Derek Prince Sermons: How To Expel The Enemy – This is an original Bible Study, teaching by Derek Prince. Controversial, yet scriptural. Deliverance from demonic influence is a relevant and needed ministry in today’s church. Drawing on decades of personal experience, Derek Prince imparts the foundational keys to spiritual freedom.


in this session we’re going to begin by

answering one of the most important

practical questions in this whole theme

one that many people are concerned about

that is how do demons come in how do

they gain entry to human personalities

and lives my answers that I’m going to

offer to you are based on experience and

I’m not by any means suggesting that

they are totally complete but I will I

will list seven different ways in which

they may be able to come in the first

one is what I call occult background in

other words somewhere in your family

history there has been involvement with

the account and when you talk about the

occult you realize that you’re dealing

with false gods that’s really what it is

in other words there has been a breaking

of the first two commandments which are

the basic Commandments thou shalt have

no other God beside me and thou shalt

not make any graven image to worship all

forms of idolatry automatically expose

people to demons and in connection with

those two Commandments the Lord said

that he would visit the sins of the

fathers to the third and fourth

generation I don’t believe it applies so

much to the other Commandments but it’s

given in the context of the first two

Commandments and so if your father your

grandfather or your great-grandfather or

some other corresponding relative was

involved in the occult or a false

religion or idolatry then there is an

opening into your life for evil spirits

now you might say that’s not fair well

the truth of the matter is the devil

isn’t fair but what I want you to

understand is no one is condemning you

for having the problem condemnation will


come to you if you reject the solution

that’s where condemnation comes all


the second way is through personal

account involvement and I think probably

we better read a scripture at this point

there is a saying in English I don’t

know whether you’ve ever heard it he who

sucks with the devil must use a spoon

with a long handle I just want to tell

you there is no spoon made with a handle

long enough to make it safe to sup with

the devil you give him your little

finger and before you can turn round

he’s grabbed above your elbow there is

just no way that is safe to be involved

in the occult I’m going to read

Deuteronomy 18 verses 10 11 and 12 there

shall not be found among you anyone who

makes his son or his daughter passed

through the fire that is offering your

children in a living sacrifice to a

pagan God by putting them in an oven now

I want you to see that the other things

that follow by God are classified in the

same list as having your children

offered as living sacrifices by fire to

a pagan god thou shalt not be there

shall not be found among you anyone who

makes his son or his daughter pass

through the fire or one who practices

witchcraft or a soothsayer

that’s a fortune-teller or one who

interprets omens or a sorcerer or one

Jew who conjures spells or a medium or a

Spiritist or one who goes up the Dane

that’s a pretty comprehensive list I

think every kind of account practice is

included for all who do these things are

an abomination to the law so many

Christians just play with horoscopes and

then think there’s no harmony let me

just point out to you that if you played

with horoscopes under the law of Moses

you would have been put to death

that’s God’s estimate of that kind of

involvement all right the third is what

I call prenatal influences things that

happen while you are still in your

mother’s womb and many people have an

evil spirit enter them in that phase of

their life the communist single reason

is rejection a mother resents the baby

she’s carrying in her womb

maybe she wasn’t married and it’s going

to be an embarrassment or maybe she’s

getting not getting on well with her

husband and she just wasn’t doesn’t want

another burden in the family or maybe

the financial situation makes it

difficult for them to care for the

children but whatever she just resents

that little life that starting in her

womb and that little person in the womb

is very sensitive to attitudes it’s not

just a fetus it’s a person and it comes

out with the spirit of rejection already

in it or a woman who’s pregnant may

experience some kind of a shock a moment

of fear she yields to the fear the

spirit of fear enters her has two

options can stay in the woman or stay in

the infant in her womb may find it more

convenient to stay in the infant you

understand so when the infant is born it

comes out with the spirit of fear let me

show you a scripture which most people

don’t notice in first Peter chapter 3

which is advice to wives I just want to

bring out this one aspect of it telling

wives that the pattern for them in the

Bible is the attitude of Sarah to

Abraham and I’m not laboring this point

don’t get nervous

first Peter 3:6 as Sarah obeyed Abraham

calling him Lord whose daughters you are

if you do good and it doesn’t end there

and are not afraid with any terror to be

a daughter of Abraham you have to be

able to resist the sudden shock of fear

it’s very obvious I think that women are

more liable to sudden fright or panic

than men and again I’ve dealt with many

cases of people who needed deliverance

because of some shock that came to the

mother while they were still in the

mother’s womb another interesting thing

is I noticed when I was full-time in

this ministry or let me say much more

engaged in it than I am regularly now

that there were people in a certain age

group in the United States many of whom

seemed to need deliverance from

rejection and I began to think maybe

they were all born in the same period

and then I began to say what period were

they born in and I discovered they were

born during the Great Depression and I

reasoned out the mother already has six

mouths to feed and not enough money and

here comes the seventh child and these

she may be a good woman but she inwardly

resents the responsibility of that next

child and it is born with a spirit of

rejection all right we don’t have time

to dwell on any of these number four but

you let me say if you go to a

fortune-teller or some such person to

find out what will happen to your baby

when it’s born you have started that

baby off with two strikes against it

before it even comes out of the womb

number four soulish domination see

there’s a difference between the spirit

and the soul I don’t can’t go into them

but there are many people who control

and manipulate other people by what I

call soul force soulish domination the

most common example in contemporary

American culture is a mud

dominating her children especially her

son there used to be a best-selling book

in the Jewish community entitled how to

be a good Jewish mother one of the

lessons wants how to get your son to

play his violin in public using no other

motivation but guilt well when you know

the Yiddish yo mama they call them in in

Hebrew Yiddish your mama’s I mean they

are the perfect example of what I’m

talking about you know about the lady in

the big theatre who shouted out is there

a doctor in the house and a man stood up

and said yes she said boy do I have a

daughter for you all right

but it goes a lot beyond them I have met

successful businessmen bank presidents

and people like them who never developed

in motional maturity because they still

were time to their mothers I’m amber

like us the the spiritual umbilical cord

had never been cut the methods of

manipulation are endless I think of a

mother who dominated her family because

every time things went wrong she got my

green and all the family had to tiptoe

around don’t talk don’t make a noise

mothers got another ever headache she

didn’t realize it but she kept them from

doing anything she didn’t want them to

do by having migraines there are too

dirty words in this context dominate and

manipulate and wherever you meet them

you’ve met the devil alright number five

I’ve had to say to some people listen if

you want me to help you I’ve got to be

honest the fact is your mother is a

witch you still got to honor her but

she’s a witch I’ve had to tell people

who got delivered you just not free to

go back to your parents home you’ll have

to stay away because you don’t have the

spiritual strength to stay free from

that dominating manipulating entrance

number five pressures in early child

I have discovered that a child’s

spiritual and emotional defenses are not

strong enough to keep out persistent

demon pressure now it says in James 3:16

something that’s worth bearing in mind

James chapter 3 verse 16 for we’re envy

and self seeking exists confusion and

every evil thing will be there so where

there is an advocate atmosphere of

strife and disharmony between the

parents it generates a condition in

which the children will be automatically

exposed to demon influences and I would

say more than 90% of children are

incapable of keeping them out my

observation is that 80% of demon it

problems have started in a person’s life

before the age of five and the parents

are responsible for that situation you

understand number six moment or place of


there can be emotional weakness can be

physical weakness a woman is standing on

a street corner and a horrible

automobile accident takes place in front

of Rana she’s exposed to the spirit of

fear or a woman has only one child this

is as case I actually dealt with a boy

the age of five he dies she goes into

depression and stays in it for years she

has opened up to the spirit of grief

which is a very powerful spirit order

woman is expecting to get married and at

the last moment the engagement is cancer

and she yields to the spirit of

disappointment and goes through life and

in complete persons I remember I was

teaching once years ago in a certain

place and there was a lady who was

Pentecostal and very spiritual sitting

on the front row and I happened to name

the spirit of disappointment and I

watched her face it convulsed she

changed totally her whole personality

change until she was delivered from that

spirit of disappointment see if you

build your hopes on something and it

doesn’t work out you’re probably exposed

to an evil force now another kind of

weakness is physical weakness let me

give you this example I’ve talked about

epilepsy as being produced at times by

an evil spirit some years ago my first

wife and I had a girl of about eighteen

who came to us she’d heard my tapes she

was confirmed diagnosed epileptic on

medication but she believed that it was

an evil spirit she came to us for

deliverance so Lydia and I prayed for

her and we felt that the spirit had left

but then the Lord seemed to say to me

your job isn’t finished so I said to the

girl now tell me how did this start did

it start with a physical injury and she

said yes I was struck on the head by a

baseball and after that the seizures

started when I

said the physical injury was purely

physical but it opened the door to a

spirit of epilepsy and then the the

place of weakness was the injury to her

brain now I said to her I believe the

spirit has gone out we need to close the


so Lydia and I put hands on her and

prayed for the healing of our brain I

was in contact with her for about three

years after that she took no more

medication never had another seizure but

I gave that simply as an example of a

moment or a place of weakness and the

last one is sinful acts or habits if you

persist in a certain sinful heavy you

can be sure that sooner or later it will

become demonic to give an example of a

sinful act I had to pray for a young

woman once who had gone to see the film

The Exorcist she knew she shouldn’t go

she went and something entered her she

had to come confess as a sin that she’d

gone on territory that was forbidden and

then she was delivered or a person may

go to a pornographic movie and as some

kind of sex demon will enter demon of

lust but you won’t get delivered until

you’ve confessed the sin that opened the

way for the demon you understand all

right now we come if somebody would

clean off then we come to what is the

center of the whole thing how to be

delivered mm-hmm this is what all of us

need to know and I’m going to give you a

list of simple basic steps I don’t say

you have to follow all these steps but

I’ve observed that these are the things

that are relevant number one be humble

okay now you’ll see why I say that when

I write up number to be honest

understand it takes humility to be


I tell people don’t call your problem by

some fancy psychiatric name call it what

it really is call a spade a spade and

not an agricultural implement all right

if it’s lust call it lust if it’s hatred

call it hatred say the women call it by

the same name you’d call it in your

husband and you got the right name but

that takes humility all right you won’t

face the truth unless you first humble

yourself and remember the Bible always

puts on us the responsibility for

humility it always says humble yourself

don’t pray to God to make you humble

because he’ll humiliate then you’ll have

to be humble but it’s your decision like

this you see if you are seeking

deliverance they may come a moment when

you have to choose between two things

your dignity and your deliverance

now if dignity is more important to you

than deliverance you know what your

problem is pride that’s right I always

think of this doctor in the doctor’s

wife in the state of Alabama she was a

kind of southern style lady she’d heard

me teaching and she came up and said mr.

Prince if I understand what you’re

saying if I’m to be delivered I may

scream I said it could happen because

she said I was brought up the lady that

a lady doesn’t scream in public well I

said suppose you were in a river

drowning and you were going down for the

third time and you thought there might

be someone on the bank who could rescue

would you be too ladylike to scream we

see that’s an option you can choose to

down drown or you can be little less

ladylike for five minutes

I my advice to people is let your

dignity go because it’ll come back and

when you’ve been delivered

when you’ve been delivered you’ll be

much more dignified you won’t have this

thing inside you struggling all the time

okay but I really say humility is the

key all right the next is confess your

faith in Christ I won’t put your but you

understand them because he is the high

priest of our confession when we confess

right he comes to our help but if we

don’t make the right confession we don’t

get him on the scene number four confess

any known sin all right all right bit

over there any known sin and I want to

put but I don’t have room on the line by

yourself or your ancestors in some cases

you have to identify yourself with the

family problem and say it’s my problem

I confess it I ask for forgiveness even

though it was your grandmother or your

aunt or whoever it wants number five

repent of all sin without repentance you

remember what we’ve been saying all

along without repentance there is no

deliverance and I’ll put your proverbs

28:13 which says he that covereth his

sin shall not prosper but whoso

confesseth and forsaketh them shall have

mercy do you want mercy you’ve got to do

two things

confess and forsake that’s old-fashioned

but then God hasn’t changed you

understand a lot of people have the

attitude if I don’t confess my sin God

will never know about it really I’ve met

many people that’s a mistake

God knows already he’s not asking you to

confess in order that he can find out

he’s asking you to confess in order that

he can have mercy on you instead

and let me tell you some other good news

God is unshockable you can tell him the

worst about yourself

he already knows it and he still loves

it but if you hold it in you’ve held

your problem in alright number six

break with our count air curses which

we’re going to deal with tonight I can’t

go into that in detail now and secret

societies okay especially Freemasonry

that is a source of the most tremendous

demonic problems and it goes from

generation to generation including

retardation crippling all sorts of

problems all right really that’s part of

repentance you understand but I’ve put

it up separately number seven forgive

others all others everybody gon bash em

and I had a friend

yes Bank who was a veterinarian he

needed deliverance but he didn’t get

delivered to lead forgiving the whole

IRS that was his problem none of you

have that problem of sure Jesus said in

Matthew 11:25 when you stand praying

forgive if you have anything against

anybody that leaves out nothing and

nobody it’s your responsibility to

forgive you don’t wait till they humble

themselves and say I really am sorry for

what I did to you forgive them not for

their sake primarily but for your sake I

tell people forgiving others is not

being super spiritual or sentimental it

is really simply enlightened

self-interest that’s all it is and

number eight

one beautiful brief word expel we’ll

come to that a little later but

passivity doesn’t get you anywhere

you’ve got to take action

the simplest action to

is to begin to breathe out in both

Hebrew and Greek the word for spirit is

the same word for brain I remember a

little boy or rather a mother who came

to me asked me to pray for a little boy

of about four fine

I said what’s his problem she said

allergies what kind of allergies food

allergies what’s he allergic to tell me

what he isn’t allergic to well I said

I’m going to deal with it as an evil

spirit is that okay she said fine

said I need to talk to your son I talked

to him in very simple child language

said there’s a bad spirit like a breath

inside you I’m going to command it to

come out in the name of Jesus I want you

to let it go so when I say in the name

of Jesus you blow it out so he was like

a little soldier prayed for him said in

the name of Jesus and he went that was

all so I thought did it work or didn’t

it so I just had to leave it with the

Lord but three days later the lady came

back and said pray for me I said what is

your problem she said allergies I said

tell me first what happened to your son

once she say the March straight home

went to the refrigerator opened it and

sampled everything in it and nothing did

him any harm see how simple except you

become like a little child you don’t get

these benefits all right now that’s how

to get get them out that’s the most

important piece of information even if

you don’t understand how they came in

what matters is to know how to get them

out thank you now we’re going on to the

problem area why some people are not

delivered okay this is mainly for those

who are going to be in this ministry why

some are not delivered basically it’s

for not meeting the conditions

listen deliverance is not so much a test

of your spiritual power it’s a test of

whether the people have met the

condition don’t focus on yourself focus

on getting the people to meet the

conditions because once they’ve met the

conditions they will be delivered you

may feel yourself a little [ __ ]

but you’re representing a victorious

Christ all right number one lack of

repentance okay there’s no guarantee to

anybody who is not willing to repent

number two lack of desperation I say

deliverance is for the desperate I often

say to people when you come back and are

desperate desperation thank you lack of

desperation summed up in one word

passivity you found that particularly in

people who’ve been in Oriental cults

because they’ve encouraged a kind of

putting your mind in neutral you

understand and many times you’ve got to

do something to prod them see I want to

say again Christ has given us authority

over evil spirits but not over the human

will you cannot will for the other

person the person has the will for


number three wrong motives all right

scripture I’ll give you there is James 4

and verse 3 which says you ask and you

receive not because you ask amiss that

you may spend it on your lusts we are

not delivered just to get off the hook

you understand a lot of people would

like to get off the hook we’re delivered

in order to serve the Lord people who

come merely to get off the hook do not

qualify for deliverance

number four you better get on this list

and check yourself while we’re going

through it self-centeredness all right

desire for attention some people don’t

get delivered because they wouldn’t be

they wouldn’t be the center of attention

any longer you understand you find some

of the chronic cases of deliverance

never want to get delivered because

they’re poor neglected rejected people

this is the only time they get the

center of the stage one thing you’ll

notice about all people affected by

demons is in some way or other they are


in fact self-centeredness is an

invitation to demon attention sometimes

you just have to let the person go and

say listen you’ve heard enough you can

do it for yourself and if you don’t do

it for yourself nobody else is going to

do it for you number five failure to

break with the Arco etc and that

includes getting rid of account objects


such as little Buddhas or charms or

horseshoes anything that savers of

superstition is demonic Moses told

Israel if you bring an accursed thing

into your house you become a curse it

like the thing most Christians need to

go through their homes and clean out a

lot of rubbish I make it a principle I

don’t want to keep in my house anything

that dishonours Jesus Christ or honor

Satan one of the big steps in my life

was I had inherited from my grandfather

for beautiful tapestry Chinese dragons

Imperial dragons with five claws not

four and they were beautiful and they

were not actually objects of worship but

the more I thought about it the more I

thought the devil really is a picture of

say the dragon really is a picture of

Satan I cannot afford to advertise him

on the walls of my home so I took them


got rid of them and I would have to say

without any conscious effort in my part

my income doubled from the day I did

that’s a little extra motivation okay I

was not planning it I wasn’t I wasn’t in

need I didn’t have any such motivation

in mind but I just observed I prospered

in a totally new measure once I got the

Dragons out of my house all right number

six failure to sever evil soulish

relationships sometimes you have to

break some relationships if they’re evil

if they’re binding if they’re I don’t

know what word I want to say the word

gooey a kind of sloppy sentimentality

that isn’t honest alright number seven

under a curse now we’re going to deal

with that tonight so I’m not going to

get involved in it now but some people

are under a curse and will not be

delivered or heal till the curse is


number eight I’m running out of space

failure to confess a specific sin such

an the one obvious example is abortion

anyone who has procured an abortion

deliberately in God’s sight is guilty of

murder and that has to be confessed

specifically as murdered

now this isn’t my decision I’m not

making the rules since then I’m just

interpreting I’ve tried to get people

delivered you could get the demon up too

far as the throat and it would not come

out stop and check I remember a girl of

about sixty my mother brought her I

actually I said listen there’s something

you’re gonna have to confess before this

will come out and she eventually

confessed she’d had an abortion her

mother didn’t know about it

the moment she confessed it came out I

was so sweet to see the mother and

daughter fall in one another’s arms and

receive one another but that in my

opinion is an unvarying principle number

nine I think I’m going to have to go

back to the top of the list if that’s

all right by all of you I can’t do

anything else

so on top wipe out the first three and

we’ll go on with nine which is high this

is a controversial one not separated by

guess one what’s the separating

ordinance in the New Testament Baptists

offense right water baptism all right

remember Israel were delivered in Egypt

by the blood of the Lamb but they were

separated from Egypt by the water of the

Red Sea and it was the water that

prevented the Egyptians following them

they could follow as far as the water

people that are not willing to be water

baptized in my opinion do not qualify to

stay free this is not an option I’m not

dealing with this as a denominational

issue I’m simply stating that’s the way

it is you can get God to agree fine but

I’m not going to be a party to that

agreement all right ten now this is a

very complicated one part

are they larger battle I think I would

have put all of this

requiring a corporate action okay some

people are what I call Satan’s

battlefields and he will not let them go

not because of what they are themselves

but because of thank you because of what

they stand for I don’t have time to go

into this but there are people for whom

the whole body has to take

responsibility give you an example there

was a young man I knew who had Hodgkin’s


you know it’s incurable it’s just a

question of time well he was part of a

fellowship which when the fellowship

flourished he did fine he wasn’t sick if

anything went wrong with the fellowship

spiritually he began to get sick and

ultimately Satan got right into the

fellowship split it open and destroyed

it and he died understand his physical

condition was an accurate barometer of

the spiritual condition of the

fellowship he was in there are people

like that you don’t have the choice all

right one last topic if I could get the

top part wiped off thank you how to keep

your deliverance okay this I usually

don’t have time to teach on this let me

say that I have a series of six

cassettes full deliverance and

demonology are available to all of you

this final cassette is seven ways to

keep your deliverance so if you don’t if

I don’t cover it in detail anyhow number

one make Jesus Lord okay normally at the

end of a deliverance service I’ll tell

the people have been delivered don’t you

go out of this auditorium until you’ve

made Jesus Lord of every area of your

life you remember what Jesus said in

Matthew chapter 12 when the unclean

spirit has gone out of a man

he walks through Dry places seeking rest

then he says I will return to my house

what does he mean by my house the person

the occupant and when he comes he finds

it three things empty swept and said in

order what’s the problem no problem with

having the house swept no problem with

having the house said in order what’s

the problem

empty unoccupied no one else has been

allowed to move in there’s only one

person strong enough to keep the devil

out of your life you know who that is

Jesus every area Jesus occupies is safe

but any area where he is not Lord is

unsafe have you ever driven through the

United States about 6 or 7 o’clock in

the evening looking for a motel to spend

the night you’re looking for one word in

red neon letters what is it vacancy

that’s right and when you see that you

know you can get in well in the

spiritual world any area of your

personality which is not totally given

to the lordship of Jesus has got that

red near neon letter sign vacancy and

the enemy knows he’s welcome and when he

comes in he’s liable to bring with him

seven others worse than himself

all right number two I’m gonna just put

briefly garment of praise the scripture

says God has given us a garment of

praise in place of the spirit of

heaviness is that right you see when you

are praising the Lord you bother the

devil more than he can bother you

let me relate this briefly yes back

before I’ve gotten to this minister

delivery so I was just pastoring an

ordinary sort of Pentecostal Church in

London we had two Russian Jew asses who

did marvelously escape from Russia being

saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit

and my first wife and I were praying

with them and they really believed in

praising the Lord I mean they were not

reticent they said in Russia the Baptist

praise the Lord much loves of louder

than the pen

cause outside Russia and so there we

were having a good time with the Lord

and there was a ring at the Bell and

when I went to answer it

there was one of my lady church members

there leading her husband by the hand

and she said this is my husband he’s

just come out of prison he has a demon

well that was unwelcome news to me

because I didn’t know what to do about

demons but I couldn’t refuse the man so

I took the couple up where we were all

praying and I said we’ll pray you know

that’s a safe cover all it’s always

spiritual to pray sometimes it doesn’t

produce any results but at least you

sound good so we went on praying and

these Russian sisters they didn’t care

about anybody they were praising Allah

so this man sidled up to me and he said

there’s too much noise I’m going I

didn’t premeditate my answer but I gave

him the right answer I said listen the

one who doesn’t like the noise is the

devil because we’re praising Jesus

you’ve got two options if you go now the

devil will go with you if you stay the

devil will go without you he said I’ll

stay and about 10 minutes later without

anything further happening that I was

aware of he came up to me said it’s just

left I felt it leave my throat well I

that was such a demonstration to me how

much the devil dislikes the praises of

Jesus if you put on the garment of

praise he’ll stay away from you because

you embarrass him more than he can

embarrass you

number three put on the full armor of

God that’s not an option

Ephesians 1 6 14 through 17 as it starts

with 12 that’s right okay now that’s all

listed for you I don’t have to tell you

all about it

number 4 lives by God’s Word all right

Matthew 4:4 says one man shall not live

by bread alone but by every word that –


the Lord you cannot live by your

feelings that’s the most dangerous thing

you can do you’ll be up and down and

every time you get a bad mood you’ve

opened the door there’s a little list of

three apps fact faith feelings okay now

you have to keep them in that order the

facts are in the Word of God faith

believes the facts and feelings fall

into line but if you reverse the order

and start living by your feelings

you’ve lost your anchor you’re like a

ship adrift without an anchor number

five submit to God and what else resist

the devil and thrown

I’ll put Satan because it’s shorted

around which is James 4:7 notice which

comes first which do you have to do

first submit to God if you’ve submitted

to God and you then resist the devil

what is it that bundle say will happen

he will want flee from you do you

believe that but a lot of Christians are

actually doing the opposite they’re

submitting to the devil and resisting

God really many all right number six

number six

I’ll put right fellowship I don’t put in

more it matters what kind of fellowship

you have 1 John 1:7 if we walk in the

light as he is in the light what happens

we have fellowship if you’re out of

fellowship you’re out of the light

instead you’re not protected by the

blood the blood only cleanses in the

line and you’re going to have some kind

of fellowship which is it going to be

with the godly or the ungodly

Paul says have no fellowship with the

unfruitful works of darkness

so the fellowship is an acid test of

where you’re at in your spiritual life

number seven I don’t know how many I’ve

got can I get them all in I can come

under discipline all right you cannot be

a real Christian without being under

discipline self-discipline family

discipline governmental discipline

school discipline church discipline

there are many areas of discipline but

the one who refuses is a rebel and you

know what the Bible says about rebel on

Samuel 15:23 rebellion is as witchcraft

the moment you become rebellious you are

exposed to the spirit of witchcraft okay

discipline did you get that for many

people today it’s a dirty word this

starts with self discipline you

understand most Christians indulge their

moods and their whims and their fences

you are not free to do that it’s just as

dangerous to do that as it is in to

endanger in to indulge your sexual

impulses you are not free to do it

number eight this is the last one

make Jesus central all right you notice

it begins and ends with Jesus and I’m

going to put a scripture there John 12

what 31 and 32 which says Jesus saying

now is the judgment of this world and

now is the Prince of this world constant

and I if I be lifted up from the earth

will draw all men unto me notice the

odor when Satan is cast out what’s the

next thing to do lift up Jesus that’s

right fill the vacuum with Jesus the

driving out of Satan

creates a vacuum it’s very important you

fill it with the right thing focus on

Jesus do not focus on demons don’t give

the devil too much publicity he loves it

demons are real like germs and viruses

and other things we have to acknowledge

them we have to deal with them but a

healthy person doesn’t go around

thinking all the time about germs and

viruses understand health in a certain

sense excludes them don’t see a demon

under every Cotton saucer and if you’re

from some old line Church or even a less

old lunch it don’t go back go up to your

pastor or rector stick your finger

between his eyes and say you have a

demon understand it may be true but it’s

not the right way to handle the

situation all right now we have done

marvelously well with regard to time and

I want to end on a very practical note

thank you so much this is optional I

want you to understand nobody is

compelled but if there are those of you

here this morning or this afternoon now

who feel that somehow on the basis of

what you’ve heard or maybe previous

experience you have a problem a demonic

problem there’s an area in your life in

which Jesus is not in control and you’re

not in control you may be in control of

90% but this is 10% it may be your

temper it may be your mind it may be

your sex life it may be your

relationships with other people there is

an area where you need deliverance I

want to help you I’ve helped I can say I

think with honesty hundreds of thousands

of people it works what I’m going to

offer to do for you those of you who

feel that you want help here I’m going

to invite you

in a few moments to stand and say a

prayer you’ll not be praying to me

you’ll be praying to Jesus remember

there’s only one deliverer what’s his

name Jesus if you want deliverance you

have to come to the deliberate there’s

no alternative Jesus said him that

cometh unto me I will in no wise cast

out if you come he’ll receive you now

this is a method that I have employed

with large crowns in Wellington Old Town

Hall just two weeks ago in New Zealand

we had at least 2,000 people and it

worked for 2,000 it worked dramatically

well I have never seen so many people

liberated in such a short space of time

so what I’m going to offer to do now

this is an offer I’m going to lead you

in a prayer in which you will have the

opportunity to humble yourself to come

to Jesus and to affirm that you’ve met

the conditions you understand I’ll put

in your work in your mouth the words you

renounce the account and every kind of

contact with satanic power you’ll

forgive every other person who ever

harmed you around you you’ll release

yourself from every curse over your life

and you’ll have to do that in faith

without the understanding and then you

present yourself to Jesus as a candidate

for deliverance and when you’ve said the

prayer and met all the conditions the

last thing you say is are men okay and

when you said are men don’t do any more


it’s very religious to pray sounds good

but as long as you’re praying you’re

keeping the demons inside you understand

they can’t get out past your prayer

don’t speak in tongues speaking in

tongues is wonderful but it has the same

effect it keeps the demons inside it’s

like when the ambulance or the police

car goes down the road with its sirens

blaring and it’s lights flashing

everything else gets off to the side and

lets it go past that’s how demons get up

see make way full release them

let them go on now I say faith without

works is dead I didn’t but the bible

does okay so don’t stand there passive

when you’ve said the prayer waiting for

something to happen do one very simple

thing begin to breathe out expel and you

find if you have a problem in a short

while it’ll be more than mere human

breath that’s coming up that’s your what

you’re after now when that happens you

might become undignified you might not

act in a very religious way if you

decide to be dignified and religious you

lose what you prayed for so your option

I suggest you turn loose and get it out

I’ve told the people that devil is no

gentleman he comes in uninvited and he

usually has to be picked up kick him out

with everything you’ve got

don’t spare him hate him listen it’s no

sin to hate the devil it’s a sin not to

hate the devil to be passive and

indifferent is sinful okay those of you

that want to say this prayer would you

stand to your feet right now we don’t

have more than about three minutes all

right now we are praying to Jesus the

deliverer not to brother Prince and I

would like you to say these words

they’re all taken out of the Bible and

what I have taught okay Lord Jesus

Christ I believe that you are the son of

God and the only way to God

that you died on the cross for my sins

and rose again from the day I come to

you now for mercy and for forgiveness I

believe you do forgive me and receive me

as your child and because you receive me

I receive myself as a child of God and

now Lord you know the special problem

that I have the demonic influences that

torment me lord I want to meet your

conditions and receive your deliverance

first of all I forgive every other

person who ever harmed me or wronged me

I forgive them all now I’ll pause for a

moment and quietly name the persons you

need to forget to yourself

we’re going on Lord I have forgiven all

these persons I have laid down all

bitterness or resentment all hatred and

all rebellion and I believe you’ve

forgiven me I thank you for it

I also renounce every contact with Satan

with occult power with secret societies

with anything in Satan’s territory

I repent to being on that territory and

I turn my back on it now also Lord if

there’s a curse over my life I thank you

that on the cross you were made a curse

that I might be redeemed from the curse

and receive the blessing and I claim

that no release from the curse and

entering into the blessing and now lord

I want to come against any evil spirit

in me that occupies any area of my


I want to tell you I hate them they are

my enemies I will not make peace with

them I will not compromise with them

they will have no more place in me I

turn against them now and in the

authority of your name Jesus I command

them to leave me I expel them right now

in the name of Jesus I’m in all right no

more praying I’ll do the final prayer

you do the letting go begin to expel

right now in faith now Lord is your

servant and representative here this

morning under the authority the local

leadership I take Dominion in Jesus name

over every evil spirit that has been

renounced and I command them to go now

in Jesus name

release these people and go from them

now in the mighty Oh prevailing name of

Jesus Christ I affirm that Jesus Christ

is Lord over this gathering that he has

defeated Satan that he holds the keys of

death and of Hades that all authority

has been given unto him in heaven and in

earth Satan you are subject to us

through the name of Jesus you have to

obey us you have to go from these people

you have no options the Bible says you

must leave and leave you must Satan in

the name of Jesus I’m in now just get a

full deliverance release yourself from

everything once the anointing is here

you can get rid of everything and it’s

much more difficult to do it when the

anointing lifts try don’t bother about

other people don’t hold on to your

dignity it’ll come back in a few moments

that’s right thank you lord thank you

for thank you Lord Jesus

raise your holy name raise your name

raise your name