ENGLISH Dante Gebel #721 | Hard to offend

While it is true that we cannot live long without being wronged or offended, we must avoid becoming prisoners of anger and resentment, because bitterness is like a cancer that enters our body and develops deep roots, infecting our soul and relationships with the people around us. That is why we must learn to ignore minor offenses and also to forgive those who greatly offended us, even renouncing the right to hurt them back. Relationships thrive not by punishing the guilty but because the innocent bestows mercy. Let us remember that Jesus himself asked Peter to forgive his aggressor up to 70 times 7. The absence of forgiveness can cost us our hearts. It is time to forgive the aggressors in our life, even those who have not asked for it or deserve it, because life is too short not to do so.


the king is home

the king is home


first service and we have a full house

and lots of people outside

he is faithful god is faithful

you may rest army of the living lord

this is the first service

and there are many people there’s many

people for the second service and for

the third thank you for being here

thank you for being faithful thank you

for not failing us

the ancient greeks

had a very fast athlete who always

won races and it surprised me because he


at the finish line as the crowd screamed

not for him

but for the winner obviously he was in

second place

he had to stay there as they were

crowning the winner

so we had to be with the other runners


he had to hear the the speech of the


and he had to go through the city to get

to his house hearing the name of the


and he has always won but this time it

was someone else

they gave the winner a statue in his

honor right in the middle of the city

where he lived

he had to see it every day of his life

he had to find himself with

other man’s statue i’m assuming he was

argentinian and that’s why it bothered

him so much

and the legend says that

resentment began to take over his soul

until he could

hardly do anything else and every night

he got out of his bed and with a chisel

in the middle of the night

he would start to scratch on the winter


right on the base

and every night the great marble figure

grew weaker

one night he scratched the stone too


with a chisel and that massive figure of

that athlete collapsed and

fell on top of him and the great marble

champion fell on the little man who had

the chisel and killed him

and the athlete had been crushed by the


image of the man he despised the greek

tell this story

when it comes to pride and someone will

say that the man with a chisel didn’t


in the instant that the statue crushed


it was a resentment that ended up

destroying him day by day

that thought after thought the


that’s what was really killing him it’s

just that that day

explicit death came upon him but he was

already dead

he transformed his champion soul into a


chipper someone who scrapes someone else


good fortune and repentance

is always contrary of resentment

forgiveness always goes against

resentment i read

that resentment is anger multiplied over


it’s what repeats itself it’s a horrible

deformed creature

besides being deformed it grows

it mutates it’s like a virus

and it distorts our reality it changes


it keeps us chained to the past

can also contaminate our environment it

intoxicates us

the word resentment expresses

what happens if the cycle continues to

repeat itself without interruption

it literally means to feel again to feel


that’s re-sentiment to feel again

when you say i’m resentful you’re

feeling again

you’re holding on to the past and we

live this experience

one time after another it tears off our

new skin

so the wound would never heal so

bitterness and resentment

are described through the scriptures

with many

illustrative words perhaps the most

enduring one is found in hebrews 12 15

where it says

at least anyone fell to obtain the grace

of god

that sprouting some root of bitterness

hinder him and by it many would be


so bitterness

is also something that contaminates your

bitterness against your ex

or your mother-in-law tarnishes all of

your other relationships

no no no but i only have a problem with

my ex yeah

but the truth is the surrounding will

get to your children

it will suffocate everything it touches

bitterness is like a cancer that

develops deep roots

the metastasis of resentment spreads in


and the time will come when that

metastasis that cancer has a life of its


and it will be impossible to continue

right without feeling it without

nurturing it

those roots of that cancer until it’s

not something that you have

but something that has you it has you


i don’t have resentment anymore

resentment has me now

just like that loser of the statue

and besides it’s a cost that we can’t


it exceeds our emotional budget now

i am aware that

i’m not minimizing what people have done

to us in the past

you can’t live in this world way too

long without being aggravated without

being hurt or without being offended

live long enough and you will get

aggravated hurt and offended

no one can say i don’t remember ever

being offended once

come on we’ve all been in that stage of


and in this christian journey

i have experienced many people telling

me the ways that they were

hurt mistreated how they were offended

and i’ve heard stories of pain and

betrayal that are

very hard and sometimes we underestimate

the cost

of experiencing a relationship that’s


you might think that’s it it’s over the

relationship is gone

it’s like they changed their social

status but no

relational failures rob us from our


it drains out our anointing and the

worst of all

is that we put when we’re angry we put

someone in a prison in our heart and

then we’re in charge of guarding the

door so they could never leave

i always share the story that a former

prisoner used to say

that the guard is always more confined

than the prisoner

because the guard spends his entire

day in a small cell and a prisoner

has more space to walk the prisoner can

go out for a walk but the guard has to

be alert

the prisoner can rest the guard can

never sleep

you might say yeah but the guard gets to

go home at night

yeah but the prison guard of resentment


never go home because he is homeless

he’s constantly living and breathing

resentment and throughout these years

i’ve developed with lots of effort

three three categories

in my mind to catalog those who offend


or offend us the first so that we can

start to get deep into what god has for

us today

the first category is minor offenses

when we say yeah he offended me but

there are minor offenses

and sometimes in this category the

offended person

loses perspective and goes into a victim


i’m sure you know someone who’s a victim

mode person

the world is against me the whole world

defends them

so let’s agree because there are people

who are offended by

everything they’re made of crystal of


one time a woman told me with tears in

her eyes how

terrible how terribly offended she was

with her husband i hate him

he humiliated me she shared that she had

mopped the floor

waxed the floor and her husband dropped

some rice on the floor

i cleaned like a slave all day so that

this punk would come he doesn’t care in

two minutes he destroyed it all

he ruined it he doesn’t care that i’ve

been scrubbing all day long

it’s only rice that’s why you’re

crucifying your husband

i said really


really you’re gonna make him sleep on

the couch for that

really so most of the offenses

are usually childish the majority

i’m gonna go to deeper ones some more

serious ones but they’re childish


they’re people who drowned in a glass of


there are fences that should fly off of

our radar

but for some reason certain people are


they quantify it way too much we have to

choose what battles

we’re going to fight and which battles

are below our league

first corinthians chapter 13 verse 5


whoever wants to be a follower of christ

should not be people who get

easily angry another version says

do not get irritated easily

whoever wants to follow jesus can’t get

irritated for any dumb thing

so you gotta ignore minor offenses and

just move on

internet is not reality having the

correct perspective of offenses

category uh stupidity minor stupidities

which simplifies our life

and when a pebble crosses our path we

don’t have to make it

like a big mountain it’s just a pebble

the fences category minor stupidity

do a good job bringing out to the

surface our real state of character

what’s really underneath the makeup or


underneath our tight clothes and skinny


it doesn’t happen here but because we’re


being watched by others around the world

you see there’s a lady who understands

and when we get irritated easily

amen or when i understand you lady

or when we oversize the fence

well we know it’s just something

childish it’s something dumb

i have to just let it go

so when i behave like a jerk in my case

i’m not being ironic but when i do

behave like a jerk

i try to take a deep breath and i speak

my own version

of the ten words of christ on the cross


forgive me because i don’t know what i’m


i have health i work i have a family

i have a future i can breathe i can

take a warm shower whenever i want messy

is from argentina look at the many


that i have and i’m getting angry

because someone said something to me


makes us respond in such a

disproportionate way

and i discover the reasons that i’m

ashamed to admit

my ego was hurt my defects were exposed

or i thought i had the right to live a

life without problems

i never thought there would be people

who don’t like me when this happens i

shift the offender’s focus to myself i

don’t blame others

why did they did this to me no i think

why am i hurt why am i offended and i


what area in my life requires more work

which should improve if i’m easily


it’s a very clear indicator that i’m


my tank is empty and i need to pray more

i need to recharge my emotional tank

when you have your emotional tank full

minor irritations of life

lose their power it doesn’t affect us

we’re like seals slippery skin it

doesn’t steal us from our emotional

energy or time it doesn’t take away

our our anointing our relational

world travels lighter and lighter

that’s the category of minor offenses

the second category

are justified grievances i know

someone’s thinking

at this stage hold on mine isn’t a joke


these increases are more complex

they require diagnosis therapy it

happens to us all

sooner or later someone offends us and

it’s justified

we all deal with difficult people in our

lives everyone does in fact

difficult people i have the strategy to

think that they’re distributed

around the world so we would bump into

two or three per day the other day i

told someone if at the end of the day

you didn’t find the third

one look at yourself in the mirror it’s



the people around us they reveal our


what we’re really made of other people

show what they have inside

i say this money changes no one

money shows how the person really was

the thing is when they were poor no one

really cared but now that they have

money to just show their true character

money just exposes us the way we really


same thing happens with the rest of life

difficult people

they don’t change us they expose us if

we need to develop the art of


well the challenge will be dealing with

someone who is difficult to bear

don’t look at the person that’s at your

right or at your left it’s just a


but just how lifting weights strengthens

our muscles

and it also strengthens the heart well

difficult people strengthen our capacity

to love our capacity to build our


and if god had to get rid of all the

difficult people in the world we’d all


no one is here if you had to eliminate

all those

with imperfections ugliness no one is


we’re all gone

likewise we’re always wanting god

to give us a life free of difficult


but there are many people in the bible

who had

a difficult person to put up with how


moses had pharaoh elijah had jezebel

esther had heyman jacob had layman david

had saul even

john the baptist had herod and jesus had


to give you a word of encouragement at

this stage

the most likely is that you’re the

difficult person to bear

no we all thought about someone else


but who knows maybe you’re the person

who god puts next to someone to mow that

person’s character

huh we’re always invigorated or

exhausted in every interaction with


so when we relate ourselves with someone

in a deeper level

deeper than words and it’s an inter

interaction with other people it’s an

emotional exchange

you know some people can give you energy

in a good way they can deepen your


increase your happiness bring out the

best of us

you have no idea how great it is to

speak with him and her

others they consume your life

they suck at the blood in you like a



they make us be defensive or get


this is something interesting many

studies have been carried out on what it

is that makes us like someone

and others that we don’t like you know

like bubble

gum you can’t swallow them

you just chew on them that’s the way it

is with me

and the majority of people but what

attracts us or what repels us

when someone really doesn’t fit in with

your character

in additional to physical attractiveness

their iq their ability their personality

if you’re gonna like someone or not

it’s basically if we’re likeable or not

if we like them they’ll like us now

if we don’t like them we are never ever

ever ever gonna like them

if there’s one person that i never liked

someone who i hate being around but i

hear that he says something good about


hey how about that i knew the guy was

smart deep down inside

i knew he knew how to appreciate what’s

good i’ll give him another chance

or a person can be wonderful

in any other way but

their dislike of us changes our

perception oh

so he doesn’t like me what do you say no

no he said he didn’t like you that much

maybe because he doesn’t know you

oh no no i’m not offended at all


i never really liked that toothpick

legged lady

you can tell she’s as sour as a lemon

i love her i love her in the lord

and god’s not like that at all because

god loves people who love him

but he also loves people who don’t love


the person who is about to die barely

remembers the lord

just like that thief that was crucified

next to jesus remember

jesus said you have heard it was said an

eye for an eye

and a tooth for a tooth but i tell you

if someone slaps you on the right cheek

turn the other also to him if someone

slaps you on the right side then give

the left

now the statement eye for an eye or as

we say

in the neighborhood just stand at your

door and wait for the corpse of your

enemy to pass by

pharisees chapter four verse three eye

for an eye

comes from the hebrew scriptures and

although it sounds

harsh and hard it’s actually

a breakthrough in the ancient legal

world eye for an eye when there were no

police officers no constitution

no bill of rights powerful people

could have killed someone because of

some little damage

the gardner didn’t do a good job yeah

tear off an eye

that’s why the law limited the


by teaching proportional justice based

on the law of retaliation

now nevertheless this leaves us with a


because my instinct is that if someone

hurts me

i’m gonna hurt them worse remember when

you were a kid

your brother would hate you how would

you hit him back come on it was always

as double as hard

right no no mercy at all

a group of individuals was organized

into pairs of half

and people received pressure on their


and then the other half were instructed

to insert the same amount of pressure

on the other person’s finger and when it

was their turn they always gave

more pain than what they really received


eye for an eye plus a little extra so

you would never ever

dare to hit me again it’s always an eye

for an eye and a little bit more

an eye and a half just to be fair now

jesus comes and gives us another option

a clue to understand comes from the

mention of the right cheek

listen to this society in the days of


was built on shame and honor all right

that’s the way it was so the left hand

was considered

unclean all right keep this in mind

the left hand was considered unclean

why it wasn’t used to eat it wasn’t used

for anything

much less to hit that’s why

soldiers had to be right-handed the left

hand was basically

two you know when you go to that

luxurious bathroom that we have now

in river arena you would use the left

hand at one moment

i’m not gonna explain more because i

know you understood and if you didn’t

someone else is gonna have to explain it

to you there was

no water there was no place to clean

yourself you had your left hand

so a slop should be given with a back

side of the right hand

if i were to slap you with my back hand

right back hand

what side am i going to hit you on what

do you mean the left

to hit you with the left side i have to

do this i can’t i have to hit you like


this was the way

this was a way to make an agreement to


because the main intention wasn’t

physical harm but public shame

embarrassment a backhand slap my dad

would get over here

get over here and you would pee in your


just by the way he put his arm a

backhand slap was only given to someone

who was socially inferior

like a slave or a child so when someone

offends us

what should we do everyone expects one

of the two

retaliate or just be a coward jesus says

a third option give the other cheek so

our enemy can’t give us a backhand slap

on our left cheek

so he either has to go he remembers

what he cleaned with that hand he can’t


he either has to fight with us as an

equal which he doesn’t want to

or he has to find a non-violent way to

resolve the conflict

when he puts the other cheek it’s not

letting you be hit again

it’s stopping it when they say dante

you’re such an arrogant argentinian

and i say that’s because you don’t know

every other defect i have

and when i say it they’re not ready for


they’re not ready for that type of

reaction it’s like

they weren’t expecting it so they don’t

know really what to say anymore

they’re not ready people aren’t ready

for the other cheek

they’re ready for a worse insult

you’re at a red light and you get


not by watching your cell phone but

maybe reading the scriptures

hey hold on a minute or you can go god

bless you

they’re not ready for that when a

chinese driver passes by you say god

bless you

and he curses me in their language

it doesn’t matter jesus presents us

another case worthy of study

if someone forces you to carry their

burden for

one kilometer take it for 2.

the people listening understood this

situation because roman soldiers were

allowed to force jews

right they were the captive people


the roman government was a de facto


it was a dictatorship and the jews were

forced to carry

their backpacks for a kilometer this

represents the kind of people who use us

i’m sure you’ve been used before but

used by god be used by people in a bad


my ex used me my boss used me

they used me and they didn’t even say

thank you

i felt like a thing an object not a

person what do we do in that situation

well jesus invites us to see our enemy

as a human being

that roman soldier is a young guy who

has a mom and a dad

one day he was born in italy in rome and

they forced them to go

to be part of a military army he wasn’t

a war he didn’t declare

it was caesar who did it everything he


every day is local hostility he’s being

insulted every time he passes by

so this is the idea you complete your

kilometer by law and then look at them

in the eye

and say hey you can say hey

hey you look tired let me carry this a

little bit more

this leaves a guy speechless because

everyone does what they’re only asked to

otherwise if they don’t they’re going to

go to jail for it who sends a tip to the


or a fip in argentina who says hey

i paid my taxes but i’m gonna give you a


you work so much who does that

we try to pay less not more what happens

is that when someone is difficult for us

to deal with

we prefer to think of that person as

someone who

we really just can’t put up with not

like someone who’s a real person

who has their own story when i was a kid

and i saw how my dad would kick the dog

my dad would walk and every animal that

would bump into him would have to fly


chickens cats dogs

i couldn’t believe it never a word of


he never cares a cat why did i think he

was going to caress me

you would never vaccinate the dog why me

what a bitter guy i thought what a cold

german because my dad’s german he was


of all the fathers of the world this is

the nazis that i got

a nazi

now as an adult i came to find

out when he was 13 years old around


his stepfather

was beating him up to death

he would beat him up he took him out of


send him together the harvest under the


under the rain in the cold winter

and when his stepfather came home he


my dad he would just beat him up they

wouldn’t take him to the hospital

there’s no one to call you couldn’t call

the police

i found out he never received a hug in

his life

he never received a birthday gift ever

in his life he would always say why do

you want to celebrate your birthday you

think you’re the only one

who was born today no but i’m your son i

don’t know about that

and he always tells me that he had a


he didn’t just kick cats he had lots of


serious problems he had a hard past

like someone once said sometimes we

don’t want a little story of behind who

we hate

because when you start to understand

what they went through you stop hating


i hope i never get to know my enemy

because otherwise i can’t hate them


when we don’t know people they’re a

monster to us but the problem is that

we’re all difficult people

once i discovered by accident i heard a


that i found out that a friend of mine

was saying to another friend of mine

that it was difficult to work with me

you know you know how hard it is to work

with dante

it’s horrible he wasn’t just any old


a friend of mine was telling another

friend that i was like a vampire sucking

the blood out of everyone around me

it was like a bomb to me really

i’m a difficult guy i’m nicer than pope

john paul ii

me it’s a strange feeling when we


that we don’t urinate holy water that we

are unbearable to other people

and the third category are the fences

that destroy our lives

those offenses that change lives they’re

like the 9 11’s of our

offenses and not everyone’s going to

experience this type of

grievances infidelity sexual abuse

incest rape

someone who killed your son in an


you was a drunk driver and he killed

your only daughter

all your life you’re gonna say i’m never

gonna guide my daughter to the altar

to get married i’m never gonna see her

get her driver’s license

she spent all of her savings in this bad


she cheated on me he cheated on me

she broke our promise he’s selfish

and i’m not gonna offer you trivial

solutions to such

pain but a normal heart will seek


there’s a time for justice if the

offense has legal implications

but forgiving things like this is not an

easy job so believe me

it means that we can acknowledge the

damage but we have to let go of the

other person

we have to admit that there’s a damage

go through the morning

but let the person go let them free

not because they need it but because we

need it otherwise

that thirst for justice never ends

and if i need a different kind of heart

to forgive

so be it so forgiveness starts

when we start to understand our own sins

that’s when we start to understand what

jesus said to one of his disciples

concerning a prostitute i tell you that

many of our sins

are forgiven because she has shown much


a person who has forgiven little shows

little love

you have to feel very forgiving to be

able to forgive that type of offense

it’s very difficult to offer forgiveness

when we’re aware of

how much we have been forgiven

when we’re not aware of it it’s very

difficult just like hiv

it destroys the physical immune system

well bitterness destroys the emotional

immune system

and also spiritual it destroys us

it’s an implosion it ends up killing us

from the inside

it’s poison that enters our organism

nothing who offended us not in your ex

the fences are harmful toxic substances

worse than covid yesterday i read that

this pandemic left

sixty percent of people around the world


clinically depressed not sad

more than half the world is depressed

and we know what the definition the

clinical definition of depression is

inward oriented anger

so the body has only a certain amount of

emotional energy available per day

we use it well or we use it bad

and we live exhausted all day it doesn’t

matter how long you sleep

because you’re having inner anger so

bitterness consumes our limited reserve

of energy to create

to project to have new ideas

and relationships do not prosper by

punishing the guilty

relationships if they prosper it’s

because we gave mercy right

when we give mercy that’s when we can

prosper i wouldn’t share the story the

two men were going through

the jungles of burma and they came to a


little lagoon very dirty they both came

out and when they came out one was

covered in leeches

and desperately began to tear the the

leeches from his body

and the veteran told him if you pull

them suddenly

a part of the insect will remain under

your skin and the wound will become


you need to take a bomb bath as soon as


so once you submerge yourself in the

bath the leeches will release their

hooks and you will be free

well resentment is like that leech it

gets into your heart

you can’t pull that out

it’s going to get worse if you do those


have the hooks in your life you need to

submerge yourself in the bomb of god’s


you need to leave this place free from

those leeches because if you can’t

forgive me

it’s like you carrying me on your back

all day long carrying your mother-in-law

on your back all day long she goes

wherever you

go she sleeps with you in your bed

take away that mental image of your


sleeping in underwear oh satan but there

she is

how many people can we carry on our back

so traveling lightly is an art when we

forgive someone

we’re dancing to the rhythm of the

heartbeat of god

when we forgive someone we can hear boom

dancing literally to the heartbeat of

the lord

and that’s awesome and god created human


in his image so we can be friends so

that we can be companions

buddies colleagues comrades

but soon we learn to live how to enemies

and of all the wonders that god created

human beings have added something from

our factory revenge

for every wound there must be an act of


in genesis there’s a character named


i thought this message was going to be


the lav lamech but i thought people were

going to attack me more than what they

often do

so i changed it but in the biblical

context it said

that he took this concept to the maximum


genesis 4 23 says lamech said to his


i killed a man for hurting me and a

young man for hitting me

if cain will be avenged seven times then

lamech will be avenged

70 times seven that’s where we get this


it’s like saying it’s infinite that’s

the law of lamech

if someone hurts me then i have the

obligation to pay back

so god who created the heavens and the

earth in six days he had to create

something else after the fall

he invented a spiritual surgery

that can remove what’s poisonous from

the heart and that’s called

forgiveness it’s the last of the best

gifts to the human race

forgiveness peter one day approaches


i’m sure he was hispanic and he said

someone hurt me how many times do i have

to forgive him

seven times most likely peter

expected jesus to say that he was

very magnanimous and that he was going

way beyond his duty because rabbis had

to do this

he just adds a little bit more until


imagine peter’s reaction when instead of

praising him

he told him that he had to at least 500

times do it more

not up to seven but 70 times seven

why was he using this number well he was

nullifying cancelling that law

of lamech jesus said you’re going to

have to forgive 70 times

7. and there’s another reason why jesus

uses such a large number

because forgiveness is kind of like

breathing count how many ch

how many times you breathe you drive

yourself crazy

forgiveness has to be a way of life

how many times do we forgive i don’t

know try to consider it like

how many times you breathe a day

inhale and exhale so god developed a new

possibility to face betrayal and pain

you’re in debt and i pay with the cross

if you’re in death then i pay with a


that’s wonderful someone needs to say

amen right

that’s why the cross

that’s why the cross is at the very

heart of christianity

it shows the heart of god but we have to


what forgiveness is not

forgiveness is not excusing yourself

to excuse someone it’s like for example

when there’s circumstances

that guide our conduct for example we


a future father who’s driving fast on

the freeway because his woman is about

to give birth

the police officer says what are you

doing and you say

my wife’s about to give birth don’t

worry then

we’ll forgive someone who’s in the

supermarket and who hits you by accident

we forgive or we apologize

to an eight-year-old who’s making weird

noises because they’re eight-year-olds

right that’s what they do

people say to understand everything is

to forgive everything

no that’s wrong forgiveness is precisely

what we need

when there is no good reason to explain

why someone did what they did

why are you putting a pee inside your

brother’s nose

uh you have to forgive him

it’s basically eliminating the need to


when an action is explainable there’s no

need for forgiveness why did you do this

i didn’t realize it i’m sorry

oh i feel asleep pastor there’s someone

who always says this to me

well of course you have to forgive her


isn’t forgetting all it takes to forget

is to have a bad memory

alzheimer’s i forget where i leave my

car keys where i parked

when it’s my mother-in-law’s birthday

now that doesn’t mean that i have a

noble soul

oh dante forgets everything no i’m just

acting according to my age

i’m going to say one day do you know

where my teeth are

some offenses are serious

and they can hide out of fear or trauma

we might say i already forgot about it

but we did it it’s still there

it wasn’t forgiven the authors of the

scriptures sometimes use the language of

forgetfulness to describe the way in

which god acts with respect to our sins

but that doesn’t mean that god has

problems with alzheimer’s

it means that all of our sins lose their


in our relationship with god so

forgiveness is precisely what we need

when we cannot forget

when i forget i’m gonna forgive that’s

not forgiving

forgiving is what you do when you can’t


why did you do this i don’t know that’s

when you have to forgive

when we justify we don’t need that when

someone says i’m sorry

and they explain why it’s not


i’m sorry forgive me i was clumsy the

thing is

sometimes you do the same thing to me

last time you broke the glass and i

didn’t say anything

forgiving isn’t the same that’s


it’s something we all need to know

because there’s some people who think

that forgiving someone means that we

have to

be together with that person again no

matter what happens

the wife has to return to that beast who

beats on her

how can you go back to someone who’s

beating up on you

or hire that employee that stole from

you forgiveness and reconciliation are


two different things reconciliation

requires that whoever

hurts us should be sorry for the evil

they did against us and want to try

all over forgiveness takes place in our

hearts not in theirs

it can even be granted when people don’t

deserve or don’t even ask for


i knew someone who forgave his father

after 30 years a father had died

i forgave my father what did you say no

he died 30 years ago but i barely

forgave him

i don’t even need him to be alive so to

finish i’m going to tell you

what forgiveness is

it’s not an excuse it’s not forgetting

it’s not reconciliation but what it is

the first stage of forgiveness is the

decision to not hurt the person who hurt


it’s the law of jesus when i forgive

i give up the right to vengeance it’s

very difficult

even though you have deliberately

offended me i suspend the law of revenge

i refrain from responding with


i’m not gonna do it i’m not gonna act

according to my desire to suffer to see

you suffer

when i forgive you i release you from

that small present that i built in my

mind and in my heart

to keep you in prison for life i stop

imagining that they’re deporting you and

you’re dressed in orange

that you get a zit right in your butt

cheek and every time you sit down it

would hurt

right and there’s nothing you can do to

take it away

and it’s difficult because revenge is a

natural obsession

of a wounded soul the problem with

revenge is that there’s

no two people right they can weigh pain

the same way

when will the palestines right every get

revenge of the israelites

right or america with the chivas or boca

and river

i read the story of a medical student

who in 2013

someone fell in love with the girl he

liked and he found out who the guy was

and he posted on his social media that

famous phrase

said by the actor liam neeson in the


taken you know the one where they kidnap

his daughter

and he wrote this on the guy’s profile

this is a medical student

in the university of lycaster in the uk

he said

i don’t know who you are i don’t know

what you want

if you’re looking for a ransom i can

tell you i don’t have money

but what i do have are a very particular

set of skills

skills i have acquired over a very long

career skills that make me a nightmare

for people like you

so i will find you i will look for you

and i will kill you


there you go i’ll give it to you so you

can tweet it

he never thought this would bring him so

many problems to his career

so abandoning vengeance doesn’t mean

abandoning justice

even though the victim of a kidnapper


him he still needs to pay his debt with


same thing with someone who steals so


includes the search for equity revenge

is the desire to punish you can’t do


so the next step is i’m going to resign

to vengeance the next step

is a new way of feeling towards that

person one of the things that happened

to us

when they hurt us deeply when we look at

the person who offended us

we don’t look at the person we look at

the fence

we don’t see the person we look at the

fence the wound

and when we hold on to the decision to

not forgive another person

we tend to believe only bad things about


we want to think about that person only

in terms of the damage that they have

caused us

but when we forgive we rediscover the


of the one who offended us the person is

no longer limited to being

a dead of pain without collection

just like i said look at them as a

father a mother

who make mistakes maybe they feel lonely

maybe they’re hurt maybe they’re weak or


like me so you have to start to see the


and not the fans

to get to the third stage which is

when we long good for the other person

now that’s a different level

we want them to have a good life we no

longer have the hope that their

their car will break down that their

beer belly would grow

more that the woman’s body parts would

fall to the ground

under the act of gravity yeah

i would recommend you talking to that

lady over there

good things to happen i said for things

to fall like the law of gravity and she

started to laugh

you want good things to happen to that

person now we have that genuine hope

that everything is gonna be well between

them and god

i’m talking about your ex the man who

cheated on you

there’s a level where god says you need

to get to that level where you have to

pray for them to have a good

life it doesn’t happen easily

sometimes we’re gonna have some

flashbacks some moments where we’d like

to hear

you know that they also got cheated on

with their new spouse that their cat

committed suicide

but then you go back to the right path

that means that our heart is on the

correct path

and when we wish good things for someone

who offended us

that’s when we can be sure that the

great forgiver has been working in our


and you always have to try to forgive

those who offended us

even though they’re not going to ask for

forgiveness or deserve it

it’s the best way to live

for you to offend me i have to give you


you can insult me all you want but i’m

not going to get offended i don’t give

you that permission

if we don’t give them permission they

can say whatever they want and

everything’s just gonna slip away

if we don’t give them permission no one

can reach our heart

they can insult us but it orbits all

around us

the aggressors are in the milky way and

we’re somewhere else

in another galaxy there are no human

beings more unhappy than those who never


but when the miracle of forgiveness

occurs in the best of all cases

it makes a broken relationship heal and

it’s very

possible that you may have been

suffering through this for years

because that person betrayed you

or maybe because you are at war with

someone that you left for so long

and you can’t even remember the last

time you spoke good about them

god tells you you need to forgive them

every time they hurt you

and reconcile if we can because life is


short to live that way with this

pandemic we have to learn this

there’s no time to be bitter resentful

and besides we’re not going to get

another chance

if we don’t forget we’re going to carry

our berlin that’s going to crush our


taking away everything that’s ours our

energy every day that passes by we’re

going to get colder

human beings tend to think we can

receive god’s forgiveness without having

to forgive others

that god’s going to forgive me for

everything but jesus says

forgive us our debt as we also forgive

our debtors

so if you commit a mistake a lot and you

expect god to forgive you but you’re not

forgiving others

that word has to terrify you

give us our bread every day that’s nice

our father what in heaven hallowed be

thy name that’s great

the only hard part is forgive us our


as we forgive our debtors

it doesn’t matter what they did to you

your debt is not going to be forgiven if

you don’t forgive others

it’s hard it’s unfair

for many of us who went through life

with wounds

we want those people who made us suffer

to know what it feels like to suffer

and sometimes we don’t even want to what

do you mean i have to pray for them to

have a good life

there’s only one thing harder to forgive

someone who you don’t want to

and it’s not forgiving them because the


of forgiveness counts our emotional


it affects our heart licking our wounds

and savoring the pain that we’re gonna


in return can seem like a banquet fit

for a king but later it turns out

it’s nothing more than just a skeleton

in a party and that skeleton is ours

that skeleton in that party is us at

first we have resentment

but then in the end the resentment has


we’re the ones who are prisoners i think

that the condemnation of those who don’t

forgive begins already here on earth

because bitterness and coldness of the


are much stronger than any iron bar

and not forgiving is like taking a rat

killing poison and expecting the rat to


right so we hold on to resentment and

bitterness because we

want to hurt that rat just like that

proverb says

filthy rat creeping animal

you scum of life badly done

infra human specter of hell


because a creeping bug even being the

most cursed

compared to you is still too small

but after that resentment has been

infected enough we discovered that the


was us

don’t forgive and your anger will be

coming to your burden don’t forgive and

little by little you’re going to lose

your laughter

don’t forgive and you’re never going to

trust in anyone again

don’t forgive and bitterness will take

compassion out of your heart

slowly don’t forgive and that little


that you’re feeding will become a bigger


and it’s gonna smell even if you think

you can hide it from

everyone you know in time the monster

will start to be seen

the lack of forgiveness is like bad

breath everyone can smell it except the

one who has it

and everything that’s going to be left

of being a person

it’s just gonna be hostility hatred

and that bitterness is going to spread i

read the story

described in a book by don colbert he’s

a christian doctor

and he explains this he says that the

way the body interprets toxic emotions

such as resentment

bitterness stress when stress is


the immune system becomes overloaded

so the immune system not only attacks


and viruses it also attacks healthy


and at the end it produces inflammatory

autoimmune diseases such as

lupus so he tells the story of a woman

in her 40s

who came to her who came to his office

hoping to find relief for

some mild arthritis pain in her hand

and he prescribed an anti-inflammatory

but her blood test confirmed that she


a serious type of arthritis so she was

referred to a specialist to receive

care she shared that she was in a

difficult time

stressful time coming out of a painful


when she mentioned the name of her


her face changed dramatically like if it

was a monster

her face twisted says don colbert

with deep anger she said how much she

hated her husband how she wanted him to


not a calm death she wanted him to die

the worst type of death possible i want

him to suffer

i want him to feel more pain than what

he made me feel

the doctor said rarely have i ever seen

someone with so much pain and hatred

it was really transforming her body

it was giving her arthritis

certainly there were reasons to be

bitter i’m not redeeming the guy

but reasons don’t produce bitterness

what produces bitterness is her attitude

the attitude do we have towards the

people that offend us

a couple of weeks ago

days ago my old man

he left to go to eternity he’s been here

and i told many times like i told you

just a while ago he was a difficult guy


i loved him a lot i still do but he was


very difficult man

it’s not because of a matter of age when

he was

40 i was barely born i grew up

seeing his his fingers stiff

full of calluses you know wounded with


sand paper nails but his heart

also seemed to have the heart of a


and my father could never show me


to his children his grandchildren i

don’t ever remember

a hug from him he said he loved me but

he couldn’t show it

and i was surprised that he would hug

strangers but he was

dying of shame to hug a son or a


in fact and no other family member

visited him in his last three years

i was his only guest every time i would

see him

no grandchildren no nephews no other


saw him throughout these last three

years because he didn’t know how to sow

that effect

that’s later you know received as a


organically in the future

when my grandmother used to live the oma

she excused him saying your father was


like the way they were raised back in

the day

that meant never hugging never showing


and a couple of years ago

and one last trip i made to argentina he

went to go see me at luna park stadium

in buenos aires where i was giving a


and when i realized the conference and i


to my green room i didn’t realize that

he was going to make the first step i

knew it

so in the green room i looked up in the

eyes and i said dad

i was going to say say i’m sorry i said


forgive me you had me when you were

an old man and i know it wasn’t easy to

raise me

and i’m aware that you had a difficult

life too i’ve heard it many times

and that german man who never ever

hugged me

hugged me and grabbed me for the first

time around my neck

and it seemed like he was never gonna

let me go and my photographer

took the moment took a picture of the


like if it was a he said

this is like a haley’s comic it happens

every 70 years he took a picture quickly

and i said i love you dad and i don’t

want you to die without you knowing it

and he

i don’t know how to show my feelings you


i’m a rude man but i’m proud of you

and we gave each other an eternal hug i

thanked him for what

he did in my life i told him there was

no pending accounts between us

and that was the first time i hugged him

and the last time that i could have a

conversation with him

and that day a door opened

in that prison cell they went

two hearts of stone melted in buenos


two human beings who have lived as


and despite them being you know strange

as they were father and son

and i’d like to think that that helped


this happened two weeks ago where he

passed away

i’m sure he left calm

knowing that he was able to hug at least

his youngest son

even though he did it beyond the age of


we said goodbye to each other letting us


he raised his thumb he gave me a thumbs

up no hard feelings

that’s why i’m sure it’s never too late

my friend

i’m thankful i didn’t have to say words

to a coffin or to kiss a cold forehead

instead of a warm cheek i’m thankful

i didn’t have to speak to a gravestone

i have nothing more to say

and i can give you a word of advice even

though you’re not asking for it

a suitcase loaded with resentment will

take you further than what you wanted

it will keep you way longer than what

you plan to stay

and it’s going to cost you more than

what you ever thought you would pay and

it’s not worth it

it’s not worth it because at the end of

the day

life passes by fast and resentment is a


that other people don’t even know that

we have that’s why to all those who are

watching us from around the world

we’re back home and i knew on behalf of

the lord

that the first sermon had to do

with leaving our burdens here starting


sort of post-pandemic even though it’s

not over in many parts around the world

to start it in a light way make a list

of forgiveness

first of all forgive god not because god

committed a mistake

but because we got angry with him


when he could have intervened and he


when we prayed for divine healing

and nevertheless that disease took away

the person we were praying for

because we prayed in faith within a

hospital wall but our hope

was crushed as we walked in the cemetery

we got angry with god and we’ve been

taking this burning for years

there are things that god doesn’t owe

you or me an explanation

we’re going to understand when we’re

with him secondly

maybe a father a mother whether they’re

dead or

alive if you can’t hug them like i did

with my dad

at least let them go

let your heart have peace not their


your heart because they didn’t raise you

the way you wanted because

they didn’t validate you the majority of

us at least my generation

we didn’t have psychologists or


the psychologist was a flip-flop a belt

a leather belt and we went through life

hurt wounded thinking that we didn’t


the best childhood the best parents

many of them lived alone

and i always mentioned that that feeling

of being an orphan is more tolerable if

your father or mother

are dead but it’s very hard when your


lives right next to you and even like

this you still feel like an orphan

let’s forgive them let’s let them go

for giving an ex an ex-spouse

who offended you who hurt you

you gave them their trust and confidence

and they played with you

and you’re gonna live your life thinking

you know what

that pain comes images comes to my mind

of how i invested my

life because when you get divorced not

only do you let go

in acts but your dreams your projects


vacations christmases and so forth

it’s like someone takes your secrets to

someone else

that that secret is gonna go to bed with

some other woman or other man

and that causes pain in your soul it’s

not fixed by saying

stay with me i forgive him i forgive him

it’s a it’s a lifestyle

to start to forgive to later pray so

they would have a good life

let’s forgive our teachers a tutor

a pastor a leader some priest a rabbi i

don’t know

someone who you thought they were your

spiritual leader and they abused

your confidence you opened your heart to

them and one day

they failed because leaders men women

those who have the divine providence of

transmitting god’s word

are humans we commit mistakes of course

we are

but that’s not your your case don’t

carry me on your back

let go any spiritual leader that

offended you let’s forgive

a friend

any person that comes to your mind right

now just let them go in peace

imagine that you’re gonna hug someone

and say it’s all forgiven

i give you no more permission to offend

me i’m in a different galaxy

if you say that the relationship is is

impossible to reconcile well okay

and finally let’s forgive ourselves

for that mistake for that wrong decision

for that misfortune it’s hard to offend

the abortion the divorce

live long enough and you’re gonna offend


the thing is we can’t forgive ourselves

and we punish ourselves we self-harm


we have to let go of ourselves we’re

people in the process

of recovering we can’t say that’s who i


i’m gonna try to be better or not but

there’s an age where you need to say

enough i’m gonna stop blaming myself for

what happened i did what i could

just like my dad said i’m a rude man

i only have fourth grade education i did

what i could my son

to say that to me he had to forgive


he had to make a balance of his life a

scale of his life and say

this is all i could have done and that’s

where you start to rebuild

unforgiveness so let’s forgive and let’s


lord today i want to leave free in this

first sunday

post-pandemic and this month of june

we’re leaving free

and if you’re here for the first time

you’re gonna leave free

on stand up and give the greatest round

of applause

to the lord of lords to the king of


if that round of applause is because god

spoke to you it’s gonna

sound louder

i invite you to receive jesus in your

heart it doesn’t matter if you’re


atheist jehovah witness a jew

it doesn’t matter what religion the lord

says to tell you that today

is that day where you can say lord

forgive me

come into my life clean my heart

write down my name in the book of life

and starting from there on everything

will be made new

i know you’re going to leave as light as

a feather you’re going to have a great


you’re going to say it was worth the

effort to the thousands of people

watching us

on tv and you were with us throughout

the entire pandemic thank you for being

with us

we bless you thank you for being strong

and firm

here we are with our army of the living

lord see you soon god bless you all

see you all people soon bye-bye





































it is the motto