ENGLISH Dante Gebel #820 | Stupidity also wears Prada

When we confuse our desires with “the calling,” we are doomed to fatigue, discouragement, loss of joy, and a feeling of inadequacy. We know we are doing something stupid, but we disguise it as “God told me”, or “God called me”. We look in the mirror, we see a beautiful suit and we think that we are ready to fulfill our dream. This happened to Joseph, who, although he wore Prada, did not have the character to sustain the blessing. Only when he understood what life was like without the tunic, Joseph was able to fulfill his dream, reach the prophecy and reach the throne. The moment he recovered his relationship with his father, he recovered everything lost!




with a small story


a man presents himself at the doors of

heaven and an angel asks him

did you do anything

with enough Merit to come into heaven

obviously it’s a joke you don’t you

don’t go into heaven through Merit but

in this story The Angel asks what good

did you do to be able to enter into

heaven and the gentleman says well of

course I did good

one day I was driving in my vehicle and

I saw

Acres of motorcycle bikers they had

tattoos they had piercings and they were

bothering a young woman and I was at the

red light I couldn’t help it I got out

of my car and I said you either leave

her alone or you’re going to have

problems with me and the biker said

don’t get involved go on with your life

but I couldn’t help it so I went up to

the leader of the bikers I slapped him

across the face

and I kicked his bike over I ripped the

ring out of his nose and I said you

either leave her alone or you’ll have

problems with me and the angel was

impressed and he said when did this

happen and the gentleman said well just

a couple minutes ago


I’m not going to explain it because if I


so there’s a great difference

between faith and stubbornness

the line between do not fear and don’t

be stupid

tends to be very fine and sometimes it

can take us an entire lifetime to be

able to discern or identify that line

right you say I shouldn’t fear I can do

it all through Christ against me

strength but sometimes we go beyond the

line of common sense I say this because


what God is calling us to

and deciding if what we’re doing is

because God asked us for it or if we’re

doing it by our own well that’s one of

the challenges of self-exploration one

of the greatest challenges that a human

being can face if what I’m doing now if

What I’m Living if what I’m I’m

initiating is it coming from God or did

it just occur to me I always say that

a calling you’re calling is I don’t want

to say difficult but it’s it’s not easy

to discover

you have to be crudely sincere about

your own talents

be sincere about your own limitations

say this isn’t for me God didn’t call me

to do this so you have to be willing to

ask yourself questions in life

ask yourself difficult questions and

then be able to live with those answers

and that’s difficult say what am I good

at what am I not good at what are my

limitations and I call that discerning

your true calling from God for our lives

for what we have to do it’s being

willing to sometimes allow your personal

dreams to die

and we say well why I’d like to do this

yeah but maybe that’s not what God is

calling us to do

for our assignment in this life

even if we like it a lot but on certain

occasions us Christians call it

a calling from God a feeling from God

something that maybe we like to do is it

wrong no but calling it God’s calling we

give it a a mystical tint or an epiphany

that it doesn’t deserve it sometimes

we’re just in love with something that

we want to do and I insist it’s not


but we’re just in love with an image or

a photograph a picture there are people

that get married because they’re in love

with their wedding picture they’re women

girls that get married because they say

I always saw myself wearing the wedding

dress that my grandmother gave me

she wore it back in 1942 and now the

dress is all yellow but she still wants

to wear it and so she’s in love with

with the image not not the marriage or

the life or even the gentleman

that she’ll

interlace her life with for the rest of

of her existence

people say that’s my calling no

receiving a calling from God isn’t the

same as dedicating yourself or your life

to what you dreamed of or fulfilling a

fantasy that we have

God Called Moses and said Moses present

yourself before the Pharaoh he’s the

most powerful man on all the Earth and

tell him that he has to set his his

labor force free his Workforce free to

worship a God that he doesn’t know that

he doesn’t believe in and if that

weren’t enough

convince a timid and stubborn people

that they have to follow you into the

into the desert that’s your calling and

Moses said Lord here I am send Aaron

then God calls Jonah

and says go to Nineveh

the most corrupt violent city in the


until its inhabitants

to decide they either repent or die and

Jonah says what time is The Big Fish

going to come by

that’s going in the opposite way and

then God calls Jeremiah

to preach to a people that didn’t want

to hear him

and scripture says that Jeremiah cried

so much

that since that moment he was known as

the sobbing Prophet how would you like

to have that title

oh who are you oh well I’m the uh I’m

the crybaby Pastor or the crybaby

prophet God calls Abraham to abandon his

home he calls Gideon to lead an army ask

her to stop a genocide Mary to give

birth to the Messiah and their answers

were never oh yes that was my lifelong

dream like I said a few months ago I

don’t imagine Mary at the age of 15 an

adolescent hearing you’re going to be

left pregnant by the Holy Spirit oh yes

that was my dream as a little girl I

always wanted to be impregnated by the

Holy Spirit no there’s not a single

person that said that was my dream my

entire life I imagined myself walking

through the desert with four million

rebellious people

and in these years I’ve learned that if

the task that God is assigning me to

if it’s something that I could manage

through my own strength or if that’s if

it’s at the height of what I could do

then most likely that’s not coming from

God because why would I need God if I

can do it on my own

when I go to genuine callings from God

they’re the sort of tasks that God calls

us to beyond what man can do alone God

doesn’t call Moses

to Pastor a few sheep

I’ll go

he doesn’t tell Gideon

to just fight against 300 men no it’s

against thousands so if God isn’t in the

equation then man can’t do it alone I

once heard a private conversation

between a pastor and one of his closest


don’t let this get out of here just

let’s keep it between us it just so

happens that this close leader tells us

Pastor that God called him and that he

wants to be an independent pastor and so

the pastor asked him

and what would you truly like to do

as a pastor of your own congregation so

in other words

what do you think you’d do there that

you’re not already doing here and the

young man said well I’m going to preach

I’m going to to save Souls I’m going to

evangelize and help the poor and the

pastor asked

yeah but isn’t that what you’re doing

now and the leader said yeah but if I do

it for my own congregation I don’t have

to report to anyone people will see me

everywhere my picture will be visible

if I stay here I’ll always be condemned

to not being the number one pastor and

so the Pastor said well you’re right but

I fear you don’t have a Divine calling

but what you have what you have is a

desire to see your own picture which

isn’t wrong but you should say I feel

like seeing myself in pictures and not

giving it the title or label

it’s God’s calling and obviously the

gentleman left upset

that he wouldn’t be allowed to grow

and this happens in all institutions all

organizations when we confuse our desire

to do something with a calling and so

then that’s where the fatigue

or despair comes the lack of energy the

loss of Joy a feeling of not being

capable and you become filled with

bitterness you say I wanted to hear God

I thought he was speaking with me I

thought he sent me I remember when I was

a child

I heard

the head of household

say I’m going to abandon my job at the

factory and I’m going to live a life of

Faith like I had eight kids

and he decided to live by faith logical

thing is that obviously all the kids

were dying of hunger two months later

and he was going door to door to see who

would give him food and he would say no

but God called me to live by faith but

God is never going to do something that

goes against common sense

that makes us travel on the rails of

rails of stupidity that’s not faith

that’s not believing God and getting off

of the boat

that’s simply just not recognizing that

maybe this man didn’t want to work

anymore maybe he just wanted to quit

maybe he wanted to wake up Monday

mornings at 11AM without being bothered

by anyone but it’s more glamorous it’s

nicer to say oh God is asking me to quit

God is asking me to live by faith

that sounds nice right it’s almost like

saying God called you to kill your

mother-in-law he’s not going to ask you

for that even if you want it more than


and that’s one of the reasons

psychologists coined the term the

Imposter syndrome it’s people who try to

live an entire life trying to mass their

insecurity their low self-esteem in the

case of this man

he didn’t want to do something different

than what he was already doing he just

wanted his face his face

in all the pictures and that syndrome

is wanting to be the head of Iran

instead of the tale of a lion there are

people that prefer to be the number 10.

in the neighborhood soccer club instead

of being a benchwarmer for PSG there are

players that say they called me from

Europe where are you going Barca

Messi had to spend time on the bench


had to spend time

on the bench I’m talking about soccer

for those that don’t know for those that

just watch baseball these are soccer

players Ronaldo

had to spend months on the bench

but he was in a European Club he was in

the big leagues big leagues and that’s

better than just playing at a small club

in Portugal but there are people that

say no in Portugal and Buenos Aires and

Caracas in Mexico I’m the number 10. the

other day we played a game and we won


you know those those games where it’s in

married men against single men and you

see a bunch of fat men running around

the fat man shoots and the fat goalie

sees the ball rolling and he says you

know what maybe next time I’ll dive but

there are people that like being a part

of that

more so than playing in the big leagues

but may God free us

from that narrowing of the vein but we

all have these challenges

a friend of mine

whose father is a very well recognized

Minister decided

that he had to take over his father’s

Ministry he had to fill his father’s

shoes he had to be the new pastor

because his father was already elderly

nobody pressured him

I doubt God called them but since his

father left him that Legacy and opened

the doors

that anyone else would have shot on him

I’m not

accusing him of nepotism I’m just saying


was easier than

anyone else rising to that


and so as he took over this position

he became bitter

because you realize that just because he

had the same last name it doesn’t

necessarily mean that he would take over

the ministry

just because your father’s an architect

or a pastor doesn’t mean you have to

follow in the same footsteps

it’s easy to say oh my children are

taking over the pulpit because they saw

me preaching when they were young

maybe they don’t have that calling maybe

the child wants to have another


what comes to mind is a very insecure


who believes that if she has success as

a singer and a prophet she’ll have the

attention and the affection of the


and she clings on to that dream

even though there’s

evidence that she wasn’t born to be a


she’s like Shrek when he sings and the

birds explode

God didn’t give her that gift

but she clings on to that dream

and anytime someone tries to tell her

that she’s making a mistake

it brings her such pain because she

feels that she’s being rejected that

they don’t believe in her calling that

they want to step on her

so when we don’t differentiate our

personal desires with God’s authentic

calling reality becomes our worst enemy

and we begin to close our eyes to the


that are telling us that maybe we’re

trying to do something that we weren’t

called to do

or what’s even worse

for those

of us that weren’t gifted there are

those that don’t have the gift of


does that mean

if they’re going to be a disaster

as far as ministering no they maybe they

just need somebody to help them out with

that or there are those that weren’t

gifted with being able to manage their

money or budget

there are people that have a vision and

have have a passion but they don’t know

how to express it

and continuing to insist that you have

that gift it’s just condemning yourself

to to being someone you’re not and

that’s what it is to be an imposter so

if you have the courage to understand

your limitations and accept them say

this is what I’m good at this is what

I’m not good at then we experiment


being able to say this is what I’m good

at and this is what I’ll never be good

at that’s part of wisdom knowing What

You Won’t Do

there are some limitations that I have

that don’t bother me too much because I

don’t care if I’m not good at being a

handyman I know I’m a disaster at that I

know I can’t put a nail in the wall

because I’ll probably pierce it through

my finger


for me hell is going to look like Home


that’s what hell looks like to me

if you mess up in life then Satan will

say come follow me to Home Depot this is

your Hill

I’m also terrible at math

I always needed good accountants around

me because numbers bore me

the perfect logic of of math and and

chemistry and physics they always seemed

like demonic subjects

but I also have other limitations that

do hurt me

and they hurt me because their dreams

that had to die

and I remember my most disappointing

failures I always thought

that those that were born with the great

gift of singing well

and being able to live off of that gift

they’re very privileged people I see

that singers travel around the world and

they sing the same old Eternal songs

like Luis Miguel

they come back to the same city

and they sell out every Arena and they

sing about that same girl in the blue

bikini again and again and they’re paid

a fortune for that and as they grow

older all they have to do is is lower

the key of the song a little bit because

by Divine Providence

the crowd is also growing older with


the only thing that changes is the size

of the panties that are thrown onto the



before they were tiny Thorns but now

they’re circus tents



and the Pumas it’s covered under a tent

not knowing what happened

and I know

that I can more or less remain in tune

I’d like it but I never had the gift of

being able to make that my profession

even when I was younger and more foolish

I recorded a few CDs

don’t look for them because I made them

disappear from off the market

they weren’t CDs actually they were


obviously no one in their right mind

bought them no one

and the reason for my failure


an inheritor from Jose Luis Rodriguez it

wasn’t a lack of connection to the lack

of study it’s just that I was fighting

against my own limitations

I had to learn through pain who I am and

who I’ll never be

and sometimes we cling on to dreams that

don’t come from God

and we like it and it’s not wrong

but that’s not what we were born to do

we’ve all had gifts maybe in our


that ended up becoming just just

childhood fantasies

remember when you used to play the

recorder in grade school

remember oh to Joy

and your mother would say oh how


I’m sorry that I have to give you this

news but

that record label is never going to call

you in your life


we want you to play the Ode to Joy and

release it as a great success no no

they’ll never call you to say that so at

a certain moment we have to stop going

into that fantasy to be able to embrace

the calling that God has given us

so I’ve come to understand that God’s

dreams are better than any dream we can

dream of for ourselves

the destiny that God has for us is much

greater than anything that we can

imagine for ourselves

I imagine that the nicest thing that

could happen to me would to become a

singer but I never imagined that the

Lord would lend me the ears of millions

of people for me to transmit his message

nowadays I would never exchange what

he’s given me for what I wanted back

then that’s why it’s vital for you to

realize at the right time that

inheriting a tunic of colors doesn’t

mean that we’re ready

because stupidity also dresses in

expensive clothing

Joseph I’m speaking of of the biblical

Joseph or Prada

his father gave him a designer suit some

of you already know the story

giving your child a designer suit meant

that he was the favorite

he was the preferred child Joseph never

had to ask his father if he loved him

because Joseph

was the son that his father bragged


I can imagine Joseph staying up late

playing video games all day working less

Jacob his father

exuded favoritism to Joseph

and when Joseph received that designer

suit the Bible says that his father gave

him a tunic of colors

his all his brothers had to go shop at

Ross on Tuesdays

for seniors

obviously you can’t dress all 12 of your


and colorful tunics on a budget but if

we were talking about Joseph

Jacob would spend whatever Joseph could

say dad buy me Prada and he would buy

him Prada and in those days clothing

was a sign of status and Joseph had a

sue a tunic that made him special

and he also believes it’s part of his

calling that he’s a special man but

Joseph still doesn’t know that a calling

a calling isn’t determined by clothing

by favoritism by favor by Grace but by


because you can sometimes get easily

excited with God’s gifts but you have no

idea the strength you need to be able to

carry on with that gift and sustain it

and maintain it without God’s character

you don’t get far

without God’s character we can’t sustain

nor enjoy the blessing that’s why there

are people that can’t Prosper


I’m sorry if there’s someone here that

feels identified with this but

God it might always have you with what’s

just enough because your character isn’t


it hasn’t been molded to be able to

manage a fortune or more money there are

people that as soon as they come on come

upon or come across more money they

leave the church they leave the ministry

and God knows that God knows that there

are people that don’t have the character

to sustain a blessing but sometimes

using that tunic of favoritism can

become a problem when we feel like the

spoiled child will need life or God to

sometimes give us a few good blows

a few good punches to know that we can’t

go through life always stressed in a

colorful tunic and of course I’m

speaking in metaphorical terms

we can grow

thinking that we’re

the largest Bunch harvesting Bunch we

might think that we’re the drain at the

bottom of the ocean or the last

Coca-Cola in the desert and so when

someone more intelligent when someone

more anointed more attractive arrives

they move the floor beneath us

because we’re insecure

sometimes we want to be the only people

wearing Prada

and beneath that Designer Sue

sometimes we hide the fear of losing our

favorable position because not only did

Joseph just have a colorful tunic you

also had great dreams about his Destiny

and dreams in the in Joseph’s times

symbolize something prophetic they were

impactful because they spoke of Joseph’s

future and we could think well Joseph

receives those dreams

and he has Common Sense he shuts his


he doesn’t share

but no this guy doesn’t have common

sense he gathers his brothers that

already envied him

because they dressed with clothing from

Ross and Joseph of course was wearing


they didn’t have his special tunic they

already hated him

but Joseph told them his dream they said

hey guys listen up I had a dream that

there was a field and each person had

their Bunch their harvesting Bunch but

my harvesting Bunch was lifted higher

than all of yours and you all gathered

around my harvesting Munch and you knelt

before me and so that means that one day

I’m going to govern

over you I’m going to govern and you’ll

submit to me you’ll submit to me

expressing obedience to my authority

isn’t that isn’t that great aren’t you

happy for me

why don’t we role play a little bit just

to practice come on practice kneel

before me

what the heck is that this is worse than

an Argentinian just coming back from the

World Cup no one could put up with them

and the author leaves

his brothers answer is very clear

and they hated him more due to the

dreams that he shared with him this is

an Envy

of Brothers

just because Joseph

should dream that he shouldn’t have

now Joseph will go on to do great things

he’ll be famous he’ll make his father


and he begins to promote how great his

life will become and that’s where we

discover that stupidity

can also dress and Gucci your Prada no

Hugo Boss but you know all the other

luxury Brands

Joseph’s father had given him a gift and

our father also gives us gifts

throughout our development

but Joseph commits a great mistake

finds his indent his identity

in the gift that identified him as the

favorite child instead of the

relationship that he should have had

with his father that made him the


sometimes the gift

is what begins to give us our identity

and as a result you

and that gift

sometimes you can commit the mistake of

being trapped in the gift that God gave


and so if I’m serving God

I feel I feel like God loves me for some

reason if I have to sit down and not

serve I feel that God’s grace and love

has left me no

that’s why you can’t take identity of

what you do instead of who you are it’s

frightening to see people leaving one

congregation to go to another because

there they’ll have another position or


be able to do something and I’m not

saying it’s wrong to have the desire to

serve but what I’m saying is that when

the motivation is to take identity from

what I do in place of the relationship I

have with my father then I’ll end up

losing the gift because you can identify

or assign your identity to your ministry

or your service in place of finding

identity in the god that we serve I

don’t know if you’re following me you’re

looking at me with weird faces

when you take identity of what you do

you run the risk of losing the gift so I

want to clarify something important

Joseph’s father gave him a gift

it wasn’t his father who took it away

Joseph lost his tunic through his own

actions he lost it because he became

prideful of what it represented

when God gives us gifts he never takes

them away the Bible says that God’s

calling is irrevocable

God’s calling and God’s gifts are

irrevocable God doesn’t take away your

gift that doesn’t mean that you’re going

to be saved but that just means he won’t

take your gift I once knew a prophet

that left the church and became a witch

and the same gift that she had to

prophesy she now used it as a witch but

that doesn’t mean that she had Christ in

her heart

maybe if I never preach again I might

have the same dialect the same the same

proficient Proficiency in speaking

how many people have a marvelous gift

from God

but can’t use it or misuse it because

their heart isn’t correct

they use it wrong because their heart

isn’t aligned with God Joseph when he

received the colorful tunic from his

father he was 17 years old

but he was arrogant petulant


and some versions say that he was

Argentinian I don’t believe it I think

he was more maybe half Argent maybe half

Salvadorian half Mexican

and the Bible says

that Joseph always had a bad report from

his brothers

now I’m not saying that his siblings

were good guys no maybe they were mean

but him always bringing a bad report

from his brothers reveals that Joseph

thought of himself as someone qualified

to be able to make this judgment

every time you judge someone else’s


that reveals a prideful attitude on our

behalf God says you have to change and

you say yeah yeah but look at this guy

he’s worse than I am

now why would God give such a big dream

to a 17 year old boy

why didn’t he wait for him to be a

little older a little more wise a little

more humble the answer is simple

from the tunic to the throne there are

always steps

let me ask this is there someone here

that likes steps

when I was younger

I was very impatient

when I was climbing a ladder and since I

have long legs I’d always climb two or

three steps at a time

I would always find a way

to do it fast because I was impatient I

didn’t want to wait

for the person above me now

I value each step

especially if I’m going on my way up

I’ve learned that each step is important

if I enjoy it

I celebrate it

the only reason there are steps is

to take us to a higher level the Bible

says in Psalm 37 23


the Lord makes firm the steps of the one

who Delights in him

the word step means process each step is

a process that means that my destiny

what God has for me needs a time it

needs a process

you can be on your feet

at the bottom of the building look up

all you want but all the prayer all the


won’t take you to the second level the

Second Story until you begin

to go up the steps

in the spiritual World there aren’t


as far as God’s calling no one can take

an elevator you can’t say oh let me go

to floor 22 no

whoever wants to go up an elevator is in


with the picture their photograph their

image and you can’t fall in love with

the image without going through the

process God knows

that a blessing that comes all too soon

and without a process is never a


a blessing that arrives too soon is

never a blessing

go look at all the lottery winners

especially if those lottery winners

didn’t have anywhere to fall dead before


hit the jackpot

or boxers that become multi-millionaires

after one fight or soccer players that

sign an astronomical contract

and become rich from night to day

and end up living dissipated lives lost

lives because they didn’t have the


to be able to manage that

to be able to sustain the blessing

now let’s suppose that your 10 year old


asks you

for the car say they’re 10. they say Dad

can I borrow the car that wouldn’t be a

blessing for them nor for anyone driving

on the street that wouldn’t be a

blessing for anyone much less yourself

so before

they obtain your car what does your

child have to do well they have to take

the steps

and learn to drive study the manual

study for the written exam

they have to practice driving in empty

parking lots on empty roads


have an adult in the passenger seat show

reliability return the vehicle without

any dense scratches

with the gas tank full

because some kids say oh Dad the gas ran

out and then I don’t know what to do I

learned to drive with my father that’s

why I celebrate

as those that didn’t have to because

there’s nothing worse than learning to

drive with your dad touching his car is

like touching his kidney

but I wanted to drive so bad that I put

up with that and he would say are you

stupid are you crazy you fool don’t do

that no break no

and with that impetus I went out into

the streets the other day I was


remember you’re going to kill an Asian

that’s where the trauma comes from


and I almost drove into a

a dry cleaners

but remember steps are a part of the

maturing process sometimes I’ve prayed

forgot to give me another process

something quicker something more in my

style but it never happened because God

orders my steps and when I try to

accelerate God’s process he stopped me

and said no no Dante you skipped a few

steps go back to the last one

yeah and I accepted the process with


maybe you want children but you’re not

ready to be a parent

and the ability to procreate doesn’t

necessarily mean that you’re capable of

being a parent

you might want a partner

but maybe you’re not ready for marriage

maybe you’re asking God for more in your

life but you have to learn to manage

what you have now

so many

the hard work of the process

or they become disenchanted with with

process because they don’t see results

that’s the great problem of taking on


people that buy a vehicle that maybe

they can pay off or they buy a house

that they can barely pay off because

they skipped a step

there are moments where maybe you have

to downsize maybe live a little more

bunched up

until we can finally

pay a higher mortgage or take on a

greater responsibility

but when people want to skip the process

maybe it’s not the season to have the

latest cell phone maybe it’s not the

moment I’m not talking about Sin I’m

just saying maybe it’s not the moment

because Paul’s book of sin and of Burden

he spoke of burden and sin let’s do away

with all burden

and sin we understand sin but burden is

all that that

we ought to impose on ourselves that we

self-impose on ourselves nobody asked us

to adopt that white elephant that we’re

now holding up could we live a little

more comfortable could we be better

financially yeah of course

but all of a sudden we took on too many

credit cards with so many offers you say

in my country I could never do this let

me do it here and all of a sudden we’re

tied up

to 50 60 70 years of debts

because stupidity also dresses in Prada

and we don’t realize that we have to


for growth how many people don’t know

that the oak that they imagined

is somewhere inside the seat that they

received today but for now it’s not an

oak tree

but when life doesn’t go down the path

that we planned what’s the easiest

option give up move away well this job

this family isn’t what I dreamed of

you I dreamed that I would be doing

great things at this point in my life

playing in the big leagues so why should

I be faithful

to where God placed me you know what let

me get out and take the elevator you

know how many people leave through the

elevator they say no no let me take the

easier path

because the shortcut is always more

attractive but when you give up the


it produces people

that live in a pattern of of surrender

they do one thing they fail they do

another they fail look for those that

try to take an elevator and in two or

three months you don’t see them ever

again you don’t hear from them you say

that God they say that God changed their

calling God changed their assignment but

it’s just another way to say you know

what I failed because I rushed

growth happens when we decide to be

faithful to a situation that we may not

like that we still might not understand

but that’s where your faithfulness has


the process always precedes the

accomplishment always

and though the Lord says

that he makes firm the steps of the one

who Delights in him we’re always trying

to take the elevator but life no life

you have to go up the stairs how many of

us that our parents want to help our

children avoid pain right who wouldn’t

want to give

your child a dose of experience

overnight so that they never experience


so that our son is never fired from his

job so that they never get bad grades

that’s why their appearance that when a

child comes home with the bad grade they

want to go and burn the school with all

the teachers inside because my child

doesn’t deserve it but know that your

child has to run into these things

how did you get here

who here

came from a bubble or a crystal box

I spent years preaching at small camps

where they would

put me to preach at the worst hour all

the kids were snoring

and I would say let me finish let me

finish they had swam all day played

soccer all day and they let me preach at

the late at night

I also had a radio show where three

ultimate three three elderly women

and would tune in to listen and since

they couldn’t

urinate well

they would put on the radio

through all that I didn’t understand

that God was trying to

develop a man

here at River we have order we have

Excellence everything is well taken care

of the the service is detailed minute by

minute and not too long ago a colleague

said to me

our services are more spontaneous my

messages are spontaneous I prefer to

flow in the spirit

he said I know when we know when the

services begin but we never know when

they end and he thought I would say wow

what anointing and I said I congratulate

you but a ship like River needs a high

level of organization of logistics we

don’t have the luxury of just being a

neighborhood church anymore

at the mercy of the pastor’s hormones

because I’m very delicate when I with

how I say things right

the church can’t run according to my


I can’t say how many of you want

it might seem very spiritual but I

always say

the more we manage the more we should

prepare the more we desire the more

process we need

so if I drive a compact vehicle I can do

a last minute maneuver but if I want to

drive an 18-wheeler

I have to prepare for the turn

so God won’t give us great things until

we learn to manage the small things and

this colleague

as long as it continues to have hormonal

Services I doubt he’ll ever have a mega

church because God will never say to him

oh well when you have thousands I’m sure

you’ll respect the schedule now you’re a

mess but when you have thousands I know

that the service will end at a prudent

time and you won’t say I don’t know why

I’m saying this

but let’s go back to our Joseph let’s

leave my friend alone

scripture says that his brothers hated


because of his dreams

and because of his words we find this in


they weren’t Joseph’s dreams that

offended his brothers

for those that might be thinking well

how is it my fault that God gave me a


it’s how he spoke of himself that

exasperated his brothers

but it’s not just 17 year olds that brag

and boasts no there are 30 year olds 40

year olds 60 year olds it seems that

we’re all susceptible to brag and boast

many years ago San hin a beloved


that I met in Argentina said to me son

I have a word for you

I found it in an old Bible

that I have at home

he said don’t ever try and promote your

fire if you truly have it people will

run towards you from all over to see you

burn you’ll never have to speak about

the fire the Spire will the fire will

speak for you and that’s for all things

in life

the world will come to watch you burn

so we don’t need to boast about the

gifts that we have and I’ve noticed

with pain and I hope that you’re not as

foolish as I was

I learned it in the worst way

as soon as you begin to speak about what

God has done through you God immediately

stops doing things through you

God doesn’t share his glory with anyone

when we begin to take the glory that’s

destined for God and we begin to enjoy


the anointing of the spirit leaves us

it’s immediate it’s like flipping a

light switch

so what do you have to do in life you

have to take control of your tongue

and say I’m not going to speak I’ll let

my life speak

because if we have problems with


and being presumptuous it’s not just a

problem with your mouth and your tongue

because sometimes we say

oh this person has a big mouth no it all

begins at the heart

Jesus said this in Matthew 12.

34 for the mouth speaks what the heart

is full of

that’s how it is

Matthew 15 28 18. says but the things

that come out of a person’s mouth come

from the heart and these defile them not

what comes in but what comes out that’s

what defiles that’s what contaminates

the Bible clarifies that if we have

problems with what comes out of our

mouth we have to take a quick look at

our heart

because what’s in her heart sooner or

later will come out through our mouth

Pride always has to give its opinion no

one asks for it but Pride always has to

give its opinion pride has to tell

everyone who he is who he’s done what

he’ll do

Pride can never shut its mouth never

and if pride is in her heart it’ll

always find a way to get out always

the times I got into problems when I was

younger it’s because I I spoke because I

said too much because when you speak let

me let me tell you this I don’t think

I’ve ever shared this before

doesn’t matter what happens

I was I was young I must have been maybe

25 26 years old

and for the first time

I was invited by Argentinian businessmen

share my vision with them to see if they

raised the money to help me out and for

me that was crazy they were going to

help me out they weren’t

huge CEOs but they had they had their

small businesses

it was a dinner

in in a garage not too long ago one of

these marvelous men went to be in the

presence of the Lord

so I went

with an excited heart because I was

going to be given the opportunity to

speak of my my dreams and my desires I

was going to tell them that I wanted to

preach to the youth

but because of that opportunity I felt

that I was wearing a colorful tunic that

businessman would

so I arrived at the Gathering I said at

the table they served as Argentinian

barbecue anytime you ask you want to ask

for money

make sure you serve Argentinian barbecue

if you serve pupusas or tacos

no one will drop a penny

the day you guys preach you guys can

give whatever example you want



and I realized that there was another

man of God seated there at the table

a great friend a great man of God

and that’s where I learned a lesson that

I’ll give to you for the same price

never speak first businessmen

the businessman said we have two

evangelists here

the renowned Carlos anaconda and also

Dante Kevin who’s just getting started

but we want to support him who’s going

to speak first

if I could turn time back I would say

you know what Carlos you speak

but when you’re petulant and foolish in

an imbecile

scoundrel you try to speak quickly and I

said well if

I I can tell you what I want to do and

they said go ahead and I said all right

well I want to have

an event

at the

at the state Auditorium

I don’t want to do this and that and I’m

like Spielberg when I share my dreams I

said I wanna I wanna have big screens

and I want to have the best sound system

and I said well listen to this I want to

have a hundred thousand balloons so when

the event begins a thousand hundred

thousand balloons are LED out into the

city so that the whole world can see

them and not only that

I want to know if we can fit into the

budget I want a a blimp

that says Jesus Christ is life and it

can go through all go over all the towns

all the cities and fly through the

buildings and I begin to speak of all

that I wanted to do and the businessmen

were taking notes and they said all

right well now let’s allow Carlos to


and he said I don’t want balloons

I don’t want blimps I want


I said ah meet me too but but

I want

I don’t need anything more than a

platform and the power of God

I felt like Krusty the Clown

Carlos didn’t say this to embarrass me

he never needed anything more when we we

help him today we bless him

but there I learned a lesson that I

learned through foolishness don’t speak

close your mouth

be humble be simple

don’t post

if you don’t have the money you don’t

have the balloons don’t speak about the

balloons but one of the reasons

why Pride continues to reappear

is because we look at the fruit and not

the root when you see pride in your life

you take out your pruning shears and you

say I have to take care of what I say

but if you don’t deal with the root of

Pride it’ll continue to reappear

and it’ll slow down

our development and our destiny

and that’s due to insecurity insecurity

is the root of Pride if you know a

prideful person then you know a person

who’s extremely insecure

who tries to mask their insecurity with

big pompous words

but in reality it’s just insecurity

it’s always insecurity this isn’t just

Freudian it’s also biblical

those that say God is going to use me in

an explosive way I’m so anointed that if

I that if I put my hands on myself I’ll

fall no they’re just insecure


can pray for them they pray for

themselves and they begin to tremble huh

behind a proud person there’s always a

scared child always

because pride is what people see what

comes out from your mouth what we don’t

see is the insecurity in our hearts

insecurity is the cause of the problem

that’s why we’re never going to be able

to treat our our pride unless we handle

or deal with our insecurity because our

insecurity is the combustible

that are petulant Behavior runs on and


makes us feel that we have to make

everyone around us know what we’ve done

who we are but there’s a defect in that

logic because our accomplishments aren’t

what make us valuable our dreams don’t

Define us our identity is that we’re

Children of the king

that’s who we are that’s who we are yes

or no

there you cement your identity

and when we’re cemented in the identity

of Christ then pride has no power I

don’t know if you realized but the

president of the United States doesn’t

have to tell people that he’s the


you can imagine

can you imagine the President coming

into a room walking into a room saying

hey I’m the president the

commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces

no he knows he’s the president he

doesn’t have to tell anyone Jesus also

didn’t have to tell anyone who he was

because he knew exactly who he was

that’s why he could wash his feet he

said I know where I come from and I know

where I’m going

when Satan tempted Jesus the first thing

he tried to do was create insecurity as

far as his identity he said if you are

the son of God

and God and Jesus could have said yeah

yeah of course I am the Son of God give

me a minute let me show you a few

miracles to prove it you’ll see who I am

no but instead of that Jesus gave him a

beautiful example of security

absuredness he said it is written

who I am and all God wants from us today

is for us to lean on him and lean on

that truth do just declared it

in John 15 5 said apart from me you can

do nothing nothing I always say that I’m

a man without profession

although I I have a TV show and I might

write a book or two and I can give


it’s not false modesty but I’m a foolish

young man well maybe not so young

anymore but foolish yes

I still look young

but I found a very easy method to be

able to maintain these truths

it’s just spend time with God it seems

childish but spend time with God it’s

very easy to be humble when you remain

in the presence of a humble God

show me a prideful guy

and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t

pray much

because they pray like this Lord give me

the multitudes show me the crowds let

them tremble give me the anointing

each person is just going to the genie


and rubbing it for three wishes

if you go into prayer and you allow

yourself to truly examine yourself it’s

very difficult to leave that

with pride

the man that I am now it’s not that I’m

more holy it’s just that I’ve learned to

spend more time with God Moses wanted to

speak with God face to face but he

wasn’t looking to fulfill his dreams he

was looking for a relationship with God

he loved seeing his face Moses

understood that it was more important

to see God’s face than to see God’s

dreams for his life Moses already had


the deliverer of Israel

that’s why if you’re not certain about

your calling I encourage you

to seek The Giver of the dream not the

dream for you to say I want to encounter


when you truly have an encounter with

God there’s no more foolishness there’s

no more stupidity about why didn’t they

mention me why don’t they recognize me

they should have given me thanks at

least they didn’t applaud me all that

disappears when you’re there very small

before God’s presence

we all know we have to use the stairs

going one step at a time but man do we

insist with the elevator I remember one


we were having dinner with friends in a

in a patio and they had a blue light

and we heard something in the distance

and I asked what’s that noise and they

asked that’s

that’s the sound

of the mosquitoes flying into the blue

light getting electrocuted it would go

and the mosquitoes would get

electrocuted all night we heard this

hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of

mosquitoes flying to the light and you

might think hey I mean at a certain

point these insects will understand or

realize I think they’ll observe the blue

light they’ll see an upholstery of


of their impulsive relatives

and they’ll say something strange is

going on here

a reflective mosquito has to say hey

guys stop for a second

I noticed our friends are going towards

the blue light and they don’t return

my my lady went five minutes ago and she

never came back

my mother-in-law went and I said you

know it’s fine

maybe that’s not the path

a mosquito never does this

apparently they told each other I know

what I’m doing

I have the calling to go to the blue


I know everyone before me has failed

failed but I will show that I can be

successful and I’ll be the first to

violate all the principles of Common

Sense logic

physics chemistry and I will make it

work I will make


thank you

we heard that all night zap zap zap zap

no one thought otherwise and sometimes I

ask myself are we not like these insects

we know others got electrocuted and we

say no no it’ll work for me it’s the

same look

God’s process with Joseph varies from

good news to bad news bad news to Good

News just that’s life

no one has 365 good and happy days no

one’s happy seven days a week if someone

says I’m happy all the time no that’s

schizophrenia I’m always happy

no no that’s just schizophrenia that’s

not real

but Joseph’s story goes from bad to good

and good to bad it’s like the story of

the two friends

who both liked soccer

and both

promise that

whoever dies first has to come back in a


or a dream to tell the friend is there

heavy is there soccer in heaven Kevin

always asks me this is there soccer in


so one of the friends dies

and he appears to his other friend in a

vision he says good news

there is soccer in heaven bad news

you’re going to be the goalie up here

next Sunday

look at that delay there’s always a


you know you might think everyone laughs

at the same time no

and Joseph’s process looks like this

story where at moments he doesn’t know

if you should be happy sad there’s a


of a girl who tells her beloved I I have

to share something with you I don’t know

if it’s good or bad

and the the guy says look if the

confession has some good in it it can’t

be that bad

and she says to him listen

you kiss better than all your other


it was a little different but I made a

more a more subtle story

and Joseph’s life is good and bad news

he’s his father’s favorite his father’s

spoiled son his brothers hate him that’s

very bad

his father gives him a beautiful Prada

tunic that’s very good

but his brothers shred it to pieces

they cover it with blood

they fake his death but they sell him

off as a slave that’s very bad


finds a job as second in command

under potiphar so potiphar gives him a

a raise and a promotion and so now

Joseph appears on Forbes and all this is

very good on top of it all Joseph

is a very good looking man like Tom

Cruise but taller more handsome so

Argentinian in other words

all this

it’s very very good

wife agrees that he’s very handsome she

tries to seduce him that’s very bad

Joseph resists that’s very good

the woman becomes angry and lies to her


and they throw Joseph into prison

there aren’t any good laws against

sexual accusation very bad in prison

he meets one of Pharaoh’s Pharaoh’s


he interprets his dreams

and they agree that when they both get

out they’ll both work for pharaoh

but this guy forgets Joseph and Joseph’s

languishes in prison very bad and you

might ask yourself how does this story

end well what matters in the stories

that have good and bad news what matters

is the end

if it ends with

bad news and everything that happened

was just false hope if the story ends

with good news then the whole story is


it doesn’t matter what might have


so there’s a great difference between

faith and stubbornness sometimes we know

when we’re conscious we’re aware that

we’re doing something stupid

but we mask it with God told me God

called me

and that’s because we look in the mirror

from time to time when we see a

beautiful tunic

and we think we’re ready to accomplish

that dream but we also forget that

stupidity also dresses in Prada

stupidity can be 50 60 80 years old

stupidity has no limits

nor does it respect age

much less academic levels

the Lord didn’t send Joseph to be sold

as a slave

or for him to be a prisoner just because

no he was with him

in scripture you’ll see that it says and

God was with Joseph Joseph was saturated

with purpose and significance once and

again it says and God was with Joseph in



Joseph had to learn to live without

the two when he understood what

it would live without a tunic

only then could he accomplish his dream

of reaching the prophecy and reaching

the throne

the governor of Egypt the second most

powerful and rich man in the world

and he probably had hundreds of Prada

tunics in his closet once he was


God restored in him what he lost to a

hundred and one percent when Once Joseph

recovered something much more important

than clothing more than a tunic when he

recovered the relationship with his


for many years he didn’t know about his

father here on Earth he wasn’t even sure

if he was alive but once Joseph allowed

himself to be processed He restored the

relationship with his father and he

recovered what was lost

and so now I want to think of thanks for

the season we’re living in now without

that tunic of colors because it means

that God has a purpose I want you to

remember this if things are getting ugly

it’s because God has a purpose

what should frighten you the most

is for you to live a calm superficial

life where you say you know what I do

well I don’t have big problems well let

me tell you this I doubt you have a


because God isn’t just going to process

someone for no reason when God processes

you he wants to teach you to manage his

barnhouses when you go through times of

scarcity he observes if you still


if the joy in your house doesn’t go away

because maybe your joy was regulated by

your finances

when you make sure your children are

grateful for the

for the few loaves of bread that you

have and God says this man can manage

silo or a net full of fish but God

observes you he observes your

faithfulness at church or at your

congregation maybe they put you to serve

in a position where no one sees you no

one gives you things but God observes

your attitude

literally if you are faithful in the

small he will place you in bigger things

but I’ve never seen someone that can’t


I’ve never seen someone that can’t serve

in small things take an elevator and

from night to day be in the big leagues

no it won’t happen it won’t happen it’s

mathematical it’s written

sometimes I think how certain people

leave certain Ministries or leave

certain churches or leave certain

companies and the same way they leave I

know how they’re going to do why because

I’ve lived it

and the worst thing that could happen to

me as a spiritual father is to see them

suffer what I suffered through already

who wants their children to go through

the same poverty that you went through

no no one

the worst thing that can happen to me is

see people

with the spirit of a mosquito

zap zap

I know no one comes back alive from that

or if they do come back they’re burnt

so no what I want to teach is no

give things for this season

the god of the dreams is more important

than the dreams of God

so sometimes God takes us through a

valley if I may

for us to encounter him and once you

begin to have a relationship with God

it’s easier to fight against your pride

your dub doesn’t fly away over anything

you maintain your humility yours

your Simplicity I can make fun of my

foolishness because I know that although

it’s tough for me every single day I

know I’m growing

to the measure of the stature of the

fullness of Christ

I still have a long way to go but until

I have to leave

God will continue to process me do you

believe that God has a purpose for your

life who believes that God has a purpose

for you you truly believe that you have


do you truly believe it

God is going to mold you he’s going to

mold you like a clay worker he’s going


he’s going to disassemble you reassemble

you he’s going to Chisel you

he’s going to Chisel the harsh parts of

your character and give things when that

happens it has to happen I say Lord I

don’t want this to happen again but God

says no come back

you haven’t passed this test

sometimes I feel that I have an inflated


when I react in this spirit and not the

flesh it’s not that the flesh left

stayed in the baptismal Waters like the

people that say I don’t have any flesh

here I don’t see any Spirits walking

around here everyone here has flesh some

have more flesh than others but you’re


fleshly so you have to fight all the


and sometimes

before a same situation that I’ve

already lived through I react in the


but before I used to react In the Flesh

like I once said when you’re react In

the Flesh there’s a satisfaction of like

I told her so I told him so

your flesh makes you feel so good but in

just a few minutes

your spirit

feels constricted

but the enemy celebrates when you boast

and when you react in the flesh but your

spirit the spirit becomes sad because

you shouldn’t have answered that way you

shouldn’t have replied that way the

power can’t be upon the other

it doesn’t matter if they insult you if

you react that’s what’s in your life

so your life is like a sponge when

someone squeezes it what comes out

today I would give anything to turn time

back and and shut my mouth in many


but I go through the same situation

again later on because God says this is

a test you have to pass otherwise you

can’t drive that 18-wheeler

so this time around I have the desire of

pleasing my flesh but no now I react in

the spirit with authority with common

sense but I don’t allow my flesh to take

over and you know what happens my flesh

is frustrated oh I feel so stupid I

should have told them I I should have I

should have barked back no but the holy

spirit says well done faithful servant

you’re passing the test how


we’re going to pray we’re going to lift

our hands to heaven and we’re going to


we’re going to pray for those that are

receiving the Lord for the first time if

you’ve never heard a message like this

say with me Lord Jesus

come into my heart

forgive my sins write my name

of life thank you Lord

thank you for forgiving me and now


lift up your hands to Heaven I want to

pray for you here and at home those that

are coming from different parts of the

world from different locations on the

globe may the Lord protect you may he

keep you

may you feel you father I’ve transmitted

what I believe you told me to tell your

people but now Lord Jesus

I joined these voices the children the

youth the adults and the elderly come on

lift up your hands and bless the process

say Lord thank you for this time this

season without a tunic this season of

pain of scarcity of illness of disease

of funeral homes of icus

I know and I leave today with the

confirmation that there is a purpose

that there is a calling from God and

that calling is irrevocable

you know I felt while I was preaching

that the Lord wanted me to tell you I

won’t leave you until I finish my work

in you

I haven’t given up on you and I say

because I feel that there are people

that have said

got it grew tired of me I crossed every

line every boundary of Mercy but God

says I have not given up on you I

continue processing you because I’ve

placed you here with a purpose and just

like Joseph I will place you

in positions that I’ve dreamed for you

places I’ve determined I would take you

where my glory will open up paths where

the heavens will open up before you

wherever you step wherever your feet

step my blessing will be with you but

now a time of process comes and that

processes process is within you because

I work with your character I work on

your temperament


thank you for this morning this

afternoon this evening this night

anywhere in the world wherever you’re

watching we lift up our hands and

worship worship with me beloved church

God has spoken with his people today God

has spoken not just with forever but

those that belong

to this River from all over the world

beloved servants

beloved pastors beloved leaders how the

lord loves you wherever you are in the

world I bless you I bless those that are

fighting against a small Church

those that have had to withstand


the Lord has prepared a word for you

don’t give in don’t surrender

sometimes a pruning

an unclogging of the arteries of Grace

brings a new movement don’t lament those

that I’ve removed don’t be worried about

those that I take away because the Lord

says I’m preparing the land for what is

to come upon your congregation I’m

praying for those ministers that are

fighting against secret diseases secret


they’re ashamed that they’re struggling

to pay their personal


but the Lord says I will sustain you but

I’m preparing you because many many many

of my children many of my servants I’ve

lost they’ve lost their sensibility with

me because I gave them Prosperity

because their bank accounts were filled

they lost their sensibility they lost

their Direction they stopped seeking me

but I’m with you I have given you

purpose and you’ll have what you’ll have

to manage because I want you to remain

in my presence every single day come on

lift up your hands and worship worship

father I’ve spoken what you told me to

share with your people your army your

Frontline workers

thank you for this morning may a month

of blessing come on lift up your hands

and declare that may

the windows of heaven will open upon you

the heavens will open for your family

the Lord blesses you

blesses you in all things Amaya Glory a

May of blessing

even I declare it I confess it we give

you thanks and we are blessed in the

body in the soul and in the spirit amen

and amen glory to the Lord hallelujah


may God bless you Joseph

till next Sunday blessings blessing

blessings bye bye bye bye









we go to them





this is








it is