Más de 35 000 escucharon el Evangelio en la región de Tidewater

Durante nueve días, más de 35 000 personas escucharon el Evangelio en la gira God Loves You Tidewater Tour de Franklin Graham. Pasando por Maryland, Virginia y Carolina del Norte, el mensaje fue el mismo: Dios te ama. «Decidí ponerme de pie para dejar que mi corazón brillara», dijo una niña de nueve años que fue solo una de las muchas que decidieron entregar su vida a Jesús tras oír cómo Dios desea perdonar nuestros pecados.


the human heart is the same wherever you

go people need forgiveness of sin come

into these smaller communities a lot of

times people feel well we’re passed by

people don’t care about us and I think

the smaller communities will know when

we leave that God cares

I said what if you’re coming to La Plata

I wanted to come out to see Soul saying

so I just can’t wait to see thousands of

souls that are going to come when the

gospel is shared

we’re all poor without God

doesn’t matter

what you have or who you are

our sins separate us from God

he came from Heaven to this earth and he

took your sins he went to the Cross he

died he shed his blood on the cross for

your sins

religion can I save you only Jesus

Christ can save and you’ve got to come

to him

by faith

will you stand tonight

by standing you’re saying to God I

believe Jesus is your son

and I want to trust him as my savior


he said that God will forgive you for

yourself no matter what you do so I

decide to stand there to let my heart


it makes me happy because she’s just a

nine-year-old and she already knows what

God can do in her life and that’s

amazing I love you



thank you

given an invitation for a person to

respond that’s what this is all about

long after we’re gone the churches will

be impacted by this as the churches gain

new Believers the gospel has power to

change people’s lives regardless of the


regardless of the circumstance that

simple message is what carries the power

I need God in my heart again I need him

I gained my life that’s why I stand up

there was an older couple probably in

their 80s and stood up they weren’t sure

about the loud music but they were sure

about the message of the gospel and for

the first time in their 80s gave their

hearts to Christ so that was that was

powerful when I heard the ad and on the

radio they said I gotta go there

when he said you can have forgiveness I

said I need that I have to do it and

I’ve just felt like this was a great


when he was talking about how you might

think that God

got mine that forgive

recession I wanted to know if God


forgave me

it was a big choice

praise God that’s my prayer for my all

four of my kids his teachers

live their life for Jesus