ENGLISH Dante Gebel #821 | A tired sheep

There are suitcases that we unnecessarily carry through our life: suitcases of guilt, anxiety, doubts and worry, which cause us to feel tired, hurt, disappointed and bitter. Consequently, we live with a permanent feeling of anxiety and fear, and end up throwing stones instead of casting the net, holding accusing fingers instead of extending helping hands, hurting those that try to help instead of helping those who suffer. That is why it is important to let the Lord -like the shepherd who leads his sheep to the spring-, lead us to resting waters to feast on new grass, forget about the flies and drink plenty of water to feed our spirit. Even when our time go home to the Lord is near!




are you ready no no stay with me are you

ready yes or no very well

today I’d like to begin

arriving at a conclusion

but I arrived at after traveling the

world for so many years I have the

Providence of being able to travel from

a young age and this week I was

reflecting on the fact that I must be

the man with the most anecdotes

as far as flying or being on a plane I

always joke about it on TV if I have a

monologue I always dedicate a moment to


because I’ve had to fly in the tourist

class next to very fat men

or next to uh nun who was praying out

loud saying the plane is going to crash

and she would hold on to her cross and

dig her fingernails into my into my arm

with a five-year-old demon

who spilled his soda on my laptop and I

knew he was going to as soon as I got on

the plane

maybe it was an old watch

but the turbine and The Tick Tock was a

bad combination and he traveled next to

me on the plane and he would get up

every few minutes and I would say it’s

he’s going to go speak with his with his


and that’s not even mentioning that for

whatever reason with the planets

aligning or Divine Providence every time

I would get up

to go to the restroom there would be

turbulence and the sign would say return

to your seats now always

the whole plane would be calm but as

soon as I would get up it would begin to


the headphones they would give me never

worked or if they would only work on one


so I would switch

switch the headphone from one ear to

another so I could understand the movie

when the flight attendant asked me what

I want to eat

she would always present that strange

mixture of ingredients that they call

lasagna but through the years I’ve

learned to identify the newcomers the

rookies that are flying for the first


because first

they don’t know

how to get through security they don’t

know how to how to be efficient because

they get in the lines with families or

with carry-ons and that’s an eternity so

I realize that if they line up behind a

family it’s because they don’t travel

often you always have to get in line

behind Asians because they take off

their shoes quickly since they know Kung

Fu they’re real quick about it and they

don’t take too much luggage but the


I was I was sharing this on a TV show

yesterday the rookies are the ones that

look from their boarding pass to their

seat the boarding pass to their seat

they can’t memorize it I don’t know how

they even memorize their birthday

because they look back and forth as if

the as if their boarding pass is going

to change I have 44A oh wait no now it’s

2A no no that doesn’t happen

but they they board the plane as if

they’re looking for the Holy Grail when

they find the seat

they try to put a huge luggage a huge

bag in the in the stowaway compartment

the crew comes along and says

no you have to take it out of there and

it’s as if you’re trying to pull a child

off of them

I’m talking about the rookie still

they push all the buttons they open the

emergency door I don’t know if you saw

that in the news but they opened the

emergency door

put the table down they’re hated by all

the other passengers and all the

Personnel aboard

and these are the people that look

beneath their seat and ask there’s no

parachute no

there are no parachutes

there’s life jackets

it’s as if a submarine had parachutes

why do we need it

a life jacket when you’re on a plane no

of course there’s a parachute

but one thing about rookies

is that they have all sorts of things

packed in their bags they have tile and

all they have pills for their arthritis

they have bandages vaccines I was

surprised by many of The Travelers that

went to Venezuela

taking pills for their heart they’re

like drug traffickers traveling on the

plane I can’t believe my little let them


aboard they have cereal bars soda chips

books the dog their grandmother

the baby stroller Tupperware blankets

big pillows they’re children they travel

for two days but they’re carrying 18

pieces of luggage with irons

pillows with feathers inside because

they can’t rest without that pajamas

flashlights two days but they’re taking

98 pairs of underwear

not even here in a year do they use 98

underwear but they take it all 78

sweaters slippers snow boots because

then my snow they’re going to Florida

but just in case right

and those of us that have been traveling

for a while we

put everything in our carry-on

everything everything I can fit three

suits in a carry-on

but what taught us this all the

experience of having lost so many bags

of the airlines losing your bags

I would always see

all the all the all the passengers on

their way home but I would be waiting

there at the carousel waiting for my bag

so I’ve learned through pain

I say through pain because in the worst

way I’ve learned to travel light

but in daily life we don’t learn that so

easily but we do learn it for travel but

daily life at a certain point each day

between the first step of getting out of

bed and the last step of leaving your

home we always take luggage

we walk towards the Carousel and we pick

up that luggage and we don’t remember

doing it because we’ve been doing it

subconsciously or unconsciously we all

remember taking a luggage

because it’s not the one at the airport

it’s the one in our mind so it’s the the

burden of guilt of anxiety of worry

every morning

we take a bag of discontent on our

shoulder and a bag of anxiety in her

hand and we leave her home

with those burdens with coffee but with

a bunch of burdens if to that we add a

backpack of Doubt

a sweater of loneliness a sleeping bag

of loneliness or a trunk of fears then

we have even more luggage than it for

traveling we don’t know why we’re like

this but that’s how we live

and that’s why we come back home every

day tired but I’m not referring to that

that exhaustion that goes away with

eight hours of sleep no I’m speaking of

dragging all that luggage that’s

exhausting that is tedious and it

doesn’t allow us

to rest

or replenish our energy with six seven

eight hours of rest

people have too much work not enough


and at the same time

they go to that Carousel of luggage in

life every day and they continue to pick

up that burden So to that we add heart


on faithfulness betrayal debts

things to pay off

battles over over your child’s custody

there are moments where we’re about to

collapse what’s more is we don’t realize

the impact

that the excess of luggage causes in our


because how can we hug someone else when

our arms are are filled with bags and

luggage and and suitcases how can we

help others if we ourselves are

exhausted how can we bless another

person if we’re always tired how can we

spread forgiveness give off Grace if

we’re filled with guilt

how can you offer comfort

if we’re discouraged you can’t

so what’s more how can we

carry someone else’s burden if our arms

are occupied with our own burdens so

there’s a moment where the burdens in

life anxiety makes us useless

in life there are burdens that we simply

can’t carry we shouldn’t vote we do it

in an unconscious way

we have an enormous problem with


any country that has a a president in

that’s that’s saying and wise

would send people home to sleep some

people fall asleep at work some even

fall asleep here at church

it’s a mortal sin they should burn here

in their seat just for falling asleep

30 tons of aspirin are consumed per day

to be able to fall asleep tranquilizers

just so that people feel better

I think that if we invited an alien to

solve The World’s problems he would just

propose one solution everyone rest

everyone go to sleep

as our minds are tired

our bodies are tired but what’s worse is

we have our soul filled with noise I

don’t know if you know someone that’s

noisy or that always speaks in a loud

tone someone must have a family member

like this that’s always yelling I know

someone I know a couple of people

actually I can’t manage their decibels

you ask them how are you doing and they

say good

they yell at you

but us argentinians have that from our

Italian ancestors if you go to Italy you

think everyone’s fighting

you see an Italian Table this is

think they’re arguing but they’re now

they’re just ordering food and us

argentinians have this as well but I’m

talking about those that don’t know how

to control their decibels those that

don’t know how to whisper because God

brought them to the world so that they

can scream

there’s not a change in volume when they

whisper they just speak with more air

that’s all they do they continue yelling

they go to a funeral and they Resurrect

The Dead

oh I’m so sorry

and the dead guy says oh whoa what’s

going on

speaking of flying I I once was on a

flight with a friend to preserve his

identity I’m going to just name him the

friend that yells

I think we were in row 27.

on a flight with Copa Airlines and I

send them a greeting because they

treated us so well


they were loving

they hold on to your passport they don’t

want to give you your luggage but you


they do it to complicate your lives

so a greeting to all the people from

Copa God bless you so much may he have

you in his glory soon

and the problem

is that the plane was completely full


my my friend that yells he was in the

aisle seat I was in the middle seat and

there was a poor woman

seated in 27A

we hadn’t even taken off when my friend

started yelling and saying hey what age

what age begin

the guy that

that laughter he’s

he said I think I asked that question

even the pilot heard my friend at what


and during the rest of the flight God

doesn’t let me lie but he was

at me of how andropodia could be worse

than menopause how it affects sexual

relationships and then he said it’s even


during the entire flight

I couldn’t turn to see the face of the

woman seated next to me the the woman

seated in the window seat

I couldn’t even imagine what she

experimented on that flight when we

finally arrived in Panama the woman was

sweating literally

for six hours she didn’t move she didn’t

go to the restroom that woman received

more information

then what she had paid for

book of hemorrhoids of this and that

turned off the movies they said we don’t

need movies let’s just listen to this


but that poor soul wasn’t the only one

that received undesired information at

that volume if you’re raising children

sometimes you want to put

put some some

earplugs in dress up like a Mennonite

and go to the go to a mountain we’re

infected by it by loud noises I love

activity I love working hard but I say I

don’t want to arrive at the end of my

life and be known as a person that was

always busy I battle against that

I don’t want that to be the first word

that comes to people’s minds

at my funeral of them saying oh poor man

he was always busy but finally he’s

resting now

finally he is resting from all his work

in Copa Airlines

there’s only one other living creature

in this world that has as many problems

with resting the way we do not dogs who

sleep all day not Bears who hibernate

for six months cats

cats invented short naps groundhog sleep

20 hours a day just like your son 20

hours a day

the majority of the animals tend to rest

but there’s an exception

after which I titled this message

it’s those animals that are not smart

they’re slow and I’m not talking about

your mother-in-law

the one that doesn’t sleep is the Sheep

they don’t sleep

well they do sleep but in order for a

sheep to sleep there can’t be any noise

my friend who I traveled with you

wouldn’t be able to be near A Flock

there can’t be any Predators around

there can’t be any tensions amongst the

flock there can’t be any insects in the

air for a sheep to sleep they can’t have

any sensations of hunger in their


and In This Moment

I can make a a timely clarification we

don’t like to be compared with sheep and

it’s understandable

Isaiah 53 6 says we all like sheep have

gone astray each of us has turned to our

own way and the lord has laid on him the

iniquity of us all

we say all right from time to time it’s

okay to be compared to a sheep but I

don’t like it first of all because sheep

are dumb

a sheep just laughed but that’s how it


of all the animals they’re the least

capable of caring for each for


whoever saw a sheep doing something

entertaining before Dolly the Clone

sheep there weren’t any famous sheep

if there’s a movie about a sheep then

it’s an animated film

but nobody can train a real sheep we

have we have Lassie we have we have all

sorts of animals that can speak and are

trained but not cheap

and there are mascots for all sorts of

sports teams we have the Lions the Bears

the Hawks the Eagles the Panthers the

Bengal tigers the raccoons the stallions

the coyotes from Tijuana everyone

I don’t know how these I don’t know how

these last ones joined but I guess they

jumped over something they they came in

and they formed a team

I don’t know a single team a

professional team a University team or

even a high school team that’s named

after the Sheep

because they couldn’t accomplish any

sort of curious the Anaheim sheep no

that wouldn’t instill fear in anyone


sheep that’s not frightening

things are defenseless they have no

fangs no claws what’s worse is they’re


cat can clean itself

even if it uses its own tongue as toilet

paper it cleans itself others

didn’t know this but yes the tiger cat

cleans itself with its tongue

the dog is also clean if it has mud and

it bothers them but a sheep gets dirty

and it stays like that

if the shepherd doesn’t clean the Sheep

then it just stays that way but then the

great King David appears and in Psalm 23

he says the Lord is my shepherd of

course you’re related to

a pastor a leader of a church nowadays

but no he’s considering so himself a

sheep he says the Lord is my shepherd I

lack nothing the Lord is my shepherd

and I say couldn’t David have thought of

a better metaphor why didn’t he pick

anything other than a sheep Maybe

the Lord is my commander-in-chief and


an Army in his combat Squad against

invading lines of course because

Warriors receive a uniform or a weapon

or even a medal sometimes what about the

Lord is my inspiration and I’m his

songwriter we’re in God’s choir that’s a

great task or the Lord is my king and

I’m his Ambassador why because when an

ambassador speaks everyone listens

everyone goes quiet everyone applauds

when God’s Warrior walks by but who

notices when God sheep walks by no no


who notices when a sheep seeing speaks

or acts only the Shepherd no one else

and that’s the point that’s David’s


that’s the same reason we don’t like to

be sheep that’s why we always say I’m

the Champion that declares empowerment

and the lion that Roars

I once heard someone say Roar if you

don’t want to be devoured and we said

Roar but it doesn’t come out of us

and you might say well even then

the word sheep doesn’t represent me so

let’s resolve it with the with the small

pull here

I want you to raise your hand if these

things describe you

if any of these things describe you and

you say this is me then I’ll recognize

that a sheep doesn’t describe you number


always control your character always

you’re never

in a boot never you’re always optimistic


you’re always fair-handed

and calm there’s an earthquake

the San Andreas fault passes in front of

you but you’re saying there’s no problem

I trust in the Lord

no no okay cool


let’s try something else you’re always

peaceful with others

you’re like a piece of candy you’re so

sweet Gandhi reincarnate

says remain remember you with love they

say oh that man he was so lovely

what a great woman my ex

she was crazy back in our times but now

she’s lovely if that describes you okay

let’s keep trying

you have no fears they discover a cancer

in you and you smile as if they just

told you you have a headache your

mother-in-law comes over to live at your

house and you just you yawn everything’s

okay does it describe you no okay let’s

go another way you don’t need

forgiveness you’ve never committed an

error you’re as clean as a baby’s bottom

out of the bath

you’ve never tricked anyone you’ve never

lied does that describe you

so since I don’t see any hands up

interpret that you can’t control your

character that some of your

relationships are wobbly that you have

many fears you have many failures

I get the impression that yes you are a

sheep and you need a shepherd and you

can’t clean yourself on your own

for me I see you as a sheep

and a sheep needs help to be able to

rest here’s the point and David

continues writing in that marvelous

Psalm with that composition that song

that hasn’t been beaten by any other

author he says he makes me lie down in

Green Pastures he leads me beside Quiet

Waters he refreshes my soul of course

you think it’s just poetic sometimes

authors take that poetic license that

doesn’t mean much but this isn’t a


David being the shepherd He was he knew

that for a sheep to be able to rest he

needs to feel free of fear of tension

free of any bothers free of hunger if

not that sheep will live tired first of


sheep are easy to scare all you need is

a hair to jump out from a bush and the

whole flock will Stampede away when a

single sheep

runs away all the sheep run after it

without asking what scared the first one

they just followed the next sheep’s butt

man why is she running I don’t know she

ran let’s just go run run

they’re followers of sheep’s butt

in fact the sheep’s butt is hypnotizing

take away that mental image

but they’re defenseless creatures

what’s the only resource of a sheep to

run and this life is also filled with


we live with anxiety fear

with the feeling that things will only

get worse

and what’s our first impulse to to run

away because we’re sheep we don’t want

to face anything

that’s why David clarifies later on in

peace I will lie down and sleep for you

alone Lord Make Me dwell in safety

so we forget that many of the countries

many of the of the countries with sheep


dry lands dry patches

because those errors don’t have any

parasites no insects

of course there’s no green pasture for

example Palestine

where David lived and cared for his

father’s flock


it’s a dry patch of land brownish

you can’t say oh there’s there’s green

pasture over there no the delicate

pastors that David spoke of

was the product

of hard labor on the land to make it

that way the result of uprooting bushes

preparing the land irrigating with water

tending to the crops the foraging crops

with which the Sheepfold is fed

all this represents the ability of a

Shepherd that needs to care for where he

guides his sheep if not the Sheep will

die nothing can substitute a good


nothing can substitute ruminating and

good pasture and when the Sheep don’t

eat green grass they begin to get in a

bad mood and they fight amongst each


any similarity with reality is mere


in all animal societies

there’s a law

of authority with chickens it’s the law

of the peck

with the Sheep it’s the law of the bump

because they’re not

so aggressive to kill one another but to

bump into one another yes

and when they haven’t eaten well when

they haven’t rested I was reading this

from a Shepherd in Palestine

generally speaking an older female sheep

a veteran


an arrogant

dominating female Rises up as

the leader of the flock

and she maintains her Authority and


through bumping I can imagine her saying

listen to me

I’m Edna

and from this Vlog I’m the one that

steps the hardest don’t

sneak into the line

and if I’m not here then Gertrude is

there the one with the satin bow they’re

seated there

use my Squire sheep that I trust

but as soon as the shepherd arrives

and takes them to the Green Pastures

then all that rivalry goes away for

there to not be any rivalry they have to

be feeding on green pasture and this is

the same for people

when energy isn’t consumed on the

exterior it’s burned on the inside the

result is implosion how can you stop

gossiping or murmuring at the church

Wolf by sending them to work sending

them to Cuba Venezuela Africa

those that were in Cuba never fought

away because the Cubans would say hey

what are you doing here what are you

doing here and then they would hug each

other even the ones that were enemies

because when you don’t eat well

in place of extending your hands we

point accusatory fingers when instead of

helping those that are suffering we make

those that help suffer and what happens

well sadly they’re confused we don’t

reach them they don’t receive the help

and it’s cheap that remain hungry and

David continues on

he says not only does my shepherd take

me to delicate and Green Pastures

but also he leads me beside Quiet Waters

a quiet Lagoon and that’s where he cares

for me

Quiet Waters it’s not stagnant water

it’s Quiet Waters

we’re all familiar with physical thirst

if you didn’t know our body is composed

of 80 water

besides our brain and our bones and

other parts we’re all walking water so

some of you are not fat you’re just


stop drinking liquids and you’ll see

that your coherent thoughts fade away

your skin dries up your vital organs

even our eyes need humidity to be able

to cry our glands require sweat to keep

our body fresh our cells require blood

water and blood to be able to transport

all the nutrients our body needs our

joints need lubricant

and if we allow the our levels of water

to lower we’ll see an explosion of

symptoms dry mouth headaches

flimsy knees and the same thing happens

with our soul

sometimes our dehydrated Hearts send us


irritable temperaments you don’t know

why but you’re always mad

and all jokes aside it’s it’s terrible

to live upset

it’s okay to be upset by an agent who

doesn’t know how to drive

but sometimes there’s anger that makes

no sense you say I just woke up I woke

up at 7 7 30 and I’m already yelling at

my kids I’m creating Scandal over

nothing these are waves of worry that’s

dehydration in your soul lack of hope we

look to the Future and we see things

that are only getting worse insomnia


loneliness not by choice but because

there’s no other option it’s not the

lack of faces around you but the lack of

intimacy resentment irritability


these are the symptoms of dryness in the

depths of our soul

you might have thought that the anxiety

you had was hereditary there are people

that accepted and say well there’s some

that are born with high cholesterol

others are born with premature baldness

I inherited my mother’s anxiety no you

don’t inherit that

your environment can help you

your belief system

might make you think the same way as

your parents

but if we have anxiety it speaks to us

that there’s dryness in our soul

nobody gives birth and the nurse nurse

says mom I congratulate you just gave

birth to an anxious baby no it’s it’s a

symptom or an acquired pathology

so what H2O does to our bodies God

begins to do it for our hearts

soften what’s hard

rinse what’s oxidated

nobody looks at a bottle of water and

says I need 10 drops in my in my glands

50 drops for my heart and the rest goes

to my brain no the water knows where to

go your body knows where water is needed

and God also knows he doesn’t need our

instructions that’s why he says he knows

what we need before we even ask for it

so all we have to do is allow him to

take us to Quiet Waters and the key to

reaching that water is in his hands he

knows where the best watering holes are

if he doesn’t guide us to the watering

holes with pure water

we’re going to end up drinking from

contaminated cisterns and that’s what

happens with sheep they acquire

insects or parasites

like liver worms

or past other pathogens nematodes but we

end up living off of those sewer water

some people want to study

and think that they’ll calm all their

anxiety with that people think that more

culture more sex more music

I have many famous friends artist

friends that say to me life to me is

absurd and they might even have an Oscar

on their chimney

but they’ve been drinking from the

watering holes of Fame of money of


but they can’t quench that thirst in

their soul just yesterday

Alejandro sounds

who says who’s going to give me their

emotions who’s going to ask me to never

abandon them

do you know that Hymn of the broken

heart well he alarmed Everyone by

writing on social media on Twitter he

posted I’m not okay I don’t know if this

helps in any way but I wanted to say

this I’m sad I’m tired I’m working so

that this goes away but sometimes I

don’t even want to live literally I

don’t even want to be here

I wanted to write this to be sincere

there are people that feel this way so

if this helps you I feel the same way

and the entire world Telemundo Univision

CNBC CNN everyone saying Alejandro Sanz

is depressed

but that’s just the tip of the iceberg

it’s just that Alejandro Sanz is famous

but how many people wake up in the

morning and ask themselves I don’t even

know why I’m here in Sans case I don’t

know what is at the summit that scares

them so much

maybe it’s what the Prophet Jeremiah

said in Jeremiah 2 13 my people have

committed two sins they have forsaken me

the spring of Living Water and have dug

their own cisterns broken cisterns that

cannot hold water maybe that’s what it


maybe people in an attempt to quench

their their thirst they go and drink any


not only does the shepherd feed me but

he also anoints my head with oil and we

give this a spiritual connotation

but let’s go back to David’s metaphor

what does oil have to do what does

what does anointing ahead do with

discouragement in life so here we need a

quick lesson

about sheep

I don’t know much about them but I can

give a quick lesson I like to dabble in


in ancient Israel

Shepherds used oil for three reasons to

repel insects

to prevent conflicts and to heal wounds

that’s what oil was for

insects bother people but they can

actually kill a sheep

fly larvae ticks nasal flies

they can make any summer a torturous

summer for any sheep

flies larvae ticks nasal flies horse

flies black flies mosquitoes

and other tiny winged insects

proliferate during the summer they’re in

the Middle East

and the Sheep are especially bothered by

the nasal flies because if a nasal fly

is able to deposit their eggs in the

Bland nose of a sheep

the eggs become larva larvae in the form

of worms that drive these sheep crazy so

I was reading this week a book called

The Life Of A Flock where the shepherd

was saying in order to alleviate this

this torture

the Sheep deliberately knocks his head

into posts into trees into rocks and

some even kill themselves seeking


and they also forget to eat they can’t


the entire flock can die

because of just a few nasal flies and so

the shepherd comes along and anoints the

sheep’s head

and that’s the smell of that oil that

ointment appears from the insects to

come close and then the Sheep are now

calm they’re okay

there’s an immediate change in all the

Sheep’s Behavior once their heads are

anointed the craziness goes away the

irritability goes away the restlessness

goes away what makes us lose sleep in


is all the same

I don’t think anyone goes to bed here

thinking about the the bombs in the

Middle East

and I’m not trying to take away any

importance from those events but I don’t

think anyone loses sleep over that I

don’t think anyone loses a sleepover

thinking I wonder where the Kardashians

are right now who goes to bed thinking

well it’s going to be the decision of

the world Central Bank

what are their plans for the next decade

I don’t think you dedicate time to that

what doesn’t let you sleep

the burdens of the insignificant Flies

what did my mother-in-law mean when she

said son I’m going to be closer to you

now what did she what was she trying to



this small flies in life take us to

craziness why did they look at me that

way she told me I was fatter I don’t

know why she told me that I’m fatter

just foolishness

That’s What I Call losing perspective

and just a simple application of oil

isn’t enough for the whole summer it’s a

it’s a process you have to repeat

oil also works for the Stations of of

worry as well as the Stations of

jealousy the shepherd has to continually

anoint them

you can’t say oh well I’ll go to River

one Sunday and that’s enough for the the

whole year no your mom you need to go


but you also have to apply that oil

during jealousy

when the Sheep are looking for

boyfriends and girlfriends

the Rams

strut towards the flock

trying to impress the Sheep

and when the ram captures the attention

of the sheep he says man I want you girl

yeah I’m not I’m not the scoundrel that

wants to just take away your

your cotton

Your Hide you can keep your

Your Hide on

that moment the boyfriend of the sheep


and says hey I think you should beat it

things gonna get ugly and so the two

rounds put their head down

and they run at each other and to avoid


he puts oil on the Rams heads and that

lubricant makes it so that their heads

slip off one another so that they don’t

harm each other when they crash into

each other but since the tendency the

intention is to hurt each other those

wounds are the third reason as to why

the shepherd anoints his sheep

because those wounds are the consequence

of living in that flock in the meadow

scratching scratching yourself a little

too rough

against the bark of a tree

we hurt ourselves that’s why the

shepherd has to inspect all the Sheep

searching for cuts searching for bruises

because he doesn’t want those wounds to

get worse he doesn’t want the wounds

from today to be tomorrow’s infections

and as sheep we all have wounds but our

wounds in our hearts


and if we don’t tend to those wounds

they become bitterness and just like

sheep what do we need we need treatment

we also irritate one another we all butt

heads the majority of our problems

aren’t from lion attacks but

because of our own flock our own swarm

our problems in life

are because we rub shoulders we butt

heads with the people around us and

that’s what it is to live in the meadow

have to suffer with thorns with with

rocks but we have to deal with losses

with illness live long enough in the

meadow of life and you’re going to

suffer wounds

and if you hear a pastor or a rabbi or a

priest saying and life with Christ there

aren’t any wounds no they’re they’re

lying to you they’re scammers because

man does life produce wounds life in the

meadow produces wounds and finally

there’s a moment in life where the

shepherd has no option and David

mentioned this as well he has to take

his sheep to the mountains

because now the land is barren

they’re going to be walking for weeks or


on those dangerous

narrow paths

and the shepherd knows that there are

Savage animals that can attack the flock

but he has to seek out new pastor

and the Sheep continue on slowly at the

end of the summer

they’ve reached

the Alpine Heights of the mountains

the best route

to the summit is always Through The

Valleys that’s why David says

though I walk even though I walk through

the darkest Valley I will fear no evil

he doesn’t say if I die he says though I

walk through and that’s something you

have to know something we have to know

for our own Mental Health

when there isn’t much pasture here down

here when there isn’t enough

God is going to guide us to the top

always that’s why David wrote

even though I walk through the darkest

Valley I will fear no evil for you are

with me

foreign there aren’t any more loving

words than that these hang in hospitals

on Prison Walls

Whispering whispered by the dying

hundreds of songs have been written

translated into hundreds of languages

Felton millions of Hearts if you’ve ever

gone to a funeral it doesn’t matter what


you’ve heard these words even though I

walk through the darkest Valley I will

fear no evil if you’ve walked through a


you’ve seen it on tombstones I challenge

you to go and walk and see them

they’re inscribed in the Tombstones of

Kings those I don’t know anything about

the Bible know these words those that

have never gone to a church

can know this scripture this this verse

in scripture why are these words so


well I think a couple reasons David

reminds us of two things two important

things that can help us defeat defeat

our fear of death

because a life marked with our visits to

the dentist to the doctor to school

there’s an

there’s an appointment


escape and that’s death


Hebrews 9 27 says

it’s established that men will die only

once and then after this judgment how

many of us would like to change this how

many of us will want it to say just some

men those that don’t exercise it and

don’t take vitamins

no Solomon said

everyone is set to die it’s not that

he’s trying to encourage a morbid view

of death but he reminds us that we have

to be sincere that death is inevitable

that’s why this verse

even though I walk through the darkest

Valley I will fear no evil

to a minister to a pastor it’s it’s what

anesthesia is to a doctor

this is what I said to a beloved friend

one of my friends was sent to sent home

to die

surrounded by his family and there he

was in the living room next to him was

the piano that he had played through the


and we were having

we were in a room where we had had lunch

so many times before and there he was

with IVs in his arms waiting to die at

the last station of life

pale face dry lips wrinkled lips

and the illness had taken away his

appetite his strength

but it still hadn’t touched his face

and I went to his left ear just as his

family asked me to do and I said Juan

Carlos even though I walk

through the darkest Valley I will fear

no evil

come on we’ll go through there and he

didn’t open his eyes

but he squeezed his daughter’s hand he

didn’t speak

but his skinny fingers wrapped around my


and so I was sure

that the Lord helped him to take his

last burden

passing through that Valley of Death

so traveling light is

placing in God’s hands all the things

that we never should have carried

we shouldn’t face death alone because he

can guide us through that Valley God has

committed to take us back home safe and


I once met Carlos Andres

who was lying in bed

reading his his Bible with with with


when he finished reading it he kissed

his mother his father his little sister

and then he sent a kiss

to his father up in heaven he closed his


and then woke up in heaven Carlos Andres

was three years old

and when the funeral happened

his parents looked for a video of Carlos

dancing to La Bamba

he tapped his feet he danced he moved

his arms he moved his head this was a

video and all those that were at the

funeral laughed

and for a moment there wasn’t any

leukemia no syringes no dialysis no


there weren’t any tombstones to inscribe

it was just Carlos Andres dancing and

when the video stopped all the laughter

also stopped and the mother and father

had to re-initiate

the small walk through that Valley of

Shadow and death

and I’m sure you’ve known that Valley of

Shadow as well maybe you’ve kissed the

cold forehead of a friend

where you’ve contemplated the cold still

body of a loved one

if that’s the case then you have to

agree with me

that the burden of sadness is very

difficult to carry

because not everyone understands our

pain at the beginning yes at the funeral

everyone understands our pain but not


once the pain has remained

all you need is to smell the cologne

that they used to wear or hear the song

they used to like or watch the movie

they used to love and once again we’re

in the valley why doesn’t the sadness go

away well because we buried more than

just a person we buried a part of


part of our dreams died

we’re dealing with more than just

memories we’re dealing with tomorrows

that haven’t been lived yet so not only

are we battling against the sadness but

we’re battling against the anger of why

sometimes the angers on the surface or

it’s deep within us

anger over the the hospital the illness

Anger from the accident on this on on

our route there the question of why him

why her why us why me

and that anger is sometimes added to


someone once said to me you know my

father died without believing in God he

was atheist so I doubt I’ll ever see him


and I ask you how do you know he didn’t


who knows a person’s final thoughts who

can know them who knows what happens in

the final moments of a person person’s


because eternity can bend even the most

arrogant niece

can anyone look at the abyss of death

without Whispering a prayer of help

not too long ago someone very well known

that works as a villain

said I was about to die I was I was dead

and that made me change the course of my


I felt that I had to

organize many parts of my life

and how is our God not going to hear

this sort of Prayer

we don’t know

people’s last thoughts a dying person’s

last thoughts but God who’s patient with

us not wanting any of us to die

but for all of us to March towards

repentance who’s to say he didn’t hear

the prayer of an atheist

seeing the final turnover of Life saying

oh forgive me like the thief crucified

next to Jesus

so when God calls us to that profound

Valley he’s going to be with us

are we truly going to believe that he’s

going to abandon us in the moment of

death really

is a father going to obligate his child

to descend to the deep end on his own is

a Shepherd going to demand his sheep to

make that Journey on their own no

they’re not alone you’re not alone in

the hospital you’re not alone at the

funeral is God going to demand his child

to travel through eternity alone no of

course not

and maybe you don’t want to bother god

with your wounds

because you say well he has enough work

with all the hunger with with all the


but why don’t we let him decide you

might say no why am I going to bother

god well God has to decide that in order

to be Anointed The Sheep needs to remain

calm bow its head down

allow the shepherd to do his job

the Sheep doesn’t understand what repels

the Flies he doesn’t understand how the

oil or the ointment cures his wounds

he just knows that something good is

happening when he’s near the shepherd

and in a world filled with tiredness

so my beloved sheep

forget about the Flies about the pastor

drink enough water eat well and


drop travel lightly

travel lightly yes or no

forget about all the crisis about the

problems and live without any burdens

even when you have to go home

even when we have to die because that’s

where we’re all headed

there’s a tour going around the world

right now

and I call out the five emergency

measures that I would take if I were

president for a day and one of them is

reconciling with death and that’s where

things get tense but I began to speak

about that valley of death of Shadows

that the shepherd himself cures our

wounds heals our wounds anoints our

heads so that all the Flies are repelled

takes us to delicate pastors gives us

water to drink that’s the same Shepherd

that when we have to die he’ll take us

to the other side

he’ll take us in peace and in calm we’ll

feel that warmth of having lived a good

life of having eaten a good portion of

this life and will leave with stoicism

without degrading ourselves whole stoic

are we in agreement with that yes or no

are you sheep or are you not sheep

it would be marvelous for you here and

at home your husband at shrinking a beer

right now say

you small sheep tell someone to your

left or your right you’re a sheep you’re

a sheep

welcome David

thank you for joining us so late

the thing is David took Copa Airlines

you’re a sheep were a sheep from his

Meadows God loves us

he Embraces us he hugs us and he tells

us to travel lightly because everything

will be fine tired sheep don’t suffer

anymore Rejoice how many of you

celebrate God because of that how many

of you say that is my God somebody needs

to give a great Applause to the King of

Kings to the Lord of lords

God has spoken to you you believe that

he can make you rest let that Applause

be the great celebration that gigantic

unique Applause the King of Kings


Can you feel it the King has spoken

today he’s in the house today

you can’t imagine

how your perceptions change you can’t

imagine how your perception changes when

you stop feeling like I’m the warrior

I’m a prince even though we are

metaphorically speaking

but when you say Lord I’m just a tired

sheep and I need to rest

I need your anointing and I need your

presence and I need you to surround me

is someone here tired truly tired and

you need that rest how many of you need

that rest with the Green Pastures and

the and the Quiet Waters do you truly

need it yes or no

how many of you have said

I’m tired just by reading this title

and today we need to say we need to rest

we need to

be calm we need to Rejoice worship and

praise I want to pray for all those that

are on the other side as well I would

love for you to close your eyes and

repeat this prayer with me say Lord


come into my heart

I’m tired

forgive my sins my life

show me how to be better

come into my heart write my name

in The Book of Life

thank you Lord

I receive you and now

I would love for you to place your hand

on your heart so I can pray for you I’m

praying for all those that are tired

those that are exhausted those that need

an anointing

those that are bothered by the flies in


the flies that have been tormenting you

taking away your peace your rest

that sleep that repairs you how the lord

loves you how can he not love you if he

has you sculpted in his hands

my beloved princess sheep my beloved


the Lord knows

your agenda your things your dreams and

he brought you here to spoil you to tell

you that you’re not alone the Lord

blesses you he loves you so much we’re

going to pray everyone everyone praying

father thank you for this morning I’ve

transmitted Lord what I believe you told

me to tell your army your sheep

tired sheep

agonizing thank you Lord for this rest

for this presence of yours this

atmosphere how can we not love you how

can we not give thanks there’s three

minutes left but before we go

I want you to receive from the depths of

your heart

a blessing for your things for June so

that you begin June and blessing so that

from here to December you have the best

year of Open Heavens of open doors

marvelous blessings where the Lord

blesses you in all things family where

the Lord blesses you my daughter in all


may God bless you in a surprising way

where he can open up the doors of heaven

and in an amazing way those tears are

the last tears you’ll cry through the

valley of Shadow because the Lord will

be with you he doesn’t leave you He

blesses you and I believe that something

will happen in your heart and your mind

Soul and Spirit Can you feel it at home

and here thank you for this afternoon

for this morning this night wherever

you’re watching from whatever time zone

you’re in God blesses you he gives you

rest to be able to advance to be able to

grow those that are in a Pantheon those

that are in in an intensive care unit

those that are going through the most

intense crisis the darkest night of your

soul don’t give in don’t surrender the

best days are ahead of you God will not

leave you and it’s not religion it’s

believing that God won’t leave you it’s

finishing your life well

it’s going into the darkest rooms

knowing that your Shepherd doesn’t leave

you you won’t be hungry you won’t be

thirsty you won’t be lacking that

anointing he’ll be with you in those

dangerous valleys he won’t allow those


to find a victim within you he surrounds

you he cares for you say Lord you

blasphemy you you surround me and for

that we’ll celebrate and worship saying

there’s praise praise in all moments

may God bless you and the rest of the

world thank you for being there firm

like a bear claw we’ll see you in seven

days bye God bless you you tired sheep

don’t give in

thank you to all the people all over the

world let’s go







it is



Las Vegas