ENGLISH Dante Gebel #822 | The Brotherhood of the Crooked Trunk

Being upset is part of life, but this does not have to diminish it or make us irascible and angry with the world around us. Patient people, instead of reacting, tolerate. The Bible talks about that: tolerate, endure and be patient with each other. We are all part of a collection of crooked trunks where, though we try to hold our heads high, none of us succeed. And that’s okay, because there is beauty in our folds. We must then learn to love without conditions, accepting the twists and knots of the brotherhood of the crooked trunk. But there is a secret: if you don’t feel loved, you can’t love. Love for others does not begin by giving love, but by receiving God’s love. The source is not within you. Let the love of the Lord into your heart and only then will you be able to love.




for those with good memory and those

that like collecting trivialities

you must remember

some might remember if I’m Remember by

memory but I once shared a message that

is called the Walker’s ballad

and in that message I shared a short

story that I’m going to repeat now

of when I met an unforgettable Cuban

the one that drove that famous minibus

that was leaving a hotel for Miami

headed to the airport

we were all in a rush

because we were trying to catch our

flights nobody was speaking

not to mention it was four in the

morning and everybody wakes up in a bad

mood thinking about their itinerary

and I remember that Cuban chauffeur

was so pleasing he was pleasant and it

was four in the morning so first of all

before we left

he helped everyone to to load their

luggage and he asked everyone where they

were traveling

and he had

an inflection of voice that I can still

remember he said I know you’re in a rush

some of you woke up with your bow


but they told me that I had we had other

passengers as well so let’s go ahead and

wait for them for a second because

they’re probably still asleep in bed and

the other chauffeur won’t wait for

anyone it’s a bus that leaves the hotel

every half an hour but he said we’re

going away for the colleagues that are

still asleep because I’m missing a

passenger and just a few minutes later

messenger arrived an older woman

she was grateful and surprised to see

that the chauffeur had waited for her

and she said oh I’m sorry he said oh

don’t worry about it Miss we’ve all

Fallen we’ve all slept in at one point

or another you know Cubans are very


and it sometimes seems like they speak

with a potato in their mouth I’m not I’m

not joking I’m not making fun of them we

all have our accents but sometimes it’s

tough to understand Cubans he said I



and as he closed

that’s fine we’re all going to heaven

it was like seeing a Cuban Jesus

and he said now I’m gonna put some good

music for you so that you can wake up

and don’t get on the wrong flight

beautiful people and all of a sudden we



I’m a simple man

and in the morning you’re not you don’t

want to listen to Guantanamera

Nord do you want to hear a sad Tango of

cry and cry no

and a few minutes later we were all

singing along with him

it’s as if we were all

in Cuba literally

all the tired Travelers looked up from

their phones

those that were from Havana and those

that weren’t and then just a short

instance this man had generated

an energy

that maybe people don’t accomplish in an

entire lifetime

I’m sure

that all the passengers

would have wanted to ride on this bus

again it was it was a five six minute

trip but we all loved it and for a few

instances that small community

flourished I don’t know how he did it he

did it on it on his own no band no no

I’m using with such an energy was with a

contagious attitude and on that small

trip from the hotel

in Miami to the airport a stranger

offered the best version of himself

with that being said

I want to ask you

how long has it been since you felt that

level of Happiness I’m not talking about

the Guantanamera happiness but at least

that contagious happiness

that imperturbable that Unstoppable

happiness the one that straightens our

our Twisted both for Cubans

now Twisted bow is is when you wake up

on the wrong side of the bed and you’re

yelling at your children five minutes


how many can say I don’t remember the

last time

maybe not waking up in that mood but

throughout the day or maybe your answer

might be I’m always happy there are

people that say I’m always happy I’m

always I’m always so happy

but let’s not confuse it with


if you’re truly happy well then God

bless you you should go hang out with

that Cuban now

but for the rest of us for the rest of

us Immortals maybe the answer to the

question how long has it been since

you’ve been that that joyous the answer

might be well I used to be happy but you

know life

life has taken its toll on me it’s

chiseled me away illness has left me

without health and without Health how

can you be happy

my finances I I lost my job I don’t have

enough money to for food and I struggle

to the end of the month sometimes my my

stomach crumbles or that

that unhappiness I I I’m brokenhearted

and as a result something or someone

took our happiness

times Joy seems like something fragile

one day we have it

and tomorrow it’s it’s wasted away in

the Winds of a sudden storm that

appeared but even then we continue to

desire it

we need to search for it marketing

companies are conscious of this of this


futile search for happiness TV

commercials always promise happiness do

you want to be happy by our hand cream

and there are people that think that if

they buy the cream

don’t be happy you want to be happy

sleep on our mattress you want a dose of

pleasure eat at this restaurant drive

this vehicle

apply Botox until you look like a ninja

turtle or use this dress right

all the publicity strategies show a

happy person whether they’re trying to

sell a cigarette obviously they’ll say

it produces cancer but you see a smiling


who’s on their way to death but at least

they’re smiling

or if someone

an anti-heemroid cream they still show

someone smiling

what’s nice is

marketing always knows that they have to

show Smiles because happy people

enjoy Better Health

they have a stronger immune system

and laughter amongst those that are

those of us that are Christian laughter

is lacking clinical depression is ten

times worse than what it was a hundred

years ago

so now try to imagine what the result is

so how do we explain that Melancholy

that sadness that doesn’t go away

that cold wind of anxiety and it appears

that happiness sometimes depends on what

we have in the closet what’s parked in

the garage

what we have deposited in our bank

accounts what we experience in our

bedroom or what what food we serve on

the table

or maybe we think that will be happier

when we lose weight or once we fall in


but even if all that happened and in

that order people still don’t feel happy

we still don’t feel happy but there’s

another option

that doesn’t demand

airfare tickets Botox

money Fame something that ethnicity

gender they’re not significant factors

we don’t have to change the city we live

in the job we have our appearance and

here’s the great secret I’m going to

give it to you for the same offering the

same seed you gave

discovering that happiness doesn’t

arrive when we receive when people give

us when we buy happiness arrives when we

give when we sow when we open up our

hand that’s where happiness arrives


there are investigations at back

then they placed many volunteers that

were placed in an MRI scanner

and as they showed images of solidarity

of helping sent to Africa and third

world countries

they were told you’re going to be able

to help this out the areas in the brain

that are associated with pleasure that

are usually only associated with food or

sex those locations in the brain lit up

like a Christmas tree because the people

were so happy when they saw that they

would be able to help

there are always people of course that

are devout

followers of stinginess they say that

they’ll never give but the happiness of

being able to give even if it’s

something small it generates dopamine in

your body it freezes endorphins there

are natural drugs in your body that are

set free when you give

this week I was remembering that the

last months of my father’s life

once he was 96 years old back in Buenos


when he was close to dying he had a

friend that took care of him

and his friend told me look your old man

can’t walk anymore he can’t speak he

barely speaks

he’s letting himself die the doctor said

that he would die when he wants to die

and my friend said your father’s Spirit

has sunken so deep that he doesn’t want

to eat

and when an elderly person stops eating

it’s just a matter of days so my friend

had an idea because he knew my father

he knew him when he was younger and so

he sat my father in a wheelchair and

took him from room to room in the in the

elderly home he took him on a tour

and they were looking for elderly people

that needed encouragement and though my

father could barely speak

he could at least touch and pray for

them so he did both those things he

would place his hands on the older

people he would place his hand on their

heart and pray for them in silence and

they spent an entire evening doing this

room to room

and that night my father’s appetite

returned and he slept like a baby

because he felt useful again he felt

that even in his last breath he could

help or serve people Jesus wasn’t wrong

when he said it’s more blessed to give

than to receive so when does happiness

received when we give it we can’t

control our genetics we can’t control

the climate we can’t control traffic but

we can always increase the amount of

happiness or Smiles on this planet

you can help lower the amount of anger

or stress sometimes there are people

that are that are upset

because of their hormones because

sometimes that’s how the government

works as well but I’m convinced that

helping people sleep better smile more

laugh more hum and whistle instead of

insulting you might say well does that

save people’s Souls no but it helps

change their attitude so that later on

they can’t think about their soul when

people begin to whistle I remember my


I would say that he was happy when his

mustache would move up and down he was a

German man so he didn’t laugh much but

when I heard him whistle I I knew

everything was good at home


I didn’t know what that meant but that

meant there’s a party going on at home

it’s like putting the record player on

full volume and one day my father

stopped whistling

when I began to

when I didn’t hear the whistles anymore

then sadness came along

I always say my father died at the age

of 60. I just buried him at 96.

but he spent almost three decades

feeling that he had no value and when my

friend realized that he could do

something that gave him new life

you can alleviate someone else’s burdens

it might not be easy

we’re stubborn the world is filled with

fickle people were difficult to love

there are people that cut you off on the

road while they’re on their phone and

you say Lord either you take them or I

send them with you there are people that

never listen people that always speak

over you you know those types of people

right you know they’re always trying to

think of what they’ll respond you say oh

my father just died and they say oh I’m

sorry well here’s what I was going to

tell you they’re not listening there are

people that upset us that Annoy Us that

exasperate us they’re insufferable

not like the one here with us today but

other ones

if only people stopped behaving like

what they are which is people

and you ask why don’t people use

mouthwash why don’t people eat with

their mouth closed why don’t they settle

down their children

why don’t they stop

posting their private lives but that’s

what we are we’re people we’re complex

a trivial example is that month ago I

decided to leave my gray hairs and you

can’t imagine the amount of frustrated

stylist giving me advice that I never

asked for but they were worried it’s not

just a matter of color now they were


gray hair follicles were tormenting them

there was one that said to me go back to

black hair or I won’t watch you ever

again and I said well I can live with


go back to your black hair I can’t see

you this way

and I said woman just don’t look at the

screen and listen to me be happy I know

they say oh it’s salt and pepper

you look like Richard Gere I love it

others said know that they don’t grow

old because I’ve been watching you from

when I was little

and if I see you grow old then I’m

growing old too I’m sorry I’m so sorry

I was thinking are my gray hairs really

the root of frustration for people

why should we worry about such Petty

childish things and the phrases we use

are what reveals who’s suffering

they bother me they annoy me they upset

me who is it upsetting who is it

annoying it’s annoying us who are the

ones that suffer we are

so every time we get angry

it withdraws from our checking account

of happiness and joy and laughter every

time we get irritated it’s as if the

bank withdrew a hundred dollars oh well

he leaves us his clothing on the floor

and doesn’t put it in the hamper

this kid

withdraw of a hundred dollars

I like that that he waits until the last


another hundred dollars

making a tattoo another hundred dollars

I don’t get how this what

double parks

for dollars

I fell asleep the other day

during one of Dante’s sermons skiing


of course you have to pay more for that

and that’s how our account

gets emptied out until we’re left with

no happiness so how can we help

people smile if we have a hole in our

own checking account of happiness in the

Bible there are more than 50 prayers

that use the phrase

one another and these are practical

pieces of advice for happiness I’m going

to share 10 with you of the 50 that I

can name of the 500 that I can share

encourage one another it’s in first


Ephesians 4 2.

value others above yourself Philippi

create one another Romans 16 16. pray

for one another James 5 26.

serve one another Galatians accept one

another Romans 15 7

admonish one another for good

Colossians 3 16. forgive one another

Ephesians 4 22.

love one another John

4 11 one another one another

so we can’t resolve all the problems in


we can place a few smiles on people’s

faces I say if we can at least help out

one corner of the world when the

pandemic began we could have said what

are we gonna do a Hispanic church with

hard-working people how can we help the

world we’re all part of the pandemic

how many mouths can we feed

we didn’t solve for old Hunger but we

eliminated a bit of that hunger and we

began that silent revolution of

solidarity River t-shirts that spread

through Colombia Venezuela Dominican

Republic Chile which means

that there’s nothing too small

that doesn’t

end up as a light in this world

like the Cuban chauffeur

that brought happiness

of course there are people with a short


I’m sure a fuse on a stick of dynamite

makes it blow up quickly it’s like the

coyote from Warner Brothers

that coyote always had a short fuse so

it would blow up in his face

but there are people that are patient

people that say this is my job I’ll be


they’re able to suffer for a long time


it means greatness

and a constant mood

in the midst of adversity that’s what

long-suffering is somebody didn’t even

know you had that but you have that

long-suffering so in other words it’s

the people

whose mood doesn’t change no matter what

imagine falling in love with someone

like that or having a child like that or

a mother-in-law wait maybe not a

mother-in-law but that long-suffering

that patience

now getting upset is a part of life but

there’s no reason why it should chisel

away or do away with your life what do

patient people do instead of reacting

they tolerate the Bible speaks of that

Jesus spoke of it being patient

tolerating in other translations it says

be patient and tolerate one another

out of love so the next time you say oh

what a difficult person try to imagine

how difficult it is to live with you

there’s a marvelous movie

where a woman suffers with

bipolar disorder and her boyfriend in a

moment of tension and and debate says

you can’t imagine how difficult it is

for me to love you he says to the girl

and through tears she says to him you

can’t imagine how hard it is to be me me

so sometimes we don’t realize how hard

it is to be yourself you look at

everyone else but you don’t realize that

you are also a difficult person

but sometimes we don’t see ourselves

we’re quick to act like I I say with

that old Spanish joke of the Spanish man

a greeting to all of all of Spain

if if it’s about an arrogant person it’s

always an Argentinian but if it’s

something illogical it’s always a

Spanish person

but this man receives a call

from his wife and says Paco be careful

there’s a crazy man driving on the on

the wrong side of the of the freeway and

he says well it’s not just one it’s it’s

hundreds driving on the wrong side of

the freeway some of you didn’t

understand the joke but you can ask

about it later

so the world needs more and more


we should be more tolerant

we would love for the world to stop

complaining we’re tired of it but when

we stop complaining

then the world will have one less


no one cares about a single amaranthus


we can make that amaranthus grow in

order to change the world you have to

start with one you can’t say I want to

change the world and we’ll conquer the

world pinky but we don’t even conquer


I remember when I was about seven years

old I asked my parents at the age of

seven that I wanted to have a pet

there were big dogs in the neighborhood

one time a doberman attacked me I still

have the scars on my face I went to go

steal his food I was very intelligent

you know he bit my face and I said you

know what no I want a small dog for


and at a certain moment of weakness

where my parents fell into my into my

request they said okay we’ll give you a

small dog that won’t grow too much

and they went and looked for

in the street

they looked for a certain dog breed

the type that

is the result of a cross of a drunken

canine knife from a stray dog from two

stray dogs

and I looked at the dog it was it was

frightening the small little dog a brown

dog and it was love at first sight

I fell in love we called her peanut

and my father left it very clear what

the prenuptial agreement was

he left it so clear that it it was more

clear than than what Shakira’s next

marriage is going to be he said to me

you take care of Pina

and I would clean her plate her Bowl I

was so happy I had a a living creature

to take care of

back in those days there wasn’t

special dog food gluten-free dog food no

it was whatever fell from the table


cotton anything

I would brush her hair her hotel would

wag months later my feelings changed a

little bit because Pina was still my dog

and I was still her friend but I was a

little tired of her barking all the time

she was always hungry because those

Street dogs don’t have a stomach it’s it

says if whatever comes in goes out

immediately it’s


and more than once my father reminded me

take care of her that’s your dog

and I didn’t like to hear that your dog

I wouldn’t have cared if they would have

said the dog you play with or the dog

you love but they she said your dog

period peanut is yours

and health and in sickness in Rich

and in poverty in richness and in


when she’s clean and when she has

diarrhea she’s yours

and one time the dog pooped all over the

floor and I said Mom it makes me sick

and she said oh you wanted a dog so you

clean it and that to myself why did I

ask for a dog and so I came came up with

this idea when I was seven I said wow

I’m married to Pina

and her honeymoon had finally ended

we were both in the same muzzle

Pina went from an option to an

obligation from a pet to a partner

someone to play with to someone I had to

take care of that’s what’s called

claustrophobia of commitment Freud would


instead of saying that’s your dog they

say that’s your husband

it’s your mother-in-law there she is you

have to bring her from where who knows


for those that don’t know someone came

to visit us and they said oh my

mother-in-law came too because the

Mother-in-law threatened him and said

you better name me

he greeted me I shook his hand and in

the palm of his hand he had a no written

saying Help Me SOS

they say it’s not they might not say

it’s your dog but say it’s your your son

your your colleague your boss or

whatever relationship require that

requires loyalty to survive so at the

age of seven I had to ask myself some

difficult questions am I willing to

tolerate this hairy hungry face every


many wives are asking them asking

themselves the same thing today

is she going to keep barking until I die

an adolescent child is asking himself

the same thing

is she ever going to fix or clean up

after herself now the mother of the

Adolescent child is asking herself that

it’s terrifying to feel that you’re

trapped in a relationship so there are

things that you can do when you feel

that you’re

that you’re in the same muzzle with a

roommate or a manager you can either run

fight or love and forgive

run fight or love some choose to

leave to run away Escape others fight in


Holmes become

battlefronts offices become boxing Rings

attention is the new normal in life

there are people that live with tension

all the time surrounded by difficult


but a few others say no I’m going to try

and love and that’s the difficult part

look I was educated by a mother I always

share this that used to say you’re going

to eat your porridge and if you don’t

eat it I’m going to feed it to you every

day of the week until it comes out of

your ears

that’s how crazy she was what would our

mothers say

back in our time

remember when you would ask okay what’s

what’s for dinner tonight food of course

oh this little gentleman thinks that

it’s a restaurant that it’s a buffet

so I stopped asking

whatever you were served you would just

have to say thank you Mom

the gentleman wants to know the menu for


I worked like a slave all day for you to

eat and now you’re asking me what am I

going to eat no you’re going to eat what

I serve you that’s how I was brought up

and that’s how I ended up

and she would give me porridge all week

until there was no more

and when you would complain she would

say in Africa there’s children that

would kill for this porridge

and I’ve always thought I would love to

send this porridge to Africa via UPS

and one day an uncle of mine said I want

to take you in Argentina it’s called

what we know here as a buffet he said I

want to take you to a restaurant where

you can pick whatever you want and eat

as much as you want I never ate much I

was always underweight

but it fascinated me to be able to

choose it was the first time I went to a


all the all the stands all the options

all the plates I said no porridge no


straight to the dessert

wouldn’t it be great if loving people

was like buffets

imagine if you could say about the

person that you have to live with you

know what I’m going to pick what I want

and then ignore what I don’t want

or if that were the relationship between

parents and children

parents were to say well I’m going to

pay attention to your good rate grades

but when you misbehave I’m not involved


or what if children could pick freely

like in a buffet Mom give me some

freedom but I don’t want any other any

of the rules or what about Partners I

would love good health good sex

happiness but snoring burping

arguments that’s not part of my diet

that would be more pleasing but that

wouldn’t be love of course because love

doesn’t just accept except a few things

that we like we can’t say oh I’m going

straight to the dessert with these

people no

love is the willingness to accept all

things love forgives us all


13-7 it always protects always trusts

always hopes we have to accept the whole

package we can’t just search and pick

from within it

we can’t pick what we like and then

ignore what displeases US no love is

always a complete package always

one of my favorite places in this world

is a Grove that’s close to my home

when I arrived in this country

I found it pretty soon I’m not going to

share where it is because it’s my Grove

I don’t wanna I don’t want you to go to


there are cypress trees oak trees and

they’re all bent over and there’s not a

single straight tree the other day I

realized that I said

they’re all twisted

they’re all twisted and bent and none of

the trees are perfect

but even then they provided the perfect

place for those that want to walk under

shade people take naps under shade I go

and meditate there I look at the birds

that build their nests and the branches

squirrels build their homes in the


and I thought humanity is just like

these trees even if we try to keep our

head held high nobody can accomplish it

if someone is saying I was looking for

the perfect Church well you arrived and

you ruined it

because the moment you arrived it

stopped being perfect with just one of

us we ruin it because we Bend

we twist our bark has knots some of our

our trunks are covered in Moss we’re a

collection of Twisted trunks

but it’s fine

like I say we have to learn to enjoy the

Brotherhood of Twisted trunks that’s why

sometimes my advice is don’t take life

so seriously I don’t try to minimize

problems I know what it is to be in a at

a funeral kiss a cold forehead instead

of a warm cheek as I always say

a funeral procession

or waiting in in the emergency room

having your your child with IVs all over

going through dialysis taking pills

every day being treated for leukemia

there are people that truly worry about

Petty things I say don’t be anguished by

small things and you’ll realize that

there’s not much to worry about in your


there are people that need a good dose

of real problems and over the next few

days you’ll notice that the majority of

the things that irritate you the

majority if not all of them

just childish things an Asian behind the

wheel that forgets to

put on their signal

I’ll never go to China they’ll never

invite me there

at the doctor’s office someone is

speaking on speakerphone out loud

your husband is going to cough all night

like a rhinoceros your wife is going to

be in a bad mood just because just for


and when this happens you have to think

about your account of Happiness what

were to happen

if they were to take away a dollar or a

hundred dollars every time I get mad I

can’t allow my account

to decrease

I can’t allow anything

to twist my bow it’s essential it’s

completely essential because life is too

short to spend it upset

when one of my paternal grandparents in

reality he was my step-grandfather

because my grandmother got married again

but he was always angry and I would

always ask how is it going to die well

he died upset

death didn’t want to take him because he

was such a poor sports always in a bad


now there’s a secret

if you don’t feel loved you can’t love

because love towards others

doesn’t Begin by giving love it begins

with receiving God’s love that’s why

Jesus said I’m going to give you a new


love one another as I have loved you so

you must love one another as I have

loved you that’s an essential


have you ever allowed God to love you

and don’t rush to answer because

someone’s gonna say yeah amen no if your

answer is

someone like myself I don’t think it’s

easy for God to love me well then we

just stumbled upon something there

we’re not going to love everyone because

not everyone is enchanting it’s not

about oh I have to love my neighbor and

we have to clench our teeth and all of a

sudden Mother Teresa bursts from within

you no that’s not going to happen

because the fountain isn’t within us

we wouldn’t go up on the cross for


have to allow yourself to be loved to

then be able to love

just as wounded people hurt others

show me someone that’s hurt in life and

I’ll show you someone that always shares

hurtful words because from their wound

they Splash blood on others and they’re

hurting others

but those that are loved and feel loved

love others just as those that are

secure give off security


those that feel that God doesn’t love

them they’re a scoundrela

an ungrateful Infamous rascal

I once told you that I was I got

stranded in an airport in Madrid once in


and nearby a volcano erupted

but the ashes

spread over the entire city and all the

flights were were reprogrammed and the

airport was like an ant farm and I had

to be as enchanting as possible

with the airline attendance because I

needed to find a new flight otherwise I

would be stranded in Madrid for two days

and the attendant that I was speaking

with had her had my future in her hands

so I did what I always do I gave the

face of Puss and Boots

look at that I just moved you right

and I was thinking

is she going to give me a boarding pass


is she going to send me to my hotel

and with my eyes my pleading eyes she

looked at me and said in her perfect

Spanish she said Mr Kevin

I’m sorry there is no open seats in the

economy class

let me see what I can do for you

if it doesn’t bother you I can put you

in first class do you care and I said do

you care if I give you a hug right now

but and she sent me in first class

so I got in with my chest inflated I sat

down in my seat I stretched out my legs

and I felt like a an Arab Prince Not

only was I on my way but I was on my way

in style

I laid back closed my eyes we still

hadn’t taken off

but in front of me a gentleman lifted

his voice and said well what do you have

to do to get another pillow and what

about these drinks I asked for a tonic


I’m used to being

served better and the poor flight

attendants were running up and down we

were already behind but this gentleman

couldn’t wait for his pillow and his


and I was thinking why is he behaving in

such a different way than I did I didn’t

complain once

I was Gandhi reincarnate


I didn’t demand anything I stayed in my

comfortable seat

the flight attendant said can I bring

you a drink and I said yes anything

whatever whatever you want I was so

happy to be aboard but the gentleman

that said I need it now he had paid for

his ticket but I didn’t it was a gift in

fact I wasn’t even going to travel and

that’s the enormous difference between

him and I so that feeling of entitlement

it made him so upset

and I asked myself why do we go through

life feeling like we paid

the price for our life

if you didn’t learn this during 2020

then you have a serious problem

life is a gift

if we don’t learn that

we’re going to be like that Rascal on

the flight

that’s why Jesus said

I was I needed clothes and you clothed

me I was sick and you looked after me I

was in prison and you came to visit me

and they asked you were never without

clothing but he was referring

to his little ones

and this is what changes our attitude

so who here knows someone that needs a

blanket of love have you ever had an

adolescent child in problems

when they open up the garage door later

than their curfew

you come down from upstairs you find

them in the kitchen stumbling smelling

like alcohol

they’re drunk they’ve been driving

you have a problem they have a problem

and I asked what are you going to say to

them what are you going to do are you

going to give them a sermon they deserve

it are you going to take away the car

keys for three months be wise

but never forget that what your child

needs is for you to cover them with the

blanket of Love at a certain moment in

the following hours might not be now

because you’re very upset but that child

desperately needs a hug how do I know it

not just because I’m a father but

because I’m I was a child I am a child

they need to be covered with the blanket

not just for you to forget what happened

but they need to know that that love

hasn’t changed

have they ever criticized one of your

friends they ripped them to shreds they

devoured them

in front of you or maybe on social media

what do you feel when they rip

someone you love to shreds

love doesn’t participate in that it



or spread that that’s why the Bible says

love covers a multitude of sins

man love doesn’t gossip if love says

anything it’s words of protection do you

need someone that needs that

protection and love you don’t need to go

to Africa it might be just paying for an

elderly couple’s


making sure that you invite

your divorce friend to your party

now I know you’re thinking hey buddy you


how am I going to love a friend that has

betrayed me

or that that fool that turned his back

on me love ignores it all no no no

I’m not calling for a naivety or her

emotional blindness or ignorance no it’s

a call to at least give what God gives

to others

to not behave

like the Rascal on that flight if you

have nothing good to say about someone

then don’t say anything

you’re an owner of your silence and a

slave to your words

I don’t have good things to say about

everyone there are people that I don’t


I ask God God why are they still

consuming oxygen when they can be

playing the harp in your presence

you might think oh this guy loves

everyone no no just I won’t say anything

thank you for allowing me to fly on this

plane and I keep my mouth shut

if you tell me I’m stupid

time and time again I’ll end up

believing you if I tell you that you’re

bright time and time again or if you

tell me that you’re intelligent then

maybe I’ll believe you

so when we love someone you reaffirm

that they’re worth it when we look at

them when we when we’re with them how do

we demonstrate that well acts of


nothing can substitute our presence

receiving a text message is fascinating

a phone call is better

but appearing in flesh and Bone

if you love your children something that

us parents have to obligate ourselves to

do is the act of presence accompany them

if you can if Divine Providence allows

you to when they have a sport team when

they have a theater show listen to them

when they speak put up with those

countless hours of schooling

but put up with them

you have to say I have to do it for them

yeah maybe you can’t be involved in

everything but the effort is worth it do

you believe in your friends well then

listen to them

in order to encourage others I tell you


you don’t need to give advice that no

one’s asking for that’s why the Lord

said let men be

slow to live slow to speak and quick to


that’s why therapists are so rich the

majority of therapists tell you

tell me while you lay on that couch

what’s happening in life and for an hour

you speak and speak and speak and say

okay very good here’s your bill 250 they

didn’t speak but people pay to be heard

there are moments to speak and there are

moments to remain in silence today is a

day of remembrance today I was

remembering what my father did in

respects the silence

I told you that they kicked me out of

high school

my second year of high school they

kicked me out of a German School named

Werner Von Simmons

and since my mother was a greater

actress in her youth

was so dramatic

she promised that she would never eat

again in her life she would fast until

she died and she would lock herself in

her room until she died

and she said Dante if you never bring

plumber to this home

they’re going to carry me out of this

home dead

promise lasted until dinner but it

scarred me or traumatized me

so my father went to go look for me at

the school

my mother was sick and my father was the

only one available not because he wanted

to he went with his Carpenter clothing

with his big swollen hands with calluses

he had to sign the papers

so that they could kick me out so that

they could throw me out and you might be

asking why did they kick you out what it

doesn’t matter you don’t care

it doesn’t add to the story and my

father didn’t say a single word we

didn’t speak there was no need

because we both knew that the world was


and when we got home we were in a

Renault gordini an old vehicle that my

father had but he loved it more than any

of his children

when we got home I went straight to my

room and he went straight to the kitchen

not a single word I didn’t hear him


I heard him doing something in the


I heard him from my bedroom it was a

small home

if a demon-possessed person came into

our home it was either the demon by

himself or the or the guy

whoever left probably knows about

possessions or is about small homes but

then I heard my father say Dante do you

want a sandwich

and he brought me one of those

sandwiches that only dads make with 10

tons of ham no mayonnaise no cheese he

brought me a sandwich

and in that instant I began to realize

that life

and my father’s love we’re going to

continue on

because in the mental scheme of an

adolescent child if you still love the

kid who just got kicked out of school

it’s because you truly love him

make a sandwich for someone that you

don’t love anymore

I didn’t go back to that High School

but I felt sure that my father loved me

he didn’t tell me a single word but he

was there

he loved the child

that just joined the Brotherhood of the

Twisted Trunks and he made me a sandwich

so I say you want

an influx of Happiness well you have to

agree people you might think it’s

foolish and you might say you’re really

going to say that yes because I’m from

the generation that is lacking now I’m

from the generation of people that say

please and thank you I know this has to

do with my age of course


now that I’m growing older I don’t see

the youth saying please thank you

I literally

see people that are uneducated or

miseducated because they didn’t educate

themselves it’s their parents

I’m from the generation the last elegant

generation that’s respectful those that

are my age those of us that learned

not by having diplomas on the wall

to respect or to smile my aunts would

say what do you say

I remember my aunt used to make

horrendous food

human beings couldn’t eat it I would

feed it to peanuts you would say no no

no I don’t want it either but she would

always bring a plate every Saturday

and my mother would say what do you say

to your aunt and I always wanted to say

let’s lock her up once and for all

but I would have to say thank you and

that’s part of being educated

and I think now

as adults that Still Remains

so how can you spread Happiness by

writing us a check giving more of your

time listening it’s better to give than

to receive

so the cure for society’s illness and


it’s people that know how to love

making a sandwich without asking would

happen happiness I insist is found when

you give it to others and if there’s

someone happier than the receptor I

assure you it’s those now give the gift

and you don’t have to go to Africa for

this look

few weeks ago I went to a Hispanic

market I won’t say which one but I went

to go buy pure redeemed holy me in other

words Argentinian meat not Carnitas or

anything no real meat

from cows raise and Argentinian pastures

that say eat me and you’ll be happy

the woman at the register at the cash

register had such a bitter face nothing

I’d ever seen and it’s not

discrimination she was so bitter

she was a mix of a mother-in-law

baptizing lemon and a witch and I

thought I have to make this poor woman


so she was so bitter she was trying to

back everything up there was a glass

separating us that that’s from the

pandemic obviously and without anyone


I helped her bag my own groceries

and without wanting on accident I broke

a bottle the bottle contained the


birth of David

transformed into a red nectar or

Argentinian Malbec

and the woman yelled out oh just what I

needed someone else rushing and now

they’re going to fire me

why don’t you just keep your hands in

your pocket and I I understood the the


nobody had yelled at me that way

for years since I was a child everyone

looked at me as if to say come on man

and that’s where I thought this woman

deserves to be fired


because I wanted to help her but she

mistreated me publicly

and I said well I still have the gift of

making her happy I can ignore her

I can respond abruptly or I can make her

happy I just I took breath I said

I’m sure it was a difficult day and she

was splitting the wine off of the


and I said I look at people of your age

or any age really

people that earn their living to get

their family out ahead I admire you

and the woman began to sob

her eyes were filled with tears and she

said oh I value your word son but let me

correct you I didn’t have a difficult

day I’ve had a difficult life

and you have to forgive me if I lifted

my voice against you it’s not your fault

and I said no I didn’t even realize it

don’t worry

I was very spiritual

and in a few minutes before I left

before we re-backed all my groceries she

said that her daughter had been deported

and now she was in charge of her


and she had to raise them on her own and

I did something for her that doesn’t

matter but I promise her

that I would pray

and I was so grateful that I didn’t act

like an imbecile that day because life

is filled with people with frowns maybe

the employee in the final cubicle

that barks all day or the professor that

eats lemons for breakfast and then eats

students for lunch

but maybe you can brighten up her day

maybe you can give thanks

might the world be different just

because you tried I could bet my life

that it would

I love to be the person

that brightens up people’s faces I love

it when I walk into a room and people

say Dante

I love being the person that people love


and I noticed that I’m the happiest one

because of this I would do this for with

or without money

poor No cameras with cameras I do this

because it makes me happy

there’s nothing better than giving it’s

much greater than receiving

that’s why I want to finish with this

marvelous story that I’m sure will move

your soul


story last couple minutes and I’m going

to give it to you before we go

the strong current of high tide

makes an enormous

British Army ship

forces it to to dock at a port

they have to find a safe port

so they find

a few islands that don’t appear on the


just a few specs

of islands in the middle of the ocean

the captain throws down the anchor and

they get off the ship on the first

island all they see is sadness

malnourished children tribes and

conflict there isn’t any cattle no crops

no doctors no schools just people in

need and the following islands is more

of the same more of the same

and so they arrive at the final Island

and there they see people that are

rejoicing in good health they look well


they have an irrigation system for their

crops and their fields improvised roads

that connect the towns and The Villages

the children have glistening eyes strong

bodies and the captain

asks the the head of of the village he

asked for an explanation and the head of

the tribe says well he asks first of all

first of all how is it possible that

this island is so ahead of the other

islands and the head of the village says

well father Benjamin father Benjamin

taught us agriculture medicine he

constructed schools clinics he dug Wells

and the captain says well can you take

me to go and see him yeah yeah of course

and he bows his head and they guide the

captain to a medical center

that is composed of many buildings the

captain sees clean beds medication

penicillin nurses

but the captain doesn’t see father

Benjamin and he repeats his petition

once again he says I want to see father

Benjamin can you take me to where he


and the natives seemed disconcertive

they look at one another but

the head of the village says all right

follow us to the other end of the

village they walk down the coast

and they find

pools of fish when the high tide comes

the fish

are LED into the pools and when the tide

low comes back down the fish remain in

the pools and that’s how they they catch

their fish

the captain says this is amazing but I

still don’t see father Benjamin I don’t

know if I’m explaining myself but I

don’t see him can you take me so I can

see him so I can see where he lives the

Islanders speak amongst one another

again and they say all right well then

let’s go to the summit of the mountain

they guide him through a steep and

narrow path they take him to a chapel

with a grass roof and the tribal leader

says he taught us about God

yeah but is this where father Benjamin

lives can I speak with him and there

the faces of all the villagers changed

and they said no it’s impossible to

speak with him why well he died many

years ago

and the captain looks at the man and

says well I told you I wanted to see him

and you showed me a medical center a

fishing center and this Chapel you

didn’t mention anything about his death

and the tribal leader said well you

didn’t ask about his death you asked

where he lived and since you’ve arrived

we’ve shown you where he lives he

continues to live and everything he

constructed you didn’t speak about his

death and I say we’re all Eternal from

the moment we’re born and our soul will

live forever whether it be heaven or

hell but I’m going to give you the

secret of Eternity on this side of the


in order to be Eternal on this side of

the sun to leave

an impact even after you’re gone for

people to know that you were here

you have to continue loving you have to

be a part of that Brotherhood of the

Twisted bulb the Twisted trunk there’s

no other way my friends to love is to

leave an impact

cause To The King The King of Kings if

you believe that God has spoken and then

get on your feet and once you’re on your

feet give a grand Applause and we join

the rest of the world with this Grand

Applause if you believe that God has

spoken today and this explosion of love

will be spread all over the world all

over the planet let it be heard loud

there’s something marvelous

of what God is going to do Can you feel

it yes or no

no no no somebody’s to applaud more than

that and say this is River this is the

church this is the way is there any

other way people

and I you might ask can we is it

possible yeah it is

they’re in your cubicle at work or in

your truck or as you cut grass

on your architectural plans wherever God

placed you you can make a difference

later on the religious people will come

and say oh he’s just some motivational

speaker he’s about positivity he doesn’t

preach hell what I know is that when

someone feels happy

it’s contagious it’s viral

a smile is contagious

I’ve never stood here from what I can

remember even when I have felt so sick

I’ve never transmitted sadness even when

my mother and father died the day my

mother died the following day I was here

and only a few knew what happened and

I’m not stoic I’m not a heroic guy with

feeling all I know is that it’s easier

to spread joy happiness smile solidarity

then all the rest so I want you to

become someone viral I’m inciting you to

a Revolution of Love A revolution of

giving of sowing and what you’ve lived

up until now is nothing compared to what

is coming that’s a secret to happiness

do you truly believe it loving all the

Twisted trunks the lord loves you you

twisted trunk

he loves you you twist the trunk tell

someone he loves you your Twisted trunk

he loves you

look how twisted you are and God loves

you how can he not love you how is he

not going to love you you princess you

Prince he has you sculpted in his hands

given Applause to the Lord and celebrate

and say that is our God people



I would love for you here and at home to

pray along with me I would love for you

to repeat with me and say Lord Jesus

Come into my heart

forgive my sins

this isn’t religion this is about having

you help me

to show your love help me to be someone

different write my name

in that book of life thank you Lord and

now I would love for you to place your

hand on your heart so I can pray for you

father I’ve spoken and I’ve transmitted

what I believe you’ve placed in my heart

for your children thank you for the

respect the silence that they’ve given

me but now I want everyone to go home to

their respective tasks and jobs with a

different vision of the world of our

commission I pray for those that are at

home there’s so so so much to give so

much to do I pray for those that are

saying Lord what is my Ministry what is

my calling my vocation

and above all things the youth

those that are young old may God bless

you in everything and may you be a

Channel of blessing wherever you go may

he bless your entry and your exit and

may that heart be blessed in order to

bless may you feel loved so that you may

love may you feel that you can change

someone’s life at a cash register at the

supermarket on the bus in a small place

you can be an Agent of Change inviting

someone to a coffee not just not because

they can’t pay for it but because they

need to be spoiled

I believe it I know it can happen and I

know I’ve transmitted what you have

placed in my heart thank you for this

marvelous Sunday thank you for these

words because we’re agents of change of

blessing and that’s why we were placed


God love these people and show them you

love them how the lord loves you

princess How He Loves You Prince how can

he not love you if he’s protected you

he’s looked after he’s brought you here

may God bless you may he keep you and

may He fill you father thank you for

this morning thank you for the people

that have connected all over the world

we believe it we declare it and we say

amen and amen thank you people thank you

beloved people

people are we happy yes or no no no no

no are we happy yes or no that applauses

to the King of Kings

may God protect you firm like a burke

law until next Sunday bye bye bye bye

bye to everyone blessings

















hold on




it is