re going to analyze a few precedents

this will get more fun watch

on a certain occasion and Matthew 22 15

it says then the Pharisees went out and

laid plans to trap him in his words

they wanted to trap him they wanted his

words to fail

I don’t think any of these guys would

have been admitted that they were asking

Jesus trap questions or trick questions

they were

masking their intentions

they were obsessed with what diploma

Jesus had this made him crazy they

wanted to know who had ordered him who

had authorized him

the process to ordain a rabbi back in

those days a religious teacher in Old

Palestine was simple

there was an a high Council called

Sanhedrin who ordained and they decided

they had the power

Roma had permitted Rome had permitted


they had the power to decide who was the

rabbi the Elder and the judge

and this was all done to express

teachings or reach a verdict and so

that’s why they asked Jesus with what

Authority are you doing these things who

gave you this Authority

yeah but the blind can see now yeah but

who gave you the authority yeah but the

paralyzed man is walking I don’t care

who gave you Authority they didn’t want

to lose their Authority

because they thought that they were the

only ones that could authorize someone

to do what Jesus was doing and Jesus

without anyone’s permission was healing

people for example

he freed those that were demon-possessed

but they hadn’t learned the first rule

of leadership which is the man who wants

to lead the orchestra always has to turn

his back on the crowd whoever wants to

lead great things has to turn their back

on crowds but no they wanted to face the


and here we have the creature asking the

Creator for credentials The Vessel

asking the Potter for his ID where’s

your ID where’s your ID

they thought they were immigration

they weren’t making reference to any of

the Miracles they weren’t asking about

his teachings they wanted to know who

had ordained him

did you leave the seminar and now you

preached the sound Doctrine are you part

of the right denomination do you have

the right credentials incredible they

were interrogating God

sometimes there are people that think

that power

the power of diploma means something and

I’m I’m pro-education

I think that

the youth especially we should look at

that we should study we should prepare


be more capable

by teaching yourself or online or going

to a university

you should never make ignorance a virtue

you say whoa the Lord will place words

in my mouth

that doesn’t mean that he’ll Place

foolish preachers

on a stage no it means when you’re

before the authorities and you’re being

accused because of Jesus don’t worry

he’ll Place words in your mouth but he’s

not trying to say ignorance should

become a virtue that you shouldn’t

prepare yourself

you have to prepare yourself so on Pro

education Pro studying but there are

people that believe

or power or status means something or it

means everything

because their Doctrine will guarantee

their spot in heaven so let’s do a

practical exercise we’re going to do

three practical exercises this morning

afternoon or night wherever you’re

watching from here it’s morning time but

right now we’re going to go through a

practical mental exercise in your mind

try and name the 10 richest men in the




the last 10 Miss America winners

the beauty pageant

name 10 people that have won a Pulitzer

or a noble

or maybe something easier

let’s try and name 10 of the last Oscar

winners the academy winners

wow you’re so holy so you don’t feel bad

I also don’t have

the remote idea of who the winners are

unless there is a trivia whiz none of us

is going to remember these things

it’s surprising how quick we forget

and those that I mentioned aren’t

winners of a second category no they’re

all the best in their discipline but the

Applause eventually dies the awards


they’re forgotten the diplomas and

awards are buried with their owners

a doctor dies and the Diplomat doesn’t

continue treating people no it goes away

let’s do a second exercise let’s see how

it goes think of three people that you

enjoy being in their company


think of 10 people that have taught you

something in life 10 people

family members or not

five friends that have helped you in

difficult moments

try and remember the name of a teacher

or a professor that helped you out in

school that helped you in the midst of

bullying or think of one person whose

life has inspired you

that’s easier than the last request


same for me so what’s the lesson

the people that make a difference aren’t

those that have the diplomas

nor the ones that have a Pulitzer or a

Noble Peace Prize but the people that

bless us these are the people that make

a difference the people that impact us

the people that affect us that motivate

us right

but all the religious people they look

for credentials and if they don’t find


they try and continue with their trick


they continue on with their vipers


another example Matthew 22 16 says

the Pharisees sent their disciples these

are precedents so that we can try and

understand why they snuck into Mr Levi’s


it says that before the party on a

different occasion they sent their

disciples to him along with the

herodians and they said teacher we know

that you are a man of integrity and that

you teach the way of God in accordance

with the truth

we know you weren’t swayed by others

because you pay no attention to who they


so it’s you know

that’s praise there that’s flattery but

here’s the question here’s the

tongue of the Viper they said tell us

then what is your opinion is it right to

pay the Imperial tax to Caesar or not

of all the texts that show manipulation

this is the worst it looks like a mother

trying to traumatize her children what

do I say a mother no a mother-in-law

trying to traumatize her son-in-law

because paying taxes to to Caesar it’s a

valid question but the motive isn’t


something smells bad in this flattery we

know you’re a teacher who who loves

truth it reminds me of people who write

on social media brother with all respect

and then boom they kick you in the butt

when are you going to burn in hell with

all respect

when are you going to stop preaching

falsehoods with all the respect in the

world may God bless you flattery

is never the instrument of a sincere

servant flattery is dishonesty glorified

that’s what flatteryus oh you’re so thin

they look so thin

she’s fatter than ever

you just don’t say anything no one’s

asking you

for your criticism Jesus never flattered

into anyone he encouraged he didn’t


the writer of the Psalms says

may the Lord silence all flattering lips

you know people that flatter all the

time and you never believe them because

they tell the entire world that they’re

perfect that they’re beautiful that

everything is good you say they’re

either drugged or they’re schizophrenic

or they’re a hypocrite

and Solomon adds

whoever rebukes a person will in the end

gain favor rather than one who has a

flattering tongue we need to be told the

truth the truth hurts now everyone’s not

ready for the truth

it’s good to encourage but

isn’t always good because it leaves the

other person as a slave and what will

set us free the truth shall set us free

are we ready for the truth

the truth is is Harsh it sometimes hurts

even presidential candidates say this

they sometimes hire

consultants and they ask them hey I need

you to help me win the election and the

consultant says are you ready for the

truth and the candidate says yes and the

consultant says well then change your

haircut take away that naughty mustache

and you they might get upset and say

well I’ve been this way my whole life

but the consultant will say well do you

want to win then you need to take my


when we’re not ready for the truth we’re

not free

I don’t wanna

go down a different rabbit hole

a hypothesis according

to the dictionary

is an assumption of something that could

be or could not be

it’s just an idea an assumption

would say that trick is older than the

Devil Himself

that’s why I never answer hypotheticals

and advice

that you’re not asking me for never

answer hypotheticals

they always want to trap me with

hypotheticals Dante would you go preach

at a church that’s so poor they wouldn’t

give you an offering or Dante would you

give everything would you sell

everything if God asked you to do so

would you wear anything other than red


yeah I would just paint over it


whoever asks these things isn’t looking

for information they’re looking to trap


would you allow your mother-in-law to

live with you

no you don’t play with Satan

in the sense that you can’t play around

with hypotheticals and Matthew 22 24

says this

the same that same day the seduces who

say there is no Resurrection came to him

with the question so they came with a

preconceived question if they didn’t

think that there was Resurrection

Jesus who was promising Resurrection on

the third day was a scammer they didn’t

believe in him the word says

they did not believe in Resurrection but

they came to speak with him

with a flattering tongue that said

teacher master

I’m gonna say okay you speak

Moses told us

that if a man dies without having

children his brother must marry the

Widow right

and Jesus says

and that he would raise up Offspring for


so he’ll go to bed with his


you know now there were seven brothers

Among Us

Seven Brothers yes yes Seven Brothers

I would have paid to hear this


nobody asked it out so

so we tend to just read it quickly and

you miss out on all the details Seven

Brothers okay that’s interesting how

convenient yes seven

and the first one got married and he


and since he didn’t have any descendants

he left his wife to his brother

but that second guy also died and the

third and the fourth and the fifth

and they passed around the same girl

the same woman

uh-huh I don’t I don’t see the point

here Jesus said well after all the woman

died as well and

he in Resurrection

which of the seven is going to be the

woman’s husband because they all had her

what’s what Rascals that’s where you

realize his patience I would send them

all to fry some asparagus together

they’re all thinking

we sent

those seven men up and the woman let’s

see how he gets out of this one now and

Jesus looks at them and says you’re an


ignore the scripture or the power of God

you don’t need analysis

because at the resurrection people will

neither marry nor be given in marriage

they will be like the angels in heaven

any other questions no that’s it

it seems like there’s no sex up there

they wanted to defend their Doctrine

what they wanted is to show that there’s

no Resurrection because they knew that

that would be a big mess they were

defending their territory in every


there are people that defend their small

territory and they become obsessed with

that territory there’s always one

stubborn person there always has to be


that grabs a small detail from the

message and makes a doctrine of it and a

mission from that small detail because

religious leaders they thought that they

could manipulate Jesus with their words

but they were wrong

Jesus doesn’t fall into the traps or the


is not brought down by flattery he’s not

mistaken with hypotheticals not then and

not now but that’s what happens when at

a church and that’s the job of the

pastor to help avoid this

when we employ more time debating the

style of Praise or the clothing that

needs to be worn or I don’t know

how many times we should have Holy


instead of trying to feed the hungry

this happens when precarious


or it’s more about superficial


instead of worrying about the truth that


will soon come and and people are being


the intentions are right but the method

is is defective people say oh I don’t

like Dante because he doesn’t read the

Bible he says it from memory well I

don’t like that he dresses this way well

I don’t like that River there’s a lot of


we’re always speaking about the

superficiality and you know what there

might be some truth but what happens

when the motivation is correct but the

method is incorrect or foolish

we’re going to now go through this third

mental exercise

have any of your children ever drawn you

something if you’re a parent then of

course you’ve received a drawing I’ve

received one and I’m a professional


so I have the right

to make a ruthless judgment

of the scribbles that I’ve received I

can see it from a professional point of

view and I see the lack of technique the

lack of colors the lack of of of texture

of proportions of perspective

professionally speaking I could say son

this drawing is a failure I can stick it

on the refrigerator but I can’t sell it

in the museum I can’t auction it off to

art collectors but for me or any other


each drawing is a masterpiece why

because they drew it for you they drew

it for me

what parent doesn’t enjoy a scribble

from their child even though the dog is

bigger than the parent

you might say it’s a terrible drawing


you’re going to go home now and look at

the drawing and say oh they they drew

the the Mother-in-law because it’s a big

black blob scribbled blob

and now you might be thinking well are

you saying that the message doesn’t


it’s just the intention

in ideal conditions

we get close to God with the right

motive and the appropriate method but

sometimes the words from our prayers are

as beautiful as the motive that impulses

that those words and we pray in a poetic

way with such prose and brilliance

from time to time

we sing so loud

just like the reason we do it

and on certain occasions our worship is

attractive and sincere but sometimes it

isn’t sometimes we’re on the edge of the

rivers in Babylon sometimes we don’t

know how to pray other times our music

is defective our worship is deficient

but with the right heart

and sometimes the incorrect ritual I

always say that it’s better

to have the wrong heart

than the exact motive a ritual

the right heart

a righteous heart with a foolish worship

a guitar that’s Out Of Tune is much

better than a wrongful horror with a

great Orchestra always


The Marvelous promise in Jeremiah 29 13

says you will seek me and find me when

you seek me with all your heart

with all your heart oh your soul are you

with me yes or no


well now let’s go back we saw the

Precedence from from these guys let’s go

back to Matthew and his gang

same religious leaders

we’re complaining about the crowd that

was with Jesus they were there in the


having fun dancing but Jesus defends

Matthew and his friends with these

marvelous words let’s see if you can

remember them

it is not the healthy who need a doctor

but the sick

that’s what Jesus answered I have not

come to call the righteous but Sinners

to repentance

Luke 5 31.

this can’t be any clearer and he says it

ironically because this Pharisees

consider themselves to be holy and


they didn’t consider themselves to be


but they were prude

they thought you know what we’re not

sick we don’t need Jesus but Matthew and

his band they made a space for Jesus and

by consequence Jesus made a space for

them and he went to be with them Jesus

will never go where he isn’t called

where they don’t allow him to enter and

this is the question that we don’t stop

asking here at River that’s why the

recent images of Venezuela Venezuela

what do we do with the Levi’s

what do we do with

the worldly secular people in front of

us how do we treat

the Heretics with the beers those that

dress differently the crazy looking one

the Levi in our life isn’t the person

that we don’t agree with or that we

disagree with on a few things

the Levi in our lives is the person that

we disagree with in all the fundamentals

what do we do with the person

that we have completely different values

I’ve spent time with artists that have

values completely different to mine they

say I feel such a nice energy here and

they and I say it’s

it’s God’s presence and they say oh how

beautiful can I can I go smoke somewhere

can I go smoke some weed

can I go smoke some Mary Jane and I said

no no not inside outside

Mary Jane can I smoke some Mary Jane

and you say do you approve it no

I don’t condone it I don’t celebrate it

I don’t applaud it

the question is what do we do

what do we do when we adhere to

different codes of conduct or of of

dress of Faith even the most basic

things you drive a silent electric

vehicle and it just goes it’s just like

it sounds like an iron

I know they don’t contaminate the

atmosphere but I just see them go by and

they go

when my dad arrived in the neighborhood

everyone woke up

that Renault gordini went


and now they just go

dad’s home

it’s it’s a it’s like flatulence it’s

not Dad



and you drive one of those

and it seems like it lacks manhood

whoever gets out of that vehicle isn’t


and the other guy drives a a gas guzzler


with the music all the way up they

contaminate the oxygen the atmosphere

but they’re both separated by a simple

fence you love your husband but it just

so happens that your friend

loves her wife

look at that silence because I won’t say

anything I’m just saying what do we do

how do we act

I’m going to introduce you to my wife

and another girl comes out

you’re a Republican and they’re Democrat

if you’re Argentinian maybe you’d like

to be a makrista but your neighbor

defends Christina you like Pokemon El


but those that are next to you sustain

that Venezuela is better than ever and

Madura Maduro is the Messiah for that


or are you like Manuel Lopez Lopez


he reminds you of a good old grandpa oh

I like him


but your own brother Mrs Pena Nieto

are there people like that yeah

or you would vote for Trump and your

wife wants to kill you just for thinking

about it

the point is your Levi is the opposite

of who you are and the uh those that are

opposite to us fill us with tension fill

us with discomfort

and we never speak about this at church

because we say no it’s fine we disagree

on certain doctrines we disagree in the

way we sing Baptists and Pentecostals no

I’m talking about the opposite the

secular person across the street

if you can’t manage this relationship

and that can take us to Prejudice to

segregation to exclusion to intolerance

I’m not saying we should support sin of

going to get drunk with that guy I’m not

saying we should applaud and support and

say I accompany you while you smoke I’m

not saying that

I say what would happen if your boss was

opposite to you what would happen if the

opposite person is your parent

s if in their middle age they go crazy

and you no longer recognize them or your


she became what you never dreamed she

would become

how do we deal with the Levi’s what does

God want from us for us to ignore them

for us to share our food with them

that when they arrive you know what I

would rather leave because we don’t

share the same ideas I don’t want to be

seen in the same picture

should we ask them to leave so we can


should we ask who’s on the guest list

and if one of these people are there

then we won’t go

should we debate avoid talk about these

differences I asked myself if all these


are included in that loving exhortation

where the Lord said

accept one another then just as Christ

accepted you in order to bring praise to

God Romans 15 7. it doesn’t say you have

to share everything no just accept them

it’s as if Paul when Paul

writes this letter to Rome

he translated all he reduced all the

Commandments to one he said you will

love God with all your soul your

strength your mind your heart and then

he says you will love your neighbor

but then Paul rewrites it

and he says we have to call

or the Church of Rome

and he always says the word Pros lambano

it’s a Greek word he says let’s have

pros lambano and you might ask what’s

proslumbano it means to tolerate and


sir I mean love wildly no tolerate and


I’m sure that you remember how the Lord

received you but I’m not talking about

the first time I’m talking about that

season in your life

where through many Sundays you declared

that you were the Son of God one of the

one of God’s children but during the

week you were a Friend of the Devil That

season that everyone has gone through

when you were a fraud when you’re when

you truly became a hypocrite you were

congregating but you had a double life

you were more lost than Levi and one day

the Holy Spirit came and touched you for

the second time third time fourth fifth

time and received you again obviously

Jesus didn’t accept your behavior

Jesus doesn’t ignore her

Hypocrites he doesn’t accept a sinful

life but he accepted you you foolish


he accepted what he would do with you he

never said clean yourself and then

return He said no come back and I will

clean you right

because he is filled with grace and

truth not just Grace but also truth he

tells you the truth he gives you Grace

he gives you Grace but he tells you the



told the adulterous woman

I don’t condemn you but the truth told

her leave and sin no more

Grace invited a scammer named Zacchaeus

to eat lunch but the truth motivated him

to sell half of his riches to bless the


it’s not just Grace Grace cleaned the

disciples feet

but the truth said just as I wash your

feet you’ll do with the rest

invites Peter to walk upon the Water but

the truth punished him for his lack of

faith Grace invites

a woman to drink from the well but the

truth reminds her discreetly as she had

five husbands and she’s now living with

her lover

Grace may Jesus encounter Nicodemus in

the night

but there is enough truth to tell him

that if he wasn’t born again he couldn’t

be a part of God’s Kingdom

am I explaining myself yes or no Jesus

offered Grace

but you always have to be ready for the

truth you have to be ready to change if

we only offer Grace then we ignore the

truth and we’re a free church and we’re

not a church of debauchery

the fact that I joke from time to time

or I sound like a comedian doesn’t mean

I don’t tell the truth but just like a

good doctor I know that in order to

operate I need anesthesia when the

anesthesia goes away it hurts

if I were to say the same things without

a smile or the things the stories that I

tell or without placing myself as a

foolish example you’d say well this is a

legalist that’s coming to beat me down

so I have to give Grace make them with

truth and truth mixed in with Grace if

we only offer truth

we discard the joy of Grace people

saying look at all these women these

worldly women and you all go and kill

yourselves off in Mass because there’s

no Grace so what’s our goal it’s to find

the equilibrium between both things

if only it were an easy equilibrium to

reach I tend to go

further one end or another end

I’ve been so jealous of the truth that

I’ve forgotten about the grace certain


and certain times I’ve been too quick to

judge I recognize that many times I’ve


but I’ve also been too tolerant and

sometimes I’ve omitted the truth and

I’ve done wrong that’s why I say I’m a

legalist in recovery it’s not just a

hashtag or a slogan

I try to never label people I don’t want

to be mistaken by either giving judgment

or giving Grace too quickly

because labels are good for boxes for

things but not good for people I told

you about that time where I was having

lunch at an airport in Dallas

and a woman began to look at me she was

with her daughter and she looked at me

insistently she looked at me and looked

at me until she

took the courage to come up to me and

she said you know what you look a lot

like Dante Kevin some Argentinian man

you look so much like a man I said

really how much and she said ah just a

little bit not too much

because he has longer hair he’s a little

darker he’s taller he’s a little

chubbier I always see him on TV and he

looks younger much younger than you

you should listen to him and I said she

said are you Argentinian and I said yes

and she said well listen to him he’s

going to bless you very much and they

don’t want to debate with this woman


if she wanted to remember me as a 30

year old man who am I to break her heart

but deep down I understood her

because when you have an idea of how

someone looks it’s easy to freeze that

person there she had already defined me

she placed me in a frame and that’s how

she saw me Dante in her mental box

that’s how that they should be she found

me but I wasn’t the Dante that she knew

it happens when they see me on the TV

show of course those that have known me

for the last 30 years know that I’ve

always been a TV host of radio host they

say this guy was always like this he

never had his his ducks in a row

but others got to know me through and

last Sarah through the Crystal Cathedral

and they say what happened with you you

abandoned the old path you decided to

become an artist decide and I say no I

was always an artist you just didn’t

know me before what’s weird is that now

I’m a pastor because they don’t know

where I come from

so people need to label us so that they

can be happy

so many of us go to church and we get to

know just a portion of God

and the and Jesus Palestinian

contemporaries decided to label him they

placed him in a box they called them a

revolutionary but he actually paid taxes

they labeled him a simple Carpenter

but all of a sudden

they became confused with all his wisdom

they said where did he get this from

he’s 12 years old

they went to seek Miracles and he

refused he said no I’m not going to

please you

he was a Jew

who brought along all the worldly people

a holy man that rubbed shoulders with


Clarity he recruited women he spoke like

a king but he lived like a pilgrim the

people couldn’t label him people still

try to label him people have a miniature

Jesus hanging around their necks and

anytime they need a favor they touch it

and they rub it

and those of us that don’t believe in

that maybe we watch a preacher on TV

that says that if we create a pact with

Jesus he’s obligated to help you out he

has to honor your your money we’re so

foolish that we reduce Jesus down to a

handful of doctrines

Jesus is a receipt or a recipe and I

have the ingredients if I mix it well

then Jesus comes out no no

even us Christians prefer a God that we

can manage control

and say what we would want God to say

and we say if I don’t like it then God

doesn’t like it either but no no no way

and Jesus confused people he scandalized

things and you know why

we want to make Jesus someone he’s not

and we want to make the gospel something

that it’s not the gospel is tolerating

loving trying to understand others the

most marvelous phrase to construct a

bridge is what

help me understand what it is to be you

no one asks me what is it like to be

done to help me understand what’s inside

that head

it’s marvelous to say son what does it

feel like to be an adolescent in these

times they’re not the same times that I

grew up in

and it’s not that in your time you were

Holier or more righteous it’s just that

you weren’t exposed to so much

Temptation you didn’t have a cell phone

there was one fixed phone

on the corner of the neighborhood

you weren’t Holier you were holy due to

lack of resources

you don’t even know where to find


you would say where where do I see that

where do I see that oh I think I saw

something no that’s how we were brought


but we were more pure no we just we

couldn’t so you have to look at your

adolescence now and ask how does it feel

to be an adolescent in this time help me

to understand

what it was like to be born in this

Society because when I was born

we didn’t have anything so what does it

feel like to be born in the U.S and have

a tablet

Everything You Touch Is instant have

Netflix Hulu HBO and have Disney plus

and say oh there’s nothing to watch help

me understand

because I come from a black and white TV

from a black and white Pink Panther

help me understand what it is to have

thousands and thousands and thousands of

things to watch on your phone how can an

adolescent sit down to watch a movie

with the phone with a tablet with the

computer and do four things at a time

while we watched The Incredible Hulk

with our mouth open help me understand

the problems that you face as an

immigrant because I was born a citizen

and I forget what it must be like to be

an immigrant

help me understand what it is to be a

woman in a business

in a world designed by men

because I was born a man

before you condemn others and exclude


let me ask what is it like to have a

different sexual inclination it’s not

that I’m going to approve it but I just

need to know what it’s like how do you

live through it before you label and

condemn someone to hell

what is it like to be divorced because I

was always married


we judge others based on our own

condition I’m thin but I condemn all fat

people so what does it feel like I don’t


how would you act in similar


and then sit down and listen but truly


ing is a bomb that heals

first Peter 3 8 says finally all of you

be like-minded be sympathetic love one

another be compassionate and humble

what does it mean to understand one

another to be empathetic what would I do

if I were in your situation


because we become the elite very quickly

I’ve gotten to know many undocumented

people that don’t get their papers

or as soon as they do get their papers

they begin to discriminate other illegal


have been mistreated for not speaking

the English language

they insult me


someone that wasn’t born here

sometimes it’s even Hispanic people that

insult me

but Paul or Peter says love one another

be compassionate humble sympathetic

be compassionate

like-minded humble

this simple verse on a deserted island

would teach us how to be a good

Christian we don’t need the rest of the


God didn’t call any one of us to redeem

the world

no one can write on their job

description I’m here to save Humanity

because it’s not your description and

it’s not my description encourage

correct applaud admonish sure but save

the world no way

I’m not in any condition to judge or

condemn anyone because I don’t have the

intention to go up on the cross for

anyone nor do you

there’s one single Messiah and just one

Throne it’s not you it’s not me and the

throne isn’t ours

so we have to renounce to that Messianic

role of deciding who goes to heaven who

goes to hell and deciding who’s with the

world who is not let’s remember Levi’s


who missed out on all the fun

just didn’t Jesus was happy

those with a bitter face missed out

because happiness doesn’t arrive when we

try to repair or change others it comes

when we accept

and trust that the holy spirit will

change them

that’s what we do here at River the holy

spirit will change them the Holy Spirit

brings conviction of sins and that’s

what Jesus did

no one knew Mankind’s errors more than

Jesus and Christ knew exactly what they

needed but it gave them time and space

to believe

many artists come to the TV show and we

never invite anyone to stay for Sunday

the entire team has orders that if they

ask we say yeah of course we’ll we’ll

set a seat aside for you but we don’t

want them to feel like they manipulated

me they they forced me they took me

there ended up putting me in a church no

you have to have your space to to

believe to doubt that’s what Jesus did

shouldn’t we be wise enough to do the


I think we have to stop yelling out

shouting it feels good to shout at the

secular person to shout out Levi but I

think there’s too many people yelling

behind the pulpits

I don’t know if it’s a matter of them

growing death but there’s too many

people shouting

what a habit we’re better than you we’re

smarter than you I’m Holier and more

anointed than you

and as soon as you think a little

differently they have a panic attack

and the Apostle Paul wrote

they are conceded and understand nothing

they have the bad habit of debating

about the meaning of certain words

First Timothy 6 4.

and Romans

14 forces who are you to judge someone

else’s servant

one thing is to debate but another is to


so with your rebellious child at home or

your husband that doesn’t believe

I have some advice from you on behalf of

the Lord

close your holy mouth don’t speak

do not speak

the Bible says who are you to judge


to their own masters servants stand or

fall and they will stand for the Lord is

able to make them stand Romans 14 4

where are you to say oh they’ll fall oh

he won’t last oh they have a a bad

ending who are you so let’s reason

together let’s work together and if the

debate fails let love win

but fundamentally let’s have unity and

essentially let’s learn to love one

another to tolerate one another and

before everything have a fervent love

because love will cover a multitude of

sins according to Peter and if love call

covers a multitude of

sin don’t you think it can cover a

multitude of opinions I say we need an

interlude of Peace in this cacophony of

opinions we need it

we say okay I’m the opposite of this

person I do that differently but what do

I know God has strange children

God knows who he can bless who he’ll

anoint who he won’t anoint when I was

younger and I’ll finish with this

I committed the mistake of intentionally

intentionally looking for churches

filled with people just like me I always

looked for a church with people that had

my education level my preference Of

Music My liturgical preference

without wanting I was repeating the

mistake of the Church of my infancy

which suffocated any attempt at

diversity I was brought up in a church

where if someone dressed differently we

would make fun of them we would condemn


I remember making fun of the emotional

congregations that applauded

we attacked the Baptists that had a

different perspective of gifts

but God trained me or wanted to train

Army so that I could worship amongst

people that were decidedly different

to myself

look at how God prepared me forever here

we not only have different ways of

worship but also different ethnicities

different races

I’m not even going to speak about the

rest of the world

so I love when a congregation is

composed of people that aren’t like me

and it worries me when we start to look

alike when I walk down the street and I

say oh they must be Believers that

worries me I love seeing that they’re

holy and pure

but I don’t like seeing people in


because we’re a church not North Korea

and all of a sudden I see the way these

people walk conceited and I say oh

hopefully they’re not Believers and of

course they are

so the perfect Church doesn’t exist

because the pastor just asks his people

are composed of people like you and me

and I say don’t demand Perfection if you

can’t offer it

you don’t offer Perfection so why are

you demanding it

because someone with impure hands why

would someone with impure hands demand

Clean Hands Jesus arrives at the home of

the secular person

the same way he arrived at our hearts he

came with Grace and Truth he said the

truth he said you have to change and he

accepted that the invitation to dinner

for Matthew and his friends that dinner

was held back in ancient Israel but for

you and for me

for all the other secular people in the

house out front the celestial banquet

will Super will go beyond our most wild

dreams and I assure you of something

many of the people

that we think have a Surefire invitation

to that dinner won’t be there and many

of the people that we’ve condemned our

entire lives for thinking differently to

us will be dancing to the Rhythm Of The

Music In Heaven

and fundamentally we will be surprised

with the worldly neighbors that will be

seated around the table with Jesus Jesus

loves Jesus is sympathetic he

understands he has Grace he has truth

and this is River this is what is coming

this is what is coming for the church

for the world do you believe it yes or

no come on give an Applause to the King

of Kings celebrate the Lord of lords


when you get on your feet give a grand

Applause to the Lord so that at home you

can also join us

we can celebrate the Lord of lords on

Father’s Day

the father invites everyone

come all that are tired

and I will give you rest all those that

are weary do you believe it Hallelujah

my beloved

two more minutes

don’t rush to convert someone

don’t say oh it’s been years I don’t

know what else to say I should tell them

more no just love them love them love

them let them know you by Love by what

you give

us that is a door to evangelism these

people that we showed in Venezuela The

Franciscan Brothers

do you think they’ll deny having a

friendly conversation with us

do you think if I called them and said

hey can we talk about what joins us and

now what divides us you think they’ll

say no no not you after giving so much

love when you love you open doors it

happens to me with artists with people

that are harsh and atheists they say I

don’t understand why you honor me this

way I’ve never been treated this way and

all of a sudden they become fertile land

to preach to so some are taken with a

slow fire a Slow Burn

cook snow

that you can’t just sit a chicken or a

piece of meat Ablaze no it has to be at

a slow fire a Slow Burn

when the fire is burning slowly that’s

what the Lord would do

he didn’t say you either grow today last

opportunity or you go to hell no he sat

down with them

you have to lose your fear of the

worldly people of those that think

differently because sometimes We Gather

amongst one another parties are amongst


and it’s not even just amongst us it’s

just Believers that believe the way I do

because then amongst us we begin to


you have to start to relate and say I

I feel happy when I sit amongst worldly

people I don’t participate in the things

they participate in

I can ask for an orange or something

I’m speaking truthfully I don’t I don’t

have to drink or smoke obviously I don’t

have to share I’ve seen jokes but I’m

there spending time with them showing

them that nothing scares me what I have

is a little bit of salt that can change

an entire meal

greater is the one within me he is the

yeast that permeates the end all the


that’s what the Lord wants do you truly

believe it


so wanting to convert others has placed

us on marginalized Show hours on TV when

we say repeat after me repent you don’t

need to do that you need to make a

difference in your University at your

job at your office in your factory you

have to show that you’re different that

you’re the first person to arrive and

the last person to leave that preaches

more than the Plan of Salvation the five


for them to see that you’re not a rascal

that you have the best grades in school

now that you’re a fool

oh because my heart isn’t here my heart

is in Africa with the children no you’re

a fool

study so that they can admire you and

that they ask you how you do it and say

the Bible says that we can ask God for


we haven’t been able to preach because

we haven’t had a platform to preach

that’s when Awards let’s win Grammys

Oscars and let’s say I’ve done this

because of the Lord and this will open

up the doors

we don’t have to live marginalized

while we marginalize others

the Lord said I have placed you assault

on this Earth if salt loses its flavor

then it’s useless if we’re going to be

stuck in the church for the rest of our


who puts

the light under a pillow who puts salt

mothers and fathers bless your children

don’t fear that they’ll get lost

this doesn’t mean allow them to go out

to a to a club or hang out with the

wrong band no it means

that if they have to go to a birthday

party or go hang out with their friends

bless them and tell them go and make a

difference Go and show that you’re


show that you’re happy that you don’t

have to create a scandal that you don’t

have to participate in the same things

you don’t need drugs to be happy show

that you have something different within

you we’re going to send our youth out

to not fear the worldly people

living across the street

don’t dream with having a Christian

radio show or a TV show that’s Christian

the secret isn’t getting too enlasted it

secret is going to where there is no

flavor and making the difference there

do you believe it how many of you

believe it say Amen

lift up your head seven say father thank

you for this morning thank you for this

time lord I’ve spoken well I believe you

told me to tell your people come on lift

up your hands and those that are here

for the first time receiving Christ

those that have never been in a church

Stay With Me Lord Jesus

forgive my sins write my name in The

Book of Life

thank you Lord for forgiving me

and now everyone everyone lift your

hands up and drink father thank you for

this moment I ask you Lord that your

glory that your spirit seal these words

that your glory accompany each and every

one of them that this day does not end

without your blessing upon them Lord I

send them out as sheep amongst the

Wolves but knowing

that they’re gentle like a dove but I

still like a serpent and they go sent

out commissioned to the corners of the

world to transform

change I bless the children adults Youth

and elderly say Lord I’m a part of this

church those that will go

into any religion race or customs and

we’ll change we’ll change the the story

of the nation of the neighborhood of the

city of the town I believe it I declare

it I send them out Lord with faith I

send them out commission bite your

spirit Seal Seal this word seal Lord

we go out to all the worldly people all

the non-believers all the atheists all

those that believe differently we love

and we bless them Jews Muslims we go for

the Pentecostals Baptists liberals

methodists converted we go for them Lord

because you will return soon and your

church is won without any blemish

dressed in white to receive the Lamb Of

Heaven We believe it we declare it

father and we Proclaim blessing we

declare it in your name and we say Amen

amen be blessed

how many of you received this word say


we went over on time but give an

Applause to the great king for Father’s


love and tolerate people the church is


Happy Father’s Day to everyone God bless

you until next Sunday bye bye bye

















hold on